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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 16, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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person gets it really does not mean that person is going to be the prime minister. netanyahu may be down at the end of election night, he still could be the prime minister. we just don't know right now. >> elise labott we will follow very very closely there in israel. thank you so much. thank you for being with me. let's go to washington. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. vladimir putin disappears for a few days. now the russian northern fleet is on high alert. what is going on? i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. he fell off the grid for ten days. now vladimir putin is back in public just as we find out he was ready to prime russian nukes over the dispute over the land that he stole away from ukraine. the national lead. a jinx or a jackal? clearly a son of privilege connected to not one, but three murders over the past 30 years. now a hot mic moment on national television seems to catch him confessing to killing them all.
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the politics lead. hillary clinton's team now saying they did individually review every e-mail before trashing some 32,000 private e-mails but new poll numbers breaking this hour show the american people aren't exactly satisfied with her explanation. good afternoon. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin with the world lead. he has been on a warpath for more than a year with pro-russian separatists and russian troops laying waste to huge parts of eastern ukraine and basically daring the west to try and stop him in the process. ten days ago, however, the world was left to wonder just what exactly happened to vladimir putin. he vanished from the public eye. today, finally the russian president came out from wherever he's been for close to two weeks, putting those rumors to rest. the rumors ranged from his being dead to having the flu to seeing to the birth of a secret love child. not only is putin back but he
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may be more dangerous than ever. we are now hearing how far he was willing to go to tear off a piece of ukraine for himself, almost exactly one year ago. it almost included bracing for nuclear war. barbara starr is live at the pentagon for us. barbara, putin saying himself he nearly put his missiles at the ready? >> reporter: he is saying that he was indeed thinking about it jake. this according to a documentary on russian state media. he was thinking about it than is what has the u.s. so concerned right now. what else is coming down the road what else could vladimir putin be thinking about. vladimir putin reappeared for the first time in ten days making light of his absence, saying it would be boring without gossip. gossip that captured world attention not seen since cold war days when ousted soviet leaders suddenly failed to appear. did this russian leader have the
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flu, back trouble? even reports he went to switzerland to be with his girlfriend for the birth of his baby. publicly russia and the u.s. making light of it all. >> was the president pleased to see vladimir putin resurface? >> reporter: behind the scenes the u.s. says it believes putin was ill but was always in charge. not so fast say some experts. >> in a normal country, had you had this kind of situation, they would have had a photo op with the president. why didn't they do it with mr. putin? >> reporter: putin always wanting to be seen as the strong man in a weakened political position? >> i think there may be something going on inside the kremlin that we don't fully understand. >> reporter: what we do know putin has been under fire by protesters after the murder of his opponent, boris nemtsov. and there is more trouble as russians begin to realize they are losing troops in the battle for eastern ukraine.
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according to a new report from britain's independent royal united services institute, some russian units are so decimated by casualties that new ad hoc front line units are being formed in the field. the interior ministry has sent in special teams to keep russian soldiers from retreating. some russian conscripts are being tricked into signing long term enlistment papers. still, putin making more military shows of force. u.s. military officials say he is sending increasing numbers of nuclear-capable aircraft into crimea though no nuclear weapons. he has just ordered snap military exercises of the northern fleet in the arctic according to state-run media involving some 40,000 troops. the pentagon warning the arctic is being militarized. >> the russians have just taken a decision to activate six brigades and four of them will be in the arctic.
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>> reporter: now, look no one at the pentagon or the intelligence community or the white house at this moment thinks that russia is getting ready to attack europe to attack the united states. but all of this stirred up tension is causing a lot of concern because this is what the u.s. military calls miscalculation. if they don't know what putin's up to the concern is that somebody out there is going to miscalculate and there will be a crisis that nobody needs. jake? >> barbara starr at the pentagon thank you so much. joining me now is julia yaffey from "new york times" magazine and former moscow correspondent for the new yorker. thanks for joining us. the context here putin's chief opponent murdered right near red square. putin drops off the map. he then returns amidst this nuclear threat and the mobilization of troops. it feels like a menacing series of events. are they connected? >> the short answer is yes and no. the long answer is that it feels -- it's starting to feel especially to the moscow
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chattering classes like the wheels are starting to come off a little bit, that putin is not fully in control, that if he disappears, they don't know what's going to happen to the country. the investigation into the murder of boris nemtsov is starting to indicate that maybe putin didn't have full control over it that somebody did it without his approval. >> somebody else in his government? >> that's right. which indicates, which i think is far scarier than putin ordering the murder. >> because it means there's a rival force within his own government. >> that is violent and he can't control. >> in his absence, people speculated that he was sick there was covers of tabloiding suggesting a love child of some sort. today, he joked, life would be boring without gossip he said. why can't the kremlin give a straight answer about where he was? >> because it doesn't have to. because it doesn't owe anything to the russian people. i hate to bring it up but joseph stalin once said they would eat it up like a roll.
