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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  March 17, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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israel decides. and benjamin netanyahu opens his lead as the votes are counted. plus the controversy over dolce & gabbana and synthetic babies. the designers speak out to cnn. and we take a look deep inside the world's largest cave.
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>> hello, i'm rosemary church. hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "cnn newsroom." it is an outcome few people predicted just last week. but it appears israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his likud party have new political life. with 99% of the votes counted, israeli media report likud will win at least 29 seats in the knesset. the zionist union party which had been ahead in opinion polls will take 24. a coalition of israeli/arab pears is in third place expected to win 14 seats. mr. netanyahu didn't take long to claim victory. it is a surprising comeback from just last week when he was trailing in opinion polls. an live say his sharp turn to the right, which included his reject of a palestinian state,
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helped turn him -- helped him turn things around. mr. netanyahu says he has already reached out to other party leaders on the right. listen -- [ applause ] >> translator: i called. them to join me and to form a government for israel without delay. the reality does not take a time-out. citizens of israel expect us to create a responsible leadership that works for them. and that's what we're going to do. >> isaac herzog and the center left zionist union party are not giving up so easily. earlier tuesday, herr said mr. netanyahu -- mr. herzog said mr. netanyahu is misleading the country by declaring victory. herzog says he intends to do everything he can to form a coalition government of his own. listen -- >> translator: we don't know what the final result will be because some of the parties are just on the edge. election threshold-wise. they might clear the threshold or might fall short of the
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threshold. we will take every effort to form a truly social government for israel. journalist greg callstrom is covering the israeli elections from tel aviv. his recent article in "foreign policy" is entitled "the last days king b.b." he joins us now live via skype. well, it does appear mr. netanyahu has trounced his opponent, isaac herr, with this dramatic turn of event. now the question whether he can successfully form a governing coalition. how will that likely play out, do you think? >> he has two routes to a governing coalition. one is to assemble a narrow center right government. for him to do that, he will need to pull in a couple of natural allies on the right. he would need the ultra orthodox jewish pears and then a new centrist party which is headed by a normer likud minister who's broken away to run his own
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party. the issue is that the head of the party has not really committed to joining either person netanyahu or herzog. he's very much been on the fence. leaving netanyahu with a second route which would be to form a unity government so to speak with herzog. he would be the juneyon partner, obviously -- junior partner, obviously. herr could be the foreign minister in such a government. that would give netanyahu an easier path to coalition because he would then only need one or two small parties to that unity government. >> there's going to be horsetrading on both sides here. and four we will watch that play out. mr. netanyahu was trailing his main opponent isaac herzog wasn't he in the final polls? then he made this last-minute promise to prevent any move toward a palestinian state. do you think it was that pledge that changed his fortunes and will he need to stand by that or will there be pressure from the international community to alter that promise?
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>> i think it was a few thing that helped. it was definitely his renunsiation of palestinian statehood. that part of the larger swing to the right in the final few days after the re-election polls were conducted. yesterday on election day, there was a particularly sordid text that went around from his likud party telling voters that the arabs were coming out in droves to the polls and were being bussed in by leftist organization. his party almosted -- appealed to racism to get their voters out. and that was something else in the end that i think did drive people to the polls. in terms of palestinian statehood, i'm sure he'll be under pressure to walk this back and say that was only a campaign slogan and i'm not actually committed to it. i think it's hard to walk that back. the palestinian certainly have taken this to heart. of course netanyahu for the past six years has not really been a strong proponent of talk with palestinians anyway. when you talk to palestinian officials over the past few days they say his public
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commence now really reaffirm what they've suspected all along, that he doesn't support this. >> there's so much more we need to talk about. unfortunately, we are out of time. greg callstrom, many thanks for sharing your background and knowledge on this we will watch this closely to see how it plays out. many thanks. they are comments on in vitro fertilization that sparked international outrage. now italian fashion designers dolce & gabbana tell cnn they respect how all people live. this after the designers were quoted in an italian manage referring to ivf babies as "synthetic children born from rented wombs." the duo then went on to say "no chemical children -- life has a natural cause. there are things that shouldn't be modifiedment." it didn't end there. elton john called for a boycott of the d&g label post "how dare
