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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  March 18, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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earn more. aboutface in an exclusive. designers dolce & gabbana try explain their controversial comments about same-sex parents. b.b. win big. the israeli prime minister rolls up a larger than expected marge anyone tuesday's elections. how two passengers stopped a man shouting "jihad" from rushing the cockpit on a u.s. flight. hello and welcome to our viewers in the you united states and around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> great to have you with us. i'm john vause. this is "cnn newsroom." the past few days it's been a war of word between italian
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fashion designers dolce & gabbana and singer elton john over virs. now the -- or in vitro fertilization. now the duo is telling cnn they respect how all people live. >> this comes after the designers were quoted in an italian magazine referring to ivf babies as synthetic children born from rented wombs. they then went on to say no chemical children life has a natural cause, there are things that shouldn't be modified. >> elton john responded by calling for a boycott of the d&g label, posting on instagram, "how dare you refer to my beautiful children as synthetic? shame on you for wagging your judgmental fingers at ivf." we're joined with more from hong kong. you spoke with the designers. they seem to be backtracking a little about what they said the controversial comments. what are they saying this now?
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>> reporter: absolutely they are backtracking big time. they say that this has been blown out of proportion and quite shocked at the reaction that this has received. speaking to them today in hong kong they said that they were interviewed by an italian manage over a week ago. the topic was about family. the journalist put the question to them, do they want to have children. obviously by ivf. stefano gabbana said he would love to that this is something he's always wanted and looked into it. donnen domestic -- domenico dolce, a little bit older, 5, said no this is not something i want to do. listen to what they told me earlier. >> we're a gay couple. we love a gay adoption.
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we love everything. it's just an expression -- domenico express -- >> my point of view. it's my private point of view. i am -- i am sicilian i grew up in the family. we have a sense of family very strong for myself. my family is family company. and i believe in the tradition of family. this is my school my background my character testimony's impossible to change today my character for something different. it's me. >> reporter: interesting considering he is a gay man in the fashion industry but hold conservative italian views on what the family unit should look like. that being a mother and father and doesn't believe that two guy men should have children. as he said these are my personal views, i don't judge anybody who has children by ivf. obviously sir elton john furious at the commence and called for a
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boycott of dolce & gabbana. when asked to react, they said, peace, that's what we want. we love elton john's music. we're not going to boycott his music. we didn't many offend you know, the designers, they've been working together for more than 30 years. the brand itself celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. you know they certainly differ. take a listen to what they somebody that. >> i think in a different way from domenico but not by this, i start to insert the tolerance. >> reporter: in what way? >> i believe in in vitro, i don't have anything -- >> reporter: you support ivf. domenico you don't support ivf? >> it's personal. >> i think today we don't have to support or don't support. you think what you think. i think today -- >> it's not supporting.
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just to believe. >> certainly backtracking from the language in the magazine. the italian magazine that came out several days ago and really kicked off this firestorm. they are hoping that by going public by speaking to cnn that this may somewhat settle the situation and perhaps calm things down somewhat. no doubt the debate will -- >> yeah there's been a lot of reaction out there in social media. and they presumably have felt the pressure. >> not just from gay parents but all parents who have used ivf. interesting though. stefan oh of saying that elton john of a fascist for demanding a boycott. clearly we're trying to be friends. >> now it's settled down many thanks for reporting from hong kong. let's go to germany now where thousands of anti-austerity protesters demonstrating against the european central bank's policies. police are out in force. the bank had been planning to
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celebrate the official opening of its skyscraper headquarter. instead the alliance of leftist groups is planning blockade speeches and street theater. this is the scene out there now. you see one fire is burning. police are moving. the protesters are actually running, as well. that looks like a very heavy police presence right now. they're dragging one man away one protester it seems. there are reports there could be thousands who are planning to attend the protest which clearly, at least one person so far has been taken away by police. we can see protesters there with umbrellas, reminiscent of demonstrations in hong kong when they brought out their umbrellas in the pro-democracy demonstrations. right now this is frankfurt, germany. this of the scene a short time ago. a car set on fire. one of many that appears to have been set outside the new headquarters. ecb. this group is modeled on the
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occupy wall street group where they protest these kinds of financial policies which they say unfairly hurt the less well off, lowest socio-economic groupings. police if riot gear -- police in riot gear, wearing sheeds over their faces. they're carrying batons as well. the fire brigade out because we've seen at least one or two fires having been set. this is an ongoing story. time in germany is just after 9:00 in the morning. so we will continue -- actually just after 8:00 in the morning. my apologies. this is the live image from out the headquarters. we can see the plensolice presence, as well. >> we'll continue to watch this story and come back to this. it is ongoing, as we say. we're watching this develop. and we will -- >> it's incredible when we look at the police as they continue to move around en masse. incredible security presence.
