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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  March 8, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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trip. but these magnificent islands are still proof that life is change. and when we adapt, they survive. police say they were isis wannabes. two australian teens stopped just before their flight to the middle east. an incredible story of survival. a toddler found alive in icy wreckage that killed her mother. as you watch, history is being made in the skies. a solar powered plane begins its journey around the world. i'm erol barnett. this is "cnn newsroom." we begin with a new report from international investigators that's raising more questions
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about the fate of malaysia airlines flight 370. the report was released sunday exactly one year after the plane's disappearance, but it doesn't offer any new information about where the plane may be or why it went missing in the first place. it points to a serious lapse that made the aircraft even more difficult to find. anna is in kuala lumpur with more on this. the report is striking in its di tail and simultaneous lack of any new leads into this aviation mystery. what exactly do we know today? >> yeah look you touch on that battery that had expired in the flight data recorder. that seems to be the glaring error that has come out of this report. however, experts are saying you know it doesn't necessarily suggest that that hindered the search. the reason i say that is because the battery was still operating
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in the other black box, the cockpit voice recorder. it certainly suggests there was a failure in the maintenance of this particular equipment. the report also gives us a blow-by-blow idea as to what was happening in the air traffic control tower and the confusion that was taking place. obviously, once the plane went missing, no one knew really what was going on. you can understand the level of confusion, but there are emergency protocols to follow and it would appear they weren't followed hence the delay in finally getting that search and rescue operation activated almost five hours after the plane disappeared from radar. the other nugget of information to come out of this report was the behavior of the pilot, the co-pilot as well as the crew. it certainly showed there was nothing irregular in their behavior. they certainly weren't acting any differently than what they had in previous flights.
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and it also showed there was no medical, financial or personal problems that the captain was experiencing or any of the other crew so it really eliminated that rogue pilot theory. we ask the families of those 239 people on board, some of them how they felt about this report. many of them angry it came out on the one year anniversary since the plane disappeared. others ss felt it was meaningless because it doesn't point to what exactly what went wrong. we spoke to one particular family member whose husband paul was an board mh-370 and she is just struggling to cope. on a simple chain around her neck danika weeks wears her most prshs possession. >> it may be the only piece of him i have that'ssoclose to us. >> reporter: on march 7th last
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year her husband paul kissed the family good-bye at perth international airport and asked her to look after his wedding ring. he was heading to a mine site via kuala lumpur and said if anything should happen to him, the ring would go to the son who married first. the next day, paul boarded mh-370. >> my life stopped that day, and so that's what i remember of my life. i'm purely now, i'm coping. wouldn't call it coping. it's existing. >> reporter: for 12 months the mother two of has been desperately searching for answers, unable to come to terms with the fact her husband is gone. >> you creatior own scenarios in your heads and you can't be able to think that someone, your best friend your amazing husband, you know the father of my children went through any of
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that. not knowing really just destroys you. >> reporter: she knows the likelihood of paul walking through the door is slim but she holds an to eternal hope. >> when i'm alone and i think, what if he comes back. i see our wedding pictures and think, if he came back it would be amazing. for our kids jack has grown so much. he was 11 months when paul left and we're coming up to his 2nd birthday on the 9th of april. >> reporter: danika weeks has been highly critical of the way they handled this. while the search continues for mh-370 danika is terrified that if nothing is found in the priority area the operation may be called off. >> that's just so unfair. where does that leave us?
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we can't move beyond mh-370. they may be able to but they don't come home at night to an empty house and two young children who should have their father here who has every right to be here and if not, they have been legally -- they are legally and morally contracted or committed to ed toted to finding them and bringing them all home for us. >> with mementos of paul scattered around the house, danika refuses to accept she may never know what happened to her husband. >> i'll never stop searching for him. he gave everything to us. he's amazing. and so if i know if the shoe was on the other foot he'd never stop looking for me and i'll never stop looking for him. >> heartbreaking to hear the pain and grief these families are going through. that search in the southern
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indian identificationocean is still ongoing. we heard from prime minister abbott and he said they are prepared to look in another area if nothing is found. >> your heart just sinks, and it makes the point that for so many of these relatives it's difficult to move on without an answer for many of these kids where their parents or relatives might be. anna koren, thank you. we want to bring in captain desmond ross an aviation specialist who specializes in commercial aircraft. thanks for your time. what's striking to me in this report is an initial level of confusion between air traffic controllers, which are crucial minutes as to figuring out what was going on.
