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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  March 9, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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five men appear in court for suspected involvement in the shooting death of russia's boris nemtsov. but a sixth suspect never made it. we're going bring you the latest details in a minute. and we have liftoff. two pilots set out on what they hope will be the first solar powered flight around the world. and after months of hype it's almost here. the apple watch.
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we're about to learn a whole lot more about apple's latest device. >> hello and a warm welcome to all of our viewers in the united states and all around the world. glad to be with you. i'm zain asher. >> and i'm errol barnett. this is "cnn newsroom." >> okay we begin this hour with the latest out of russia. a man suspected in the death of prominent activist boris nemtsov blew himself up. that's according to russian media. it happened in the capital of the chechen republic as police tried to arrest him. >> meanwhile, five other suspects arrested in connection with nemtsov's killing face adjudges in moscow sunday. two were charged, including a former chechen policeman. >> i want to bring in our senior international correspondent ivan watson who was just in moscow covering this investigation. he joins us live now from seoul, south korea. ivan, just explain to our
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viewers what possible motive these chechen men could have in terms of murdering boris nemtsov. >> that's going to be one of the -- that is in fact the very big question here. the six men believed to be of chechen descent all named as suspect in this killing. what possible motive could they have for killing one of the most outspoken critics of the kremlin in what appear to be a very coordinated assassination that took place within basically 100 feet of the heavily guarded and monitored kremlin itself. now, what is interesting is that the president of chechnya who is a close ally of the kremlin actually came out in public speaking almost in defense of at least two of these suspects one of them zaur dadayev who was charged in court this weekend, and then he also referred to besland shavanov the man who reportedly killed himself with a
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hand grenade when authorities were trying to arrest him. now on his instagram page which he often uses to make announcements, basically said that zaur dadayev had been a lieutenant in the police in chechnya. he quotes i knew dadayev as a genuine russian patriot. he served in the very first days in the formation of a regiment that was part of the 46th battalion of the interior ministry of the russian federation. the russian president went on to describe shavanov, who reportedly killed himself as also being a brave warrior. so a lot of questions here why the chechen president is defending these men while also calling for their investigation to be completed into their alleged links to the murder of boris nemtsov on february 27th
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in moscow. zain? >> this is indeed a mystery. so many questions surrounding this man's death, boris nemtsov. but some people have said because nemtsov was half jewish- and because he supported the cartoonists, that perhaps muslim extremism, islamic extremism is to blame here. that theory gaining much traction there? >> well kadyrov, the chechen president in his statement did point out that zaur dadayev, the former police officer had perhaps been upset about the paris shootings, the massacre at the offices of the cartoon, "charlie hebdo" in france. supporters members of his political party which often came out in criticism of the kremlin, they very much question this there is a lot of skepticism
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there. in fact, one of nemtsov daughters has told cnn that she wasn't surprised that chechens were among the suspects rounded up in the week after the murder. and it's important to note that nemtsov supporters and family members have been very quick to accuse the kremlin of basically being responsible for nemtsov's murders. and they point to the long list of critics of the kremlin, of critics of vladimir putin who have been killed over the course of the last decade and whose murders were never really solved. and that's part of why there is so much suspicion about this, even though the kremlin has denied having any links to the murder and even though russian president vladimir putin came out calling this a shameful act of political violence that took place right next to basically, his offices in the kremlin in the heart of moscow. >> yeah despite all the theories flying around a lot of people are still pointing their finger at the kremlin.
