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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  March 9, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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room." get ready. "news room" with anna cabrera starts right now! hello on this monday. i'm anna cabrera in for brooke. thank you for joining me. breaking now a train crash in north carolina. this is in halifax county. we're getting these images just in. we're told this is an amtrak heading from raleigh to philadelphia. in the aerials, you can see at least one derailed car in this. local reports suggest that the train collided with a truck. it looks like there's a tractor trailer on the side here. we'll be speaking live with the sheriff in a few moments to try to get more information into exactly what happened and whether there are any injures involved. again, we're working to dwather more information. protests erupting today in two states. at the center of each is race.
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in oklahoma a fraternity is shut down after a video surfaced showing a vile racist chant. in wisconsin a white police officer shooting and killing an unarmed biracial teen. students are walking out of class marching on the state capitol demanding answers and justice. we'll take you live. the university of oklahoma campus is in an uproar that shows members of the sigma open fraternity chanting. in the video you see them on a bus. they're clapping and bumping their fists as they sing a racial rant. [ chanting ] >> this video from saturday
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found its way anonymously to the school newspaper, and a campus organization both of which quickly publicized that clibp by sunday night the fallout was evident. the national sae moved promptly to close the chapter saying in a statement, we apologize for the unacceptable and racist behavior of the individuals in the video. and we are disgusted that any member would act in such a way. now just a short time ago, the university president said the campus affiliation with this fraent fraternity is over. >> as they pack their bags i hope they think long and hard about what they've done. i hope they think long and hard about how words can injure and hurt other people. this is not our way. these are not our values. this is not who we are, and we won't tolerate it. not for one minute from anybody. so those students will be out of
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that house by midnight tomorrow night. the house will be closed and as far as i'm concerned, it won't be back. at least not while i'm president. [ applause ] >> outraged protesters were listening. they stood silent yet their message was clear. not on our campus. cnn has the story now. miguel do we know what kind of disciplinary action the frat members could face? >> that's where it goes now. the fraternity said they yanked their charter. they yanked it for four years now. they did leave open the possibility that it could come back at some point. the president of the university david boren it was a demonstration overnight at the university of oklahoma. he joined the protesters before the sun came up this morning and marched with them and chatted with them over a bull horn.
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almost extraordinary to see that behavior on his part about how serious and obvious the disgust of what happened is. they're now looking to figure out who exactly was on the bus. what everyone's part is. he's called for an investigation. it is not clear how deep or broad that investigation would go. i know students that i've spoken to african-american students, there really several prominent african-american fraternities there. there's a group called unheard that is sheparding and the tofocal point for their efforts. they want a deep investigation. they said it's a tip of the iceberg. >> people are calling for expulsion. >> they want them expelled. that's what the president is talking about, if they can figure out who took what part and if it breaks the code of conduct for the university. this could be expulsion. >> thank you. the let me turn to chelsea davis who is joining us on the
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phone from oklahoma. i know you are a student. you're a codirector of the group unheard. the campus organization that was launched actually back in response to the police shooting of michael brown in ferguson missouri. but obviously, there are some ties in terms of the racial conversation involving both incidents. you say this video didn't surprise you. why? >> caller: simply because this is the culture that we see not only at the campus of the university of oklahoma but in america as a whole. the video i saw was not shocking. i was not shocked at all. i was disgusted and hurt by the fact these are o.u. students and these are the peers i walk to class with every day, and they can say the hateful things it was disturbing. however, i was not shocked at all of what was being said on the bus. >> are there other examples you can give us in terms of saying this is not a unique incident? >> caller: i know in previous years that black students when they would attend certain parties on greek row they would