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i'm wonderng what stood out to you in this dismal report. >> there's nothing in the report that resolves any issues but it does however, explain part of the reason why the aircraft was lost. i've been saying it should have been found within the first four hours but the confusion between kuala lumpur and the ho chi minh center questions were being asked back and forwards no reply. eventually if you happen to pick it up four hours after it went missing, the supervisor of the kuala lumpur air traffic control center was found to be sleeping. the controller had called to speak to the supervisor and the kuala lumpur said never mind. i'll wake up my supervisor and ask him to check again, to go and check what the last contact. so they were totally relaxed about it four hours after the
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aircraft disappeared and they were taking no effort to escalate the search and rescue effort. that's negligent. unbelievable. >> what does it represent? i'm wondering what that negligence represents. within the first four hours that could have been a massive turning point for the search. so much information could have been gathered at that time. one supervisor is sleeping. they are a bit lax. why didn't air traffic controllers follow standard protocol in general? in this part of the world, and malaysia has really been exposed here their level of professionalism to some degree is embarrassing? >> i'd be very embarrassed if i was part of the system there. i think they have not been trained. they've been living in a fairly benign situation where they haven't had this situation occur before. i doubt that they've trained for it. they should be conducting
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exercises on a regular basis so everybody knows their responsibilities and what they have to do in such a circumstance. the military is not even mentioned during the first few hours of the missing aircraft. the report hardly mentioned them at all until a few days later when they informed everyone they have been tracking an aircraft on radar. there should have been immediate contact that night to gain each other's assistance. civil controller had lost an aircraft and should have been looking for it. the military controller was tracking and the military defense system was tracking an aircraft and didn't know what it was. they should have been checking with the civil controller and whether it was a threat to malaysian security. these are standard operating procedures in other parts of the world. it's one of two things. either they were all too tired, too quiet, too lazy sleeping whatever or they have never actually laid these standard
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operating procedures down. maybe they didn't have a full understanding of the depth they had. either way you look at it it's not very satisfactory. >> it's shameful and for the hundreds of souls an board and their relatives, they deserve much more and better than this. thanks for your time today. now we want to turn to another big story we're following in russia. a man suspected in the death of activist boris nemtsov blew himself up as police tried to arrest him. five other suspects faced a judge in moscow sunday. two were charged, including a former chechen. ian watson joins us to talk more about this. ivan the chechen suspects reportedly work forward the chechen security apparatus. what do we know about them and their legal status right now?
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>> at least two of the five suspects detained have been brought to court and have basically received arrest warrants and are still in detention. two now charged in connection with the february 27th murder of this outspoken critic of the kremlin who was gunned down on the night of february 27th really within sight of the kremlin, less than 100 meters away from the heavily protected building at the center of moscow. a sixth suspect, when authority s tried to go arrest him, blew himself up with a hand grenade. his name is beslan shavanov. one of the machine that's been charged, zaur dadayev, he's been
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described as a former officer in the rshian police in the republic of chechnya. and the president of chechnya as he has done often in the past made a statement an his instagram account. he's a close ally of the kremlin. he seemed to defend zau dadayev. here's an exert. i knew zaur as a genuine russian patriot. he served from the very first days in the formation of a regiment that was part of the 46th battalion of the interior min ifrtry of the russian federation. he could not have made a step against russia for which he risked his life for many years. and shavanov was described as a brave warrior. they are calling for an investigation to explain why
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these men are implicated in the murder of a russian politician. very interesting twist to what has been a shocking murder that the rshian president himself has denonced as an act of political violence in russia. >> despite that most of the susspigsssus suspicion has been on president putin and his inner circle. these chechen suspects only deepen that suspicion. >> i'd say that the family members of boris nemtsov, members of his political party, have been quick to accuse the kremlin and what they say is an atmosphere of hatred and intolerance in which kremlin-backed media have described nemtsov as being a member of a fifth column and a traitor for criticizing the russian government. it's supporters of nemtsov who
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have been quick to blame them for the blood spilled in the center of moscow on february 27th. a big question that family members and supporters of nemtsov have is what is the possible motive of these suspects. these people from chechnya. what possible motive could they have had to have potentially organized the very careful and organized murder of nemtsov? there will undoubtedly be questions about whether they were hired possibly to carry out this carefully orchestrated murder in one of the most protected and closely monitored places in all of russia right next to the kremlin on february 27th. >> these latest developments are bizarre to say the least. ivan watson thanks for the update. still to come on "cnn newsroom," president obama weighs in on the latest
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newsroom." we want to get you new information out of iraq where after a week of battling for tikrit joint forces appear to be nearing their goal. they are trying to take the key city from isis. they were just a kilometer away from presidential palaces on the outskirts of tikrit. militants have planted ieds on roads and a bridge that cross into that city. security agents stopped two teenage brothers at sydney airport apparently on their way to fight in the middle east. tim lester of 7 news australia has more. >> reporter: counterterrorism officers watch passengers passing through sydney airport. here on friday customs called in the counterterror unit when these two southwest sydney teenagers arrived with return tickets to the middle east.