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you can see one protester -- >> he's the one we saw being dragged -- >> are these live images? i'm not sure. i thought these were live image. that's another -- another protest or the same one -- >> that looks like the same one that had been dragged away. >> not sure at this point. clearly what is surprising about this is the number of protesters who in fact managed to turn up outside the ecb headquarters, and they're met with an equally large number of security forces. a great deal of concern that there may be a develop into violent scuffles. and we've seen one or two clashes so far, nothing too serious. what has been serious is cars set on fire and other fires lit just out the new bank headquarters. we'll keep monitoring the situation if it does flare up we'll return to frankfurt, germany, for the latest. in the meantime, we'll move to the israeli vote. media now reporting that opposition leader isaac herzog
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has called prime minister benjamin netanyahu and congratulated him on his party's election win. likud appear to have made a stunning comeback. this after opinion polls showed them losing seats in parliament a few days ago. >> take a look at the latest numbers which show likud will win at least 29 seats in the knesset while the zionist party led by isaac herzog is expected to take 24 seats. that's a significant gain for likud over early exit polling. mr. netanyahu wasted no time declaring victory. take a listen. >> translator: we won the national camp led by likud has won. we achieved the huge victory for our people. i'm proud -- i'm proud for the
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people of israel. >> mr. netanyahu says he has already spoken to the leaders of other parties and asked them to join a unity government. orrin hereby man joins us -- lieberman joins you live. so how he going to pull together this governing coalition whose likely to be part of this and how tortured an arrangement will it be? >> reporter: it will be a lot easier than it looked last night after exit polls. this appeared to be a very close race with the likud and zionist party looking at around 27 seats apiece. now when we see the unofficial numbers, instead of exit polling, actual results from the ballot boxes, likud and benjamin netanyahu have opened up a significant lead a five-seat lead. this just a few days after it looked like it was the other way around. the last election polls on friday before the election showed likud four seats behind. netanyahu, the final days and
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hours, has turned this around given the likud party an unofficial lead of five seats, an enormous lead begin how far he was behind a few days ago. that's significant. he has a number of pears on the right that -- parties on the right that line up with the likud party closely. right now it looks like it woens than hard for him to string together a coalition. still, there is some wheeling and dealing that will have to happen. he needs to figure out where the parties fit into the coalition. looks much easier than it did last night when it looked to be a close race for benjamin netanyahu. now he knows the victory speech very much accurate. we're seeing as you said local respects that isaac herzog has called netanyahu to concede defeat and to congratulate netanyahu. wee gotten a response from senior palestinian officials. this comes after netanyahu made controversial remark the day before the election saying that under him there would be no two-state solution. no palestinian state. have a license here. >> i believe now's up to the
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international community to stop treating this prime minister as a prime minister that's above -- he should be held accountable, and he should -- international community should not govern him or give him impunity. impunity will mean more conflict of interest and will not make peace. >> reporter: what happens next here? first we need to make sure the results are official. again, these are unofficial results, and they steam show that netanyahu who has a very large victory confirmed by isaac herzog, his main rival, calling and saying yes, you have won the election. you will in all lied be the next prime minister -- all likelihood be the next prime minister. now it will be benjamin netanyahu doing what he does as a master politician putting together his government. looks like from the last government it will shift from a center right government. it will shift more to the right. we'll have to see how it shakes out. from all accounts, it looks like netanyahu has established a clear margin and will have a chance to put together a
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coalition government and maintain his seat as the prime minister. >> it certainly looks that way, doesn't it? and i mean before this he was trailing his main opponent isaac herzog. how did the exit polls get it so wrong, and why did everyone appear to be writing netanyahu off so quickly when we're looking at these results? >> reporter: that's a fascinating question. gets into sort of the statistical anomalies of the polls. that's trying to extrapolate from a small population to the entire country of israel. it's interesting to note that in the past few elections, exit polls missed by seven or eight seats different parties. a few years ago, we saw the seven or eight seats to a man polling with 12 seats. he ended up with 19 that made him a powerful political player. now it's obvious as the results have come in where the seven or eight seats have gone. they've gone straight to benjamin netanyahu's likud party which has given him a very
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strong argument to be the next prime minister, to put together the coalition. will be interesting to see where the pollsters got it wrong, where they missed so badly and predicted this as so close, rosemary. >> now he appear to be stronger than ever. it will be interesting to see if he stands by his pledge for there not to be a palestinian state. we'll be watching that closely. orrin lieberman reporting there from jerusalem. many thanks to you. john? syria's military says it's shot down a u.s. drone. the united states is investigating the claim and admits it's lost contact with a predator drone which is over syria. the unmanned aircraft was believed to be conducting a reconnaissance mission near the port. a letter sent to the white house is being tested for cyanide. the secret service says the envelope was received at the white house mail facility on monday. initial tests came back negative. on tuesday, chemical testing showed a possible present of