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you refer to my beautiful children as synthetic and shame on you for wagging your judgmental finger at ivf." we're joined from our hong kong bureau with more. and anna this is -- we know because you sat down and had an exclusive interview with the designers and had this major backdown. talk about what all they had to say. >> reporter: yeah we sat down with the designers, they're here in hong kong as you mentioned. they said that this story has been blown out of proportion. it really is a storm in a tea cup. they say that they were interviewed by an italian manage over a week ago, and the question posed to them was do you want to have children. now, stefano gabbana said yes he does it's something he's been considering for some time, that he's been talking about. you but domenica dolce, the
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older of the two, said no. this is something i don't agree with personally that it doesn't adhere to my family values. he certainly clarified that he does not judge anybody who uses ivf to have children that he is tolerant accepting, and certainly didn't. to cause any offense. >> we're a guy couple. we love a guy adoption. we love everything. it's just -- domenico express -- >> my point of view. is my private point of view. i am -- i talk with you. i'm sicilian. i grew up in the family. a sense of the family very strong. for myself my company's family company. and i believe in the tradition of family. this my school. my background. my character. it's impossible to change today my character for something
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different. is me. >> clearly hitting a nerve with those phrases i guess, "synthetic babies" and a "rented uterusment " uterus." he said in hindsight, the word were completely wrong. as far as he concerned, personally he would not have children through ivf. when i asked him about elton john's reaction both said they want 50s with elton john. stefano saying he's a huge fan. certainly won't be boycotting his music. yeah both men hoping that this will now set down. >> yeah we'll see. a major backdown on all those suspense. we had heard elton john of going to boycott them. they were going boycott him. now they seem to have backed down on that aspect as well. anna core un anna thank you for setting the record straight on
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thatspiration. russia is marking the first information of the annexation of crimea today. celebrations kick off in less than an hour with a military demonstration in crimea. russian president vladimir putin is expected to attend a huge concert in moscow's red square. about 120,000 people showed up at a similar event last year. russia annexed crimea last march after ukraine's pro-mouk president was ousted. in another show of force, russia is sending nuclear-capable bombers to crimea as part of war game. they are also deploying ballistic missiles to a russian enclave bordering three nato allies. nato officials are concerned the military exercises could be you used to seize nato territory -- could be used to seize nato territory. barbara starr with more. >> reporter: raising tensions, vladimir putin is keeping everyone guessing. nato's deputy military commander warning moscow to tread
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carefully. >> russia might believe that the large-scale conventional forces that she's shown she can generate at short notice could in future be used not only for intimidation and coercion but potentially to seize nato territory. >> reporter: a classic cold war soviet military technique, escalate tensions to the point no one is sure what putin is now up to next. >> nato does not seek confrontation with russia. but russia must respect its neighbors and their borders. >> reporter: backfirebombers there can carry nuclear and conventional weapons are being sent to crimea according to the russian news agency tass. short-range ballistic missiles being sent to kaliningrad. >> that's going to be something that i think nato's going to keep a close eye on both with regard to the delivery platforms
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and also looking for any signs are the nuclear weapons that might accompany those systems also deployed. >> reporter: in the arctic putin has ordered troops to come bat alertment. that's northern fleet exercising nearly 40,000 troops 50 warships more than 100 aircraft. nato directed its forces months ago to be able to move within days against russia if ordered. in the black sea, the u.s. continuing with its exercises. attempting to reassure nato nations on russia's borders that the alliance will defend them. military intelligence analysts don't foresee a cold war-type of confrontation. tank battles, dog fights in the sky. the biggest risk they say, is the baltic. that putin may try to covertly stir up trouble and control territory there as he did in crimea. >> understand they're more nervous now than they were two years ago. >> reporter: if putin were to move again the baltics, that
