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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  March 13, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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't think elizabeth warren is running though. that's it for me. you can follow us on twitter. tweet me. please be sure to join us again monday right here in "the situation room." you can watch us live or dvr the show so you won't miss a moment. thanks very much for watching. erin burnett outfront starts right now. tonight, a massive man hunt is on in ferguson. this is as the mayor tells cnn he will stay in the office and quote, the will of the people. the fraternity that was kicked off of campus hires the attorney who defended oklahoma bomber timothy mcvey. will he get them back to fraternity row? russia's new long range missile will be able to strike the u.s. homeland. that's the mystery surrounding as vladmir putin's disappearance grows. let's go outfront.
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good evening. tonight, a massive man hunt under way. police in ferguson chasing several active leads in the shooting of two officers. a police official referred to a search for shooters, potential multiple suspects. he vowed to stay on the job but after the resignations this week by ferguson city manager, a judge, a court clerk, two officers and the police chief. many are calling for him to be the first to step down. we have jason carol out front tonight in ferguson. tell us what you're hearing from police tonight as they are trying to track down these suspects plural we learned today. >> they do have leads.
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that's for sure. his investigators will work orn the clock. they will not stop until they find the person or persons responsible for this shooting. >> reporter: police chief said the investigation into whoever shot two police officers is their number one priority. they have questioned several people. >> it's hard to speculate what kind of nexus may have regarded the shooters or any individuals who have been out there. police radio calls from wednesday night moments show not only the traumatic sequence of events that unfolded but also reveal how investigators develop leads in the case. >> the shots came from the
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corner house and the street that's across they came from in front of that house. tippin aver is located across from the ferguson police department. as for the house on the corner there's two homes. unclear which home the officer is referring to. there was this police radio transmission from that night. >> white chevy vehicle leaving the scene at a high rate of speed. a female driver with long braids. >> reporter: that led police to this house about half mile away early thursday. they surrounded it and took three people into custody. >> i open the door and scoot back. i look at my chest and it's a red dot on it. i have my hands up and start crying. i said i opened the door. >> reporter: later after many hours of questioning, all three, including turner were released. no charges filed against them.
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the chief says at the time investigators thought they had a solid lead. >> as you might imagine there's also sorts of information that comes in regarding investigation especially of this magnitude. when that happens and we have the obligation to follow up on those. >> reporter: chief bellmar said this investigation is critical. he says his investigator will -- >> growing list of police officers injured. in the line of duty. martin is outfront.
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>> reporter: ter republican green described as ambushed while responding to shots fired in neighborhood. last december two nypd officers were shot to death sitting in their police car and in ferguson thursday morning two police officers seriously wounded. it's not just the danger. highly publicized deaths at michael brown and tony robinson have fueled anti-police feeling and triggered federal scrutiny much to the anger of david clark. >> a little late now for eric holder to come out and call the people who shot these police officers st. louis finest called them punks. why didn't he use that term when talking about michael brown. >> reporter: if police are hated and hunted you might think no one would want the job but the experts and numbers say otherwise. atlanta police recently posted positions for 200 new police officers. they received more than 5,000
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applications. in nearby de kalb county officials heard of recruiting concerns but. >> i haven't seen any data to suggest that. that's all kind of -- here it depends on where you are. >> reporter: some departments and agencies have reported difficulty finding minority candidates. they don't blame ferguson. as for sheriff clark it's not the cops of tomorrow he's worried about. it's the ones who wear the uniform tonight. >> war has been declared on the american police officer. >> reporter: that doesn't mean cops should be warriors according to new york police commissioner who prefers a different role. >> the whole basis is the amount idea of guardians, symbol of the badge as a shield is the idea the shield is to protect the officer but the officer is the cheeld for the community.
