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tv   Wolf  CNN  March 9, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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he's not going to defend yourself because if you defend yourself the old expression is you have a -- >> fool for you client. the attorney who represents themselves has a fool for a client. >> thank you all for joining us. please stan tuned. my friend and colleague wolf blitzer starts right now. hello i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington 8:00 p.m. in moscow. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. major development today in the paris terror attacks. four people have now been taken into custody. and those arrests apparently include a french policeman. french authorities tell cnn all four have been linked to coulibaly, the gunman who killed the people inside the kosher super maurkt during the attacks
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in paris. let's jump right into this. our senior international correspondent jim bittermann is joining us peter bergman is here with me in washington. what are they saying about the arrests of these four individuals today? >> reporter: well probably the most surprising is the policeman arrested because he worked at one of the top police intelligence center to the east of pash ris. she is thought to be dush none of this is confirmed. unofficially she's thought to be a girlfriend of an acquaintance of coulibaly. they've discovered that he was talking to this boyfriend of hers and that she had been talking to the boyfriend. she admitted some weeks ago that she knew in fact the boyfriend and knew coulibaly. but she said there was nothing untoward about it.
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and and pay parentally the police think differently. she hasn't been charged with anything. the prosecutor has six days for questioning before he has to release her or charge her. >> what about the other three? who are they? >> reporter: well one is her boyfriend. he was already in jail on a drug charge. so he was just brought out of jail and brought over today to be questioned by police there. and then the two others we don't know. the prosecutor has not told us anything about them. this is the second group of four however, that have been picked up. there was another group of four that was picked up towards the end of last month and they have all been charged with various bits of logistical support, either supplying with weapons or cars or something else. >> coulibaly of course was killed in the aftermath of what he did in paris at that kosher supermarket. peter bergman what do you think of this? it's mysterious now, a
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policewoman has been taken into custody for questioning. >> it's strange but it's not the first time. she might be somebody who has the wrong side of acquaintances. they haven't charged her with anything yet. they're questioning her. once they charge her we'll know if she's done something untoward. >> there have been a lot of people taken into custody since the january attacks by coulibaly on that kosher supermarket. >> as far as i can tell we are aware -- we're pretty much where we are at the end of january. they trained at least one of the brothers. >> "charlie hebdo". >> and coulibaly self identified with isis. i don't think there's evidence that he actually went to syria that's emerged. so it's isis inspired with a
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little bit of al qaeda. >> let me let jim betterman weigh in. is that the latest information you're getting there in paris, jim? >> reporter: basically yes. i think that the police feel like they've got a good idea of the events themselves. i think what they're looking for now is if there's anybody out there still who may spr been linked to coulibaly who might be contemplating purpose traiting something else. that's really what they're doing here. kind of going back stream on all of the contacts that he had, checking out all of his friends to see exactly who else might be involved and who else might still be out there contemplating something against the law. >> all right. jim bittermann i know he'll stay in close touch with you. peter bergen don't leave. i want to get to the war against isis. a top u.s. military official arrives in baghdad as iraqi forces make significant strides on the batter field. general martin dempsey is now in iraq meeting with government
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officials and leaders. he's there to get an update on the situation in iraq and the fight against isis. meanwhile, iraqi security forces and malitiailitias are said to be a mile from the president palaces in takrit. they're ba ling to recontrol of that city. ben wedeman is back from that area. he's in baghdad now. what's the latest you're seeing and hearing on this effort to retake saddam hussein's birthplace takrit? >> reporter: what we saw is the iraqi forces are definitely moving forward. they had taken 80 kilometers 50 miles of road to the east of takrit. we saw that there was still a car smouldering that the iraqi air fire hit. and we watched as they pummeled the area around takrit and then
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sent their forces in. it definitely seems that isis is pulling back as fast as their cars can take them, probably concentrating their forces in takrit itself. whale we were there we saw that isis has lit a lot of oil fires around the city in the hopes to obscure the view for iraqi helicopters and jet fighters in that area. but it doesn't seem to be slowing them down dramatically. what we also saw while we were there, i had an opportunity to speak with men who appeared to be iranian advisers with this parra military shia organization that really seems to be leading the fight. i spoke to one, he said she was a doctor a volunteer from iran. several of the others declined to go into the details of what exactly they were doing. but iranian advisers are definitely on the scene. and we speak to the leader who told me that at this point they
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believe after their success so far that they can drive isis out of the entire country without, in his words, the help of the international coalition. in fact another of the leaders, commanders out there told me that four iranian advisers on the front are better than 400 american advisers in the green zone. >> even if isis is defeated from the u.s. perspective, iran and its shiite backed malitia allies could emerge as one of the big winners in iraq. one of the reasons that general martin dempsey is there. what do we know about this visit. he's meeting with top iraqi military and political leaders. >> reporter: well we understand the americans are really looking ahead, looking beyond what's going on today around takrit which they accept in a sense as operation that the iranians are going to claim some credit for. sort of their goal is to focus
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iraqi military minds and forces on the effort to retake mosul, which of course is way down the line at point because the entire area around moz sl controlled by isis. it's a long term planning effort. and of course the problem is given the sort of the sentiment on the ground the feeling among many iraqis at this point is that we can do it ourselves out without the help of the americans or anyone else. maybe general dempsey is here to remind them that it's a bigger task that taking takrit to isis out of mosul. >> mosul is a city of nearly 2 million people. takrit a lot smaller than that. although symbolically it is important. >> meanwhile isis is expanding its reach to other terror groups.
