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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  March 4, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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lot of activists. wolf? >> sumnina thanks for that report. we'll stay on top of the story. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'm be back 5:00 p.m. in "the situation room." "newsroom" with ana cabrera starts right now. >> good afternoon, i'm ana cabrera in for brooke baldwin. two major developments out of ferguson missouri. the justice department announced former police officer darren wilson will not be federally charged for killing unarmed teenager michael brown and here's why. officials say and i quote, "there is no evidence upon which prosecutors can rely to disprove wilson's stated subjective belief that he feared for his safety." now also minutes ago the department of justice released a 105-page report that officially confirmed what protesters in ferguson missouri have been claiming for months that long before brown's killing, ferguson police targeted
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african-americans. now the pages detail systemic racial discrimination not just in the force but also in the courts and the report includes account after account of what's described as "suspicious with legally unsupportable stops." i want to give you an example one man taken into custody for giving police his name as mike instead of michael. cnn justice reporter evan perez has been scouring this report he broke the news yesterday about these doj findings and he's joining me live. evan what else is in this report? >> ana, these findings are really stark when you hear all the complaints when you and i were in ferguson from people and they describe the encounters they had with police and you see what the justice department is reporting here it really does back up what a lot of those people were talking about, and i'll give you the example you gave of this person who gave his name as mike and the police officer charged him with lying,
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because his name was michael and because he provided an address that was different from the driver's license that he had. in the end, this man lost his job with the federal government contractor as a result of the charges that were brought by this officer, which were without any basis whatsoever according to the justice department. that's just one example that's provided in these 105 pages. another example from 2013 an african-american man was in a parking lot as an officer was trying to go make an arrest. he decides to throw this guy in the back of his patrol car, handcuff him, run him through the system. it turns out that guy was the landlord who, in the end, had to let him into the apartment for the arrest that the officer was trying to make. he had no reason to detain this man, and this is something that the department of justice investigation found was a real common problem with this ferguson police department. there's also the problem of racist e-mails that were being
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sent by leadership supervisors, of the ferguson police department including we're told that in a briefing this afternoon, ana, by some people who were still there, who are involved in negotiating with the justice department for some of these reforms. so in other words, people who are still at the ferguson department police department in leadership roles, we're sending some of these racist jokes. i'll read you a quick one. in 2011 one e-mail sent around depicted president obama as a chimpanzee and in another one in 2011 someone shared a photo of bare chested women dancing apparently in africa and the caption read "michelle obama's high school reunion." these are the types of things that the justice department said it uncovered in this month's long investigation. >> so disturbing evan and you said people in leadership positions currently were taking part in this. do you have more details? was it the police chief? was it somebody who was just a supervisor? do we know more?
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>> they won't identify the justice department will not identify who exactly was sending these e-mails. we do know that they were people in leadership positions and again, these are people who are still there, and are helping the department they're responsible for putting forward some reforms so the justice department is not going to try to force joen to the department. >> evan perez, thank you so much. what will the city of ferguson do now? listen to what ferguson police chief tom jackson told me back in september, this was during her ex- our exclusive interview. >> it's never been an intention of the ferguson police department or any police department that i know of to potentially target individuals because of race. if there is that happening, it's a crime and it needs to be addressed. >> are you aware of at least some of the vocal people protesters included who would like to see you removed from your position? >> sure i have and i've talked to a lot of those people and i've talked to a lot of people who have initially called for that and then have changed
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their mind after having meetings and discussions about moving forward. realistically i'm going to stay here and see this through. >> we bring in cnn legal analyst sunny hostin with me along with missouri state senator maria chappelle nadal. your thoughts? >> well i have to tell you that i am absolutely appalled at some of the things i have been reading in part. i'm not surprised by the number of stops and the percentages of individuals who have been stopped specifically because of their race. there are cases where there are individuals who are walking on streets, 93% of the time those people have been either ticketed or arrested and that's no surprise that came out of the reports is the fact that the second revenue, the second highest revenue source comes from arrestees and ticketing.