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be looked at different. they would be treated differently. racial slurs would be throne thrown at them. this is not a first-time experience. this has happened numerous times. unfortunately this was the first time it was caught on camera. >> how have people responded in the past then? if there have been other incidents, have they been report reported? have other people talked about them? >> caller: unfortunately, no. it's not an open dialogue. a lot of people don't like to talk about race. it's uncomfortable. people choose to shy away from it. that's what unheard is aiming to do. open the dialogue. make our nation aware that these issues are not okay. they are plaguing the black community. >> how do you think the university is handle ling? >> i commend the university on the steps it's taking so far. i commend david boren being out there this morning. i hope the sanctions go above and beyond what has been said. i think the students and all
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parties involved need to be expelled. it definitely breaks our student conduct. it's the hate speech. and these students shouldn't be allowed to attend the university of oklahoma. >> all right, chelsea davis, thank you so much for joining us. tonight learn what happened the night malcolm x was assassinated 50 years ago. this past weekend was the 50th anniversary of bloody sunday. cnn is taking a broader look at the issue. we get the story from people who there were including malcolm's x own daughter. don't miss it at 9:00 p.m. eastern. to a mother's plea. that is the mother of tony robinson we're talking about. listen. listen. >> and turned around and said it's not okay. we're not going to take that? absolutely. >> her son was shot by a white police officer. he was unarmed. these are pictures of her son. again tony robinson the victim here. social media photographs and
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photographs show a community standing to the incident. standing room only inside wisconsin's capitol building. now students many who walked out of class today converged on wisconsin state capitol with other protesters. this is the third day of demonstrations against robinson's killing, which happened inside his best friend's home. madison police officer matt kenny was responding to this call that came into dispatch. police say when kenny got to the scene he heard a commotion inside the apartment. he forced his way in. at some point, investigators say robinson assaulted the officer forcing him to shoot the 19-year-old. >> he loved his family. he loved his friends. he was never, never would hurt a
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person. my son was a very tall big boy. 6'4" 220 pounds but never, never fights. he wanted to be loved. he always just wanted people to like him and love him. he was such a beautiful, beautiful soul. >> wisconsin court documents show tony robinson does have a criminal history. he pleaded guilty three months ago to armed robbery. let's bring in cnn rosa flores on the scene in madison, wisconsin where a memorial at robinson's home continues to grow. >> reporter: you know, anna as the memorial continues to grow and also the support for the robinson family. i talked to the mother she's completely heart broken. still coming to the terms with the fact her son is not here. i want you to look over my shoulder. you'll be able to see this growing memorial. a sign of the growing support
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for this family. this is also a sign of the divide. the division between the community and police. i talked to the police chief about this how he plans to repair the relationship with this community and here is what he had to say. >> we need to start as any healing or reconciliation would with an i'm sorry. i've done that privately. i'm attempting to do it publicly. that's the only way we can begin the healing of the riff that may take years, if at all to mend. >> now we also know that the police chief prayed with the grandmother. there was a demonstration here yesterday evening. he was present at that demonstration. he's been very public trying to provide support and then i asked him, you know, one of the obvious questions that this community is going to have is did this police officer have
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other tools other than his gun. he said yes, in fact this police officer had a stun gun but he said i can't comment about the use of deadly force because the investigation is in the hands of the state doj. >> just quickly, rosa you played that sound byte with the police chief apologizing. is he apologizing for the officer's actions essentially admitting his officers at fault? >> reporter: not admitting that the officer is at fault. he said look rosa in order for me to repair the relationship with this community, a few things have to happen. first of all, he said we have to own up to what happened here. and he said indeed this is a case where an unarmed teenager was shot and killed by a police officer. he said we have to come forward and say that. he said you have to say sorry. you have to say sorry to the community because it's a tough time. they know they're doing their job but they also know this is very emotional for the family friends, and supporters.
