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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  March 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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they're not done yet. >> follow us and they could -- then they could just spread the love of god around the world. >> okay. >> a men. >> she wins. i'm going to do that. >> yes. >> giving us a great idea. i'll do that with my kids and spread the love as they say. >> thanks so much for watching. time now for "newsroom" with brianna keilar in for carol costello. >> i love that. spread the love. have a great weekend. "newsroom" starts right now. this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning, i'm brianna keilar in for carol costello. we begin with breaking news in yemen. 48 worshippers have been killed in three separate suicide bombings at mosques in the capital city of sanaa. let's get to cnn senior international correspondent nick paton walsh. give us the latest. >> a staggering death toll.
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three blasts very close to each other in terms of timing. two of them hitting key areas in sanaa, the yemeni capital. the albada mosque. al qaeda's practices across the region. suicide bombers entering each mosque targeting worshippers. a car bomb outsided outside of one and outside the other a suicide bomber exploded. the houthi group is the predominant target. they are predominantly shia and this is from the zaidi group. the death toll may be as high as 77 brianna, with potentially 200 injured. hospitals putting out an urgent appeal for blood on state tv. let me wind you back as to why this is such a significant attack. for months now there's been greater unrest than normal in the beleaguered country of
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yemen. the government pushed aside by this group known as the houthis who are predominantly shiias. they've swept away the current government. they put in their own not recognized by the west government of sorts, but we've seen violence escalate here, and what the fear is potentially today, that these mosques targeted are from that shia houthi grouping. potentially this may mark if it turns out al qaeda, predominantly sunni group claim responsibility for the attacks. this may mark a worrying escalation inside yemen at a time too, when the country is so close to collapse. it's barely got off the ground frankly, in terms of being a functioning state for years now. this is sectarian violence that's very troubling. we're hearing war planes above the presidential compound for the president who's still recognized in the west in the southern city of aden. so much violence on so many
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front here. but this staggering death toll of the two blasts in sanaa and one potentially lesser blast in the north of the country that happened an hour or so afterwards really causing deep fears of a further lurch towards sectarian conflict and even greater sense of collapse there, brianna. >> such a horrible scene there. nick paton walsh. just the start. isis claims the brutal attack. this morning we're finding out new details about some of the suspects. according to tunisia's security minister two individuals linked to the attack traveled to libya in december. they received weapons training. officials believed that both of these suspects were members of sleeper cells. authorities now believe the attackers intended to launch an even bigger attack than they did. two gunmen were actually laced with explosives but thanks to some fast acting security forces the attackers were unable to detonate them. so far nine people have been
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arrested four of those with direct links to wednesday's bloodshed. while the country continues to mourn, many in tunisia say they're unified when it comes to fighting terror. this is what it looked like in the capital city of tunis thursday as demonstrators gathered to mourn victims at the site of the attack. today a similar scene is expected as citizens gather to mark independence day. let's bring in cnn's phil black. he's on the ground in tunis. we're expecting more people to gather there, right phil? >> yeah brianna. we are seeing that. we're seeing big crowds here in the center of tunis today as the tunisian government reveals some more details that you've touched on about what they're learning about the buildup and the planning to this particular terror attack. it is the two gunmen specifically who carried out the attack that authorities believe
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received their training in libya before coming back crossing the border back recently to carry out the attack itself. it's a big concern, that particular scenario for the tunisian authorities, because libya is right next door it is falling apart, increasingly fracturing increasingly lawless and isis earlier -- isis groups close to isis are increasingly gaining a very strong foothold there as well. this as isis has claimed responsibility publicly for the attack and issued a pretty ominous warning about what tunisia can expect in the future. take a look. this is just the start says isis in an unverified audio message. the brutal militant group claiming responsibility for the deadliest attack on tourists in the middle east in over a decade. isis claiming the attack targeted crusaders and apostics. when gunmen opened fire inside a
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museum in tunisia's capital wednesday. the gunmen killing 23 people and injuring dozens more many international visitors. >> this is the latest example of extremist terror and we have to fight it with everything we have. >> nine people have already been arrested according to tunisian authorities. four directly linked to the attacks, the prime minister identified two suspects by name saying on french radio station rtl, one had been known to security services. the two gunmen killed recruited at a tunisian mosque and trained at a jihadist camp in libya. according to tunisian official who spoke to reuters. those attackers were carrying terrible explosives. tunisia's president told french broadcaster tfi their security forces worked quickly killing them before detonation. president obama called him thursday offering continued u.s. support in the investigation.
