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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  March 3, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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lightning strike from the cloud of ash. the eruption caused several rivers to rise melted the snow along the side of the volcano. emergency crews are watching out for possible mud slides as a result. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. turning you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room". happening now. firing back after israel's prime minister makes a dramatic appearance. president obama immediately answers calling it theater and accusing the israeli leader of offering nothing new. use of force, jail sentences, racial e-mails. the justice department finds repeated discrimination against african-americans by the ferguson, missouri, police department and the municipal court. terrorist voice. a new audio recording of jihadi john years before becoming an isis murderer. who drove him over the edge?
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i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room". we're following two breaking stories right now. the justice department civil rights investigation ordered after the police shooting of michael brown finds that the ferguson, missouri police department and knewmu nais pal court practiced in discrimination against african-american ss. investigators also found out racist jokes circulated by police and court officials. we're also following a bitter war of words between allies. president obama firing back after israel's prime minister delivers a blistering attack on a proposed nuclear deal with iran. netanyahu warning congress that if the deal is pursued it will pave iran faster to getting nuclear weapons. the president launched his own blistering attack saying the israeli leader is offering nothing new and no viable
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alternatives for preventing an iranian bomb. ed royce is standing by live with our correspondent, analysts and our guests. let's goo to the white house, our correspondent michelle kosinski with the very latest. >> so in this impassioned speech that drew thunderous applause from the congress benjamin netanyahu first lay lays out that america is great, iran is back, calling it a dark and murderous regime. then he rips to shreds this still being worked out nuclear deal with iran. the problem is this administration says his logic doesn't work. he still has presented no viable alternative. >> thank you, america. thank you for everything you've done for israel. >> before this very eager u.s. congress, prime minister benjamin netanyahu proceeded to absolutely blast the prospect of a nuclear deal with iran that he
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called the enemy. >> that deal will not prevent iran from developing nuclear weapon s weapons. that's why this deal is so bad. it doesn't block iran's path to the bomb. it paves iran's path to the bomb. >> what he objects to in this deal being worked out by the u.s. and its allies with the end of the month deadline it would not require iran that demolish any nuclear facilities, thousands of setrycentrifuges, allow a year of breakout time would possibly only have a ten-year time frame and netanyahu says more inspections of facilities would only be able to document iran's potential progress towards a weapon but wouldn't be able to stop it. >> the world should demand that iran do three things. first, stop its aggression against its neighbors in the middle east.
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second, stop supporting terrorism around the world. and third, stop threatening to annihilate my country, israel the one and only jewish state. >> well eshgs got a huge reception here. the white house, not impressed. president obama didn't even watch the speech but he did use nearly 15 minutes responding to it. >> the prime minister didn't offer any viable alternatives. the alternative that he offers is no deal in which case iran will immediately begin once again pursuing its nuclear program, accelerate its nuclear program, without us having any insight into what they're doing. and without constraint. >> in the last few days we've seen administration officials pretty much preempt everything netanyahu said today and make arguments gens it that if you add more demands onto iran trying to have it dismantle its capacity, adding sanctions or making the time frame indefinite
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would be tantamount to no deal and the u.s. in stark opposition to israel feels that no deal would be way worse than this deal. that said though the president has already said that it is likelier than not at this point that iran will reject this deal as it stands. >> no doubt. they're furious at the prime minister at the white house. official, thank you. the israeli prime minister received numerous standing ovations from congress, but his speech was boycotted by dozens of democrats. for the impact of the fallout, let's go to dana bash. dana, how did it go p? >> reporter: well, you saw in michelle's piece the overwhelming ovations that the prime minister got to a lot of lines in his speech. remember, this is a republican majority on both sides so most of those people with the rousing applause were republicans. even democrats who did go many of them went to be polite and were not happy with what they heard. look at nancy pelosi.
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she was openly agitated and annoyed at what she heard. and afterwards she said in a statement that she was nearly in tears because of the lecture that she believed that the prime minister gave the u.s. listen to what she told reporters. >> i was near tears because i love israel very much. i value the importance of the relationship between the united states and israel. the united states of america has as one of its pillars of its national security and foreign policy to stop proetliferation of weapon fz mass destruction. that's what we do and what the president is doing in negotiations. and if the deal isn't good enough, we won't accept it. i don't think we needed any lectures on that. >> reporter: she was speaking for a lot of democrats. basically say, who does the prime minister think he is coming into our house and giving us a lecture about nuclear capabilities and dealing with
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iran? on the flip side a lot of republicans here were thanking their lucky stars that he gave that speech because they are very concerned, and they say it very clearly that the white house is looking for a deal for a legacy issue for the president, for politics and they're worried that they are going to give in too much in a way that the prime minister laid out today that could hurt not just israel its neighbor but even as far as the united states. wolf? >> as you say, nancy pelosi called the speech an insult to the intelligence of the united states. powerful words from her. quickly dana i understand after all the storm of last week, the fury republicans folded on their attempt to hold up fupding of the homeland security unless it was linked to immigration reform. it finally passed. tell us what happened. >> republicans ran out of cards to play. it's just as simple as that. republican leaders saw this coming last week which is why they tried to end it.
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but they needed to -- conservatives in their caucus blew that up on the floor and it was very clear even to them that this is the end of the road. democrats were not going to negotiate on giving it all to try to stop the president's immigration plan. so they were able to get this through the house and in sort of a symbolic move even the house speaker who isn't required to vote really traditionally doesn't vote went to the house floor and voted for this to make it very clear that he believes this is the right thing to do fund homeland security and move on to the next fight chshgswhich is just around the corner. >> it's funded through the end of september, right? >> right. with the new spending bill which means new priorities new programs, the exact kind of things that the department's secretary has been asking congress on for a very long time to help keep americans safe. >> boehner doesn't have to worry about any immediate rebellion
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from some of his toe party supporters? >> not immediate. but he certainly was embarrassed on friday, and there absolutely were discussed going on about how and whether this group of conservatives could hurt him more than just embarrassing him. actually try to take him down. they don't have the votes to do that so they pulled back decided to let this go. they'll see how things play out and wait to see if other more broad coalition of republicans get as annoyed with the speaker and his leadership. then they feel they may have a chance to get him out. but right now they just don't. >> in the meantime funding has been approved for the rest of this fiscal year. dana, thanks very much. bringing in right now the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee, ed royce of california. congressman thanks for joining us. do you think speaker has to worry about the tenure? maybe 50 republicans are not very happy with this. >> but in the meantime the thing to look at is in the courts, the republican position
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is winning. in the courts the president's executive order has been challenged and a federal judge has sided with the position that he's overextended. so i think from that standpoint funding the homeland security department and moving on we fully understand why the speaker has taken that position. >> let's talk about the prime minister's speech. you were there. you applauded, stood up. you liked what you heard clearly from the prime minister. the white house said he offered nothing new or no alternative to what secretary kerry is trying to achieve in geneva. >> look from the standpoint of the prime minister of israel, he views this a little differently probably than the president of the united states. for him, it's an issue of the survival of israel because israel right now has 100,000 missiles on its border that iran put there in the hands of hezbollah. >> 100,000? >> 100,000. >> rockets? >> no. i mean missiles and rockets.
