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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  March 22, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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okay. [ male announcer ] introducing xfinity my account. available on any device. new video shows the moment blasts went off inside a mosque in yemen. as the u.s. begins evacuating military personnel there on the ground. and we'll meet some members of iraq's christian minority who are ready to leave. and finally, tourists spying in order for greece to collect taxes? i'm isa suarez and you are watching "cnn newsroom".."
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now the oounts has pulled its forces out of yemen. on friday two suicide bombings in the capital killed more than 137 people. isis as we've told you, has claimed responsibility for that attack. the attacks prompted thousands of demonstrators to protest against the sunni and shia militias that are fighting each other and pushing the country into chaos. jomana karadsheh puts everything into perspective for us. >> reporter: sources familiar with the situation tell us that the decision to evacuate the special forces by the u.s. is not because of a specific threat but rather because of the deteriorating overall security situation in the country. last month we saw the u.s. embassy there shut down and staff pulled out because of the worsening political crisis and the unrest. there has been a lot of concern about the impact of a reduced or
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nonexistent u.s. presence in yemen on the counter terrorism operations there. the country is a main base for one of al qaeda's most powerful franchises al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, aqap. now with no real government in charge of the country after the houthi shia rebels pushed the president out of power in sanaa. the u.s. lost its ally in the war on terror there. it's this kind of political instability and the security vacuum that is something we have seen extremist groups exploit so much whether it is in yemen or elsewhere. now like we're seeing happening in libya or here in iraq for example. while aqap might be consolidate consolidating its presence in the country, there are concerns about a new player emerging
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there with isis reportedly claiming responsibility for the devastating attacks on the mosques frequented by the houthis on frooit making this the first may john attack in yemen to be carried out or at least in this case claimed by isis. while we cannot verify the authenticity of that claim, the concerns and fears are real about isis expanding into yemen, expanding its presence and attack noose that country and also the possibility of trying to spark a sectarian war in that country, something similar to what we have seen in iraq and in syria, possibly beginning a new dark chapter for that country. jer mauomana karadsheh, cnn, baghdad. the u.n. security council plans to hold an emergency meeting. it is set to begin about ten hours from now. and there is newly uncovered
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footage of the latest suicide attack in yemen. you're looking at one of the bombing suspects making his way into a mosque on crutches. he apparently hid explosives in his leg cast. in another moment you can hear the bomb go off. [ explosion ] [ moaning ] >> the blast on friday started inside two shiite mosques and were followed by explosions outside as people tried to flee. we turn to our journalist from sanaa. i'm seeing reports coming out of yemen that shia rebels have seized yemen's third largest city and they are controlling the airport. what do you know this hour? >> reporter: this is a houthi
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march in an attempt to surround aden where the president is located. as of now, all the air strikes have been from sanaa. and sanaa takes 35 minutes for aircraft to reach aden. it only takes five minutes for an aircraft to attack aden. so as of now we expect many new attacks from aden from taez because it's very close. and probably the most important case that links it to aden. so this is a clear escalation that the houthis are very serious about getting rid of the president in aden. >> why taez? why is it so important, and the airport of course. >> reporter: it is the most strategic province in yemen.
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it's also very anti-houthi. it's also very close to aden. it's the closest city to aden. and if you control taez you can enter aden infiltrating aden within minutes. especially if you want to conduct air strikes. air strikes will only take minutes. right now all the troops and the houthi forces that are in tachltez will surround the president. the real clashes will be later tonight or tomorrow morning. >> and we were reported just now the u.n. security council is expected to meet later today to hold an emergency meeting to talk about yemen. this was requested by the president. what do you think can be realistically achieved here? >> reporter: to be honest nothing. the u.n. security council has done nothing.