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that was a surprise that is second to sales tax revenue. i am also shocked at the e-mails which you cited earlier in this broadcast, and the one that is really appalling to me is the one dealing with an individual who got a check for $5,000 to receive a termination, a pregnancy termination, and the punchline to the joke was, it came from crimestoppers. obviously there has been racial intimidation harassment and institutional bias practice in exercise every single day in the ferguson police department. we are outraged here in the state of missouri that this could even go on but i am also outraged because not only the mayor of ferguson but also the chief of police both stated publicly there has not been a racial issue. now that we are reading over 100 pages of a report from the department of justice, we now
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know that they have supported a racist system and we are not going to allow this to continue to happen in the state of missouri. >> in fact when you talk about the racism there, what we're hearing from the department of justice is this wasn't like accidental racism or accidental discrimination that just happened. it was intentional, according to the department of justice, said ferguson's harmful court and police practices are due at least in part to intentional discrimination as demonstrated by direct evidence of the racial bias and stereotyping of african-americans. sunny hostin you've been in close touch with michael brown's family and their attorney. >> benjamin crump tested me a statement from leslie mcspaden and leslie brown jr. they've seen disappointing news the killer of our son wouldn't be held accountable for his actions, while we are saddened by this decision we are encouraged that the department
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of justice will hold the ferguson police department accountable for the pattern of racial bias and profiling, and ultimately they say it is our hope that through this action true change will come not only in ferguson but around the country, and if that change happens, our son's death will not have been in vain. this report and the decision not to file civil rights charges against officer wilson while saddening to them certainly i think they are encouraged by the fact that the justice department did find that this per vaesive racism does exist, and i haven't poured through all 105 pages because quite frankly it's so extensive, dense and so scathing but i think what is interesting is that they say that city officials have frequently asserted that the haar and disparate results of the law enforcement system don't indicate problems with policing but rather reflect a pervasive lack of personal responsibility
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among certain segments of the community. we are still seeing that even the justice department investigators and city officials denied this existence, so i suspect that while the justice department does sort of ask and outline some things that can change i suspect that we are going to see a change in leadership not only from the police department but in the court system and probably at the prosecutor's office as well. >> maria chappelle nadal would that make a difference? we have police chief tom jackson adam ant he's not going to step down. would you like to see him removed? >> well he should have been removed in august. the rollout of this entire investigation has been troubling to so many people not only in the state of missouri but across the country from the very beginning. we don't have any faith in chief jackson. i know he's made sop efforts but on his watch he allowed for this
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institutional racism to go on. he has said again and again that he's going to stay but how is a community that has been harassed by his own police department people that he oversees every single day, how is this community and the region going to have any faith in anything that he says? he is now tarnished with this report that we're going through, page by page he is a tarnished man. we have no confidence in him, and i'm telling you right now, i think we don't have a lot of confidence in the mayor right now, because he too stated that there was not a racial problem and again, on his watch, he has allowed for the systematic racism to continue in ferguson, and it's just not acceptable and we need to dismantle, disband this municipal police department as soon as possible. >> maria chappell nadal, sunny hostin we have to leave it here for now but we'll continue the conversation through the next couple hours as we are awaiting a statement from the department
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of justice sometime in the next hour and also expecting city leader there is in ferguson to make some kind of statement as well this afternoon so stay with us ladies. up next opening statements in the boston bombing trial and the defense lawyer began by pointing her finger at her own client. hear what the defense lawyer has to say. plus if hillary clinton used e-mails as secretary of state how safe were her secrets? foreign women paying as much as $50,000 to have babies right here in america and the feds busting dozens of these so-called maternity hotels. hear what happened inside. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables
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he must be held accountable, those assertions made during opening statements today in what may be the biggest trial in boston's history and it came from the defense. 21-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev is facing 30 charges in connection
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with the deadly 2013 bombings near the finish line of the boston marathon. if convicted he could get the death penalty, accused of masterminding along with his older brother the attack that killed three people and left nearly 300 others maimed or injured. he is also charged in the killing of an mit police officer. now, in court today, prosecutors vividly describe the horror of that day and they say tsarnaev and his brother believe they were "soldiers in a holy war" and that they intended to kill as many people as possible but the younger tsarnaev's attorney says the defendant was brainwashed by his older brother, who of course is now dead killed in a shoot-out with a police officer. joining me now is criminal defense attorney and hln legal analyst joey jackson and author marcia gessen who wrote a book titled "the brothers: the road to american tragedy." she was inside the court today.