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>> are we talking about gaza? >> this is in lebanon. you have an additional inventory in gaza. so these missiles and rockets have flooded in there. these are the intelligence estimates. so in this kind of a situation, you can imagine if you're an israeli looking at the duplicity that iran has been involved in in the past it's been in the dna over there in terms of their violation of other agreements, you're saying, where's the verification in this agreement? and the iaea is backing this up. >> international atomic energy agency. >> exactly. they've asked 12 questions, and only part of 1 of those have been answered in terms of the thousands of -- thousands of pages of documents about they have about the development of a bomb. >> did he offer an alternative to what the president is trying to achieve? >> as i understand the alternative it's what i and elliot rankle, the ranking member on my committee tried to do in the last session. we offered up a bill that would really lead to no other option
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except for iran to either negotiate on this agreement or face an implosion of their economy. because our sanctions bill which passed 400-20 which was bipartisan, was held over in the senate because the president of the united states said no do not allow it. >> white house officials said you wouldn't get the support of the europeans, russians, chinese to enforce those kind of tougher sanctions. >> the reality is that because they need access to the international financial system and because of the amount of influence the united states has in that if we say to a country, as we did once to north korea, you cannot be part of the international financial system we will not participate in that, you can impose those type fz sanctions. now, it's uncomfortable on people, but when you're talking about a country that's developing a nuclear bomb you know, there you have a case for where you have to use this. >> in the case of north korea, didn't prevent them from getting
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a bomb. >> because the state department stepped in and lifted the sanctions. that's what was so frustrating to the treasury department who put them in place. it was treasury who helped us develop stuart levy helped develop this concept. this is what should have been done. this is the alternative. and the president blocked it. it's unfortunate. >> i want you to stand by. we have more to talk about, including nancy pelosi calling netanyahu's speech an insult to the united states kond session toward u.s. knowledge of what's going on. much more with the chairman ever the house foreign affairs committee when we come back. what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
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while attention is focused on the deal with iran and netanyahu's efforts to stop it iran's influence is growing in iraq. ed royce is standing by. let's go to our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. she has more on this part of the story. >> wolf this is now a case of eunian-backed shia group working to try and take back a sunni town from isis control and another move that the u.s. is watching of iran indeed exerting its influence. a dramatic effort to stop a suicide bomber near tikrit part of what iraqi forces here are battling in an effort to take back the city. the u.s. is on the sidelines. iraqi prime minister abawdy di did not ask americans for help but front and center iran. >> they have a big interest in the outcome of things in iraq.
2:19 pm
they very much consistently wanted a shia friendly government that they can influence in baghdad. >> the iranian news agency reporting, the commander of iran's elite, is in iraq overseeing the tikrit operation. iran providing weapons to fight isis. raising questions, if the u.s. is countering tehran's growing influence inside or out. >> absolute knowledge of what their intent is is not always there, but yearclearly we have good intelligence services and good overhead imagery and those type fz things. so the activity in tikrit was no surprise. >> but what does worry the u.s. wolf, is, if those iraqi forces backed by iran the shia forces go into tikrit really heavy in a very violent manner and alienate
2:20 pm
the unison sunnis in the town it may be difficult to break that sunni link with isis and that is going to cause huge problems in trying to defeat isis across iraq. it is something that has seriously caught the pentagon's attention. >> deeply concerning development. barbara thank you. we're back with the chairman ed royce of california. how involved is iran in iraq right now? >> well obviously with the quds forces on the ground in iraq and especially with the general in charge of quds forces who in the past was found to be involved in the effort to carry out an assassination attempt against the ambassador from saudi arabia to the united states. >> here in washington. >> here in washington. >> you're sure na sewell lammany directly ordered that assassination attempt? >> i'm sure he as general of quds forces would have some knowledge of the activities that
2:21 pm
quds forces have been involved in. this is not one isolated case. look at the quds' force involvement in syria, in yemen, look at their involvement in lebanon with hezbollah. this is a very dangerous development to have iran continue to spread its influence, especially with the recent overthrow of the government in yemen, which was an ally of the united states and is now -- >> correct me if i'm wrong, do you still want this proposed authorization for the -- use of military force not only to be authorized to go against isis but also potentially against iran? >> no, i do not think that we would be able to wolf get legislation through. >> you don't think you have the support in congress? >> we wouldn't bl able to do that and i don't know if it's beneficial to our end goal in terms of getting a bipartisan initiative behind the effort to push back isis. but there is no doubt that this problem of iran's undermining
2:22 pm
governments around the region and continuing to take control of various territories is a very problematic thing. so you really have the islamists running the caliphate in isis and then you have this other group of islamists with the islamic revolution in iran. they are competing against each other, but, on the other hand they both have very hostile designs, as they say, against the little satan, iz leelsraelisrael, and the great satan, the united states. >> let me wrap up with nancy pelosi. she angrily reacted to netanyahu's speech. she said in a statement it was an insult to the intelligence of the united states. she also called it condescension toward our knowledge of the threat posed by iran. your reaction to nancy pelosi, the leader of the democrats, minority leader in the house about netten hughes's speech. >> my thought on all of this has
2:23 pm
been that, rather than to ruffle feathers here we should be focused on the issue of iran's attempt to obtain a nuclear weapon. and an honest discussion about that subject was frankly advanced by hearing from the prime minister of israel. without his being here i'm not sure the american public would understand all much the ramifications of iran's efforts or the fact that this agreement will expire after ten years. and at that point, we are going to treat iran as though it's benevolence and it will be on the cusp of having the capability of breaking out with maybe 160,000 centrifuges? that is what the ayatollah has called for. i mean, at that point he could take those icbms, not part of the agreement which they are developing and he would have the capability of putting atomic warheads on those icbms. and this is the very real question of why we want stronger
2:24 pm
leverage on iran in this negotiation in order to get a verifiedy ediable agreement. >> ed royce, thank you very much. up next, we're breaking news. a scathing new report finds a practice of discrimination in ferguson, missouri. we have racist jokes cops were sending each other allegedly and the newly released audio of the man who would become known as the terrorist jihadi john. a lot of news we're following right here in "the situation room."
