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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  March 15, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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two deadly explosions rock a christian community near lahore pakistan. details continue to come in. we'll have the latest. little remains in vanuatu after a tropical cyclone devastates the island. and uncovering the truth for american veterans. why so many are waiting so long for medical treatment. hello to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm isa suarez and you are watching "cnn newsroom." well this hour we are following breaking news out of pakistan. at least 14 people have been killed after two suicide blasts
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in a christian community in lahore. the blasts happened during sunday mass. michelle what more can you tell us exactly about what happened. we're seeing some video of shattered glass on our screens at the moment. just utter devastation. what do you know? >> caller: that's right, isa, this is another devastating attack on the christian community here in pakistan. we understand from the deputy inspector police that the blasts were caused by suicide bombers, and there were a number killed at least ten, as you said 14 also. and over 40 injured, which included worshippers and police officials. the blast happened around midday at two churches each with at least 500 people in them at the time. and cnn has confirmed that a
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faction of the taliban has claimed responsibility for these attacks. and they're also they've also claimed responsibility for attacks in the past. and they are currently at war with the pakistani government trying to institute sharia law. so again, just a devastating day here in pakistan. >> and so this is the offshoot of pakistan taliban. is that correct? >> caller: that's correct. what we know now is that -- >> go ahead. go ahead. go ahead. >>. >> caller: at one point in the year, this branch had broken off and said they had pledged allegiance to the islamic state, but they again pledged allegiance to the pakistani taliban, fearing that they might be sidelined, as there are possible rumors or talks about peace negotiations going on
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between the afghan government and the afghan taliban. and the afghan taliban and pakistani taliban are loosely coordinated. so they're fearing that if they don't join up again they could be sidelined. but, again, this is just a way for them to show that they are still in the attack against the pakistani government. >> and i'm guessing that the twin blasts happening at very busy time. people in the area attending sunday mass. but tell us something, explain if you don't mind, the christians make up only 2% of the pakistan's overwhelming muslim population. this is not the first time they've been targeted is it? >> caller: no this is not the first time. this is a minority group within pakistan that feels very targeted. if we look at lahore back in 2013 there was a devastating attack on the joseph colony, and this stemmed from a disagreement between two friends, one muslim
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man and one christian man that blew up into a night of mob violence where hundreds of homes were burned. and also christians have been killed accused of blass feechphemy. so this is another time when the christian community feels like they are under attack here in pakistan. >> thanks very much michelle. we want to turn our attention now to vanuatu because heavy winds and flooding have left devastation across vanuatu. and the full extent of the damage is not clear. the storm has made communication among vanuatu's 80-plus islands virtually impossible. at least 90% of the buildings in the country's capital are damaged or destroyed. six people are confirmed dead. but the death toll is expected to climb much higher. the president is already asking
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for aid. aid workers are already on the ground in vanuatu helping with the relief effort. search rescue and medical crews, as we just told you, are making their way to australia, struggling. we've heard that several airports are not functioning. i spoke earlier with a representative from world vision. >> caller: yesterday in the immediate aftermath, port vila was an absolute scene of devastation. there were trees on the road. there was bits of roofing just twisted like it was tin foil. houses have just been blown away. villages are pretty much just disappeared. and today, i've been able to go out and see other communities, and it breaks my heart to say it but i thought i'd seen the
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worst with of it yesterday. but in the past few hours we've been in some of the outer villages of port vila and also the main part of port vila it is just an absolute catastrophic sight out there. so this afternoon, i was out at a village about 20 minutes out. and people were showing me through their homes, and often the wind has just blown straight through and gutted them completely. it's ripped the roofs off. most of the walls are down. these people evacuated to a nearby church. and today two girls near that church is a school or i should say was a school. two girls, mimi and suzy, showed me a classroom. and today it was just a pile of rubble. >> and to clarify. you say you've gone to some of the outer islands.
