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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  March 15, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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so there is a purpose to that plan. >> indeed. thank you so much for starting your morning bus. we are so glad to see you. >> we have much more ahead on the next hour of your "new day" and that starts right now. ♪ this morning, new concerns about ebola here in the united states. nearly a dozen americans now heading home from sierra leone. some going straight into quarantine. how concerned should we be? fragile nuclear negotiations with iran. the secretary of state kicking off a new round of talks and one senator wants to make sure he has a voice in the deal. massive devastation. trees snap and homes destroyed. aid starts to arrive in the island of vanuatu. your "new day" continues now. >> i hope sunday has been good to you so far.
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even though i know it's early. >> it is. >> i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. ten americans possibly exposed to ebola and their return to the u.s. >> four americans we know are back in the united states this morning. they have been taken to the university of maine medical center in omaha and there for observation but six more patients are expected to arrive either today or tomorrow and immediately transferred to emory hospital in atlanta or the hospital in omaha. >> none of these have been diagnosed to ebola but may have been exposed in sierra leone. let's bring in cnn senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen joining us by phone. elizabeth, start with the four who are in omaha. what do we know about them? >> reporter: what we know about them, victor, these four had the highest level of exposure compared to the others in this
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group. so they have the highest level of exposure. they are monitored for fever and any other symptoms of ebola and being watched to make sure they don't leave their quarantine. having said, that as you and christi said before, it's important to remember, these folks have not shown any signs of ebola so, therefore, they are not a threat to the public. you can't get someone sick with ebola unless you, yourself, is showing signs of the disease. >> it's interesting they are sent to three of four faelvecils that can handle ebola in the united states. is that so not one hospital will than overwhelmed? >> that's right. you wouldn't want to overwhelm one hospital and send all ten there. it's best to spread them out. what they are doing is say, look, these may never have ebola
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and but if they do, we want them there and close to one much these thee hospitals. we don't want to worry about more transportation. we want them to be close so the minute they show signs of ebola, we can hospitalize them. >> very good point. what do we know about the status of the american health worker who has returned and in serious condition. beyond, that any information? >> beyond that, we don't know much. but if we look at history, this person, hopefully, god willing, will be fine, and the reason for that is that of the ten others who have been treated for ebola in this country who actually had the disease, eight out of those ten lived and they were caught early and they were given terrific care. they were given experimental drugs and they all lived. the two who died were two whose cases were caught very late in the game and so if history is any precedent this person also will have a good outcome. >> the numbers are still pretty
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alarming in terms of the overall picture of ebola. has the crisis been showing any signs of slowing down in west africa? >> the crisis in west africa has, indeed, slowed down. we are not seeing the kinds of numbers that we saw back in september, october. but, still, it is a huge issue there. they don't have the kinds of resources that we have here. so that great success rate that i've talked about here in this country, they don't have that there. instead their mortality rate has been very high. >> good point. elizabeth cohen, thank you so much for the great information. appreciate it this morning. >> thanks. the other big story this morning the fight over talks with iran. today, secretary of state john kerry will head back to switzerland as the u.s. prepares for a new round of negotiations on iran's nuclear program. those talks are set against a backdrop of bickering between the white house and congressional republicans who say president obama does not have the authority to reach an agreement without lawmakers'
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approval. secretary kerry addressing the controversy yesterday during a stop in egypt. listen. >> i can tell you from common sense that when the united states senate sends a letter, such as 47 senators chose to send the other day, it is a direct interference. >> the white house is signaling one republican, bob corker of tennessee, after he said he is drafting a bill that would allow congress to vote on any iran deal. in a three-page letter to corker, chief of staff denis mcdonough writes. we have it here. once again, calling into question our ability to negotiate this deal. we have got cnn global affairs
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analyst and contributing writer for "the daily beast" kimberly dozier with us now. how much of that is true or is that just bluster from the white house? >> they have about two weeks to finish this deal in geneva, so anything like an additional sign from republicans in congress that they might throw the deal out the window adds pressure to those negotiations, specifically it puts pressure on the iranian negotiators from their own hardliners. hardliners in the religious administration in iran do not want this deal and seize on any possible objection to say, see? walk away. that is why you see the iranian negotiators pushing harder for a faster lifting of both u.n. and u.s. sanctions and that just ratchets tension up at the negotiating table. >> beyond the iranians, this just started. the biggest punch is when the 47 senators sent a letter over to