11:17 am
what was going on in there, what was it like? >> well the biggest surprise of what happened today was that the defense bauskcally said they're not going to try to prove that he is not guilt yu. in fact judy clark who came from california to represent sar enough here part of his large defense team said it is not a question of whether it was him. it was him. the question is really if he's a monster that the prosecution has painted him or was he led on by his brother. so they're trying to paint a portrait of the younger tsarnaev as someone who was very depressed, in danger of flunking out of school had been essentially abandoned by his parents who moved back to russia, left in the hands of the monstrous older brother and left alone with him >> how was tsarnaev in court? what was his demeanor like?
11:18 am
>> he was starkly indifferent. he was fidgeting in the beginning. we've seen tsarnaev for the last month, he's been present every day of jury selection, and he bausk basically had two moods, one joking with his attorneys and acting fidget and one is looking almost affable. he seems to try to avoid eye contact with the jurors. >> joe yu i want to ask you about the strategy that the defense has already put out there. basically admit he was involved that he did it but say that he was sort of brainwashed by his brother. >> absolutely. big development. now, here's the bottom line. the defense has won goal to spare and save his life. this is beyond a tranl digedy of major proportion, a specific act of terror upon an entire community that affects so many people. as you know the defense
11:19 am
motioned to get that case out of there four times they were denied. that jury ultimately will convict, they no he that but then the next phase of the trial is, do you deserve to die. who is the real monster here? the monster is not me. why? it can't be me because i was influenced by my older brother. he's the guy who was the mastermind. he put me up to this. he radicalized me and he's the reason that i was pulled into something that i ordinarily wouldn't be pulled into and if the jury concludes that he is tsarnaev is not the monster, right, that the jury could otherwise find him to be then perhaps they spare his life. however -- >> which could be challenging here in massachusetts. we know that they haven't had a death penalty i guess conviction in the past three decades >> right. you know and here's the point with that, though ana. very significant point. we know the state of massachusetts doesn't have the death penalty but since this is in federal court there is a death penalty. now the big difference though although the state in and of itself people may be opposed to it, if you're impaneled on that
11:20 am
jury you have looked those lawyers in the eye and looked that judge in the eye and said in the event that i find evidence that is compelling enough to move me to the death penalty, i promise you that i will impose it. i'm not saying before i hear evidence that i will but if that evidence convinces me that the death penalty is appropriate here guess what? that's what this defendant is getting and that's what the polls don't account for. most people who are against the death penalty under all circumstances, ana, they're not on that jury. those on the jury committed they will apply it. >> there were 256 people who were interviewed as part of the jury selection process. joey jackson, mosha gesser thanks for joining us. up next did hillary clinton go to extreme lengths to keep her e-mails private? new questions are emergeing as we learned clinton used a private non-governmental server that was registered to her family home and did that put sensitive information at risk? we'll talk with an expert. also russian president vladimir putin making his first
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an aide to hillary clinton swears there is nothing "nefarious" about clinton using a personal e-mail account while she was secretary of state but nefarious is one thing. safe and secure is another and the associated press reports clbt clinton's e-mail account can be traced back to her own private server in her home and now some are asking whether clinton risked exposing state secrets when she decided against using a government e-mail account. dana wohlman, thanks for joining me. i think a lot of us assume that personal is always less safe
11:26 am
than a private or government account. is that always the case? >> not necessarily. she may have -- hillary clinton may have had some security benefits in choosing her own server but there are drawbacks to having a homemade e-mail server like she had. had she gone with an e-mail server that was government owned it would have been located in a facility protected and guarded not just against physical intruders but also fires, floods any kind of outages there would have been off-site backup for the data. there would have definitely been some benefits had she gone with the federal server. >> really great point. how risky was it for her to just go with this personal e-mail account? >> definitely some risks involved. i mean, obviously she is her own home is surrounded by security detail so at least that threat was pretty low, the threat of let's say people
11:27 am