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cyanide. a law enforcement official says there were no injuries or exposure concerns for the person who opened that letter. we'll take a short break. when we come back federal agents raid the home of a millionaire charged with murder. >> ahead, the latest twist in a strange crime story. we're back in a moment. plus, a look at the celebrations happening in russia as the country marks its first anniversary of the annexation of crimea. it has been a come-from-behind victory for the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. we'll look what the turned things around late in the campaign. technology gives you control and now technology gives you home security and control in a new and revolutionary way. introducing plug & protect from livewatch security,
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welcome back everyone. in the united states a fraternity at pennsylvania's state university has been suspended after allegedly posting compromising photos of women on a private facebook page. >> officials say an investigation of kappa della row fraternity is underway. no arrests have been made since it's not been determined yet if any crime has taken place. police in texas have raided the home of a real estate heir facing murder charge. it's not clear what they were looking for in the 14th floor couldn't minutes yum. >> paul dufr is behind bars -- dufrt is behind bars awaiting to be tried for the alleged murder of his friend who say crime
12:19 am
writer. we have late details. >> reporter: he may be facing murder charges in california but real estate millionaire robert durst was in a new orleans courtroom today facing drug and weapon charges. one day after waiving his right to fight extradition to los angeles where he's been charged with the execution-style murder of his long-time friend susan berman. the 71-year-old durst of shackled dressed in an orange jumpsuit, in an isolated glass booth. at one point smiling and laughing to himself. prosecutors say a.opinion 38-caliber handgun and marijuana was found in his hotel room after he was arrested on a warrant for berman's murder. >> bob durst did not kill susan berman. he doesn't know who did. >> reporter: durst's attorney successfully defended him in texas in 2003. >> robert durst not guilty. >> reporter: when he was acquitted of murdering his neighbor morris black. durst admitted high shot and dismembered him but claimed
12:20 am
self-defense. susan berman was shot to death on or about december 23rd 2000. >> my concern is that the warrant that was issued in california of issued because of a television show and not because of facts. >> reporter: that television show is an hbo documentary about durst's bizarre life. in the finale, durst was confronted about berman's murder. " she was killed just before investigators planned to question her about the 1982 disappearance of durst's wife. visibly rattled durst stepped away to the bathroom his microphone still live. [ inaudible ] >> killed them all. of course. >> reporter: the same weekend the finale aired, durst was arrested. authorities believe he was preparing to flee to cuba. >> we want to contest the basis
12:21 am
for his arrest because i think it's not based on facts. it's based on ratings. >> reporter: jean casarez, cnn, los angeles. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu may have pulled off one of the biggest comebacks in election politics. his likud party is set to win 29 seats in the knowsity giving him the clear upper hand to form a coalition government. we have the mideast correspondent for buzz feed joining us live from teleavolunteer. the critics say mr. -- tel aviv. the critics say mr. netanyahu made a hard turn to the right, promised no palestinian state. they say he vilified israeli arabs. looks like it worked it there-- worked. as well a bigger cost? >> reporter: netanyahu didn't run much of a campaign for most of election season. we barely saw him speaking in public and not at all to the israeli media. it was only at the very last minute really in the last four days of campaigning that
12:22 am
netanyahu went on the media blitz in which he said as you said, that there will be no palestinian state under him, there will be an expansion of settlements. that was something that did seem to appeal to the right wing core of the likud, they came out in droves to vote for him at the last minute. >> okay. after such a hard right turn even if it was in the final stages of the campaign now that it looks like benjamin netanyahu will get the historic fourth term as prime minister can he walk any of this back, or is he locked in to everything he's said? >> reporter: it's going to depend on what sort of coalition he formed. for a while, there was talk of him joining with the herzog's zionist union party enthusiasm would have brought him more toward the center. minutes ago we saw people saying herr has called netanyahu and officially said he. to be in the position. he doesn't top join a coalition with netanyahu. that would mean that netanyahu is left at this point with a right-wing nationalistic block which is likely going to push him toward fulfilling campaign
12:23 am
promises like expanding settle. and saying no to a palestinian state's going to be left to be seen what he does with he's in the prime minister's office again and in the past he has walked back some of his more extreme statements. those closist to him -- closest to him are saying there's doubt whether the two-state solution is the direction thing should be going here. we haven't seen a serious peace talks here in israel for some time. >> true. the governments in israel come and go. they are fragile things. they often don't last. so what are the chances that netanyahu will call this coalition together for a full term? >> reporter: very slim if we're going to go on history. there have been very few israeli governments that made it through a full four-year term. and already last night in the likud, we spoke with one party strategist who said he wouldn't be surprised if they were back in two to three years. that's coming on a victorious night for them.
