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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  March 7, 2015 3:00pm-5:01pm PST

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second through fifth grade. >> meeting the teachers it's amazing because i hear all about the kids they serve. >> thank you, sweetie. >> you're welcome. >> good afternoon, fifth grade! >> good afternoon! >> we have about 1,280 students. large homeless and highly mobile population. they're in great need. >> when maria came to my school i was so excited. and she just gave us books for free and it was amazing. >> literacy is so important in education. i want kids to have a better life. i know that reading can do that. hi everyone. you're in the "cnn newsroom." i'm poppy harlow in new york. 6:00 eastern and we begin with hillary clinton and the e-mail scandal that could stain an expected run for white house in
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2016. the former secretary of state is speaking that the moment at a clinton global initiative event at the university of miami. it is her first major public appearance since reports revealed that she exclusively used a personal e-mail account during her time at the state department. is she going to address the controversy? we are monitoring it and we will bring you any remarks certainly if she does. let me bring in cnn senior political correspondent, brianna keilar, also joining us mark preston, who is in des moines iowa and cnn political producer dan merika on the phone with us from the clinton event. brianna, set the stage for us just in terms of how much you think this plays into a potential run for the white house. how important is it? >> reporter: it's really hard to tell at this point, poppy. first off, this is pretty comp collated stuff, and we don't know if americans are necessarily grasping all of the details. and then there's the stuff that isn't complicated, which is the
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question of, you know do you trust hillary clinton, this issue of trustworthiness that comes out of this story. and we don't know if this is really changing what americans think about her. is it just democrats who have stood by her saying you know what this is just a republican witch-hunt? do you have republicans who, for instance have issues with her over benghazi that this may just be reinforceing their view that she's not being fully forth comeing? i also think there's the issue of the kind of chattering class i guess you could say in washington, a lot of political observers and influential people. as hillary clinton looks to kick off her campaign, which we think could come here in just a few weeks, they've been waiting for this hillary clinton reboot and i think many people are not seeing it and that's something they may be judging her on. >> so dan, you're there on the ground at this event. i know bill clinton spoke earlier today. did he say anything at all about this? >> bill clinton did not. he instead focused on the
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purpose of the event, which is bringing about 1,000 students from around the world to talk about philanthropy and especially their projects. they each have specific projects they're pitching to clinton foundation trying to get funding. he was on stage earlier today to talk about dealing with the national debt instead of talking about the e-mail controversy or other controversies that have kind of defined the last two weeks for the clintons he focused really more on his record in the white house and on these projects. he said, you know fixing the deficit and the debt isn't that hard and it's only difficult because it's become extremely politicized to deal with that. >> did he take any question from the audience? >> he did not take any questions. it was a short, ten-minute speech on stage with five students and there were no questions. the media was there, but no questions were allowed or we weren't even close enough to ask questions. >> okay.
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so that's the difference here because hillary clinton will be taking questions after these remarks. stand by dan. thank you. mark you're in iowa. a lot of republicans there. a lot of republicans that are eyeing a white house run. what are they saying? >> well you know, we had nine republicans on stage today talking about agriculture issues poppy, but i will tell you, several walked off stage and were asked about the clinton controversy, they really bit right into it. this is an issue i think regardless of what the american people are thinking right now about it republicans think that they see an opening too try to criticize hillary clinton on an issue that again, a lot of people don't understand still confusing, but they see it as an opening, especially when you tie it to benghazi. quite frankly, you know, there isn't a lot that we don't know about the clintons. and i think republicans see this as a place to be critical of her, certainly when she launches her campaign poppy. >> all right, mark dan, brianna, thank you. stand by. i want to talk more about this with our political commentators
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ben forgotsonerguson, mark lamont hill. let's listen to josh earnest this week. >> there is a separate e-mail system that does pertain to classified information, so this question about classified information being passed around on these kinds of e-mail systems, that is certainly not supposed to cur and frankly it raises much more significant problems than compliance with the federal records act. >> all right. mark, let me begin with you. there is the issue of the letter of the law, that 2009 law that was passed and then the spirit the intention of the law and full transparency, which people want to see. do you think that this scandal has legs? >> i think that it does have legs but i'm not sure they're running in the direction that republicans want them to. in all likelihood hillary clinton did not violate the letter of the law, not because i believe in the ethics and morality of the clintons but because they're calculating people. she's an attorney herself. i'm sure they dotted every i and crossed every t before doing
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this. as a result, what you have is somebody who operated in a way that's probably unprofessional and probably problematic for the national security of this country, but what's going to happen is the american people are going to say, okay she had a private e-mail account, no big deal. republicans are going to beat this down for months or years and it will make them look like a witch-hunt. >> you're saying you think it's problematic for the national security of this country? >> i think whenever you have not just classified information but sensitive information that may not be classified per se, if you have a private e-mail account, yeah, that's dangerous. if it's housed in your house as opposed to the state department that's a problem, it's dangerous. >> ben, should people be talking more about that than they are sort of does this follow sort of the clinton narrative that some have that they believe some would say they're sort of above the rules that apply to others here? >> i think it's both. >> sensitive snfgs a huge deal. >> i think it's both. a lot of her e-mails had to be going to foreign officials and foreign governments. the same foreign governments