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>> you're going to see the low level attacks but high impact attacks. this will not be long before this comes to the united states because it is so easy for isis al qaeda, any other of these groups to do. >> reporter: so big crowds on the street today, brianna, not celebrating independence day but they say it is an act of defiance against the terror groups which they say pose a real threat to the continued existence of their country, brianna. >> phil black in tunis. thank you so much. let's dig deeper with cnn terrorism analyst paul cruickshank. you have isis claiming responsibility for this massacre. two of the attackers, they trained in libya. they received weapons training there. you know, what does this tell us other than we know that this is very much a threat the disaster really that is libya right now coming across the border? >> here's the most interesting thing. these two individuals linked to the attack they are trained in
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the benghazi area according to tunisian security officials. we know that isis is running training camps in those areas in the green mountains between derna and benghazi. it's quite possible that this terrorist cell linked up with isis in libya and then came back and launched this attack. isis have claimed responsibility. they have not offered any proof of this however, at this point, but quite possible that the training happened in libya. they're concerned about a lot of terrorist spillover from libya. isis is very much on the march in libya. they have a presence now in tripoli which is just 60 miles from the tunisian border. a lot of concern about all of this. >> okay. so then you also have authorities who think that these two -- two of these attackers, that they were activated by sleeper cells. do you -- is that how you read this? >> well if they came back in december they're hardly sleeper cells, that's just a few months ago. >> yeah.
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>> so it may be that they got training and then you know went into operation after just a few months. there seems to be some significant planning here. there was a lookout at the museum who alerted the gunmen when these buses were going to arrive so they could start attacking the buses that morning. so some organization here. this suggests a more kind of sophisticated attack perhaps linked to a more established terrorist outfit. isis isn't the only candidate here. there's also sharir in tunisia. they have 40,000 followers in the country. there's a north african al qaeda affiliate which has a presence in the mountainous region near the algerian border which has been the most active terror group. al qaeda in north africa also have a presence in libya. not impossible that they could have trained with another group, not isis, in libya. the investigations i think will uncover more as we move forward. >> let's talk about yemen now.
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we're having this breaking news today with these simultaneous or coordinated bomb attacks at mosques. 50 -- we're talking about 50 people dead at this point that we know of. this is a place has experienced some tremendous unrest lately. >> absolutely. in fact almost every single day al qaeda in yemen are attacking houthis in the central areas of yemen. they're spiraling sectarian violence. the houthis are sunni. the sunni tribes are very angry the houthis have taken over sanaa, the capital. that's driving them towards al qaeda. al qaeda are getting a lot more recruits they're expanding that presence in yemen. this is, of course the group in recent years that has been most active in plotting against the united states especially united states aviation. they're getting stronger and stronger. that's a very worrying sign indeed. >> it certainly is especially on the map when you see the
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march of this extremism. thank you so much. two officials tell cnn that the parties involved in discussions on iran's nuclear program are closer to a deal that would limit the country to 6,000 centrifuges. those are the machines that could be used to make anatomic bomb. and as discussions resume the president is appealing directly to the iranian people in this. it's a newly released message, and he says in it that a deal could transform the relationship between the two countries. >> nuclear deal now can help open the door to a brighter future for you, the iranian people. this is what's at stake today. this moment may not come again soon. i believe that our nations have an historic opportunity to resolve this issue peacefully an opportunity we should not miss. >> the deadline for a framework deal is march 31st. in mississippi, was it suicide or was it murder? the fbi has joined the investigation into the death of an african-american man. his body was found hanging from
