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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  March 14, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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clemmons. don't mind. what exactly you are see egi spoke an hour
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because the this morning i had to go by about 50 miles hitting a now. and really incredibly angry. and normal it's very beautiful. destination. >> when you went to the town center this morning, how were winds, how was -- how was the
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weather holding up. still very dangerous i imagine if you're see egroads being blocked and that sort of thing. >> can you say that again? >> of course. a not a problem. i was just asking you, you told me you were saying you went to the town center this morning. how were conditions there? it's still quite dangerous given the fact that yousds power lines are out. is it dangerous? >> there's nothing that was still strong gale force wintsds. there was definitely dangerous from the winds and it debris being pushed around. this is a tropical country. there are coconut trees laden with heavy coconuts which could produce damage as well. people in the town were in a state of shock. homes have been destroyed and community infrastructure medical centers and skills have been damaged.
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the people of vanuatu are very experienced with emergenciesment they ever had problems. practiced dealing with earthquakes and tsunamis. the strength of this one has exceeded people's ability, probably to cope for a traditional method. >> so our viewers are aware. you are unicef as you look at this picture right now, what worried you the most. >> at this point, we really need to get some good information about what the needs are. you know for example, there's a measles outbreak here and people are gathering together at shelters so we need to make sure that doesn't spread further what these people who are together. so we have a specialist who will be attending that. there is huge needs for shelter, huge needs for water and sanitation and of course things like getting children
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back into school and back on track with their education. we know from experience the school is one of the fastest ways to help the recover from the traumatic experience like this. >> she joins us from unicef thank you very much stay safe and best of luck there. let's get more on the storm and devastation it brought to the islands. our meteorologist is at the world weather center. you heard her say it's almost like a bomb went off. gale winds still very strong. >> it is slowly starting to weaken which is good news. but just gathering that information that alice was talking about, this is bringing back very similar characteristics and similar reminders of what was the strongest supertyphoon to impact the philippines back in 2013. that was a strong category 5 as well. this is actually the second strongest storm to make landfall
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since supertyphoon haiyan over a year ago. this is what it looks like after it crossed over the capital city. it made landful in the morning with winds of 325 kilometers per hour. equivalent to a category 5 hurricane. al tearing down people's houses and their livelihoods. this will take months if not years to rebuild from this devastating tropical cyclone. on top of this we have also had not only the strong winds and coastal storm surge, but weave had excessive rain that's led to localized flooding. this is the data we've found,b you can see at that eye wall made its way across port villa they had 230 millimeters.
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they're monthly average 330 millimeters. we've got 70% of their monthly rainfall in matter of 48 hours. here's the latest on the storm, 250 kilometer sustained winds. this is still a strong category 4 equivalent. you can see the last part of the rain bands moving away from port vila. this is roughly 400 kilometers southeast of caldonia. it is going to weaken. and we will see it become more disorganized as it encountered colder water. as we'll date later on in the show we will look for this to bring rough weather to the north island of new zealand. >> i'm guessing it will take a couple of days before it can assess the damage. thank you very much. >> thank you. i'll turn your attention to the front lines of the fight against isis. forces in iraq pushing to take
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bake tikrit. at least one witness described the fighting as intense and reinforcements had to be sent in. officials believe attacking ramadi friday was a retaliation for the operation in tikrit. isis blew up an iraqi army base killing more than 40 soldiers. u.s. and coalition forces launched 11 new air strikes againstize in iraq syria thursday into friday. air strikes hit multiple isis targets near cubonny in syria. in iraq coalitions forces hit four cities including mosul. a new release video appears to show three british teenager before they crash a turkish border into isis. also making a cameo in this video is a man turkish officials say helped them. atika shubert explains. >> reporter: they're faces
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clearly identifiable. the 16-year-old and 15-year-old they transfer from one car to another in turkeyy. syria, is less than an hour away. this video is believed to have been taken on february 19th, just two days after the british schoolgirls landed innisten istanbul. there are two people seen in the video. this is the man arrested by turkish authorities for smuggling the girls in. he also shot this video. turkey says he was working for western intelligence. they are people who work for both sides, people who work for intelligence services said turkey's foreign minister. the recent example is the person who helped three british girls to cross into syria. he worked in the intelligence services of a country in the coalition. i am not saying he is a citizen of this country, he is a certainen citizen. he works for the intelligence
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agency of a country who is a member of a coalition. complicated is an understatement. turkey is irked by suggestion,s it's not doing enough to stop isis supporters from crossing its border into syria. britain's security services are under scrutiny for failing to warn the parents their daughters were at risk. already interviewed by police. now allegations the girls were helped across the border by a spy. no coalition government has commented. at the center of this are three teen age schoolgirls to be in the isis stronghold of raqqa. their family has made no statement since the arrest in turkey. one can only imagine their distress to see the girl's faces. hear the uncertainty in their voices and wonder where they are now. atika shubert, cnn, london. now chinese fighter jets are patrolling the country's
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border with myanmar after a bomb was dropped. it killed four people and wounded nine others on friday. that's according to the chinese state agency. the ambassador in bijang. caling on myanmar to open an investigation and quote, punish the perpetrator. myanmar forces having battling ethnic rebels in the border region across from the province in recent weeks. still to come israeli voters head to the polls next week. and the country's current prime minister could be in jeopardy in keeping his roll. the resignation of ferguson's mayor says he's not going anywhere.