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>> all right, rosa flores thank you. we'll take you live to north carolina where the amtrak passenger train has crashed into the truck. these are more live pictures coming in. they are chilling. we'll speak live with the sheriff next. also if the threat from isis wasn't big enough now another brutal terror group boko haram apparently pledged its allegiance to isis. will isis pledge back? stay with me. ♪ nineteen years ago, we thought "wow, how is there no way to tell the good from the bad?" so we gave people the power of the review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress. and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with our angie's list app. visit today. ♪
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are growling. or is that just me? it's lobsterfest... lobster's largest variety of lobster dishes all year. double up with dueling lobster tails. or make lobster lover's dream a delicious reality. but hurry this won't last long. more on the breaking story now out of north carolina. a train crash -- this is in halifax county. we're told this is the amtrak caroline began train involved. we're showing you live pictures from the scene. you see passengers presumably walking alongside there. you see the train crossing arm. it's there on the side. the train at a complete stand still. we understand this involves a truck that was hit by the train. this train heading from raleigh
11:17 am
to philadelphia. the sheriff in this area wes trip with the halifax county sheriff's department is with me now. joining me on the phone, thank you so much for spenlding a moment with us. what happened? >> caller: it appeared around 12:00 noon today, the driver of the tractor that was hauling heavy equipment, the tractor itself got stuck on the track and the amtrak came and collided. >> do you know of any injuries? >> we have 200 passengers approximately, and a small portion of those passengers have reported injures but knowing life threatening. we have ems on scene. we have assistance from our local school district here with the buses to get the patients transported to the hospital. we have a staging area set up for the red cross to give the passengers to refreshments and
11:18 am
have a place for the family members to pick them up at. >> you said this truck, you believe, got stuck on the track. was the crossing situation working? was the crossing arm down. there were any signs that the train was coming? >> it appears the tractor itself got stuck before the crossing arms had engaged. once it happened he was trying to get the trailer unstuck, and then the collision happened >>well sheriff wes, we know you're working to gather more information about what happened and what lead up to the incident. we appreciate you joining us sheriff wes tripp in halifax county north carolina. up next did the isis terrorist known as jihad i did john apologize? a message for his family. plus the terror group boko haram apparently declaring the
11:19 am
allegiance to isis. what happens if the groups emerge. and isis destroying more artifacts. hear what they're bulldozeing now.
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i want to take you live right now to madison, wisconsin. these are live images over several protests that are going on near the state capitol, and throughout that capital city in regard to the shooting death of a 19-year-old biracial man who was kilted by a white police officer over the weekend. there's been a huge outcry from this community. many of whom want to know whether the officer's actions were justified. these are pictures from madison, wisconsin. we'll be talking live to one of the organizers of these protests coming up at the top of the hour. we'll continue to monitor the situation there on the ground. now to another big story.
11:24 am
he's an isis spokesman and the group's most infamous killer. now the man nicknamed jihadi john reportedly issued an apology. according to the sunday times mohammed emwazied emmed emwazi is not apologizing for the on camera beheadings. he's apologizing to his own family for his public identification caused them so many problems. i know, you've gone to the neighborhood where mohamed em emwazi grew up. what do you know about the family he left behind? >> reporter: he came from a working class family in west london. went to a diverse high school. nothing stood out to any of his teachers for example, to say he had unusual behavior. he was a little bit shy a little bit bullied. i had didn't really stand out in
11:25 am
any way. his family -- it appears his mother and father have been in kuwait for some time nothing. the apology as delivered in the sunday times may have been delivered to kuwait. we spoke to the family lawyer. he will not comment. he said there have been a number of false reports attributed to the family over the last few weeks. he said up until this point the family have not received any confirmation from security services that mohammed emwazi is, in fact the man we know as yes jihadi john. that's the only comment the family put out so far. >> his family hasn't come out and condemned the allegedly actions or anything like that? >> no. they haven't. however, they have been in touch with kuwaiti authorities. they're answering their questions and cooperating. but i think they stilt seem to be in a state of shock as to what has happened. >> thank you. nigerian group boko haram
11:26 am
said it wants in with isis. cnn is working to verify the reports that boekko haram's leader pledged edd allegiance to isis. if it turns out to be authentic it could give isis a arc of a allegiance that stretches from here to africa. i know you spent time covering boko haram. what more are you learning about the so called allegiance? >> reporter: well anna we recently spent a fair amount of time here and during that coverage we went with the military into nigeria into one of the many frontlines that exists with boko haram. we were covering a training exercise carried out by u.s. special forces. that the time some special forces commanders were speaking about the potential alliance. as for the timing why would boko
11:27 am
haram come out with it now? some people are speculating because they are -- [ inaudible ] losing some territory they used to control. because of the coalition of -- we have over the weekend also launching a significant military operation into northeastern nigeria. boko haram, perhaps feeling it is critical at this juncture to bolster the credibility to try to gain more support from those who do subscribe to the radical form of the islamist ideology by aligning itself with isis. isis bechts from this as well even though boko haram may be losing a little bit of territory when it comes to territory that isis can directly affiliate itself with. the pledge of allegiance by boko haram means that isis footprint stretches further into the african continent. >> all right. thank you. up next gripping testimony
11:28 am