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a tree in a wooded area of claiborne county that's near the louisiana state line. family members identify the man as 54-year-old otis byrd and the local naacp wants to -- chapter wants to know if he was the victim of the same racial hatred that haunted this region for decades. let's go now to cnn's ed lavandera in mississippi. he joins us with the latest. what are you learning ed? >> reporter: well investigators here in claiborne county mississippi, brianna, are still trying to figure out, as you say, whether or not the case of owe the at this time byrd is a case of murder or was it suicide. the sheriff here in claiborne county said bird's body was discovered in a wooded area. he described what investigators and search teams found when they arrived on the scene yesterday. >> a wooded area about a quarter mile down in the woods. it was near an area where
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someone had been. we got down there and see a man had a rope tied around his neck. >> reporter: brianna, he was found about 500 yards away in a wooded area from where he lives here in claiborne county. now otis byrd 54 years old, was last seen on march 2nd. family members reported him officially missing on march 8th. so it's been about 2 1/2 weeks and obviously the time line he was last seen going into a casino in vicksburg, mississippi. that's a 45 minute ride from fort gibson mississippi, on the western side of the state of mississippi. we spoke with a family member of otis byrd who said he was acting fine. there was nothing out of the ordinary. nothing that they could pin point that he had been going to church, working his job and that sort of thing so everything seemed fine. otis byrd was convicted of murder back in 1980. he served 26 years in prison for
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that offense. he was paroled back in 2006 so all of these elements playing into this investigation as investigators here in claiborne county mississippi, try to figure out whether owed tis byrdtis byrd was murdered or committed suicide. still to come the images spectacular this morning. a total eclipse seen by millions around the world. why this is just part of a cosmic triple play that we'll be seeing today.
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consider today the super bowl of science. the sun vanishing in the sky as a total solar eclipse cast
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shadows around the world this morning. one of the best views happened in london. this is a time lapse taken during the two-hour solar event. it's going to be another 75 years until this happens again in the u.k. but the eclipse is just one part of what's really a cosmic trifecta. today also sees a super moon and you have the spring equinox. chad myers, you're in atlanta. are you totally geeking out today? >> today is a geek day. it truly is. the moon got in the way of the sun. it is a super moon so we had a complete total eclipse, not just the one where you see part of the ring around the sun still there. it was completely gone in denmark, finland, up towards iceland. we didn't see it here in the u.s. because the sun was already -- it was gone. the moon had already moved away from the sun by the time our sun rose so it happened over in europe but it was a complete dark umbral shadow as we call it with a complete full total
6:19 am
eclipse. now the super moon. the moon is not always the same distance from the earth. it moves back and forth. right now we're close to this paragy. we're the closest we'll get to the moon. later on it will be a smaller moon. all of this happened at the same time plus we get the equinox today from where we were last year in solstice. now we're to the equinox. i've heard everybody say today is the first day of spring. technically tonight is the first evening of spring because we don't get there until 6:45. >> got it. >> it's not daytime, it will be the first evening. tomorrow will be the first full day of spring. 12 hours of daylight 12 hours of night. most people won't see much daylight today. look at philadelphia. here's what the radar looks like. here's what the pictures look like right now. snow moving into new york city. snow is already into philly. we've had snow into parts of maryland northern virginia. little bit of snow coming down into d.c. mixing with rainfall.
6:20 am
there could be 3 to 5 inches of snow in places across parts of the northeast. i know it's a spring-type snow. we're hoping at least in some spots that the snow is over by 6:45. so it's not snowing in spring. i think it's going to happen for new york. i think long island is still going to be snowing even though the clock says spring. >> i'm so over winter. just winter get out of here. just go. i think i'm going to use penumbral shadow. i'm going to throw that around today like i know what i'm talking about. that penumbral shadow. chad myers, thank you for teaching us that. still to come president obama calls israel's newly re-elected leader. congratulations. some words of caution there. we'll break down that warning for benjamin netanyahu ahead.
