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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  March 9, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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worst fears rearlized in the fight of terror. how can the west slow the terror and brutality? now president obama says he is willing to walk away. he is warning tehran has to agree to a reasonable deal. we will tell you where the president draws the line. and five suspects appear in court. a sixth suspect blows himself up as police close in. all the developments this morning. good morning.
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welcome to early start. i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. it is monday 4:00 a.m. america's highest ranked general just arrived in iraq. martin dempsey is set to hold talks. the general's visit comes as the new war in iraq. hundreds of troops are launching ground and air attacks against boko haram in northeastern nigeria. the offensive starts one day after boko haram pledges allegiance to isis. i want to bring in our correspondent nima live in london this morning. >> reporter: good morning, john. it gives you a sense that boko haram is feeling the squeeze. they have been losing territory to the multiregional force. the new offensive is part of. it is important to point out
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they have been pushing back. we have had the horrifying attacks across the north of nigeria over the weekend in which dozens of people lost their lives. this audio message purported to be from the leader of boko haram. if it is true most of those we have been speaking to, have no reason to believe it is not, this will give isis an arc of allegiance of the groups from one coast of africa to the other and breaks it out of the containment policy that the u.s. and coalition allies have been hard to maintain in iraq and syria. for boko haram, what do they get out of it? a raised propaganda profile. for groups like this, john, translates into recruitment and donation. for both of these parties, it is about bringing together two brand names if that is not to
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fetetious to put it. it gives an internationalzation to put it. >> it shows how blunted on the ground it is. nima thank you. more priceless antiquities destroyed by isis militants. the government of iraq is investigating claims that isis has attacked the site in northern iraq. the last few weeks, the extremist groups has destroyed museums and sites at nimrud and hatra. general ban ki-moon called the destruction a war crime. president obama is promiseing to walk away from the nuclear deal with iran unless he has
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tighter instructions. within weeks to outline the deal the president thinks an agreement can happen. cnn's erin mcpike has more from the white house. >> reporter: john and christine, the president has offered iran a deal and explained to cbs this weekend why he is optimistic. >> i think it is fair to say there is a urgency because we now have been negotiating for well over a year and the good news is that during the period iran has abided by the terms of the agreement. we know what's happening on the ground in iraq. they have not advanced the nuclear program. we have been able to rollback the 20% enriched eded uranium at this time. we are not losing anything through the talks. >> reporter: he also conceded there are some gaps in the
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negotiations negotiations. he will know in some time if iran is willing to accept the deal. secretary of state john kerry has been traveling overseas consulting on the issue. >> thanks toer erin. police in russia arrested five in the boris nemtsov killing. a sixth suspect blew himself up with a standoff with police. did they act alone or orders from someone higher up. i want to turn to our matthew chance with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, john. the five suspects appeared in court over weekend. one of them has confessed to the killing. he has been named as one from chechnya. the other four protest their innocence. boris nemtsov, the opposition
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leader in the country, one of the lines of inquiry. it wasn't because of the political activities but comments he made. remember the "charlie hebdo" attacks in paris earlier this year. he spoke out against that. the line of inquiry that was pursued by officials here is because of that he was targeted and killed. not because of opposition to the kremlin. you might see that as convenient for the kremlin who some say is responsible for the killing of boris nemtsov. nevertheless that line of inquiry is borne out by the investigation. the pro-kremlin chechen leader is praising the self-confessed assassin and true russian patriot. >> matthew chance for us. so many questions there. i'm not sure we will ever get complete answers. breaking overnight, the
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president of south korea paying a surprise visit to mark lippert in the hospital. she went immediately to see the ambassador after returning from the middle east. lippert is recovering after his face was slashed by joint military drills. hillary clinton is set to make a public appearance here in new york city. not sure if she will address the e-mail address. she will be in the times square theater with chelsea and melinda gates. she will be urged to break her silence to use personal e-mail to conduct state business. >> i would like her to come forward and say what the situation is because she is the pre-eminent political figure right now. she is the leading candidate whether republican for democrat
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to be the next president. i think that she needs to step up and come out and stayay what the situation is. >> senator feinstein says if clinton does not address it now, it will hurt her. what a turnout in selma alabama for bloody sunday. thousands stood to remember the protest with police and protesters to bring about the 1965 voting rights act. the weekend ended with a march across the edmund pettus bridge. right to vote is now under siege. >> without adequate political power and representation people of color continue to be margin marginalized and stigmatized. >> on saturday president obama
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and first family led a way across the edmund pettus bridge. testimony resumes on the boston marathon bomber accuser dzhokhar tsarnaev. one testified last week who one lost both legs. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty that killed three people and injured more than 260. a police forensic expert on the stand today in aaron hernandez's trial. dna of hernandez's was found at the crime scene. a protest rally will be held this morning on the university of oklahoma campus after a video showing fraternity members
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showing racist chants. chanting a slur suggests that blacks would never been admitted to the fraternity. the fraternity leadership has apology. the national leadership saying it is disgusted a member would act in such a way. vile stuff. the noise you heard on sunday was the sigh of relief as people enjoyed the great day. it smelled like spring. i want to get to meteorologist pedram javaheri for an early look at the weather. >> 40s and 50s never sounded so good. we have wintry weather north of pittsburgh to williamsport with snowshowers possible in the morning hours. we have winter weather advisories in place.