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that's the tactic putin seems to be going with that he doesn't have to explain anything to them. the russian people will eat it up and say thank you, can i have another. >> president obama and the other world leaders didn't know where he was for ten days and that seems to be the case nobody really knew where he was, this is a country with major nuclear forces what happens if they need to reach him, if something goes wrong? >> that's the problem is that he has so personalized the government that if he disappears it means the government would radically change. if something were to happen god forbid to the american president, america wouldn't fundamentally change. russia probably would. that's the scary part. we don't know in what direction it would change. >> this nuclear threat he made on state television where he basically said he was ready to get the missiles ready if this dispute over crimea came to it how seriously should world leaders like president obama and angela merkel and others take
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that? >> they have to take it very seriously, right, because you can't just go throwing around nuclear threats. >> but this is a guy that does puffery. this guy beats his chest literally in some cases. >> that's right. i'll tell you why it's important. it's important because a year ago when the andnexation was happening with polite people and little green men on the ground vladimir putin was denying it up and down swearing up and down the russians had nothing to do with it these were just local volunteers who were motivated, who hated kiev and a year later, he comes out on national tv in a state television produced documentary and says of course it was us and we sent in tens of thousands of russian special ops forces into crimea to take it. meanwhile, the same day, you have russian foreign minister sergey lavrov saying that you know if you really want to negotiate a real cease-fire you have to talk to the parties in this conflict. we have nothing to do with this. so in a year i think we will see
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another tell-all about this. >> thank you so much. good to see you. the national lead now. the man in jail for shooting two police officers in ferguson admits he pulled the trigger but jeffrey williams argues hey, i wasn't aiming at the police. i was aiming at someone else. just why did it take so long for this accused gunman to come forward? his mother says her son may actually be a victim in all of this. a booking photo is only adding to speculation about what really happened. that's next. discover card. hey! so i'm looking at my bill and my fico® credit score's on here. we give you your fico® score each month for free! awesomesauce! wow! the only person i know that says that is...lisa? julie?! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card and see your fico® credit score.
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20-year-old jeffrey williams is currently in custody being held on a $300,000 bond. investigators say he admitted to firing the shots that seriously wounded two officers last wednesday night/thursday morning during a protest after the ferguson police chief announced his resignation but williams says hey, i wasn't aiming for the cops. let's go live to cnn's ana cabrera. you were supposed to interview the suspect in jail today. what happened? >> reporter: that's right. initially he agreed to do an interview with us and we had set a time to do that. then he canceled about 45 minutes prior after he got a lawyer who advised him not to talk. those who have been out here outside the ferguson police department day in and day out really since the michael brown shooting insist that williams is not one of them. but we are also hearing from witnesses who say williams was seen among the protesters last wednesday night, that in fact he raised some red flags with his presence because he seemed out of place. investigators say 20-year-old jeffrey williams admits he
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opened fire outside the ferguson police department. the shots hit one officer in the face and another in the shoulder. >> he has acknowledged his participation in firing the shots. >> reporter: but williams claims the police were not his target. the arrest happened over the weekend following a public tip. police say they found a 40 caliber gun at williams' home matching shell casings recovered at the shooting scene. >> i was shocked. i didn't expect it. i didn't think he had anything to do with that. >> reporter: why? >> i didn't know he was that type of person. he's real quiet. >> reporter: not many neighbors we spoke to knew williams well. family and friends who declined to go on camera adamantly defend williams. his mom's ex-boyfriend says williams wasn't an angel but wasn't violent. his facebook page verified by a family friend shows him drinking alcohol and flashing money. he also posts about ferguson and at one point writes about joining the looters. officials say at the time of his arrest he was on probation for receiving stolen goods. i also spoke with williams' mother who tells me she
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believes her son was coerced by police or even beaten into saying he was the gunman. williams' booking photo appears to show an abrasion on his right cheek. bishop derek robinson a community activist says he spoke to williams in jail. >> he was brutally beaten by the police and he was sore still had bruises all around his neck his back and his entire body. >> reporter: st. louis county police call the allegations completely false. jeff roorda with the st. louis police officers association tells cnn williams was taken into custody using the handcuffs of the injured officers. a 32-year-old from the webster grove police department and a 41-year-old 14-year veteran of st. louis county p.d. both have been released from the hospital. >> they are doing better. they are very relieved at this hour the entire law enforcement family is breathing a sigh of relief. >> reporter: witnesses say williams was seen at the protests outside the ferguson police department and was with at least one other person. as the investigation continues,