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account force nato's hand because latvia,olition waynia and -- lithuania, and estonia are members of nato the alliance and the u.s. sworn to defend them. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. a letter sent to the white house is being tested for cyanide. the secret service says the envelope was received at the white house mail facility on monday. initial tests came back negative but on tuesday chemical testing showed a possible presence of cyanide. a law enforcement official says there were no injuries or exposure concerns for the person who opened that letter. we'll take a short break now. coming up next, the u.s. responds to claims that one of its drones has been shot down by syrian forces. well, a mortgage shouldn't be a problem your credit is in pretty good shape. >>pretty good? i know i have a 798 fico score thanks to the tools and help on
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water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen. the reality is floods do happen. protect what matters. call the number on your screen or visit the website to learn more. welcome back everyone. a u.s. air force veteran is now in custody after being accused of trying to join isis. the former airplane mechanic was arrested after traveling to turkey where he was allegedly trying to slip into syria undetected. as pamela brown reports, his events gave him the upper hand in terms of security weak points. >> reporter: a u.s. air force veteran from new jersey stopped in turkey for allegedly trying
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to join isis in syria according to just-unsealed cower documents. 47-year-old tehrod webster nathan pugh flew from gyp to turkey to tampa to enter syria on january 10th according to federal authorities. turkish officials stopped him at the airport. pugh who served four years as an air force mechanic was carrying an ipad, four usb drives and a cell phone. the search of his laptop found search for information on borders controlled by islamic state and a chart of crossing points between turkey and syria. pugh was denied entry into syria when he refused to hall lou officials to search his -- to allow officials to search his electronic. he worked on airplane maintenance for years. in the air force from 1986 to 1990 pugh received training in the installation and maintenance of aircraft engines and weapons systems. afterward, pugh worked as an airplane mechanic for american airlines as well as other private aviation companies in the u.s. and the middle east. >> his experience in the private aviation sector disturbs me the
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most because he would have had access to private american and european-made aircraft. he could have learned the security weak points on those aircraft where he could stash weapons, where he could stash bombs, how he could get past security. >> reporter: pugh landed on the fbi's radar more than a decade ago when an american airlines employee tipped off the agency he was sympathizing with bin laden. according to the complaint, pugh had converted to scramand become more radical during that time. >> again, that was pamela brown reporting. syria's military claim to have shot down a u.s. drone. the u.s. says it's investigating the claim but admits it did lose contact with an unmanned aircraft. the drone was believed to be on a reconnaissance mission near the port of latakia. meanwhile, there appears to be no end in sight to the human suffering in syria. some 220,000 people have died since that country's civil war started four years ago.
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half of syria's population has had to leave their homes. the fight to survive is especially hard for children. there is a glimmer of hope as our zain asher reports. >> reporter: with wide eyes that have seen too much these syrian children are eager to turn the page. their new home is far from the daily shelling that have crumbled their country. far from normal as well. but seemingly becoming more and more perm with time. this is the crowded unicef-sponsored refugee camp in jordan. home to about 80,000 families. here they don't have much but for the kids who cram these classrooms learning equals hope for a better life. this mother thanks god for the education at this camp. "i am concerned about my
11:20 pm
children's future," she says and the and it's important to send them to school to learn." >> we have three school locations operating on double shift basis. serving 17,000 children providing them with safe environment, and fulfilling the rights of education. >> reporter: "here the curriculum is really good," 13-year-old maria says. "there are syrian and jordanian teachers who work together and provide with us exams." a dusty pathway leads to rows and rows of pop-up classrooms. it's a familiar walk for many of these children who have been studying here since the camp opened in 2012. lots of changes since then. classes were once held in tents. these temporary buildings are much better, but it's still a tight fit. >> the most important issues we face in education is
11:21 pm
overcrowdedness. >> reporter: even so those running this camp say that half of the syrian children who have fled the violence are not getting any education at all. >> if we don't encourage more children to go to school we will be losing a generation. we will be losing a generation who will be subject to influences of groups that we don't want. >> reporter: for these families an education provides the best protection against bad choices. and despite their circumstances, they refuse to give up hope of a better tomorrow and of one day going home. >> zain asher reporting. they fled the crossfire in the fight for the iraqi city of tikrit but as fighting stalls there, some civilians are eager to return home. the story ahead. hmm... fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that parker. well... did you know auctioneers make bad grocery store clerks? that'll be $23.50.