hacking in and physically interfering with the servers but a lot of things are made unclear, precisely because the server was so private. for instance we don't know if her data was backed up somewhere else and duplicated somewhere else and we also don't know what kind of ongoing monitoring she had for viruses or hackers. those things would all be a given, had she gone through a federal e-mail server but because her e-mail server is home grown and private, it's really unclear to us as outsiders what precautions she may have been taking. >> it opens up a can of worms in terms of motivation. hillary clinton's camp have not answered why she is just going with her personal versus having one of each and other than trying not to disclose something, whatever that may be is there an advantage or a reason that somebody might
11:28 am
choose to just go with the personal versus a government account? >> i mean i think unfortunately an effort to possibly have control over which e-mails are handed over is probably the likeliest explanation and that's just me speculating. hillary clinton's camp has not commented on this. it's unclear if they were duplicating these e-mails elsewhere but if she did delete them and they were gone for good that could be convenient but again it's really hard to speculate on why especially if the clinton camp isn't giving any clues or commenting. >> dana wollman thank you so much. we have reached out to hillary clinton and to her representatives and are asking those questions that we're discussing and we just have not received the answers yet but we will keep you all posted. up next the father of the man known as jihadi john is now talking and he reportedly in the past called his son an animal a terrorist, even a dog, but now
11:29 am
it seems he's walking some of those comments back. plus federal agents making a huge bust in a so-called maternity tourism ring when moms from a foreign country pay big bucks to give birth to their kids on u.s. soil automatically making them citizens. hear what happened inside. you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you
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the father of mohammed emwzi the man identified as jihadi john is now speaking out in defense of his son. he told a kuwaiti newspaper there's no proof that his son is the man seen beheading prisoners
11:34 am
in videos released by isis. he even says he's hired a lawyer now to sue anyone who says this is true. the father also told "the guardian" newspaper he rejects reports that his wife recognized jihadi john's voice as her son's. cnn senior international correspondent nic robertson is joining me now. what more do we know about mohammed emwazi's parents and his background. >> justin emwazi says he's the father of the man identified by others as being jihadi john. he has contacted a newspaper in kuwait and has spoken to them on what he told that newspaper was that there was no video evidence there was nothing that he had seen in the media that shows that his son, mow head emwazu is in fact jihadi john so he's dismissing this for lack of evidence.
11:35 am
the lawyer that he has hired to represent himself is saying look no western or local intelligence agency presumably local in this context means kuwait has given any information, has put anything available in the public domain that would say that mohammed emwazi is jihadi john so the father and the lawyer representing him are very strenuously denying it and also going to the point, the reason this lawyer hired as you say, they feel that the father is a victim of libel here and they say that they will pursue any media organizations that continue with that line. >> all right, nic robertson, thanks for the update. we appreciate it. vladimir putin's critics have a habit of turning up dead. in the latest case the russian president ordered three investigations into the murder last week of his long time nemesis, boris nemtsov. in his first public comment today, putin said "russia should be made secure at last from the disgrace of the daring killing
11:36 am
of boris nemtsov in the very heart of our capital city." there's new surveillance video allegedly showing the gunman's car as it leaves the shooting scene of course near the kremlin. nemtsov's 23-year-old girlfriend is believed to be the only witness to his murder and now in ukraine after being held for questioning. she didn't even attend nemtsov's funeral. his mysterious killing is the latest in the string of deaths among putin's most vocal critics. >> reporter: four bullets in the back and the russian opposition leader's voice was silenced even as authorities promise that investigation many believed boris nemtsov never stood a chance. >> the opposition is delegitimized, no room for even constructive criticism in the russian political system. >> reporter: the killing revived memories of other cases, the journalist ana politkavskaya,
11:37 am
her home was a safe place until it became the scene of her murder. shot four times in the entrance of her moscow apartment in 2006 and sal rander litvenyenko, former kgb officer died a slow death after drinking a legal dose of radioactive polonium. his tea spiked in a london hotel during with a meeting with two former russian servicemen all outspoken critics of president vladimir putin, all killed in mysterious ways. we still don't know who ordered those killings and now we have this one. what do you think those deaths have in common? >> well i don't think they have anything in common. >> reporter: the kremlin denied any involvement in the cases. former kremlin adviser believed president putin is innocent. >> there's absolutely no proof of any involvement of the russian state. >> reporter: those suspicious deaths are not the only ones.
