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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  March 15, 2015 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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welcome to the nascar xfinity series. americans possibly exposed to the ebola virus returning to the united states. some going directly into quarantine. >> keep your nose out of nuclear negotiations with iran as one senator says. buildings flattened in vanuatu. workers assess the damage from one of the most powerful storms
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to ever make landfall. cyclone efforts are under way for cyclone pam. >> the latest on several americans possibly exposed to ebola and their return now to the u.s. >> americans we understand expected to return to the u.s. between now and tomorrow and they will immediately be transferred, at least some of them, to emeory hospital in atlanta or in a hospital in omaha. >> ten patients are returned back home. none of the individuals returning hag diagnosed with ebola, but health officials are concerned they may have been exposed to ebola virus while some sierra leone. that patient is now back in the united states and being treated at the nih facility in maryland. right now, listed in serious
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condition. let's bring in cnn senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen. >> we don't know what level of exposure and that is really important. for example, if, you know, someone, say, had been near some of the people and that person had vomited on them, that would be considered a very high level of exposure. if, say, for example, they were just working alongside this person and may have had some exposure that would be a much lower level of exposure. we don't know what is going on here. what we do know is four of these folks arrived at nebraska last night. and they have the highest level of exposure according to the university of nebraska and they are quarantined in housing on
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the university of nebraska medical campus. the other six are scheduled to arrive today and tomorrow at emory university in atlanta. some of those will be quarantined and won't be leaving their hotel or housing they are in, but some allowed to come and go. different rules for people, probably based on those different levels of exposure. >> elizabeth, do we know if any of the persons are showing any symptoms of ebola thus far? >> they are not. if they were showing symptoms, they would be hospitalized. what they are doing right now is closely monitoring these people. the hospital or perhaps the county health department that they are in, they are monitoring these people and taking their temperatures and asking them, you know, likely several times a day how are you feeling? do you feel ill? when they start showing symptoms, if they do start showing symptoms, then they will be hospitalized.
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right now, they don't have symptoms and it's important to remember if you're not showing symptoms of ebola, you cannot spread ebola so, at this point, they are not a risk to the public. if they do start showing symptoms, then they would become a risk. >> cnn's senior medical correspondent on the phone bus. thank you so much. we will check back throughout the morning. the white house is sending a warning to top republican senator this morning saying his bill, which would allow congress to vote on an iran nuclear deal could derail negotiations. >> a letter to chief of staff denis mcdonough writes, in part -- thursday, corker wrote president obama saying there is, in his words, significant and growing bipartisan support for congress to consider and vote on
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any plans. so with a new set of iran talks, set for this week, in fact, what impact could this rift between republicans and the obama administration have? because the white house is giving a glimpse in that letter to senator corker. here is something else that was in it. they wrote if congressional action is perceived as preventing us from reaching a deal, it will create divisions within the international community putting at risk the very international cooperation that's been essential to our ability to pressure iran. put simply make it possible to secure international cooperation for additional sanctions while putting at risk the multiexisting lateral sanctions. let's talk with kimberly dozier of "the daily beast." is there truth in what they are saying there that congressional action would impede in some part u.s. international relationships internationally?