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no accumulations and way too warm for it to be sustained. the big story in the gulf coast from austin to san antonio, 11 million people dealing with flash flood watches where heavy rainfall is possible. moisture from the pacific and gulf. you know plenty of rain to go around in the next coming days. 2 to 4 inches in houston. from birmingham up to tennessee with 4 to 6 inches possible. mild weather across atlanta. 70. plenty of rainfall in the forecast on new york and boston. low to mid-50s possible by the middle portion of the week. john and christine. >> thank you, pedram. here is your money. asian and europe markets slow ss lower. most americans welcomed the solid jobs report. that means the fed could raise interest rates.
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the dow tumbleing 2% for the week. futures are lower again. wall street has one thing to celebrate. the bull market turned six years old today. >> what do you get a bull market when it turns six? >> on march 9th, 2009 the s&p hit a record low. it climbed 206% since then. the fourth longest bull on record. most analysts believe the bull has enough steam to make it to seven years old. it is not age that kills a bull market. it is worries about recession. we don't have a worry about recession in the u.s. >> glad to hear that. 12 minutes after the hour. a new police shooting leaves a teenager dead. now residents in one wisconsin community are demanding answers and perhaps getting ready to take action. we have a report from madison next.
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welcome back. emotions running high in madison, wisconsin after the fatal shooting of an unarmed teenager. there is a word of a high school walkout today along with more demonstrations. we have more from rosa flores. >> reporter: you see hundreds of people have come together here in madison in support of the family of tony robinson. he is the teenager who was shot and killed by police. we have seen gatherings like these throughout the weekend. this one about prayer and reflection. earlier sunday a much charged protest where protesters actually confronted police. i want to show you around. a small memorial here where people are leaving flowers.
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you can see crime scene tape. people are not allowed in or out of the house where this happened. you see the police officers are still here. except for the woman that lives next door. she allowed us in. she said that she heard everything unfold. >> i heard the pounding on the door. >> was that the police? >> yes. he forced the door open. went upstairs. i don't know what happened. i heard just more scuffling. i don't know. >> like a commotion? >> something going on. then when there was a running down the stairs. i heard the shots. >> reporter: a lot of people in the community making a lot of reflection. including the police chief. i did talk to him about regaining the trust of the community and what it will take. he tells me it will take a few things. owning up to what happened.
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anpologizeing to the community and having his officers be part of the community again day-to-day. john. >> rosa flores in madison. >> you see the discussions they are trying to have. 17 minutes after the hour. we are a year into the search for mh-370. now a new report sheds some light on what might have slowed efforts early on. we will take a look next. if you clear a table without lifting a finger... you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. muddle no more™.