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be boko haram is the islamist group base fd nigeria that has created atrocity. our senior correspondent is joining us now. boko haram's pledge of loyalty to isis, is that considered to be legitimate? what does it mean? you're just back from the region there in chad. you're watching what's going on in nigeria. >> reporter: that's right. we did just come back from a recent trip to chad where we went with the chadian military to one of their front lines in nigeria to get a glimpse of what the battle looked like. during that trip we had the opportunity to speak with u.s. special forces commanders who are expressing their concern about an official alliance between boko haram and isis. at this stanl it's just an audio tape that's been released. we can't confirm its authenticity
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authenticity. what this means for boko haram at this stage, it's the organization's attempt to gain more credibility. the coalition that makes up the lake chad basin, those nations have been making albeit slow but they have been making progress in some parts of north eastern nigeria. although the organization does still maintain very much a capability to carry out horrific and massive attacks as we saw in a marketplace over recent days. but when it comes to isis this is a clear understood occasion if in fact authentic, that its reach extend even further, wolf. >> arwa, if you can still hear me i want a quick update on what's going on the isis assaults on the historic culture sites. reuters reporting that thigh eve destroyed another ancient site in iraq. what do we know about this? >> reporter: that is reported to have taken place over the
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weekend or in the last few days wolf. both of those things ie nounsed by the iraqi government. we have not seen images of it yet but reportedly isis bulldozing the ancient historic sites. we saw images by isis of its fighters taking sledgehammers to the art facts. they're calling this a cultural cleansing that isis is undertaking. the organization is terrifying populations and seemingly doing whatever it can to eradicate rich cultural history whenever it has the opportunity the do that. >> these are sick, sick people indeed destroying these historic historic artifacts. how with isis affiliation with boko haram affect the
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terror region around the world and the united states. and the e-mail controversy surrounding hillary clinton. even her demeanor allies are urging her to speak out and he are now hearing that she's planning to speak out on that controversy. brianna keilar standing by with new information.
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let's bring back petter bergen our cnn goble analyst. what does it mean that it's plenling its allegiance boko haram to isis? >> it might be a medium deal right now. it's not like there are a lot of nigerians fight in syria. right now as arwa indicated, boko haram is under some pressure from the various you countries attacking it nigeria, chad and other countries. the timing is interesting. they're not doing so well. this is way to say we're with the biggest baddest terrorist group in the world. so it's worryisome. 18 others say hey, we support isis. it's not alone. >> what's the difference kb
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colonel reese, if they pledge their allegiance to isis or they pledge their allegiance to al kwie ka the arabian peninsula, 0 the former group of bin laden? >> well wolf you know i was here back in december of this year before this trip. and you know isis was all over the place. they had come across and you know as well as everyone back there. it was the talk of the town. things are changed here in the last couple of months very quickly back to the iraqis. so from my perspective with boko haram, i'm not sure why they're doing this and it doesn't show a sign of strength from any perspective. it shows a sign of struggle. but i also saw today that i think isis is starting to show some fracture lines here. this might be an opportunity for them to kind of group up together to show more strength. but right now there's some struggles in both of these lines throughout iraq and nigeria.