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and a lot of people are certainly skeptical of their investigation. okay ivan watson live for us there in seoul, ivan we appreciate it. >> earlier poppy harlow spoke to christopher dickey he is a foreign editor of the daily bees who says members of the russian opposition are understandably feeling intimidated now after nemtsov's death. take a listen. >> we may not be quieted, but i can tell you they're very damn scared. they feel that their lives are on the line. and some of them are speaking out boldly and saying okay i'm going to double down. i'm going to take even more risk ball. lot of people are intimidated. i know people in russia who are getting calls from their parents who are saying don't go out anymore, please. >> really? >> absolutely. >> people who aren't affiliated with the opposition? >> people who may be affiliated with the opposition in one way or another. >> and despite all that theory i want to make it clear that russian officials have strongly denied any involvement in the killing. frustration is only growing for the families with loved ones
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on malaysia airlines flight 370. >> exactly one year after the plane disappeared, a new report from investigators gives very little new information about the flight. no word on what may have caused the plane to suddenly disappear off the radar like that. no word still on where that airliner might be. >> there is one new detail though. the battery for the flight data recorder's underwater beacon expired more than a year before the plane went missing. that news could make finding the airplane much more difficult. anna koran in kuala lumpur joins us live. almost adds insult to injury the fact that one of the batteries had already expired. the airline saying they have checked all the planes now to make sure they all have batteries in them. if anything, this report doesn't comfort families, but show real incompetence on the part of the national carrier. >> i think as far as the battery incident goes, yes.
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it shows incompetence. incompetence as far as the maintenance goes as far as that particular aircraft. it's important to point out that the battery expired only in the flight data recorder that in the cockpit voice recorder it was still operational which meant that it would have been sending a signal for the 30 days after the alleged crash. but certainly, as i say, it highlights an oversight by the maintenance crews and perhaps a failure in their system to update or allow the airline to know that it needs to update and put in new batteries. i think the other piece of information that came out rather scathing of this independent organization is the confusion in the initial minutes and hours once they realized that mh 370 had disappeared from the radar there is a transcript of the communications between the air traffic control tower in kuala
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lumpur, vietnam and singapore. and really, if you read it no one has any idea as to what is going on. the confusion is understandable because a plane had simply vanished. but there is emergency protocol in place, and that was not followed. hence, the search-and-rescue operation was not operated until at least five hours after the plane's disappearance. that's something that should take place within an hour. so once again, as i said a scathing criticism of the way the malaysian authorities handled that. the other nugget of information, errol, that came to light in this report was the behavior of the captain, captain zaharie, his copilot as well as the crew. they said that none of them was suffering stress, that their behavior was no different to what it had been in previous flights. they had monitored the cctv footage from previous flights and found it to be no different. so that really eliminated that rogue pilot theory which as you can imagine for the families of captain zaharie, they were very relieved.
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>> anna koran live for us in kuala lumpur with some of the new information out of that recent report. ten past three income the afternoon there. anna thanks. zain? >> most of the 239 people on board the missing airliner were actually from china, and family members there are certainly not giving up hope. cnn's david mckenzie joins us live now from beijing. so i understand that these families had gathered in beijing to mark the anniversary of when this plane went missing. they also wanted to pay their respects at the llama temple. but then they were clamped down on by police. explain what happened here. >> that's right, zain. and certainly very disturbing to see the families trying to commemorate this one-year anniversary of their loved ones going miss and then being treated like this by the chinese authorities. certainly the families have faced harassment in recent weeks and months because they have been pushing sometimes quite assertively to get information
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from authorities. and that's at times been seen as a threat by the government here. the chinese government for its part say they will help the families in any way they can and push the search for this plane. but for the families, this is a terribly traumatic time. and for over a year now, they haven't had any closure. >> reporter: a mother relives precious memories of her son. she shows me her favorite photo. "he looks so handsome," she says. with each day he is missing, the pain is worse. he was doing construction work in singapore, saving money to start a dental practice. but like 239 souls on board mh
