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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  March 11, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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i would say that we believe that it's something that we can do. >> we're going to continue our coverage. brianna filling in for erin burnett burnett picks up our coverage right now. >> right now -- >> good evening. i'm brianna. let's go back to ferguson missouri where the mayor has announced that police chief thomas jackson has resigned. >> absolutely. >> you talk and evaluate the job he did as police chief after you read that doj report that scathing report about how he ran the police department? >> we continue to go through that report and talk about where the break down was. the chief being an honorable man decided we needed to talk about the way moving forward was with someone else. he left. that is not to say that's an
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indication of anything at that point. again, we want to go and we have been going through that report and identifying the break down. that breakdown can be at all different levels. as we continue to do that the important part is about how we can address that. what are the safeguards we can put into place. what changes do we need to do to put into place. those are the things we're focused on. >> is it fair to say the final decision would have to happen after the doj report or did you already know this was going to have to happen before the report came out? >> i think it's safe to say that all along we've said what is the best for the city. if you're asking was the chief planning on resigning before that report you'd have to ask the chief. obviously the decision was made after. this has been in conversation with the community leaders, others in the profession.
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i think it's important that we recognize that chief made this decision because he wanted to do this. he thought it was the best for the city and the police department. i think the chief will probably be willing to talk about it more in the coming weeks about what his thought process was over the past couple of weeks. >> when were you aware of his decision to step down? >> it was over the weekend that he and i had the conversation in which that conclusion was come to. >> he said last night his job was not being questioned. >> i didn't say his job -- >> his job was not in question at this point. >> well there were still things being negotiated out. as far as giving you any indication as was he gone or anything. again, you asked a question at
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the wrong time. let's put it that way. you asked the question before the decision was totally made. as far as the chief and his thought process that was something we talked about over the weekend. that's different from the city coming to the agreement. that was not done when i answered the question. >> in the last week or so your city's clerk has resigned city manager has designed -- >> the court clerk's. not the city clerk. i wish i got that. i wish people would let me put what i meant and not what i said. >> fair enough. a lot of major employees of the is city have stepped down. what will that mean for your city going forward that you have this -- >> i think that's why chief, one of the reasons the chief is staying around is because we think it's important that we have an orderly transition. we cannot have everybody just up
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and leave. the city has to function. the police department has to function. we're very committed to making sure all of those function properly. so part of that is the, the chief having a resignation in the future which will allow him to talk to his men. help plan for what that transition is and that's going to have to be done at several levels as we move forward. it's fair question. it's absolutely a fair question. that's why we're not just removing the chief -- i'm sorry the chief is not leaving immediately. we have been focusing on others to come in and help us on a temporary basis. there's a lot of good professionals to help us not just at the police department level but the city administration level. >> was his plans or after
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leaving ferguson? >> i mean no not yet. >> final question. >> severance. >> pardon me. >> is john also getting a year severance? >> yes. >> a lot of people say you should be the next person? >> didn't i tell you this last night? it was somebody else. i apologize. as mr. rosenbaum pointed out, somebody will have to be here to run the ship. i've been committed. the city council has been committed to making those reforms. i realize there's some people that still want a head or my head or other heads. i can understand they're going to say that. again, we're focused on how we can move this community forward. >> ladies and gentlemen, thank you. >> something wrong going on it's being talked about in this
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report valid? >> again, we're going through that report. those resignations are mutual decision both by the chief and the city manager. i think that their comments and resignation do say they admit no wrong doing. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> there you have it. you just heard the mayor of ferguson, missouri announcing this breaking news that ferguson's embattled police chief has resigned. calls for thomas jackson resignation has been growing. the shooting triggered nationwide protest which revealed the ferguson police department has a history of discrimination toward african-americans. sarah has been following this story for months. we see officials wrapping this up.