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this just in to cnn. some big developments when it comes to the iran nuclear talks. let's get now to nic robertson in switzerland to catch us up. this is pretty significant. tell us what's going on nic. >> reporter: it certainly is. secretary kerry has just told us in the last couple of minutes that the talks are going into recess. he says it will be back next week. he didn't give a specific reason but certainly from following events very closely here over the past few days even today, we can see there are a number of growing reasons. one is that they have made some progress but issues still remain. president obama reached out to the iranian people you know saying that this was a time for -- you know for their
6:25 am
leaders to choose. this was an important moment. this was part of a new year's message. it is iranian new year on saturday so there was always the expectation that the iranian delegation might leave the weekend because of the iranian new year. that secretary kerry might leave because he would have to meet as expected expected as planned with the afghan president. that has been in the air as well. when you add to that also and you understand better where the negotiations are, the response by the foreign minister here zarif, to president obama's message, his message back tweeting was this is time for the united states to choose pressure or agreement, the united states needs to back off the pressure if there's going to be an agreement. there's a real and continues to be a real tension and that some key compromises haven't been made. what perhaps finally pushed
6:26 am
these talks into recess today, this morning the news that president rohani his mother died. his brother on the negotiating team. he has gone back to iran. perhaps because of the death of the president's mother the whole iranian negotiating team would leave and go back to iran. so there's always different factors and influences on it but the bottom line is the talks have made some progress but not enough. i think everyone from the state department has been hoping more progress would be made by now. >> yeah. there's not much time left with this march 31st deadline for a framework. the clock is really ticking there. nic robertson in switzerland for us. thank you. add another irritant to that tension between the white house and israel's new re-elected prime minister just a couple weeks after house speaker john boehner invited benjamin netanyahu to address congress we're learning that the republican leader will now visit
6:27 am
israel. boehner's trip will take place in the next two weeks, just days after netanyahu's surprisingly strong win. newspapers in the middle east predict that boehner will receive red carpet treatment and one paper said the trip amounts to a victory celebration. after waiting two days president obama makes a congratulatory call to netanyahu but the message maybe after two days you're not surprised. it's lukewarm at best. the president is warning that the u.s. will reassess some of its relationship with israel after netanyahu rebuffed a long standing agreement on creating a palestinian state. netanyahu, by the way, later backed off on that statement that further strains u.s./israel ties. cnn's michelle kaczynski is at the white house. she joins us with the latest on this. there's certainly some tension here
6:28 am
here here. >> reporter: i don't think lukewarm is the term. it has been stunning to hear this level of criticism here. there would never be a two-state solution with the palestinians while he is prime minister that his supporters should mobilize base arabs were heading to the polls in droves. the white house has called this now cynical, divisive saying that it erodes the foundation of the relationship between the u.s. and israel that it erodes the shared values between the two countries. so even though netanyahu has now tried -- it seems like he's working overtime to walk back virtually everything he said saying no no no, i didn't mean it that way. i do support a two-state solution ultimately the white house just isn't buying it. the president obama absolutely raised these issues in that call. the press secretary mentioned no
6:29 am
fewer than 19 times in the same press conference that the u.s. is now re-evaluating its position. >> now the prime minister of israel says earlier this week days before an election that this is a principle that he no longer subscribes to and that his nation no longer subscribes to. that means the united states needs to rethink our approach that this -- that steps that -- that this principle has been the foundation of a number of policy decisions that have been made here and now that that foundation has been eroded it means that our policy decisions need to be reconsidered. >> reporter: the white house made it very clear, too, that that re-evaluation includes the white house's stance to stand up back israel at the u.n. brianna. >> certainly does. and a beautiful scene behind you, i just have to say, michelle kaczynski.