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the ayatollah. the foreign minister said this was a propaganda ploy and europeans have criticized and that is in front of the camera. behind the scene, the negotiators in the room, are they concerned about this fight in washington? >> well, behind the scenes, what it's done is pushed the iranian negotiators to push for a vote at the u.n. security council on the deal. what that could do just to get into the international complicated law of this, by having the u.n. security council sign off on a deal to lift sanctions against iran, that could lock the u.s. into such a long-term agreement. right now, president obama is negotiating this using executive action. that means, technical, while a future u.s. president probably wouldn't overturn it, legally, they could. however, if you got the u.s. party to an international deal
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through the u.n., that makes it a lot harder for either congress to walk away from this or a future american president and that is why you see the republicans trying to ratchet up pressure and throw this whole thing off. >> kimberly, what is their prime concern here? what do republicans want to see as part of this deal that they are concerned may not be a part of the deal? >> they simply don't trust iran. this deal would put measures in place to have the iaea, international inspectors look at some of the iranian plants and have iran trade away or give away some of its uranium probably to russia and it would essentially lengthen the time u.s. negotiators say that we would have between knowing iran has a bomb, it would lengthen that time to about a year from just a few months right now. but republicans in congress say iran had a sneaky development of nuclear power before this.
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what is to stop them from doing it again? >> kimberly dozier in washington for us this morning, thank you so much. >> thank you. american troops still on duty in afghanistan may find themselves serving there a little while longer. why the white house is considering extending their stay now. days before the election, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is fighting for survival. could his speech come back to hurt him? intercourse that's painful due noboto menopausal changesit...
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a senior white house official tells cnn president obama is considering backing away from his plan to draw down troops in afghanistan by year's end. the proposal calls for reduction to 5,500 troops and nearly half the current number but the new afghan president has asked president obama for, quote, flexibility in that time line
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signing a security strategy. an official says no decision has been made. money paid to former afghan president karzai wound up in the hands of al qaeda it is reported. the money which "the times" says was to buy loyal official in the car simon routine was used to free this man kidnapped by al qaeda. afghan officials had difficult raising cash for a ransom dipped into the cia fund. the cia declined to comment on the report. israeli prime minister benefiting anyojamin netanyahu tough re-election after he took a speech in front of the u.s. congress and against the obama administration's wishes. back home, other issues such as the economy and israeli's security seem to be spelling some trouble for him. tens of thousands of protesters
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rallied in tel aviv. here is cnn's orrin lieberman with more. >> reporter: israeli politics is about where you sit in this room. this is the knesset. the israeli branch of the government. 120 seats, the most important seat in the center of that u the prime minister's seat. it's all of the seats around that one that determine who gets to sit there. ♪ here it is where voters don't pick a particular politician but vote for a particular party but no one party will win outright majority. the most successful part in the upcoming elections may win as few as 15 seats. what happens after the elections the political parties meet with the president and tell the president this is who we want for prime minister and who we would like to work with in the upcoming government. that person has a chance to put together a coalition government
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and put together a mantle of the seats here through political wheeling and dealing. because of the way this works winning the most seats doesn't guarantee that you're the next prime minister if you can't make the right deals. technically 61 seats is enough here in the knesset but most wants more than that, 65 to 66 seats so they have a more secure administration. oftentimes in israeli politics can come down to 12r of the smaller parts parties in the upcoming election to decide where it goes. these smaller parts are called the king makers and they determine who gets to sit in the prime minister's seat and who doesn't. >> cnn global affairs correspondent elise leavitt is joining us. what is the buzz you're hearing? >> reporter: more than just buzz. the prime minister is really on the ropes right now. the two latest polls that just
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came out, these are the final polls before the election, channel 2 and channel 10 both have prime minister netanyahu likud four points behind the joint list of herzog and lipne. this morning, he got an important endorsement from bennett who has a right wing party and said all of his seats will go to prime minister netanyahu. in orrin's story he just spoke about the parties will coalesce around the candidates that is an important number of potential seats for the prime minister come election night. >> so we talked about how the economy and security are part of the issues here but what about that obama/netanyahu spat? do you think that is playing a role in this election in any way? >> reporter: i think it's playing a role to the extent