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now israeli voters go to the polls on tuesday. new election polls indicate the party is expanding its lead of benjamin netanyahu party. one of the polls by channel 2 news israel indicates the zionist union will take 26 seats in israel's parliament. while the other will take 22. the vote is set for this tuesday. our global affairs correspondent takes a closer look at the key
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factors in israeli elections, especially the domestic issues that are most important to voters. >> reporter: deepening tensions with washington israeli voters head to the polls facing stark choices that will shape israel's fate on the world stage h world powers are moving towards a nuclear deal with iran. if that deal goes forward, many here fear israel will find itself in the middle of a nuclear arms race in the middle east. without a deal the iranian nuclear threat grows. either way the next prime minister may be forced to consider military action if iran's threat continues. israel counts on the united states to help maintain its security. chrks is why israeli sees close ties with washington as one of their top preorts. ties with the united states has
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grown tense. the u.s. is also voiced frustration with continued israeli settlement activity something that's caused tension between israel and europe. for six years under the prime minister the peace process with the palestinians has been grad locked. month of negotiations with john kerry broke down last april leading the palestinians to make unilateral nuvs at the united nations. the left has pledged to restart peace talks, something many israelis say they want. economic issues housing prices, health care has emerged as key issues. israeli says these domestic issues could be key factor in determining their next leader. >> a bold prediction from the greek defense minister if greece leaves the youro zone spain and italy will follow
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suit. that's according to a newspaper. he also believed germany would leave as well. there needs to be a way to do this without greece continuing to pay. now, police in ferguson missouri are following multiple leads searching for the shooter who wounded two police officers during a protest this week. if you remember now, authorities hoped $10,000 reward will help them track down exactly who was responsible. but in the wake of rising tensions and the resignation oft pleef chief and city manager, the mayor says he's not going anywhere. sara sidner has more. >> reporter: the protest movement has called for the mayor to step down. the mayor says he's not going anywhere because there are plenty of residents here who want to see him stay. the leadership shakeup is vast. but protesters want to see more heads roll. >> the leaders in thins community knew was going on. he knew what was going on under
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his watch. >> reporter: what does the mayor have to say about that? we asked him. why should they trust you since you were here during all the madness that has unfolded. >> i can tell you this there is ways to remove me. if that is the will of the people. i think it's important to recognize that there's a lot of people who may be angry at the situation or frustrated in this community. with the way things have gone down. there's a lot of people who still -- have expressed to me expressed confidence in my willingness and members of the council's willingness to listen and be responsive. >> that includes black and white residents we talked to. >> i believe the mayor has done a good job. he's only been there four years. in that time he has consciously tried to reach out to all parts of our community. ff we use the mayor, we lose a source for change and it will be harder to make the change skblr it's an understatement to say
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race relations here remain raw. would you say race relations are worse since august 9th? >> i think they're more strained than they've ever been in a long time here in this community and probably across the country. i think right now there's a people in this country who are wanting to talk about it and willing to talk about it. one of the things we're focused on is bringing people together and bridging that gap. whereas before maybe we didn't see any of these frustrations. >> reporter: when it comes to protests groups in and out of ferguson calling for the mayor to step down he says they'll have to recall him, because he is not going to resign. >> reporter: if you want to get rid of the mayor, do a recall. >> he did things that was not right. he did things under his watch, he knew what was going on. he needs to take responsibility for it. >> reporter: there is a legal way to do it t right? people can get together and recall him from office.