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did you go to the outer islands of the archipelago. the real fear is that those people in the outer islands have not had the protection that probably the ones most in danger. >> caller: no not the outer islands, the outer area of port vila. and yesterday we were not able to get really that far out of port vila the city itself. but today we were able to get more around the island. but in terms of the outer islands, we still have not had any communication with islands out there. so world vision has many staff that are based in these communities that we have not heard from yet, and communication is still down. so right now it's about 7:00 up here in port vila and i am sitting here and doing this interview in total darkness. we still don't have power. we are very fortunate. we've managed to have running water reconnected.
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but communication is still very very difficult. and like i said we still have not heard from those outer islands, but we do hold great fear for the devastation that will be out there for the islands that are more vulnerable to devastation than port vila and i've just described what i saw there today. >> and chloe, when you look at these parts you've gone to in the island what do you need most? what do you need now? i'm guessing food clean water, that's clearly a must-have at the moment. >> caller: yes, i mean food and water is obviously an immediate need and also shelter. what people's houses have left and they're very little. they're not safe to inhabit. today people that are still sleeping in their village, there's about 20 to 30 people sleeping in one room. and these rooms themselves
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they're just very sparse. around port vila we're lucky. we do have some big supermarkets here. and people we had warning with cyclone pam, and i was at the supermarket thursday night before cyclone pam was due to hit on friday. and it was absolute chaos. people were stocking up on food and water and matches. but i mean obviously, with the extent of damage that's been caused and people's houses have been flooded, they have lost these supplies also. >> as tropical cyclone pam churns away have the islands it is heading toward new zealand. >> only a few hundred kilometers separates the most populated part of new zealand, which would be auckland and pam.
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that is the north island of new zealand. auckland located right about here the center of tropical cyclone pam just a few hundred kilometers off shore. this is the latest radar coming out of the meteorological service. you can see the outer rain bands lashing the north island. we've got destructive winds, the possibility of destructive wins gusting anywhere from 60 to 100 kilometers per hour. high seas on the openation creating impressive breakers on the shorelines and totals of excess of 100 millimeters. particularly in the bays. look at how quickly this thing is moving. 57 kilometers per hour. it is weakening rather quickly, but still packing quite a punch. here's the latest forecast radar. you can see the showers and
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embedded thunderstorms continuing to impact the bay of plenty and much of auckland through monday. that would be the start of the workweek so a very wet commute as people wake up across the north island monday morning. here's the eye wall traveling a bit too close for comfort. we start to clear things out by tuesday and bring back some much-needed sunshine. but as we relive some of these terrific and unbelievable photos that are coming out of vanuatu, you see people running from the dangerous storm surge at the height of what was the strongest part of tropical cyclone pam. on top of the dangerous storm surge that occurred we also have rainfall totals in excess of 200 to 300 millimeters in some locations. now this rainfall going forward over the next 48 hours is not
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affiliated with tropical cyclone pam, but nonetheless we still have showers and embedded thunderstorms still across the vanuatu island chain and including port vila. that means it's only going to hamper the recovery efforts ongoing across that region. of course that could take months if not years. >> and that's exactly what we've been hearing from people on the ground, isn't it derek? if you want to help the people devastated by cyclone pam. go to our website, you will find a list of organizations on the ground there. that's there could be drastic changes in the face of the israeli parliament. plus ten americans en route
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to america after they've been exposed to ebola. thousands are set to march against brazil's president dilma rousseff. those stories just ahead on cnn.