12:24 am
i think a lot of israelis have resigned themselves to the fact that the parliament the way the coalitions are formed here is fragile enthusiasm it's likely that in two, three years they'll be back at the ballot boxes. >> what do the palestinians do now? netanyahu made it clear that there will be no negotiations. did they do the international diplomacy route? >> reporter: we're waiting to hear an official response from the palestinians. last night when the results started to come in and we saw this netanyahu was likely to be the prime minister again i called someone in the palestinian president's office to ask what the reaction was. he said that they're going to go forward to the icc and begin trying israel in the international court. they want to move forward with resolutions at the u.n. to try israel on the diplomatic stage. i think that the way they see things going, they don't think that there will be serious peace talks. they don't put much faith in peace talks even if they are at some point launched. and they want to try this other avenue that they've started. they want to try and go to the international courts rely some of the support that they've
12:25 am
gotten especially from the e.u. and see where that takes them. >> we appreciate you being with us our mideast correspondent with buzzfeed. great to speak to you. thank you. we'll take a short break. ahead, midair scare. a man stormed the cockpit of a united airlines flight but didn't get far. [ aniston ] when people ask me what i'm wearing, i tell them aveeno®. [ female announcer ] aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion has active naturals® oat with five vital nutrients. [ aniston ] because beautiful skin goes with everything. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results™.
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russia is celebrting the first anniversary of the annex annexation of crimea. tens of thousands are expected to gather in moscow's red square to celebrate later today. >> that has been flexing its military muscle ahead of the anniversary. pentagon correspondent barbara starr has that part of the story. >> reporter: raising tensions, vladimir putin is keeping guessing. nato's deputy military commander warning moscow to tread carefully. >> russia might believe that the large scale conventional forces could in future be used not only for intimidation and coercion but potentially to seize nato territory. >> reporter: a clack cold war soviet military technique, escalate tensions to the point no one is sure what putin is now up to next. >> nato does not seek confrontation with russia.
