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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  March 10, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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but if history is any indication, the market may go right back up. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" starts now. hours away from what could be a make or break news conference. hillary clinton on her use of personal e-mail while she was secretary of state. how will she explain it? details ahead. get out by midnight. that's what the university of oklahoma is telling the members of sigma alpha epsilon over video of a racist chant. we'll talk to black former member of that chapter about his experience at the university. a truck stuck on the tracks. the train barrels to do it. incredible video of the collision that left dozens hurt. we'll have more on this latest major train derailment.
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hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. thanks for joining us. let's begin with breaking political news. hillary clinton is speaking out today for the first time publicpublic ly addressing why she used private e-mail to conduct government business when she led the state department. >> questions around her e-mails have dogged the former secretary of state for a week now. some have described this as a scandal that could derail her presidential ambitions. even democratic allies who said she needs to come forward with an explanation so now the nation will get answers from mrs. clinton herself. senior political correspondent brianna keilar is here with us right now. what are we going to get and when? >> we have no idea. we know approximately when. this was a speech that was previously scheduled at the u.n. hillary clinton keynoting an event on women's empowerment. that starts at 1:30. we expect that she's going to be addressing the e-mail
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controversy after according to a couple sources who told us this. it's been a week since this whole e-mail controversy blew up since we first learned she was conducting government business on personal e-mail and only on personal e-mail. we learned last wednesday about the fact that she had a personal server she was keeping it on. in this last week all that we heard from her is this singular tweet. not enough is what democrats said over the weekend. i think hillary clinton spoke on saturday at an event. she could have addressed it then. she and her team were waiting to see if maybe this wouldn't blow over by the end of the weekend. it didn't. you had democrats starting to come out on sunday including dianne feinstein saying you need to address this. >> is she going to take questions or addressing the issue and walking away from the mikes? >> we don't know for sure. i wonder if maybe she will take questions. >> it would be shocking, i have to say, if she didn't take questions at this point.
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the story would be she refused to take questions. >> the reason being -- if she came out and she made a statement and said something like i'm turning over my server. maybe people would take that as a huge move. i don't know that's what we're going to hear from her. if she doesn't do the q and a, then she's trying to push aside this issue about her transparency but not doing q and a makes her not look transparent. >> brianna keilar, thank you for being here. stay tuned for that news conference. when it happens sometime after 1:30 today. we'll stay on the issue of politics domestic and international. as if the relationship couldn't get worse, a new low this morning in the back and forth between the white house and congress. that coming after 47 republican senators signed an open letter to the leaders of iran telling them that any nuclear agreement made with president obama is just temporary and could be declared null and void as soon as president obama leaves
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office. >> this effort was led by freshman senator tom cotton. he and the group wrote this in part. "the next president could revoke such an executive agreement with the stroke of a pen and future congress could modify the terms of the agreement at any time." democrats are furious accusing the senators of trying to undermine the president and president obama seemed to just chastise them. sunlen serfaty is at the white house for us this morning. what more are you hearing from there? >> reporter: this is an unprecedented move and one that unleashed the fight between the white house and congressional republicans out on the international stage. now, the white house says that this letter is reckless and in a statement released overnight, vice president joe biden says "in 36 years in the u.s. senate i cannot recall another instance in which senators wrote directly to advise another country, much less a longtime foreign
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adversary that the president does not have the constitutional authority to reach a meaningful understanding with them." senator tom cotton, the republican from arkansas, who spearheaded this letter came out in defense of the fierce pushback from the white house this morning. he said that he believes the contours of a deal that seem to be coming together with iran are not acceptable to him because he believes it develops a path toward iran developing a nuclear weapon. cotton was successful in getting the support of 46 other republican senators including senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. that's nearly all about seven republicans in the senate. now, one of those senators, senator susan collins, republican from maine, she said she didn't sign onto this letter although she believes the senate should have a role to play in the agreement. she didn't sign on in her words "i don't think ayatollah is going to be convinced by a letter from members of the
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senate." john and kate? >> thank you so much. we'll hear from two key members of the senate coming up later in this show. new for us this morning, members of sigma alpha epsilon have until midnight to get out. >> the school is considering how to further punish those students involved. >> our nick valencia is on campus in norman, oklahoma. i understand there's new video of the house mother of this fraternity, sae. what's going on here? >> reporter: as students and faculty continue to speak out and condemn that racist video we
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just showed, new video surfaced showing what appears to be the former house mom of sae repeatedly saying the n word. we want to warn you this could be perceived as sensitive by some. we'll let you take a listen for yourself. now, this video was first reported by the campus newspaper, the ou daily. it was reportedly posted in february of 2013. the video appears to show as i mentioned repeatedly singing along where the n word is used. we reached out to her repeatedly trying to get her side of the story. she is yet to call back cnn. >> what about the students in that fraternity? midnight tonight to get out?