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welcome back, everyone. skinny fashion models could be booted from the catwalks of paris. some french lawmakers are trying to criminalize the glorification of dangerously thin mannequins. as cnn reports, the crackdown would include possible prison sentences for practices that endanger the health of models. >> reporter: the war on super skinny is striking at the heart of the fashion world.
11:25 pm
paris. style-conscious france with its multi billion-dollar fashion and luxury labels could soon be forced to ban something that feeds its huge industry. extremely thin models. that's if new legislation debated in the french parliament stuz voted into you law. french doctor olier veroun wrote the proposals. >> we fear models are told to stop eating. for example, telling them to eat cotton balls to lose more weight. it's the bones of models we see on the wattwalk the bones of their thorax and arms. >> reporter: under the proposal modeling agencies would have to require medical certificates from models proving their body mass index or bmi is at least 18. models would also be required to undergo regular weight checks. agencies would be punishable with fines and even prison sentences of up to six months.
11:26 pm
the law would also tackle the dark online world of pro-anorexia. website that's promote self-starvation and encourage young women to "post"ows of their emaciated frames including the thigh gap. the doctorness to curb the spread of such ideals. he says 30,000 to 40,000 people in france suffer from eating disorder mainly teenagers. famous models have long been scrutinized for their weight. it's the extreme cases such as the french model isabel caru who died of anorexia in twhaen have sparked cause for change. similar concerns in spain, italy, and israel prompted those countries to adopt laws against the use of ultra-thin models on catwalks and in advertising campaigns. israel even has strict rules on how models' bodies are photo-shopped. any changes must be clearly marked on the photo. france would be the biggest industry to throw its weight behind these rules. some in the industry are
11:27 pm
supportive of the proposed laws but they say they don't strike at the real issue. >> the fact of the matter is fashion creatives have to think about the messaging they're promoting around body image ideals, and the fact that they normalizing an unachievable physical appearance. >> reporter: the doctor's legislation will be before the french parliament at the end of the month. he wants to you outlaw what he calls starving models by the end of the year. cnn, london. starbucks executives are encouraging employees and customers to talk about race relations. the issue of racial inequality is often taboo in corporate settings. over the past few months the coffee chain has held open forums for employees to talk about it. this week it pushed further, encouraging employees to start conversations with customers. >> i think it can be a primary
11:28 pm
vehicle to get people to understand that we need a new level of sensitivity and understanding around these issues. and perhaps we can again really create and elevate a conversation in our stores that could go well beyond our stores. perhaps we can convince other businesses and business leaders to join with us as a result of what we're going to do. >> earlier on cnn, a panel debated starbucks' decision tackle race relations. take a license. >> i think the danger is that it reduces racial inequality and race talk to a quick conversation at starbucks. we can't fix the race problem in america in the five minutes it takes or 20 minutes it takes in new york to get a starbucks coffee. you need a real conversation and it can't come unprompted. someone can't be forced to race talk. also it's unclear what the boundaries of the conversation are. you know when i walk in starbucks, we talk about white supremacy, wealth inequality or are we going to say what about race? >> i think they're planning a
11:29 pm
seed or planting a cowboy bean. they want to begin dialogue. they know it's not going to be solved or spoken in depth at starbucks. let us begin the process. >> i would like to order a black coffee. speaking of black, how do you feel about black people? i don't know if this is really going to work that well. >> mixed reactions there. more details about starbucks' race campaign are expected in hours at the annual shareholder meeting. remember the so-called " "downton abbey" congressman who allegedly decorated his office to look like the tv show? well he is now resigning after an ethics investigation, and it has a lot to do with his expensive taste. something special happens when you
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a warm welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church. want to update you on our top stories this hour. there are reports of progress in the latest round of nuclear talks with iran. senior u.s. officials warn some difficult issues still aren't settled. six world powers are trying to reach a deal by the end of this month to prevent iran from developing a nuclear bomb. italian fashion designers dolce & gabbana are now telling cnn they respect how all people live. this after the duo told an italian magazine babies born via in vitro fertilization were "synthetic children born from rented wombs." here's part of their exclusive interview with cnn.