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department regarding the ferguson, missouri police department and city court for a practice of discrimination against african-americans. let's bring in evan perez with the details. evan, you broke the story earlier. tell us what happened. >> well, wolf this is as you said a scathing report against the ferguson police department and the city's municipal court system. the justice department says it found some really striking statistics when it went into the books of the city of ferguson. i'll give you a couple of them. 85% of vehicles stopped were of african-americans, 93% of arrests made by the police department were of african-americans during the time the justice department studied. and 88% of the times that the ferguson police department used force to make an arrest it was against african-americans. wolf, this is a report that basically underscores what we heard from people on the streets in ferguson who were very upset because they said that this is a
2:30 pm
department that did not respect them, did not protect them. and obviously this all came about because of the shooting of michael brown by a police officer from the ferguson police department. >> they also uncovered some racist e-mails. tell us about that. >> well yes. they found some e-mails being traded by officials at the police department and the court system. i'll just read one of them to you wolf in which someone sent an e-mail saying that president obama wouldn't be president very likely for very long because, quote, what black man holds a steady job for years? this is again, part of the pattern and practice the justice department found. we expect they'll make a formal announcement tomorrow as well as an announcement that darrin wilson, the officer who shot and killed michael brown, will not be charged with federal civil rights charges. >> evan, stand by. i want to get more insight. joining us our cnn legal analyst
2:31 pm
geoffrey jeffrey toobin john fuentes and cornell brooks. don lemon is joining us also. he's been on this story, of course, since last summer. cornell, your reaction to what the justice department has concluded. does it go from your perspective far enough? >> it goes quite far. i mean what we have here is, as expected, a wholescale indictment of the ferguson police department. the ferguson police department according to this report comes off as a full-service department of bias. in other words, from traffic citations to municipal fines to arrests arrests without probable cause the use of excessive force. the question might be asked, in what manner did the ferguson police department interact with the african-american citizens that did not show bias and bigotry? >> jeffrey, what happens next from a legal perspective?
2:32 pm
>> the justice department will announce their findings officially tomorrow. then the question becomes, do ne they file a lawsuit against the city of ferguson to have a judge impose changes, or do they negotiate with ferguson and reach what's known as a consent decree? that's what usually happens in these cases where ferguson agrees to clean up its act, changing its training practices, perhaps leadership. then the justice department monitors to see whether the changes actually stick. >> how do you stop tom, this kind of alleged racist behavior in a police department and a municipal court? >> first, you fire the people who are responsible if not even prosecute them especially if you're talking about the municipal court official whoz were putting people in jail because they weren't paying traffic fines. that kind of issue that just should not be tolerated. as far as the officers the officers have to be defendable in a future action. if something happens they're involved in a shooting or other
2:33 pm
violent action and someone brings a lawsuit, they can't have this kind of material that comes up that the city and the city's insurance company and law firms cannot defend against which proves racist intent on their part. they can't tolerate it. they have to take action against those who did it. >> don you spent a lot of time in ferguson as all of our viewers remember. what will be the impact -- i assume they're trying to improve the relationship between the local police department and the community. >> they are, but who knows if it will work. listen, i know you guys are characterizing it as racist. it is racist. but beyond that i think this is more serious. the people who took oaths to uphold the law have broken the law. it says this review concludes that racial bias and a focus on generating revenue over public safety have a profound effect on ferguson police and court practices andrew teenly violate the constitution and federal law. it's saying the police department broke the law. this is serious. in every instance in this report
2:34 pm
you see 85% to 90% of people who were most likely to have issues against them african-american people in lockup for more than two days african-american people stopped for summons or other things african-american. the numbers -- as bill clinton said during the last democratic convention, do the math. this report does the math. everything else is subjective that we've been hearing, this person is discriminating against me this person is doing that. this report shows numbers and the numbers don't lie. i'm so glad that jeffrey toobin earlier brought up the fact that they were closing budget gaps off the backs of poor and minority people. >> cornell what needs to be done, speaking more broadly, in order to make sure these fences can be mended, if you will that there's a better relationship -- i think one ever the problems is there's only a tiny number of african-americans in that police
2:35 pm
force in ferguson. i think originally when the story broke there may have been 60 police officers 2 maybe african-american, even though the majority of the community is african-american. >> wolf enhanced community relations have to be predicated on reform. relationships have to be built on reform. the ferguson police department has to be rebuilt from the bottom up. i mean don is absolutely right. we have evidence that the police department has broken federal laws. they've violated the constitution in every conceivable manner in terms of their relationships with the african-american community. but i believe beyond that we know in the state of missouri that the ferguson police department is not the only such police department not the only such city government that depends on municipal funds. so the governor the legislature of the state of missouri has to
2:36 pm
go well beyond the ferguson police department to look at this problem more broadly as a matter of state law and state reform. >> what's going to happen, evan to the ferguson police chief? >> well, wolf he had an agreement with officials involved down there to resign. this is some months ago. and according to him, what he's told people down there, after we reported that agreement he decided that he was going to change his mind and stick around because he wanted to see the end of this process. and now we have the end of this process. the justice department eric holder, the attorney general, has called for regime change in that police department. this report by the justice department really portrays a department that's rotten to the core. so the question is is this the time that he finally decides he can go? >> jeffrey, the concern is it's not just ferguson. it's all over the place. >> and just to add to what don said, one of the big civil rights issues of the next ten years is this business of municipalities who need money
2:37 pm
who don't want to raise taxes who are arresting people for minor offenses, often minorities and saying, you've got to pay $100 $200 or we're going to lock you up. this is a revenue generating technique for cities across the country, not just missouri. and it falls heavily on african-americans, a major issue and the justice department should be looking into it not just in ferguson but all over the country. >> i know it's a huge problem. guys, thank you very much. cornell, thanks to you especially i know you'll be in selma this weekend for the historic events. we'll check back with you next week and get your report on how it all went down. hard to believe that after all of these years stuff like this is still going on in the united states. please be sure to join don tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern. he'll have a lot more on this story. coming up what newly released tapes reveal about the radicalization of the man we now know as a terrorist, jihadi john. and as a prominent russian
2:38 pm
dissenter is raised to rest the model his girlfriend and witness to his killing, has now left the country.