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police urge anyone with more information, more pictures or video, to come forward. at this point, williams faces a half dozen charges including two counts of first degree assault, also firing from a moving vehicle and he is being held on a $300,000 cash only bond. jake? >> ana cabrera, thank you so much. in other national news it's being described as eight minutes of sheer terror. waterton massachusetts police officer who confronted the boston bombing suspects three nights after the bombing attack recalled in heart-stopping detail today the insanity of the shootout between the suspects and police that played out just outside boston. that shootout ended with an explosion and one of the suspects tamerlan tsarnaev dead after being run over by his own brother, dzhokhar who was of course on trial for terror charges in connection with the boston bombings. countless maimed and four killed in those attacks and explosions and their halfaftermath.
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boston globe columnist kevin cullen was inside the courtroom for today's testimony and joins us now live. great to see you. can you share some of the more dramatic moments of today's testimony? >> reporter: well the way you describe it is pretty accurate. i would compare it to sort of a hollywood action film. this stuff doesn't happen in real life very often. the first cop, joe reynolds was on routine patrol. he was the first one that encountered them. he described going by them on one way and they going the other way on a side street and he was -- he looked eye to eye with dzhokhar tsarnaev. he turned around did a three point turn started following them and his supervisor john mclellan, a sergeant was on the way and said don't, you know go after them until there's some backup let me get there. as soon as mcclellan rolls around the corner on to laurel street and sees the cruiser, he says to joe reynolds light them up. that doesn't mean fire. that means turn on the blue lights. even before joe reynolds got to
1:19 pm
turn on the blue lights there were bullets pinging off his cruiser. he throws his cruiser into reverse at a high rate of speed and this is where it gets to be like one of the "die hard" franchise movies. john mcclellan decides to keep going. he keeps the car -- he has an suv, keeps it in drive jumps out of the vehicle, lets it go towards tamerlan tsarnaev who is out there firing, and that was critical because tamerlan tsarnaev wasted bullets into that empty vehicle and that would come back to haunt him. >> what about dzhokhar tsarnaev? he has been described pretty much as stoic for this trial. what was his demeanor as these details came forward, including ones about him killing his own brother? >> reporter: this kid has shown the same demeanor all along, whether you had the father of martin richard up there describing the killing of his 18-year-old -- his 8-year-old boy at the hands of dzhokhar tsarnaev or describing killing his own brother by running him
1:20 pm
over. he's not showing any emotion. he basically sits there, strokes his beard and doesn't do much of anything. >> it must have been surreal today because jurors also got a chance to see the boat where dzhokhar was ultimately captured along with that bloodstained note he wrote before he was caught. >> reporter: yeah. the jurors spent about a half an hour looking at that boat. it's about a mile away from here in a storage facility. they went up there and looked at it. it was interesting, the pool reporters who went there said the blood stains that were so evident, the things that were shown as a photo to the jurors and all of us last week is very faint. it's actually brown. you wouldn't know it's blood but the bullet holes that are all over the hull of the boat are there so the jurors saw that. i must say, of all the things that happened today, i would say the most extraordinary testimony was sort of mundane in them saying dzhokhar tsarnaev did not have to go back and run his
1:21 pm
brother over. he actually did a three point turn and reversed the vehicle. he could have sped off the other way. he was in a much better position to flee but apparently he decided to do a u-turn and come back that way, and then the police officers describe them being on top of tamerlan even after he was hit, the sergeant who hit him a number of times, they engaged in five ten feet away firing at each other before tamerlan ran out of bullets. those bullets he pumped into the empty vehicle. they were wrestling him on the ground trying to subdue him and here comes dzhokhar to run them over. that was the most extraordinary thing. that didn't have to happen. he actually turned the car around and made it happen. >> it makes it sound like he purposely killed his brother? that can't be. >> reporter: no i wouldn't say that. i think he wanted to run over the cops. that's what i think he wanted to do. there's no other explanation. why would he turn and go into the -- why return to where the
1:22 pm
fire was coming from? he had the car pointed the other way. he could have just kept going down laurel street. it would have been a much easier exit for him. instead he turned the car around went back at the cops and in doing so killed his brother because the cops jumped out of the way. >> amazing. kevin cullen thank you so much. coming up we heard his voice, we have seen his face and now we hear details about how jihadi john tortures his captives. shocking information from a hostage who lived through the misery. plus a decades-old murder mystery that may have been solved by an on-camera confession on premier cable. will it be enough to convict the millionaire? across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c.