6:30 am
>> reporter: snowy. >> thank you so much for your report there at the white house. tensions very high as you can see. we have the opening bell in just moments. markets are looking to brighten today after thursday's losses. the dow dropping 117 points and maybe diamonds aren't an investors best friend. tiffany reporting falling sales in almost all of its markets. alisyn kosik is at the new york stock exchange. explain that one to us alisyn. >> good morning brianna. sales were hurt by weak demand. also the stronger dollar -- by the way, the stronger dollar is part of the reason you're seeing this volatility lately in the stock market. just in the past couple of days you have seen the dow make triple digit moves in opposite directions and now as the opening bell has just rung we are seeing the dow back in positive territory. what companies, especially multi-national companies are worried about when it comes to the stronger dollar what
6:31 am
they're worried about is any revenue coming from overseas when it's translated back into american dollars it could look weak. hey, if you're going on that european vacation you're an american you get more bang for your buck. brianna. >> i know i'm certainly considering going on some of these trips that i've been putting off for a while, for sure alison. >> good idea. >> yeah. tell us a little bit about what's going on with the shakeups involving hbo and sony. what's up there? >> so the sort of back room deals look like they could wind up revolutionizing the way we get streaming video. that's if it happens. that's actually a big if because according to ""the wall street journal"" hbo and sony which are coming out with new streaming services along with show time are talking with big cable providers to try to get their own lane to stream their services. basically i don't know if you have any of these services but when you upload them sometimes it can be slow. you get that wheel of zet showing buffering and you just
6:32 am
want to kind of throw the computer through the window. the point is if you're watching "game of thrones" you can upload it and go ahead and watch it without any hiccups in it. so by asking for this extra fast lane though it's questionable with all of these net neutrality rules whether or not it's legal. so there are a lot of complicated factors in this but it looks like it is a part of discussion. >> that's interesting. you can rewind or fast forward using those services but you don't really want to. it's so annoying sometimes. alison kosik thanks so much. still to come the fbi wants police to take a look at their cold case files to see if accused killer -- accused killer and millionaire heir robert durst could be connected to them. why they say the fbi must be desperate.
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in the right hands, an imatch quick-hitch could probably cure most of the world's problems. that's how we run, and nothing runs like a deere. see your john deere dealer for great deere season savings on the one family subcompact tractors. attacks happened in two different mosques in sanaa. at least 77 people were killed. religious leaders are among the victims. ferguson mayor james knowles is not backing down. he says he has no plans to resign and he's committed to the job that he was elected for. this vow coming just a little more than a week after both the city's manager and police chief
6:37 am
stepped down. this follows a searing report that found rampant racism. 30 people are dead from a train derailment. these are pictures from the scene that showed a chaotic crowd as they pulled passengers from the car. the train jumped the track after it overshot a stop. the attorney for real estate heir and accused killer robert durst is firing back at authorities. if the fbi is trying to link his client to other cold cases then they must not have much on him to begin with. this after the feds are investigating whether durst could be connected to unsolved murders in several states. they're also looking into his potential involvement in the case of a missing california teen. cnn's dan simon has more. >> reporter: as louisiana authorities have robert durst on a suicide watch, the fbi is putting out a call at local
6:38 am
police departments to examine cold cases where durst lived over the past 50 years. the wely real estate heir has a reported net worth of $100 million and lived and owned properties in several states including new york vermont, texas, and california. >> we are certainly interested in any information that may or may not come out of interviews with mr. durst. if information comes to us that allows us to further our investigation, we will certainly take the opportunity to do that. >> reporter: one case that has peeked interest is in a small northern california town of eureka. karen mitchell was on her way to work at a day care center. she was seen leaning into a light blue car that she may have gotten into. the witness gave police a description of the man behind the wheel. the sketch bearing a striking resemblance to robert durst. >> durst apparently knew karen mitchell. karen had volunteered at a homeless center in eureka which
6:39 am
durst had frequented which he had a habit of doing in these cities. in addition mitchell's aunt ran a shoe store in a mall in eureka. durst had goonne there several times, one time dressed as a woman. >> "a deadly secret" chronicling robert durst was found in his home. he checked into a hotel using a fake name court documents reveal he had more than 40,000 in cash mostly in $100 bills, a rubber or latex mask to disguise identity some marijuana, and a loaded wesson .38 revolver. a law enforcement officer telling cnn that he appeared to be on the lamb. he was arrested in new orleans on saturday and charged with the 2000 murder of susan berman his friend and spokesperson. she was killed before new york investigators were to question her about the disappearance of durst's first wife. the arrest came before the final
6:40 am