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370, he vanished. one year on, his mother still hasn't lost hope. if it is one year if it's two or three she says i know he will return. i know he is still alive. families here won't believe what anyone says about mh 370 until they have physical proof. there is no wreckage no luggage, no cargo is found. they are alive, says his father. my eldest son held the family together, he says. he really loved and respected us. he is modest. he is better than our second son. >> his younger brother looked to him for support. they were best friends. he shows me where they used to sleep together on a small bed, where they kept their toys. when he was here everything was
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okay with our family, he says. now everything is up to me. i hope he is alive. i hope he is somewhere alive. i just know he wants to come back home to us. the mother says she cries at every meal. the family stuck in a cycle of grief as they wait for their favorite son and brother to return. we spoke to his family about the report and they say they don't really trust the information so it's not that useful do them zain. certainly that lack of trust has been there since the very beginning. the families don't want to believe anything that they're told and that means they're just struggling to move on. zain? >> i'm sure that report actually contained virtually no new
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information. didn't help either. okay. we appreciate it. thank you so much, david. now, as isis works to control more territory, more countries are trying to stop the militants. but some are concerned about iran's growing involvement in the raging battle in iraq. we'll tell you the latest. also ahead, some members of a college fraternity in the united states are accused of singing a racist chant. we'll show you the video that got their whole chapter shut down. stay with us. [ male announcer ] you're smart about protecting your identity. but you can't control everything. it seems like every day there's another data breach, like this one in the news right now. according to a recent study, one in three consumers who received data-breach notifications became victims of identity theft. so be ready in case your personal information gets compromised with identity-theft protection from lifelock,
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welcome back everyone. chad and niger are joining the fight. the offensive started sunday along the nigeria and niger border. sunday's ground and air strikes represent a new fight in the fight against boko haram. nigeria has vowed to regain control before the elections at the end of this month. errol? >> well, zain we want to get to iraq now where after a week of battling for control of tikrit joint forces appear to be nearing their goal. fighters are trying to retake the key city from isis which took control about eight months ago. sunday iraqi forces were just
12:18 am
about a kilometer away from palaces. isis has been putting up tough fight there militants have planted ieds on roads and a bridge that cross into that city. isis of course is a common enemy for groups that once fought each other. for example, iraq's sunni and shia militias. iran is also playing a big role in the fight against isis in iraq. and as becky anderson reports, that's a big cause for concern in the region. >> reporter: the operation to retake tikrit is the biggest undertaken by the iraqi government thus far. a fighting force in excess of 25,000 comprising iraqi troops and importantly an assortment of both sunni and shia militia, hoping to wrestle back the strategic city from isis. and playing a prominent role, this man. kasem sulimani head of iran's elite quds force.
12:19 am
attest to iran's role in iraq's internal affairs. >> as a former member of iraq's national security council told me recently prime minister abadi is the prime minister of the green zone. he believes general sulimani is the de facto prime minister and the supreme iranian khamenei is the political influence. >> a military force through sheer militia beyond the capital. they were built up during former prime minister maliki's tenure and have a done a fair amount of the fighting against islamic state militants in iraq. >> under maliki the iranians were able to fund equip and organize their faces in iraqi territory with impunity. now we're seeing that program come to fruition. >> reporter: but as military engagement groups the group says so too the revenge attacks
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against sunni civilians attributed to shia militia. the dangers that revenge attacks stoke bitter sectarian divisions which have the potential to derail the fight against isis and wreck the country's fragile future. the presence of general sulimani on the outskirts of tikrit even if it means putting its own troops on the ground. but it will likely strengthen the belief among certain region 'nam powers like saudi arabia that iran has longer term expansionist ambitions. becky anderson cnn abu dhabi. >> meantime the british government is moving to stop airlines from carrying passengers who are heading to join isis militants. the proposed laws going before parliament tuesday would force airlines to flag so-called, quote, high risk passengers and stop them from actually traveling to join terrorism-related activity on
12:21 am
routes such as those into syria. just a few weeks ago, three girls left london to join isis by going through turkey. now archaeologists and iraq's tourism ministry say they're unable to protect the country's antiquities in isis-controlled areas. they blame the international coalition for not acting faster to -- hammers and drills. some are now call it a war crime. the united nations declared the destruction as a turning point in what they call quote, an appalling strategy of cultural cleansing under way in iraq. and two american tourists were actually arrested in rome after vandalizing a wall at the coliseum. this is according to an italian newspaper. other tourists spotted the women carving out their initials into a brick wall inside the historic amphitheater using a coin.