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>> reporter: that's right. we saw students yesterday packing their bags along with parents at this fraternity house. graffiti overnight read tear it down on the side of the wall. letters are gone from the fraternity wall and interestingly enough, if you google the address for sae on campus at the university of oklahoma, google maps already shows that that university is closed. we've been hearing consistently from students here that it's not just sae that has this problem. in fact, one student i spoke to says she was shocked it was sae caught on camera and not another fraternity because this problem isn't isolated to sae. they call for the entire greek system to be investigated. we're waiting to see what happens specifically to these individual students. the president of the university saying all options are on the table but they are being careful as they go forward on this. >> we'll have more on the fallout from this initial video. the chant coming up shortly. we'll speak to a former member of sae. this is a former black member of
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sae, the chapter there at the university of oklahoma. he'll join us to talk about what he thinks of that video. other news to tell you about, u.s. ambassador to south korea, the one who was wounded in that horrific knife attack last week has been released from the hospital. ambassador mark lippert says the incident strengthened his love for south korea and strengthened the bond with the united states. the 42 year old says he has little rehab left to do on his arm but his face, kwi requiwhic required a 80 stitches is healing well. an update for you on that wreck that's truly only think of it as partly a miracle. a baby found in a wrecked car in a river is making an amazing recovery. even laughing and smiling again according to her family. the little girl's family says that she's back to watching dora the explorer and singing "wheels
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on the bus." she was found unresponsive in her mother's car after an accident. the little girl may have been in that car for 14 hours. the mother unfortunately was killed in the accident. a gofundme page for the little girl has raised more than $35,000. just amazing. >> so amazing. so nice that she's making that recovery. cavers in israel have found an amazing find. they found stashed inside a nook, ancient silver coins from the reign of alexander the great. they found silver rings, bracelets and earrings. it is thought to have been contained in a cloth pouch. archaeologists say the find is unique and will give insight into the era.
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ahead for us "at this hour," isis is losing its grip on a key iraqi city but also taking out a key supply route to try to hold off iraqi forces. what is the latest on this battle and how important is its outcome to the broader effort to take out the terror group? plus, a new major train derailment. this time in north carolina. a dramatic collision between the train and a big rig caught on video. we'll tell you what happened. denver international is one of the busiest airports in the country. we operate just like a city, and that takes a lot of energy. we use natural gas throughout the airport - for heating the entire terminal, generating electricity on-site, and fueling hundreds of vehicles. we're very focused on reducing our environmental impact. and natural gas is a big part of that commitment.
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d.c. looking live at an overturned oil tanker truck outside of washington. this has shutdown understandably so four lanes of traffic on i-95. the fuel spill complicating matters. just look at that mess. we're not aware of injuries at this time. there's still no word on when the highway could reopen. because we're talking about an oil tanker here, it's likely to be a lot longer than it would typically be. obviously no word yet on the circumstances of what was surrounding why this oil tanker ended up perpendicular on the highway. >> that will be a delicate operation to say the least. >> i-95 is an important artery. midnight tonight is the deadline that the university of oklahoma set for members of the sae to pack their things and get out of their fraternity house after being seen participating in this racist chant.
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the fraternity is permanently banned from campus. the question is will the students who participated be expelled? >> the school is looking at its options right now. many on campus and off are calling for a harsh punishment including civil rights icon congressman john lewis. he spoke to cnn earlier today. >> i think it's not a place on a college or university campus for young people or any group to be acting the way they're acting. >> they should be gone? >> they should be gone. >> let's discuss this more with an sae alum of that chapter at the university of oklahoma william james ii. william, thank you for joining us. i want to get your take and probably isn't fun to see that video running over and over again. this was your house. these are effectively your brothers. what did you think when you
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first saw that video? >> they're not my brothers. the guys in that video are not my brothers. my first reaction was complete disgust and shock. i was deeply offended as a black man in general but i was devastated also having been in that house for four years and put my own blood, sweat and tears in cultivating a culture that would never do that. so i don't understand what has happened in the time since my being there to this weekend or whenever this video was actually taken or more importantly whenever the song actually was created or got into my chapter. i don't know what happened to the culture of my home, but that is not my home. that is not sae and they are not my brothers. >> just to be clear, when you were a member of that fraternity, when you lived there, did you ever hear anything like this?
