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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  March 16, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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so ago. matthew matthew, thanks very much for that. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in the situation room. cnn news center coming up next. for the viewers in north america, newsroom with brooke baldwin starts right now. wolf blitzer, thank you so much. great to be with you on this monday. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. we're beginning with robert durst and a what appears to be his confession to not one but multiple murders. here's the back story. he was born into one of the richest families in new york city. the crimewatchers will tell you his luck runs far beyond his birthright. he's been linked to the deaths of three people his wife his confidant and his neighbor. robert durst escaped any murder convictions thus far but this may be the beginning of the end of his freedom. this is his latest mugshot after his arrest this past saturday. he just waived extradition. we also just learned that durst
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may face more charges in new orleans on top of a murder charge in california. lapd says the victim here is susan berman. she appeared to be poised to talk to the police when someone shot her to death back in 2000. investigators say new evidence has come to light in this specific case. could it be the letter just revealed in an hbo documentary entitled "the jinx." the letter was written by durst and the handwriting seems to match a letter send anonymously years ago. there's more that police could use from the film. in the jinx, durst is confronted with a letter. he then goes to the bathroom totally for getting that his microphone is still on. i want you to listen. this is key. listen to what the documentary caught durst saying. >> killed them all.
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of course. >> you hear that? killed them all, of course. hbo is opened by time warner which is the parent company of cnn. durst's attorney had this to say after his hearing today. >> came here to waive jurisdiction and go back to california and to get it on. bob durst didn't kill sue man berman. he's ready to end the rumor and speculation and have a trial. >> talk about all kinds of twists and turns, miguel marques. we have a lot to talk about. for people not familiar with this man's story, he's been a suspect ever since his wife disappeared back in 1982. can you walk me through this from there. >> yeah. i don't think william shakespeare could write a more interesting and dramatic tale. this is lady macbeth with seemingly blood on her hands.
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when he's confronted with that letter you mentioned and goes to the bathroom and makes the confessions after being shaken by the documentary filmmaker, that he basically admits to killing not just berman but others. in 1982 his wife goes missing in westchester county connecticut. westchester, connecticut. her bold i is never found. he's suspected in her killing. in 2000 when police reopen that investigation, they want to talk to susan berman his long time friend and crime writer. she ends up dead shot, killed murdered. he's never charged with that crime. in 2001 he moves to galveston, texas. mears a millionaire, paying rent. dressing in a wig and pretending to be a mute woman so that he can avoid detection because he's so worried about security and people. he's now infamous of course. he gets into an argument with his neighbor morris brown. they fight they argue. they go for a gun.
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brown is killed. durst then dismembers his body, tells police all of this but gets off pause, he says that -- because he says it was in self-defense. an absolutely incredible tale that may be coming to an end. certainly more wrinkles here. l.a. seems to be ready to charge him in the death of susan berman given the admission in last night's final of jinx. but new orleans may not be done with him yet. apparently they found a .38 revolver in his hotel room. he'll be charged with that. even though he's agreed to extradition, that's why his lawyer is frustrated can't get to l.a. because he may have to stay in new orleans to face gun charges there. un unbelievable unbelievable. >> i'm going to keep you around miguel. stay in that hot seat. i may have more questions as i bring in joey jackson. some say durst has been lucky until now avoiding jail time despite the twists and turns
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that miguel was walking through. after his wife vanished he disguised himself as a deaf mute woman and that's when he fought with his neighbor morris black, ultimately dismembering him. durst jumped bond and then caught himself, got caught shoplifting at sandwich while he had hundreds of dollars in his pocket. he was acquitted of that killing. his attorneys did not want him to speak with the documentary makers of "the jinx." it's like he was looking into a crystal ball of sorts. here he is. >> they said about a zillion times, you can't help yourself. right now you're a free man 100%. you say something inadvertently and you'll find yourself charged in new york or charged in los angeles. and our interview was a big risk for you. why do you want to do an interview? >> okay. let's talk about this with legal