12:22 am
>> now, they were turned in to security but apparently took a selfie with their work before they were arrested of course. the women could face a big fine. just last year a russian tourist was fine in order than $21,000 for carving his name into the famed landmark. absolutely idiotic. >> yes. i've been to the coliseum. it is absolutely stung. okay. we're going take a short break. when we come back, a flight around the world, courtesy of the sun that is what two pilots are hoping to accomplish at this very moment. they are mid flight right now. plus, a baby survives a car crash into frigid water and is found more than 30 hours later. her amazing story of survival is after this break. you think you take off all your make-up before bed. but do you really? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. can your makeup remover do that? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover.
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a groundbreaking attempt at history is being made at this very moment or maybe it's sky-breaking zain. two swiss pilots have begun the first leg of what they hope will be the first solo powered flight around the world. about four hours ago, solar impulse 2 lifted off from abu dhabi. >> the thing is this flight travels a lot slower than your typical jumbo jet. some 17,000 solar cells power this aircraft. you see it right here. they'll supply enough energy so the engines can run off battery power at night. the 35,000-kilometer journey will take roughly around four to five months. >> ooh, that's a long time. but the flight will make stops in oman. that's its next destination,
12:26 am
then india, myanmar and china. >> after that flying across the pacific ocean and into the united states stopping in hawaii phoenix, also somewhere in the midwest, and then new york. the impulse will then cross the atlantic ocean, stopping in southern europe or north africa and then make its way back to abu dhabi. >> i hope the two swiss pilots get along. you don't want to get into an argument. >> apparently they can only take 20-minute naps. u. >> bust of luck. an incredible story. a toddler was found alive after spending at least 30 hours in a car that was submerged in a frigid river. >> a fisherman found the upside down car on friday. this is in the u.s. state of utah. the baby's 25-year-old mother was unfortunately dead already in the driver's seat. but 18-month-old lilly, her daughter was still in her car seat and hadn't been underwater. just incredible. lilly is in the hospital right
12:27 am
now. and her family actually started a go fund me page a little campaign for her medical expenses and for her mother's funeral as well. they say that they have already surpassed their goal. almost $10,000. >> fantastic. okay. who poisoned jagger? that is the question being asked at one of the world's most prestigious dog shows. jagger is a 3-year-old irish set they're died one day, just one day after placing second in his class at the cruftis show. >> the dog fell ill before he could be treated by a vet. an autopsy revealed cubes of beef found in his stomach were laced with at least two types of poison. that's horrible. well going to take a short break. when we come back, a college fraternity in the united states gets shut down after some of its members are accused of singing a racist chant. we're going to be showing you some zurich video after this
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welcome back to our viewers here in the u.s. and all around the world. thanks for staying with us. this is "cnn newsroom." i'm errol barnett. >> we appreciate it as always. i'm zain asher. a check of the headlines. a man suspected in the death of prominent activist boris nemtsov blew himself up as police tried to arrest him that is according to russian media report. five other suspects were hauled into a moscow courtroom sunday. two have been charged, including
12:31 am
a former chechen policeman. iraqi fighters are advancing on isis militants in strategic town nears tikrit right now. the joint forces say they're dealing with ieds on roads and a bridge that crosses into the city. the iraqi army and other fighters have been battling for a week to retake tikrit from isis. and the unit at australia's sydney airport stopped two teenaged brothers suspected of trying to go and fight with isis. the boys' parents didn't know they were even traveling. they've been returned to their family while authorities investigate. now this story is really picking up on social media right now. a college fraternity in the u.s. state of oklahoma has now been shut down because some of its members are accused of singing a racist chant. >> and this chant was actually caught on video. and now that cigna alpha epsilon chapter at the university of oklahoma is paying the price. here is our george howell. >> reporter: the audio on this clip is disturbing. a group of young men and women
12:32 am