11:20 pm
>> australians born and bred. went to school here. grew up here. >> reporter: the boys' parents did not know they were traveling. a luggage search heightened suspicion they were heading to fight abroad. almost certainly to join islamic state's murderous campaign in syria and iraq. >> these two young men are kids not killers. >> officers released them to their families. police are still investigating. they see these kids off to war as proving the need for airport-based edd counterterrorism units. there are laws to pass that would prevent memeta data. >> young impressionable people who can receive information over the internet particularly without their parents' knowledge are most susceptible. >> it's hammering the brains of
11:21 pm
young australians. >> block your ears. block your ears. don't even begin to think that you can leave. >> reporter: one digital advocacy group pointed to how it worked perfectly on friday. >> experienced customs officers doing their job really well. >> reporter: proving we don't need laws to gather our meta data. people claiming to be isis say they are behind the hacking of a number of business websites in the united states. the terror group's logo popped up on the home pages with the message "hacked by the islamic state." we are everywhere. >> you don't really think about isis attacking you here when you hear about beheadings and things. you don't think they can affect you. it's kind of this other world over there. this is the first time it's
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hitting home. i guess isis can get their tentacles over here. if they can hack websites it's a way for them to spread the fear. >> the man you just heard from thinks his business was targeted because of its international philanthropy. most of the affected businesses appear to be back up and running right now. venezuela's government is trying to deal with a major food shortage problem. what customers will now have to provide just to get food in the supermarket. a solar powered flight around the world is under way at this hour. how long is this trip going to take? do they have music on board? we'll address those issues after the break.
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happening at this moment two swiss pilots trying to make history in the air. the solar impulse 2 is powered by 17,000 soilar panels. it took off from abu dhabi about three hours ago. listen to this. >> and here we go already.
11:26 pm
and we're in the air. >> even some cyclists helping it along its way. there's the applause. the pilots will take turns flying in the cockpit. the whole trip is expected to take four to five months. no word on what they'll be listening to in there but five months with your buddy in a plane may be the premise for a sitcom. my buddy joins me to talk about a number of weather issues. particularly as far as this plane is concerned. the weight of like a tiny car. >> 18,000 of these panels. it's one of the coolest stories. since the modern day of flight
11:27 pm
a lot of people have thought how can you utilize the sun's energy. >> these guys are very excited about what this solar travel could mean. everyone says it's never going to happen. we'll continue to follow their adventure. >> might take the first red eye an that or not. >> what else is happening. >> in australia, toward the tail end of the peak season. the summer just ended. we have a high probability of formation for several storms in this area. one of them along the solomon islands. this particular cyclone has the potential to become a significant weathermaker. the sea surface temperatures areas over in orange there among the warmest waters on our planet. that's about 31 degrees celsius. around 90 degrees fahrenheit. literally bath water.