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>> i don't know if you saw the story in today's "washington post" that suggests the reporter they have in iraq that isis is starting to fray from within. those were the words she wrote, fray from within because of defections dissension within isis. are you sensing any of that now? >> i am. i started coming here to iraq in 2003 with the u.s. forces. when i retired in '07, started a company over here and u get a chance to come even here and see my employees. thing are gone up and count throughout the years. what i'm seeing right now up in takrit, i was impressed with the iraqis. we saw some of the dead isis bodies by the side of the world and now the blitzkrieg that the iraqi forces are doing along with the iranian kurds force advisers there. we've also heard from the iraqis
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from signals intercepted that they're getting is that isis have told their people to shave their beards cut their hair, try to blend in and get the iraqi part out of there. and really the only ones that can stay because they really have nowhere to go are the foreign fighters who stay to conduct sniper operations. it does not look good for them now. >> stand by. meanwhile, a very different story we're following here in the united states. pressure mounting on hillary clinton, the former secretary of state. he's getting ready to break her silence on the uproar of her private e-mail account while serving as secretary of state. we're also learning new information about wh when she might be doing this. stay with us.
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i think that she needs to step up and come out and state exactly what the situation is. i think at this point, from this point on the silence is going to hurt her. >> all right. that was not a conservative republic. that was senator dianne feinstein of california the top demeanor on the senate intelligence committee publicly urging hillary clinton to address the growing controversy surrounding her e-mails while he serve as secretary of state. earlier today, secretary clinton, her daughter chelsea and melinda gates. all eyes were focused on hillary clinton but she did not speak out on the e-mail. brianna keilar was there
10:24 am
watching what was going on. we're now being told, you're learning that the former secretary is planning to address this e-mail controversy as early as this week, is that right? >> that's what we're learning. we've heard from sources who are familiar with her plans and familiar with the thinking of her team that they have come to realize that it's untenable for her not to address this. the controversy continues. it continued enforce over the weekend. it's still very much the talk. she was on stage three times so far. i believe this event is still going on. she was on stage three times, once for an introduction once to talk about girls being involved in engineering and matt and another time to talk about climate change. no mention of the e-mails so far today. we're told by a source that her team considered this as a possible event for her to address this issue that is very much dogging her at this point. the issue of using just a personal e-mail account while she was at the state department and also having a server that
10:25 am
houses those e-mail. however they decided against it. part of the reason as you see melinda gates there on the stage with hillary and chill sea clinton. this was a joint event and they thought maybe this wasn't the best place to do it that it would subtract from the message. >> she's got some other events this week that would probably not be appropriate for this kind of discussion either. she could easily call a news conference, or do a one on one interview. i would will happy to interview her here on cnn. those are easy things to organize right? >> that's right. there is an event tomorrow. it's a un event and that also seems like perhaps an ode place for her to address this. she had a chance on sad at a clinton global initiative event. she didn't address it. i think right now the point where her team is at is they're trying to figure out the mechanism. you mentioned a couple of them there. is she going to do an interview.
10:26 am
is she going to have a press conference? certainly there are a lot of reporters, especially here in new york this was a pretty big press pen at this event where she didn't say anything about the e-mails. so we're waiting to figure out exactly when and exactly how she addresses this. >> thank you very much. 47 republican senators meanwhile have written an open letter to the leaders of iran warning them about any nuclear deal they may sign with president obama. we're talking to one of those republican senators who signed that letter. that's coming up next. brushing alone does less than half the job leaving behind millions of germs. complete the job with listerine®. kill up to 99 percent of germs. and prevent plaque, early gum disease and bad breath. complete the job with listerine®. power to your mouth™. also try listerine® floss. its advanced technology removes more plaque.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. first house republicans invited the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to address a joint meeting of the united states congress without earlier up informing the president. now in the midst of the negotiations a group of 47 senator republicans, almost all of the republicans in the senate led by tom cotton of arkansas they've sent an open letter to iran's leaders. it's come to our i a tension while observing our nuclear negotiations with our government that you may not fully understand our constitutional system. anything not approved by congress is a mere executive agreement. the senators added, the next president could revoke such an exec ty agreement with the stroke of a pen and future
10:31 am
congresses would modify the terms of the agreement at any time. bottom line senators emphasize a deal won't last in their open letter to iran. senator cotton elaborated on the letter earlier today. >> many senate democrats have been strong on this issue. they think we need to approve any nuclear deal with iran. but the white house is putting a lot of pressure on senator demeanor democrats. we know that susan rise has already conceded that iran will have a ro boastnin uranium. it's dangerous to the united states and dangerous to the world. >> just minutes ago the white house press secretary josh earnest addressed the letter. >> i would describe this letter as the continuation of a partisan strategy to undermine the president's ability to conduct foreign policy and
