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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  March 19, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> as tonesia looks to heal isis stps forward to claim responsibility. >> and u.s. president obama finally phones nth after his weekend election win. >> and another instance of police allegedly using excessive force against an african african-american puts u.s. race relations back in the spotlight again. thank you for joining us. you're watching cnn newsroom.
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it is 7:00 a.m. in tonesia where the president has decided to deploy the army in the country's major cities. we're getting our first looks where the government wounded and killed dozens of people. here is more. >> bloodstains and damage not the place at the museum. 23 people were killed in the attack most of them tourists. attended by the minister who pledged the government would irradicate terrorism. >> you will see and witness what
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we do, he said. the guilty says nine people have been arrested. saying it was carried out by two inside bmers. survivors have given harrowing accounts of what happened. >> we were calmly visiting the museum. at first we thought a statue had fallen over but then ewith heard screams. eventually realized it was gunfire exploding. we didn't know what we were going to do so we hid.
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>> the gates are now closed. a which is regarded as a sea of relative calm. analysts say it is not all together surprising. >> reporter: this is a message for tonesia for oois in the video, a fighter claims that isis killed two politicians in the run-up to elections.
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>> now isis has released this video. cnn cannot verify the authenticity. the one kouptdry to emerge from the arab spring with relative stability. now there are hundreds of jihadi fighters but many more come from the middle east and north africa. tonesia has more than any other country. analysts say this is the flip side to the revolution. >> it's not because the country has freedoms. it's not a by product of democracy. it is more so a by product of the history of repression under
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the prerevolutionary dictatorships. and combine that with the state security apparatus. and libya whose instability is one of the chief threats. >> for tonesia, the road goes through libya. where law and order has broken down and multiple militias vie for voel. control. >> they don't really govern their territory. a lot of these fighters who have gone to syria have gone there through training camps in lib yachlt some of them are coming back and some of them will be coming back. >> the museum attack is just one example.
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. >> what we are most worried about apart from the event yesterday is the situation in libya which is a reason for alarm for a number of reasons. first of all for that country itself buzz libyan citizens are forced to live in a situation of chaos and in the fear of civil war. further more, isis is spreading inside libya.
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em to huge risks while earning huge amounts of money. >> you can watch the rest of her exclusive interview with the italian president. >> these are -- this is video of 20-year-old johnson being arrested by alcohol control agents for public intoxication in char lotsville virginia
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johnson suffered a head injury during that arrest prompting some university of virginia students to protest. >> at no time did he present a fake id. never the less, virginia abc officers present on the scene questioned my client about being in possession of false identification. the conversation resulted in my client being thrown to the ground his head hitting the pavement the officer's knees pressed his his back his face and skull needing surgery. >> officials say the special agents involved in johnon's arrest will be restricted to administrative duties pending the results of the investigation.
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that shooting spawned a movement that calls itself hands up don't shoot. we're sure you have heard it and scene it. the evidence in the brown case shows it dintd happen that way. >> it is the mantra of a movement started in felgerson, missouri after the shooting of unarmed seen ager michael brown. hands up don't shoot spread across america like wild fire. >> it's no good. it's not true. it is either based on a lie or based on a misinterpretation of what happened. >> federal and local authorities
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show evidence show that hands up don't shoot didn't happen. michael brown ice hands were not up in surrender so where did it come from? brown's friend the day. >> his weapon was already drawn. he shot again. once my friend felt that shot he put his hands in the air and he started to get down but the officer still approached and he fired several more shots. there are plenty convinced that brown had his hands up. here is what the witnesses closest to the incident say. witness 102, a biracial male. fur sure that brown's hands were not above his head. witness 103, reluctant stating
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snitches get stitches eventually did talk. he says he did not see brown's hands up and witnessed brown moving fast towards wilson. a biracial female said she heard the shots fired. she saw wilson hop out of the car and yell stop stop stop. brown ran and turned around and for a second began to raise his hands but quickly balled up his fists and charged at wilson. she told investigators, wilson waited a long time to fire his gun adding she would have fired sooner. witness 105, a 50-year-old black female says she noticed brown put his hands up for a brief moment but then turned around made a shuffling movement and put his hands down and ran towards wilson. most of this not made public
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until long after the shoolting and that was too late. >> i deal with the facts that other witnesses say his hands were hup. wi ear debating whether or not his hands were up but we're not debating whether or not he is dead or alive. we know for a fact he's dead. he's not here and he didn't have a weapon. >> but the argument is if he wasn't surrendering, there's a fusification. >> that's a tactic that has been used against black males wheen dealing with police for the longest. you can root back to slavery. you kind of you have to find a way to vil niz the victim. and find a, you know the smallest means to justify why this officer had to use deadly force. >> the report shows officer wilson was justified but in this case the facts can't stop a
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slogan. rsh r. >> sarah sidner reporting there. the prescribe walks back. controversial free election comments. plus an invitation from russia's president. kim jong un may soon be making his first state visit outside of his country, plus a biker takes police on a wild chase but not without a little show boating.