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welcome back to "cnn
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newsroom." now ahead of tuesday's election in israel a right wing rally's being held in support of benjamin netanyahu later today. currently he's trailing in the polls. now the three-term leader participated in a long-awaited debate with isaac herzog. the main focus of the debate security concerns for jerusalem. netanyahu convened the last session of parliament this morning. last year two senior parliament members were removed. the elections are set for march 17 to select members of the knesset. voters cast a ballot for a political party rather than a candidate. so a party that wins 50% of the
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vote would get 50% of the seats in the knesset. the prime minister is selected from among the knesset members. for more analysis of the upcoming election i'm joined by daniel levi. it's quite a lot to explain to viewers. but i will ask you how this will shape the elections in terms of the mathematical outcome. i have been speaking to a couple guests the last couple days about this. and it seems like unlike previous elections, a lot on security social economic issues seem to be taking center stage this time round. is this what you're seeing? >> well i think the agenda of the opposition is to focus on the socioeconomic failures of
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the current government. there was an attempt in the subsequent election two years ago to have that focus. but it didn't really happen. this time around the prime minister's efforts to divert the debate back to security, back to scaremongering going to congress as most of your viewers would have noticed, to make a dramatic speech on iran it doesn't really appear to have helped the prime minister to reset the agenda. i don't think this election is about national security or the economy. i think it's about people being fed up with a man who's been in office an awfully long time and doesn't have very much to show for it. >> they're starting to see slogans of any one but bibi. isn't it about people want a change? >> we'll see the results on tuesday, but that seems to be
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the case. and, as you explained in that outline of how the system works, there are anything up to 11 parties represented in the parliament. none of them has an actual majority. so the anyone but bibi camp consists of those closer to his party who are a few centimeters to the center and a proliferation of other parties. it looked like the coalition arithmetic would allow the prime minister to lose a little but still form a government. the real momentum shift that seems to be under way is that that may no longer be the case and the opposition leader may actually be able to form a coalition. >> you mentioned very briefly there the speech to congress. did that hurt or hinder his campaign in any sort of way? >> well i think it gave him a very initial and temporary bump in the polls, but it doesn't seem to have reset the ajen dachlt one should understand
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anything but netanyahu does not translate automatically in a vote for peace. on the iran issue, the new prime minister, were it to be a new prime minister would probably not play this part as an american politics so overtly try and sabotage a deal. so that might make things a little smoother on the iran case. on the big palestinian yan ishissue, i think we'd have to wait and see whether a more well-intentioned netanyahu could bring a change. >> what would relations be with herzog and the u.s. where does he stand? >> it's very important that you raise that. herzog has defined the problem with netanyahu's policy in the international arena, less in the specifics but more in generally demeaning israel's international standing, and i think you would see a charm offensive to a
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significant degree were there an alternative, whether herzog to emerge as prime minister to reset israel's international relations, first and foremost on a company that is so dependent. and netanyahu has drug that relationship through the mud with the relationship with the united states. >> thank you for coming in. thank you very much. now president obama got an update on the status of veteran hospitals. what's changed and ma hasn't? plus kim jong-un's regime fired off missiles as a warning to the u.s. but now they're wondering what the new young leader will do next. stay right here with cnn. um... i...i think we can make it, right? it's okay, jim. just stay calm and move as quietly as possible. everyone understand?
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seven people are dead including a new born baby after a serbian helicopter crashed near the airport. they were evacuating a five-day baby with respiratory issues after an ambulance was unable to make it to hospital because of a landslide. the helicopter made two failed attempts to land at the airport in very heavy fog before it lost communication with the tower. a search and rescue team
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discovered the downed copter. now u.s. secretary of state john kerry will meet with iran's foreign minister in switzerland today. he says they've made progress but there are still gaps to overcome. he assured iran that a controversial letter sent by u.s. senators will not affect the talks. there are reports that the nk north korean leader might visit russia in the coming months. what this budding friendship means for the u.s. >> reporter: north korean forces fire missiles into the sea of japan, saber rattling to counter join u.s./south korean exercises. the pentagon calls the test firing irresponsible and
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aggregation of tensions. it comes as the cia director openly worries about the dangerous young dictator. >> with the unknown actions of a kim jong-un as far as where he's going to go next, i think this is worrisome. >> reporter: and here's where kim may be going next. north korea and russia have just announced 2015 is a quote year of friendship between them. >> i'm not sure there are two bigger adversaries of the united states than vladimir putin and kim jong-un on the planet. i think that these are two individuals who are out to hurt the united states any way they can. >> reporter: you wouldn't know that by fwlangs at north korea's propaganda saying they will cooperate on politics economy and culture. >> the sinister side says we're going to be closer to russia and rely on them for intelligence for air defenses perhaps, for other defense technology.