on a bus who don't seem to know they're being recorded chanting this -- >> [ bleep ] never be [ bleep ], there will never be a -- >> the clip reportedly shows students from the university of oklahoma using a racial slur the "n" word sing about their fraternity sigma alpha epsilon. it was allegedly filmed saturday as the group headed off to a date night. within hours of being post and shared online the national headquarters announced it was closing its ou chapter and suspending its members. in a statement, the fraternity's leadership says quote, we apologize for the unacceptable and racist behavior of the individuals in the video, and we are disgusted that any member would act in such a way. it goes on to say, quote, we are hopeful that we can reestablish the oklahoma kappa chapter at
12:33 am
some point in the future with a group of men who exemplify our beliefs and who serve as leaders on campus and in the community. the university president, david boran also promising an investigation, saying quote, this behavior will not be tolerated and will be addressed very quickly. the response online to this clip has been sharp. one group called unheard on twitter, planning a rally monday. others changing their profile pictures. some students on the ou campus came together for a prayer circle sunday night, denouncing the chant that had some in this video laughing. >> there will never be a -- >> no one is laughing now. george howell cnn, atlanta. >> pretty interesting that one of their own members actually had the courage to film them and place it online. >> it wasn't for that, they wouldn't have been suspended. now a year has gone by this the fate of malaysia airlines flight 370 still remains a complete mystery.
12:34 am
>> and the disappearance highlights the weaknesses in aviation tracking technology. andrew stevens is joining us live now from hong kong. it's been a year since 370 disappeared. tell us about the changes in technology now to make sure that a boeing 777 doesn't just disappear off the radar again. >> well it's still a very much work in progress at this stage, zain. when mh 370 disappeared, the transponders were sending back at an interval of every 30 minutes information about the location of the plane and its general well-being as far as the aerodynamics and the engines were concerned. so that would go back every 30 minutes. now the transponders were then turned off. so nothing went back. so what the global authorities civil aviation authorities are now work on is to get that 30-minute interval to cut back to 15 minutes. so every 15 minutes, there would be a signal sent from the
12:35 am
airplane to the ground stating its position and its general status. and if that plane deviated from its flight path in any significant way, that interval could be cut down to just one minute. so there would be bursts of information going back every minute. now i say could, because this is the plan. it is not yet in operation. the 15 minutes is in operation in some airlines notably malaysia airlines itself. they have taken the lead in this. they have gotten ahead of the curve, if you like. and other airlines are hoping to be compliant with these new rules by the middle of next year. so it's going to take some time. now, that is where we are at the moment there is also a whole new style of technology which is a bit more on the horizon. i spoke to the head of the international air transport association that is the trade body for all the airlines or certainly about 90%. i spoke to the head of, that tony tyler and asked him about
12:36 am
this new technology. this is what he had to say. >> there are a number of new technologies being developed which will greatly assist the tracking issue. and one that the industry is very excited about is the development of what's called space-based adsb pardon the jargon. this will be a technology which will involve a lot of low orbiting satellites which will be able to pick up the transponder signals from all commercial aircraft and will be able to track. >> anywhere in the world? >> anywhere in the world, yes. we're told within the next three years this system will have global coverage. >> there is a key phrase in there, zain, or key word which is the transponders being switched on. of course mh 370, the transponders were switched off. and investigators believe that was a human intervention there. so if these transponders are switched off, still that information is not going to go down. i asked tony tyler about why
12:37 am
don't they make transponders in a plane which cannot be switched off by the pilot. and he said that is a debate that is still very much alive in aviation circles because there are good security safety reasons as to why those transponders should be allowed to be switched off by the pilot. but that debate is still going on zain. >> andrew stevens live for us in hong kong with what you could say is a bit of a silver lining of better track planes. >> thanks andrew. south korea's president has made a surprise visit to u.s. ambassador mark lippert in the hospital. lib pert is recovering from surgery to put 80 stitches in his face. a hospital spokesperson says he will be released on tuesday. >> now authorities say a man opposed to joint u.s.-south korean military drills slashed lippert's face and arm with a nice on thursday. you see his reaction, just in shock. now officials from the international atomic energy