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that were giving, you know tens of thousands and then millions of dollars to the clinton foundation while she was -- her time in office pap lot of people want to know about those e-mails and have they been scrubbed from her hard drive. there is also the national security. she was dealing with very sensitive information, whether it be terrorist attacks, isil or isis boko haram, or al qaeda, and also on that attack on benghazi. what about those e-mails? and could another government have been monitoring those e-mails because they were on her owner is ver? we honestly don't know. but there's something else that mark said here that i think could be the most damaging to her run for the presidency and that's this. he said she's a very smart lady i guarantee you they dotted all the is and crossed all the ts. when you do everything right to then get to do something you know is wrong, voters respond negatively to that every single time. >> no they don't. >> if she and her team did everything right to purposely
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withhold information that was supposed to be a part of government records for the future and they did everything right to conceal what they didn't want the american people to see, that is a massive political problem of integrity when you're asking people to vote for you. >> mark? >> i think ben would love for that to be true as would republicans, but the truth is voters vote for people even re-elect people when they've shown they have violated the letter or spirit of the law. reagan was elected twice. george w. bush was elected in 2004 -- >> reagan never did anything like this. >> he did far worse. what i'm saying is people who have been under these same types of spectacles and levels of scrutiny for violation of laws for conspiracies et cetera they get re-elected all the time. most presidents at some point -- >> maybe as democrats, not as republicans. >> guy, stand by for one moment pip just want to see if we have dan still on the line with us from the clinton event that just
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wrapped up. we don't have him. we'll try to get him back because the video we just showed you, you just saw hillary clinton and her daughter chelsea clinton, walking off the stage. we had been under the impression they were going to take questions from the audience so we're going to wait and see if that happens or not. we believe that this is the gentleman, larry wilmore, from comedy central, who is going to be hosting the q&a with hillary clinton. as soon as they sit down we'll monitor it and e bring it to you live. back to our discussion. quinnipiac poll numbers, let's pull them up for you here. you've got democrats' choice for president among registered voters clinton still in the lead dropped a little bit, 56%. what do you think about democrats having a united front for the white house? does this damage that at snaul. >> no. she's the only game in town. i am not a hillary clinton fan.
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i would love for someone else to be running for office. but it's not happening. so hillary clinton has nothing to lose. the only thing hillary clinton needs to be thinking about is general elections and not being dragged too far to the left in primaries from people who have no chance of winning. i think this doesn't do anything. she's battle tested to some extent you want this to happen now and not -- exactly. elizabeth warren in particular. the vanity candidates like bernie sanders. what you don't want is a scandal like this to come out in 2016. you want it to come out now and deal wit. >> okay. ben? i think she actually has to worry more about democrats right now than republicans mainly because these are the type of issues that make other candidates who are not going to run against you when you looked invincible and she was invincible. this is where you said you know what maybe i should run. maybe people will be much more willing to listen to my story now because of the negative stories surrounding hillary clinton. i mean if i'm elizabeth warren today, i'm a much more likely to
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maybe get in this than i was two weeks ago, certainly more than i was a month ago because no one wants to run and lose in a primary to hillary clinton because it could be a throwdown beatdown by hillary clinton and that's why i think you don't have any other real names but if i'm elizabeth warren, you now have to look at this completely differently and say maybe there is an appetite and maybe i don't have the baggage. >> ben, mark thank you very much. i want our viewers and you guys to be able to listen in to bill clinton, former president bill clinton speaking right now mep just sat down at this cgi event. let's listen. >> they're helping us fight isis, and they built a great university with nyu open to people around the world and they've helped us support the work that this foundation does. same thing is true. we just had this -- hillary and chelsea were just up here talking about women and girls and i agree with-- do i agree with
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all the foreign policy of saudi arabia? no. but it's impressive the king that had died built the first educational institution in saudi arabia and they have more men and women than colleges. you have to decide when you do this work whether it'll do more good than armharm if someone helps you from another country. those countries i've been criticized for include the united kingdom, norway sweden, the germans came to me and wanted to participate in our agricultural efforts in malawi because the first 20,000 farmers that we helped increased their incomes in one year 576%. so i think it's worth getting support for that. if we could do that all over the world and farmers can feed their own people and begin to export we wouldn't have them thrown off the land. so my theory about all this is
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disclose everything and then let people make their judgments. but i think there are more than 300,000 people you should know this who in some form or fashion have contributed money to the work we've done over the years, and i believe we've done a lot more good than harm. >> great. >> all right. president bill clinton there addressing the first question posed to him at this cgi event asking about recent controversy over foreign governments that have made significant donations to the clinton global initiative and whether there was any conflict of interest there when hillary clinton was secretary of state. we'll keep monitoring that & see if he's asked about the e-mail controversy. we'll bring you more on breaking news just in to us that isis and fellow terror organization boko haram have now apparently teamed up. what does that mean? what is the significant? [ hoof beats ] i wish... please, please, please, please, please. [ male announcer ] the wish we
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this just in to cnn. a disturbing development in the war on terror. an extremist group with a history of blewal albrutality, all in the name of religion announcing they are joining forces with isis. straight to london. we're talking about boko haram in this horrific propaganda saying isis we are aligned with you. how significant is this? >> reporter: well for isis this is a huge propaganda gain. it gives them now this arc of allegiance from egypt, nigeria,
3:18 pm
liberia, and with nigeria that pulls them into west africa. you have islamic extremism groups from coast to coast in africa saying they will hear and obey the head of boko haram said in hid audio message that what pup port purports to be him, we've reached to the pentagon and are waiting to hear back but it does sound like him and it has all the hall mashes of his previous messages. it comes off the back of some pretty horrific attacks today and also through the past week and a beheading video that was very similar to what we've become unfortunately accustomed to see from isis. so you see this kind of -- this direction that boko haram is heading towards, because much like isis and all these other extremist groups propaganda it is their lifeblood because it results in foreign donations and foreign recruits.