12:29 am
russia must respect its neighbors and their borders. >> reporter: back fire bomber that can carry nuclear and conventional weapons are being stone crimea according to the russian news agency. short-range ballistic missiles being sent to kaliningrad next to the baltic nations which are in nato. >> that's going to be something that i think nato's going to keep a very close eye. both with regards to the delivery platforms and also looking for any signs are the nuclear weapons that might accompany those systems also deployed. >> reporter: in the arctic putin has ordered troops to combat alert. russia's northern fleet exercising nearly 40,000 troops 50 warships and more than 100 aircraft. nato directed its forces months ago to be able to move within days against russia if ordered. in the black sea, the u.s. continuing with its exercises, attempting to reassure nato nations on russia's borders that
12:30 am
the alliance will defend them. military intelligence analysts don't foresee a cold war-type of confrontation. tank batting dog fights in the sky. the biggest risk they say, is the baltic enthusiasmmmune may try to covertly stir up trouble and control territory there as he did in crimea. >> understand they're more nervous than they were two years ago. >> reporter: if putin were to move against the baltics, that could force nato's hand because latvia lithuania, and estonia are all members of nato. the alliance and the u.s. sworn to defend them. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. coming up on cnn the deadline is getting closer for agreement on iran's nuclear program. a live report ahead on where those negotiations stand. plus passengers on the united airlines flight jumped into action after a man charged the cockpit shouting "jihad! "
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. just reached the halfway point. welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. you're watching "cnn newsroom." i'm john vause. >> i'm rosemary church. in headlines, there have been will have clashes if frankfurt, germany, between anti-austerity democrat strars and riot police. the alliance of groups call has organized a day of protest to coincide with opening the opening of the european central bank's new headquarters. fires have been set, and water cannons have been used. riot police could be seen running through the streets. these are pictures a short time
12:34 am
ago. israeli media report the opposition leader isaac herzog has telephoned benjamin netanyahu and congratulated him on the election win. the results show mr. netanyahu's likud party will win at least 29 seats in the knesset, up from 19 in the last election. the zionist party is expected to take 24. italian fashion designers dolce & gabbana have new comments on the viv controversy after telling -- in vitro controversy after telling the magazine that babies born of in vitro were "synthetic children born of rented woums." domenico dolce says his views are private and personal. stefano gabbana says he believes in ivf. a u.s. air force veteran accused of trying to join isis has had his first federal court appearance on wednesday. he was arrested in january after traveling to circle where he - allegedly
12:35 am
tried to slip into syria undetected. if convicted, he could serve up to 35 years in print. a third day of talks on iran's nuclear program produced some progress. a senior official cautioned the tough issues are still unresolved. six world powers are trying to reach a ten-year deal where tehran will scale back its nuclear program so it could not produce a weapon within a year's time. in exchange, sanctions would be lifted. nic robertson from switzerland with what is ahead. talk about the progress made and what does lie ahead here with these talks. the difficulties the challenges. >> reporter: yeah, indeed. there are many difficulties many challenges because what we're hearing from the state department a lot remain to be done. the progress talked about in the meeting yesterday, there were
12:36 am
three face-to-face meetings between u.s. secretary kerry, the secretary of state john kerry and the iranian foreign minister. the first of those meetings was where we were told there were some -- there was some progress. that progress was on discussing technical or discussing solutions for technical options. we understand that progress was made to the point that they agreed on how they were going to sort of make good their differences. just there was progress on the discussion of the range of options of how to solve the issues. you know, it need to be sort of put in that light, looked at where there's been technical grammy and sboonl -- a substantial amount of work has been done. it is the last bit of the talks that really remained the most challenging. and this discussion about the progress on options on the technical side what we continue
12:37 am
to hear from the state department secretary kerry himself, is that really the key choices that need to be made by the iranian side now are political ones. here we're talking about sanctions, questions that remain about the past military use, the nuclear program by the iranian authorities. how iran addresses those issues and the expectation is as part of the process, it would give a full accounting of those military uses in the past. these are the tough political type of decisions that we're -- there isn't evidence of progress on at the moment and the tough choices facing the iranian side the deadline the 31st of march, barely a couple of week away. >> we'll continue to watch this. nic robertson monitoring the situation there in switzerland. a turkish official says authorities have detained a 21-year-old british woman suspected of traveling to sear
12:38 am