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we're learning more information about jihadi john. audiotapes give more information about the man who became jihadi john. brian todd is work the story. what are you learning? >> this audiotape is stardtling
2:43 pm
because you hear a different sounding voice complaining about being threatened and harassed. tonight we have new insights into how the man who would become isis' best-known killer dealt with interrogator. analysts believe in the beheading videos isis appears to have digitally manipulated jihadi john's voice. in the isis beheading videos the militant known as jihadi john has a deep menacing voice. >> obama, you have started this. it's only right we continue to strike the necks of your people. >> reporter: but is this the same man? >> what do you think of the jews? what do you think of their religion? look, they're a religion. >> reporter: an audio recording of the man we believe is 26-year-old mohammed emwazi was just released by an activist group for suspected radicals which claims it worked with emwazi. cnn cannot independently verify
2:44 pm
the audio sefrmt t excerpts. the guardian newspaper believe emwazi is this man. cage said they recorded him in 2009 talking about being interrogating by britain's domestic intelligence service. emwazi said he was asked about the deadly 2005 terror attack in london where more than 50 people died? >> he goes what do you think of 7/7? i said man, what innocent people have died, man what do you think? this is xremextremism. okay, what do you think of the war in afghanistan? what do i think? innocent people are being killed. he said, what did you think of 9/11? i said this is a wrong thing. >> do you really believe he thought that was wrong or did he say what he wanted the interrogators to hear? >> if you'd be the stupidest radical alive to admit to having
2:45 pm
extremist views to a law enforcement official. he wanted to get out of that situation. >> reporter: emwazi claims his interrogator thought he was trying to go to somalia to train with a terror group. >> trying to put words in my mouth saying no you're doing this this this and this, we're keeping a close eye on you. >> cage says it was those interrogations that sent emwazi on the path to jihad. >> i think cage is trying to make a point and attack the british government when it's really up to mr. embazi who made his decisions to go to syria. >> on the allegations from emwazi and cage that british intelligence threatened emwazi in that interrogation and harassed him the british home office told us it would not comment. u.s. intelligence officials also are not commenting on this audiotape. >> now there are reports about how his parents are responding? >> that's right. british media sites are reporting the kuwaiti government claiming that emwazi's mother
2:46 pm
recognized her son's voice from the first beheading video. the daily telegraph said his father denounces his son as a, quote, dog, animal and terrorist. the father says according to the newspaper says the son begged his parent for forgiveness before he joined isis. a lot of us are talking about this guy. that family has been thrown into complete turmoil. >> thanks very much brian. coming up we'll hear much more on the extraordinary war of words here in washington as president obama fires back at the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. up next we go to moscow for the latest on the unsolved murder of a prominent critic of vladimir putin.
2:47 pm
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in moscow hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of boris nemtsov, the murdered opponent of russian president vladimir putin. he was shot saturday night while walking with his girlfriend who has now left russia. matthew chance is joining us with the very latest. what are you learning matthew? >> reporter: wolf thanks very much. absolutely staggering scenes we've been seeing in moscow as thousands of people turn out for the funeral of boris nemstov, there was a memorial service, the actual burial as well. we haven't seen opposition protests or crowds sympathetic to in this country turn out for years. so truly astonishing: slained
2:52 pm
critic boris nemtsov carried to his final resting place. earlier, family and friends gathered to pay their respects. an opposition figure who worked closely with nemtsov says that he believes he was killed out of revenge for his views. >> it's clearly a very sad day for russians. it's a very sad day for boris' family. and i'm personally extremely saddened by what has happened. i knew him in the 1990s. i admired him and i hope an investigation will determine who is responsible for this outrage. >> do you believe the killers will be brought to justice? >> i hope so. >> reporter: the 23-year-old model girlfriend of nemtsov was crossing the bridge with him
2:53 pm
when he was gunned down. she's fled russia to her ukrainian home. the kremlin denies any involvement in the killing. the investigation proceeds with divers searching the waters beneath the bridge for the murder weapon. investigators say all scenarios are being considered and that quote, eyewitnesss are being questioned. cctv footage is already being analyzed. evidence has been collected. a number of tests were carried out. meanwhile, at the scene of the crime, now lies a bank of flowers and mementoes in the honor of a life and voice lost. as that investigation continues, wolf the kremlin is vowing to get to the bottom of the crime and bring those responsible to just justice. russia has a patchy record of solving these political killings and there's widespread criticism that the perpetrators of this
2:54 pm
assassination are going to be brought to justice here. >> and the russians have allowed the girlfriend to flee? she's in kiev? >> yes. she's in the russian capital. she's been kept at close guard while in moscow while police investigated and questioned her further. she gave an interview to a local television station by skype within the past 24 hours basically saying she didn't see that much. boris was shot in the back. she couldn't see the killer or describe the vehicle that was the getaway car. the police have decided to let her go and she's gone back to her own country. >> she's back in kiev. matthew chance reporting from moscow thank you. coming up a proposed iran
2:55 pm
nuclear deal. president obama accuses him of offering something new and labeling it all theater. and use of force, jail sentences, racist e-mails, the u.s. justice department finds repeated discriminations against african-americans by the ferguson missouri police department and municipal court.'re sayin' you'll give me my credit score for free... right! now you're gonna ask for my credit card - - so you can charge me on the down low two weeks later look, credit karma -
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happening now, angry allies. the president isn't even trying to hide his fury after the israel prime minister stood before the congress and blasted
3:00 pm
the obama administration's attempt to strike a nuclear deal with iran. and will the bitter dispute between the u.s. and israeli leadership help or hurt the negotiations. evidence of racism. the u.s. justice department is about to reveal a bombshell finding against the ferguson missouri police department months after violence clashes in the streets. and e-mail up roar. did hillary clinton break the law or endanger national security by using her private account to e-mail sensitive information while she was serving as secretary of state? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." we're following major breaking stories tonight. new evidence from the justice department of racial bias by the police in ferguson, missouri the city that reignited the issue of police tactics and
3:01 pm
violence. cnn has learned details of a federal investigation finding a pattern of racism against african-americans. also breaking president obama is dismissing fierce criticism by the israeli prime minister saying there was nothing new in the speech about the dangers of a nuclear deal with iran. if you thought the relations have sunk to a new low, they are even worse right now. we're covering all of the breaking news with our correspondents and analysts in the united states and around the world. first, let's get the very latest from cnn's global affairs correspondent elise labott. elise? >> it wasn't long before prime minister netanyahu began a blistering critique that has the white house fuming. he made a grand entrance usually reserved for american presidents. and then the israeli prime minister delivered a blistering assault on president obama's
3:02 pm
iran policy and his attempt to strike a nuclear deal with iran. >> we've been told that no deal is better than a bad deal. well this is a bad deal. it's a very bad deal. we're better off without it. >> reporter: tonight, president obama is firing back. >> prime minister netanyahu has not offered any kind of viable alternative that would achieve the same verifiable mechanism to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: there were a series of standing ovations but some icy glares as netanyahu painted a picture of the regime reaching throughout the middle east with what he calls iran's tentacles of terror. >> iran is busy gobbling up the