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what do you make of what you just heard having covered this story all this time? >> i heard a couple of things that were significant. you're hearing from the mayor on television and in front of cameras, there's no indication that they are going to fold. in other words, the department is going to either be taken over or dissolved. one of the big things that was on the chief's mind before he made this decision. the second thing i heard interesting. he talked about having consultants and they were looking at the information and telling them what they realistically have to do which to me gives some indication that perhaps some of that stuff, the city may fight. may look at and say this is not consistent. they are looking at consultants to try to help them do that. i do know from a source these consultants are familiar with how the doj works in other cases and how they treated other departments. they aring looking through this with a fine tooth comb every
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detail of this report. >> key points we just heard there. we learned a little bit about the man who will be replaced chief jackson in the interim. what can you tell us about him? >> luntsieutenant colonel eickhoff. he's not been charged with anything. he's been exonerated. officer wilson has nod been condemned by the doj or the grand jury. he's been at the department in a managerial position for a while but not long. we also heard from the mayor that he's respected by the other officers. whether or not he will be respected by the community the another thing. >> we just need you to resign. >> reporter: ferguson police chief said he's stepping down.
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he came under fire almost immediately after darren wilson a white ferguson police officer, shot and killed michael brown, an unarmed black teenager after the scuffle. the anger began on the first day when brown's body wasn't removed for four hours. >> the community perceived that as less than humanity. >> reporter: that initial anger grew when jackson refused to reveal the name of the police officer who shot and killed brown. nearly a week later when he did, named officer darren wilson jackson's department used the same news conference to release surveillance video of brown stealing a pack of cigars while shoving the store clerk. hours later jackson held a second press conference saying officer wilson did not actually know brown was the robbery suspect during their initial encounter sparking even more outrage. >> it's not right. >> you have a police chief that comes out and it sounded in the initial press conference, is he the police chief or the defense
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attorney. >> reporter: the missteps continued. a month later jackson recorded an apology. >> i'm truly sorry for the loss of your son. >> reporter: rejected by brown's family as too little, too late. that night he met with protesters agreeing to march with them but even that meeting turned ugly. despite all this jackson repeatedly said that he was the right man for the job. >> i intend to see this thing through. i've been working with a lot of community members to work on some progressive changes that will bring the community together. >> reporter: then last week the justice department released the results of its investigation into the ferguson police department. high traffic stops, searches and arrests of black people and several racist e-mails uncovered. some shared by two officer, another by the court clerk. the revelation the department raised city revenues to regressive ticketing with blacks being hit the hardest. jackson noting that one month
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the department passed 2 million mark for first time in history. i caught up with thomas jackson who would not respond to repeated requests for an interview. >> are you planning on resigning? >> i'll let you know. i've told you that. >> you haven't told us anything. >> what he told me in the months prior is he was considering resigning but he came out and said i'm going to stay the course. i'm going to stay in the position and now he has told everyone the city of course first that he is going to step down and that has happened now. >> a big headline today. thank you so much. now, we have jeff ward of the business manager for the city of st. louis police officers association. we have don lemon and we have patricia bines. you've been calling for a clean sweep of city officials. what's your reaction to the
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resignation today? >> immediately i felt this was long overdue. my real concern i just can't understand how he did not step down earlier, but we need to deal with the culture issue here to make sure whoever is coming in behind chief jackson is not a new face and a new name on the same type of issues. we need to seriously deal with the culture of the police department and the municipal courts and the way the city is run. him stepping down is good but long overdue. >> what else does it take? since the justice department report came out we've seen the city manager go a court clerk was fired, a municipal court judge resigned. who else do you think needs to go? >> when you read the report there's -- they highlight the director of finance sends memos to the police chief saying we really need some more revenue here. the person who oversees the budget and the finances for the city certainly needs to be somebody who doesn't feel that
4:13 pm