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guardian describes ter republican green. a cop who gave his life protecting the community he served. one senior law enforcements said in the long run he doesn't expect the controversies or the dangers to have an impact on police recruit inging it's more like a calling to which people are drawn not because of salary or public perception, they are drawn by the desire to make a difference. back to you. >> thank you. matthew fog is a retired deputy marshal. we heard from the milwaukee county sheriff. he said in the peace war has been declared on the american police officer. how do you respond to that? >> i don't think that's true that war has been declared. i think police officers do have
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calling and there's a job. it is dangerous job but it's a job we accept when we take on that badge and gun. i did it for 32 years. i had opportunities where i could have shot people. been involved in a lot of operations. it's something i welcomed. i think we're in a different time when it comes down to things that are coming to surface when it comes down to racial issues but the job is still the same. >> what do you think, neil? >> i agree with the cleef. i don't think that it is just a job. i think the men and women who put on these service belts every day do it for something more than the money and the benefits. studying the numbers regarding who's coming into the academy and whether or not we have seen a decrease in the academies. i know in the city of st. louis we had one class that graduated in august. we started another class in
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october. we're getting ready to start another one now. we haven't seen a decrease in applications. i think that's interesting. >> right. i want to rekrit something that matthew said in this idea of race coming to the forefront. if you have someone being ticketed or being pulled over for no reason they are feeling and perhaps very rightly so it's because they're black. is it not surprising that they're feeling targeted and they're angry. >> i have some real issues with that report. it will take me a long time to go over the issues that i have. we have to recognize there are problems and in this country we have problems with race. i could drill down into that
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report. if i had an opportunity to put the author of this report on a witness stand for an hour we might have a little different vision of things. that's not just me. >> when we look at that report that report was done by sophisticated investigators. the problem is in america when we start to see these issues that are brought forest that shows problems in that department. i don't know how you can even question it. there were serious problems. i see that all across america. i work with lapd chicago, miami. i've been with operations all over america. i seen with my own eyes the policing a lot of times there's things you can do.
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there is real problem. there's a lot of officers that are saying that. we just formed an organization called the national coalition for law enforcement officers for justice and accountability. the biggest thing is these are cops coming together saying we all recognized it around the country. >> sort of self-policing in a way there. neil, something i was really interested to learn is you don't encourage people who are interested in becoming police officers to necessarily join up. >> i have a lot of young people who will say can you help me get into the police academy. my response is yes, but are you sure you want to do that. i ask them that question because this is a different world that we live in today. good bad or indifferently, it's changing world. i think that police officers are under fire literally and
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figuratively. >> matthew what would you say to a young person who wants to join the force? >> i would say that's a great opportunity if you want to go out there. it's a job. you do put your life on the line. that's what we get paid for. it's a risk. when you talk about adding the racial issue in there, that's also a way where your life can be in danger. it's both ways yes. we have to look a t the whole paradigm and say how can we fix this so we don't have these racial issues.
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the fraternity disbanded is now fighting back. that sigma alpha episolon chapter has filed a lawsuit. he says fraternity brothers are facing death threats and some have been physically asauled. >> reporter: the reaction to the reaction ochtxction of the infamous reaction. stephen joan stephen jones is high powered legal fixture. he's won first amendment cases.
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jones says he's not threatening a lawsuit yet. >> we believe that working together in a positive manner we can find a solution that is acceptable to everyone to make this a teachable moment and an education moment for what is seriously a flawed incident. >> reporter: they acted too swiftly in shutting down sae's house and expelling two students. for ou african-american students and others the video was anger inducing and in some ways satisfying shining a light onto racism they know is there but often impossible to prove. >> what sort of environment did that video create on campus? >> a lot of students who feel
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this way and speak like this behind doors. it opened up and exposed a lot of those bones in their closets. >> reporter: the threats against sae members is terrible but without the university's swift action the anger across the entire university would have been worse. >> if they were on campus say now, it would definitely create a more violent environment than it would have been if they were removed. >> reporter: they yanked the charter and they gave them 48 hours to clear out and expelled two students seen in the video. cnn legal analyst says if stephen jones had a stronger case he'd been talking tougher. >> he's talking about a gentleman's agreement. is that possible? >> it's possible but lawyers who talk about gentlemen's
4:20 pm
agreements know they don't have a chance in court otherwise they'd be saying we think we can win. >> reporter: the national sae organization said they were dwrang yanking the charter for at least four years. it's not clear there will befully other information coming to turn that around. >> we'll be waiting to see if that changes. tonight, we have cnn legal analyst and we have joey jackson, hln legal analyst. both are criminal defense attorneys. this is the question does the university have the right to do this. are they on solid legal ground here? >> when it comes to the two expelled students that's one. can they kick the fraternity off
4:21 pm
campus? i think there's an argument to be made that students have a property interest in their education and corporates have interpreted that to mean they also have a property right in where they live. by on campus i mean is it part of the university. have we kicked the students out of their dorm. if so they may have a property interest and may be entights led to due process. that mean a hearing. many didn't get that hearing. they were kicked off campus. the attorney they hired now may pursue that avenue that they had some due process right to hearing before being tossed off campus. no video surfaced of the majority of those students singing any racist chant. >> they will not per vail. >> you think the university is on really sound footing here? >> i do. i think the university had an affirmative obligation to act and if they didn't act they would be in a worse legal position.