installment of hbo's final documentary of his life while he made this alleged confession talking to himself in the bathroom. >> killed them all, of course. >> reporter: durst's attorney says not to read too much into those comments and durst himself has long denied any involvement in berman's death and his wife's disappearance. >> i was chilled and actually vindicated but vild by the open and unsolicited admission of guilt. >> reporter: that's jim mcormack, the brother of durst's first wife kathie who says he hopes he'll confess to killing her and others. >> i'm hopeful he'll man up tell his lawyers to bug off and he wants to have this thing over put behind him. >> reporter: dan simon, cnn, san francisco. robert durst is not expected to be extradited to los angeles on a murder charge until next week at the earliest. he's facing a hearing on monday
6:41 am
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this is cnn breaking news. all right. we have some breaking news. the fbi and federal prosecutors in illinois are investigating whether congressman aaron schock broke the law in accounting for campaign expenses. this is according to people who are familiar with the matter. let's bring in cnn justice reporter evan perez on this. evan congressman schock had studies -- he's resigning. he will be gone from congress very soon but this may have eliminated some ethics issues
6:45 am
for him in congress but there was still this outstanding issue of criminal -- possible criminal issue. and here we go. we have a little bit of an answer that they're looking into this. >> reporter: right, brianna. this means that his legal problems are just beginning, even as he makes his way out of congress. we are told that the fbi and prosecutors in springfield, illinois which is his home district are now looking into these allegations that he misused his campaign funds or improperly accounted for donor contributions and other in kind contributions that he has filed with -- you know with the federal campaign records. this is something that's still in an early stage. the first subpoenas have just now gone out and so now prosecutors and the fbi are going to start digging in to something that journalists here in washington have already done a lot of work on. this is something political and
6:46 am
other newspapers have published a lot of stories on in recent days including whether or not aaron schock representative aaron schock improperly accounted for the reimbursements for the use of his personal car by his campaign. that's something that politico wrote about a couple of days ago right before the congressman announced his resignation. >> is that one of the things they're looking into? this was one of the most fascinating issues he was facing with the mileage reimbursement. he accounted for it it appeared and got mileage reimbursement for i think it was like 100 -- almost 200,000 miles. >> 200,000, correct. >> then he turns the car over and the odometer reads like 80,000 miles. >> reporter: right. >> clearly the math isn't adding up. he's gotten reimbursement for that. go on. >> reporter: we expect that's among the things prosecutors are interested in finding more about, and obviously there's how the story all began, which is a
6:47 am
reporter wanted to do a profile on the congressman and found that he had this very elaborate -- elaborately designed congressional office done in the style of "downton "downton abbey." if you remember this is how this whole controversy began. here we are. in addition to that there have been stories of whether he accounted for contributions from donors in kind contributions, whether he used his campaign funds to take staffers to concerts and so on. >> katy perry concert. let's be clear. >> reporter: yeah. so those are the things that the prosecutors and the fbi are now going to be looking at brianna. we expect the story to keep going. >> it's a very interesting story. evan perez, thanks so much for filling us in. while isis inches closer to europe with the recent attacks in tunisia, americans say they're increasingly fearful of this group at home. there's a new cnn orc poll that
6:48 am
say they see isis as a serious threat to the u.s. this is a number that's been steadily rising. let's discuss this with john avlon and democratic strategist and former communications director for the democratic national committee, karen finney. john i want both of you to jump in on this we're looking right now, everyone's looking towards 2016. normally you don't have i guess, americans you would say no one votes on foreign policy but at the same time you're looking at these numbers. americans are so fearful. do you think that this is going to play into the next election john? >> i do and i think it may already have started. first of all, in the wake of 9/11 it's important to remember that terrorism is one bad day away from being the number one issue in america, but as we see isis spread and abundant evidence of the evil that they represent, the lack of respect for anything resembling human
6:49 am
life it raises the stakes in terms of foreign policy chops. for example, rand paul who had been at the top of the gop consideration set and still is doing well in some polls, a noninterventionist foreign policy article of faith that many libertarians hold may not square well with the topography of the challenges in the world today. that could have an effect on who ridess to the rises to the top. it could have a positive effect for hillary clinton. >> that's music to your ears karen. how do you see this playing? >> obviously it's a fluid situation. we started to see american's concerns rising about the time we saw the video of the beheadings. it was very interesting before the 2014 mid terms, people didn't know who was running for congress in their state or for senator but they knew isis. that said to me that people were very much paying attention. isis has been masterful, i hate to say it admit that but in the way that they have gotten
6:50 am