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analyst joey jackson and miguel marquez is still with us. where do we begin? let's begin with the open mike comment. killed them all. is that admissible in court? >> depends who you ask. of course i thought i would be debating my good friend eric who could not be here. i'll be more balanced in my views. the prosecution is going to say it's an admission. you said something under your breath, you mumbled it. it was overheard. you admitted it. it's coming in to the court of law. his attorneys will say he had an expectation of privacy. as a result of that putting this in context, he excused himself and went into a private bathroom. there's no governmental and police action you say. how are you saying it's not admissible? because the attorneys will further argue there was governmental action inasmuch as hbo was working closely with the authorities and they're going to say isn't it coincidental how his arrest comes on the heels of the final episode of this hbo --
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>> miguel i want to ask you this. there's conspiracy theorists out there. what's the straight facts? was this a coe incidence that all of this happened at the same time. >> no. it doesn't sound like. talking about how they were in touch with authorities all along. they didn't realize -- that interview was recorded two years ago. they didn't realize until recent months that he made the admission in the bathroom. they were so busy they didn't have time to listen to the tape. someone realized it they called investigators then. this is several months ago. you guys want to hear this. they were able to tell them hear this confession basically. that's when the wheels started turning. the durst lawyer in l.a. says this is clearly tied to the end of this documentary and something that was out there in the water and that's why durst left investigators seem to think last week. went to new orleans seemingly on
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the lam. checked into a hotel, paying everything in cash. screwed up one little thing and they got him. >> brooke the defense will say the following. he wasn't on the lam. he didn't run anywhere. there was a lot of public pressure and exposure on him as a result of this documentary. he wanted to cool his heels a little bit. he checked into a hotel using a fictitious name to have his privacy. miguel raises a couple of issues. number one, in the event they're working with law enforcement, hbo, clearly they're agents of the state and acting in that capacity. the second thing to miguel's point, two years ago i'm arguing as a lawyer chain of custody issues. where was this tape. why is it surfacing now? it should not be admitted. >> my question is, in reading so much about this, how is it, it took the documentary producers to find this. it was "the jinx" producers that found this letter and there were so many questions ie the first wife's body was never bound.
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if you're interrogating, that has to be participate of the question. >> that's a good point. hbo did their homework. as a result of that, they devilled deep -- delved deeper. that will be argued also. of course the letter he sends to the police talking about the cadaver relating to susan. this was his friend his publicist back in 2000. was shot and killed in the back of the head. they have access to another letter and they had access to a letter that i wrote and it was analyzed back then. the analysis of that letter showed it was inconclusive and it could not be or maybe it is his writing. now all of a sudden they get a letter and it's his writing? you're going to have a battle of the experts to the highest degree when you talk about, was it his writing sent to the police or not his writing sent to the police? >> it's incredible. >> documentary says it was. his attorneys, no way. >> joey and miguel thank you so much to both of you. we'll have more on this in the
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next hour. jurors in the boston bombing trial taking a field trip to see the now infamous boat where dzhokhar tsarnaev hid during that bloody standoff. hear what tsarnaev was wearing. he went with the jurors to that location in watertown, massachusetts. also ahead, elton john calling on the world to boycott dole cha and ga ban a. among other choice words. kyra phillips and oprah's former chef approximate their experiences and reaction to this. just in to cnn, the entire video of the heart pounding rescue of that miracle baby trapped for hours inside this overturned car. we will play it all for you ahead. man (sternly): where do you think you're going? mr. mucus: to work, with you. it's taco tuesday.