4:22 pm
let me explain. you have title 6 and it says there can't be any discrimination as it relates to getting federal funding. in the event you don't speak out against this and you don't swiftly act, if you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem. are you then accepting of your students? that's one basis. title vi empowers them to act. the next thing you have to look at is is student code of conduct. in the event other people feel harmed in any way then the university is empowered to act. let's get to the issue of due process. it means two things. notice and an opportunity to be heard. you're on notice that you have to vacate. the opportunity to be heard can be there. it need not be before i take action. there's nothing in the institution or anywhere else that says i cannot summaryily act and you challenge that later. i think when they challenge it they will lose. >> that's talking about getting kicked off the campus.
4:23 pm
you have the case of an ou football star accused of sexually assaulting a female student there. why do you have that happening and then you have in the case of racist chants you have full expulsion. there seem to be discrepancy. >> somewhat. between title vi and title ix the government has put pressures on universities the hold these tribunals with no rules other than to find students guilty.
4:24 pm
completely inconsistent results. that's why you have an example of one student getting maybe rep remanded and another student getting kicked off. >> any conduct that's offensive to the student community whether dealing with rain issues or anything else should not occur. that being said the instances are different how? the reality is the united states supreme court has said that in the event that an action takes place that impairs or disruptionsdisruptions the education of anyone else but the reality is the school has a right to remove the student. the difference is and we tauklked
4:25 pm
about this. he said there's death threats. imagine and envision the school taking no action. there's rioting students saying remove there. there has to be a swift action. they took the action. in this case i think it was proper. >> if you get bad press and a lot of attention then your sentence will be worse? >> joey's right. even the federal government, the department of education has recognized that you cannot trample on first amendment rights while doing so. these university codes that joey is talking about, absolutely the university is basing the expelgs expulsions on university codes but they are routinely overturned add unconstitutional for being vague or overbroad.
4:26 pm
>> we'll see which one of you is right. not against you guys no. i wouldn't do that. we'll see which one of you is right in this case. thanks so much to both of you. next a u.s. admiral warns that a new long range russian missile could strike inside the u.s. but after the russian president's recent public appearances were cancelled, where is vladmir putin. president obama's hand picked director of the secret service, joseph clancy is in the hot seat. can he survive the latest hit to his agency? okay...listen up. i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. ohhhh.
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rumors are swirling about the health of the russian president after a week of cancels meet meetings and failure to appear in public. barbara starr reports from the
4:31 pm
pentagon. >> reporter: defending against vladmir putin's russian military aggression is about to get harder. the head of nor ad warning a new generation could strike critical military radars and missiles inside the united states. sgr the twomt has a very long that from the russian to eastern russia they can range critical infrastructure in alaska and canada that we rely on for homeland defense. >> reporter: it's a none-nuclear long range. it's 2,000 plus long range gives the ability to fire. it flies low and is difficult to detect. >> if we don't have the abilities to detect it we can't defend against it. that means not just alaska is at
4:32 pm
risk but even the eastern united states from potential missile launches in the atlantic. will face increased risk in our ability to defend north america against russian air. russia has doubled this long range bare bomber patrols around u.s. coastlines in the last year. now ten a year. more than 100 around university. the most since the cold war. it's only worried through the line of vladmir putin's intense focus military. >> there are those dual use weapon systems that could very easily be nuclear or none
4:33 pm
nuclear. it's very tough. this is very worrisome. >> reporter: no one is suggesting that moscow is about to attack the united states any time soon. what about those increased air patrols. it's intelligence gathering exercise by the russians pinging to see how u.s. air fighters respond. the chess game goes on. >> we have former cia operative bob behr and rick francona. he's joining us via skype. how concerned should the u.s. be about this? >> i think it bears concern but let's not overplay this.