10:32 am
advance our national security interests around the globe. the fact is that the effort that is currently underway by the united states alongside our international partners seeks significant commitments from the iranian government to curtail their nuclear program, and make clear to the international community that their nuclear program exists exclusively for peaceful means. >> we're joined by one of those republican senators who signed the letter, senator bill cassidy of louisiana. he's a freshman senator just elected. senator, thanks very much for joining us. i want you to respond to white house. they're really angry at all of you, all 47 of you republican senators for what they call interfere in a delicate moment reaching out directly and trying to address the iranian leadership. your response. >> they are criticizing us for stating the facts that in your constitution congress has to
10:33 am
sign puff ap and senator cot nn the letter lays out that approval process. why are they criticizing our constitutional form of government. by the way, the iranians are quite open with their parliament about the negotiations taking place. many in the congress feel that the administration has not been so open. so this is a statement of fact. i don't know why facts are threatening to the administration and i think the letter speaks for itself. >> what they're saying basically is it's the role of the president of the united states to negotiate these kinds of agreements if in fact it's a treaty congress would have the resolution ratifying that kind of an agreement. but in the midst of the negotiations they say you should basically stay out of it let them do their job, then at the right moment they'll come brief you in congress to which your reply is? >> first, this is not a treaty. this is not a treaty. it will not require senate to sign off. number two, i think if the american people felt better about the president's foreign policy perhaps we would not
10:34 am
have sent the letter. but if you look at the polls and we're not sure if the president has a strategy in syria or with isil or many other areas. it's tes lack of confidence in the president that makes congress step forward. this is a statement to the president that congress wants to be engaged and we're going to represent the views of the american people. >> they say it's unprecedented to write an open letter to a country like iran in the tail ends a very sensitive negotiations with the other members of the un security council and germany for congress to write this kind of letter. they say it's almost unprecedented to interfere in a delicate moment like this. >> a couple things. first, the iranian negotiators said they did not understand the american system of government. they said that or something to
10:35 am
that effect. and so clearly our team had not told them. so where you will this is a civics lesson for iran and i think that's perfectly appropriate. they should know the process that we go through. the administration clearly had not told them. why is it wrong to tell somebody what our system of government is and that the congress is a co-equal branch of government. i don't see anything wrong with that at all. i go back to my other point. in the american people have more confidence in the president's foreign policy, what he's exhibited with isil syria, et cetera then maybe we wouldn't have sent the letter. but this is lack of confidence in the president. >> you don't want any deal, no mat whaer the president or secretary kerry come up with the iranians in the days leading before the march 24th framework deadline. you're conclude thd is a disaster. you don't want any deal right? >> that's not what the letter says and that's frankly i'm hoping it's a great deal. but that's not what the letter
10:36 am
says. tom -- wolf. this is not undermining the president. it's just saying that the deal will represent u.s. interests as well as iranians. and there will be review by the senate. so if it's a great deal that will be a really good review. and if it's a bad deal then frankly it will have consideration. >> senator bill cassidy of louisiana thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. >> let's get more on what's going on. the political analyst, josh rogan is joining us. you heard what the senator has to say. 46 of his republican colleagues agree with him. the white house, a lot of democrats are furious about what they say is an inappropriate intervention at this delicate moment. how did this letter originate? >> tom cotton the freshman senator, war veteran on the services committee came up with the idea. but what's remarkable is he was
10:37 am
able to get the entire republican leadership three presidential candidates to sign on showing that most of the gop caucus insists that congress have some role to play in this deal. the letter is addressed to the iranians but it's also a clear message to the president that they're very frustrated that they think the white house has figured out a way to keep nem from meanening oversight of the deal. they're trying to influence the kbron going negotiations in geneva. we're told that negotiations are near the end, a deal is coming. and this is the last chance for people in washington to oppose the terms of the deal. >> the white house doesn't want congress to necessarily have to ratify this as a treaty for example. the president can go ahead and sign this agreement or secretary kerry or whoever actually signs it. but congress can get briefed but they don't necessarily have a role in approving or
10:38 am
disapproving disapproving? >> this come at the end of a two-year process. many reported the administration crafted a strategy to avoid going to congress for the entire term of obama's presidency. what the senators are saying is that even after obama leaves most of them will be in office and they'll get another crack at this. whether or not they'll be able or willing politically to scuttle the deal after it goes into effect is questionable which is why they're making their move right now. >> the iranians say they want u.s. international sanctions at least'sed dramatically if not removed completely during the course of these ten years, let's say, until the agreement is sun setted. doesn't congress need to approve any language any legislation that would remove the sanctions? >> according to experts, congress will need to weigh in eventually. but congress can use executive actions for the next two years, waivers, lifting the sanctions that he imposed.