8:18 am
did you hear this song? >> i never heard an inkling of this song or whispering of anything like this. i truthfully believe this was not going on at least in the four years i was there from '01 to '05. i can't speak obviously for the years before me or even the day after i left. this wasn't happening and my brothers i truly believe wouldn't have let it happen. there wouldn't have been a video to shoot the second the song started, someone would have stopped it whether i was there or not. my pledge class wouldn't have let that happen. i don't know what's happened to them since then. >> i'm sure you've talked to some of your brothers from your class or who were with you when you were in the house. what's the conversation been like especially when i read that you also said that once you saw this video, it was difficult for
8:19 am
you to look in the mirror. you haven't done anything wrong. why? >> they are wearing the same letters i wore. they have the same pin with the same symbols and the same motto that i hold dear to my heart. and i don't know what they've done with it. when i looked in the mirror as an sae thinking of what i saw on that video, i couldn't look at myself still claiming to be there. that's why i had to write what i wrote and say what i said because i can't associate with it because that hit too close to home. it's not the national fraternity i'm upset with. it's my chapter. they injured me. i wanted them to understand that, yeah, that song is offensive to millions of people
8:20 am
directly to african-americans but that's offensive to everybody else with any decency in their heart at all. on top of that, they offended specifically me because i walked those halls. i lived in those rooms. may picture hangs on the wall. i held offices in that house. they were talking about me. that's not okay. they needed to know that wasn't okay. and all i could do at that moment was write down something, some thought but i can't even wrap my brain around this. >> william, the legendary oklahoma sooner football coach barry switzer, who i guess was a member at least honorary member of sae says he doesn't want the whole fraternity condemned for this. he thinks just people participating in the song at that time should be punished. that's what he said. >> that's in contrast with what the president wants to do. >> they had to learn that song at some point. there was more than one person
8:21 am
singing it. not like they were inventing words as they went on. just suspending those kids who were singing at that time, does that go far enough? >> no. i don't care who was singing the song. i know everyone -- it seems like a lot of people want to identify the individuals in the video but that was sung in unison. and even people who may not have been singing on the bus, nobody stood up and stopped them. that song keeps going. they didn't sing the song for the first time that night so that entire house has accepted the culture that accepts that song and those words and that imagery. the whole house has to be punished because someone should have stood up. we live by a motto -- i lived by a motto. i can't say what it means obviously. standing up when something bad is happening regardless of the
8:22 am
backlash, being able to say this isn't right and isn't what i stand for and this isn't gentlemanly or human, that's what being sae is. someone on that bus should have done that. no one did. so they all got to go. >> william, what would you say to folks who maybe have never been part of greek life, never been part of the greek life system. they say this is just some stupid college kids doing something completely disgusting and stupid. this hurts you personally. what do you say to people who say this is just some dumb college kids. >> it's really hard to understand greek life if you weren't in it. it's also like anything else, you take from that experience what you want. you go to school. you can be as educated as you want to be. you can take classes that are knockoff classes. you can become what you want. we were becoming something when
8:23 am
i was there. something that i don't think these kids grasped. that's why i say they're not my brothers because i don't think they understand what it meant to be a brother of any fraternity let alone mine. because in my house wasn't there, these kids would have still been at ou and been at some other party singing some other hateful song. so i just -- i am at a loss really. you take these friendships and they're life-long friendships. the guy that took me to the house in the first place is still my best friend. i got -- i can't even tell you how many phone calls, e-mails, text messages, facebook messages, whatever, of my own pledge brothers, people that were a little bit older than me but in the house when i was there or younger saying we can't believe what happened. i don't want to be associated
8:24 am
with oklahoma either. i am not the only person disgusted or only sae from oklahoma who thinks what's happening needs to happen. i just happen to be an african-american man that was there. my caucasian brothers in that house are as disgusted as me. i don't think they can fully encompass the pain and betrayal i feel but by holding me so close in their life, they know their brother was hurt. it's a thing they're feeling in their family. i'm family to them. >> i think it means a lot to a lot of your brothers that you're speaking out. i think it probably means a lot to the university that you're speaking out as well. william james ii, we appreciate you coming on. thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. >> thank you for having me. >> amazing point. someone on that bus should have stood up.