11:28 pm
port villa. about 50,000 people live here. we've seen plenty of tropical cyclones over this region. near cookton, townsville cannes. this region over the past 150 or so years they've seen over 200 tropical cyclones affect the area around queensland. peak season december january and february. here is the long-range outlook across autumn across this portion of the world. wet weather expected across south australia, the great sandy deserts. it's going to be warm yet again. this is autumn so you'd expect folks in australia finally get a break after what's been a stifling summer. >> really more of this to come?
11:29 pm
>> more of this to come. warm weather means warmer weather which could fuel more storms. >> thanks. now it's been a year and the search continues for malaysia airlines flight 370. some speculate the search has been focused on the wrong area the entire time. plus an incredible story. a toddler pulled out of a frigid river after half a day sorry vifurvived. and what's getting the men that rescued her so emotional. thinking about us ♪ ♪ and, uh, i just can't fight it anymore ♪ ♪ it's bundle time ♪ ♪ bundle ♪ ♪ mm, feel those savings, baby ♪ and that's how a home and auto bundle is made. better he learns it here than on the streets.
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the miracle of bundling -- now, that's progressive.
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welcome back to our viewers
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here in the u.s. and all around the world. i'm errol barnett. here's an update on our top stories. >> a man suspected in the death of boris nemtsov blew himself up as police tries to arrest him. five other suspects were hauled into a moscow courtroom on sunday. two have been charged, including a former chechen policeman. two teenage brothers were stopped trying to go fight withe sis. the boys' parents didn't know they were even traveling. they've been returned to their families while police investigate. it's been a year since malaysia airline flight 370 disappears. it says the battery on the underwater beacon locator expired well before the flight -- a year before the flight. for families with loved ones on
11:33 pm
that missing flight the latest report does nothing to answer the questionkey question that they'll never know what happened. the majority of passengers are from china. david, you met with one family unable to move on because there are simply no answers here. must be earth shattering for them. >> certainly earth shattering because for a year those questions have been unanswered. nothing changed with the one-year anniversary and the families are struggling to move on. we spent the day with one rural family who have been shattered by this loss. >> a mother relives precious memories of her son. she shows me her favorite photo. he looks so handsome she says.
11:34 pm
with each day he is missing, the pain is worse. he was doing construction work in singapore, saving money to start a dental practice. but like 239 souls on board mh-370 he vanished. one year on his mother still hasn't lost hope. if it is one year or two or three, i know he will return. i know he's still alive. families here won't believe what anyone says about mh-370 until they have physical proof. there is no wreckage no luggage, no cargo was found. they are alive says his father. my eldest son held the family together he says. he really loved and respected us. he's modest. he's better than our second son.
11:35 pm
his younger brother looked to him for support. they were best friends. he shows me where they used to sleep together on a small bed. where they kept their toys. when he was here everything was okay with our family. now everything is up to me. i hope he's alive. i hope he is somewhere alive. i just know he wants to come back home to us. the mother says she cries at every meal. the family stuck in a cycle of grief as they wait for their favorite son and brother to return. it's not just the emotional distress for these families
11:36 pm
which is obviously heart wrenching but the distress they can't move an financially. they are not accepting that their loved ones are dead so they won't get death certificates. they won't accept any monetary assistance beyond the very basic from malaysia airlines. the lack of trust between the airlines and the family mieneans this is stuck in this awful limbo. >> whether it's malaysian officials, relatives in that country have complained or chinese officials, as far as these families when they want to grieve and protest they seem to get insult after insult and this new report doesn't help. david mckenzie live from beijing, thanks. although there are no official answers, there are theorys. jeff wise is a science journalist and author of a plane that wasn't there. he thinks it's possible russian
11:37 pm
hijackers sent the plane north. >> you wind up in kazakhstan. where specifically in kazakhstan it's hard to say. this data is not so precise. but in the area of a place called bikanor. other places nearby. it's hard to pin it down. what it does say if the bto value is spoofed, and it was not spoofed, you are winding up somewhere in kazakhstan. others say wise's theory there is highly unlikely. >> i think jeff should get an award for thinking outside the box. you have to make an awful lot of assumptions about beingable to manipulate some very technical issues on the satellite data unit. and furthermore, then you have to explain why none of the military radar operators in the northern route detected an
11:38 pm