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welcome back to "the lead." in more world news today, mock executions gruesome and detailed descriptions of beheadings and constant reminders that any day, any day could be your last day on earth. those were the methods of torture a former isis hostage says he endured at the hands of the masked monster known as jihadi john.
1:27 pm
cnn's pamela brown is here with more of the sordid details now being revealed by a spanish journalist who was held captive by isis for more than six months. we have heard very little from those who have survived these ordeals with isis. >> that's right. this is really the first time we are hearing from a former hostage who is sharing these really terrifying details. i's a bone-chilling account of daily physical and psychological torture at the hands of the man called jihadi john during the 194 days of this former hostage spent in captivity before being released by isis last march. reunited with his son in spain, javier espinosa finally saw the end of a hellish journey that led him face-to-face with jihadi john. captured by isis in the fall of 2013 espinosa a journalist for el mundo, described the torture he suffered at the hands of jihadi john in an article he wrote for the sunday times in the uk. espinosa said at one point, the infamous masked terrorist held a sword to his neck and said feel it? cold isn't it?
1:28 pm
can you imagine the pain you'll feel when it cuts unimaginable pain. espinosa seen here in an interview with el mundo, says jihadi john relished scaring the hostages with gruesome details of how he would slaughter them. telling him the first hit of the sword will sever your veins. the second blow opens your neck. you would make some amusing gutturial sounds. have i i have seen it all before. you will squirm like animals, like pigs. the third blow will take off your head and put it on your back. when he was finished jihadi john put a pistol to his head pulling the trigger three times. >> the visceral experience means a lot to him. he likes the visceral experience. he's not turning away when he beheads and kills people. rather he's thinking about what each blow looks like. >> reporter: espinosa was held with more than 20 other western hostages in syria including americans james foley, steven sotloff and kayla mueller, who
1:29 pm
are all dead. a humanitarian worker told him of his own torture saying when they realized i was american and had been a soldier in iraq they went crazy. they hung me from the roof and started beating me. i thought they were going to execute me. sometime later, he was beheaded. the gruesome video posted on the internet. >> given isis ranks, given how many people they have who have been drawn to them how many english speakers they have i have no doubt if jihadi john were killed or captured you would have someone else come along and replace him. >> reporter: an isis defector who was there during one of the recent beheadings also said during an interview with sky news that the militant group reveres jihadi john as the quote, big boss who is the only one in the group allowed to kill foreigners. really disturbing. >> horrible stuff. thank you. to the national lead now, did a hot mic catch a killer's confession? robert durst has no doubt lived an unusual life born into a wealthy new york real estate family. he once admitted that he dismembered his neighbor but
1:30 pm
unbelievably a jury found him not guilty in that case. now prosecutors say perhaps they finally have enough evidence to lock him up for another murder. how his court appearance today could unravel mysteries dating back 33 years. that's next.