4:34 pm
we spend seven times what the russians do. our forces are vastly superior. they are operating very old equipment. when we see them modernizing cruise missile capability that's something we need to look at. it has a counter part nuclear weapon as well. it can be used to deliver either a conventional warhead or nuclear warhead. it does give them increasing capability combined with aggress iness. we need to be watching this. i don't think this is something we need to be worried about of an attack tomorrow. >> it is very a discomforting thought that the abilities that russia's possessing them. bob you have a lot of people saying this has bit of a deja vu feeling to it. this could be sort of a cold war, i guess, rerun in way.
4:35 pm
>> i think we have to look at the ukraine. putin is furious. they were pushing nato on the ukraine. he looks at crimia is part of russia. building cruise missiles we're not on our way to our new cold ware but we're seeing putin push back. i don't think we should be surprised. it's the kind of tension we should be watching all the time. we have to lower the tone here. >> what is this? is this just putin? is this just russia saying hey, u.s. >> he want to be relevant. he wants to be a world player. he wants russia to regain its possessionpo
4:36 pm
position as a super power. hooe going to be pushing his weight around. these aircraft flights massive increase. you have seen russian navy atropy or gaining their former self. it is of concern. this is vladmir putin using what he has. >> we haven't seen him recently. he's a bit of a showman. shirtless pictures ga lor. it's been a week since we have seen him in public. what do you think might be going on here? >> it sounds like the cold war when the soviet leaders used to disappear for long times. there's no evidence he's sick. he does control russia with firm
4:37 pm
communication. he can do it. the problem we have with moscow intelligence is it's not very good. we spent the last ten years fighting the war on terror. our knowledge of what's going on in the cremlin is pretty dismal. >> he has this heavy hand when it comes to the government. if he were to get sick who would fill the void? >> i'm sure he's grooming someone in the meantime. we have to pay attention.
4:38 pm
next new information about the night that two secret service agents reportedly drove into white house barriers. why did it take five days for the agency's director to learn about it. jurors saw some gruesome video ahead. will he be able to avoid the death penalty? shall we dine? [ chuckle ] you wouldn't expect an insurance company to show you their rates and their competitors' rates but that's precisely what we do. going up! nope, coming down. and if you switch to progressive today you could save an average of over 500 bucks. stop it. so call me today at the number below. or is it above? dismount! oh, and he sticks the landing!
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he's have to explain what happened on march 4th when two senior officers hit a white house security barrier with their car disrupting a bomb investigation. his latest book is the first family detail. thanks so much for being with us. i want to know why it took five days for the direct tor, for
4:43 pm
direct director clancy to learn about this incident. why do you think it happened and what does it tell you? >> it tells you clancy has done nothing to reform the secret service. he was on capital hill talking about the problems when there was an intrusion. he was asked why did the secret service false information about the intrusion that this individual stopped at the door that he was unarmed. that was false. he was asked about that. whether the individuals involved were being held accountable. he said no that wasn't a lie. that was just some error.
4:44 pm
there's this culture in the secret service of retaliating against agents who report problems or threats and in turn agents who go long who don't report problems are the ones who are rewarded with promotion. you have this culture. i go into it in my book, the first family detail with dozens of other examples. service to run his agency.
4:45 pm
i think everyone recognizes this agency is in big trouble. when you have any organization in big trouble you bring in someone from the outside there's it's an agency to shake it up. clancy just shuffled them aside to some other job where the agents hired prostituted in columbia a story that i broke, they were put on administrative leave. already, you're seeing a reference for these high ranking agents and a supervisor who wanted to arrest them and give them sobriety tests that's intolerable.
4:46 pm
we're talking about a possible assassination. >> that's the point you're making this is really a safety issue. we know you think it's the safety of the president in jeopardy. thank you so much. next with this after a week of damming video evidence can tsarnaev escape the delt. it's a bird it's plane. it's super ewin. >> i have like three or four back up capes.
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only six days of testimony in the boston bombing trial on a slew of damning evidence already released including never before seen video showing the moment one of the backpacks exploded two years ago at the marathon. some photos so gruesome one juror was brought to tears. will dzhokhar tsarnaev receive the death penalty in this case? deborah feyerick has the story. >> reporter: these are the images saw last. carjacked by the boston bombers, racing away from his captors, frantically begging a store clerk to call 9-1-1 before crawling to a storeroom to hide. >> he's crazy. he have guns.