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>> reporter: and these two u.s. add ver saurys have nuclear weapons. putin has the largest stockpile on the planet. and analysts say he could help kim build up his arsenal. with the sony hack north korea's shown it can and will strike americans where they live. why is kim pivoting toward russia? he's had a fallout with his uncle and south korea. >> now they're tilting towards russia and that coincides with a russian interest in remindingqua what we can cause trouble if you press too hard on the ukraine. >> reporter: now the big question is will kim jong-un accept putin's invitation to go to moscow in may for a big celebration for the end of world war ii. the north korean leadership has accepted but it's not clear if kim himself will go. he may be reluctant, because he's ever been outside north
2:28 am
korea as its leader, and there's the possibility of a coup against him if he leaves. the search continues for the person responsible for shooting two police officers in ferguson missouri. we will have the latest on that. plus the city officials residents there want to resign. that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ah, push it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ push it. ♪ ♪ p...push it real good! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ow! ♪ ♪ oooh baby baby. ♪ if you're salt-n-pepa, you tell people to push it. ♪ push it real good. ♪ it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. ♪ if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico.
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i'm isa suarez, and are you watching "cnn newsroom." let me bring you up to date on some of the top stories we are following. following two suicide blasts
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in lahore pakistan. at least 14 people have been killed and another 60 injured. the taliban is claiming responsibility for those attacks. security is heightened at the u.s. embassy in saudi arabia and american citizens there are told to be on alert. consulate services are canceled for sunday and monday. this follows embassy warnings that militants might target western oil workers in the country. aid workers in australia are on their way to storm-ravaged vanuatu. the full extent of the damage from tropical cyclone pam is still not clear. six people are confirmed dead on the island chain and that number many say is expected to rise. iraq's military continues to fight for the city of tikrit but it is the city of ramadi that has been under a major isis offensive the past few days including a double suicide attack that killed two members of iraqi special forces.
2:32 am
cnn's jomana karadsheh has more. >> reporter: according to senior officials in anbar province at least two suicide bombers attacked a building used by iraqi security forces in the city of ramadi. according to the deputy head of the provincial council in anbar described this building as strategic. the building was attacked by bombers driving bulldozers. the first bomber struck the barriers opening up the way allowing the second suicide bomber to strike the building and flatten the whole building. now this is the latest in a series of attacks that we've seen taking place in ramadi over the past few days. starting with that offensive carried out by isis on wednesday, a complex and
2:33 am
coordinated attack, using multiple suicide car bombs and also more than 150 mortars striking the city, according to officials there. now for months isis has been trying to gain control of ramadi the capital of anbar province this vast desert province freedom naptly sunni that most of that province is up the control of isis. officials say ago isis is coming under pressure by the iraqi forces in tikrit it is striking back in ramadi sending a message that the group remains strong and is capable of carrying out deadly attacks against the security forces and the iraqi government. jomana karadsheh, cnn, baghdad. the u.s. embassy in saudi arabia is on high alert and telling american citizens to take precautions when traveling there. the u.s. consulate services canceled for sunday and monday. no details were given, but this
2:34 am
follows a warning that militants may be targeting western oil workers in that country. u.s. president obama may decide not to reduce the american troop level to 5500 by the end of the year. a senior u.s. official says the new afghan president made the request when he and mr. obama spoke last week. the u.s. defense secretary says he may advise obama to slow the draw down partly because of improved relations with the afghan government. there are now about 10,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. in a few hours, thousands of brazilians are expected to rally and call for impeachment of the country's president. it is due to the widening corruption scandal at petro bras. this video is from friday when thousands turned out in the streets to show support for the president who says she will not
2:35 am
tolerate any violence during today's protests. police in brazil say at least 32 people are dead after a bus went off an embankment. another 12 people are injured, some of them are children. the bus plunged more than 300 meters. that's roughly 1,000 feet. passengers were heading to a religious event. it appears the bus lost control at a ben and crashed. ten americans who may have been supposed to the ebola virus are being flown to the united states for monitoring. none have been diagnosed with ebola. six patients will arrive in the u.s. in the coming hours. they'll go to the national institutes of health in maryland and then travel to atlanta on monday. the other four will be isolated in campus housing at the university of nebraska medical center. the police chief and other city officials in ferguson, missouri are out of their jobs.