8:25 am
>> simple. >> he's standing up now. >> exactly right. thank you. coming up for us at this hour, the white house is blasting a group of republican senators for going behind the president's back sending a letter to iran's leaders. what's the goal here and what's the reality and why is vice president biden saying that it's beneath them? [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, we know in the cyber world, threats are always evolving. at first, we were protecting networks.
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the partisan divide between congress and the white house
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seems to be getting letter after almost all members sent a letter to iran warning them whatever agreement they reach with president obama could be tossed out as soon as he leaves office. earlier today, cnn asked senator cotton if he was trying to undermine the president. >> this letter is about stopping iran from getting a nuclear deal. iran's leaders need to understand that under our constitution, congress plays a critical role in approving international agreements. if congress doesn't approve, the agreement will not necessarily have lasting effect. >> hillary clinton was encouraged to sign on the letter but critics say the letter was unprecedented and dangerous. seven republican senators did not sign them among them bob corker. i want to talk now with democratic senator ris. i want to show you cover of new york daily news that shows a
8:30 am
picture of colleagues that did sign on the letter and then has the words traitors here. do you think that's a fair assessment? >> traitors may be too strong of a word but certainly they are undermining the bipartisan approach that has characterized our work in congress. i've been part of this work for the last four years to forge a really nonpartisan, bipartisan approach and actions toward our policy and strengthening congress' role. we are in agreement, i am, that congress must have a role in approving this agreement if it's reached. but this effort by our republican colleagues really polarizes and undermines the bipartisanship which is now in tatters and i'm really dedicated and determined that we stitch
8:31 am
back together and we piece together the bipartisanship that ought to characterize this issue. >> you say that congress should have a say in terms of nuclear negotiations and timing of which obviously before or after a deal is reached. republicans are simply saying they want to have a say as well. they just want a say before the deal is cooked. >> that's one of the ironies of this. bob corker introduced a bill a week ago. i signed on as a co-sponsor. it was carefully crafted to be bipartisan. similar number of sponsors on both sides. it was headed frankly to a veto proof majority which these guys have blown that. they have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. can you imagine the congress writing a letter in 1962 saying don't worry about this kennedy
8:32 am
guy. talk to us about the missiles in cuba. to say this is unprecedented is breathtaking and this is serious stuff. this may be the most important negotiation of our lifetimes and to inject in final stages of the negotiation when we don't know what the deal is, let's just say it's not helpful. >> i get your point, senator king. senator, it's not like this is a secret back channel letter. billions of people saw this letter before anyone in iran saw it. this was a pr thing. you can't accuse republicans are going behind anyone's back here and nancy pelosi went to syria and jim wright got involved in negotiating in nicaragua so things have happened before and politics doesn't stop at the water's edge anymore, does it, senator? >> senator vanderburg said that
8:33 am
politics ought to stop at the water's edge when it comes to foreign policy and maybe that rule is not universally honored these days. what we have here is a very blatant effort to undermine the legitimacy, the fundamental authority of the president of the united states in negotiating for our country. in effect they are saying the president doesn't speak for our constitutional system. let us give you a lesson in our separation of powers. we're the ones who decide, which really is untrue. so this effort to delegitimatize and disrespect the president as a negotiator and representative for this country is a disservice to the united states of america and put aside what you think about the deal, if there's a deal to be reached, the precedent here is really uncon
8:34 am
shinable and can we piece back the bipartisan approach that characterized until the last month or so our approach to bills that i've supported like corke corker which says these bills ought to be given the weight they deserve. >> senator king, john mccain put it this way. he said he thinks this is an overreaction from an hysterical white house. sometimes an open letter is just a letter. nothing more and nothing less. do you actually think that this letter signed by republicans in the senate is going to impact the negotiations going on in geneva? >> the iranian foreign minister already said it won't. but what a risk. the question is, what was the point when there was a bill already moving through the process to give congress to
8:35 am
define congress' role. i just don't understand why this happened at this time. >> politics pure and simple? is that reason enough? >> can any issue now -- the question is can we deal with any issue seriously around here without it being turned into a partisan issue? i tell you, this one is awfully important. the alternative to successful negotiations is war with a country of 75 million people. this is very serious business. i just don't see how it contributes anything to the discussion. >> senators, thank you for being with us. what will hillary clinton say to calm the e-mail controversy?