11:38 am
50-year-old human rights activists was dumped by the side of a road with bullet wounds to her head. training journalist and human rights lawyer shot in broad daylight meters from the kremlin. the editor of "forbes russia" killed with a machine gun outside his moscow office and a business tycoon in self-exile was found with a noose around his neck. was it a suicide in the corner could not say. the kremlin promised a thorough investigation each time. some of those cases have led to convictions. the latest assassination of boris nemtsov has sparked a flood of conspiracy theories from politicians and investigators, from claims it was extremists or perhaps people within his own party attempting to destabilize the government. russian president putin has vowed to track down the killer or killers. >> people like him are always under surveillance in russia. in this sense he had body guards but from russian state agency.
11:39 am
there was no way he wasn't under state surveillance and moreover the surveillance cameras are all over the place. >> reporter: despite a financial reward so far no one has come forward. >> linda kinkade joins me now from atlanta. linda, there's obviously a connection in terms of suspicion involving all of these murders but are there any types of connections between nemtsov and these other cases? >> ana, that is the main connection. that all these people were outspoken critics of the kremlin, yet despite strong suspicion of russian involvement there's never been any proof even in the cases that led to convictions. no one has ever come forward and given information about who ordered them to carry out the killings. now in the case of boris nemtsov, that case is being watched very closely and we know that there are already questions about the quality of the investigation. there are photos that have emerged showing people cleaning the crime scene, actually scrubbing blood away from the pavement, where he was murdered
11:40 am
just hours after his death. now, there are some that suggest the killer or killers could have carryied out this attack in a back straight valley in moscow. instead they chose a prominent spot right in front of the kremlin in a well-lit and well-watched area. we know there are reports of some 18 surveillance cameras in that immediate vicinity yet we've only seen vision from one camera and it's very grainy vision and at the exact moment of his murder the block of the view. the only witness is his girlfriend, she's not given information who the killer or killers may have been. she only saw a light colored car drive away and we know police have raided his apartment, seizing both documents and computer hard drives and they will be looking into that but like the cases before him, we may never know who killed him >> it seems strange there aren't any leads on a suspect at this
11:41 am
point. thank you for your reporting. up next it's called maternity tourism, foreign women flocking to the united states to give birth and a major crackdown is under way. we'll have that story. we're also expecting attorney general eric holder to speak soon about the justice department's investigation into the ferguson police department so stay with cnn for special live coverage. most of the products we all buy are transported on container ships. before a truck delivers it to your store, a container ship delivered it to that truck. here in san diego, we're building the first one ever to run on natural gas. ships this big running this clean will be much better for the environment. we're proud to be a part of that. nobody told us to expect it... intercourse that's painful due to menopausal changes it's not likely to go away on its own. so let's do something about it.