3:03 pm
nation. >> reporter: with secretary of state john kerry meeting with the iran foreign minister to hammer out the very deal he was criticizing, the prime minister called it weak negotiators. >> one, leading iran with a vast nuclear program and, two, lifting the restrictions on that program in about a decade. that's why this deal is so bad. it doesn't block iran's path to the bomb. it paves iran's path to the bomb. >> reporter: netanyahu portrayed the white house as iran working with the u.s. to defeat isis. >> the enemy of your enemy is your enemy. >> reporter: president obama says he has no illusions about the iranian regime but he's focused on the more serious
3:04 pm
iranian threat. >> it's not whether iran engages in destabilizing activities. everybody agrees with that. the central question is how can we stop them from getting a nuclear weapon? >> and the prime minister warned the deal on the table would spark a nuclear tchlinder box. >> elise, thank you. let's go to our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. he's joining us live from switzerland and is covering secretary of state john kerry's nuclear negotiations with the iranians. did the prime minister's speech jim, have any impact as far as you can tell on these talks? >> reporter: the short answer is no and you could see that in the blistering schedule and pace of negotiations that continued
3:05 pm
today. three two-hour long meetings five in the past 24 hours and we took with note, the final meeting today started about a half hour after the prime minister spoke and ended about a half hour later. so if asked if there was any effect or if the secretary of state watched or listened to the speech they said no he was too busy conducting the talks here. that's the singular message that the president has disregarded the prime minister's advice and given his instructions to the secretary of state to continue the negotiations aggressively to try to find a deal. >> where does the deal now stand, jim? >> reporter: hard to tell you, wolf. as for all of the effort they are making today and the iranian foreign minister told us today that there's a seriousness of purpose of reaching an agreement. but when you look at the outstanding issues a couple of them in public hasn't fessed up
3:06 pm
and they haven't done it. two, iran is a very different schedule of sanctions relief than the u.s. does. they wanted immediately a start of a deal and the u.s. wanted to meet up over time to confirm that iran is continuing to comply and that's before you get to the very difficult array of restrictions that would be put on iran's program limiting the r & d that iran can do on more advanced centrifuges, accounting for the enriched uranium for conversion to fuel that can only be used in research or power react react reactors not for weapons. when you group that all together you look at three weeks to a framework deal that's the deadline. they have their work cut out for them in coming to that agreement. >> she certainly do.
3:07 pm
jim shut heciutto thank you. the prime minister's speech greatly undermined the relationship between israel and the united states, a direct quote. indicate bolduan is joining us live. three weeks from today, the israelis go to the polls. >> reporter: you're absolutely right and that's something that you need to remember when you talk about what was the reaction here in israel to the prime minister's speech. all of the networks covered it. everyone watched with great interest to hear what the prime minister had to say, especially how it was received. the reaction we saw is split. generally speaking almost everyone said the prime minister gave a good speech in terms of delivery. he's well known for doing just that. but beyond that wolf, that is where the divide is on opinion, especially when it comes to what impact the speech will have on the key issue of the iran nuclear negotiations.
3:08 pm
listen to this. >> i'm very proud of our prime minister who came and said exactly what we feel. it is a bad deal. >> there is no doubt that prime minister netanyahu knows how to make good speeches. but let's face the truth. the speech we heard earlier this evening, as impressive as it may be did not prevent the iranian nuclear program. it will also have no impact on the agreement that is being formed nor on the schedule. >> reporter: now, that right there there is isaac herzog. you heard a lot of folks talking about they believe that it's maybe not the sole motivation for the speech but it was a large part of that speech being motivated as an attempt to woo voters back here at home to have
3:09 pm
support for benjamin netanyahu. that's what the commentators are saying that they are looking forward to seeing what the survey for voters is to see where they stand and how the message was received back here in israel. wolf? >> we'll see if he gets a bump in the polls, the prime minister, because going into this speech it was very very close and there was a lot of speculation. he may not get himself re-elected. might get a little bump. they are really concerned, aren't they kate about u.s./israeli relations? they are worried that the prime minister may have hurt that relationship. >> reporter: absolutely. when you look at the headlines in all of the papers you saw the headline coming from the house minority or nancy pelosi and what she said and her reaction to the speech and said it insulted the intelligence of the american people especially the headline coming from president obama and saying that there was nothing new coming out of the prime minister's speech. how this was received in
3:10 pm
america, not just within the halls of congress because many noted how many standing ovations he received in the house chamber but what damage it does, if any long lasting damage it has on the united states and israel. that's something that you just don't know right now. that's going to be an important question. they are going to hear from israeli voters and israeli voters over the next days wolf. >> thanks very much kate bolduchlbold bolduan in jerusalem. some democrats were visibly disturbed about the fierce criticism of the president's -- nancy pelosi said she was almost in tears and many boycotted the speech altogether. dana bash is getting more reaction. dana? >> reporter: that's right. we've been reporting so much on the fact that so many democrats boycotted the speech from the
3:11 pm
leader of one of this country's biggest allies but it turns out that the leader of the democratic party in the house that actually went her reaction spoke more volumes than the empty chairs because she was so visibly agitated and annoyed when she was listening to the prime minister you see there, she even looked around at her colleagues like are you kidding me when they stood up to applause. afterwards she said that she was near tears because she felt that he was insulting the intelligence of the american people. and then she spoke to us afterwards. >> these tears are because i love israel very much. i value the importance of the relationship between israel and the united states. the united states of america has, as one of the pillars of its national security and its foreign policy to stop the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. and that's what we do. and that's what the president is
3:12 pm
doing in the negotiations. and if the deal isn't good enough, we won't accept it. i don't think we needed any lectures on that. >> she's not alone in feeling that way, that the prime minister was out of line, effectively, coming into their house and giving them a lecture. now, on the flip side of course you did see all of those applause because many of those republicans, a lot of those republicans think that he did the right thing. that's why he was invited in the first place, because they think the democratic president is going down the wrong path with these talks and they needed wanted america's closest ally in the middle east to explain why that was so important to do. >> dana the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell made a move to stop this iran deal. what are you hearing? >> reporter: almost immediately after the speech was over, the senate majority went to the senate floor and made clear that he as soon as next week is going to allow a bill to come out, this -- it's a bipartisan
3:13 pm
bill -- to have congress' imprint on any deal that does go down by the end of the month with iran and the allies. right now congress doesn't really have an official role but this is effectively putting congress in the mix saying that this bill would say that congress would debate it and would either decide to vote it -- to approve it or even potentially to vote it down. there is bipartisan support for this. there is probably going to be a freeze on that legislation until after the deal is done if it does get done at the end of the month, but after that it is possible that the congress could tie the president's hands in a bipartisan way. >> we'll see what happens, dana thank you. let's get more insight. joining us democratic congress man adam smith, the ranking democrat on the house armed services committee. congressman, thanks very much for joining us. we know about 50 of your democratic colleagues decided to boycott the speech.