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ulated benjamin netenyahu on his victory but the phone call apparently came with a warning about his pre-election comments ruling out palistinian state-hood. here is jim acata. >> the president made it clear that relations between these listening time allies may be about to change. officials said that the president told the prescribe that we may need to reassess our
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options. administration officials say they're furious over nth's remarks. pointing to the prime minister's rejection of a palestinian state in this interview. netenyahu said indeed. >> i would certainly acknowledge that the president is aware of the comments and noticed them. i don't think i would characterize his reaction. but i think that the -- there are obvious policy implications. >> in a post election interview
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aeli citizens. >> it is insisted that they will always have the right to vote. where they are threatening to deny votes. the measure the u.s. has blocked before. they are saying get over it. >> what about the administration? lukewarm. >> understand the realities of what they canner ka k not achieve. >> palestinians are reacting with skepticism to the latest comments.
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>> i think that the international community would not trust. >> i believe that the issue before us is to have a determination from the international community perhaps through the security council from all of these wishy washy and flipping you know position by the prescribe of israel. >> there has been no change in the prescribeime minister's position at all.
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nearby nato state. this has russia's president is set to meet with the leader of north korea. that story ahead here plus look up in the sky. soon well you're not supposed to look until an eclipse but, we will have the story on a rare cosmic spectacle that parts of the world will get to see. stay with cnn.
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>> north kree nan leader kim jong un could be headed to russia.
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>> if he is able to go and meet putin in moscow this would appear to be a sign that he is completely consolidated control and he is confident enough to leave the nest and go do statesman like things around the world.
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rowing after russia's alleged involvement. >> progress is reported in switzerland over iran's nuclear program. we will bring you the latest next. plus on the front line against isis in iraq.
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>> welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. let's update you on our top stories. a police officer killed has been laid to rest. u.
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>> and a college student was injured when alcohol control agents arrested him. the arrest warrant for johnson describes him as acting blij rant. ad been under discussion. >> officials are saying there is
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not a draft document and all elements are being negotiated and nothing is being put on paper and circulated in a formulated document at the moment. he has set we're working hard. working hard. i asked him about what progress is being made. this is what he told me. >> have you made progress? >> we are making progress but there are issues that need to be resolved. >> which issues need progress? >> all of them. no some of them. >> interesting that he turned around on his answer. it was interesting because about
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30 minutes after i talked to him he was expected to go into his first meeting of the day. hey were to come that would indicate that a political deal getting closer the iranianss
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need to make progress on the technical issues. political issues that are not so close at the moment. >> and i will talk live with nick in the next hour. secretary of state kerry strongly condemned an attack. kerry also called for an investigation. the attack is said to have happened in the sirrian town on monday.
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ion air strikes is keeping the pressure on isis my tants across syria and iraq. curdish forces have helped push back. we went to the front lines where progress is being made but the isis flag still flies in the distance. >> this village looks peaceful enough. less than two weeks ago it was under isis control.