12:38 am
agency and iran will be holding a technical meeting in tehran today. while nuclear talks continue the burden of economic sanctions are taking a heavy toll. but some iranians are hopeful an easing of the sanctions will bring a better life. cnn's fred planken reports from iran. >> reporter: the mechanics at this garage in tehran take pride in their work whether it's a wreck or a breakdown, they say they can repair pretty much anything. but the international sanction against iran often told them back. they have to order most parts through middlemen, which is expensive and time consuming. but owner says he is hopeful all that could change soon. >> translator: we will provide even better service for our customers, he says. we will repair higher tech cars here for sure. when the sanctions are lift, we'll have much better opportunities. other sectors are gearing up for possible sanctions relief as well. 200 construction workers are
12:39 am
currently employed building a mall and office building. owner and building designer hameed sahid says he could get the complex done even faster if he didn't have to deal with restrictions ordering and paying for deeds. >> usually a shopping mall like this should be taken about three years to get. but right now we are already in the year three. so it takes a lot of years to do it. >> reporter: make no mistake, iran's construction sector is already booming. the company says things could heat up considerably if the nuclear deal comes through. the lifting of the sanctions wouldn't only help iranian firms, it would also open this country up to investment from outside. and many believe that the potential here is gigantic. iran and the u.s. acknowledge there still is a long way to good before a potential agreement can be reached. the west fears iran is seeking an atomic weapon while tehran says its nuclear program is only
12:40 am
for peaceful purposes. the investment firm turquoise partners is trying to attract investment into iran. its ceo tells me many foreign companies are already making inquiries. >> i'm sure as soon as the sanctions are lifted especially the banking sanctions, you're probably going to see the floodgates opening and hundreds of million, eastbound billions of dollars coming into the iranian market. >> reporter: but for now the mechanics at the garage are still using their old tools, trying to make up for a lack of high-tech equipment, hoping things will change soon. cnn, tehran. >> thanks for that report. meantime in the united states, the police are looking for whoever shot and killed an iraqi immigrant in texas as he watched his first snowfall. our nick valencia has the latest on the investigation, including video that may show the killers. listen. >> reporter: police say this surveillance video from a camera posted on a nearby school shows
12:41 am
the four men who may be linked to the murder of ahmed al jumaili. bullet holes outside his apartment show where the 36-year-old iraqi immigrant was shot and killed. >> trying to find a decent job to start his life. >> reporter: through tears, his father-in-law says al jumaili recently left iraq to escape the growing threat. in north texas, he would also be reunited with his wife after more than a year apart. her excitement for their new life together was no secret. on thursday night, jumaili had gone outside with his wife to watch his first ever snowfall. >> we're looking for safe place, well educated environment, good environment. but what we got was one bullet in his heart. >> there is no shortage of sadness for the loss of this beautiful young man who has only just come to his country 20 days
12:42 am
ago, and we don't as texans want that to be his welcome. >> reporter: members of the muslim community say they want to know the motive and whether al jumaili was targeted because of his race. police are pleading for the public to help. >> tests are ongoing now to determine if one or more rifle was fired and whether the physical evidence that we have been able to get from the crime scene is related to any other offense. as you can see, we have little information to go on. >> reporter: for now, this video may be the best lead police have to find the men responsible for the death of a man who left the threat of violence only to become a victim of it. nick valencia, cnn, atlanta. well 50 years later, thousands of marchers head back to the u.s. city of selma, alabama, to commemorate an historic event. details next. plus tech fans are count do
12:43 am
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sunday marked the 50th anniversary of a very significant moment in american history, the march of course on the edmund pettus bridge in selma, alabama, of course known
12:46 am