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or more on car insurance. breaking news. former secretary of state hillary clinton ends her silence today on the e-mail controversy that's been dogging her. this just over two hours from now. she is expected to hold a news conference to address her use of private e-mails and private e-mail server to conduct government business when she was secretary of state.
8:40 am
>> the controversy has been intensifying since last week with folks on both sides of the aisle now calling for her to clear the air. let's do that right now. let's bring in former deputy of chief to former house minority leader eric cantor and also joining us is cnn political analyst and editor in chief of the daily beast, john avalon. this was part of your job. getting out of a sticky mess. if you can be nonpartisan, what does hillary clinton need to do right now? >> they go to basics. you have to answer every question clearly. you have to answer every question so there's nothing more that comes out of this. the risk that hillary clinton runs is after this press conference if we're talking about new details that emerge in a story, if we're having a conversation about the definition of is, this will take on a life of its own and she'll have to explain this away to her detriment. one thing that's important and we know the clinton team is
8:41 am
smart and shrewd. this press conference is held at the united nations. that's the tightest requirements for assessablety for press. you need 24-hour advance notice so we won't hear questions from those who know her best. >> what can she say at this news conference that will make this controversy go away? can she say anything? >> i think she's got to answer two questions really directly. one, why she decided to set up this homebrew e-mail system out of her home rather than through the state department channels. two, if there was any evidence of security breaches. that's a substantial risk of this work around. those are key questions she has to answer directly today.
8:42 am
>> what is the reality of what's going on here? do you think there's something serious? is this a transparency issue or do you think this is political press that a lot of people who cover her and covered her for a long time just simply not understanding why she isn't answering the question already forthrightly? >> is that to me, kate? >> that's to you. >> i think -- all right. just checking. look, i think the reason this has resonated so much is that it ripped off pre-existing negative narratives about the clintons. questions of transparency. do the same rules apply to them? that's why it's taken off. it rips off a pre-existing narrative sleeping for much of the past decade and shows the limits of the rose garden strategy she's tried to employ to date and take this presidential campaign seriously becaused because ad hoc approach clearly
8:43 am
isn't working. >> if i could say quickly, not only do i agree with everything that john said but one reason why transparency is so important, we learned of awful racist comments or e-mails from some cops in ferguson. they are no longer on the streets because we had access to those e-mails because they did it from their official accounts. we need that kind of transparency throughout government. it's obvious we haven't gotten that at all with what's submitted and hillary clinton deciding what she will submit. we haven't had any transparency at all and trance paisparency i to our democracy. >> great to have you here with us. we don't know if there's anything wrong with the hillary clinton e-mails. >> we don't know if there's anything wrong in the e-mails. >> that's because they haven't been disclosed. dozens are hurt after this. a train slams into a
8:44 am
tractor-trailer that was stopped on the tracks. sounds familiar, right? the collision caught on video. we'll have more on this third major train derailment in just recent months. iraqi forces say they are close to taking back a major city. when i say iraqi forces, it's not just iraqi military. it's shia militias as well with iranian support. what happened after that city falls? who will be in charge? you total your brand new car.