3:19 pm
>> nema this force has been trying very hard to hunt down boko haram. how do you think this impacts that effort? >> and they have had some gains. they have managed to block their supply lines into the neighboring country, and there have been far less incursions into neighboring cameroon than we've seen over the last few months. this shows boko haram trying to reposition itself in this new reality where it no longer has such safe territory in northern nigeria to operate. they're moving much more towards asymmetric warfare, horrifying attacks across towns in the north of nigeria today. really gives you a sense of them trying to attach themselves to that name. >> and let's not forget this boko haram is the horrifying group that took so many hundreds i believe, right, of young girls hostage and still is holding some. >> and continues to take more girls hostage, more boys attacking schools, targeting bus stops.
3:20 pm
you may not have heard of as many horrible tragedies perpetrated by boko haram as isis but they're equally matched in terms of horror on which they impact the communities. the issue going forward is going to be that you have groups like boko haram, and when they come together with isis it's creating this megabrand name that will continue to bring in more and more donations because the people who share these ideologies will see this as a seemingly unstoppable force. >> nema thank you very much. bob baer our intelligence analyst, former cia operative and chris dickey from the daily beast. bob, what does boko haram goif isis? >> this is a huge victory. islamic fundamentalists are on the move the sub-saharan africa
3:21 pm
swearing allegiance to the caliphate is a huge propaganda victory and the rest of sub-saharan africa is not exactly stable. i talked to somebody about possibly going to timbuktu. said you can't do it. even though there are french troops in there stationed outside the city, you can't go in there at night. you as a westerner you could maybe drop in and drop out but it's not a safe city. even with french forces in place, sub-saharan africa is sort of a no-go area. >> chris, what do you think, outside of a common philosophy of terror and the use of these videos as propaganda what do isis and boko haram give one another? was boko haram saying we're not getting all the attention so we're joining you? >> absolutely. back in september, boko haram declared itself an emirate, like forget isis we're an emirate here in africa and nobody paid the least bit of attention. now we're all focused on it
3:22 pm
because it's pledging allegiance, its leadership is pledge eight lee jans to the emir baghdadi and because isis is such a hot topic, boko haram is a hot top pick once again. you should also know there are 30 other groups around the world from the philippines to afghanistan to egypt that have pledged allegiance to isis since last year. motor city most of them we never heard of, but it is a global movement now. >> why is isis sort of winning being the brand name, if you will of this terror movement? >> several reasons. first of all because philosophically, politically, they've soozed territory and said we are the islamic state. that's one of the reasons it's important not to call them the islamic state. secondly they are great propagandists. even when they are losing on the battlefield they are winning on the internet because they are producing fantastically slick
3:23 pm
videos that put across their ideas in a very seductive to a generation of young men raised on video games. >> bob, what is your take in terms of what this they mean in terms of the coalition forces fighting isis? does this change the game at all? >> it doesn't change the game but it makes the problem almost intractable. we're almost going to have to wait for this movement in collapse of its own accord because -- >> really? >> yeah. i mean you simply can't send troops into northern nigeria and cameroon. we don't have enough troops. we don't have enough troops to go into libya where isis is spreading, at least people that swear allegiance to it. it's in parts of nigeria. we're not sending troops into syria. i think ultimately this movement will collapse, but in the meantime baghdadi is portraying himself as the defender of sunni islam, so everywhere you see a political vacuum you see them at
3:24 pm
the very least, you know, getting a political propaganda. look at yemen where there are groups swearing allegiance and that's because there's a huge power vacuum there. some force, local force, needs to fill this vacuum and it will crush the islamic state or isis or isil, whatever you want to call it. but it will take time. but not with american troops. >> chris. >> not with american troops but isis loves a vacuum and all these groups are. the nigerian army is weak. boko haram took advantage of it. the chatti army moved in kick the ass of isis. when isis is up against a real army it will fight, it may fight well but it doesn't win. the problem is it took advantage of an incredibly corrupt army in iraq to roll into mosul last year. it took advantage of a civil war that was already waging in syria to -- >> failed states and that's where it has progress. >> in failed states it thrives.