1:31 pm
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anywhere. ♪ ♪ [ dog growls ] ♪ ♪ oh. so you're protesting? ♪ ♪ okay. [ male announcer ] introducing xfinity my account. available on any device. welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. in other national news today a trail of bloody corpses and strange disappearances seemed to follow him for over 30 years but law enforcement was never able to make anything stick. but now the bizarre tale of itineran cross-dressing millionaire robert durst may end. he is the son of new york real estate royalty. he appeared in a new orleans courtroom today. prosecutors in los angeles want him back in california to face charges for one of the case an
1:35 pm
execution style murder of his best friend 15 years ago. just last night as you likely know a jaw-dropping moment in an hbo documentary in which durst was seemingly caught confessing to all the murders. muttering to himself in the bathroom on a hot mic. z. that incredibly creepy moment captured on tape the latest turn in this strange story. police trying to put him away for decades. >> reporter: the twists do not stop in this one. that strange noise he made just before he said i killed them all of course was him burping. he had done it on camera earlier as he got more and more nervous. that interview actually shot about two years ago. the film makers didn't realize until several months ago that he
1:36 pm
had actually made that admission on tape and now facing charges again. this time though his legal woes seem self-inflicted. >> there it is. >> reporter: robert durst mumbling to himself in the bathroom seemingly admitting to murder. >> killed them all of course. >> reporter: all of them could be a reference to the death or disappearance of three people close to durst. the scion of a multi-millionaire new york city real estate magnate. first his wife kathy disappeared after arguing with durst. her body never found. when investigators reopened that case in 2000 and requested an interview with durst friend susan berman she was then murdered execution-style inside her l.a. home on christmas eve. soon after, durst moved to far-off galveston, texas claiming he wanted to escape his
1:37 pm
new york notoriety. he posed as a woman, masquerading as a woman, pretending to be mute to hide his voice. the shadow of death followed him to texas where he was soon arrested for the murder of his neighbor morris black, whose dismembered body was found floating in pieces in galveston bay. >> not guilty. >> reporter: unbelievably durst beat the charges by claiming self-defense even though he admitted to cutting the body into pieces. all three cases back in the spotlight after durst agreed to talk to film maker for a new hbo series. during the interview, durst is confronted with a letter telling police back in 2000 the location of the body of his long time friend susan berman. the film makers in their exhaustive research found another letter durst had previously sent to berman. the address on both envelopes written in near identical block letters and the same misspelling of the word "beverly." when confronted durst becomes
1:38 pm
nervous, even burping uncomfortably on camera. >> would conclude -- >> reporter: durst's lawyer calls the bathroom admissions rambling and that his client admitted nothing. >> bob durst didn't kill susan berman. he's ready to end all the rumor and speculation and have a trial. >> reporter: the film maker told "gma" the critical interview was done over two years ago but didn't realize durst's off-camera admission until more recently long before durst's arrests he went to police and said you might want to hear this. >> it was so chilling to hear it. it was disturbing to hear it. makes you very uncomfortable to hear it. that's probably -- >> reporter: now, you would think that all this was going to be simple as mr. durst was in a louisiana court this morning and waived his rights to extradition, said he will go to los angeles and face charges there. but of course, it's not that simple. the authorities there found a .38 pistol in his hotel room
1:39 pm
so they may hold him on charges in louisiana until that is dealt with. then he can go to california and deal with the murder charges. >> thank you so much. let's bring in ann bremner, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor who has closely followed the durst case for more than a decade. this on-mic moment is it admissible in court? >> i think it well can be. this case has had so many weird twists and turns. it's just stranger than fiction of course. so it's a live mic. we all know i have a mic on they are live. the fact of the matter is the question is does he have a reasonable expectation of privacy in what he said under those circumstances. you could say he's in a bathroom he has a right to privacy but on the other hand it's a live mic. i would argue it comes in and i think the prosecutors can get that into evidence. that's why they're using it to charge him. >> let's talk about the other key piece of evidence miguel just described having to do with this anonymous tip letter to
1:40 pm
police that led them to susan berman's body the handwriting and misspelling of the word beverly matching identically to the letter durst wrote to berman. how would durst's defense dispute this? >> it's going to be near impossible. he misspells beverly in both of them. the fact of the matter is that was a relatively strong case back over a decade ago. it was arguably so. it's like there are three things in life that are certain, death, taxes and karma. is this karma now coming back to robert durst after these decades of corpses left behind him. this has now become what looks like a relatively strong case especially with those two notes. >> let's assume that there is enough new evidence to charge durst. is there enough to convict? >> well prosecutors charge on probable cause plus. it's basically would a jury be justified in convicting based on beyond a reasonable doubt standard and based on looking at the admissible defenses. that's how they charge. that really gets you closer to
1:41 pm
beyond a reasonable doubt than probable cause so the fact is i think this kind of a case could really convince a jury especially if they bring in the fact that she was ready to talk to the authorities, miss berman about the disappearance of his ex-wife, kathy, in new york when she was shot in the back of the head. keep in mind that note talked about her being dead a cadaver would be found in her house, and it was. >> you were a commentator for cnn and court tv on that 2003 case that seems in retrospect an open and shut case. he admits to killing his neighbor he said it was an accident but then he dismembers his body. what more do we know about that? why was he acquitted? >> well he relied on self-defense. he had a great line not a great line but a really interesting one. he said i didn't mean to kill my friend but i did mean to dismember my friend. that's what he said. he confessed. he talked to the jury about having done this. but he argued self-defense. it defies reason that he was acquitted and remember when
1:42 pm
that verdict came in the jaw that dropped the farthest was his. everyone in the courtroom was astonished. he was the most astonished. the fact is that was a gift. he had a great lawyer a great jury consultant both of whom i know and respect, and that's what happened in that case. he also argued and there was an argument about some asperger's syndrome and other issues that might have led him to act as he did claiming self-defense. >> guy has more lives than a cat. ann, thank you so much. appreciate it. the politics lead now. a new poll on hillary clinton's e-mail debacle. are voters satisfied with her explanation about why she kept a private e-mail account during her public days as secretary of state? we will share brand new polling results next. the money lead can we call it a comeback? blackberry's new design going after the trendier more lavish consumer. is it worth $2,000?