getting in touch with the police department to target more individuals is the way to get financing for the city. >> jeff did you see this resignation as necessary in order to bridge this huge casasm when it comes to the ferguson police department and trust? >> apparently tom did. tom has said repeatedly and publicly that he wanted to stay the course and be part of the solution going forward and the healing going forward. my reading of talking to folks in ferguson today and governmental capacities is tom thought his presence after the doj report would be more of a distraction than an opportunity to move forward. >> don -- >> patricia is right. there's a need for reform in the courts there. those e-mails should never have
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been tolerated. it's good that the mayor fired the folks or asked for the resignations when those were unearthed. tom jackson was accused initially being in command of a department where one of his officers gunned down a young black man in cold blood who was trying to surrender and the revelation is they write too many tickets and they write e-mails that were sent. >> that's what the whole michael brown uncovered that. the narrative about the police department having a disconnect and targeting people that came up very quickly after the killing of michael brown, almost as soon as we hit the ground in ferguson missouri. initially, yes, that's what they said he was in charge of the police department with an officer gunned down an unarmed black men. people said we're tired of the police department. we feel like they are overseers and we are the people that they
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are overseeing. the only interaction we have with them is when it's negative. >> community members, you spent a lot of time in ferguson is this what they wanted? >> yes, it's what they wanted. a will the of people called for the resignation of the mayor and they thought he would come out today. they've been calling for his resignation for longer today. they thought he would possibly resign. i think it's important, i think sara and sonni pointed out something important. we talk about those 26 recommendations from the department of justice, those aren't really recommendations. it's a nice way of saying this is what you must do in order to get your department in order. if they cannot financially support that that may mean the dissolution of that department. they have to figure out way to
4:16 pm
if i understand this. i don't think it's recommends dags recommendations. i think it's a nice way to say you need to do this. >> thanks to all of you for having this conversation with this breaking news. next, that racist fraternity chants. the song labelled a horrible cancer that's poisoned that fraternity for years. isis militants losing ground to iraqi and iranian forces as republican lawmakers charge the administration is making iraq a better place for iran. two secret service agents being investigated after reportedly crashing their car into white house security barriers. were they drunk. ?
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. new fall out from the university of oklahoma student leading his fraternity brothers in racist chant. sae is admitting that the chant has been a part of the fraternity chapter for years. the two students who led the singing about excludesing black students have been expelled. parker rice seen here in the video apologized but the backlash is reaching his hometown of dallas. protests are planned outside of his home. his family is in hiding due to threats. >> reporter: this disturbing chant out of the university of
4:21 pm
oklahoma's chapter is a symbol of a horrible cancer. enter the ou chapter of sae three to four years ago and was not immediately and totally stopped should have been. they added a statement they are truly sorry and sincerely remorseful. it's the latest in a string of apologies so surface in the fall out from this viral video. 19-year-old freshman parker rice released a statement to the dallas morning news saying he's deeply sorry for his actions calling them wrong and reckless. as for why he did it he says i admit it likely was fueled by alcohol consumed at the house before the bus trip. the song was taught to us be that doesn't work as an explanation. the parents of 20-year-old levi says their son is not a racist and issued an apology to the entire african-american community and the school saying
4:22 pm
he made a horrible mistake and will live with the consequences forever. we also know the depth of our son's character. he's a good boy but what we saw in those videos is disgusting. >> you have to see an individual continues to behave. >> reporter: christopher flick, says the apology falls short. >> it's almost like protecting and kind of overshadowing his role and his participation. it wasn't his parents that were chanting on the bus. it was him. he needs to say something. >> reporter: while parker rice may be sorry, he says the disgraced freshman needs to man up. >> i do forgive him and what he did. he needs to take full responsibility and not make the shift of placing blame on others. >> reporter: whether others will be held accountable is still unknown. the oklahoma state attorney general office released a statement saying they are working with the university. they are trying to determine if any state laws were violated and
4:23 pm
they say if that is the case if state laws were broken during the incident the state attorney general's office is prepared to take swift action and hold people accountable. >> thank you so much. the video of that racist chant was released by ou unheard. it's an african-american student group on campus. they received the video from an anonymous text. outfront tonight we have megan johnson. she's a junior at the university and a member of unheard. you've been a student at oklahoma for three years now. you saw this video. did it surprise you? >> the video honest li wasn't shocking to me. we experience forms, different forms of racism on our campus all the time. it wasn't shocking at all. >> you were not particularly surprised. we heard from your organization "unheard" a tweet. this is part of it. it said this is more than about
4:24 pm