as bloody sunday. >> the images from that horrific day 50 years ago ultimately led to the passing of the u.s. voting rights act of 1965. brian nobles takes a look back commemorating that fateful day. >> reporter: they came in the thousands. people from all over alabama and the entire country made a pilgrimage to selma to honor the sacrifice of hundreds of protesters who were brutally attacked by state troopers in 1965 a day ultimately known as bloody sunday. congressman john lewis was among the leaders of the march. >> and i want to thank each and every one of you who march across the bridge on bloody sunday. you didn't have to do it but you did it. >> reporter: and in the ultimate sign that their efforts made a difference it was the first african american president who thanked the marchers for their contribution. >> we gather here to honor the courage of ordinary americans willing to endure billy clubs and the chastening rod, tear gas
12:47 am
and the trampling hoof. >> reporter: while there was lot of talk about the past and what honda this bridge 50 years ago, president obama made sure to emphasize that there is still a lot of work to be done. >> all of us need to recognize as they did that change depends on our actions on our attitudes, the things we teach our children. >> reporter: and president obama's comments were echoed by those civil rights leaders still working to make a difference like martin luther king iii. >> we are no longer doing voter education. i think voter education with voter registration ultimately creates voter participation. >> reporter: a black president speaking freely and marching across the edmund pettus bridge a dream many thought impossible. especially those those were in this very same spot 50 years ago, under much different circumstances. in selma, i'm ryan nobles reporting. >> of course as president obama said even though we have come a long way since 1965, we still
12:48 am
need to make certain changes as well. >> using ferguson and the doj report illustrate that perfectly. a documentary on china's air pollution seems to have vanished. under the dome went viral online with more than 200 million views in less than a week. >> but it appears sensors have now removed it from all major video streaming sites. one analyst says the slickly produced video likely caught senn censors offguard. what has been a brutally cold week. >> deliver sop good news. now be upbeat by some of the other anchors here. >> i just got back from washington, d.c. it was initially snowy and it calmed down. >> it's starting to get better, right? days are getting longer. the sun is getting higher in the sky. you can't help starting it to get warmer.
12:49 am
that's going to be a trend for a lot of people across the united states. look at the setup. the arctic air had been a big discussion. that's over a portion of the labrador region and northeastern portion of canada. but cold air pushing out of the northeast and kind of taking you from monday to tuesday, wednesday, really warms up across the southwest and the western u.s. and the mild weather even stretches into portions of saskatchewans into british columbia in canada. a pretty expansive region of mild weather in place. and more good news for a lot of people. look at this. this is the next two weeks. the climate prediction outlook keeps below normal temperatures only in texas and very small areas of the northeast unfortunately as a lot of people live around the northeast. but generally speaking the vast majority of the country will deal with mild weather. now, with all the good news, there take a look. we do have a lot of moisture coming in. we'll not just necessarily be sunny and warm. wet and warm for a lot of people mainly across the gulf coast states. well together at least 11 million people under flash flood watches from san antonio towards houston, eventually towards corpus christi. throughout the next two or three
12:50 am
days. 2 to 4 inches around houston into shreveport jackson mississippi northward. a couple more inches in the forecast by thursday and friday. birmingham out towards southern tennessee. a half a foot of rainfall could come down. flooding definitely going to be a concern. you see how it expands over the next three days as it pushes in towards the midatlantic. here we go out west. enjoy it. it will be warmer in portland potentially than in san diego in the next 24 hours. mild weather around the pacific northwest. some records certainly in place as well. here you go. seattle should be in the 50s. we'll top out into the upper and mid 60s by week's end. some showers come back in wednesday and thursday. potentially heavier rain there on wednesday afternoon. but i want to show you what is happening across areas of alaska because it has been well above in parts of alaska. the famed iditarod race taking place in the next couple of days. this was the ceremonial beginning in anchorage on saturday. as you can see, there was a lot of sun, a lot of slush, and really warm. they've only seen 1/3 of the normal snow in anchorage. and the official start typically
12:51 am