3:14 pm
you didn't attend. tell us why you decided not to listen to the prime minister. >> well i listened to him but i decided not to attend because i have back problems and sitting for long periods of time is not good for me. but i sat in a very comfortable chair in my office and watched the speech. so i did watch the speech i just didn't go for health reasons, basically. >> so you didn't want to make a statement, like your colleagues that decided to boycott, you didn't go for other reasons. what is your reaction? >> the most important thing is the strong relationship between the u.s. and israel. and both the speakers, unfathomable decision to invite netanyahu here without telling the president is clearly a partisan move all of that gets into the fact that we have a very strong relationship between america and israel that we need to fight to protect. i think the prime minister mr. netanyahu, is wrong about several of the key aspects and
3:15 pm
what is being negotiated but we'll know that once the deal gets there. i mean if the deal gets there, as president obama has pointed out, iran's hard liners are very reluctant to cut any deal with us and it's quite likely that iran will walk away from the table. so i think the prime minister prejudged what is in the agreement and we all need to wait and see and then we can decide whether or not it's a good agreement. >> where do you specifically disagree with the prime minister? >> well specifically when he says that all sanctions will be lifted from iran well it's not true. we have sanctions on iran for a virt variety of reasons, but also as a state sponsor of terror and for a variety of other actions that they have taken. those sanctions are not going to be lifted. we are not in any way offering to lift all sanctions on iran now or ten years from now. so to say that well gosh if we do this we lift all sanctions, we lose our leverage that is just flat wrong. second i don't think anyone has
3:16 pm
decided that after ten years everything is fine. we don't know what the timeline is for this agreement but we will continue after that timeline expires to insist on inspectors. there's key facts that he's not correct on at this point. and like i said let's wait and see what the agreement is and if it's a bad greemagreement, i'll be the first to object it. >> we'll see if there is an agreement at all. even if there's an agreement accepted there, the ayatollah may decide he doesn't like it and it ends it right there. congressman, stand by. we're going to continue the breaking news coverage right after this.
3:17 pm
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3:21 pm
we're back with democratic congressman adam smith and we're talking about the breaking news president obama firing back at the israeli prime minister after prime minister netanyahu blasted the administration's efforts to strike a nuclear deal with iran. based on everything you know congressman, you're the ranking member of the armed services committee, can the u.s. really trust iran to implement this kind of a deal? >> well look we cannot trust iran. that's obvious and that's clear. there has to be inspectors there has to be -- in the words of ronald reagan trust but verify and that can check and make sure that they are complying with the agreement. absolutely. there's no way we should trust iran on this. the other interesting thing is what's plan b? we walk away from negotiations. i agree with prime minister
3:22 pm
netanyahu. the best choice would be to discontinue the program and if they want to have a peaceful nuclear power, have their uranium enriched by another country and shipped to them. that would be the best choice. iran refuses to do that. so then the question is do we simply walk away from the negotiations and if we walk away from the negotiations what do our partners do? what does russia and china and europe do? did they stick to the sanctions regime with iran or does it begin to unravel and what does iran do? if iran knows there's no way out from under the sanctions, isn't that an incentive to just go ahead and build the bomb if they've got nothing to lose? i think this is a difficult situation and if we can get an agreement that limits iran's nuclear program to the point where we can be confident they will not develop a weapon it may not be perfect but i think that is certainly something we should pursue. and again, we'll see what the actual text of the agreement is.
3:23 pm
but that goal i think, is worth pursing. >> if there is an agreement. that's a key if as we all know. nancy pelosi issued a very tough statement saying that the netanyahu speech in her words, was an insult to the intelligence of the united states. she said she was saddened by the condensention used towards the u.s. >> i wouldn't use those words. we have a strong relationship between israel and the united states and netanyahu basically said we're negotiating like a bunch of idiots and, yeah that's a tough blow to take. this is an existential threat to israel. benjamin netanyahu has every reason to be concerned. again, i disagree with them and i don't believe the united states would negotiate a bad
3:24 pm
deal and accept a bad deal and we're prejudging it all. let's see what the deal is and determine whether or not it makes sense. the hope that somehow iran walks away completely from their nuclear development program on even a peaceful enrichment for energy purposes iran has said that's a nonstarter. if we insist on that, the negotiations breakdown, our partners walk away and, like i said arguably, the sanctions regime breaks down. that undercuts the sanctions regime. >> adam smith is a ranking member of the armed services committee. thank you for joining us. >> thanks wolf. appreciate the chance. >> thank you. just ahead, the infamous nsa may be returning home edward
3:25 pm
snowden. and we're getting a report about the ferguson missouri police force. we'll find out what federal officials will do with the evidence. why do i cook? because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. for every way you make chicken noodle soup, make it delicious with swanson®. the lexus command performance sales event has begun. come experience what's made lexus the fastest-growing automotive luxury brand on the road. featuring the stylish es sporty ct hybrid and versatile rx. with more new models than ever there's never been a better time to drive a lexus. during the command performance sales event. get great offers on your favorite
3:26 pm
lexus models. now through march 31st. see your lexus dealer.