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i'm brooke baldwin. the jurors took a field trip. they went to the secret warehouse storing that boat that tsarnaev used as a hideout. it's the same boat that had strips of blood streaking through pencilled writings from tsarnaev. prosecutors ultimately labeled his manifesto. the jurors spent 30 minutes inspecting the slip away 2. it sat before them on a flatbed. they stood on a raised platform to peer inside. the security was tight. with them was the 21-year-old suspect without handcuffs, no shackles and watching it as everything is unfolding. >> mr. tsarnaev looked at the boat flanked by three of his attorneys. he sat at a table with his
11:16 am
attorneys. say about 50 feet away from the boat and the jurors. he looked impassive as he has in court. he looked the jurors occasionally. >> the jurors two at a time accompanied by an fbi agent were lipt lifted up in this cage to look on the port side star board side was high observing -- observation point to look into the boat. >> when the field trip was over testimony back at the courthouse returned to the massive manhunt led authorities to watertown. i was in boston a year ago meeting with people who live in the area who were there who will never forget it. this is what they remembered with me. >> you would never in a million years picture what happened here. >> could be anyone's neighborhood. could be any neighborhood anywhere. >> retired sergeant sean murphy, a photographer with the massachusetts state police saw the entire siege and witnessed
11:17 am
the capture of one of the bombers. walking around this quiet neighborhood just a dwreeryear later, the tension still lingers. >> in a sense, it was a year ago, another sense it seems like it was just yesterday. >> it started with the killing of m.i.t. police officer sean collier, leading to a car chase into watertown and a shootout killing one suspect. then a citywide search for his younger brother. the focus? the very heart of watertown. >> advising all watertown residents to remain in their homes. >> it just filled up. i would say there was 50 cop cars out here. >> the way they rolled in behind us they were coming from both sides. >> we were scared of every civilian that was walking down the street. >> murphy pregnant at the time heard gunshots erupt outside her window. >> it's loud. is it super close? is it blocks away? do i need to duck? it's a scary thing. we were trying to be really
11:18 am
calm. >> as watertown hunkered down sean murphy snapped photo after photo. what he captured through a lens is one of the biggest takedowns of a wanted man in american history. it all led to this home after a tip about blood on a boat. >> as soon as i took that image, i knew that this boat is very close and i knew that really i needed to find cover. >> s.w.a.t. teams risked their lives closing in on one of the men they believed was responsible. not knowing if the 19-year-old was armed or perhaps worse, strapped with explosives. >> all of a sudden, this guy came up. >> what was that moment seeing him? >> this was a very dangerous, an active scene. it was good to know that this guy wasn't going to leave. >> he didn't leave. police ultimately pulled the suspect off the boat pinning him to the ground ending a massive manhunt and for the first time in days boston could
11:19 am
breathe. >> this was over at that point. >> dangerous guy. he had done a lot of dangerous things. i think really at that point his eyes are wide open. i think he knows that his rein of terror was over. >> let's take you live to boston outside the courthouse. my colleague producer aaron cooper. aaron, going back to this field trip of the boat seeing more than 100 bullet holes and still be streaks of blood, how did the jurors react to that? and tsarnaev standing right there. >> reporter: we know that the jurors really were intently studying this boat. they got up on lifts on either side of the boat to peer in and look at where the writing was, look at the debris in the bottom of the boat. the windshield of the boat had been shot out. so there was glass on the bottom of the boat. the blood stains that you see in those photos of the writings those have faded some. but they were squinting and trying to look into the boat and
11:20 am
see what they could see. see this area that tsarnaev had been laying hiding out when he was captured and all this time, tsarnaev down on the ground under a tent with his attorneys ar at a few points by himself was watching it all as it went down. >> can i ask why they brought him along? why was he part of this? >> i mean he's the defendant. so it's his right obviously to see any court proceeding. this was obviously a proceeding that could be relevant to the case. >> thank you. secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. will have to negotiate with syrian president bashar al assad, the dictator accused of murdering his own people. hear what assad just said about secretary kerry's remark and new video from the scene of a gut wrenching rescue of a baby who was inside this car. we'll play the entire video for
11:21 am
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u.s. secretary of state john kerry says there has to be a diplomatic end to the fighting in syria. what's not as clear is this. if president assad can take part in the negotiations. secretary kerry seemed to break with u.s. policy when he implied that assad could play a role. >> to get the assad regime to negotiate, we're going to have to make it clear to him that there is a determination by everybody to seek that political outcome and change his calculation about negotiating. that's under way right now. and i am convinced that with the efforts of our allies and others there will be increased
11:26 am
pressure on assad. >> you'd be willing to negotiate with him? >> well we have to negotiate. >> he says we have to negotiate. let me say this. the state department issued a clarification insisting that assad would not be any part of talks but members of his regime could. bashar assad appears to be taking a wait and see attitude telling state tv on a quote. he said this. whether they say i remain or not, the syrian people have the final say on this. we are still hearing the declarations and we should wait for actions and then decide. andrew tabler the senior fellow at the washington institute for near east policy. andrew welcome to the show. >> my pleasure. you hear what secretary kerry is saying. then a little bit of the clarification from the state department. why do you think secretary kerry would say that in the first place? >> i think it was just a mistake. i think it was a slip of the tongue. everybody knows that the united states backs a transition in syria where assad is not there
11:27 am
in the end. i think the question is, abdomen he's talking about thethe negotiations to have the settlement and thus far, i don't think u.s. policy has substantially changed. >> it's rare to hear from assad himself and i was reading about this and he sat down with the bbc a couple of months ago. i want to play this to get a flavor of how assad thinks. let's roll the clip. >> i know about the army. they use bullets, and bones. i haven't heard of army using bombs or -- >> large barrels full of explosives and projectiles dropped from helicopters and explode with devastating effect. there's been a lot of testimony about these things. >> we have bombs, missiles and bullets. >> so this is assad essentially pleading ignorance about the barrel bombs right, which the u.s. says absolutely he used to kill all these innocent civilians in his country.