is in a town called willow alaska. they have moved that to fairbanks which is 200 miles more north than willow because of how mild it is even in alaska. >> hear the dogs barking there. >> absolutely. >> good job. thanks very much. >> thanks, pedram. okay apple fans listen up because you and apple's rifles srivals will be closely watching the media event later today. >> we'll ask a tech expert if apple can make a case for its new wearable technology. you're not you. tylenol® pm relieves pain and helps you fall fast asleep and stay asleep. we give you a better night. you're a better you all day. tylenol®. [ male announcer ] you wouldn't leave your car unprotected. but a lot of us leave our identities unprotected. nearly half a million cars were stolen in 2012, but for every car stolen 34 people had their identities stolen. identity thieves can steal your money, damage your credit
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12:54 am
apple will be holding a media event today to reveal new details about its much anticipated -- >> anticipation. >> apple watch. it will be available in several models including one encased in 18 karat gold. >> here is the thing. a big question a lot of people are askinging themselves is will there be demands? >> i spoke earlier with david pierce, a senior writer at wired. i asked what apple has to do to make this watch a must have. >> yeah i think the thing about the apple watch and the thing that apple really has to do tomorrow is sort of answer those unknowns there is actually a lot more we don't know than we do know. we don't know specifics about battery life. we don't know which apps are going to be available. we don't know how these apps are going to work. we don't know a lot of things about some of what the sensors can do. there have been these rumors
12:55 am
about the fact that there might be fewer health features than we thought. i think the real thing that an apple has to do is come out and answer what this is for. >> they described why it's beautiful. why it works, that it exists. and now i think the question that everyone still has is why do i want this? what is it going to do for me? how it is actually going to change my life. i think apple's big challenge tomorrow and that is a bigger challenge than they've had in a long time is to answer that question. >> yeah because we all know it's cool. all of us who are interested in technology will want to see it and maybe have it. but the key question they'll need to answer is this necessary. now another important question we don't know is the price that will determine whether people will want to buy this thing. we think it may need to be linked to an iphone 5 or later and will need the latest software. and you mentioned battery life. as far as we know we don't know for sure yet, but it looks like it could only last for a single day and will need to be recharged every day. what might we hear about its price and its necessity?
12:56 am
>> well so what we know about the price is the cheapest one, the sport edition is going to start at $349 sway relatively accessible price. it's not a cheap watch. very carefully it's not a cheap watch. but it's something i think a lot of people especially those who typically buy apple products will be able to afford. and then there is the apple watch, the flagship product that apple expects most people to buy. and my guess, and that is just a guess, it's been fascinating to watch everybody have different opinions about this. but i would think that's going to be somewhere between $600 and $700. and then a watch that is gold something ridiculous that will tell for $5,000 or $10,000. truly a luxury watch. >> what is your gut telling you with the few seconds we have left? do you think apple will make the point this is something we all need or will it be another shiny, nice to have? >> i think so. i think apple has to help people
12:57 am
understand that this is designed to not be used every second of every day, that it's designed to make you use your phone less, to give you the information you need and to get out of your way and to be a help, not a hindrance not to have a screen in front of your face all the time. it's a hard pitch to make but if any company can do it, it's apple. apple has a real shot at making a really compelling case for this tomorrow. >> it's not tomorrow. the event is about seven hours away 10:00 a.m. pacific, 1:00 p.m. eastern. >> we shall see. okay. thank you so much for watching everyone. i'm zain asher, and i'm errol barnett. have a great monday. are you ready to feel the difference of truly hydrated skin? new neutrogena hydro boost water gel. discover our newest breakthrough and bask in the glow healthy skin hydration. see what everyone is raving about at
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worst fears rearlized in the fight of terror. how can the west slow the terror and brutality? now president obama says he is willing to walk away. he is warning tehran has to agree to a reasonable deal. we will tell you where the president draws the line. and five suspects appear in court. a sixth suspect blows himself up as police close in. all the developments this morning. good