10:39 am
the iranians know that. that's why they want the sanctions lifted up front. what this means is that the obama administration's decision to not include congress makes the deal more fragile. but they've made that decision because they don't believe that congress will ever support a deal. so they believe a fragile deal is the best ki can get. >> have you heard any reaction from iran? >> not yet. >> we have an angry reaction from the white house and a lot of democrats in the u.s. senate. russian police say they've arrested five men in the murder of the opposition figure boris nemtsov. what they're saying about the arrests not plitly motivated. so what happened when police tried to arrest a sixth suspect. a very disturbing turn of events. we'll have an update for you when we come back. it's called a reverse mortgage. call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation.
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now to russia where police have arrested five men in connection with opposition leader boris nechl sof's murder. russian state run tv said a sixth suspect blue himself up during a standoff with police this weekend. our senior international correspondent matthew chance has been following the investigation from moscow. >> reporter: with hands tied and heads bowed, the suspects were manhandled into the moscow courthouse. four of the men are protesting their innocence. but one has confessed according to the judge. >> translator: i love the prophet mohammed. >> one of rush hand's most prominent leaders boris nemtsov was gunned down steps from the kremlin. his killing shocked the nation and russian's president's accused by activists as responsible has vowed to bring the killer to justice.
10:44 am
as well as being a fierce kremlin critic he was of jewish heritage and spoke out about the account charlie hebdo" attacks in paris. in an unexpected twist, the pro-kremlin leader of chet nia has issued a statement praising the prime suspect who served in the chechen security sources. a true russian patriot he posted on social media. everyone who knows him knows he's a deeply religious man and he was shocked by the actions of charlie and comments in support of printing the cartoon. but those close to boris nemtsov say it's hard to believe he was killed for religious, not political reasons, especially in a country where they say those who oppose the kremlin are increasingly seen as enemies of the state. >> mat thu chance is joining us
10:45 am
live now. most of the accounts we're getting about the arrests are coming from russian police. a lot of people are questioning the credibility of the information. what are you hearing over there this. >> reporter: exactly that. there's a lot of opposition figures here that have no face in the willingness of the authorities to really get to the bottom of the case and find who really was responsible for the kill of boris nechl sof. a great deal of concern that this is a means that the kem lynn is adopting of arresting these people of putting as much distance as possible from the killing of boris nemtsov and themselves. a lot of people here very mistrustful of the authorities are saying that they believe it's ultimately the kremlin that's responsible for killing this figure. >> matthew chance reporting live from moscow. just ahead, the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu is in the political fight of his
10:46 am
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td ameritrade. you got this. one week from tomorrow israeli voters go to the polls in one of biggest tests of prime minister's benjamin netanyahu's career. polls show he's in an extremely tight race right now. the sentiment was clearly evident at this massive rally in tel-aviv over the weekend. the jerusalem post is quoting him as saying in the situation created in the middle east any territory that will be evacuated
10:50 am
will be taken over by radical islam and terrorists organizations supported by iran therefore there will not be any withdraws or concessions. the matter is simply irrelevant. let's go to covering the elections for us and the days leading up to the elections. has there been a shift? what are the prime minister's aids saying about the earlier support. a couple of years ago he was clearly gave a speech in israel saying he supports israel alongside a new state of palestinian. two state solution. has he backed away from that pledge? >> not really. i think what you have here is benjamin netanyahu's election campaign complicating his role as the prime minister of israel and vice versa. the statement you read was put out by his own party. over the weekend that had followed even tougher language that the party had put out in
10:51 am
synagogues over the weekend calling the prime minister's long standing position about the two-state solution quote, null and void. saying he his whole political life had been fighting against a palestinian state. the prime ministers -- i'll walk a little bit. the prime minister was talking in the context of radical extremism throughout the middle east and also the palestinian's unity government with hamas saying if you look at the situation now, the idea of israel giving up territory that then could be taken on by extremists is unthinkable. so what he was doing was hedging enough not to abandon that long standing position at that speech that you mentioned in 2009 but also pandering a little bit to those right wing israeli voters who he really needs now. he's in a neck and neck race. a lot of polls show him down. he's facing a lot of criticism for his position. some reports last week that said