4:51 pm
they want to shoot me. >> reporter: before the marathon attack three days earlier. meng tefred that tamerlan tsarnaev pointed a gun at him and said do you know the boston marathon explosion? i did it and i just killed a policeman in cambridge. >> all units down. all >> reporter: shot once between the eyes. surveillance video shows the brake lights flash as tries to steal collier's gun. the confrontation lasts 50 seconds, before the brothers run away. >> it sounds like someone is hitting a trash can really loud. >> reporter: later, the prosecutors in pain staking detail showing how the investigation unfolded with the fbi releasing these images of the suspected bombers. two men in baseball hats carrying backpacks walking
4:52 pm
together through marathon crowds. dzhokhar stops first, taking his place behind several families and children. tamerlan walks to the finish line where he stands just below the red and white flag. several minutes later at 2:49 p.m., dzhokhar calls his brother and then. [ boom ] dzhokhar moves quickly away from the backpack he's left on the ground as his bomb detonates, the energy seems to push him forward. tamerlan is captured on bank surveillance video walking away. the wounded lay shattered, torn open on the ground. three people are dead. 30 are so severely wounded they are clinging to life. the jury heard from trauma nurse jessica kenski who saw her husband's detached leg and tried to help him not realizing she herself was on fire. prosecutors showed her burned clothing. it matches my scars, she testified. both of her legs now amputated.
4:53 pm
then 23 minutes after the terror attack across the charles river in cambridge, dzhokhar tsarnaev enters the whole foods and pays cash for a half gallon of milk. that night, he tweets ain't no love in the heart of the city. stay safe people. within 72 hours, tamerlan would be dead and dzhokhar tsarnaev would be hiding in a dry dock boat writing a manifesto explaining why he and his brother did what they did. >> deb feyerick with us now. this was not just a gripping but a sort of almost raising the blood pressure kind of week in court. what are we expecting? >> reporter: there's absolutely no question. people are on the edge of their seats listening. people are very emotional and seasoned law enforcement officers are weeping because it's just so powerful. next week we're expected to hear about the watertown shootout. that is when they've been identified because of this young man who so heroically got out of
4:54 pm
that car, possibly other attacks. there was a huge shootout because they were able to identify the suv that they were driving, they found them. we're expected to hear a lot of audio. we're expected to hear testimony from the police officer who basically took his car, rolled it down the street using it as protection and then hearing that dzhokhar actually running over his brother. when officers had him down on the ground trying. it was dramatic. >> dzhokhar has been responding to more of the testimony. we'll see how that goes next week as well. deb, thank you so much. next the pint-sized super hero tackling homelessness and hunger one sandwich at a time.
4:55 pm
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hey, girl. is it crazy that your soccer trophy is talking to you right now? it kinda is. it's as crazy as you not rolling over your old 401k. cue the horns... just harness the confidence it took you to win me and call td ameritrade's rollover consultants. they'll help with the hassle by guiding you through the whole process step
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by step. and they'll even call your old provider. it's easy. even she could do it. whatever, janet. for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this. an 8-year-old has an idea to help detroit get back on track. erin has this story. >> reporter: blgeing a super hero is every boy's dream. for ewan it's more than just a fantasy. >> i'm super ewan.
4:59 pm
>> he said when i grow up or am a teenager i would like to help the homeless. i would like to take them food and clothes. said, you don't have to wait. you can do that now. >> reporter: may not be able to fly but detroiters in a grim reality. unemployment rate 12.2%. >> when me and my dad and mom were going down in detroit to i think eat somewhere and i saw the people living on the streets. >> reporter: they started out small. a family project. handing out food from the back of their car. >> i make all the sandwiches here and then we pack up and then go down to detroit. >> reporter: less than a year later, drum has his own non-profit called super ewan. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> reporter: he has two distribution centers and with doe nations from super fans they're helping as many as 135 people a month. >> it's starting to really click for him that we give because we
5:00 pm
have and there are times we did not have and somebody gave to us. >> super man usually has a cape on when he goes to help people. i have like three or four back-up capes. >> thanks so much for joining us. "ac360" starts now. good evening. thanks for joining us. in ferguson missouri the manhunt continues in the investigation of shooting of two police officers. police chief said detectives are working around the clock following a number of leads. we'll have the latest on that and a live report from ferguson where sara sidner spoke with the mayor but first we begin tonight with new and disturbing revelations about how v.a. hospitals are treating the people who serve this country and the ways they continue to fail them. it's an issue this program has been focused on for almost a year on. secret waiting lists at v.a. hospitals with sometimes deadly consequences. president obama


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