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only get worse over the last couple months. the president was house arrested attacked. his own residence was attacked. he was arrested by the houthis. the government prime minister was also attacked and almost assassinated and the u.n. did nothing. the houthis know that the u.n.s will continue to give threats. they know that it's an institution that cannot react very quickly. and that is why the houthis are using the lack of quickness of the u.n. in their favor and gradually controlling yemen one step at a time when it will be too late for the u.n. security council to get here. >> thank you very much. let's turn our attention now to 33 people injured in the tunisian attack are out of the hospital. this surveillance video has been
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released from inside the museum. authorities have arrested 0 militants since the attack. ten of them are believed to be direct directly involved and isis is claiming responsibility. a woman was beaten and set on fire. a large group of afghan women carried the coffin on their shoulders. she was burned. police have arrested 11 people in connection. now talks of iran's nuclear program are set to resume next week in switzerland. john kerry met with his counterparts in london on saturday. he said quote, substantial progress had been made but that important gaps remain. we have more on issues that still need to be resolved. >> we recognize that fundamental decisions have to be made now. and they don't get any easier as
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time goes by. it is time to make hard decisions. >> reporter: with the u.s. and iran planning on resuming negotiations next week john kerry says they have made progress as they plan to put the finishing touches on a potential nuclear deal. >> in the days ahead, we will stay at this. we have not yet reached the finish line. but make no mistake, we have the opportunity to try to get this right. it's a matter of political will. >> reporter: with the deadline just ten days away iran's foreign minister assessed that progress. >> it is possible anytime. it determines on the political will to reach one. >> reporter: he warned on twitter it's time for the u.s. and its allies to give a little to get a deal done. major differences remain. in a last ditch effort president obama made his own appeal to the iranian people warning no deal would make their conditions under wherein
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sanctions even worse. >> iran's leaders have a choice between two paths. if they cannot agree do a reasonable deal they will keep its country isolated from so much of the world, cause so much hardship for iranian families. >> reporter: the allies and ooirp are still working on such issues as how long a deal would last. a system for verifying iran is complying with the measures put in place and not secretly developing a nuclear weapon and when those tough sanctions against them would end. >> the president believes, and i think with some justification, that we need to see the iranians demonstrate some sustained commitment to implementing the agreement before we talk about removing all the sanctions. >> reporter: the white house did get one thing it's been hoping for, senate republicans delayed a vote until mid april on a
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measure that would require congressional approval on anything president obama does that delays that until after a deal can be reached on march 31. aaron mcpike, cnn. u.s. president obama told the huffington post he doesn't buy mr. netanyahu's recent comments about faith and statehood. he had declared a two-state solution wouldn't help during his time in office. >> i did indicate to him that we continue to believe that a two-state solution is the only way for a long-term security of israel if it wants to stay both a jewish state and democratic. and i indicated to him that given his statements prior to the election it is going to be hard to find a path where people
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are seriously believing that negotiations are possible. >> these are the u.s. president's first public comments since netanyahu captured the have icvictory in tuesday's election. deployment of missile defense system was done because the conflict in ukraine could create instability in poland. the arrival comes on the heels of unconfirmed russian media reports that russia deployed missiles near poland. a man rushes security request homemade explosives. plus, isis' takeover in parts of iraq forces families from their homes.
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>> reporter: it was a chaotic scene at the new orleans international airport where a man identified by law enforcement as richard white first attacked security agents with wasp spray, then pulled a machete from his waist band and started to chase a security agent. another agent threw a piece of luggage at him to try to slow him down. he was shot by a deputy. one of the bullets grazed one of the agent's arms but was not serious. the man died before police had a chance to interrogate him. >> i have to say the officer is my hero. she saved my life. the man was inches away from whacking me with a machete. she saved my life and probably a lot of others not to mention a lot of injuries. >> reporter: the sheriff also
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revealed new details. >> he had a bag in his hand. and we didn't know that at first. all of the witnesses never noticed a bag. what the bag revealed was six half-paint mason jars with cloth wicks into a liquid that we now know to be gasoline. which you would commonly refer to as a mallolotov cocktail. he had a letter opener plastic. >> reporter: an indication that the attack was planned and dhee have created much greater damage. it spent workers scrambling for cover and caused the airport to be shut down briefly. police were digging in trying to find out what sent richard white on this rampage. shasta darlington cnn, new york.