3:25 pm
the issue is how to-do you strengthen sthoez armies on the ground those states and marginalize it. >> and can you do it fast enough as isis progresses. >> it's not progressing in a lot of arias, but it's progressing on the internet. >> certainly with the message and the propaganda. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much. chris, bob, thank you very much. quick break but stay with me because next we're going to talk about the arrest that just happened today of two people suspected in the assassination of one of vladimir putin's biggest critics. who are they? and are these legitimate arrests? why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the s60 sedan. from volvo. this month, get these exceptional offers on a new volvo.
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this just in to us at cnn, two new additional arrests just made in the murder of one of vladimir putin's loudest critics. we're talking about four arrests in total suspected of the murder of boris nemtsov, who you know was executed just a week ago blocks from the kremlin. all four of these suspects we are told are ethnic chechens and also according to law enforcement sources that is who has been arrested. opposition leader boris nemtsov shot in the back last week as he walked across the bridge as i said, right near the kremlin. the russian authorities say that these are people that they suspect, that they're looking into and that are from a region known from unrest and rebellion
3:29 pm
against moscow. our matthew chance has more. >> reporter: for more than a week after the killing of boris nemtsov, russian investigators say they've made a breakthrough. the head of the russian federal security service appearing on national television to announce that two people have been detained in connection with the shooting which took place right here on this bridge in the center of moscow a short distance from the kremlin. two men have been named. police say they're from the volatile north caucuses region of southern russia. vladimir putin has denied any involvement in the murder of boris nemtsov. a prominent opposition politician here in russia. he's vowd to bring those responsible to justice. but critics accuse the kremlin of responsibility for the killing if not directly ordering it then of creating an atmosphere in russia in which those who oppose the government are seen as enemies of the state. matthew chance cnn, moscow. >> let's bring in our panel to discuss this what happened in the shadow of the kremlin,
3:30 pm
former cia operative bob baer and daily beast foreign editor chris dickey with me in new york. what's your reaction to these arrests, bob? four men being arrested. >> poppy, it sounds to me the usual suspect, chechens rolled up, always accused of doing asass nancy graces. in the 25 years i've followed russia i've never seen the police be forthcoming on these assassinations. the opposition always pins them on putin one way or another, but as far as real evidence coming out it would convince me i'd be surprised if we're going to find out. secondly i can't imagine a motive. he wasn't a threat to putin. on the other hand i don't see why chechend are calls would kill him either. i think it will always remain a mystery. >> do you agree, chris, these are possibly being used as
3:31 pm
scapegoats? >> bob's right, it probably always will be a mystery, people will not be convinced. i'm sure in moscow people who were close to nemtsov, the first thing they're going to say is a strong man in chechnya now who's supposedly a huge admirer of putin but a real hater of nemtsov, the man who was shot down. i don't think anybody is saying these people were from the norteth caucuses and they're some kind of muslim extremists although that's possible. i think a lot of people in moscow are going to say if they're from the northth caucuses that indicates a connection. >> i think it's interesting them zoch's daughter, who has been asked about this told us that she is -- that she has not been contacted by the authorities. does that surprise you? >> no. chris is right. kadirov is capable of this. he's got blood on his hands.
3:32 pm
it could have been a favor. it could have been a commercial reason. the fact that the russian police didn't contact the daughter not at all. i used to work with the russian police and they were always stoney faced and i ghoefrt any facts out of them even though as official liaison. for them to hold the cards this tightly to their chest doesn't surprise me at all. >> what i think is interest chris, we saw sort of a different reaction in this murder from putin than we've seen in previous murders or arrest where is he usually doesn't say anything. he came out very vocally right after this and said to nemtsov's mother we will hunt down whoever did this and hold them responsible. >> well sure, but aren't we getting used to the way he's operating these days? says one thing and -- >> but he's operating differently. >> differently than in the past but if you've watched him over the last year, the whole ukraine crisis, we're not sending people to russia -- i mean sending people to ukraine but of course they are sending people to ukraine. putin is a liar. he's a kgb agent.
3:33 pm
he's a spy. no offense, bob, but he's a spy and that's exactly what he does. that's the way he runs his country. for himitis all just propaganda. i don't believe for a moment he cares who killed nemtsov unless unless it was one of his people who was behind it and he thinks eventually he will get nailed for it. >> bob, final word? >> he's absolutely right. he was an ex-spy. cia lies so so does the kgb so let's don't expect the truth. >> back in a moment.
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all right. police in madison, wisconsin, are hoping for calm tonight. ploet protesters took to the streets last night after a police officer there shot and killed an unarmed teen. the crowd marched on city hall demanding answers in the death of a 19-year-old named anthony robinson. this is important. under state law in wisconsin an independent agency not the madison police will investigate this. as is the case in all officer involved shootings. they say robinson was in an apartment and the police officer was coming after him. there was reports of dispute then the police shot robinson after police say robinson attacked the officer saying that is when the officer fired. the shooting comes at a time of heightened scrutiny over relations between police
3:38 pm
officers and minorities. let's talk more about this with cnn political commentators ben ferguson and mark lamont hill. i want to set the stage here. this is still early going. this is 24 hours ago. the investigation is being handled by an outside body. when you look at the state of wisconsin, how important do you think it is there's a body there that does all the investigation, not the station itself? >> it's important to realize this is not going to be internal where that there may be favoritism toward the police officer involved and i hope that people looked at exactly what we found out specifically about darren wilson and the shooting in ferguson. just because we use the word unarmed doesn't mean you're not a threat to the police officer. what from what we've been told the police officer was attacked. he was treated for an injury on his head at the scene. you're being attacked by an 19-year-old inside an apartment there's a very good chance that could end badly.