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>> what mauck docdonough is says adding to the pressure to the final two weeks in geneva. iran is pushing harder for a faster lifting of both u.n. sanctions and the iranian negotiators are under pressure too from their own hardliners. every time something like this comes out of republicans in the u.s. congress, the hardliners say to their negotiators why go ahead with this deal at all because these u.s. lawmakers are going to force the u.s. to repeal it any way. >> so why do you think congressmen are so determined to get into this at this stage right now? >> well, even though the white house has said it will bring this -- any comprehensive deal to congress to vote on republicans in congress would like to derail a deal that is
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part of their maneuvers all along. so every time they can add friction to the talks, that's what they have in mind. >> do we have any gauge how close an acceptable deal to both sides is right now any way? >> well, there are some sticking points that are being labored over right now, specifically iran wants a very swift lifting of u.n. sanctions. that would mean the u.s. has to go to the u.n. security council which is part of the negotiations but the full security council would have to vote on lifting those sanctions quickly. the complication with that that congress foresees is if the united states is part of a u.n. vote that lifts those sanctions, that could bind a future american president to this deal. right now, what president obama is doing is using his executive action to negotiate a deal with iran so that could mean that
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technical future pres could walk away from it. but if the united states is part of a u.n. security council vote lifting the sanctions, that gives the force of international law to this and iran could use that in the future to say, hey, u.s. signed this deal, you can't walk away. >> kimberly dozier, great explanation and thank you so much. a new afghan government in place and security concerns. they are growing. what afghanistan is asking the u.s. not to do before the end of the year. look at the latest pictures we are getting in from vanuatu. cyclone pam left a mark there. what we are learning about the cleanup and aid to the island today. they're all competing with each other; they're all making very low margins, making enough to survive, but not enough to get out of poverty. so kickstart designs low cost irrigation pumps enabling them to grow high value crops throughout the year so you can make a lot of money.
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a senior white house official is telling cnn president obama is considering backing away from his plan to draw troops down in afghanistan by year's end. >> this proposal calls for reduction to 55 troops and half the number now. they have asked president obama for flexibility in that time line. that administration official says no final decisions have been made. also in afghanistan, "the new york times" reporting millions of dollars paid by the cia to former afghan president hamid karzai wound up in the hand hands of al qaeda. the money to buy officials in the karzai regimen to free this man. afghan officials who had difficult raising cash for a $5
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million ransom apparently dipped into that cia fund. cnn intelligence analyst and former cia operative bob bair explains how this could happen. >> has not surprised me. this is the problem with covert action. it's neither covert nor action. the money gets misspent. just how it works in the afghan world. >> while the cash payments have slowed since a new president was elected, this err continuing. the cia declined to comment on that report. to iraq now. isis suicide bombers carried out a deadly attack in ramadi. two member of the iraqi special operations forces are dead and five wounded. as cnn reports, this is the latest in a series of recent attacks on the city. >> reporter: according to senior officials in anbar province, at
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least two sued bombers attacked a building used by the iraqi security forces in the city of ramadi. according to the deputy head of the council in anbar he describes the building as strategic and security forces use it for monitoring an outpost used by snipers. the eight-story building was attacked by bombers driving bulldozers. the first dorve he said on sat struck the concrete barriers around the building and allowing the second suicide bombers to strike the building and flatten the whole building. now this is the latest in a series of attacks that we have seen taking place in ramadi over the past few days. starting with that offensive carried out by isis on wednesday. a complex and coordinated attack using multiple suicide car bombs and also more than 150 mortars striking the city, according to
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officials there. now for months, isis has been trying to gain control of ramadi, the capital of anbar province, this vast desert province predominantly sunni that most of that province is under the control of isis. officials say as isis is coming under pressure by the iraqi forces in tikrit, it is striking backmadi sending a message they are capable of carrying out deadly attacks against the security forces and the iraqi government. jomana karadsheh, cnn. we will a live report on the storm's status on vanuatu coming up. the families of sandy hook tragedy are seeking retribution and it involves the mother of the shooter. we operate just like a city, and that takes a lot of energy. we use natural gas throughout the airport -
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19 minutes after the hour now. take a look at other stories developing this morning. in israeli, netanyahu party is trailing in the polls before his country's election and means his re-election is in jeopardy. the three-term prime minister now accusing unnamed governments and tycoons of pouring moaning into his rival's campaign. emerging as a favorite to win tuesday's election. families of the children murdered in the sandy hook