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>> now investigators say a hot plate ignited a house fire that took the life of seven siblings in brooklyn new york. they were using a hot plate to keep food warm during the saturday sabbath. the four girls and three boys ranged in age from 5 to 16. the children's mother and a 14 year old daughter remained to escape and remain hospitalized. there were no smoke detectors located in the first or second floors of the house. we could find out monday whether robert durst will be extradited to california to face murder charges. that's when he has a bail hearing in louisiana for gun and possession charges in that state. he is accused of murdering his long-time confidante. >> reporter: robert durst sits behind bars this weekend at the hunt correctional facility. he's in their mental facility there.
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and his attorney tells me it is not because he's a suicide risk. he is not. he does say he has a medical condition that he needs to be in a hospital setting, but it's because of what we heard in open court that recently he had neurosurgery or brain surgery because of a condition called hydrocephalus. now attorney dick degaren tells me that they inserted a shouldn't like a tube. and when necessary for fluid drainage. attorney dick degaren tell meegs in recent years that his client had cancer of the esauf gus and rurgery of his neck. they are searching cases in areas around where durst lived. and murders that are yet
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unsolved. the one that all eyes are focussed on at this time is a woman by the name of karen mitchell who went missing in 1997 when she was 16 years old. there was a sketch artist that actually did a rendering of what a witness said was the last person who was seen with her. as you can see, a striking resemblance to robert durst. in looking through property records, however, what i see is that although he purchased property in that area it wasn't until two years later. the defense response to all that is that law enforcement is trying to pin something on their client because they just don't have a case in los angeles. and that is the issue on monday. it is a bail hearing in louisiana for local state charges. but the big question after that hearing will robert durst then be extradited here to los angeles to face first degree murder charges. jean casarez, cnn, los angeles. are you watching cnn news, and we'll have more stories for
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as you know sometimes mother nature puts on a really good show. take a look at this magnificent double rainbow now over scenic arizona's skyline. this photo was taken on a sunny
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rainstorm on the first day of spring. beautiful. millions of visitors travel here every year to see some of the most diverse scenery in the area. the cold weather is here for the first day of spring in parts of the world. from where we are it looks really pretty. not if you're in new york. >> not in new york. but that photo from phoenix was fantastic. just a little side note that the rain falling through that rainbow on the image you saw a moment ago, before it evaporates it's called virga. they've had unfortunately frozen precipitation. if are you traveling to the big apple, boston all the waypoint points east wart even detroit,
2:25 am
10 to 15 degrees below normal. we should see temperatures above average by wednesday and thursday but another shot of cold air expected by friday and saturday. elsewhere across the united states very wet for the pacific northwest and wet across the southeast, which isn't the best news for myself i'm getting out of work in about an hour and about to run a marathon in atlanta, georgia. very heavy rainfall moving through mississippi, alabama and northern georgia. we have roughly 2 to 4 inches of rainfall expected across the gulf coast states upwards of 50 to 60 millimeters of rainfall. just a heads up, we have a chance of severe weather this tuesday, we're looking for the possibility of damaging winds and large hail. i want to show you something interesting from nasa. it's no mystery that both caps north and south poles have ice covering them. it's just that nasa has released
2:26 am
this information saying that the arctic sea ice has reached its smallest maximum extent the earl yerse earlyest point in the winter. and that is significant, because it's starting to impact some of the natural habitats for like polar bears and walruses rely on for breeding purposes. you can see from last year's maximum extent of ice, here's the aleutian islands. and that shading of yellow is where the ice was last year at this time. can you see the difference chaired to this year. so something we're going to be monitoring going forward. just a brief sign there of global climate change and global warming as well. isa? >> you're running a marathon after doing this shift, is that
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right? >> running a marathon after i do this shift. >> and what time are you hoping for? >> four and a half hours. i'll be happy to finish. >> that will be great. >> you want to join me? >> especially after a night shift. i'll pause. the best of luck. >> thank you. now the president of sierra leone is calling for a lockdown to combat ebola. it asks that residents remain indoors until march 29 and saturdays in april. take a look at this. the covered lines show the number of new cases since last march. sierra leone, the green line peaked in the first week of december at 569 new cases. it has dropped most weeks since then.