4:17 am
that, you know, here in israeli, everyone has always focused for the last six years because of prime minister netanyahu on security issues. but, meanwhile, the economy is not doing so well as we said. food prices are rising and housing prices are rising. it's not necessarily the spat itself but it's the fact that they realize that prime minister has focused too much on security issues. obviously, the united states is the most important ally as soured that relationship. so people, i think, there a little bit of what we call b.b. fatigue. that people are a little bit frustrated with the stag nation that has happened under this prime minister and they have seen the relationship increasingly get intense the last few years so they are looking for change. the opponents numbers have not been rising so people have not
4:18 am
really settled on herzog. he is a little bit of unknown quantity here and important parties rising in stature. the arab parties are expected to let a lot of seats. lipud could get a lot of seats these could the king makers we are talking about that on could determine whether prime minister netanyahu stays in his job. >> interesting. eli elise labott, appreciate it this morning. we shine a light on palm beach campaigning for cash next. y of lobster dishes all year. double up with dueling lobster tails. or make lobster lover's dream a delicious reality. but hurry this won't last long.
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wisconsin governor scott walker wants you to know that he is not a flip-flopper. that is what he was pushing in concord, new hampshire, yesterday, as he edges toward a possible, some would say probable presidential race. he says he is consistent on all other issues. as the 2016 race heats up several contenders are expected to visit palm beach, florida, where many of them are going to raise cash. let's bring in chris moody, recently traveled to palm beach to go inside the political money circuit. chris, i lived in palm beach county for a few years and palm beach, the island, i mean, they redefine house party.
4:23 am
>> they absolutely do. >> reporter: so much political coverage right now in iowa and new hampshire, north carolina, but i would argue that palm beach, florida, is just as important, especially in these early days of the precampaign when people are trying to get all of the money together. almost every political cycle every candidate goes to palm beach county. in 2012 the county donated more than $50 million to political campaigns, so i went down there to check it out to see what is going on before the election, so let's check it out. ♪ >> sweetie! have fun at mr. trump's house. love you! >> reporter: welcome to palm
4:24 am
beach, the island of the 1% and where there is money, there are politicians not far behind. ♪ there is a reason politicians come to palm beach. nothing to do with the weather. it's because they want to bathe in money. >> that is the first time anybody has ever done that to me in my life! great to be here in palm beach tonight. thank you for having me. i didn't come to palm beach just tonight to enjoy this and meet a lot of old friends and new friends. i came here tonight to ask you something. i'm asking you now step up to the challenge. i'm asking you now to fight for our protection. i'm asking you to join the fight with me. ♪ >> reporter: chris christie's pak is hold ago fund-raiser here at this house and we are not
4:25 am
allowed in. chris moody. how are you? >> glad you're here. >> we did get some nice cars. you know before an election you get inundated with ads? you know who pays for that? the people here. a gathering of 20 donors who have given money. >> so much money here, you don't have to look very far behind you that this is one of the places you go. you go to manhattan. you go to hollywood. you come here. >> reporter: so as you can see there, there is a lot of money in that area. chris christie came down to palm beach last week. what i think is really interesting about this upcoming cycle is you got possibly two very big florida personalities jeb bush and marco rubio. the great question will she suck the oxygen out of the room? so far we have seen that has not scared anyone away from this area. they know the money is there and
4:26 am
the other candidates who don't have close ties to florida are still making a play for it. >> the economy is going to continue to be a part of the conversation moving in 2016. it's improving but wages aren't moving up much. are the people going to these house parties even concerned about the optics of going to these billionaires parties in their homes asking for money? >> reporter: as you can see, they wouldn't let us into the party at the billionaire's house. we did get to go to the palm beach gop dinner which is donald trump's resort there on the water but this is just part of the campaign. they need this money not only to their campaigns but also to political action committees and the super paks are holding fund-raisers as well so the candidates can pop in and pop out before they ask for money. even if the economy is down, no matter what, this is part of the campaign and i think you're going to see perhaps record breaking amounts of money spent on the election in 2016. >> chris moody for us this
4:27 am
morning, thank you so much. >> thank you. so, you know, little is left on an island vanuatu right now. the recovery is beginning, though. we know that help is on the way. after this powerful cyclone devastated the small nation. we have a live report for you straight ahead. when healthcare gets simpler. when frustration and paperwork decrease. when grandparents get to live at home instead of in a home. so let's do it. let's simplify healthcare. let's close the gap between people and care.