1:43 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. our politics lead. happening now, as they say, a new cnn poll out right now finds the public's perception of hillary clinton's honesty and
1:47 pm
trustworthiness has dropped after it was revealed she used a personal e-mail account to conduct official business while serving as secretary of state. there is some good news for hillary clinton as well. let's talk about it all and the story behind the numbers with cnn chief national correspondent john king and cnn senior political correspondent brianna keilar. thank you for being here. john democrats say this is all silly stuff and voters don't care. that is true? nonchlgts >> no they do care. 51% say her use of personal e-mail is a serious problem. 48% say it's not so hillary clinton evenly dividing the american people. we should get used to that. 51% say it's a serious problem. 51% also think she did something wrong. she is taking a hit. how lasting will it be? we'll see. >> brianna, she may announce her candidacy as soon as next month, we are told. as she gears up and gets the campaign going, where are her favorability ratings? >> pretty good 53% according to this new cnn/orc poll. look at that compared the a year
1:48 pm
ago. it's dropped from 59% but she after leaving the state department it was really considered that her favorability was pretty sky-high as she became more political, it was going to come down. but also look at her unfavorability it's 44%. that's actually the highest unfavorable ranking she has had since she was campaigning for president the last time. >> wow. that's pretty high considering 2008 the bruising they took. john what do americans think about her explanation as to why she used this private personal server instead of the state department account? >> she's not done explaining is the best way to put it. has she explained it 46% say yes. 51% say no. again, close evenly divide right there. but clearly, we know benghazi select committee wants to bring her up at least twice. speaker john boehner on the republican side considering some other investigation. she will give interviews when she announces, we assume. she has more explaining to do. >> what about democrats? what do they think? >> that's the interesting thing.
1:49 pm
68% of democrats say yes, she has done enough. 30% say no. if there were a credible challenger to hillary clinton, that 30% saying no she hasn't done enough would be an opening. that challenger just isn't on the field now. we don't see that challenger out there. if you look at the republicans, 19% of republicans say she has done enough. eight in ten say she has not. independents evenly split. if you look deep into the poll she does very well with democrats, pretty well with independents and republicans don't like her. >> brianna, the issue with this e-mail problem is that democrats fear it will feed into this issue that some people have with her trustworthiness. where is her trustworthiness on the poll? >> it's at 50% right now and that is down six points from a year ago. so this may be the e-mail controversy, this could also be the fact that she's becoming more of a political figure. but we look at these dips in poll numbers and i think what's also interesting is take a look at this one question that really sticks out to us.