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you are watching "cnn newsroom." i'm isa suarez. let me bring you up to date on the top stories. the violence continues in yemen.
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shiite forces have captured the town of taez. the 33 people injured in the bardo museum attack have been released from hospital. this is video from inside the museum. reuters is reporting that ten people involved in the attack are now arrested. a man who attacked a new orleans airport with a machete has died. he reportedly had gas, molotov cocktails in his car. isis is gaining influence in afghan. take a look at what the president said to say.
2:32 am
>> the daesh characteristic is that it's a man-eater. it swallows its competitors. the national army is one example. it swallowed the police. so here it's not the physical presence of people from syria and iraq. it's the network effect. >> the president is planning to leave for united states. isis has torn apart communities and families, including a christian minority. some live in an abandoned school. we'll get to that in just a minute but we are learning that isis has destroyed buildings at a christian monastery in mosul.
2:33 am
a what can you tell us about this? >> reporter: these are recent images that isis is releasing. it's unclear when this incident took place. they're showing a monastery there in northern iraq that they blew up. and this is coming in at the same time that we've seen pictures also released in the past week of them vandalizing a number of churches and really defacing these churches in the northern city of mosul. and it's really a continuation of what we have seen isis doing in this country since it took hold in northern iraq and gained territory there. trying not only to drive christians out of the areas that they control but also to wipe every trace of the christian identity in this part of the world that has existed here for centuries. of course and isa for years now, we have been reporting on the persecution of minorities in iraq especially the christians
2:34 am
for years coming under attack by al qaeda here and now isis. thousands have fled the northern part of the country in the past year. we met some of those christians here in baghdad. this 27 year old says she's surviving, but she can hardly call this a life. remembering the life she once had, she breaks down. >> it was beautiful, she says. but for now this is home for her and more than 50 other family driven out of their city of mosul by isis last year. they found sanctuary here in this abandoned school in baghdad. with support from the church and aid groups they're getting by. everyone in the small community has a story of loss and suffering. but most are too scared to speak. iraq's christian community was
2:35 am
estimated at a million has dwindled to more than a third of that. for years they've been the target of extremist groups. many of those who defied the threats and stayed say they no longer can. my message to the pope is we are worthless in this country. goat us out of here. save us from this country. we don't belong here any normore she says. these photos were released on monday vandalizing a church. taking down a cross and replacing it with the black flag of terror. she is emotional looking at the photos. this is the monastery we liked and visited she says. why are they doing this to the churches? may god punish these evil monsters. others like this father says isis has done worse. >> i feel very bad, but it's not like i saw our families leaving
2:36 am
their properties and homes. there is more than seeing these churches falling and destroying our history. we can rebuild the history, but it's very difficult to rebuild the human. >> reporter: forcing christians out of their homes was not enough. isis seems determined to wipe every trace of christianity of the land it now rules. >> if isis continues, i think this is the last chapter of the book of christianity or minorities living in iraq or the middle east. >> reporter: the christian identity under threat in the middle east, the land where it was born more than 2,000 years ago. and, isa, these are some of the stories of christians who have been forced out of their homes. we have spoken to so many christians here in baghdad or others who have found sanctuary in neighboring countries. they all say the same they feel
2:37 am
they are the lucky ones, that they were able to leave after isis took over territory that once was their home and gave them an ultimatum to either leave, convert or face death. so they do still feel that they're lucky to have the chance to be alive. and speaking to priests here in iraq they say that they're finding it very difficult right now to convince the christians who remain the very few who still remain in this country to not leave and almost everyone that we have spoken to want one thing. they want to get out of this of iraq. and many say even out of the region where they feel that they do not belong anymore, isa. >> and jerhow are they reacting to isis's rampage now that we see them strengthening their stronghold. where are they going to go? >> reporter: well the people that we have spoken to isa,