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or an awareness of how deceptive this peaceful scene really is. >> oh. eir commander is up beat. >> the situation is now very good the general tells me. there are only occasional clashes. the residents of this area are sunni sunni arabs. most have fled. only a few, teachers stayed behind. they say isis allowed the schools to stay open but took away all the history books. i ask if anyone here welcomed
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isis. none says saba. well only some kids joined them. unmature uneducated kids chl where kurdish forces are holding isis. here in this area isis is just up the road from me here they
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say they have absolutely no air cover from the international coalition. >> the coalition provides air cover for the iraqi government forces. everyone sels on their own. isis's black banner still flies over the town while black smoke rises from burning homes behind us. they keep a wary eye on them. these are men who have known little but war. 58-year-old man joined the iraqi army in his late teens. hows americans are more concerned about isis than ever. 80% say they think isis poses a
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serious threat to the united states. that's up from 73% in november. 68% last fall. the poll also finds 79% of americans are somewhat or very worried that the fight against isis will spread throughout the region. >> and the reopening of the cafe in sydney. new premier met with staff before the doors opened and praised them for their comradery. in december gunman took 17 people hostage. >> next here a look at why u.s. authorities are now investigating some missing persons cases in cities where
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the boston marathon bombing trial and the jury is expecked to hear more about what the fbi found on tsarnaev's computer. it was testified that he had a collection of militant islamic materials. >> he faces the possibility of the death penalty. the investigation into murder suspect robert durs is widening. detectives in u.s. cities where the millionaire lived are taking a second look at cold cases looking for clues that could tie furs to unsolved crimes. the millionaire was charged with murder this week in connection with the shooting death of his long time friend back in 2000. >> in colorado a very
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disturbing story. an expectant mother answered an ad for baby clothes. she was attacked and the unborn child was cut from her womb. martin savage has more on the story and how it is part of an alarming trend of crimes committed through craig's list. >> this 911 call is horrific and remarkable. >> in this home a woman lies beaten stabbed and bleeding. she finds the strength to save her life and lead to her attacker. >> where did she cut you at? >> a knife. i'm pregnant.
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she cut me in the stomach. >> according to shorts, the woman who they have not identified was seven months pregnant and responding to an online add. >> she came to this house to pick up baby clothes. >> the victim was take on the the local hospital the same hospital where the suspect arrived with a fetus, claiming she had miscarried. it didn't take long for doctors to put two and two together but the premature infant was already dead. most of the transitions go smoothly but earlier this year but earlier this year a suburban couple went to buy a car from
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craigs list. instead a south georgia man has been charnled with murder. 's a blew tall crime. >> the suspect accused in a string of shootings has an extensive criminal record and served time in prison. the 40-year-old was in court on thursday and faces multiple charges.
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>> the u.s. see receipt service chief was on capital hill thursday answering some tough questions abhis agency's recent misconduct. joe clancy told a senate panel that reports about towards wilson i-ledged drunken agents were exaggerated but calls the fact he didn't find out about the incident until nearly a week later unacceptable. if misconduct is found, those involved certainly will be punished. >> well we know los angeles is notoriousknownotorious for police chases but we promgs a police chase like no other.
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>> the eclipse like this one will be visible in less than two hours from now in europe and part os tf middle east. but we all know we're not
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supposed to look at it from our naked eye. it accompanies the arrival of spring and the super moon. the convergence of just two elements a solar eclipse and the ek kwi nox will not happen again until 2034. >> something we are probably not going to see ever again in our lifetime when all three of these events come together at the same time. the moon casting its shadow over
11:52 pm
northern and southern upand south africa. certain locations seeing 85 to 95% totality of coverage of that sun. unfortunately the i-beern peninsula not looking favorable.
11:53 pm
than. landfall occurring at about 4:00 a.m. local time.
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ess for spring.
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seat that was more than some could stand. >> look at this guy. look at this he is totally showing off. >> some thought the biker took a selfie but close off it looked like a rude gesture to pursuing police.
11:56 pm
weak. >> police had guns drawn has he lay spread eagled. the 23-year-old was arrested for felony evading. >> what do you mean you didn't endaing danger anybody? you were standing on your bike going 100 miles an hour. >> and he had the nerve to say did he seriously have to try to kick me off of my bike? it was a chase that had hearts pumping and all this woman wanted to pump was gas. >> look at this guy! look at this. >> where is the pothole when you need it. >> see you in a minute.
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k in tonesia. >> the governor of virginia is calling for an investigation after an african-american college student was bloodyied during an arrest. >> plus the u.s. says it's reassessing its relationship with israel