to join isis. she was stopped at a bus terminal late monday. she's being held pending deportation hearings. video surveillance shows three british teens who allegedly tried to go to syria to join isis. they were detained in istanbul friday. three men are in london and they're facing terror charges. another story we're following, the iraqi mission to retake tikrit from isis militants has stalled. heavy casualties reported. in a tougher than expected battle for iraqi forces there. >> even though the area is far from secure ben wedeman reports many residents are returning to nearby homes after packing up and leaving months ago. [ gunfire ] [ horns ] >> reporter: fresh recruits for tikrit heading to battle. the offensive to retake the city has been temporarily suspended, on sentence fwlee allow
12:39 am
civilians -- ostensibly to allow civilians to flee to escape isis. the battle has ranged more than two week that -- two weeks. that's not stopped them from leaving al-alam seized a week ago. this is the first group of civilians returning to the area. most have been in the town of kirkuk. they ran away when isis came to town. home at last after eight months. cars packed with people trucks piled high with mattresses. "thank god," she says "we're home. we've been freed from isis. may god kerr them until judgment day." this woman says "it's enough to see our land just sit on our land. we won't leave ever again." this is a sunni town. the biggest tribe here have a
12:40 am
long history of enmity first with al qaeda, then its successor isis. "their behavior," he says "was awful with civilians, with women, with children. we had to leave. they were ruthless." 2-year-old marwan returned a few days ago and was reunited with his horse. daish as they call isis, came, but they had no backing. they pretended to be revolutionaries, but all they was destroy. the reign of isis seem to have crumbled quickly here. fruit of left to rot in the stalls. the isis fighters fled or fell. this car of hit in an air strike charred body parts shown off by a pro-government fighter. al-alam was liberated by iraqi soldiers and police
12:41 am
paramilitaries and sunni tribesmen. like this man although sunni, he's part of a predominantly shia militia. he learned how to fight from foreign advisers. "we were trained by hezbollah," he says. "lebanese or iraqi?" "lebanese," he responds "their training was very good." the to returning townspeople throwing candy out the car window such details seem immaterial. what matters most is that they're coming home at last. ben wedeman, cnn, near tikrit. vanuatu is still in dire need of food and clean water days after cyclone pam battered the south pacific island chain. aid agencies say the storm wiped out crops as well as fishing fleets. and hunger and disease are a big concern. >> the storm cut off communication lines between the capital and many of the outer islands making it nearly
12:42 am
impossible to access many areas. >> even for a few minutes, you see there's going to be huge needs. people are saying there's hundreds who have been sleeping in a school. they say they got maybe one week of food left. we're miles away from anywhere. it's an hour's flight if we're lucky to get one air strip. they have no communication, they're asking me what happens happening in the capital city they're asking where the storm hit. there's no communication at all with the outside world. >> the death toll stands at the 11 but is expected to rise. a reuters reporter says many people survived by taking shelter in schools, churches and other sturdy buildings. there are several organizations already in place to help the cyclone victims. if you go to our impact your world website, you can see a list of organizations. that address, a united airlines flight had to turn back after a man rushed toward the cockpit shouting
12:43 am
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the the ones decorated to look like "downton abbey. "why? ethics allegations began to pile up on illinois representative aaron schoch the past six weeks. he announced the allegation tuesday. shock did e faced allegations about mileage reimburms for a car his campaign paid for almost are reports he improperly benefited from a political donor in a real estate deal. >> the scandal began with the redecoration of his congressional office as you heard, to look like a set from the show "downton abbey." what was he thinking? it cost $40,000. >> dineen look good. >> it didn't. terrifying moment for passengers on board a united airlines flight. the plane of forced to turn back after a passenger tried to storm the cockpit shouting "jihad." >> the other passengers jumped into action and tackled the man. more on how it unfolded. >> reporter: an image like this exists because airline passengers took matters in their own hands and ended a potentially dangerous situation. the unidentified man now in
12:47 am
custody. united airlines flight 1074 with 33 passengers and six crew members had just taken off from dulles airport outside washington on its way to denver. less than 30 minutes after takeoff, this is what the pilots told the tower. >> declaring an emergency due to a passenger disturbance. >> reporter: the disturbance of a man running up the single aisle of the 737 shouting "jihad jihad." according to some aboard the plane. another passenger said the man was shouting the plane of going to go down. >> he ran forward toward the cockpit. and he is being restrained by other passengers. >> reporter: those other passengers and at least one male flight attendant weren't about to take any chances, making sure the man was done with whatever rampage he was planning. he had bruises on his face apparently from being taken down. appeared to be crying was apologizing. >> i'm sorry! i'm so sorry! sorry. >> don't move. you're okay.