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breaking news. we'll look at this overturned tanker truck outside of washington d.c. we brought this to you at the top of the hour. some updates for you as you look at amazing video of this tanker overturned. this has shutdown four lanes of traffic on i-95. a fuel spill because obviously that's what the tanker was carrying complicating matters greatly. officials there are now saying it's some kind of biomedical leak and hazmat is on the scene trying to deal with it and the highway is likely to be shut down for at least six hours, which you know if you look at your clock means well into rush hour traffic and i-95 is an important artery to and from and around the areas of washington d.c. there have been some injuries reported. we don't know yet how serious those injuries are. >> traffic is one thing, we hope
8:47 am
everything is okay there because that looks like a bad situation. >> you're absolutely right on that. you're right. let's turn to this. a terrifying moment of impact captured on cell phone video. look at this. >> my gosh. >> oh my gosh! oh! >> dozens of people were injured in this crash in north carolina. the amtrak train that you saw on video slammed into an oversized tractor-trailer that had been stopped on the tracks for several minutes. >> this was the third serious train wreck in recent weeks. collisions in new york and california last month killed a total of seven people, injured 30. re rene marsh joins us from washington. >> if you look at all three incidents, they are similar in that they are happening at railroad crossings. they involve vehicles that are on the tracks and the train in the end makes impact with that
8:48 am
vehicle. in relation to this incident that just happened yesterday between this amtrak vehicle and the truck on the tracks, we know as a result of this there was service disruptions and delays as the investigation is under way. i just got late word from amtrak that the tracks are now being cleared and reopened for service. i did speak with a woman who was sitting in a vehicle behind that tractor-trailer. she says that for about 15 minutes, this tractor-trailer was trying to make a left on a roadway that runs parallel to the railroad. a state trooper was there trying to help this truck driver navigate that tough turn. it just so happens according to her that the truck was just too long and just had a lot of problems doing so. in a matter of moments she says she heard a train coming and saw lights flashing and then came impact and you are looking at video that some witnesses captured on their screen. luckily no fatalities. i have to tell you, we see
8:49 am
thousands of accidents like this per year and there are hundreds of deaths and overwhelming number of fatalities are happening at these crossings. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. happening now, iraqi forces and by that i mean military and shia militias closing in on the city of tikrit held by isis for months. hours ago isis blew up a key bridge over the tigris river that leads into that city. >> tikrit is also the birth place of saddam hussein and has huge symbolic and strategic importance here. that was overtaken by isis back in
8:50 am
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this story is about one of our friends, miles o'brien, a longtime cnn anchor. he's now a cnn journalist and correspondent for pbs. he had a life-changing situation happen to him last year. >> for the first time on television, miles is talking about his experience in a cnn special report with dr. sanjay gupta. >> reporter: miles was rushed into the operating room. at that point, he thought he
8:57 am
could still be treated but complications from the compartment syndrome caused miles' blood pressure to rapidly fall during the procedure. so with miles still under anesthesia, the doctor made a decision to amputate miles' arm above the elbow. a painful decision that had to be made and probably saved his life. >> i could barely believe what i saw. i mean, it's amazing that i could -- it felt like it was there. it really did. but it wasn't. >> reporter: miles was alive, but he was in deep denial over what had just happened to him. >> i don't think we're very good human beings in general at perceiving what our real risks are, right? you tell people, you're going to
8:58 am
fukushima, they tell you, you're crazy. you tell people, i'm stacking up pelican cases, they say, so what? our perception of risk doesn't match the reality. i've learned that in a very painful way. >> so interesting to hear miles talk about this. sanjay and miles have worked together for years. they're very close friends. and i asked sanjay what it was like to go through this experience with miles over this past year. >> something like this is a totally different sort of experience. i will say that i think guys like miles, he always has all the answers. i try to have the answers. and we were both left with a lot of questions going through this. exactly how do you recover? at what point to you say, i'm going to pretend like this never happened and get on with my life? that's my way to recovery. perhaps. but we could both probably admit now that that doesn't necessarily solve problems. they make them slightly better but at some point you have to still deal with it.
8:59 am
that's something i learned and miles is teaching and going through right now. one thing i will say, we're used to putting things in neat, tidy packages. you start with denial, anger, bargaining, depression, finally acceptance. what i learned is that's convenient for us doctors to be able to see things in a specific order. it's hardly ever how it really happens. it's sticky, messy, unruly at times. you may get to acceptance, go all the way back to denial again. some of that happened with miles. there's a real lesson in that for anybody who's ever grieved or suffered loss. it's messy and sticky and that's normal. >> it's messy and that's normal. important message out of it. >> miles has a hard time talking about this. we see him talking about aviation and other things. i was talking to him yesterday, it's really difficult for him. that's why this is such a remarkable hour to watch. the special airs tonight at 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. don't miss it.
9:00 am
it's really emotional and also very uplifting in its own way. >> personal story that he's found the strength to tell, not many people do. thank you all for joining us today "@this hour." >> "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right now. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." it's 11:00 a.m. in norman, oklahoma. 13 hours and counting for students who used to be members of sigma alpha epsilon, out of the frat house. the issue, of course, that despicable display of racism by s.a.e. members who were heading into a founder's day party, that's the birthday of the fraternity. this just over the weekend.


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