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elementary school massacre are suing adam lanza's mother's estate. at least 41 people are dead after a bus drove off a cliff in brazil. that death toll just went up in the last few minutes and happened late last night in a rural area in the southern part of the country when the driver lost control as they went around a curve in the road. police say another 12 people are injured and some of them are children. passengers were head to do a religious event. recovery efforts have begun now after tropical cyclone pam ravaged the island of vanuatu over the weekend. they say it's one of the most powerful storms to make landfall. at least six people have been killed but that number is
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expected to climb. it's unclear how many thousands are displaced by the massive storm. let's go now to meteorologist ivan cabrera. >> he has been following the story from the beginning. i know it's past that area but it's not as though this thing fizzled out. >> it's weakening significantly here for the purpose for vanuatu, the story is over as far as the actual winds and the heavy rain and all that. what they are going to have to contend with a long time is the recovery, which is is going to be monumental here because of the damage. some of the pictures that have been coming out of the region are heartbreaking here. here is the storm right now. the north eyelid of new zealand. the weather service there is forecasting 70 miles an hour. i'm not sold on that as of yet because as i see the satellite
3:22 am
presentation, the storm is weakening. the reason for that is it's moving into cooler ocean waters. winds aloft is shearing it apart. take a look at the track forecast here. you see is moving east of new zealand. not to say they are not going to get anything. i think there will be some heavy rain and gusty winds, but it will not certainly mirror anything we had in vanuatu. you see the bands in this forecast track. this is generous as far as how much rainfall we are talking about. anywhere from 68 inches and gusts to 75 miles an hour. further to the north we are talking about vanuatu, conditions much improved the next several days and just remains to be seen how badly they fared and some of the eyelids year. here is vanuatu. some of these islands it is going to take while not only to recover but to get to that area. now, the concern is water. running water. conditions that are going to
3:23 am
start becoming vee ining very d with the people with the standing water and disease that comes with it here. a few showers left over. the winds at 115 miles an hour as far as the storm but at this point, i think we are in the clear as far as the islands. >> thank you so much! new ebola concerns this morning. ahead, ten americans returning home, will be monitored for this deadly disease. we will take a look at the plan once they land. new arrests overnight near ferguson, missouri. we have that report after the break. stay close. ♪ health. so we quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. expanded minuteclinic, for walk-in medical care. and created programs that encourage people to take their medications regularly. introducing cvs health. a new purpose. a new promise... to help all those wishes come true. cvs health. because health is everything. returning to his childhood home.
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states in emeory hospital in atlanta or university of nebraska hospital. >> ten patients total are flown home. none of these people returning have been diagnosed as having ebola but a day after an american health care worker has ebola and arrived from africa to a u.s. hospital. more than 10,000 people have died in western africa from the ebola epidemic. most of those deaths have been in guinea, siberia and sierra leone. according to st. louis police people were issued summonses and released. the investigation is still going on in the shooting of two ferguson police officers last week. >> reporter: investigators continue to work around the clock looking for any clues into who is behind shooting two
3:29 am
police officers outside of the ferguson police department late wednesday night. at this point, they don't have anyone in custody but they say it's far from a cold case as they continue to work their sources and talk to people who are out on the street and in the neighboring areas during the time of the shooting. at the same time, in light of the department of justice report that has seen several people from ferguson lose their jobs, there are more calls for the mayor to resign. there are people out protesting in front of the ferguson police department, but there are also people out there showing their support for the police and for the mayor. for his part, this is what the mayor has to say about the future of him and his position. >> there is ways to remove, if that is the will of the people. i've stood for office five times over the last decade and won every time. i love this pastime, less than a year ago now i was unopposed for office. >> so you're not going anywhere is what you're telling us? >> unless residents decide to remove me.
3:30 am
right now, that is not the indication i get joot may. >> reporter: the mayor is getting support from other people in ferguson. >> there's a problem. it's a major problem. but we just can't say he's all of the problem. i mean, i personally think with the chief resigning on his own, for whatever, the city manager, the two other police officers, i think that is a major start. >> reporter: and back to that investigation. law enforcement already has a $10,000 reward for anyone that brings information that leads to an arrest. however, they are thinking about increasing that figure if whatever information they get helps nab who was behind those shootings. victor and christi? >> stephanie elam, thank you so mu much. say amen. >> amen.