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>> it's not that i don't think individuals are ruling it out. it could be a possibility. >> reporter: ultimately there has been no real effort to recall the mayor. he's going to stay put. he is from this community. he has spent his whole life here and wants to serve the city. the mayor says the city is launching a nide search to find a police chief replacement. new details have emerged in the boston marathon bombing. a car jacking victim says what the tsarnaev said. we'll have that next. r ] only aveeno® positively radiant has an active naturals® total soy formula. it helps reduce the look of brown spots in just four weeks. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results™.
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a stale meat in the julian assange case could have some resolution. the founder of weeky leaks says swedish authorities have offered to travel to launden. take a listen to what he had to say. >> we've got that via e-mail earlier this morning. i called mr. assange immediately. and told them this news. and he was very happy. he said this is a great victory for me. i've been asking for this for over four years. at the same time he was irritated that it took so long
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to understand that they had to do this. he said she has wasted two squal years of my life being locked up here in this embassy. >> assange is wanted for questioning over allegations back in 2010 of sexual misconduct and rape in sweden. he has taken refuse in london. new details from the night the tsarnaev brothers went on a rampage after the bombings. surveillance video shows a driver who was hijacked. >> reporter: these are the images the jury saw last. a 27-year-old car jacked by the boston bombings racing away from his captors begging a storclerk to call 911 before crawling to a store room to hide.
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>> they have guns. >> reporter: it was the break boston had been waiting for since the marathon attack three days earlier. he testified that tamerlan tsarnaev pointed a gun and asked do you know the boston marathon explosion? i did it and i just killed a policeman in cambridge. >> officer down officer down. >> reporter: that policemen was shot six times. once between the eyes. surveillance video shows two shadowy figures identified asa tamerlan and dzhokhar. the brothers tried to steal his gun. the confrontation lasts 50 seconds before the brothers run away. >> it sounds like somebody is hitting a trash can really loud. >> reporter: prosecutors laid out their case showing the jury how the investigation unfolded. with the fbi releasing these images of the suspected bombers. two men in baseball hats
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carrying backpacks walking together through marathon crowd. dzhokhar stops first taking his place behind families and children. tamerlan walks to the finish line. several minutes later, at 2:49 p.m. dzhokhar calls his brother and then dzhokhar begins to move quickly away from the backpack he's left on the ground. as his bomb detonates. the energy seems to push him forward. tamerlan is captured on surveillance video walking away. the wounded lay shattered, torn open on the ground. three people are dead. 30 are so severely wounded, they are clinging to life. the jury heard from trauma nurse, who saw her husband's detached leg and tried to help him. not realizing she herself was on fire. prosecutors showed her burned clothing. it matches my scars she
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testified. both of her legs now amputated. then 23 minutes after the terror attack across the charles river in cambridge, dzhokhar tsarnaev entered the whole foods and pays cash for a half gallon of milk. that night he tweets ain't no love in the heart of the city. stay safe people. within 72 hours, tamerlan will be dead and dzhokhar tsarnaev will be hiding in a dry dock boat. writing a manifesto, explaining why he and his brother did what they did. zer niive's lawyer has barely questioned any of the witnesses and they did not dispute the images linked to the hijacking or the shooting. still to come right here on "cnn newsroom," the kremlin is going out of its way to erase doubts about president putin's whereabouts and his health. why some say this could be mr. putin's propaganda machine at
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sa. welcome back to "cnn newsroom." here's an update of the top stories we're following for you. government and military officials in iraq push into tikrit on friday. one witness described the fighting as intense and reinforcements had to be sent on. no word of any casualties. u.s. secretary of state john kerry says that ph plus 1 has made important steps in iraq. kerry made that statement just
2:31 am
minutes ago in egypt. he's urging foreign businesses to invest in the country. in vanuatu unicef says six people are confirmed dead in the capital city of port vila after a cyclone devastated the country. it tore through the country with sustained winds up to 165 miles per hour or 275 kilometers per hour. it may take time to assess the him pact since communication systems in many of the heart hit outer islands remain down. earlier we spoke with the aid group world vision. she told us about the devastation she's seen on the ground in vanuatu. >> port vila looks like an absolute -- it's devastating. i've been for a drive around where you can drive through. there are a lot of roads that are blocked up. trees have fallen across the road.