3:39 pm
that is something i hope they look at and realize. this idea now that everybody doesn't have a gun or a knife is now is smou unarmed, if you attack a police officer you are a threat to that police officer regardless of the color of their skin. >> mark i want to read you a statement just a few hours ago from the police chief in madison, wisconsin, at a press conference. he said in part there is no doubt to the fact we have to be cheer about this. he tony robinson the teen was unarmed. that's going to make this all the more complicated for investigators, the public to accept to understand why deadly force had to be used. i think clearly they're alluding to ferguson, missouri. >> absolutely. and ben said something that's important and that is that the term unarmed doesn't necessarily mean not a threat. so we don't want to assume anything. we want to get the facts in here. but every time a black person is killed by law enforcement, they always say he was unarmed but he was running at us he was unarmed but he reached for the
3:40 pm
gun. i've never meant so many reckless plaque people who reach for guns of law enforcement agents in my life. the stories at some point become implausible. that's not to say the police are wrong or this kid is wrong, i don't know yet. i need more information. but i don't believe that just because a police officer said it that it's true and we cannot assume that because a police officer said it it's true. because we've seen too many cases, whether in cleveland, in ferguson sanford -- you know what i mean whetheritis in l.a. and we see the same thing over and over again. >> mark look at ferguson. you still don't even admit that the officer there was actually protecting his life which is exactly what eric holder looking at it through the eyes of race the lenses of race solely with this being a racial issue, department of justice, and he came out and said that darren wilson did not do anything wrong and he was protecting his life and you're still pushing a nary they've darren wilson somehow did something wrong. >> well okay, if we're talking about darren wilson again,
3:41 pm
civil rights prosecutions are difficult -- i'm trying to answer about ferguson if you let me finish. what i'm saying is that in ferguson or in sanford for that matter when you talk about what's in someone's head whether they killed the person because they're black, that is always very difficult to prove. before the investigation, after the investigation, it is difficult to find someone on civil rights charges for killing somebody when there's only one person left, the person who did the killing. the report doesn't say wilson didn't do anything wrong. it cannot prove he did anything racist. i don't dispute that. everything that lead up to that also invokes race. the second report that comes out is there are deeply entrerge trenched racial problems in ferguson with the police department, the laws, the way things are practiced, racist e-mail. let's not pretend race isn't a factor at every other stage leading up to the fact. >> go ahead and finish. >> the other thing here is that just because somebody doesn't think -- just because darren wilson doesn't walk into a room
3:42 pm
and say i'm going to kill a black person doesn't mean that race doesn't matter. in his mind he might be shooting the dangerous person. the problem is particularly the most recent studies show when police officers see black people they tend to look at them as more dangerous and older than they typically are, older and more guilty than they normally are. they all think black people are dangerous. >> this is my point. you look at madison and have a police officer -- first of all, someone called 911 on the individual. he then hears a commotion inside of this apartment. he then goes in and that individual who he's trying to detain attacks him. i really don't think in that situation that race is near as big of an issue as people want to make it out to be. and i think the cautionary tale is exactly what we saw around darren wilson. he was attacked. there was no hands up don't shoot. he charged at the officer and that's exactly what eric holder said this week. >> gentlemen, thank you both. we have to -- >> where are all the black people who reach for guns? foo we have to take a quick
3:43 pm
break. more coming up in just a minute. normally people wear pants. yeah that's why i'm hiding captain obvious. not very well. i found you immediately. you know what else is easy to find? a new hotel with the app. i don't need a new hotel room, i just need to get back into this one. gary? it's wednesday gary! i know that janet! is more helpful than janet.
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tomorrow marks one year since malaysia airlines flight 370 vanished without a trace. tonight we expect an a report from the malaysian government on that investigation. right now the search for the missing plane and the 239 people on board is still zwron going.
3:47 pm
they're searching a vast area of the indian ocean. when it comes to really what happened there are still many theories and many more theories than there are answers. here's our will ripley. taking off. >> reporter: it's an eerie feeling sitting in a cockpit simulator to mh-370. >> autopilot is engaged. >> reporter: veteran pilot rob johnson activates the boeing 777's autopilot 20 seconds after takeoff. >> it's automated. >> reporter: the autopilot follows way point ace long the flight path and can even land the plane if necessary. less than an hour into its flight mh-370 veered off the planned route to beijing. with the turn of a knob our simulator makes the same sharp turn as the missing plane. could the autopilot have made that turn on its own? >> no. >> reporter: nobody knows why one or both pilots decided to change course or why the plane disappeared from civilian radar.