11:28 am
my question it's really a statement. he's a man who can't be trusted. why would the west want to sit across a negotiating table with him, period? >> it's a good question. assad is in a state of denial. he's completely rigid. there is no political position. he says there's no opposition in syria, only rebels. why would the international community want to negotiate with him because syria is essentially a divided country. it no longer really exists as one nation and we have multiple factions including isis and al qaeda affiliate in the opposition controlled area. they're looking for negotiations to -- to dee escalate thecrisis. >> would that not almost ratchet up his legitimacy if he sits across the table with the u.s.? >> absolutely. on the fourth anniversary of the syrian uprising was taken but a huge insult by the syrian opposition. that made it harder to say that the u.s. policy in syria is one
11:29 am
that will lead to a transition that includes -- on this one, the u.s. lost a lot. >> you mentioned four years. this war has been raging on for four years. you think about what the world has been preoccupied with. with iran and the nuke talks and ukraine and russia and of course isis. why do you think kerry right now pivots to mention assad? >> i think that when pushed by margaret brennan, i think he was trying to say that we need to go back to the negotiating track and there has been some rumors and talk about progress with the russians again and that's something that -- it's not new. the last time talks occurred was in early 2014. they didn't lead anywhere. it begs the question, are the russians seeing some sort of common interest with the united states in syria? there's a rumor they're concerned about a --
11:30 am
>> okay. andrew thank you. >> my pleasure. just ahead here, elton john is calling for boycott of multimillion dollar designers, dolce & gabbana dolce & gabbana over same sex couples who raise children. let's talk to oprah's former chef. what he has to say in the wake of those comments. >> plus video you have to see. this entire rescue of this miracle baby who survived in the water inside this overturned car. we have managed to secure this entire video from the body camera of this police officer. you want to stick around to see this. the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta. it helps people with copd breathe better for a full 24hours.
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just past the bottom of the hour. you're watching cnn. she may not realize it quite yet, but for the past two weeks, the whole world has been talking about a strong little girl. 18-month-old lily gross back spent 14 hours trapped in a car seat after her mother's suv crashed into the frigid river in utah. unfortunately, little lily's mother jennifer, only 25 years of age did not survive the crash. but this courageous rescue is a story filled with hope. cnn has now obtained this just heart-pounding body cam video of the officer who managed to pull this little girl from this frigid river and into an ambulance. it is absolutely stunning to watch. here it is. >> what have you got?
11:36 am
what have you got? [ inaudible ] >> straight down. straight down. >> get over here. we're helping. we're coming. >> better get down here.
11:37 am
ah! let's go guys. ah! come on. watch out, watch out. got to keep -- >> i'm not seeing any movement. >> hello? there's a baby. [ bleep ]. >> there's a baby. >> ryan get up here. get up here. >> what do you need? get him.
11:38 am
go. i got this door. >> i got it brother. >> hang on hang on. don't move it. >> hang on. we got guys in. >> got one in the car. >> anybody got scissors to cut the belt. >> scissors. >> a knife. >> here you go. >> you got it? >> pass her up. passer up. >> pass her up. >> go go go! >> take her up. >> come on baby. come on baby. definitely hypothermic. she's freezing. >> here go! let's go!