3:31 am
>> yesterday, hundreds packed madison east high school to remember 19-year-old tony robinson. he was the unarmed teen shot by police in wisconsin on march 6th. friends say he was a good guy. >> i think those things need to be shown that he was a real person and he had a real soft side. >> i just remember him playing with all of the kids. he was the biggest kid so he would pick them up. >> robinson's family is pushing peaceful protests for the biracial team who was shot by a white officer. they say robinson assaulted an officer and the officer shot him. the madison chief took heat what publicly he calls was a tragic incident. wisconsin state investigators have begun an inquiry into this case. john kerry is returning to switzerland today for a new set of talks on iran's nuclear program. this as the white house is taking aim at a republican senator who wants congress to
3:32 am
have a voice in this deal. bob corker of tennessee is crafting a bill that would allow lawmakers to vote on negotiations. he says there is bipartisan support for such action but in a letter to corker, the white house says corker's plan could derail talks and, quote, create divisions within the international community if allies feel congress could interfere. 47 republican senators who signed their names on an open letter to iran leaders are said to some to have violated the logan act that dates back to 1799 and you say what is that logan act? here it tom foreman to clue us in. >> reporter: a new york paper is calling some republicans traito traitors! this is serious stuff. those republicans are defending their actions. >> this is ultimately about stopping iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: all over d.c. critics are talking about the logan act! what on earth is the logan act? well, it is a relic of history. a law that grew out of a spat
3:33 am
between the united states and france way back in the late 1700s! cue the fife music! ♪ >> reporter: president john adams federalist party wanted war but a pennsylvania doctor named george logan traveled to france and brokered a deal to stop it! the federalists were furious and passed the logan act to make such diplomacy with prison times. not a single case has ever amounted to anything from these three cases. on a white house website tens of thousands of people have filed a petition for an investigation convinced republicans are now illegally interfering with foreign policy by sending a letter to iran's leadership but they probably should not expect much. after all, in 2008, candidate barack obama chatted with the
3:34 am
iraqis and guess what republicans hollered about? yeah. the logan act. tom foreman, cnn, washington. still ahead, a look ahead at the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. they are saying he is not responsible for the attack but now the fight to -- rather to avoid the death penalty. we got details of the defense's strategy to convince jurors to spare his life. you're never held responsible. you are saying "frog protection"? fraud. fro-g. frau-d. i think we're on the same page. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. fraud protection. get it at
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best way to make something in reality? >> a good artist, in order to change the course of our history, will embrace their contemporary times, will embrace technology, will embrace anything that is relevant to them today. >> reporter: with range of materials and a forum of ideas more diverse ever than before, where should we look for the next sensation sculpture? the director of london's tate martin museum so elect the ones to watch. >> they are capable of sculpture, whether tiny or large sculptures to turn space into something else. >> my first reaction to the need for scale as an artist was to go absolutely nano.
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the big question right now is can dzhokhar tsarnaev escape the death penalty? i mean, there has been another week of this gut wrenching testimony and so emotional to see these folks up there and really damming evidence in the boston mayor a tron tri-- marat trial. >> tsarnaev has not said that he is responsible. >> when his trial resumes tomorrow, by the way, defense lawyers are going to try to convince jurors he was so influenced by his radicalized older brother that he just was not responsible for his actions. cnn's deborah feyerick has more. >> reporter: people in the courtroom were on the edge of their seats listening to the testimony of a man who let
3:41 am
investigators toed marathon bombers and possibly preventing another attack. these are the images the jury saw last. 27-year-old ming carjacked by the boston mobombers and callina store clerk to call 911 and running to a storeroom to hide. it was the break boston had been waiting for since the marathon attack three days earlier. ming testified that tsarnaev pointed a gun at him and said did you know the boston marathon explosion? i did it. that policeman m.i.t. officer sean collier was shot six times. once between the eyes. surveillance video shows who shadowy firgs identified as cammer lan and dzhokhar approaching the cruiser. the brake lights flashed as they
3:42 am
tried to steal his gun. it lasts 50 seconds before the brothers ran away. >> it sounds like somebody is hitting a trash can really loud. >> reporter: prosecutors laid out their case showing the jury how the investigation unfolded, with the fbi releasing these images of the suspected bombers. two men in baseball hats carrying backpacks and walking together through marathon crowds. dzhokhar stops first and taking his place i didn't know families and children and tamerlan stands below the flag. several minutes later at 2:49 p.m., dzhokhar calls his brother and then dzhokhar begins to move quickly away from the backpack he has lift on the bomb as his bomb debt nature the energy seems to push him forward. tamerlan is captured on bang surveillance walking away. the wounded lay shattered and torn open on the ground.