2:32 am
and they're fallen in piles so high in some places you can barely see over the top. the water is incredibly rough and there are some villages that have just seen absolutely decimated. there are local huts which are native thatched roovs, they've been absolutely blown away. with the winds last night. it did sound like an ocean. that's how strong the wind was. it's pretty much drowned out the rain, the sound of the wind. shutters were just hammering down on the windows. and then, like i said these were in some of the most solid structures in port vila and during that time all i could think of if you were not in a solid structure last night, it would have been a very very tough time. >> she said it almost felt like
2:33 am
a bomb had fwaun off. the tropical cyclone pam slowly weakening. our meelshteorologist is at the world weather center. where is it moving to? >> over the next 48 hours it will move into colder waters and continue to weaken. then it will start to bring some of the outer rain bands and some of the stronger wind gusts to the north island of new zealand believe it or not. let's talk about it and show you exactly what we're expecting. this is the southern portions of the vanuatu islands. here is new caledonia, this is fiji this is the center of the cyclone. look as we go forward in time this is the north island of new zealand zealand. al you can see the outer rain bands lashing the coastal areas of the north island. this is late sunday and into monday local time. it will be a much weaker storm.
2:34 am
certainly not the wind gusts that we espned in the vanuatu islands. this will kick up surf across this part of the world and it wit create a wet end to the weekend and a blustery start to the work week. the storm is moving at quite a clip southward at 30 kilometers per hour. sustained winds at 250, that makes it equivalent to an atlantic category four hurricane. you can see very wet in auckland through monday. showers taking place across that part of the world. you can see the low pressure system around this cyclone that continues to wrap in very strong winds. the eye wall still well-defined this is nearly a picture perfect looking storm as destructive as it has been. the storm is currently located about 450 kilometers to the south and east of new caldoebedoniacaledonia.
2:35 am
port vila the chal of vanuatu islands has seen improving conditions. it leaves behind the devastation of cyclone pam. you can see the debris making recovery effort difficult. rainfall totals has been impressive. 230 millimeters. that is 70% of their monthly average for the month of march. flooding it still a possibility across that area. >> and i'm guessing as it moves to new zealand it will be mostly rain and wind, correct? >> rain and wind but in a significantly weaker sense compared to what they experienced in vanuatu. >> thank you for clarifying. let's turn our attention to northeastern nigeria government troops have discovered a bomb
2:36 am
making factory believed to be used to make devices. large amount of ied's were recovered. nigeria's gained control of the factory from boko haram. it should degrade the terror group's bomb making kpabts. the master mind of the mum by attacks must stay in prison for another month. the court ordered a release of the man. more than 160 people were killed when heavily armed men stormed buildings around mum by including luxury hotels and a jewish culture center. a top u.s. military commander is raising concerns about what he calls an increase in russian military assertiveness. the head of norad said the rising development of a new long
2:37 am
range missile could strain canadian and u.s. defense systems. russia's new generation missile has a 2,000 mile range and could put both sides of the u.s. in danger. russian aircraft flew more paroles outside russia since the end of the cold war. president vladmir putin seems to have disappeared from radar. rumors have been swirlering about what may have happened to him. the kremlin denies the president is ill, but that isn't convincing everyone. matthew chance has more. >> reporter: it's the first tv appearance of vladmir putin since he dropped out of sight more than a week ago. triggering rumors about his fate. the russian president is shown mainly in profile, meeting the head of the supreme court. he perhaps seems a little peeky has he delivers his verdict on legal reforms.