sae. you're saying racism is an issue throughout campus. how have you seen that manifest and how widespread do you think it is? >> i wouldn't say it's widespread. i think right now we're focusing on are the actions of a few individuals within an organization that has gotten national attention. what we mean this is more than sae, we think the university of oklahoma needs to focus on diversity across our campus. it's not just a greek issue. it's campus wide effort to make ou more diverse and more inclusive place. >> if that's the goal i imagine that you've experienced maybe some racial insensitivity if not out right racism on campus. what's your experience been being on campus as a black student? >> being on campus as a black student, i've had a great
4:25 pm
experience. there are ways that it could be better. the university can do better. i've experienced some micro aggressions whether it's can you teach me how to twerk or can i touch your hair that hasn't been as pleasant. i think my overall experience has been a great one. >> who would ask you to teach them how to twerk? is this someone you know? is this like a random student who would ask you that? >> these are other students across campus. not necessarily in a classroom setting would i be asked teach me or can i touch your hair. different student organizations or around campus or a party or anything of that matter. >> okay. they're not realizing it comes off certainly as it is coming off to you and someone on the outside looking at it. we heard from one of the students here parker rice he's issued this apology. he mentioned the song was taugts to us. that was sort of shocking to some people. this is the frat admitting that
4:26 pm
it's a song that's been going on for years and years. do you think that maybe other students should be punished or well or do you think the punishment is sufficient? >> i think the punishment is sufficient. i think we should focus on making this a learning experience for the university and for all students across the campus to learn from the mistakes that he made and that we put initiatives in place so it never happens again. >> a learning experience. i love that phrase. i love your perspective on this as yurou're trying to take this and mover forward. thank you for talking with us. as iran takes a fighter role in fighting isis in iraq. law enforcement is asking has the administration made a deal with the devil? homeland security investigating two secret service agents. were they partying too hard when
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tonight, isis gaining ground
4:31 pm
in syria, staging a major assault on a strategic border town. in iraq it's a different story, isis losing ground thanks to iranian backed malitias. barbara starr outfront from the pentagon. >> reporter: 23,000 troops mainly iranian backed militia gaining ground against isis. the president's top diplomat to push for authority to fight isis. >> every single thing we're
4:32 pm
doing is to the ben fitsefit of iran. we're making iraq a better place for iran. >> reporter: iraqi troops still cannot conduct large scale operations on their own opinion iran's help and influence a major worry for the president's top military advisors. >> there's ways to promote a better iraq and ways they can wield that influence to create a state where they're no longer welcome. they would welcome our bombing. they want us to destroy isis. they want to destroy isis. >> reporter: a hit today that the u.s. role could grow. the pentagon looking at a no fly zone over parts of syria to protect u.s. backed rebels from being attacked. >> it was always my advice that
4:33 pm
we had to come to some conclusion to assure them they would be protected. the scope and scale of that protection is the part of this that's being actively debated. >> reporter: promising again that the u.s. does not want to send combat troops or make the fight a u.s. only one. >> the implications of that would be to aid in the recruitment to create a bigger problem than we face today. >> that's what they want. we're not getting suckered into that. >> reporter: isis undeterred releasing images of what it claims are its attacks more than 150 rounds of mortars and missiles nearly 20 car bombs. the u.s. has the obligation to protect the syrian rebels. it sends back into syria to fight. who's going to do it? president obama has ruled out u.s. troops on the ground in combat. that leaves air power and it's going to be a real question
4:34 pm
whether u.s. pilots will take on any increased role over syria. >> we have the national security editor for the he's a former cia iraq analyst. to you first buck. we saw barbara's piece. you have senator bob corker opening this hearing warning the u.s. is making iraq a bets ere place for iran. >> that's absolutely true. iran is rushing into a vacuum here. because of the fight against isis there's been a major destabilization inside iraq. the government is looking for allies. the government is generally considered to be a shia government. it's looking for allies in iran.
4:35 pm
we're hoping they can overcome this. that's not happening at all. right now you have an iranian army on the march. this creates major problems in a sunni area. >> how do you stop iran here? if you're not open to u.s. boots on the ground how else do you stop iran from expanding its hold? >> historically iran has been stopped repeatedly by the turks and their sunni arab supporters. we'll see something like that happen again. right now we're hated and despised by all of the sunni
4:36 pm
arabs by having installed them in power. that's a very dangerous thing. there are 1.8 million people in mosul and they are overwhelmingly sunni arabs. we really don't want to be part of that fight. we would be better off staying out of it. >> is there a solution? does the u.s. just throw its hands up in the air? >> we have been largely staying out of it. that's one of the decisions people are critical of this administration for taking.