in the boston bombing trial. with new stories of survival. one woman said she used her purse strap to fashion a tourniquet for her husband. a car crashes into an icy river with an 18-month-old child inside. rescuers manage to save the child 14 hours later. how did the toddler survive in the freezing temperatures? i'll talk with an officer who helped carry this young girl to safety. stay with us. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers including lymphoma have happened,
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11:33 am
who was shot and killed over the weekend by an -- excuse me he was unarmed and shot and killed bay white police officer in madison, wisconsin. it's an incident that is causing outrage in that community. we'll be speaking live to one of the protest organizers coming up at the top of the hour. apologies for some of these images going in and out. these are live pictures and you can see the growing number of people filling the streets near the state capitol there. now to the boston marathon bombing where survivors and witnesses are in court and they're sharing graphic testimony. one person who took the stand today described her injuries as war wounds. she's a trauma nurse that lost both her legs. she remembers how she and her newlywed husband were standing right there. when the bomb exploded she said she tried to shield her husband from seeing that the part of the leg was completely detached and
11:34 am
his foot was hanging by a thread. she was so focussed on her husband, she didn't realize, she, too was on fire from shoulders to heels and that her legs were shredded. in fact she told the court this was a war zone. something i've never experienced before. the man came over and said madam, you're on fire. you're on fire! she went on i did not want to become a double am tee. i wanted some memory of my ankles and toes. i wanted all of those things and to lose my second leg was a gut wrenching decision. the next phase of testimony is expected to refer to some of the personal accounts as the prosecution delves into the more technical aspects of the bombing case. listen to the incredible story of survival. it's heart warming and haunting. heart warming because an 18-month-old girl was found alive after 14 hours of being strapped upside down in her
11:35 am
child safety seat in a river so cold seven of her rescuers had to be treated for hypothermia. it's haunting because the child's mom was killed in the crash. first responders say they heard a voice but not a baby's voice calling for help. we know the baby's name lily. listen as her rescuers describe finding her and getting her to safety. each of them looking close to tears. >> the witness said there was an arm that he could see inside the vehicle. it became apparent that the driver was deceased but we also noticed there was a small baby in the backseat. >> i got the baby in my arm. raised its head up oas i tried to release the seat belt -- >> the child was passed to me and i ran up and climbed in the ambulance with the child. >> there you just heard there at the end jared warner the officer who dashed with lily in his arms to that waiting ambulance. he's joining us now from utah. jared, thank you very much.
11:36 am
we know lily is doing a little better. she's reportedly in stable condition today. great news there. take us back to how you found her. what happened? >> well, we responded the vehicle reported in the river upside down. we arrived and as we were trying to assess how many occupants were in the vehicle, that's when the four of us heard a distinct voice coming from the car. we weren't sure to me it didn't sound like a child's voice. at that point it gave us the extra drive and adrenaline and a decision was made to try and upright the vehicle. and miraculously the four of us were able to get the vehicle up on its side and that's when we found the baby was inside and there was still signs of life coming from the baby. >> amazing. you were in that water, so you know how cold it was.
11:37 am
we mentioned that some of your colleagues in fact had to be hospitalized for hypothermia, yet this child survived 14 hours suspended upside down. what went through your mind when you realized she was alive? >> just to try to do anything possible to help keep her alive. >> was she conscious when you found her? >> no she was not. when they were able to pull her from the vehicle, just from their body language and that it was evident there was some type of life seen within her. they had reported since that they noticed her eyes flutter in a blinking fashion. that's when she was handed off kind of in an assembly line. i was just the one right there
11:38 am
at the end and rushed up the hill and into the ambulance. we were able to immediately perform cpr en route to the hospital. >> wow, that voice calmling for help that you and the rescuers on scene heard. we know her mother was already dead. how do you explain that voice? officer warner are you still with me? [ inaudible ] >> i think it's one of those things that -- >> unfortunately we have a bad connection there with officer jared warner but an incredible story. our thanks to officer warner and and the other rescuers who braved the cold waters and were able to save the young child. up next hillary clinton speaking today in new york but
11:39 am
again, she didn't mention the controversy surrounding her e-mail and as the left and right piles on. cnn is reporting when she'll address the outrage. stay tuned for that. plus tourists behaving badly. two americans arrested after carving their initials into the coliseum in rome. that's right into the coliseum then they took a selfie. that story after the break. first, talking or texting on the phone while driving is a habit that can have deadly consequences. here is dr. sanjay gupta with this week's human factor. being stubborn may have saved her life. >> my mom didn't appreciate it nearly. i think it's my best characteristic. >> in 2008 on the day she graduated from college, they were in a car accident caused by a teenager talking on a cell phone. her mom and dad were killed. she was given a 10% chance of
11:40 am
survival. >> my pelvis was shattered. i had a damaged liver. my lungs were partially collapsed and i had a traumatic brain injury which put me on the edge of death. >> she fought back refusing to give in. >> i wanted my life back. in college i had the reputation was the one who was going to save the world. >> her call to action after the driver who caused the accident wasn't convicted. there was no law against the use of cell phones. >> i spoke at a press conference in pennsylvania. trying to get a hand held band and texting band. finally it went into effect that texting and driving is illegal. >> and now the 28-year-old speaks around the country to raise awareness about the dangers of using a phone behind the wheel. >> i'm so grateful that i have everything that i do have in spite of having lost so much. part of life is getting hurt. none of escape unscathed.