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3:29 pm
we're following what could be a new and dramatic development to edward snowden, who leaked thousands of
3:30 pm
classified government documents. his lawyer says he's ready to return to the united states from russia and he's trying to negotiate terms to are a trial. let's dig deeper with david ig ignatius. phil what do you think this would mean? that he would necessarily have to face charges of espionage, for example? >> i don't buy this. one of the most prolific likers leakers of our time you're entitled to a jury of your peers. i don't understand why he gets to flee overseas and then talk to the department of justice about what he wants from his trial. come home son, and spend your 30 years in jail. he's cooked. >> what do you think, david
3:31 pm
ignatius? >> we have plea negotiations all the time between people investigated and this is a plea negotiation. it's been going on informally for a year or so. i think it must be very difficult to be he had kward snowden living in themoscow and i can't help to think that snowden wants out. >> what do you think, mr. speaker? he could spend the rest of his life in moscow. it might be chilly there in the winter but it's presumably better than jail? >> look i think we can find a way to get him home and get the rest of the documents that he has not yet leaked i think it's worth doing. but i think he'll have to face jail time and i think it will be fairly lengthy. >> what do you think? >> i'm not an expert but i think
3:32 pm
more than ten years. >> more than ten. >> that would be my guess. >> some people say 30 or 40. >> i wouldn't guess about the length and i'm sure the recommendation that the prosecutor is making is going to be part of this bargain. a lot of americans think that snowden did the country a service in these leaks and that's going to be a tough issue for the justice department. >> let's move on and talk about david petraeus. he pled guilty to removing and retaining classified information as part of a plea deal a misdemeanor, if you will. they are going to recommend no jail time for him, i think a $40,000 fine. the classified information included war strategy notes from national security meetings. some are already saying there's a double standard here. one standard for him a four-star general, another for other who is violated classified information. >> i don't buy that for a heartbeat. look find me something that the
3:33 pm
general told people that reached the public domain and damaged national security. this is not the story of a leak or a trial. this is the story of an american tragedy. he's a legendary general, he designed counter insurgency policy for iraq. i think the penalty matches the crime. we should see redemption in this case. this guy is an american hero and made a tragic mistake. >> he acknowledges the information was violated now with his girlfriend. what do you think, mr. speaker? >> listen i don't know all what he did but i think it sets a bad precedence. >> what sets a bad precedence? >> only having this kind of a fine. you look at what libby went through, what we did to a lot of other people. again, on the other hand general petraeus has dedicated his entire life to the country and has done a remarkable job 365 days a year for a long time. >> so one standard david, for
3:34 pm
war heroes and another for lesser officials? is that what i'm hearing here? >> you can't have a double standard. the leverage that general petraeus had in this negotiation through his lawyers is that bringing him to trial, bringing him before a jury would have been a nightmare for the prosecution. you almost were certain to lose. i think the a the end of the day they got him to plead guilty to a misdemeanor. the fact he had to be in some way accused of the like. >> mr. speaker, the president says he heard nothing new in prime minister netanyahu's speech today, just a rehash of something that he said before. >> well, that could be true. the president's ability to ignore information is amazing. what he should have heard was a very sobering end to the speech where prime minister netanyahu said people need to understand if necessary, israel will go alone. i think the prime minister came here because he generally
3:35 pm
believes israel's very survival is at stake. he has enormous fear of the iranians and believes this administration is about to cut a very bad deal. his first goal is to defeat it in the congress but his second goal, i suspect, is to take steps to defeat -- >> i heard that david. at the very end of the speech sort of vailed threat. i heard that same sort of veiled threat that israel would use military force. >> i heard that too. i think after the speech the obama administration and netanyahu are on a collision course even more than before. i wrote today that this is a zero sum game. either one wins or another wins. that's not a good situation. >> thanks guys very very much. more breaking news ahead. a damning report on the ferguson police department. systematic discrimination against african-americans and we're also learning disturbing
3:36 pm
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3:40 pm
there is other breaking news from ferguson missouri. there has been a found a practice of racism. that's a result of a civil
3:41 pm
rights investigation launched after the killing of michael brown by darren wilson. joining us evan perez. he broke the story for all of us. also joining us daryl parks, attorney for the michael brown family. our senior legal analyst, jeffrey toobin antonio french and law enforcement analyst tom fuentes. evan you've been talking to your sources. what are they telling you about this justice department report? >> wolf we expect this report will be made public tomorrow. the justice department met with officials from ferguson this afternoon to tell them what they are about to publish and really this portrays a department that has deep deep problems. i'll give you a few statistics from the report that is going to be revealed tomorrow. 85% of the vehicle stops from 2012 to 2014 the justice department took a look at their books. 85% were of african-americans. 93% of arrests were of
3:42 pm
african-americans. 90% of citations were of african-americans. again, going back to michael brown and the incident there, the killing of michael brown by a police officer, 88% of use of force the ferguson department use of force was against african-americans. you can see that what people were protesting there was something that there was a problem with the police department. >> the city itself ferguson about 67% african-american. the police force was about 60 police officers, only two of them african-american. the rest white. daryl parks, you represent the michael brown family. what's their reaction? >> well certainly it is finally they get some sense of justice for what happened to michael. and think about it wolf when michael was killed back in august you knew nothing about the background of this department. now we know a lot more about what was going on in that
3:43 pm
department especially when you think about how race played such a big role in he path turn the practices of this department as well as the extensive use of force issue, which certainly is something that we claim as it relates to michael brown's death from his death in august. >> so jeffrey, where do we go from here? the report comes out tomorrow. then what? >> the justice department will go to the ferguson officeholders and say, look, let's make a deal an arrangement, a settlement known as a consent decree where you will change your practices, your training, your policies perhaps your leadership. and then we will put in monitors who will make sure that you keep to the deal. alternatively, if ferguson doesn't go for that the justice department will go to court and have a judge force those changes, they'll argue, on ferguson. so those are the two options. >> antonio french you're active in the community, obviously. what changes would you like to see? does this report based on what
3:44 pm
we know right now, from your perspective, go far enough? >> i think this report confirms what a lot of us already knew which is that ferguson along with other municipalities around ferguson engages in that activity that wedges a divide between the community and police department. what i do want to see is not just a reform of the ferguson police department but reforming how we police in the missouri area. at least a dozen municipalities engage in identical or worse behavior. >> i'm sure this is going on elsewhere around the country as well. >> the biggest problem, wolf if you hire police officers that are racist once they are on the department it's too late. the only thing you can hope for there is that the punishment when they behave as a racist is severe enough to discourage them from doing it and even in spite of what they think, do the right