aircraft. this is an aircraft with a 70-meter wingspan. this makes the b-52 look small. i can't believe the chinese, pakistani radar operators would let something like that slip through their radar net. >> there's no tangible proof that any of those theories are not true. malaysia's prime minister says he remains committed to the search. the food shortage situation in venezuela is getting so critical they announced a plan to install fingerprint scanners around the country. it's being done to prevent food hoarding. the south american country has seen long lines at supermarkets because of a lack of basic goods. eurozone finance ministers are meeting in brussels to
11:39 pm
discuss greece's financial problems. they announced a plan aimed at refinancing its debt. greece's finance minister said the government could call a referendum or have early elections. they have until april to secure an agreement to secure more bailout aid. this is my favorite story of the day. a baby in the u.s. is alive right now despite tragic circumstances. she was found in this car submerged in frigid water. her story of survival is after this break. doug. you've been staring at that for awhile, huh? listen, td ameritrade has former floor traders to help walk you through that complex trade. so you'll be confident enough to do what you want. i'll pull up their number. blammo. let's get those guys on the horn. oooo looks like it is time to upgrade your phone, douglass. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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welcome back. want to get you some new information as relates to the battle raging between iraq and isis. some business opportunities are now opening up because of it. would-be fighters can head to a baghdad market to suitupbefore hitting the front lines. while tailors and vendors live off war, they hope for a peaceful iraq. >> the tailors of baghdad are busy. >> this is uniform from the iraqi army. >> he likes to go by the nickname big al. he spends his day taking in and taking out uniforms in the market. his livelihood depends on war
11:43 pm
but he insists he's a man of peace. >> i hate the war. i hate the terrorists. i am muslim. i love the peace. i want the peace. >> the customers say they need to be ready for isis. >> they came to baghdad, but i have to fight. i have to protect my wife and my only small gurl. are they supposed to come right to my house and kill my wife? taik me on the corner and shoot me? >> reporter: this 19-year-old has worked here since the age of 5. what matters is we do good work. money isn't important. we have to fight daish. that's what they call isis in this part. it now caters to the needs of would-be warriors. business is booming. if you are looking for accessories, maybe a uniform,
11:44 pm
bulletproof vest a scope forrior rifle, knife for the battlefield, a hol ster for your pistol. if you are looking for the real thing, that can only be obtained behind closed doors. there's a thriving illegal trade in weapons. cameras are not welcome. the merchants have added their own twist inspired by "american sniper." it's all here. all as this vendor tells me to use against daish. ben wedeman, cnn, baghdad. some u.s. democrats are calling on hillary clinton to answer questions about her e-mail policies. the potential presidential candidate used a personal e-mail address on a private server when she served as secretary of state. there was a lot of anticipation
11:45 pm
she'd address the situation head-on over the weekend. >> hillary clinton is and has been an outstanding public servant. she was a great secretary of state for me. the policy of my administration is to encourage transparency. that's why my e-mails, the blackberry i carry around all of those records are available and archived. >> mr. obama went on to say he's glad clinton has asked for the state department to release her e-mails. to wisconsin where a family is grieving and an entire community is demanding answers. >> black lives matter. black lives matter. >> protests in the streets of madison on sunday after an officer responding to a disturbance call shot and killed an african-american teenager. 19-year-old tony robinson was unarmed at the time.
11:46 pm
police say he assaulted the officer who then responded with deadly force. that officer was previously involved in a fatal shooting and cleared of any wrongdoing. in wis, police shootings are investigated by an outside agency. more than 18,000 people marched across the edmund pettus bridge in alabama to commemorate what is known as bloody sunday. the march in 1965 found people fighting for voting rights for all americans, regardless of race. they were confronted beaten and tear gassed during their peaceful protest. on this 50th anniversary, prominent leaders from the past and present reflected about the significance of that day. >> we're talking a lot of black and white. i don't believe in that anymore. i didn't believe in that back then. that more than black and white, our problems are green and
11:47 pm
global. >> every time i come to these anniversaries, i think about what dad said in montgomery in 1965 and at the end of his remarks almost. and he talked about how long will it be. went on to say he didn't know how long but he knew that it wouldn't be long because no lie can live forever. how long? not long. because truth forever on the scalpel and yet forever on the throne. how long? not long because no lie can live forever. how long? not long because god almighty is still on the throne. keep keeping on. we going to be all right. we're not there yet.