3:48 pm
the result of either a massive electrical problem or someone simply switching off communication systems. other theories include a cockpit fire overtaking the crew and leave nothing time for a distress call. russian hijackers faking satellite data flying the plane north to kazakhstan. the plane shot down heading for diego garcia a u.s. military base in the indian ocean. even an elaborate murder/suicide plotted by one of the pilots. >> this is where the mystery starts because what happened? >> reporter: johnson suspects a midair emergency or a deliberate act in the cockpit depressurizing the cabin at high altitude. oxygen starvation hypoxia could have killed everyone on board, turning mh-370 into a ghost plane. it's happened before. flight 522 lost pressure, the crew lost consciousness, and the plane with 121 people slammed into a mountain. golfer payne stewart's learjet
3:49 pm
depressurized after takeoff. the plane flew without a pilot for four hours before crashing into a field. the autopilot kept those ghost planes in the air long after all aboard were dying or dead. if there's not another way point entered, what does the autopilot do? snits going to fly along until the fuel runs out. >> reporter: our simulator shows how the autopilot untouched keeps the airliner flying south for hours. the fuel gauge drops to zero somewhere over the southern indian ocean. >> look at the alarm. >> reporter: for four agonizing minutes cockpit alarms sound as the plane becomes a giant glider, the ocean creeping closer. suddenly it's over. all of those names started racing through my head again. >> yeah. >> reporter: wow. >> 239 people. lost. >> reporter: one year later, still no trace of the plane or the people on board, only uncertainty and pain for those
3:50 pm
left behind. until mh-370's black boxes are found, nobody will know what really happened. will ripley, cnn, toronto. >> wow. your heart breaks for the families. will ripley thank you very much. we'll let you know when that report comes out from the malaysian government. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit ah! come on! let's hide in the attic. no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car? are you crazy? let's hide behind the chainsaws.
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latest in our special new series "finding jesus." this week john the baptist. here's a preview. >> an unprecedented cnn event. he didn't vanish without leaving a trace. >> for the fist time in history we're able to place these. >> and grasp something that changed the world. >> this is really the moment of truth. >> this is the story of jesus. >> the rock upon which the church is built. >> an icon of scientific on ses. >> it's extraordinary to find an archaeological piece. >> what do we really have here? >> why did judas betray jesus? >> somebody chose to write this. >> the science does matter. is this the shroud of jesus? >> what are the clues he left behind? faith.
3:54 pm
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you're in the "cnn newsroom." i'm poppy harlow in new york. 7:00 eastern. we begin with breaking news from the war on terror. one brutal murderous extremist group swearing loyalty to another. boko haram based in nigeria and isis rampaging across syria and iraq, the two groups that trade on fear and cruelty in the name of faith are apparently joining forces. let's go straight to london. our senior international correspondent nema sp albager joins me.
3:57 pm
nema, what is the headline here? >> reporter: the headline is if this becomes what we think it is a pledge of allegiance the voice in the audio message claiming to be the head of boko haram, they have an arch of allegiance that stretches from one coast of africa to the other. the lifeblood, foreign recruitment and foreign donations, this will only play into that mythology that isis is trying to create, that it has achieved a penetration that no one has had before in terms of an international scope. >> when you look at what isis gets from boko haram, what would you say it is other than the fact that it is more support, right, in this named terror joining them, what do they get
3:58 pm
strategically, nima? >> reporter: boko haram does have a very high visibility so the propaganda game is pretty substantial. it gives them a foothold in territory. you had the islamic operating there and isis has been operating there as well with pledges of alee jants in algeria and some groups seeking to align themselves but not announcing full allegiance. with nigeria pushing that clear through from the north of africa into west africa and you're looking at niger where there has been a little bit of an islamist foothold there, cameroon where boko haram has had a loss of successes in their incursions. for isis it gives them more of a territorial reach than any other extremist group has managed to have in the past. >> buck sexton former cia, when you look at the war against terror, how significant is is
3:59 pm
this this? >> it's significant because it's a level of expansion that isis really wants. there has been this policy of containment for the islamic state. that's what the obama administration, the coalition has been trying to do and it revolves around the geography. iraq and sereia we'll try to hem them in and push on further in the future. when you have other affiliates in libya and the swearing of loyalty, that gets around essentially that coordinate and creates multiple levels of islamic state jihad outside of this one theater. for boko haram, this is a clear progression. they've gone from being an internal nigerian threat a regional threat now clearly sb the global jihadist realm. >> colonel reese, we know coalition forces have been carrying out air strike against isis in syria and iraq. does this mean the coalition will now start striking boko haram in africa? >> poppy, it's possible. one of the aspects is you have the french a lot of experience down there, especially in mali. they're part of the coalition.