11:33 pm
>> we're a guy couple. we love a gay adoption. we love everything. domenico express -- >> my point of view. it's my private point of view. i am like -- i'm sicilian, i grew up in the family a sense of family very strong for myself. my company's family company. and i believe in the tradition of family. this is my school my -- my background my character. it's impossible to change today my character for something different. it is me. >> cnn's exclusive interview there. and the latest results from israel show benjamin netanyahu's likud party has opened a significant lead in parliamentary elections. israel's central election committee says likud will win at least 29 seats in the knesset. the rival zionist union party is
11:34 pm
expected to take 24 seats. human rights watch says iraqi civilians are at great risk in the operation to retake the city of tikrit from isis. the group says its t's documented numerous atrocities against sunni civilians by pro-government militias after they reclaimed other towns including looting and destruction of property kidnappings, torture, and even executions. the organization calls on iraq's government to protect all civilians without discrimination and re-establish the rule of law in all recaptured territories. meanwhile, the battle against isis in tikrit has stalled for the moment. heavy casualties are reported and the fight has been tougher than iraqi forces had expected. though the area isn't completely secure. ben wedeman reports people are eager to return to their homes. the ones they fled months ago.
11:35 pm
[ gunfire ] >> reporter: fresh recruits for tikrit heading to battle. [ horns ] >> reporter: the offensive to retake the city has been temperature earlier suspended, on sentence fwlee allow civilians to flee amid reports of stiff resistance by isis. the battle has raged more than two weeks. that isn't stopping hundreds of civilians from streaming back to the nearby town seized from isis a week ago. this is the first group of civilians we've seen returning to this area. most of them have been in the town of kirkuk. they ran away when isis came to town. home at last after eight months. cars packed with people trucks piled high with mattresses. "thank god," she says "we're home. we've been freed from isis. may god curse them until judgment day."
11:36 pm
another says "it's enough to see our land just sitting on our land. we won't leave ever again." this is a sunni town but the biggest tribe here have a long history of enmity first with al qaeda, then its successor isis. "their behavior," he says "was awful with civilians, with women, with children. we had to leave. they were ruthless." 23-year-old marwan returned a few days ago and was reunited with his horse. "isis came but had no backing here," he says. "they pretended to be revolutionaries, but all they did was destroy." the reign of isis seems to have crumbled quickly in al-alum. food of left to rot if stalls. the isis fighters fled or fell. this car wasity in an air
11:37 pm
strike charred body parts shown off by a pro-government fighter. al-alum was liberated by iraqi army soldiers and police shia paramilitaries and tribesman. like this man, although sunni, he's parts of a predominantly shia militia. he learned to fight from foreign advisers. "we were trained by hezbollah," he says. "election or iraqi," i ask. "election," he responds. "their training was very good. to returning townspeople throwing candy out the car window such details seem immaterial. what matters most is that they're coming home at last. ben wedeman, al-alum near tikrit. we turn to the south pacific chain of vanuatu where people are desperate for food and clean
11:38 pm
water days after cyclone pam roared through. the storm cut off communication lines between the capital and many of the outer islands, making it nearly impossible to access many areas. ivan watson traveled to one of the hardest hit areas to take a look at the destruction. >> reporter: jacob waits and worries, wondering what he'll find when he land home on the island of tanna. this is one of 83 islands that make up the nation of vanuatu. the scene here isn't pretty. tanna has been all but cut off from the outside world since cyclone pam struck this island four days ago. have you ever seen damage like this before? >> in my life no. i've never seen -- never seen damage like this. and i've never experienced a cyclone like this in my life. very scary. terrible. terrible. >> reporter: his top priority is to find out whether his son,
11:39 pm
clovis is still alive. >> this is my son clovis. >> reporter: thankfully the 21-year-old is unharmed. >> this one is there, that one there. >> reporter: capari's house is still standing. but most of the other residents here iran so lucky. all the houses destroyed in your community? >> yes, completely destroyed. we don't lose hope. we can rebuild ourselves again. >> reporter: these proud people could clearly use help. at the help, the maternity ward is flooded. patients wounded in the storm moved to one of the only dry rooms. among them a 9-year-old. her mother and brother killed by a falling roof which also gave her serious head injuries. is this little girl's life in danger, the 9-year-old? >> i'd say pretty much. she's severe head injuries, she
11:40 pm
may die in a couple of days if she doesn't have an operation. >> reporter: the phones are down and the only doctor at the only hospital on the island can't get a message to the out world calling for help. that's forced him to improvise. that is how desperate the situation has gotten literally writing a note by hand to send to the authorities to call for help. we lend him a satellite phone to request an airplane medevac for the girl. the trouble is, there are other parts of the storm-struck island that are still inaccessible. 15 minutes' drive away we find the road blocked by fallen trees. for now this is the end of the road. there's no way our vehicle can get past. and there are a lot of people who live further down the road right? >> more than 3,000 people.