2:36 am
now some residents want the mayor out too. it's the latest in protests and controversy after one of ferguson's police officers shot and killed a black teenager last summer. stephanie elam has more on that and the shooting of two officers last week. >> reporter: investigators continue to work around the clock trying to identify who's behind shooting two officers outside the ferguson police department. they don't have anyone in custody, but they continue to interview people and are looking for leads and are hoping to get more leads from the community as to who was behind these shootings. at the same time in light of the department of justice report there have been many people who have left their jobs and there are many out here who are still calling for the mayor to step down. outside the ferguson police department however, there was some support in the form of about 15 people saying that he needs to stay and they're also supporting the police. he also spoke up about whether or not he will depart his job. >> there is ways to remove me if
2:37 am
that is the will of the people. i've stood for office five times over the last decade and won every time. this past time less than a year ago i was unanimously or rather unopposed for office. >> reporter: so you're not going anywhere is what you're telling me. >> unless the residents remove me. >> reporter: he is getting support from black business owners who say there is problems but he's not the crux of it. >> there is a problem, and it's a major problem, but we can't just say he's all of the problem. i mean i personally think, with the chief resigning upon his own, for whatever reason the city manager, the two other police officers i think that's a major start. >> reporter: and back to the investigation. law enforcement says there's already a $10,000 reward out there for anyone who brings in
2:38 am
information that leads to an arrest that figure they're actually considering raising if they think it will help them nab whoever was heinebehind those shootings. stephanie elam ferguson missouri. there's another round of revelations about how hospitals are falling short with deadly consequences. this comes after president obama visited arizona. cnn's correspondent jude griffin has the latest on the long waits and deception. >> reporter: it's still happening. thousands of patients at the greater los angeles veterans medical centers have been waiting more than three months just for an appointment of the detailed evidence comes from the v.a.'s own documents obtained by cnn and confirmed by medical and administrative sources inside the greater l.a.v.a. hospital system. new hospitals seeking care are forced to wait the longest,
2:39 am
times months, to see a doctor. records show this january 15 more than 1600 veterans who were new patients were waiting 60 to 90 days for an appointment. another 400 veterans have been waiting up to six months and the documents provided to cnn show the lengthy wait times are still happening. all of this comes ten months after the head of the v.a. general eric shinseki was forced to resign because of mismanagement of the exact same issue. now listen to what one v.a. official from los angeles told congress last month. >> how long is the average wait time for a new patient at the greater l.a. medical center? >> the average wait time for a new patient right now is about four days. >> reporter: that statement is simply not true. according to these v.a. documents and a half-dozen
2:40 am
doctors and administrators within the hospital who spoke to cnn, the average wait time is ten times greater. it's not four days it's 44 days. the delays are even taking place at the los angeles clinic for mental health where documents show more than 300 veterans seeking mental health care have been waiting 30 60, even 90 days specifically asked about mental health wait times, that same v.a. official, dr. skye mcdougal told congress the wait time is no different. she said just four days. >> and is that true for mental health patients as well? >> it's true for mental health as well. >> reporter: again, according to v.a. documents and a half-dozen sources interviewed by cnn, that is not true. this chart shows as of march 1, new mental health patients in los angeles are waiting an average 36 days just to get an appointment. los angeles v.a. officials
2:41 am
wouldn't talk to cnn about the diskrep andcrepancyies discrepancies, instead, sent a report saying the report given to cnn doesn't include same day appointments or same week appointments for those who need care quickly. new patients typically account for less than 10% of all veteran appointments and are not representative of the whole patient population. the v.a. also is sticking by its own man that new vets waited four days in january eight days in march. the real truth say that doctors and straighters is that wait times for patient the at los angeles v.a. centers extends into weeks and months and are a serious problem. drew griffin, cnn atlanta. well are you watching cnn news. and still to come. isis militants are reaching out across thousands of miles to recruit. we'll take you to a u.s. state
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several families of children killed in a u.s. school shooting have filed lawsuits against the shooter's mother. at least eight lawsuits were filed in connecticut shooter's mother. he killed students in december of 2012.