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♪ 30 minutes past the hour right now. always so good to see you! we are talking about these four americans who are already back in the u.s. this morning following fears they may have been exposed to ebola. we know they have been taken to the university of maine medical center in omaha for observation. six more patients are expected to arrive, some today, others
4:31 am
tomorrow, but they will immediately be transferred to either emory hospital in atlanta or the national institutes of health in maryland. >> ten patients are being flown back home and none of them diagnosed with ebola. all of this after an american health care worker contracted the deadly virus and treated at the nih facility and is listed in serious condition. recovery efforts are now happening after tropical cyclone pam ravaged the islands of vanuatu over the weekend. experts say it is one of the most powerful storms to ever make landfall. aide workers described it as a bomb going off. >> cyclone pam is one of the worst cyclones i've ever seen having grown up in florida. i've seen my share of storms but nothing to top what cyclone pam did to vanuatu.
4:32 am
>> we stay in the house and run out from the house and the roof of the house, cyclone take out. cyclone very strong storm. so cyclone take out our roof and then we ran to another house to save our life. >> six people are dead but the number is expected to climb. it's unclear how many thousands are displaced by the massive storm. a category 5 hurricane. aide workers are trying to get an estimation what is to be done now. listen to this observer. >> reporter: i've been traveling today to the outskirts of vanuatu. as far as can i see, there is just destruction. it's, you know, trees are down, buildings ripped apart or roofs are off or windows broken. just, you know, from what i understand, the storm was twice the strength of hurricane
4:33 am
katrina, so this thing was really, really powerful. so we tried to move toward aton which is the area of the island that kovila sits in which we think was most affected by the eye of the cyclone and a bridge had been completely destroyed by raging floodwaters that was generated by the cyclone. this was not a rickety bridge but this was a concrete bridge that looks like a big bite has been taken out of the side of it. this is also the bridge that is the main way to get to this part of the island and the main way you take the relief trucks through so it's a huge problem for us. we have spoken to a woman who is nine months pregnant and due on the 9th of this month. at this point, there are huge challenges with the hospital. she doesn't have clean drinking water and she doesn't have food
4:34 am
or power. we are talking to people who are in an incredibly desperate situation. >> what you saw there were some of the more structurally sound buildings. behind us some of the homes are not brick and mortar homes but they are out of natural resources that they have there and in 200-mile-an-hour winds they will not hold up. >> when you say them say it's more than the strength of katrina. >> katrina, we had, the united states where we have buildings made of concrete here. these folks are living in huts literally and some in trees as well. they just had no chance with this storm at 200 miles an hour as it passed through. here is the current wind spooee 115 miles an hour as it passes through new zealand. here it is. made its way through vanuatu, mexico sustained winds 165
4:35 am
winds. we had gusts to 200 miles an hour and equivalent of category 5 hurricane and the strongest landfall since we had in the philippines. the fact the eye went over the capitol is like you standing in a room blindfolded, throwing a dart and hitting a bull's-eye. the chances of that happening are just unbelievably as far as meteorology goes. a foot has fallen here. the main devastation happened because of the storm surge and because of those devastating winds. forecast radar looks good for the recovery efforts that will be clearly under way in significant fashion over the next several hours, days, weeks, months. here is the storm as it affects the north island of new zealand. we are getting reports of power outages and wind gusts to 70 miles an hour. as the storm begin its transition what we call a
4:36 am