4:37 pm
iran is rushing in. we're seeing a mid point result of what happens. >> short of some major occupation of u.s. troops do you think the u.s. would have been able to stem this. it would have been in a better position to stop where we are. what to do now, the colonel is right this is just playing out day by day. that's what's happening here. we have seen this before in iraq. it was very difficult for u.s. troops 150,000 plus of them to get that to stop. we're heading right back there right now with iraq. allowing them to retake parts of this country held by isis is not going to happen. he's correct. the majority city over a million people there. in those areas the tensions would make recruits for the islamic state. people who aren't fighting for them are saying the militias are
4:38 pm
coming for me. they have engaged in sectarian reprisals. they haven't forgotten that. that's still happening this bits and pieces. it will probably accelerate nor ground they take. >> given time it will implode. it's an impossible way to live. isis is already losing ground and support because the sunni arabs that live around it don't support it. if we become involved we will mobilize sunni arabs against it. we'll probably rescue isis from defeat. i don't think we should involve ourselves in war that has nothing to do with us. >> there we have it.
4:39 pm
thank you so much. next new images of the final night on the run akiezccused of killing a police officer as swat closed on them. we have breaking news. secret service agents reportedly crashed their car into white house barriers. men assigned to protect the president driving drunk.
4:40 pm
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two secret service agents are under investigation after crashing a car into white house security barriers. this happened after the agents were drinking at a late night party. to make matters worse one of the agents is a top member of president obama's protective detail. michelle what more can you tell us about this incident we're just learning about it? >> reporter: these are two high level agents. the other was a supervisor. the secret service when we're talking to officials tonight are not confirming any of these details that are in the washington post article that broke this story a short time ago. they're not disputing any of the details either. what the article says is on march 4th at night, these two agents were coming back from a party. there's an allegation they were
4:44 pm
drinking. it was a retirement party for a spokesperson. they were trying to get through the barriers. according to the article they were showing their badges but they went through the tape that was part of the barricade and crashed into one of the temporary barriers that had been set up. to add to the strangeness of this story it's also being alleged that officers there who witnessed this wanted to not only arrest the two secret service agents but have them tested to see if they were sober or not. the supervisor who was there ordered they be allowed to go home. what's happened now is the two agents have been reassigned to non-supervisory roles. the secret service is saying it's not temporary.
4:45 pm
the director of the secret service ordered the inspector general within the department of homeland security will be one to investigate a real embarrassment for the secret service. >> thank you. we know you'll continue to follow this developing story. next new surveillance video just in to cnn capturing the boston bombers killing a police officer. jurors get a close up look at their deadly pressure cooker bomb. jenni most with dash cam video of this high speed bail out. hundreds of pounds of pot hitting the streets.
4:46 pm
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talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work breaking news. key evidence in the boston marathon bombing trial just released to the public. we're seeing these images for the first time. parts of one of the pressure cookers that was detonated near the finish line and also surveillance video of a police officer the moment that he was killed. dzhokhar tsarnaev faces capital murder charges for allegedly carrying out the terror attack nearly two years ago with his brother, tamerlan that killed 4 people and wounded 260 others. deborah feyerick is outfront in
4:50 pm
boston. >> you can see these men contact law enforcement. >> reporter: hours after the fbi released the tsarnaev brothers photos just before 10:30 tuesday night, two men approached m.i.t. police officer in his cruiser. calls come into m.i.t. dispatch. >> it sounds like something is hitting a trash can really loud or there's a cruiser that's right by there. >> all right. we'll check it out. >> reporter: in that cruiser, officer collier, shot multiple times, not responding to either radio or cell call. the sergeant arrived. collier has a slight pulse, but is bleeding badly. he frantically performs cpr, trying to save him. gun visible on the gun handle.