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that i can arm and disarm from anywhere. hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit just in to cnn we have video of president obama signing the bill to fund the department of homeland security. you'll recall at this time yesterday during our show it was the house that finally passed that clean bill sending it to the president's desk so that one is a done deal but we also have some more breaking news coming out of capitol hill right now, as the senate is voting on overriding the president's veto on the keystone pipeline. i want to get out to dana bash for the latest on that. dana? >> reporter: that's right, ana,
11:46 am
that vote just ended, it fell short as expected five votes short of overriding the president's veto. it was 62-37. it is notable on several counts first and foremost this is the first time in the obama presidency six-plus years that the senate has taken a vote to override any of any veto mostly because it's only his third veto since he has been in office and also notable because you mentioned that the president almost at the same time signed the department of homeland security spending bill so i think both of those kind of juxtaposed together shows the limits of the gop majority in congress. >> absolutely. >> it certainly changes the dynamic, but on the one hand you see that they tried to pass this keystone pipeline to go around the administration and guff congressional approval to it. there is bipartisan support for that but not enough to override his veto and at the same time he just signed a bill to fully fund
11:47 am
the department of homeland security over conservative objections because they also wanted to stop the president's immigration plan in there, and i think it's also notable because when it comes to the override it's probably the first of several we're going to see in the near future. kevin liptack on has a great story so far the white house promised to reject 15 bills that are now moving through the republican-controlled congress so this is probably foreshadowing of what we'll see a lot in the future after we didn't see it for so many years during his presidency. >> dana bash on capitol hill thanks. wealthy, pregnant women who are flocking to california's maternity hotels and they're staying there for months so they can have a baby in the u.s. now, the feds are saying enough is enough. again here's some of the background. expectant moms mostly from china pay as much as $50,000 to ensure their babies are born on u.s. soil as u.s. citizens. these are elaborate birth tourism packages that they're
11:48 am
buying into might include trips to disneyland shopping excursions on rodeo drive, even field trips to gun shooting ranges so they're being lured here in a lot of cases. there was a major sting overnight, federal agents raiding more than three dozen maternity hotels just last night in southern california. >> yes, we thought it was maybe something in the water. mostly asian descent and pretty much kept to themselves. >> big, like nine months pregnant which you know is what i noticed. and then i thought it was weird that there were so many of them. >> it's not illegal to have your baby born in the united states but it's illegal to lie about your reasons for traveling. >> so let's bring in cnn's paul verkamen joining us from los angeles. i understand there are birth tourism agents coaching some of the pregnant women how to allude authorities. >> that's exactly right. if you read the affidavits these
11:49 am
suspect agents would urge the women to travel when they're not too far along, in other words they say in the affidavit make sure your belly is not too big and also said wear loose clothing and a well says i have this maternitywear and some of these other baby items in my suitcase and the agent shoots back no no no! leave all that stuff in china and buy these items when you get to the united states. we don't want to you reveal what your true intentions are, to have a baby in the united states. >> none of these women were arrested so where does this case go from here? >> well this is interesting, because this is part of an ongoing investigation and often with federal agents we get word later there have been arrests. as they're looking for more information, serving all of these warrants they went ahead and will label at some point many of these women material witnesses and i asked point blank, what if one of them wanted to get on a plane today
11:50 am
and go back to china? they said they have to be "made available" and we're also going to see, i would think, down the road the arrest of several of these people who are accused of perpetrating the scam which of course includes money laundering and so many other items as they try to conceal their true intention, which is to give birth to u.s. citizens. ana? >> paul verkamen in l.a. up next curt schilling throwing a major curveball to international trolls. we'll talk one on one with the former world series mvp about what he did to stand up for his daughter. you don't want to miss it. plus moments from now attorney general eric holder expected to speak about the justice department's report on the ferguson police department. stay with cnn. we have special live coverage. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs.
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curt schilling hung.
11:53 am
his glove star pitcher for the rox red sox a long time ago. he congrat lated his 18-year-old gabby, like dad, she's going to pitch for her college team. schilling is also a protective dad and the reaction to his tweet made his blood boil. he was bombarded with vulgar tweets about his daughter these were vile vicious tweets that even threatened harassment abuse, even rape. curt schilling fired back in an angry blog and speaking directly to those cyber bullies he wrote "what part of talking about a young woman, my daughter or not, makes you even consider the possibility that this is either funny or makes you tough?" i talked with schilling, here's part of our conversation. did you ever imagine your initial post expressing just how proud you are of your daughter would get such vulgar responses? >> well no no and vulgar to me kind of doesn't even tip the scale for what they were.