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the search for mh-370 cannot go on for every. tony abbott says crews are 40% done with a 23,000 square mile search off the coast of australia. he is optimistic of success. meanwhile, finding of a report of a team of experts reveal the batteries on the data recorder had begin to expire. as for the flight crew no unusual behavior uncovered of the pilots or crew. today is eight years since the first hostage disappeared in iran. the family of the former fbi agent has released a statement reminding the world that levinson is a father and
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grandfather. they are urging to work together to bring him back to the u.s. two california women may have to face a judge in italy for carving their initials into the wall of the coliseum in rome. the women, ages 21 and 25 scratched the letters "j" and "n" on the wall they took selfies. the last tourist who defaced the coliseum was fined $25,000. a former employee is demanding 100,000 euro for the return of two michaelangelo documents. the theft is being revealed for the first time this weekend. the church spokesperson says a nun notified a church official that the documents had gone missing. student leadership at the university of california irvine
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rejected a resolution to ban the flag. the post on the web site says the misguided measure was passed last week and not endorsed by campus leaders. the record setting attempt to fly a manned solar powered plane is under way from abu abu dhabi. the plan is to hop from continent to continent spreading the message of clean technology. it weighs less than a large suv. it features 17,000 solar cells lining the tops of the wings. >> that is why it is so big. >> i hope they don't face any clouds. fly fast solar impulse 2. a stunning discovery in utah. a baby still alive 14 hours
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after the crash that left the car upside down in the spanish fork river. rescuers found the 18-month-old girl still strapped in her car seat. >> the witness said there was an arm in the vehicle. >> it became apparent the driver was deceased but we also noticed there was a small baby in the backseat. >> grabbed the baby in my arm. raised its head up out of the water as i released the seatbelt. >> the child wattss passed to me. i ran up to the ambulance with the child. >> she is in critical condition at a salt lake city hospital. her mother died in the crash. can you imagine how quick those rescuers must have been once they realized the baby was in the car seat. >> the car seats can be
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protective even if the mother did not make it. >> wish her family the best of luck. >> i would love to talk to sanjay. it is crazy. >> best of luck to the family as it mourns. she is in critical condition as she tries to recover. 26 minutes after the hour. isis and boko haram, they are each such barbaric organizations on their own. now a new alliance between them is in the works. what does this mean now in the battle against terror? we will tell you next. you wouldn't do half of your daily routine. so why treat your mouth any differently. brushing alone does less than half the job leaving behind millions of germs. complete the job with listerine®. kill up to 99 percent of germs. and prevent plaque, early gum disease and bad breath. complete the job with listerine®. power to your mouth™. also try listerine® floss. its advanced technology removes more plaque.
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an alliance with isis and boko haram. two of the most active terror groups in the world right now say they want to join forces. what does this mean for the united states? a live report. deal or no deal. president obama said he would like a nuclear agreement with iran but he is willing to walk away if iran won't meet certain conditions. he will tell you where he says tehran has to back down. the investigation into the shooting of the key russian opposition leader. it takes a bizarre turn. one suspect blows himself up as five others appear in court. the latest developments from moscow. welcome back. i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. nice to see you. new this morning, the highest ranking general in the u.s. touching down in iraq. martin dempsey set to hold
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talks. dempsey dempsey's visit begins as the new war on terror. hundreds of troops launching ground and air attacks against boko haram in northeastern nigeria. the offensive begins one day after boko haram pledged allegiance to isis in the audio message purportedly recorded by the group's leader. i want to bring in nima live in london with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, christine. if this is true it breaks isis out of the policy of containment that the u.s. and coalition allys have been working hard to impose. trying to limit the group's influence and activity to iraq and syria. boko haram really in a lot of ways is the isis equivalent. the isis equal in terms of territory control and terms of just brand name recognition really in africa. for a group of that stature to assume itself and pledge allegiance to isis is a big
1:32 am
propaganda win. it gives isis an arc of allegiance that stretches from one coast to the other. this raised profile in terms is the lifeline of foreign recruitment and foreign donations. boko haram at the moment as you rightly said is being squeezed by the new offensive being put into place by niger and chad and the front against boko haram. they seem to be pushing back and is very assymetric way. >> nima thank you. more priceless antiquities destroyed by isis. the associated press claims that isis attacked the site in northern iraq. the last few weeks, isis smashed
1:33 am
artifacts at the mosul museum and other cities as well. u.s. secretary-general ban ki-moon called the destruction war crimes. president obama said he will walk away from the nuclear deal with iran unless it calls for tighter inspections and uncalled for transparency. he thinks an agreement can happen. the president says iran would have to accept quote verification and restraints. so far, iran has not been willing to say yes to. >> if there is no deal we walk away. if we cannot verify they are not going to obtain a nuclear weapon there is a breakout period so that even if they cheated, we would be able to have enough time to take action. if we don't have that kind of deal we will not take it. >> the next round of talk was the u.s. and other countries
1:34 am
begins on march 15th. iraqi and other forces on the out skirts of tikrit advancing in the battle to retake the city. isis planted ieds on roads and bridges leading to the city. among the troops for the battle forty tikrit. senior correspondent frederik pleitgen has the latest. >> reporter: as the iraqi military moves forward and the heart of tikrit but makes advances in other place, it is the iranians who are the ones doing the heavy lifting and the ones making the main differences on the ground. now, they have never acknowledged they have combat forces in iraq however, they say they have some very high profile trainers and certainly people from the revolution area
1:35 am
guard corps and the ones training and coming up with strategies and tactics with battle field operations. the most proper live fix one is the one with air strikes conducted by the air strikes by the u.s. allies. they believe the shi'a forces are the ones making the main push on the ground in iraq. frederik pleitgen cnn. >> thank you, fred. police in russia arrested five suspects in the killing of open the rollopposition figure boris nemtsov. the suspect starting now to appear in court. did they act alone or on orders from someone higher up. there are a lot of questions around the arrest of these men in general.