1:50 pm
what would people surveyed say they are proud to have her as their president. 57% say yes. 42% say no. but that 57% is up from 50% a year ago. so i think that speaks right now to the kind of historic nature that if she were to be the first female president, that's something she certainly i think agrees with we keep hearing her very much -- >> the weird numbers to reconcile, because most people saying they don't accept her explanation, she needs to explain more and yet, 57% would be proud to call her madam president. >> she is viewed as somebody of great stature and gravitas. whenever you read a poll about hillary clinton some numbers seem contradictory. people view her stature but have doubts about her honesty. i would say the best thing about this poll is it's a great benchmark and great beginning line as she begins to run. let's look back at six and nine months as she goes through the
1:51 pm
campaign to see if the numbers change. if that unfavorable keeps going up or if she is static. most people think they know hillary clinton. so my big question is do her numbers move that much. does she go up and down with the daily news story or can you move her a lot? i don't know. >> the people in her orbit look at how they handled the two weeks of post-story about the e-mail as boy, we really blew it? even just last week a bunch of us including me were reporting that she did not individually review the personal e-mails she deleted, she just went through the e-mails, did search words, found words and assumed which ones were personal and which weren't and deleted the ones that didn't crop up with -- >> and they weren't reviewing everything. >> over the weekend they called and said that's not right. >> yeah. they said actually we took for granted, right, is what we were told, that people realized they reviewed every e-mail. i think what they would say is they are sort of a small shop doing a big shop's work and they are not fully equipped as a campaign. this is a complaint i have been
1:52 pm
hearing from her circle for a long time now but we are expecting that the campaign could be launching here in the next few weeks and then we will really they will be tested. >> thank you both so much. great work. appreciate it. coming up next a chain of islands slammed by a wall of water. most homes and buildings wiped out. authorities call it the worst disaster to ever hit the pacific. could the death toll rise as aid workers reach the country's far-flung corners? the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables
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welcome back to "the lead." time now for our money lead. there is no substitute for a porsche but if you don't have a spare $50,000 just sitting in your bank account, maybe you can scrounge up $2,000 for a porsche phone? former world heavyweight smartphone champ blackberry is out with a new device designed to buy the car makers. it's got that classic keyboard
1:57 pm
you fell in love with all those years ago back in 2007. it also has some leather like a steering wheel. but its engine is lacking. the phone holds only 64 gigs and its battery life will struggle to get you from zero to 60. in other money news t media capital of the world is probably new york. tech silicon valley. music, maybe l.a. or nashville. but this week all three worlds make for a hipstery marriage in texas. south by southwest is under way. this year innovators are trying to bring science fiction to the real world and hope investors take notice. there are drones with tasers there are motorcycle helmets with heads up displays. even a robot petting zoo. the frontrunner to turn buzz into bundles of cash is meercat. an app that lets you livestream your life. the app developers are already facing a new hurdle. twitter, which got its first 140 character taste of success at
1:58 pm
that festival blocked some of the functionality. in world news death and destruction swept through the remote island nation of vanuatu this weekend as tropical cyclone pam made landfall. cnn's bill weir recently visited the pristine coast line for "the wonder list" and captured these prestorm breathtaking images. now sadly, that paradise is barely recognizable. 11 people have been confirmed dead thousands are now homeless and displaced as the urgent humanitarian effort continues. cnn senior international correspondent ivan watson is in vanuatu. he got an up close look at the incredible devastation. >> reporter: it takes a view like this to give you a sense of the sheer power of the wind of cyclone pam when she ripped through here on friday night. tearing trees in half and damaging nearly every building in this area. some houses were quite simply flattened. fortunately, residents tell me nobody in this neighborhood was
1:59 pm
hurt in this terrible storm and that's due in large part to training and preparation. where was everybody on the night of the storm? >> everybody was inside the recreation center. >> reporter: this church right here. >> this church. >> reporter: that was part of the plan? >> of course. that was part of the plan. the church is the main evacuation center due to cyclones. >> reporter: you think that saved lives? >> of course it did. >> reporter: the church is still serving as a temporary shelter for dozens of people from this community. there is still no electricity three days after the storm. there is still no running water and untold thousands and thousands of people made homeless. a bigger problem is nobody really knows the extent of the damage or the potential loss of life on dozens of other islands of vanuatu, one of the poorest countries in the pacific. ivan watson cnn, in vanuatu.
2:00 pm
>> our thanks to ivan watson. make sure to follow me on twitter, also have a facebook page. that's it for "the lead" today. i'm jake tapper. turning you over right now to one mr. wolf blitzer who is right next door in "the situation room." happening now, combat alert after a ten-day absence, russia's president putin reappears once again rattling his saber with more games like this. how close did he come to ordering a nuclear alert over ukraine? nuclear showdown. deadline is looming. urgent talks are under way. have senate republicans ruined the possibility of a deal with iran? why is the u.s. reportedly built a replica of an iranian nuclear site? i will ask senator angus king. tortured by jihadi john. a former hostage lived to tell the world all about it and is now giving the inside story of his nightmare at the hands of the notorious isis killer. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."