3:43 am
three people are dead, 30 are so severely wounded, they are clinging to life. the jury heard from trauma nurse jessica kinski who saw her husband' detached leg and tried to help him, not releasing she, herself, was on fire. prosecutors showed her burned clothing. it matches my scars, she testified. both of her legs now amputated. then 23 minutes after the terror attack across the charles river in cambridge, dzhokhar tsarnaev enters the whole foods and pace cash for a half gallon of milk. that night he tweets ain't no love in the heart of the city, stay safe, people. within 72 hours, tamerlan will be dead and dzhokhar will be hiding into a dry dock boat writing a manifesto explaining why he and his brothers did what they did. dzhokhar lawyers have barely cross-examined any of the
3:44 am
witnesses and do not deputy the carjacking or the m.i.t. shooting. mel robin is joining us now, a legal analyst. mel, we look at the defense's strategy to blame the brother. how is the defense really going to make that impactful, say, this week when they start up court again tomorrow? >> well, it's really hard, christi. as you just heard deborah say, and good morning, you guys. you just heard deborah say they are really not cross-examining any of the witnesses. why might they do that strategy? what they are focused on right now is anything they can do to save their client from being executed. they want a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. what are they doing to get that? first of all, they admitted the who, what, when, where, to all of the counts in the opening statement, they said, hey, he is the one. why did they do that?
3:45 am
because it builds credibility with the jury. secondly, why do they not cross-examine these witnesses? the reason why these stories are gut-wrenching and heart breaking. if you start cross-examining somebody who is telling a story horrible as a woman who lost both of her legs or a father who had to choose between his son who is lying, dying, and rushing his daughter to the pohospital, then you look like a complete monster. so they are trying to just sit tight and get through this gruesome part of the system so they can then get to the heart of the case for the defense which is why did this kid do this? and by "kid," they are focusing on the fact that he is going to be 19. they are going to focus on the fact that it was his brother who s the lead. interestingly in the package, you notice that the guy that was carjacked talked about how it was the older brother that said i'm the one that did that. so i'm sure the defense is going
3:46 am
to be hammering that in the clclose. in a case like this, you don't really make your case during cross-examination. you get small piece of fact and then you stand up before that jury. i wouldn't be surprised if the closing arguments in this case, you guys, are like six or seven hours long, because the close is going to be all about arguing against the death penalty and for sparing his life. >> i want to move on to sandy hook right now. we are getting word today that the families of the children who were killed in that attack are planning to file lawsuits against the estate of the shooter's mother. saying she was careless and negligent and leaving an ar-15 rifle unsecured in her home and the connecticut post, too, reporting today that nancy lanza has an insurance policy on the house worth more than a million dollars. how strong is their case? >> i think their case is extraordinarily strong, and the reason why i say that is because
3:47 am
this was an instance, where as we all know, the adam lanza had a long history of severe mental illness and severe problems, and a dramatic dissent in terms of his mental state. if you guys recall, she actually had a court date to have a hearing for censorship, which in the state of connecticut, is the hearing where you're trying to sever parental relationships and get somebody committed. what the jury is going to have to decide in that case is was it reasonable for a person to be living in a house with somebody that you're facing a censorship here and he is locked in his room. you've got known mental problems and you've actually got weapons that somebody can access. and he did end up taking those weapons and not only committing the horrific acts that we all remember in newtown, but he also shot his mother first.