11:41 pm
>> reporter: paralyzed telecommunications and distant islands, part of what's made recovery from this monster storm such a logistical nightmare. cnn, tanna island in vanuatu. back in the united states a young illinois congressman of once a rising star in the republican party. an ethics investigation has taken its toll and representative aaron sharpe resigned. he was asked about a car his campaign paid for. and there were reports that he improperly benefitted from a political donor in a real estate deal. it began with the redecoration of his congressional office to look like a set from the show "down tan abby. "i'm sure you remember it. it cost $ 0,000. our drew griffin tried to question him about the allegations. take a license. >> reporter: can you explain the lavish lifestyle you've been
11:42 pm
leading on the backs of taxpayers? >> i would say this i take the law and my compliance seriously. >> reporter: congressman, do you think it's appropriate to spend political donations in a slush fund? $24,000 in private plane tickets? do you have any explanation, legal or not, is it right is the question? looking back could you do you think you made -- looking back, do you think you made a mistake? >> i hope you enjoy your time in the 18th district. >> reporter: can you understand the concern about why you sole your house to such overvalued property to a political donor? do you know why mr. bahaj bought the property overpriced? congressman, is it right at all what you've been doing? sir? just one -- come on i've been polite to you. >> cnn's tenacious drew griffin trying to get some answers there. social media photos also raised
11:43 pm
questions about how he paid for a jetsetting lifestyle. though the congressional probe ends with his resignation, other possible investigations could continue. we'll keep an eye that. you are watching "cnn newsroom." when we come back you new images are giving us a chance to see a whole new world inside the largest cave on the planet. we'll take a look around and talk with the photographer. woman: it's been a journey to get where i am. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today. most of the products we all buy are transported on container ships. before a truck delivers it to your store,
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a container ship delivered it to that truck. here in san diego, we're building the first one ever to run on natural gas. ships this big running this clean will be much better for the environment. we're proud to be a part of that.
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you won't want to miss this. the world's largest cave may be out of reach for most travelers. now photographer ryan duboot is offering an extraordinary new view thanks to a drone to give you an idea of just how big this case is. i want you to look at this video and those tiny figures you'll see moving around in the lower right part of the screen. they're people. have a look. ♪ >> that is just a little taste there. the cave is nearly five kilometers long 200 meters high and 147 meters wide. of course you saw with those figures down at the bottom, that
11:47 pm
gave you an idea of just how big this is. ryan duboot joins us now from beijing. he is the photographer. this is extraordinary video. talk to us about how you shot this and how difficult it was to get those beautiful pictures with the drone. >> reporter: this was shot over eight days inside the cave. with the drone i had to fly it pretty much all manually which meant there were many near misses with rocks. i almost missed it outside of the cave once. it was quite scary but came together in the end. i was pleased with the results. >> amazing how you got it so smooth just the way the turns -- we're not used to seeing such smooth moves from some of these drones. of that difficult to achieve? >> reporter: yeah. i practice quite a lot with it. in beijing, i fly quite a bit. and just flying, practicing
11:48 pm
every day before i went to the cave. >> why did you specifically choose the world's largest cave and what do you hope to do with the video exactly? >> reporter: this of my third time i've been to the cave. i knew its beauty i knew the beauty from the two other times. i wanted to capture something that nobody's ever seen before and give new perspective on how large it is. as for what i'm going to do -- sorry. >> that was what i was going to ask. yes. >> the video's out for people to enjoy and see a part of nature that few people have ever seen or will see. >> certainly you've achieved that. you have to tell us what's your next project after this.