11:41 am
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it looks like hillary clinton decided she will have to speak out and explain why she used a private e-mail acount and an e-mail server at home while she was secretary of state. two sources tell cnn she'll probably address the controversy sometime this week. it's not clear exactly where or when and with n a sign of frustration one cnn source laid blame for having botched the explanation of the private e-mail setup. let's talk about this with the political commentators. why do you think hillary clinton has been so silent up until now? >> there's not much to talk about from her point of view. she doesn't control a lot of the way the story is going to
11:46 am
unfold. she cannot tell the state department a what they're going to do or release. she can't do it for the white house either. >> she come out and said this is why i used a personal e-mail account? >> i've waited to hear that. it will be fascinating. assumed like her predecessors it was more efficient. that was simpler. many of us work in places where the setup is not quite to our liking. assume there's something simple and basic she could put out. there's no point in putting it out now until she's going message by message what was said. why it's not a problem. why she's okay with releasing it all herself. she's got to right now run the story through the white house. >> do you think that's the problem here? her hands are tied? >> there are so many problems with this. the one problem is no matter her explanation we'll never know what we don't know. we have to trust hillary clinton that she's released all her e-mails back to the state
11:47 am
department and that the folks a the state department have pulled through and honestly released the ones that are supposed to matter. we'll just never know. and if there is a simple explanation, you would think she would have come out with it quickly to say this is why i did that. now at this point, frankly, it looks like amateur hour. i don't understand the mentality of the clinton team sending all the surrogates to circle the wagons to say there's nothing to see her when everyone else even democrats i've talked to said this could be a problem for hillary. instead of just saying this was a mistake. let's look to correct it. >> like you said democrats are now speaking out. initially it was the republicans jumping on clinton which you would expect. this weekend from heard from senator diane feinstein talking about this. >> i think she needs to step up and come out and state exactly what the situation is. i think at this point, from this point on the server -- the iels
11:48 am
silence is going to hurt her. >> so is this a sign that this story is now beyond partisanship? >> i think the story is going to go into a place where it's going to be a challenge for the clin clinton clintons. i think what involves the state department. we take her at her word. she turned over 55,000 pages. the house committee will look for it. that's done. but other stuff that might be on the servers and in the e-mails related to the clinton global initiative in particular that's where i think she's going to have problems. that's where the silence will hurt. because, you know, the relationship that she has to foreign donors that resumed after she left office if any of that is on the servers it's tricky important part of the upcoming presidential campaign. if she's not ready to thought about that yet i can understand why she's staying silence. >> a lot of people criticized the administration saying didn't
11:49 am
other people know she was just using a private e-mail this whole time? in fact there was a question posted to the white house press secretary today about whether the president and miss clinton exchanged e-mails. here is his answer? >> they did have the occasion to e-mail one another. and the point that the president was making not that he didn't know secretary clinton's e-mail address. he did. but he was not aware of the details of how that e-mail address and the server had been set up or how secretary clinton and her team were planning to comply with the federal records act. >> your response? >> this should make voters i think, wonder what a hillary clinton administration would look like. if while at state no one in the the white house, no one in her inner circle had the courage or even just the foresight to question this practice because she is hillary clinton, you have to wonder how government is going to function with hillary
11:50 am
clinton in the white house. usually the presidency creates a larger than life persona. she would be going in with it already. it feels like it would be hard to maintain some checks and balances. let me just point out something else. in 2008 hillary clinton wasn't beat by republicans. she was beat by a democrat. so half the country, the half the country that would be predisposed to the politics and half the country who knew who she was choice someone else. and the other half of the country choice someone else. she has to keep in mind that going into 2016 it's not just republicans she's going run against. democrats -- and, i mean, democrat voters aren't completely sold on hillary clinton. so the last thing she wants is to make these kinds of mistakes this early if she plans to launch a campaign that make it look like she is answerable to no one, accountable to no one