11:39 am
>> okay. >> what do you need? >> suction. >> come on sweetie. come on sweetie. right by the car. we're getting close. come on sweetie. going to do cpr on her. she's been throwing up a little
11:40 am
bit. >> underwater. >> for a couple days? >> so they get her to the hospital. she was released from the hospital last week. her family says her improvement is "astonishing." i want to share something else with you. here she is recovering with her dad at home. lily your strength is astounding. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals antioxidants and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™. ♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ sir elton john firing back on twitter over in vitro fertilization. they referred to synthetic
11:45 am
children born in "rented wombs." talk about what they said. more on the fashion empire that is dolce & gabbana. domenico dolce and stefano gabbana, two of the most powerful, most influential designers today. together these icons of italian luxury fashioned and built a billion dollar business. it's an empire with global reach extending far beyond their flamboyant fashions to include high-priced designer accessories, sunglasses purses watches and fragrance. the two formed their company back in 1985 flaunting their love of animal print and pink fur on the runways from milan to new york to hong kong. today they're still firmly at the helm fronting a company that's privately held and employs some 4,000 people
11:46 am
mostly initaly. forbes says their business is thriving due to worldwide demand for luxury goods. but this global brand has had its fair share of controversy. the italian government, for instance accused dolce & gabbana of evading corporate taxes and moving their assets to luxembourg. dolce & gabbana have plenty of public faces fronting their product. perhaps none more famous than madonna herself. but it remains to be seen exactly how much this boycott call will impact dolce & gabbana's bottom line or its loyal customer base. call for a boycott actually began on sunday when elton john who has two children through ivf with his husband, issued a statement to dolce & gabbana's statement. saying quote, how dare you refer to my beautiful children as synthetic and shame on you for
11:47 am
wagging your judgment and fingers at ivf. a miracle that let people, both straight and gay, fulfill their dream of having children. your -- i shall never wear dolce & gabbana ever again. he got all kinds of supporters including courtney love ricky martin. the list goes on and on. they reacted calling john a fascist in an instagram comment that was later deleted. he was defending his freedom to speak. asking people to boycott elton john. >> he and his husband adopted siblings and i have kyra phillips with me. she's the author of the whole life fertility plan. welcome to both of you today. in this magazine. they say, "no chemical children. life has a natural course. there are things that shouldn't be modified."
11:48 am
. kyra i understand some of your responses are unrepeatable on television my friend. >> yes, i had to figure out what i could say. so i had to be a little more diplomatic on cnn. it's insensitive it's bigoted. as a mom of ivf twins, i'm insulted. it's 2015. they party like it's 1899. get with the times. on the note of bigotry, i had to look at this quote again. this is what these guys said. the only family is the traditional one. there are things that should not be changed. here's what's amazing to me. these are two gay men preaching prejudice, the same type of prejudice that millions of gay individuals around the world complain with preached about them. >> let me come back to the notion of these are two gay men. art, i want to come to you. kyra, when you were going through the ivf process, were
11:49 am
you ever made aware, were there people out there in the ether who had thrown this criticism before about synthetic kids? this is new to me. >> synthetic the only synthetic that i can think of are dolce gabbana jeans that i can't fit into or afford because i'm on a budget raising twins thank you very much. my children have heartbeats are beautiful individuals and have made my life so much richer than i could have ever imagined. thank god for science because i couldn't do it naturally. i'd love to see these guys bear a child and see what it's like to go through a miscarriage and the pain of losing a child and finally having one. they need children is what they need. >> art, you're a gay father of multiple. i'm sure beautiful children. talk to me. >> yeah. it is shocking. but i want to tell you something. in every group there's a judas. welcome, you've got twins. it's amazing how two formerly together men can say such
11:50 am
horrible things and, you know i am a gay married man, married to jesus, jesus salgueiro. it's absolutely horrible and when elton john came to me, i said honey, sir elton john go for it. he's such a voice for the truth. i support him in boycott dolce & gabbana. honey, i never bought anything for myself. i can only fit a wallet and pair of glasses on my face. he said i'm burning it. >> here's the bigger overarching question. i love the candor from both of you. do you think this -- do you think about their clients. we mentioned the most famous face when i think of it you think of madonna and a lot of power players in the gay community have close ties to fashion, art. i'm wondering, do you think this will ultimately hurt the brand? >> i think so. you know this is not the first time we've had comments like
11:51 am
this come out of italy. you know, jesus and i, when -- we faced the hate. we're now great friends. they support us and all the great efforts that we do. and i really do believe that they just need kind of to wake up and i don't know what came over them. i'm there to wake them up and i promise you, if they don't correct their attitude. i will come to expo milan and do take the hate off the runway party. >> to kyra's point, because two gay men saying they believe in traditional family your reaction specifically to them? >> it's just -- only thing i can say and coming from a place of love there's no love in their life. i believe that they've had a lot of disappointment probably personally and usually people who have disappointment in their life with love love to make other people's lives miserable.