1:36 am
for possible answers, let's turn to correspondent matthew chance. matthew, a lot of questions of the arrests of the five individuals. the death of the sixth. interesting it is basically the security services or forces in russia russia, the fsb announcing this himself. >> reporter: that happened on saturday. the head of the fsb saying they made the first arrests. that is when two people were taken into custody. since then another three people have been nine custody as well. two of them have been charged. four of them are protesting innocence. one has been named a man from chechnya. he confessed to the judge according to the killing. no motive has been given. this is an interesting twist. the leader of the pro-kremlin
1:37 am
leader of chechnya in the south of russia says he knows the self confessed assassin. he says he was a brave man in the security forces and a russian patriot. he also said he was angered by the support comments that were made about the "charlie hebdo" cartoons and the criticism of the people that carried out the massacre in paris earlier this year. this may be a possible motivation according for this attack. some saying this is not likely. more likely boris nemtsov was killed for political reasons. >> a lot of questions. no doubt questions. is there any evidence showing these men in the vicinity of the murder of boris nemtsov? what is the evidence that the government says they have? >> reporter: in terms of video evidence it is not conclusive. we have seen the grainy video that shows the moment nemtsov was gunned down.
1:38 am
a man taken for a long distance and getting in the car and driving off. the police saying they used forensic evidence of the car at the crime. the telephone records say they have been looking at which is conclusive. that is why they made the five arrests. >> matthew chance in moscow. thank you. breaking overnight, the president of south korea made a visit to ambassador mark lippert in the hospital. lippert is recovering after his face was slashed by a man opposed to joint military drills conducted between the united states and south korea. hillary clinton is set to make a public appearance in new york city. it is not clear if she will address the e-mail scandal that is haunting her these days. she will be at times square with her daughter chelsea and melinda
1:39 am
gates for a women's rights organization. senator feinstein is urging her to break her silence of personal e-mail use while working for the state department. >> i would like her to come forward and say her situation. she is the figure right now. she is the leading candidate, whether democrat or republican, to be the next president. i think she needs to step up and come out and state exactly what the situation is. >> feinstein says if she does not come forward and break her silence now, it will hurt her chances. tens of thousands of people stood as one last night to remember the violence between police and protesters that helped bring about the 1965 voting rights act. the weekend ended with the march across the edmund pettus bridge.
1:40 am
>> without adequate political representation and without real political power, people of color continue to be marginalized and stigmatized and denied the very humanity. >> this was a remarkable emotional weekend. on saturday president obama and the first lady led across the bridge hand-in-hand with congress member john lewis. >> some of the images of john lewis beaten at that rally is remarkable to behold. now to think what the last 50 years, the president's speech was really emotional. the middle part of the speech was emotional. the kids watched it. i came back and had the kids watch it. >> that is interesting. president and mrs. obama don't bring their kids everywhere but
1:41 am
brought their daughters here. >> a lot of people by surprise. 40 minutes after the hour. growing outrage in madison, wisconsin, after the fatal soot shooting of an unarmed teenager by police officer. authorities are bracing today for a possible walkout by high school students and other signs of protests. the madison police officer involved in the shooting is identified as 45-year-old matt kenny. 41 minutes past the hour. the noise you heard across the country sunday was the sigh of relief of people innenjoying the break from the winter temperatures. let's bring in meteorologist pedram javaheri for a look at your weather. >> john and christine, it feels like spring has sprung. the purples and pinks are out into the northeast of canada. notice the mild air building in.
1:42 am
the foreseeable future good temperatures. snowshowers and wintry mix north of pittsburgh and williamsport. this is the issue in philly this morning. a few issues of flakes in new york city. 4.5 million under the advisories this morning for the morning rush hour. wet from houston to san antonio and corpus christi. moisture here. tremendous rainfall in the next coupling days. from the gulf coast with 2 to 4 inches in houston and 2 to 4 in jackson. 4 to 6 inches of rainfall in latter portion of the week. long-range outlook for the temperatures keeps parts of texas below normal. you in the northeast, parts of it below normal. generally speaking the entire country above average temperatures in the next two weeks. thank you, pedram. an early look at your money.