publicity, in the way they have demonstrated their willingness to commit evil acts. i think the fact that we're also hearing increasingly about terror cells, we're hearing about this people do have a much more acute awareness of it. i do think it will play a role in 2016. it gives secretary clinton anning anan advantage because she has experience with this. as people's concerns are rising will tolerance for an increased level of american engagement also rise? i think that's really going to be the question. >> that's a big question. instead of looking to 2016 we can look at that right now when you have tourists being targeted in tunisia, for instance. this is where americans are realizing what if this would happen in the u.s.? when you look at congress right now really split on how to deal with isis how much authority to give the president, for how long
6:51 am
to give him this authority, how do you think -- does this push americans towards wanting more engagement? >> i think it will underscore that engagement with the world is nonoptional for the united states. we're always safer when we engage. the sentiment that exists on the far right and far left is living in a fantasy world. the inaction you see in congress the impulse to being much more comfortable pointing fingers particularly at the president rather than getting behind any kind of coherent strategy that's troubling. you're also seeing it on the campaign trail where presidential candidates are really just waffling. i might be in favor of boots on the ground. i might not. it really depends. that's not what we need in a serious debate about an emerging problem in the world. >> do you see americans being more in favor of boots on the ground something that really
6:52 am
seems to be mg they said nosomething they said no to recently. >> there are other ways for our engagement in terms of increasing the amount of weapons that we're providing and increasing air strikes. there are a host of options. so i agree. the number one thing that congress could do probably to start to ease people's concerns would be to go ahead and give the president the authority he needs to move forward. i also think just in the context of 2016 the fact that these guys are waffling hurts them because people want to hear what's your plan? and certainly for jeb bush one of the concerns will be and this is true for all of them who are your advisers on these issues and are they people that we trust? again, people are going to evaluate what's the plan and what will the level of american engagement have to be in order to execute that plan. >> all great questions. guys thanks so much. have a great weekend. still to come with russia's
6:53 am
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financial noise financial noise financial noise financial noise could there be new signs of a warmer friendship between north korea and russia? a russian official says kim jong-un is expected to attend world war ii anniversary celebrations in moscow and it
6:57 am
seems that north korea has accepted russia's invitation though there's still no official announcement from announcement about the trip. we hear about this trip. how do we interpret this? >> reporter: vladimir putin you have to remember has been isolated by the west in many ways. he's facing international sanctions from the united states from the european union as well. he's been forced to look elsewhere for friendship and for alliances. he has a growing strategic partnership with china. countries in south america as well. now it seems he could be standing shoulder to shoulder with kim jong-un. the first visit by theeerk by the north korean leader. it comes at a time when both countries are looking to deepen
6:58 am
their ties. facing a backlash from the west russia is looking east. president vladimir putin inviting north korean leader kim jong-un to moscow to attend upcoming world war ii anniversary celebrations. north korea's supreme leader is expected to attend but so far no formal confirmation from pyongyang. >> you've seen the russians talking about this asian alternative including outreach to china but other countries in asia to try to portray mr. putin as not isolated which in fact is the case. >> reporter: the kremlin says 68 world leaders were invited to victory day celebrations on may 9th but some leaders including president obama have declined. relations with the west are strained following russia's annexation of crimea from ukraine but recently moscow and pyongyang have been fostering
6:59 am
warmer relations. the two countries even declared 2015 their year of friendship. if kim attends, it would be his first official trip outside north korea since inheriting the leadership in late 2011. >> if he's able to go to meet putin in moscow or elsewhere in russia this would appear to be a sign that he's completely consolidated control and he's confident enough to leave the nest and go do statesmanlike things around the world. >> reporter: putin continues to flex russian military muscles. 80,000 troops have been placed on full combat alert. nato jets intercepted a number of russian military aircraft as they further rattled nerves among russia's neighbors. that blossoming relationship with north korea is becoming yet
7:00 am
another cause for international concern. back to you. >> it certainly is. matthew chance in moscow for us. thank you. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" begins right now. good morning. i'm brianna keilar sitting in for carol costello. we're starting this hour with breaking news out of yemen. at least 77 people are dead. this happening in multiple suicide attacks at mosques across the capital city of sanaa. local medics say at least 200 people are injured. some of them very seriously. senior international correspondent nick paton walsh is following this story from beirut. >> reporter: a staggering death toll as a series of explosions hit sanaa during the busy time of friday prayer in some key mosques. these mosques were majority there of people


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