2:45 am
adam lanza also killed his mother. the lawsuits claim that she kept the firearms unsecured and the negligence contributed to the pain and suffering of the victims. now to the war on isis and how successful that terror group has been in recruiting people to join it. one place they're targeting, the u.s. state of minnesota, which is home to the largest somali immigrant community. >> reporter: far from the deserts of syria and iraq, isis terrorists are eyeing vulnerable young men and women here. is isis targeting the somali community in minnesota? >> yes. >> reporter: no question. >> no question. >> reporter: how aggressively? >> aggressively. they're recruiting westerners but they're recruiting here.
2:46 am
>> reporter: through online propaganda, their efforts are working. for the somali community in minneapolis it is a chilling replay of the recent past. >> reporter: in 2007 many went to fight with al shabab. now a second wave, but this time it's isis recruiting them. approximately 15 people have left minnesota to fight with isis. >> we have had a number of people travel from the twin cities. we've had a number of people attempt to travel. and as we speak there are people making preparations to travel. it is ongoing. >> reporter: the most vulnerable are some of the community's youngest like hamza ahmed arrested in february. what was he like? >> a good kid. >> reporter: authorities say hamza ahmed and three companions took a bus to jfk airport in
2:47 am
november. his destination, istanbul but he never made it. instead, he's here in jail awaiting trial, charged with attempting to provide material support to isis. a 19 year old kid. >> that's who they're recruiting 18 to 20 year olds is the focus of recruiting right now. >> reporter: others recruited, douglas mccain. his friend troy castigar was recruited by al shabab. >> i had no clue that he was going into dangerous situation in that way. i think they were manipulated. and i don't think they knew what they were fully what they were part of. >> reporter: ask people here why this is happening. some will say a feeling of isolation.
2:48 am
disenfranchisement. many say a lack of opportunity. many just don't know. but all we talk to say it must stop. among them mullki hussain, a mother of six. >> for every mother constantly thinking oh, my god, this could happen to me. >> reporter: is this fight becoming even fighter? >> it's a silent killer. it's just, you don't know. you don't see it and boom it happens. >> reporter: and your child is gone. >> your child is gone. >> reporter: a silent killer that took this man's nephew. he was recruited when he was just 17 by al shabab. >> he was the kind of nephew anyone would wish for. nice no crime, a student, high hopes of going to harvard. >> reporter: you think your nephew was looking for a better life. >> yes, i'm sure 99% of these kids were not aware of what the
2:49 am
reality on the ground is. >> reporter: and he believes the threat from isis is even greater than that posed by al shabab. >> what's different with isis is they're not only targeting somali community. so it's something now that we all have to work together and worry about. >> reporter: the fbi calls minnesota the most impacted by this threat. as a special agent in charge here what do you say to the terrorists overseas that are using this as a recruitment ground? >> that we are going to use the entire weight of the united states government to prevent you from recruiting our youth to travel overseas and fight and die. the imams and religious leaders want this to stop. this is not about religion. this is about terror recruiting. we're doing everything we can to turn it around. we have a problem. we're addressing it. that's what minnesotans do. >> reporter: a problem that now has the attention of and funding from the white house.