4:00 pm
so they can definitely get involved. but again, we start to stretch our asset too thin and those are one of the decisions leaderships have to make to decide where they want to focus their combat power for their main effort. again, one of the little sidebar on this is boko haram the last couple weeks has had some defeats, some regional forces especially up in the northeast. so i see this reach-out to isis to give them the possibility of subordinating them to isis to maybe even get some reinforcements from the algeria, mali area to come down since they support themselves with isis now. >> it's interesting when the president asked for the authority from congress the war powers authority, they didn't limit it in scope in geography because they didn't want to let, as they said isis know that, you know you can operate in this region and not the rest if you will. do you think that air strikes, coalition air strikes will begin to happen against boko haram? >> no. i think there is a regional
4:01 pm
partnership that nigeria is involved in that will continue to try to deal with this threat although they have been trying to fight against boko haram for over a decade now. it's just that the group has become much more high-profile. it's made an attempt to take a city in northeastern nigeria. it's been growing in strength and now there's more seriousness among african partners as well as nigeria to try to beat this group. i don't see usair strikes happening there but increased u.s. counterterrorism assistance possibly. you would think that would be happening because it elevates the profile. you won't see people leaving syria and iraq to join boko haram but you might see more sub-saharan african jihadists or those to aqim joining up with boko haram because of the profile race. >> or boko haram continuing to try to recruit in the west as we've seen isis do as we've seen al shabab successfully do in the united states as well. colonel reese, do you think this means anything in terms of funding? we know isis is so well funded has so much money, and that has been increedably helpful in its
4:02 pm
expansion and success in taking territory. do we now see isis funds do you believe going to boko haram? >> no i don't. as a matter of fact up in tikrit on wednesday, what we we have cnn's ben wedeman up there one of the pieces we saw is some of the monetary report has been starting to get eroded from a lot of the coalition air strikes and that what has happened. we're starting to hear some reports from some of the signals intercept that the iraqi forces or that there are starting to be some fracture lines in there, especially because some of their fighters have not been paid of late. so that's something we need to watch closely, which could affect the outcome of how this plays out. >> and nima i know you've been tracking boko haram very closely, this group, a horrific group, to remind our viewers, that has taken hundreds of young girls hostage, kidnapped them killed them attacked school children boys and girls. do you believe in part they're pledging allegiance to isis is
4:03 pm
because they're getting weaker and they want funding and support from isis? >> the colonel made a very good point. this comes at a time they've lost territory. their territory has been eroded by that multiregional force. the question is how sustainable is that unity within the regional partners. and when this becomes a much bigger problem because boko haram are very well funded. what they're getting from isis really is almost a smoothing of those edges. we've seen it in these last two propaganda -- well one audio message and one video of a beheading, announcement of a new media wing giving them almost new horizons in which to expand their recruitment reach and their foreign donation drive without necessarily having to dip into any kind of an isis war chest. they get that. they get the experience from isis definitely and they get the isis brand name. what boko haram are basing on is
4:04 pm
the regional partner are going to get tired and when they do who's going to be manning the supply lines, blocking their movement around the region. nigeria has really focused on this threat because they have an election in a couple weeks and they can't dli delay it again. they've delayed it once. what happens once that new president is in place and will boko haram play on those weaknesses. for now they're kind of falling back on asymmetric warfare, suicide attacks but they are absolutely in now no way can they be counted out at the moment and this will only strengthen their position. >> nima buck colonel reese, thank you very much. a quick break. we'll discuss the continuing controversy over former secretary of state hillary clinton's use of personal e-mail white while at the state department. she just spoke in florida. normally people wear pants. yeah that's why i'm hiding captain obvious. not very well. i found you immediately. you know what else is easy to find? a new hotel with the app. i don't need a new hotel room,
4:05 pm
i just need to get back into this one. gary? it's wednesday gary! i know that janet! is more helpful than janet.
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president clinton, hillary clinton and chelsea spoke at a clinton global initiative event. it just wrapped up and this is the first time the former secretary of state has made a public appearance since reports were revealed this week she exclusively used her private e-mail account at the time she was at the state department. she didn't address the controversy in her remarks so really what we've heard is the tweet she issued midweek saying she's going to have those e-mails disclosed. let's discuss it with our senior political correspondent brianna keilar in washington and cnn
4:08 pm
political commentator and political conservative, buck sexton in new york and former u.n. and state department official former obama campaign foreign policy adviser, david ta forry. brianna, are you surprised she didn't address it? >> i'm not necessarily surprised that she did not address this. obviously there was a possibility, but we haven't got an lot of guidance from her team which is why we were waiting to see if she would address it. but i'm not particularly surprise and there are still questions that remain. she has a couple other vents this coming week monday and tuesday, we'll be watching those two but no indication she'll address them there. >> david tafori you've been defending the former secretary of state throughout this saying this is not as big a deal as you believe news reports are making it out to be.