12:48 am
we're going to get you off this plane, buddy. >> reporter: the captain and first officer let the tower know this -- >> the cockpit is secure. and we would just like it return to the airport and have the authorities meet him. >> reporter: the cockpit door of never breached. keeping the door locked is the rule in this post-9/11 era. in reality, the perpetrator never had a chance to get to the door. >> in this day and age, passengers team empowered and should feel empowered to keep themselves and their aircraft safe. and they are protected from suit by the person they have to subdue because u.s. law says if passengers do that, they're immune from suit and prosecution. >> reporter: passengers held the man down until the plane landed. >> relax and don't movement don't movement. >> reporter: he's now in the hospital for observation. no weapons found, and no charges filed as of yet. gary tuchman, cnn, atlanta. still in the skies but much higher stargazers --
12:49 am
>> that was a tough segue. wow. >> yeah. while we are in the sky -- >> don't be distracted by him. the story, stargazers in australia and new zealand enjoying aurora astralis. >> how many days does it take for the particles to travel from the earth to the sun? at what speed? i got in trouble last time because i wasn't interested. >> he wasn't interested. >> he's done his homework. think. >> think about a person who drink soda and has quite a bit of gas, that's what this is doing -- >> too much information. >> see, i thought he could relate to that. we have video out of new zealand. talking about this -- the perspective out of new zealand, kind of showing you the setup here. the sun, of course is set up here about 93 million miles away. take about two days to answer john's question traveling several million miles per hour. but multiple flares of energy,
12:50 am
solar flares that ejected on sunday out of the sun and hurtled toward the earth, arrived on tuesday morning. they're surrounded by a magnetic field known as magnetosphere. the earth's magnetic springfield designed to disperse this and move around. as they interact with the atmosphere electron become charged, get excited. that's happens, you get the hues of greens reds, and yellows in higher portions of the planet. here's the forecast the next several hours and generally between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 in the morning. across the western united states it's a good time after the fwrog get out and look at skies in the northern horizon. here's how far south the drop there as far as the viewing area could be. from vancouver to portland minneapolis, detroit, portions of new york state. this is among the strongest of storms since august 2005. that's why it's dropping this far south and across the southern hemisphere. from christchurch to hobart, some cities where the possibility exists for being able to the aurora borealis. and the perspective again you
12:51 am
look at the average viewing area. stretches as such across the northern tier of our planet and the best viewing time again being generally late in the overnight hours. and march and september typically are the best times of the year. the equinox has something to do with this. and we have clear skies across portions of north america. tonight with only a 7% of a full moon. so a lot of dark skies available. a good chance to see this. i don't know if we had a chance to show the video out of new zealand or not. john of ready to say who knows what. >> the next question -- >> nature's way of celebrating st. patrick's day. >> me? see? you start with these air transit transition and you've got this. are you on top of it -- >> the current aurora astralis was seen to a, camera b, brisbane, which one -- >> camera? >> three out of three. >> guess nothing. >> exactly. >> thank you. >> well done. >> all that matters.
12:52 am
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12:55 am
>> yes, jeanne moos shows hue the interpreter seems to sing with his hands. >> reporter: one website called him the michael jackson of sign language interpreters. ♪ >> reporter: he's a thriller all right. tommy crony is signing during a swedish talent show, ininvokes excitement and drama and sensuality. even takes a dance break from interpreting. how does it feel to be probably the most famous sign language interpreter in the world at the moment? >> it's crazy. >> reporter: tommy's getting rave reviews like, "i have no idea what either of these men are saying, but i only have eyes for ". >> i'm trying to be one with the music. >> reporter: a competition will send sweden's best to the european song contest. unfortunately the singer didn't win. i wonder what he thought of -- you stole the show. >> he should be happy.
12:56 am
his song is world famous now. >> reporter: and magnus seems smitten writing on facebook "i can't even express my admiration for this guy's imagination when he interprets my song." tommy now joins other interpreters who basically briefly famous. >> we can't take that risk. >> reporter: one won praise signing with gusto for new york city's mayor. and another got slammed for using signs that didn't make sense at nelson mandela's memorial. later said he was hallucinateing but went on to do an ad for an app. "snl" parodied his performance. >> i have been listening to what americans are saying. [ laughter ] >> reporter: no one's laughing at tommy. they're smiling with him. tommy isn't speaking in american sign language. he's speaking swedish. >> this is a sign for the heartbeat and the brain. >> reporter: put them together
12:57 am
and what you get is heartfelt. jeanne moos cnn, new york. ♪ >> he's got moves like you. >> a happy man. >> he's good. >> he enjoys his job. okay. it's not unusual for the u.s. talk show host ellen degeneres to ask her guests to show off some of their dance moves on her program. >> yeah. exactly. on monday, she got the u.s. first lady michelle obama to join her in a highly choreographed routine to the hit "uptown funk." the first lady's moves have gone viral, racking up more than two million views on line. and she had some pretty good moves. >> she. does although her husband, barack obama, reading mean tweets was read -- seen by 17 million people. >> thanks for watching. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm john vause. "early start" is next.
12:58 am
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happening now, israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu claiming victory in a deeply divided election for israel. ? just hours, a u.s. air force veteran in court accused of trying to join isis in syria. new details on that case coming up. >> it is wednesday, march 18th it's