10:52 am
he was giving up a lot of territory to the palestinians in secret negotiations. he's on the ropes a little bit right now. >> all right. i want to be precise when i quoted from the jerusalem post that was not the prime minister it was not him specifically right? >> reporter: that's right. some campaign supporters had put out even those more damning statements they talked to you in the synagogues over the weekend. so i think the prime minister was kind of distancing himself a little bit from but not abandoning the idea that the prime minister is going to fight very tough with the palestinians on the idea of a palestinian state. >> the polls quickly they don't show his visit to washington last week his speech before congress had much of an impact, do they? >> reporter: well he had a temporary bump for a couple of days after the speech but right now he's not doing well in the
10:53 am
polls. there is a little bit of a momentum against him right now. he's slipping in the polls. the party not doing very well. some of the other right wing parties are doing better. certainly labour party chairman doing much better. it's a neck and neck race up to the last minute. you never know with israel. you know from covering this place for a long time the polls can be deceiving. we understand it's going to be a long night on election night. >> a week from tomorrow we'll be watching with you. thank you very much. just ahead a very different story we're following. apple right now throwing a party for the long awaited smart watch. starting at $350. will consumers go for the bells and whistles? we'll have the latest on the newest gadget you can wear on your wrist. can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh!
10:54 am
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10:57 am
let's check in with wall street. get a quick look at the markets now. take a look at the dow jones trader higher up 164 points right now. 18,000 plus. it ended last week sharply lower. analysts say today's rise is partly due to a jump in shares of gm. the company announced it will be buying back $5 million worth of stock. we're watching other story a high interest of our viewers here in the united states. indeed around the world. apple is about to unveil the specifics of its first new
10:58 am
gadget in five years. the first since founder steve jobs died. the smart watch was announced in september but until today, apple was silent about many of the features. our technology correspondent is tracking all of this for us. what have we learned so far about this new apple smart watch, samuel? >> reporter: a lot is riding on this. it's the first new product under tim cook's watch. what we know so far it's going to start out at $349. that's just the starting price. there are going to be three different types of the watch. one called watch. one called watch sport. and another one called apple watch edition. they're going come in silver gold and stainless steel. now the interesting thing here it needs an iphone to work. for the vast majority of the functions you'll have not only have the watch on your wrist, you'll need to kay around an iphone 5 or newer. it doesn't have gps which disappointed a few people. if you want to go running in
10:59 am
central park in new york you need a phone with you to make the map work but keep your eyes on this number wolf. a lot of people believe and we're going to find out within the next few minutes that the most expensive version will cost $10,000. 18 karat gold. >> that's a simple question besides telling time what else can it do? >> it will be able to check e-mail send text messages be able to check phone calls. imagine in meetings instead of people looking at their phones they might be able to look at the wrist and do that. a also, a lot of health functions. it will monitor your heart rate. a lot of people are seeing it different from the iphone. >> i'll see how it does. we'll snap by for that. samuel burg thank you very much. i'm sure there will be high interest on the new gadget. that's coming up. that's it for me. thank you very much for watching. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room."
11:00 am
get ready. "news room" with anna cabrera starts right now! hello on this monday. i'm anna cabrera in for brooke. thank you for joining me. breaking now a train crash in north carolina. this is in halifax county. we're getting these images just in. we're told this is an amtrak heading from raleigh to philadelphia. in the aerials, you can see at least one derailed car in this. local reports suggest that the train collided with a truck. it looks like there's a tractor trailer on the side here. we'll be speaking live with the sheriff in a few moments to try to get more information into exactly what happened and whether there are any injures involved. again, we're working to dwather more information. protests erupting today in two states. at the center of