2:38 am
the behavior of the kremlin has fuelled the rumor mill. key presidential meetings have been canceled over recent days. this event was broadcast on international woman's day on march 8th, allaying some concerns. it turned out it was recorded earlier, further arousing suspicions. social media is swirling of speculation of a serious illness that putin has cancer or suffered a stroke. that's been denied by the kremlin. president putin is working from his country house and is in perfect health. these are uneasy times in russia. the war in ukraine has strained relations. and the murder of nemtsov has plunged the country in turmoil. there are dark conspiracy
2:39 am
theories. one former advisor has posted a blog suggesting the president has been overthrown in a kremlin kooup. there is no evidence for that. with the russian leader out of the public gaze even for a few days rumors have been quick to take hold. matthew chance cnn, moscow. >> still to come here on "cnn newsroom." amazing new video of a baby's dramatic rescue after she was trapped inside a car submrnled in a freezing river for 14 hours. the oklahoma fraternity under fire for its racist chant video has hired a lawyer. he says they're not ruling out the possibility of a lawsuit against the school. those stories straight ahead right here on cnn.
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brazil's president has warned that she will not tolerate violence as the country see as new wave of protests on friday. progovernment protesters rallying defense of the president. her opponents have protests planned for sunday calling for her impeachment. a corruption scandal has plagued the state run oil and dozens of politicians including members of the president's party are accused of corruption and money laundering. it was only a few years ago that the brazilian economy was a global success story. we look at how brazil so far and so fast. >> reporter: it wasn't that long ago. a booming brazil surpassed the
2:43 am
uk as the world's sixth largest economy. foreign investors flocked to the south south american giant. last october, president rusef won reelection in a tight runoff race. so why have thousands of people now vowed to take to the streets in protest, while the president's approval rating sinks below 25%? for critics the answer is economic recession and political corruption. translator: we are not in a good moment. inflation is up everything is more expensive like petrol and even food. >> reporter: brazil is bracing for a protacted recession and high inflation that many blame on mismanagement during rouseff's first term. at the same time the state run
2:44 am
oil company, once the darling of investors is hammered by a massive corruption scandal. the highest court is investigating dozens of politicians, most of them from the ruling coalition, as part of an alleged bribery scheme where by construction companies paid millions under the table. rouseff hasn't been implicated. but she was the chair woman of the oil company when things took place. al many brazilians say they'll march to demand her impeachment. concerns are growing we could see a repeat of the massive demonstrations of 2013. on thursday rouseff addressed concerns. translator: we have to treat protests in brazil with complete calm. everyone has the right to protest and criticize whoever it may be. there is just one thing that we
2:45 am
cannot accept that this turns into violence against other people or anyone's property. be it public or private. >> reporter: government supporters held their own marches on friday. translator: i think the president was elected draekly. the country is suffering problems at the moment. >> reporter: impeachment is unlikely but it's in this climate the president will have to shore up the economy and put it back on the path to boom times. shasta darlington cnn, new york. >> her opponents are expected to take to the streets in protest tomorrow. the fraternity disbanded by the university of oklahoma after video surfaced showing its members chanting racial slurs is now fighting back. the sigma alpha epsilon chapter has hired a high profile attorney who says he's there to protect the first amendment rights of the fraternity members. >> i'm not ruling out a lawsuit.
2:46 am
i'm saying that our preference is to proceed in a non-legal solution a nooun adversarial solution and a non-litigation solution. if that's not possible although we act in good faith and present this obviously we will have to consider other possibilities. >> jones also says fraternity brothers are getting death threats and some have been physically assaulted. meme another chapter is under fire after allegedly calling people monkeys and apes in a protest to raise awareness last month. we'll take you to the u.s. state of utah and dramatic video that shows you moment by moment the rescue of a baby trapped in a car. investigators say she was hanging in her car seat for more than a day.
2:47 am
a body camera recorded the rescue. take a look at this. >> reporter: as one of the first officers responding to the call of a car in the river, this officer runs down into the water without hesitation. joining other first responders a fisherman called police to report the car was in the river, calling back 90 seconds later when he could see someone was trapped inside. >> what have you got? what have you got? >> reporter: three police officers two firefighters and the fisherman all jump into action trying to flip the car over. >> go guys. come on. come on. watch out. watch out. watch out. >> reporter: tragically they can see the driver was fatally injured in the crash. but the situation was about to take on an even greater sense of urgency. >> anybody here?