11:52 am
that's the only thing i can say. you know people can say, whether they're trying to appease the government for that past they have or whether, because of the catholic church whatever. the reality is what was said was wrong. yes, freedom of speech. but not freedom of hate. >> kyra phillips, chef art smith, thank you both very, very much. >> thank you. coming up next where in the world was russian president vladimir putin? he finally appeared in public after disappearing off the grid for ten days. all of this as we learn why he prepared nukes. plus millionaire robert durst caught on a hot open mic saying he killed them all on the finale of the hbo show "the jinx." he waived his right to fight extradition to los angeles. so could he be tried for murder again? stay with me. you're watching cnn. a finger... you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin.
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♪ ♪ i'm almost done. [ male announcer ] now you can pay your bill... ♪ ♪ ...manage your appointments... [ dog barks ] ...and check your connection status... ♪ ♪ ...anytime, anywhere. ♪ ♪ [ dog growls ] ♪ ♪ oh. so you're protesting? ♪ ♪ okay. [ male announcer ] introducing xfinity my account. available on any device. vladimir putin is alive and well. the russian president appearing for the first time in ten days putting an end to all the
11:57 am
speculation and the rumors about where he could be. it all started to swirl last week after putin abruptly postponed a meeting with regional leaders and skipped out of another meeting. some suggested he had fallen ill. others suggested he jaunted off with a girlfriend and had a baby. there was even talk he had been ousted in a palace coup. no the kremlin denying all of that. we're joined from atlanta with really freda, where was he? >> well brooke we may never know. it shows what kind of a government we have in russia that we don't know, nobody can ask, there are no answers. it will remain a mystery for as long as putin's people decide that it will be. >> okay. let's get to really the headline out of russia. the fact that we know putin gave this lengthy interview for this documentary on russia's 2014 annexation of crimey. at one point in the interview,
11:58 am
he was asked if they would bring nuclear weapons into play with regard to the annexation. his response was this. >> we were ready to do it. i talked with colleagues and told them that crimea is our historic territory. russian people live there. they are in danger. we could not throw them away. it wasn't us who committed a coup. this was the nationalist and people with extreme believes. you supported them. where are you? thousands of miles away and here we are. this is our land. >> so we learned that he was prepared he was poised to use nukes. we know they didn't do that. did he -- it seems like he didn't estimate this whole thing properly. why? >> well this is putin's way of saying all options are on the table to defend crimea. it's another proof, it's further evidence of how putin has upended the international global order. this idea that you might
11:59 am
actually use nuclear weapons that he would put the nuclear establishment, the nuclear facilities on alert to defend crimea it's yet another shock to the international system. it's particularly ironic because there was an agreement, an international agreement that persuaded ukraine to give up its nuclear weapons in which it was the budapest memorandum in which countries including russia the united states and the united kingdom committed themselves to helping ukraine maintain its territorial integrity if it gave up its nuclear weapons. now ukraine did that. it did not maintain territorial integrity, russia took a piece of its territory. now putin is saying that they might have used nuclear weapons to defend that. freda, thank you. and we continue along. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin.
12:00 pm
thank you for being with me on this monday afternoon. we begin with a story with many many twists and turns. real estate heir robert durst may have confessed to not one but several murder. born into one of the richest families in all of new york city durst has been linked to the deaths of three people. his wife his confidant and his neighbor. durst has he escaped any murder convictions. however, his arrest just this past saturday may be the beginning of the end of his freedom. let me show you something. his mugshot. this just in to cnn. durst was carrying a gun when he was apprehended. today he waived extradition. cnn has learned durst may face more charges in new orleans on top of the murder charge in california. los angeles police say the victim is susan berman. durst's close friend who appeared to want to talk with police about something when someone shot her and killed her back in 2000. durst's attorney responded to that