post-tropical storm, the wind field spans here and the winds are not found at the center of the storm but in these bands hitting the north island the next 24 hours. hurricane strength winds and 6 to 8 inches of rainfall. still a little bit to go but certainly new zealand can handle it and they are not going to get the brunt of the storm. >> thank you, ivan. questions this weekend about russia's president putin. not the typical questions what is he doing and why, but questions about where is president putin? is he ill? and what recent photos of him mean? we will dive into that conversation next. ♪ oh yea, that's coming down let's get some rocks, man. health can change in a minute. so cvs health is changing healthcare. making it more accessible and affordable, with walk-in medical care,
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two people were arrested at a protest in st. louis, missouri last night. one of them was phillip montgomery a freelance photographer. according to police 75 to a hundred protesters entered government buildings and two were arrested for impeding the flow of traffic and they were issued summons and they were released. [ inaudible ] say amen. >> amen! >> reporter: you're looking at here the hundreds of people who packed madison east high school to remember 19-year-old tony robinson. he was the unarmed teen shot by police in wisconsin march 6th. in the past he had pled guilty to armed robbery but his family said he was turning his life
4:41 am
around and planning to attend college and was a good kid. >> it needs to be shown he was a real person and had a soft side. >> i remember him playing with the kids and he would pick them up. >> robinson family is asking for peaceful protesters. police say robinson assaulted an officer and that is why the officer shot him. the madison police chief took heat for publicly apologizing what he calls a tragic incident. an inquiry has been started into that case. a lot of speculation about russian president vladimir putin's health. he scanned several engagements last week. . these photos were released by the kremlin to try to put anything. jill dougherty joins me now on the phone. jill, undoubtedly, the president has been sick before and flu whipping across moscow.
4:42 am
would he just not be seen so many days because of the flu and because of a cold, or could there be something else here? >> reporter:, you know, victor, i think as i read and i talk to people, excuse me, i think the most likely think he simply is sick. there is a flu in moscow right now. but one of the problems here is that the kremlin is not used to explaining a lot. so when he disappears and he has been out of the public live, at least live on tv for almost like nine or ten days, they -- all they can do is say, no, he is healthy. how do you parse that? i mean, yes, healthy, may be down with the flu. this, in turn, is fueling this enormous output. i mean, just go on to twitter or any social media and you will find all of this, everything from, you know, theories or rumors about a ku day ta has his
4:43 am
security forces have taken over to maybe his alleged girlfriend in europe is giving birth to a baby. it's really kind of crazy but that is what happens when there is really no structural way that they can give some objective information about what is happening. >> jill, i feel like the international media just did this a few months ago when kim jung-un was out in north korea. that is the international media. in moscow, are people as entlaled wie enthralled with this and this vthese theories as well? >> people not on the web and who are not watching national state-run tv probably don't hear anything about this. there is very little in the, let's say, the state media. a lot of this is happening on the web with people who are
4:44 am
more, you know, hooked. they are absolutely going crazy. but in russia, as a whole, they are kind of, you know, plodding along as if not much has happened. the problem here is that there's a very nervous mood, especially among people who follow politics, follow developments in russia right now, and, you know, there's a lot of nervousness since boris nemtsov was shot down near that bridge near the kremlin. the sanctions about ukraine are hurting the russian economy, and you also have the war in ukraine continuing. so these things, in a way, it almost seems funny. i mean, i've been looking at these things like putin is dead and you see crazy pictures about where could putin be? but there is a very unfunny side to this. if the president of russia, you know, his absence can't be explained, it makes people nervous.