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asian markets lower following the u.s. plunge on friday. investors worried that the solid jobs report will force the fed to raise interest rates sooner. the dow and nasdaq and s&p all lost more than 1%. futures are lower right now. wall street has one thing to celebrate. the bull market turns six years old. happy birthday. up 206% from the horrible low. your apple watch questions may be answered today. the company is expected to unveil details about the watch. sheer what we know. it will be available in three models with multiple wrist bands. it needs an iphone to connect to the internet. we don't have an exact price or release date yet. we may know more after today at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. i tell you, when the e-mail went out saying put this on your
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calendar. we will have soon to unveil. the tech journalists went crazy. >> apple, i don't mean to be facetious here why do you want an apple watch? it is unclear they answered that. apple usually wins and makes us realize why we want it. it will be interesting to see. >> it is the first new product under tim cook. until now, he has had derivatives of steve jobs products. >> $350 is expensive for a watch that will be obsolete in two years. new information in the crash of mh-370. could all of the efforts been thrown off because a battery was not replaced? we have a live report next. f your make-up before bed. but do you really? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette.
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the search for malaysia airline 370 cannot go on forever. that is the word from the prime minister tony abbott. the forces are 40% down with the 23,000 square mile search zone. we will check in with anna coren
1:49 am
live from kuala lumpur where the search of the report has been released. good morning, anna. >> reporter: john the interim report has come out. as far as the families are concerned, it is meaningless because it doesn't tell them what happened to their loved ones. they have been missing now for more than 12 months. these people are going through torture not having any answers. one thing in the report that is quite alarming is one of the flight data recorder did not have or batteries had expired. there were batteries, however, in the cockpit flight data recorder. it was emitting a signal. the fact the batteries had expired in one of the black boxes shows maintenance was poor and it was an oversight. the other thing in the report it said there was mass confusion in
1:50 am
the initial minutes and hours of the plane disappearing. a fact that really hindered the search being activated. what should have been an hour ended up being five hours before the search and rescue operation got underway. the other interesting nugget that came out of the report was information about the pilot and crew. they said they were not under stress. their behavior was nothing out of the ordinary. it really did dismiss that rogue pilot theory. the suggestion that the pilot had committed suicide. hence the disappearance of mh-370. a relief for the captain's family. >> so much was ordinary they say, about that flight. anna coren in kuala lumpur thank you. this is a rescue story you have to see to believe. a baby pulled from a car upside down in the water after a crash. you won't believe how long the little girl was inside.
1:51 am
find out how long next.
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he's out there. there's a guy out there whose making a name for himself in a sport where your name and maybe a number are what define you. somewhere in that pack is a driver that can intimidate the intimidator. a guy that can take the king 7 and make it 8. heck. maybe even 9. make no mistake about it. they're out there. i guarantee it. welcome to the nascar xfinity series. a record setting attempt to fly a planned solar powered plane is under way from abu dhabi. embarking on a five-month mission. the plan so to hop from continent to continent talking
1:55 am
about solar technology. it is wider than a 747, but weighs less than an suv. it features 17,000 solar cells lining the tops of the wings. >> do the seats recline in business class? a stunning discovery in utah. a baby still alive 14 hours after the crash that left the car upside down in the spanish forks river. rescuers found the 18-month-old girl still strapped in her car seat. >> the witness said there was an arm that he could see in the vehicle. >> it became apparent that the driver was deceased but we also noticed there was a small baby in the backseat. >> grabbed the baby in my arm. raised its head out of the water. as i tried to release the seatbelt. >> the child was passed to me and i just ran up and climbed in the ambulance with the child.
1:56 am
>> emotional for those rescuers. the baby is in critical condition in the salt lake city hospital. her mother driving the car, died in the crash. >> what a sad story. all right. facebook under fire for an emoticon. what is being done to get the web site to take it offline. an early start on your money is next. a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine ... what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. invokana® is a once-daily pill that works around the clock to help lower a1c. here's how: the kidneys allow sugar to be absorbed back into the body. invokana® reduces the amount of sugar allowed
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on friday. most americans welcomed the jobs report. investors worry it means the fed will raise interest rates sooner. the dow tumbled 200 points. all finished the week down 2%. checkicken growers could pay the price for the no antibiotics policy. it gave mcdonald's two years to limit the output of the chicken. mcdonald's will probably push the expense back to suppliers. facebook has emoticon "feeling fat." critics say it targets people who are overweight and eating disorder disorders. fat is not a feeling and it makes fun of people overweight. facebook hasn't announced


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