3:48 am
>> right, right. >> you know what? i think you're going to see in this case, christi, i wouldn't be surprised if you see the nra step in and file a brief as well because they don't want to see this kind of case prosecuted because it might start to erode some of the rights of gun owners. i think you have a very strong case. >> thank you for the explanation. i just wondered. since the mother, herself, is essentially a victim here and was also killed, i won know hdi how that would work. thank you. a baby is rescued after surviving alone in an overturned vehicle for 14 hours. >> come on, sweetie. come on, sweetie. >> now donations are pouring in. how much has been raised for the family of baby lily? which may help lower cholesterol. new ensure active heart health supports your heart and body so you stay active and strong. ensure, take life in.
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this story has just touched so many people. the public now has donated more than $75,000 for the care of a baby girl in utah who lost her mother in a car accident. we are talking about 25-year-old lynn jennifer gross car who left the road and flipped upside down in the river. >> her baby daughter survived 14 hours upside down in her car seat. her father is thankful that police pulled her from that spanish fork river alive. >> i put my finger in her hand and i told her dad was here and i love her and she squeezed my hand. >> wow. cnn's shasta darlington shows us the first responder body cam
3:53 am
footage of the race to save baby lily. take a moment and sit and watch this. >> reporter: new body cam video from one of the spanish fork officers as he rushes to the overturned car. >> what you got? what you got? >> reporter: you can hear their desperation as they try to flip the car. >> let's go, guys! >> reporter: they soon discovered grossbeck dead in the driver's seat but they do find a survivor. >> oh, god! >> reporter: they pull a tiny body from the wreckage and run up the hill. >> definitely hypothermic. she is breathing! >> reporter: patting her back and willing her to live. >> come on, sweetie. >> reporter: they perform baby cpr and rush her into the hospital. 18-month-old lily was submerged in the car in the frigid spanish fork river in utah for about 14 hours. she had survived hanging upside down in freezing temperatures in the upper 20s with no food or
3:54 am
water. >> if anything had been different, she might not have made it. >> reporter: brock royal was the emergency room doctor who saw lily when she was rushed in. >> you can see just how pale she is and how cold and stiff her arm is. >> reporter: four days later, baby lily playing along as her father sings old mcdonald in the hospital. the best reward possible for those who fought so hard to save her. shasta darlington, cnn, new york. >> isn't that something? i know that a lot of you have been moved by this so if you would like to help that family, you can visit their go fund page me page up to $75,000 right now. >> that moved $1,800 the last couple of minutes. >> you know that family appreciates it. this morning, new concerns over ebola. >> four americans quarantined in nebraska and several more on their way home for the potential of having the deadly disease.
3:55 am
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about two minutes before the top of the hour. devastation and destruction and uncertainty. the island of vanuatu is coming to grips now of the damage caused by tropical cyclone pam. the storm plowed through the country late friday and early country. >> 99% are either destroyed or heavily damaged. the death toll is expected to go up as they get to the outskirts of the city to the outlying areas. the country's president who is attending a conference in japan as the storm hit has pleaded for
3:59 am
aid around the world. at least 34 are dead after a ferry cap-sized in miramar. the ferry flipped over. at least 167 people have been rescued but teams are still looking for more than a dozen people in myanmar. >> two suicide bombs exploded outside after christian community in pakistan this morning. the bombs hit a church and school. emergency officials say at least 14 people have been killed and a faction of the pakistani taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack. the u.s. army will deduct an 1,100 mile of its striker vehicles through six european countries and designed to somehow sport for nato allies of the recent actions. this is unusual because long distance moving of moving a military vehicle such as these
4:00 am
are usually done by rail. so there is a purpose to that plan. >> indeed. thank you so much for starting your morning bus. we are so glad to see you. >> we have much more ahead on the next hour of your "new day" and that starts right now. ♪ this morning, new concerns about ebola here in the united states. nearly a dozen americans now heading home from sierra leone. some going straight into quarantine. how concerned should we be? fragile nuclear negotiations with iran. the secretary of state kicking off a new round of talks and one senator wants to make sure he has a voice in the deal. massive devastation. trees snap and homes destroyed. aid starts to arrive in the island of vanuatu. your "new day" continues now. >> i hope su h


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