3:45 pm
thing on the street. if you're hiring bad police officers from the very beginning, it's the hiring the training, internal discipline. it's all of those things. what this report is finding is systemic mismanagement by the police department and city official sdpls officials. >> and policies too. ferguson is not alone in this. using arrests to make money for the municipality, that is a huge issue, not just in ferguson all over the country, where individuals, often african-americans are being essentially forced to subsidize the rest of the state. >> daryl parks, you represent the michael brown family. what do you think, what is going to be the impact of this? >> well it's a big impact. i think for all of the people who have been in ferguson fighting for justice and fighting for some type of action to take place, this is a big step in that direction, wolf. for the racial bias that has taken place there, for the
3:46 pm
excessive use of force issues the poll teas and procedure issues that have existed there, now it gets a positive movement on behalf of the department of justice which his family welcomes. >> antonio french what do you think should happen to the ferguson police chief, thomas jackson? >> i said six months ago that i thought mr. jackson should resign and now i think he should just be fired. some of the facts laid out in this report clearly shows a pattern of mismanagement and this city cannot heal as long as he's in that position. >> what do you think, daryl? >> without question i think that certainly there should be some changes in the leadership of this department. that's up to the city to do but clearly this report clearly calls out for major change in the police department. >> tom fuentes, they have to get more african-americans on that force, too. they can't almost have just a white police force in a community that's 67%
3:47 pm
african-american. >> not only for the diversity and the hiring but character profile, not hire racist or brutal cops or crooked cops and that starts right at the beginning before you train them, before you go through any part of their career you have to hire the right people in the first place. >> evan the attorney general wanted this report out before he leaves. he's about to step down. he's leaving in the next few days right? >> right. he promised justice for michael brown and, sadly, for his family you know they are not going to get what they thought they wanted which is charges against the officer, darren wilson. they are going to have to settle for this which is reform of the police department. you know it goes beyond ferguson though. i've been down there and you can see how the small towns up and down that road and they all basically impose a tax on black motorists as they go up and down that road. so it's not just ferguson. >> we're going to stay on top of the story. just ahead, the white house re
3:48 pm
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3:53 pm
story. explain what's going on here. >> wolf over the years there's been a lot of wiggle room when talking about law in this area. she may not have broken the law but she violated the spirit of it. >> reporter: it's the most iconic image of her while secretary of state. checking her e-mail on a trip to libya, her private e-mail. hillary clinton relied solely on a personal account. >> did you e-mail it to us? >> reporter: it's raising questions about whether she skirted the federal records act. the white house says clinton followed the rules. >> the policy as a general matter allows individuals to use their personal e-mail address as long as those e-mails are maintained and sent to the state department which if you ask secretary clinton's team that's what they completed in the last month or two. >> reporter: in 2014 clinton
3:54 pm
and her team turned over tens of thousands of her e-mails to the state department. political opponents are hammering her. jeb bush tweeted transparency matters. he released thousands of e-mails from his time as governor of florida. like clinton, he used a personal e-mail address and he was able to choose which e-mails to release. a clinton spokesman said the letter and spirit of the rules permitted state department officials to use non-government e-mail as long as appropriate records were reserved. experts say there may be no way
3:55 pm
to identify it. >> when you delete that and go to your trash box, it's gone. there's no more recovering it. all that information is destroyed. >> we're not talking about classified e-mails. these were not classified that secretary clinton was typing out on her personal e-mail account. at the same time there's a big security issue here. you wouldn't want to breach a unclassified e-mails either. >> gloria give us a perspective how big of a deal is this? >> i think we don't really know yet. we don't know all the details. this is less a question of whether secretary of state clinton violated any specific laws when she violated them if she did and all the rest of it. i think what this is really
3:56 pm
about is answering the question why. why did they decide to do this? was it to protect her? was it to be evasive? was it more convenient? we just don't know the answer to that question. once they answer the question maybe it will make sense. >> how are republicans acting? >> they are jumping on it. the interesting reaction are from her fellow democrats. those in congress desperate to keep it in democratic hands in 2016 are very concerned. they're not unaware of the clinton baggage of not wanting to put things forward of not being transparent. because she's so well known and the clinton name is known that way, they're worried this is like mitt romney 47% in that. people already had in their mind a narrative of mitt romney a certain way, it's the same for hillary clinton.
3:57 pm
this will feed the idea she's hiding something and they live by different standards and rules. they're worried about it. >> a lot of experts have said if these were private e-mail accounts that didn't necessarily have the security from hacking, cyber warfare. she's doing official state department business. >> from hacking and encryption. a clinton aids told me she was using this e-mail before she became secretary of state and she just continued to use it. >> she knew the job. >> you do change jobs. i lot of people might have issue with that argument. she need a reboot. she needs to show she's not pressing right up against the edge of these boundaries. >> she hasn't booted yet. >> that part of the problem. >> you're right. here is a for instance that i think is important to focus on. there was a 2009 regulation that
3:58 pm
she would have been falling under at this time. if you're using private e-mail to do government business then it needs to go on the state department recordkeeping system. here is the catch. there's no time line on when you need to do that. technically, you could wait 80 years before you do it. >> she went to compliance. that's the spirit of the law. >> how are all these e-mails, they say they turned over 55,000 pages. >> 55,000 pages. >> at cnn that would be one day of e-mails. she turned over 55,000 pages of e-mails. who curated those e-mails? >> and to that point, just talking raw politics i've talked to some democrats who are big hillary supporters and they're concern is their frfgs is they didn't know the answers because her campaign hasn't
3:59 pm
started yet. she has a small official team around her. she doesn't have the apparatus to help dig into this. >> i was talking to her for jeb bush. i don't know that it changes anybody's minds. there's the group that wants answers. >> remember, you can follow us on twitter. tweet me at wolf blitzer. you can tweet the show. join us tomorrow right here in
4:00 pm
"the situation room." you can watch us live or dvr the show so you won't miss a moment. i'll be back in an hour filling in for anderson. until then thanks very much for watching. breaking news. reports of junegunshots fired near the national security agency. president obama firing back at israeli prime minister netanyahu. who's right on the deal with iran? the justice department delivering a scathing report on the ferguson police department charging a pattern of racism and putting out internal e-mails with racist jokes about the president in them. we'll show you. let's go outfront.