4:45 am
now one thing, victor, we should watch. monday, he is scheduled to be meeting with the president of in st. petersburg. if he doesn't show up in st. petersburg you have to start wondering. >> this caravan of striker vehicles, 1,100 mile convoy through six european countries to assure the nato allies that the u.s. has their back, exercises along the route. obviously, a message to those six countries. is this going to be a message that resonates at all at the kremlin? >> reporter: well, the kremlin, of course, will probably criticize it, if they haven't already. this is another illustration of how the nervousness is building. people in europe who were
4:46 am
formally, let's say, part of the soviet union are worried about russia could do next ala ukraine and we are concerned about what nato is doing and stirring up trouble. it's very, ultimately, nerve wrecking and, ultimately, could be dangerous because you have russians, russian planes flying ov overhead in europe unmarked. military planes unmarked. that could get very dangerous. all of this, it's not a cold war but when you're dealing with military equipment over flights and with nuclear armed countries, that could get dangerous. >> former correspondent jill dougher dougherty, thank you for being
4:47 am
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judas. his betrayal. how it may have all started at the last supper. >> when jesus had his disciples meet at the last supper, the tension is really building up. through the week that they've been in jerusalem, there have been increasing conflicts with authorities. something big was about to happen. >> i think there's a real sense of foreboding at the last supper, the way that it's portrayed in the gospels. >> there's that moment at the meal, this intimacy. to eat a meal with somebody is to be family with them.
4:52 am
jesus announces that one of you, one of the 12 will betray me. >> april deconic joining me now from houston. she's the chair of the religious studies department at rice university. so good to have you with us. >> thank you for having me. >> of course. let me ask you first off, do you think we have the story of judas right, wrong, somewhere in the middle? >> i think that each new piece of evidence gets us a little closer. >> to what? what is the story, do you think? >> well, in terms of what we know now is we have a new gospel called the gospel of judas. it's a real lost gospel. we knew about the gospel of judas because a bishop in the middle of the second century, bishop irinyas mentions it, but we didn't have a copy until very recently.
4:53 am
that copy was published in 2006 by national geographic. >> and what does it tell us that we didn't know before? what surprises were there for you? >> oh, there were lots of surprises for me. in terms of religious studies, finding a new gospel like this is like finding a new planet for a physicist. so this is a lost gospel, and it tells us a story of judas that's a little different. irinyas had told us that the gospel of judas spoke about judas being a hero, so we were all very much expecting this when we first started working on this text, but as i worked through this text i found that in this text judas is portrayed as a demon and a rather evil demon at that. >> and, i mean, the bible says that judas sold jesus out for 30 silver coins. >> uh-huh.
4:54 am
>> what do you learn about that particular exchange, if anything? >> this gospel also does mention a money exchange, but it seems to imply that judas did this because this was his destiny. so it adds that layer of complexity to the story. >> but that's so interesting because we think who knows their destiny? are they suggesting judas knew he was supposed to do it? who amongst us feels like we know what we're doing, where we're supposed to be going. >> exactly. what this gospel has is jesus telling judas what his destiny is going to be. judas in the text is uncomfortable with this destiny and he's fighting it, but jesus says to him, there's nothing that he can do about it, that it will happen. >> april deconick, so good to talk to you, thank you so much for sharing your perspective. >> me, too. thank you. >> you can catch "finding jesus" at 9:00 p.m. right here only on cnn.
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4:59 am
it affects body movement leaving some patients confined to a wheelchair but not masoon. >> i learned how to walk because my dad taught me how, by putting my feet on his feet and just walking. my parents also sent me to dancing school. i could hold onto the dance bar, and that's how i learned how to hold up my body to stand up. >> her parents also used other nontraditional methods like piano lessons to help her get her dexterity. >> those helped me because i wouldn't be able to type and tweet. >> she still dances and does yoga. >> before i started doing yoga, the resting position of my arms was this. it was nearly impossible to flex them and to relax them, and doing yoga has allowed me to have some more coordination. >> masoon has never let cerebral palsy stand in her way. she has headlined popular clubs, co-founded the new york arab american comedy festival and at
5:00 am
ted talk masoon also proved comedy is right. >> i've got 99 problems and palsy is just one. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. >> very talented woman, no doubt about it. thank you so much for starting your morning with us. >> your "new day" starts right now. new concerns this morning about ebola right here in the united states. ten americans being put under quarantine after coming into contact with an ebola patient in sierra leone. so how concerned should we be? plus, fragile nuclear negotiations in tehran. the white house is hitting back at one senator who wants to make sure he has a say in the deal. falling back. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu fighting to keep his job just two days before the polls open. what should we be loo


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