11:49 pm
>> i have a couple personal projects that involve caves. they're year-long project so it might be a while before it comes out. it should be quite interesting. >> it is truly wonderful, truly extraordinary. people need to sit and watch this. the music that goes with it too, is perfectly married to the images. thank you very much for sharing this with us. photographer ryan duboot thank you. >> thank you very much for having me. >> all right. >> thanks. a professional american football player is retiring in his prime. ahead, his surprising reason for aumbrellaly ending a promising career. ready for another reason to switch to t-mobile? get america's best unlimited 4g lte family plan. two lines of unlimited 4g lte data for just $100 a month.
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to prevent heart disease heart attack, stroke or dementia. ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. a promising young american pro football player is calling it quits, retiring at the age of 24. the reason -- he's worried about the long-term effects of concussions. chris bor land had a great season with the san francisco 49ers. the team of set to pay him more than half a million dollars this year investment an interview with "outside the lines," he said the risks were not worth it. >> i've done a lot of research of what i've experienced in my past projected to what i would have to do to be the linebacker i wanted to be. for me, it wasn't worth the risk. >> reporter: when you thought about that risk as you played it out, what were you imagining could happen?
11:53 pm
>> brain disease, frankly. and not to say that players who played for a long time have played -- been physical players, that it's a foredevelop conclusion. to me, the chance of that happening was more of a negative than the positive that my potential career could be. >> the "new york times" says at least four other nfl players have retired in recent weeks because of worries about head trauma. borland at 24 is the youngest. stargazers in australia and new zealand were treated to a brightly colored show in the sky. check out these stunning images from tvnz. this original display called the aurora astralis flocking to share their photos. pedram javaheri joins us with more. you were excited about this. the colors are extraordinary. explain the science. >> absolutely testimony's a rare
11:54 pm
setup to get it this far south across north america where we're seeing it this hour. one of the more impressive ones that we've seen of solar flares since 2005. dipping into the canadian territories to the south and u.s. states. we had multiple solar flares occur sunday around 10:00 eastern time in the united states. multiple flares blazing. and the win eventually reached our magnetosphere, also known as the end in net sphere that reached there around -- magnetosphere that reached there around 10:00 in the morning tuesday. when you interact with the field, the disruptions that happen when you talk about gm signals being lost, potentially power grid being impacted especially when you have one this impressive. that get deflected and defused by electrons intothe atmosphere and set up gorgeous hues of yellows, greens, red possible to see in the higher latitudes of the planet.
11:55 pm
here's how far south. for vancouver to portland winnipeg to minneapolis, detroit, maybe portions of northern new england, the possibility exists to see these. if you look toward the northern horizon, especially looking for the horizond that's the idea locational. christchurch would be an area of interest hobart also an area where you see over the next several hours over this portion of the world. again, the most common colors as we have particles collide with oxygen would be the color green what you see in the photos. the less common becomes the blues, violets, purpose's as they collide with nitrogen -- purples as you collide with jietnent. then you see the rare red that's pop up. we can have the possibility around the world. we'll watch this and share photos here in the next couple of hours. >> sounds great. all right. many thanks to you. we have this just in to cnn -- israeli oppose leader isaac
11:56 pm
herzog called netanyahu the in the to concede defeat and congratulate him on the party's election wichbl that's according to local media reports. israel's central election committee says likud will win 29 seats. the zionist party will take 24. you have been watching "cnn newsroom." stay with us. i'll be back with my colleague, john vause.
11:57 pm
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aboutface in an exclusive. designers dolce & gabbana try explain their controversial comments about same-sex parents. b.b. win big. the israeli prime minister rolls up a larger than expected marge anyone tuesday's elections. how two passengers stopped a man shouting "jihad" from rushing the cockpit on a u.s. flight. hello and welcome to our viewers in the you united states and around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> great to have you with us. i'm john vause. this is "cnn newsroom." the past few days it's been a war of w