4:09 pm
why? >> the two most important prince. s are was anything that was done illegally and was classified information misused. so far we know the answer is no to both questions. there was no law preventing her from using her personal e-mail when he was secretary of state and nothing to suggest she mishandled classifyied information. classified information would have been sent on a high-side e-mail system on the state department and wouldn't have be mixed with her state department official e-mail even if she had been using that e-mail. we need to take a deep breath wait for more facts to come in. she's produce 5d 5,000 pages of e-mails that her team has said are r responsive. the state department needs to look through those and needs to agree those are the e-mails that are responsive. if there is any question there are more e-mails that might be responsive they need to be turned over too and an archivist can look through and make sure she's complied with the
4:10 pm
requirement of providing every e-mail that was official she went during the time she was secretary of state. >> the 55,000 e-mails her team has turned over to the state department those are at their discretion. >> that's why it's ridiculous. forget about the notion of classified or not and the possibility there might have been intermingling of classified information because of the sheer usage of this e-mail account, which was by the way much more open to hackers than a government account -- >> some would argue with that. the state zpt a pretty big target. >> but the state department also has people who look after hackers or intrusions so those people would be wrong. on the issue of transparency this was designed to defeat transparency meaning that the secretary of state, now, hillary clinton, former secretary of state gets to decide which e-mails get turned over the state department which then gets to decide which of those e-mails they'll release under freedom of information requests. this is two years after she's left office. you're looking at people looking at benghazi who don't have a complete record of the secretary of state's communications during
4:11 pm
that period because of this. >> do you think we veal more information on benghazi from these e-mails? some are skeptical. >> i don't know what we'll get from the e-mails but we don't get anything that's damning about secretary of state clinton because she's in control of what e-mails she sent. this is designed to make sure secretary of state clinton could get away with stuff and not share information with the public that otherwise she should have had to. >> brianna, go ahead. >> a couple points on that. you may recall last hour i made the point there's a different system for the classified documents and one for unclassified. we heard from chris, he had said yes, but that means that she couldn't have maybe taken classified documents and then forwarded them using her e-mail or something. but that doesn't mean that she would not have been physically caple although there's no evidence of this of discussing something that is classified in some sort of way. the other issue of the hackers because the security is a big issue on, this and yes, the state department unclassified system was hacked sometime
4:12 pm
recently. but we do understand i've spoken to a number of cybersecurity experts on this who have also worked in government and they say that even though that's been a target this e-mail account that she had would have been far less secure than using the state department e-mail. >> great point. brianna, i want you to listen to this sound and get your reaction because today just in the past few hours we've now heard from president obama for the fist time on this in an interview he just conducted with cbs. listen. >> mr. president, when did you first learn that hillary clinton used an e-mail system outside the u.s. government for official business while she was secretary of state? >> at the same time everybody else learned it through news reports. >> were you disappointed? >> let me just say that hillary clinton is and has been an outstanding public servant. she was a great secretary of state for me. the policy of my administration is to encourage transparency and that's why my e-mails, the
4:13 pm
blackberry that i carry around all those records are available and archived and i'm glad that hillary has instructed that those e-mails that had to do with official business need to be disclosed. >> you say that you have the most transimportant administration ever. you've said it again just a couple weeks ago. >> it's true. >> how does this square with that? moo well the -- i think the fact she's going to be putting them forward will allow us to make sure that people have the information they need. >> brianna, you covered the white house under this administration. what do you make of what he had to say there? >> he's being careful and he's certainly being nice. you heard him stress her service and saying that she was wonder informal his administration. that's partly because what he is ear problem right now is his problem. a lot of people in the white house see the best way to carry on his legacy is to elect hillary clinton to the white house. but here's a couple things that we should note as we kind of
4:14 pm
pull back the curtain on what's going on at the white house. what we've heard from a senior administration official is that for years some white house officials for certainly aware that hillary clinton was using a personal e-mail address. the red flag wasn't raised about this because they assumed that she was complying by putting that in the state department recordkeeping system. just this last sumner august following subpoenas that were issued from house republicans, they became aware that indeed she was using -- that she had not turned over these e-mails and put them in the state department recordkeeping system. we're told by this official that they became very alarmed that the point. so he's playing certainly nice will there, put ong a good public face but there is tension between the white house and hillary clinton on this. >> yeah. no question about it. and to you, david, i think it's surprising to a lot of us why did no one flag this sooner or bring it up as maybe a concern, especially for someone who could very possibly be a contender for
4:15 pm
the white house? >> well that is surprising. that's why we need more information. i take it that the president and the secretary of state never e-mailed with each other. that's why the president didn't know that she used a personal e-mail. but certainly some people in the white house had to have been e-mailing with the secretary of state. they must have known. certainly there were other folks in the state department who knew she used a personal e-mail when they were collecting documents to be responsive to congressional investigations like the benghazi investigation. they must have known they didn't have any e-mails from hillary clinton so the state department people who put together those documents must have known she was using a separate e-mail or i guess assumed she wasn't using e-mail at all. so a lot more facts need to come out. but we shouldn't presume that hillary clinton did this for this reason or that reason or to be secret. we need to find out why she used the personal e-mail. maybe it was an easier way for her to digest information. there are lots of other reasons why you use personal e-mail. one other point, which is yes, it wasn't as protected as a state department e-mail account,
4:16 pm
but there was a layer of protection because no one knew she was using it. >> the thing is she's in control. >> david, sorry to interrupt but i'm up against the break and i have to let buck get in here. >> this plays into a nary they've's not new, it stretches back to the '90s, which is the clintons don't think the rules apply to them and a cloud of dishonesty and disingenuousness follows them everywhere and this is another example. it won't stop her kand da di but i think we'll see more of it. no reason to do this unless she was trying to hide information from public display. no other motivation. >> we'll have to leetch it there. buck david, brianna, thank you very much. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30?
4:17 pm
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