4:51 pm
dzhokhar tsarnaev and tamerlan tsarnaev was tripped locked in his holster. he testified seeing a young guy leaning into the cruiser, quote, he snapped up and turned around. he looked startled. i made eye contact. he had a big nose. he was wearing a dark sweatshirt and hat. asked whether that man was in court, the student pointed, identifying dzhokhar tsarnaev. tsarnaev flanked by his lawyers watched video described as him and his brother running from the murder scene. earlier in the day, the jury along with tsarnaev were shown bomb components including a twisted 8 inch piece of a pressure cooker. bee bees and nails to sh shrapnel and the backpack found in the middle of the marathon route. and prosecutors are moving very quickly through their case. they have had 40 witnesses in
4:52 pm
just five days. there's been very little cross examination bizarre naivey tsarnaev's lawyers. there is questions about his twitter account. this case could be over months before anticipated. >> wow. and deb, tell us a little bit about dzhokhar tsarnaev. he's been pretty stoic throughout this process. how is he today? >> reporter: stoic and disengaged. he hasn't really showed much response at all. when the fbi showed the photos of him and his brother the day they were released asking the public for help, you could see see tsarnaev leaning in to the images and then after the video was played of him and his brother running across the mit campus both toward the officer and then away from the officer, the lawyers didn't really ask if he was okay. not clear whether things are all of the sudden beginning to
4:53 pm
register because he's shown little emotion but when you heard the testimony of those fellow colleagues of shawn collier talked about how they responded, what they saw, the fact that their friend was bleeding. it was very very quiet. almost unusually quiet with very heavy pauses as the officers tried to gather their thoughts. br brianna? >> thank you, up next. jeanne moos with criminals who put the "high" in high speed chase. denver international is one of the busiest airports in the country. we operate just like a city and that takes a lot of energy. we use natural gas throughout the airport - for heating the entire terminal generating electricity on-site and fueling hundreds of vehicles. we're very focused on reducing our environmental impact. and natural gas is a big part of that commitment.
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each day was fueled by thorough preparation for events to come. well somewhere along the way emily went right on living.
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but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. ...which meant she continued to have the means to live on... ...even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. tonight's money and power, a marijuana operation goes to pot. authorities say two suspects are out about $394,000 after hurling 21 bails after marijuana out of their suv windows during a police chase. savvy street smarts or just
4:58 pm
plain stupid? here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: it was just another high-speed chase until the suspect started tossing the evidence. out the right side out the left. these suspects are bailing all right. those are bales of marijuana. what do you think their strategy was here? >> well it's not a good strategy. this is one for the dumb criminal case. >> reporter: most bales bounce. a couple of them burst. the sheriff of pinow county arizona, thinks -- >> they were trying to make a stop somehow by causing a wreck. >> reporter: that never happened though 21 bales were jet sonned. talk about pot luck. police believe four or five drivers who just happened to be passing by managed to grab some of the tossed marijuana and they didn't turn it in. after reaching speeds of 110 miles an hour the suv ran over spike strips laid by deputies.
4:59 pm
>> he just tossed his cell phone backward. >> reporter: watch the tires of suv shred. the suspects ran for it. at least one of the men is from mexico. they were arrested on marijuana charges. this isn't the first evidence to fly out a window. two suspects in britain were caught on dash cam heaving packets of heroin before they were finally forced off the road. but it can be messy trying to throw drugs out the window of a moving car. the driver of this vw tried hurling a bag of heroin only to end up dusting his interior. and then there were the san diego suspects who flung thousands of dollars in cash after a drug deal went wrong. motorists tried scooping up the bills. one even stopped in the middle of the freeway. >> how much you get, man? >> i don't know. >> are you going to keep it? >> i don't know. >> reporter: that's not what they mean by throwing money at infrastructure.
5:00 pm
and this isn't what causes potholes. jeanne moos cnn, new york. >> she stole my pothole joke. i had that earlier. thank you so much for joining us. "ac360" starts right now. hey, good evening. thanks for joining us. a very full night ahead starting with four words: secret service and not again. yep. another embarrassing incident from the outfit that let the guy jump the fence and allow someone else to take shots and someone else fly a drone on the grounds of the white house. another incident from the agency that just replaced its director and appeared to be cleaning house. this latest chapter involves two agents their car wreck at the white house allegedly booze. michelle kosinski not far from the white house. it's pretty incredible the details emerging. >> reporter: the secret service isn't confirming any of


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