2:50 am
u.s. attorney andrew lugar is spearheading the problem in minneapolis. if you were to boil down the solution how you're attacking this how would you describe it. >> the way the community described it to me they wanted more community engagement by law enforcement, more mentoring through after school programs. in school programs. early intervention teams that grow out of the community, working together at the early signs of radicalization. >> reporter: it's precisely what this cartoonist is doing. >> specially islamic state out. >> reporter: you created a cartoon series basically, to try to fight isis propaganda. >> correct. the goal is to fight not only isis but al shabab and boko haram. they eat off the same ideology. the goal is to get kids between 8 and 16 and get them to look at
2:51 am
this before they start looking at youtube and videos. >> reporter: you say it takes an idea to defeat an idea. >> it does. and we fight it the way i'm fighting it. that way we dry up this recruitment process. >> reporter: but those recruited are a tiny fraction of the somali community here. something we're reminded of at every turn. >> we're not extremists. we're law-abiding citizens. >> reporter: citizens who left their homeland now fighting a battle to save their children here. >> very strong reporting there from poppy harlow. he's considered one of the best fighters in boxing. but one of the biggest fights of his career. why treat your mouth any differently. brushing alone does less than half the job leaving behind millions of germs. complete the job with listerine®.
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." now it's probably the most anticipated fight in boxing history and being billed as such. the matchup between floyd mayweather junior and may pack you. many only know about him through flashy social media profile. >> it's being billed as the fight of the century, greatest fight ever. everyone's talking about it. can it live up to the hype? >> oh, absolutely.
2:55 am
it's a fight that you can't miss. the fight of the century. a part of history. the biggest fight in the sport, the biggest fight in boxing history. if i'm not mistaken, the tickets are going from between $8,000 to $400,000 to $500,000. >> reporter: a normal fan can't go buy a ticket. >> we call this the billionaire boys club. >> reporter: one more question about the purse. expect to blow everything you've made out of the water. what are the thoughts of $180 million for one fight. >> the numbers are close. could be a little bit more. >> reporter: could be more? >> yeah, could be more. but i'm just it's not about the money. i'm already set. it's a little bit of everything. of course you want to make a lot of money, because i'm a prizefighter. i want to get that big prize. it's about legacy.
2:56 am
it's about going down as one of the best. it's about the best facing the best. it's about giving the fans of the world, sightet excitement. >> reporter: why do you show everyone what you have? >> d's more of a lifestyle. i don't want to be like no one else. everything that i got came from just hard work. you know it's i want to motivate people. it's not to throw it in anyone's face. i want to motivate you. if i can do it, you can do it. i come from nothing to something. >> reporter: you're a known gambler. what's biggest win you've ever had? >> i've bet a million dollars before. i've won a million dollars. but i've also won $6 million or $7 million. if i lose a million dollars, i'll be extremely upset. before i start betting like that i had to make sure that i was set, you know i had to make sure that i had made smart
2:57 am
investments and i was set for the rest of my life. >> reporter: so you're minus 200 right now. is that the smart bet? >> if i was a betting man i'd bet on mayweather. they say mayweather pay better. >> and if case you want to know, that fight takes place on saturday may 2, in las vegas. let me know your thoughts on any of the stories. i'm at isa at isa we will have a very short break and a check of your headlines.
2:58 am
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he's out there. there's a guy out there whose making a name for himself in a sport where your name and maybe a number are what define you. somewhere in that pack is a driver that can intimidate the intimidator. a guy that can take the king 7 and make it 8. heck. maybe even 9. make no mistake about it. they're out there. i guarantee it.
3:00 am
welcome to the nascar xfinity series. americans possibly exposed to the ebola virus returning to the united states. some going directly into quarantine. >> keep your nose out of nuclear negotiations with iran as one senator says. buildings flattened in vanuatu. workers assess the damage from one of the most powerful storms