2:38 am
whether here or a few months ago we actually visited churches in jordan one of the very few safe countries in the region that has opened its doors to refugees whether from iraq or syria, many of them also to christians. we went into churches there where they've opened their doors, and they found sanctuary, even in those churches. and people are telling us they want to get out of the region. they want to go to the united states to europe. but this is a process that takes time. many of them have applied for asylum. and really it is something that can take years for them to do so. so they stay in this limbo until then. but at least the ones that we spoke to outside iraq still feel safe. others here would tell you yes, they've escaped isis in northern iraq but they're not completely safe here. we're talking about the relative safety of an abandoned school for example. as with everything in iraq it is
2:39 am
relative. and the situation can change at any point. christians in the past here have been targeted not only in church. they were followed to their homes a few years ago with bombs detonating outside their homes. so they're still living in fear until they move and leave the country, and those who do not have money to do so, do not have the means to go to these neighboring countries for asylum are stuck here facing this really dangerous situation. >> these are families with children as well. it must be devastating waking up every morning deciding thinking about what to do how to protect yourself. jomana karadsheh for us. thank you. let's turn our attention to libya where rivals are battling for control. a senior commander was killed. libya says it launched the air strikes to liberate tripoli.
2:40 am
u.n. led talks to end the violence are under way. monica lewinsky is back and she's not afraid to talk about her affair with former president bill clinton. she addressed cyber bullying in a recent talk. it's causing anxiety for some fans of hillary clinton. >> reporter: far from the hounded 20-something who became infamous for her involvement with former president clinton, monday skaica lewinski appears as calm composed 40 year old. >> any one who is suffering from shame and public humiliation needs to know one thing. you can survive it. i know it's hard. it may not be painless quick or easy. but you can insist on a different ending to your story. >> reporter: for more than a
2:41 am
decade lewinski was almost silent about the scandal. then last year she emerged with a splashy article in "vanity fair", saying it was time to burr bury the beret. >> to be called ditsy and to be taken out of context, it was excruciating. >> reporter: with even pop stars like beyonce making reference to her. >> then he ripped my house. >> reporter: late last year lewinski spoke about bullying. >> when i asked myself how best to describe how the last 16 years has felt, i always come back to that word -- shamed.
2:42 am
my own personal shame. shame that befell my family. and shame that befell my country, our country. >> reporter: at the time of the scandal, according to one friend's account, hillary clinton called lewinski a narcissistic looney tune. but last year when she was asked about her rising profile, she said that was a long time ago. i certainly have moved on. but right now, as many are saying it is hillary's moment, it appears to be monica's moment too. and lewinski's desire to confront the past may pose a problem for clinton who would much rather forget it. tom foreman, cnn, washington. now texas senate ted cruz expects to be the first official candidate for the 2016 presidential race. he plans to forgo the explore
2:43 am
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now greece's finance minister has reportedly suggested sending tourists into the country to spy on people to find out who's skipping out on taxes, as greece is facing financial troubles. >> reporter: greece is a tourist hot spot. but if you're going to the islands this summer would you mind being wired to catch tax cheats? cnn asked a futurists if they would. >> i am here on holiday. i want to have a good time, and i want to have a good relationship with the greeks that i meet in shops, cafes and walking around the streets. i don't want them to think that i'm spying on them. >> it depends on the situation. if you see someone who is so rich and is not paying taxes, okay. i understand we have to pay. and i'm going to spy you.