2:48 am
hello? >> there's a baby. brian, get up here. >> reporter: moments later a firefighter pulls what seems to be a small lifeless body out of the car. >> pass her up pass her up. pass her up. right here. right here. >> go. go. go. >> reporter: the officer and an emt carry lily up the rocks and run to a waiting ambulance. al. >> come on baby. she's definitely hyperthermic she's freezing. go. go. >> reporter: the officer starts patting her on the back hoping she will start to breathe. and gives lily encouragement to live. >> reporter: come on >> come on sweetie. >> reporter: they begun giving lily infant cpr and trying to warm her up as the ambulance rushes to the hospital.
2:49 am
no one can feel a pulse. >> we're almost there, are you getting a pulse. >> reporter: as the ambulance arrives to mount view hospital just six minutes after lily was pulled from the car, there is a sign of life. >> that's all right. come on. >> reporter: lily starts to vomit as the officer runs her into the emergency room. >> straight in. got a baby. we've been doing cpr on her. she's been throwing up a little bit. underwater. >> reporter: doctors and nurses help to stabilize lily as the video ends. she is later flown to primary children's hospital. ♪ old mcdonald had a farm ♪ >> reporter: four days later this is lily laughing and playing with her father a few hours before she was released from the hospital. a miraculous recovery from a
2:50 am
little girl who seemed to be lifeless when she was pulled from a car in the spanish fork river. >> a wonderful story there. our affiliate reporting there. fantastic to see that she is well. and well done to everyone else who helped her. a 7-year-old boy, a surprise hot off the 3 d printer ahead on cnn.
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." prince charles is getting personal and opening up about his life. in a rare and exclusive interview with cnn's max foster. the future king talks about his ten year marriage to camilla and the upcoming trip to the united states. >> reporter: the prince of wales doesn't do interviews very often. when he does he doesn't want to talk about anything personal. he's decided to do so now. he invited us into his home to do just that. >> i must admit quite a lot of the presidents of the united states. >> reporter: quite often, those encounters have taken place at the white house. during charles's tours of the united states. it's a country that you've visited many times officially and privately. it must be a country you're very
2:54 am
fond of. >> i think i've been 20 times in the last 45 years. and it shows how old i'm getting now. >> reporter: as prince charles and the duchess of cornwall prepared for their upcoming four day tour of the u.s., he granted me an exclusive interview. >> i remember the first time we were invited to say my sister and i in the white house by president nixon for the weekend. that was quite amazing i must say. that was a time when they were trying to mary me off to trisha nixon. >> reporter: ten years ago camilla joined charles. they're first official overseas visit. 2005 your first joint overseas
2:55 am
tour with your new wife the duchess of cornwall. what are your memories of that visit? >> i remember we had a very jolly time in california i seem to remember. and they were all so friendly there. >> thank you for coming. >> reporter: it will be interesting next week to see how americans accept the royal couple on their tour which starts in washington, d.c. next week. because ten years ago, when camilla first did a tour of the united states there was quite a lot of negativity. they were comparing her to diana. diana fans were holding up vishish placards in places. brits have warmed to camilla over the last decade. it will be interesting to see whether americans have done the same. >> for more of our inside look at the royal couple be sure to watch spotlight charles and
2:56 am
camilla. a young disables boy has received a precious gift. actor robert downy jr. presented the arficial limb to him. it was printed with a 3 d printer. it cost $350 far less than the cost for a prosthetic limb. take a look at his reaction. >> it looks the same. >> i think yours may be better than mine. what do you say we both try them on and do a progress report. >> do you know who that is? >> iron man. >> what's his name? >> robert. >> great. it is even cooler than i thought. i'm having a technical glitch.
2:57 am
as you can see, my light isn't working. half the time, you know i designed one of these it winds up breaking on me. what i do is i keep working on it kind of how you're working on it. >> he keeps working and working until he gets it right. >> i think yours is more right than mine because at least -- >> the light is working. >> your light works, yeah. look at that. it's a marriage of robotic technologies. bang nailed it. >> it's moments like that i really do love superheroes. that does us for this hour. thank you for joining us. for viewers new day ahead. for everyone else spotlight charles and camilla is up next. stay with cnn, the world's news leader. discover our newest breakthrough and bask in the glow healthy skin hydration. see what everyone is raving about at
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officer down. >> ahead on new day. the man hunt for whoever shot two cops as the mayor digs in and says that he is not stepping down. workers describe what is left after cyclone pam turns deadly and matches island in the south pacific. plus this. >> come on