11:54 am
i expected blowback and you know being as outspoken in my life as i have been i've made enough enemies out there to expect. i expected people to come back and say i can't wait to see your daughter at school and i'm going to take your daughter you know to whatever but i didn't expect this. no one should expect this. >> what surprised you the most? >> i think that the most surprising thing was when i initially let most of them know that i knew who they were, they continued and some got worse. you know, the hubris -- i really honestly believe every one of them thought, even after i was calling them out who they were where they went to school that nothing would ever happen. and so you know one of the things that i saw somebody said curt schilling responds to the
11:55 am
twitters the guys that tweeted to him and in real life they pay. and i'm trying to tell people twitter is now real life. >> it is and it does affect people in a real way. >> absolutely. >> you mentioned the consequences of actions that people put out there online and yet it doesn't necessarily deter people from saying i don't even know if it's what's on their mind or what is going to get attention. what do you think it says about our culture and the use of social media? >> well people tried to tell me that this is the world we live in. it's not the world i live in. i didn't grow up in that world. but more importantly, they're trying to say, hey, they're doing this to get a laugh, they're doing this for x, y and z and my comeback is people are doing it because there have been been neglective consequences to it. >> now we know one of those -- >> yes. >> yes, we're both going the same direction. we know one of the people who commented in such a horrific way ended up getting fired from his
11:56 am
job who was working with the yankees. >> yes. >> at one point in the blog you write "is this even remotely okay in any world at any time? worse yet no less than seven of these clowns who sent vile or worse tweets are athletes playing college sports." why did you think it was important to point that out? >> well because i know as an athlete myself i grew up, i know what my parents sacrificed for me. hocker players, soccer players, playing at an elite level so i know how much time and money these parents have put into their kids and somebody said it best why let 140 characters ruin $140,000 education. which is what some of them have done. and again, as a parent i don't even know how to respond to the thought that my kid might say something or think something like this but my kids have
11:57 am
always been taught about accountability and there seems to be at this point an extreme lack of it especially on the internet. >> well perhaps by pointing out what you have done and what these people have said will make people think twice at the very least before they go and post something such as those horrible horrible thoughts. curt schilling, thank you so much for joining me and congratulations to your daughter gabby. >> thank you. former prosecuteor wendy murphy joins me from boston. are schilling victims, victims of crime? >> well yes, i think so. there are really three categories of potential legal consequences here. one is certainly the criminal charge of criminal harassment criminal threats but there are separate consequences for anyone who is a student, whether it's high school or college who makes these kinds of remarks and threats. they can be suspended or expelled they can lose
11:58 am
privileges. they can be kicked off of sports teams, and then there's always the possibility of a civil lawsuit which frankly i'd like to see happen here because this does cause a tremendous amount of emotional distress and these guys could be sued for infliction of emotional distress and be forced to pay an awful lot of money for the harm they caused not only to gabby but to her entire family. >> so you talk about civil liability, but what about the criminal liability? are there legal limits about things you can say in a tweet or in other platforms online? >> a lot of folks think, and they're wrong about this that if you say it in cyberspace you can't really get in trouble because it's only words and it's not really happening in the real world, and that's exactly wrong. if you make a threat in cyberspace and it fits the definition of criminal threat you can go to jail and the most important question is did you intend to make a threat and would a reasonable person in gab
11:59 am
gabby schilling's position fear that that threat might welcome true. it doesn't have to be tomorrow or even next month. it could be off in the far distant future. is it a reasonable fear she might be sexually assaulted with a baseball bat. if you look at some studies, one in four women will be sexually assaulted in college even without a threat. i'd say her fear is reasonable which makes the possibility of a criminal charge very real. >> wendy murphy thank you so much for joining us and throwing all that information out there. >> you bet. >> now people can't claim ignorance. thanks when it. thanks again. top of the hour i'm ana cabrera and at any moment attorney general eric holder will speak on this explosive report his investigators compiled on the ferguson police department. it is that almost seven months since former officer darren wilson shot and killed unarmed teenager michael brown and the justice department has just
12:00 pm
announced that its investigators found no basis to file federal charges against wilson. however, their report found that the predominantly white ferguson police force arrested african-americans unfairly and disproportionately. in fact 93% of arrests police made from 2012 to 2014 were of african-americans. the city's population remember is two-thirds black, plus the newry released report details account after account of what is described as suspicion list legally unsupportable stops. i want to give you just one example. this is a guy who is taken into custody just for giving police his name as mike instead of michael. let's discuss further and with me now is cnn's evan perez as well as cedric alexander, member of the white house task force on 21st policing and leads the national organization for black law enforcement executives. evan thanks so much to both of you for joining us but evan i