2:47 am
>> reporter: the finance minister floated the idea in a letter reported in the financial times in early march. the letter was to the european union. just one idea on how to collect tax in a country known for its cash economy. no receipt, no tax is likely to be paid. there, he says greece is owed some 76 billion euros in missing taxes and the idea would create a new tax-compliant culture. the new greek government is scrambling to find new ways some would say creative ways to find its way without a third bailout, those who have already loaned 240 billion euros say they must continue structural reform. during this crisis, the greek economy greatly needs these tourists and their money and doesn't want to alienate them. >> i think that this idea of the greek government of having tax
2:48 am
spies could be a good idea to remove or to control tax evasion, so i think i could do this job. >> tax spies? i believe it is a good a positive thing and also a negative thing. good for tourism and strengthening the government's resolve in stopping any potential illegal activity. but also bad for the people who would then feel that their government is betraying them somehow. >> reporter: the idea would also include enlisting greeks like nannies, students housekeepers. greeks spying on greeks with sound and video. no formal word from brussels if a plan to spy on greece will be part of economic reform. jim boulden, cnn, london. in spain, thousands of protesters are calling for an
2:49 am
end to strict austerity measures. 27 groups were brought together from all over spain filling madrid's streets. they want the government to default on international debt. unemployment and housing remain big issues still. in cuba it's all about family and now loosening travel restrictions has released pent-up demands. >> reporter: tropical sunshine carnivals, even a spot of gambling. in the 1930s and '40s. cuba was a playground for american travelers. now after half a century of frozen relations, u.s. tour companies are coming back. smart tours in new york is getting ready to start trips in
2:50 am
april. >> the demand was lar throughalready through the roof. from our existing client base we sold out within a matter of hours. >> reporter: the tours went on sale in november last year even before the u.s. president announced travel restrictions could be relaxed. >> there's a lot more that's possible. you can't go there as a tourist and just do touristy leisure activities. >> reporter: too soon perhaps to break out the maraur cass. >> you should probably frame it. >> reporter: now your travel needs to fit into one of 12 categories including educational activities or family activities. >> the rules are relatively simple. they just need to follow what we
2:51 am
said because it is still a very serious sanctions program that is implemented by an act of congress. >> reporter: still the travel industry is racing to meet the new demand. the u.s. tour operators association says 20 out of its 52 members currently operate tours to cuba. online booking site kayak now including cuba in its searches. less bureaucracy combined with a lot of demand makes cuba an irresisable business opportunity. for those heading into this new market it pays to go carefully. cnn, new york. now authorities are investigating the death of a mexican wrestling star after he took a heavy blow in the ring. the following video, which is graphic shows him in the black
2:52 am
tee shirt thrown to the ropes. the show continued almost two minutes until the other wrestler and the referee realized what happened. he died early saturday. he had wrestled for two decades. now nearly 300 pieces of artwork from paulo picasso spent years in a box in a garage. what will happen to the pieces now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ um... i...i think we can make it, right? it's okay, jim. just stay calm and move as quietly as possible.
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everyone understand? no sudden movements. google search: bodega beach house.
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now a french court is ordering nearly 300 pieces of artwork from pablo picasso to be returned to the family. a man claimed they were given to him as a gift. they sat in a box in the garage for 50 years. the pieces are valued between $64 million and $128 million. an ancient celebration with a modern message. the head of the united nations ban ki-moon celebrated the arrival of spring. cnn takes a look at this
2:56 am
3,000-year old celebration. >> reporter: lighting of the torch, bright vibrant colors of white, green and red dancing in the crowds marking the arrival of spring. this is nowruz meaning new day. a persian holiday that spans across several religions, celebrated for thousands of years. a popular activity leading up to the new year loosely translated as "wednesday fire", jumping over fiery flames a cleansing act renewing the soul for the new year. some grand and some small. >> translator: today is a won dperful and grand day for us. and we have gathered here to enjoy and celebrate this day. >> reporter: dressing up floor cloths or tables is a traditional persian tradition known as the seven ss.
2:57 am
an apple for beauty garlic for health and wheat grass for the renewal of nature. time of reflection and renewal. no matter how you spend it or where you spend it. nowruz should always be spent with family and friends. >> and if you're celebrating, happy holiday to you. and that does it for us today. thank you very much for joining us. i'm isae isa suarez. new day is just ahead.
2:58 am
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♪ absolutely disturbing new video showing the moment a bomb goes off inside a mosque in yemen as people worship. we will show you more of this video in a moment. >> police reveal other deadly weapons new orleans suspect had in his possession. >> ted cruz is about to make it official. monday he is expected to formally a