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armstrong won seven tour de france titles but is now banned for life using performance-enhancing drugs. it violated its own rules by not investigating any of the doping allegations against armstrong, even after he tested positive for cortisone in 1999. armstrong apologized for his actions and says he hopes this leads to a drug-free sport. apple fans and rivals around the world will be closely watching the company's media, vent later today. ceo tim cook is expected to unveil more details an the first new product since 2010. the apple watch. it will be available in several models including one encased in 18 karat gold. what's yet to be seen is if there will be demand for this wearable technology. half of americans who have owned a similar product stopped using
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them. spring-like temperatures are spreading across much of the u.s. flooding may be a concern this week. our meteorologist joins us to tell us where folks need to look out for this. >> it's going to be along the gulf coast states of the u.s. that's an area we've had cold weather in the last few weeks with a lot of moisture coming in. pacific moisture coming in. the gulf moisture meeting up across this region. certainly safe to say a lot of rain expected over the next three to four days. if you are tuned in from mainly eastern texas, more than 11 million people underneath flood watches because a half a foot of rain could come down. you get up to areas of northern alabama, southern tennessee, possibly four to six inches of rainfall.
11:53 pm
soggy week ahead. this stretches out from atlanta toward charlotte. one to two inches possible. you see the timeline with the heavy rest rain moving in on tuesday and toward areas of the mid-atlantic from wednesday into thursday. all right. western united states high pressure in place. look at these temperatures. portland monday afternoon highs could be justice as warm if not warmer than southern california. high pressure expected to stay in place for a couple more days. temperatures in seattle should be in the 50s. rain on wednesday and thursday and this shoots back up above seasonal averages. long range forecast for the next two weeks shows well above average temperatures. and the eastern u.s. gets in on it. some cooler weather expected but this comes in with at least some rainfall across this region as well. talking about warm weather. take you out to
11:54 pm
alaska/anchorage. this is a scene out of the iditarod. they've only seen one-third of the average snowfall for this season. the official race beginning on monday. it typically starts around willow, alaska but they've had to move it 200 miles to the north around fairbanks because of the lack of snow and how mild it's been for the second time in 43 years. they've having to move this way to the north to have enough cold and snow and ice on the ground. >> stay around for this next story. you have a little information about some of the temperatures. this is something many are calling a miracle. a toddler found alive in a car submerged in a river. she had been there at least 13 hours and the crash killed her mother. more on how this emotional rescue changed their lives.
11:55 pm
>> there's a bond when you go through an experience like that. >> reporter: their bond became tighter on saturday. >> i don't remember doing anything but just doing it. >> reporter: that were dispatched to an upside down car just after lunch. >> the witness said there was an arm he could see in the vehicle. >> each jumped into the water, waded to the car and flipped it over. it became apparent that the driver was deceased but we also noticed there was a small baby in the back seat. >> reporter: 25-year-old lynn jennifer grossbeck had been driving home from her parents house when she swerved over a cement barrier launching the vehicle into the frigid water. she died at the scene. her 18-month-old baby girl upside down in her car seat for up to 13 hours. >> she was unconscious and not responsive.
11:56 pm
>> reporter: they jumped on top of the car, opened the door and unstrapped the baby. >> grabbed the baby and raised its head out of the wart. as i tried to release the seat belt. >> reporter: she was passed from one rescuer to the next. >> the child was passed to me. i ran up and climbed in the ambulance with the child. >> reporter: the baby has improved to fair condition. news this crew has been waiting to hear. >> there's probably nothing more gratifying than to know that. >> first responders getting some much-deserved respect. that was brittany tate from kutv. the family set up this go fund me page for funeral expenses and medical care. it took only 12 hours to surpass their goal. they were able to do it in less time than this baby was by itself. you've been watching "cnn newsroom." zain asher joins me next after
11:57 pm
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five men appear in court for suspected involvement in the shooting death of russia's boris nemtsov. but a sixth suspect never made it. we're going bring you the latest details in a minute. and we have liftoff. two pilots set out on what they hope will be the first solar powered flight around the world. and after months of hype it's almost