11:51 am
but herself and entitled to the office. i think that's a huge mistake. >> i don't feel like the entitlement problem is one that democrats will necessarily react to. democrats above a certain age are used to the notion she was the first lady she was the secretary of state. she's larger than life to many democrats. i think, though again the details of what she did and why she did it what might be contained within the e-mails, the substance of it is what is going to matter. all though it won't necessarily matter once the campaign gets underway. i'm not sure that people in new hampshire or iowa or, you know nevada or south carolina are staying up at night wondering why she had a private e-mail server. >> we'll have to wait to see. >> it's what is in the e-mails that matter. >> thank you to both of you. we appreciate it. up next the video hard to watch. this is suge knight. we have video of him allegedly running over two men in his
11:52 am
pickup truck. massive protests underway right now in madison, wisconsin. look at this. this is inside the state capitol, and this coming after the death of an unarmed biracial teen. i'll talk with a member of this group and say this is not like ferguson. hear why. back after a quick break. i'm louis, and i quit smoking with chantix. quitting smoking is a challenge and it's a lot easier to go into a fight when you've got somebody that's got your back. having chantix as a partner made it more successful. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking.
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the video is graphic and hard to watch, but it may become a key piece of evidence in the murder case against former rap mongol suge knight. we're going to show you this video, but we want to warn you might find these images disturbing. the video obtained by the celebrity website tmz shows knight running over two men allegedly and fleeing the scene.
11:57 am
prosecutors say this ordeal happened after some kind of argument at a burger stand in compton, california. you see him ripping through there at the top of the screen the red pickup truck. cnn is outside the los angeles courthouse where knight is making a court appearance today. suge night has a third attorney paul and you spoke with him about this video? >> reporter: i sure did. matthew fletcher named in court earlier this morning as knight's new attorney. knight no longer representing himself. not much drama inside that courthouse. but outside fletcher went out. he said without a doubt this new video proves that knight is 100% innocent. let's hear what she had to say. >> he thinks this way out does refer to back up and reverse down the street. my understanding active gang
11:58 am
members there was clearly a gun. now you have a situation where you have three guy ss contact suge which is funny who anyone who goes in that area there's not one -- there's 20 some. the fact they nowknow to go exactly when to be there. they got there before suge knight got there. on the flip side. very different views outside the courtroom. especially people who are not in suge knight's camp. among them the family of terri carter. the community activist who was run over on that day. they released a statement among other things saying the video makes it clear that mr. carter's tragic death was caused by unnecessary acts of violence initiated by clay sloane attacking mr. knight and mr. knight choicing to retaliate
11:59 am
using his motor vehicle as a deadly weapon rather than go ahead and flee. so a lot the theatrics out here today. >> quickly, paul, you mentioned that paul was going to represent himself. now he has a third attorney. is it a possibility he'll get rid of this guy? >> i don't think so. not all. especially when matthew fletcher came out swinging today. it was a quick proceeding. they named edd fletcher as knight's attorney. and the bail hearing has been moved to march 20th undoubtedly they want to keep him there. the prosecutors knight in jail for some time. >> all right. paul in los angeles for us. thanks. top of the hour. thank you for joining me. at this hour hundreds and hundreds of students have cut classes to pack their state
12:00 pm
capitol in madison, wisconsin to protest the killing of a biracial unarmed white teen by a white police officer. [ chanting ] just moments ago inside the capitol, a huge crowd chanted hands up don't shoot. that's from the protest we saw in ferguson missouri. watch. [ chanting ] again, all of this is happening not in ferguson but in madison, wisconsin. that's where on friday night a police officer says he was forced to shot tony robinson who was 19 years old. he was unarmed. officer matt kin any was responding to this call that came into dispatch. >> look for a male black light