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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  March 22, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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at least 137 people were killed there. more than 330 wounded. isis is claiming responsibility for those attacks. >> the u.n. security council is meeting today. in addition to the terror threat, rebel fighters have also seized parts of yemen's third largest city we're learning. cnn's jomana karache has more. >> reporter: christi, it includes the navy seals and the delta force in the region. the state department says they were evacuated because of the deer i don't remember rating security situation in the country. they were the last remaining u.s. personnel in yemen. this comes after the u.s. embassy in sanaa was shut last month and all personnel there evacuated. there's been a lot of concern of the impact of a reduced or
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nonexistence presence in yemen. for years the united states has been targeting the leadership of one of al qaeda's most dangerous franchises in the world, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, aqap, and of course it's not only a threat in the region, it is seen as a global terror threat. in the statement by the state department it says, quote, we also continue to actively monitor terrorist threats emanating from yemen and have the capabilities postured in the area to address them, end quote. as a result of the political unrest there there is no real government in charge after the houthi shia rebels in recent months pushed the government of president hadi out of sanaa. it was a key u.s. ally in the fight against terrorism there. this all comes as a time when the concern about a terrorist threat in yemen is not only
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limited to aqap. there are now serious worries that isis is also taking advantage of the arrests in that country and trying to gain a foothold in that country. >> a third terrorist took part in wednesday's deadly attack at the country's national museum. >> 23 people, mostly foreign tourists, died when begun men rampaged through the museum. a third attacker is on the run but he insists, quote, he will not get caught. >> new surveillance from inside the museum. look here. you see two gunmen here. one man walking down the stairs almost bumps into them. they let him go. he fended off an elite squad of antiterrorism police for nearly two hours. they were finally killed when one of their grenades failed to explode and police shot them.
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we have retired lieutenant general mark hertling with us. what's your level of confidence sur vailing these terrorists and suspects that tunisia will be able to capture this third suspect the president has referred to? >> it's a law enforcement issue, victor, and it's a possibility. the issue that they're claiming that they can monitor over 5,000 potential jihadis, that's a boast and i'm not sure they can do that. but as they've investigated this incident, you have the arrest of over 20 people, mostly relatives by the tunisian government and security forces, they certainly are going to get more leads where they can go after the remaining individual that was part of this attack. and i'm sure there were probably others that were part of this attack as well. >> now on to yemen, the u.n. security council will be meeting
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to discuss what happened in yemen. what do you expect the international security will be able to do about this chaos in yemen? >> yemen, victor, is a cauldron right now. it is going to be one of the biggest questions we have because they don't have anything in place a effective government. when president hadi left, that caused a lot of spin into an abyss. the comments made earlier about the state department monitoring threats, yes, they are, but it's more from a military perspective. we have gone more into the defensive mode of what might come out of aqap towards the united states, and that's the important part. aqap, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula based in yemen, has been one of the biggest threats we've seen in terms of terrorist events against the united states. we were offensively striking targets there, preempting potential attacks and now without any intelligence in that
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country we've being on the defensive mode to prevent people from leaving there coming into the united states. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, victor. back leer at home, it turns out that the machete wielding attacker was armed with more than just that deadly knife. >> investigators have discovered the suspect, richard white, was carrying a bag full of molotov cocktails and had smoke bombs in his car. >> white died as a result of the bullet wounds he had received. >> tom fuentes joins us. thankfully they stopped the suspect. his family we know is cooperating, but when we're talking about somebody who has mental illness, and this man did have mental illness, what is the best way to proceed? is there anything that you can glean before something like this
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happens? >> i think, christi, the family is well aware he was having problems. it's reported he is a jehovah's witness and refused any medical attention or medication. so when you have a situation like that, there's just about nothing anybody's going to be able to do. the family can't stop him and it's a law enforcement problem at some point somewhere with some individuals. not everybody becomes violent, but unfortunately the few that do, there's almost no alternative. >> when we talk about the fact that he had smoke bombs in their car. anybody in their right mind wouldn't go into an airport and use a machete and go back to that their car, that's not
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believable. should t should the take away be how it was handled? >> what was in his head we'll never know. even if he survived, if he said what was in his head we wouldn't know if this triggered him. obviously putting together half a dozen molotov cocktails with gasoline and mason jars and the tax of oxygen, acetylene, other material that he had in the car, the smoke bombs, that took planning on his part. it's not a spur of the moment he suddenly went berserk. he's been planning this event for a while. he had all those devices, didn't use any of them. when he choose to use insect spray and a machete, that pretty much gaur an teeds it would be ended before he could use another advice. >> you talk about there's a police officer at the tsa check points, tsa obviously the
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members are not and but is one uniformed police officer enough, do you think? >> in this case you'd have to say yes because nobody else gets hurt. it's a difficult situation. if that officer had been a little further away from the checkpoint or not as alert as he or she should have been, it would have been worse for the t.s.a. worker. he came within inches of hitting her with that machete and possibly killing her. on the other hand, we have all of these checkpoints at all of these airports. it would take a lot of police and a lot of resources to put more police officers at each check poit. >> tom fuentes, appreciate your insight. thanks for being with us. >> you're welcome, christi. a king from the 15th century is just now being properly
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this morning there are conflicting new details in the case of the university of virginia student's bloody arrest. the pub owner who turned marquise johnson away said he was cordial and reis spektful. he did not allow him in the bar because he said johnson's i.d. was questionable. >> shortly after johnson left this viral video shows virginia alcoholic beverage agents arresting him as blood is dripping from his face. johnson, an african-american student, is claiming police brutality and racism. >> arrest papers claim he's agitated and belligerent. the pub owner says that's patently untrue. police are investigating this incident. want to give you a look at some of the other stories developing this morning. the world of professional wrestling is in mourning after the death of a star. i do want to warn you the video
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that you're about to see may be disturbing to some of you. >> pedro aguio died yesterday after being kicked in the ring by former wwe star. he was 35 years old. they were unable to revive him. in brooklyn, police had the execution yating task of telling a father that 7 of his 8 children were dead. a fire engulfed their home. first lady michelle obama wrapped up a five day trip to asia. her mission to promote an education initiative called let girls learn. in a speech in the country's capital she urged students to finish school and speak up for freedom and equality. a ski lift malfunction in maine injures seven, four of whom are hospitalized. it started when a chair lift
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started ralg backwards at sugar loaf mountain. the four victims taken to the hospital have nonlife threatening injuries and no word yet on what caused that malfunction. >> that's why i don't ski? >> that's why. >> that specifically is why. no, many reasons. england's king richard iii may finally be able to rest in peace. a procession is underway to cary him to lester cathedral for proper burial. they buried him in an unknown crude grave. it wasn't until 2012 that his remains were found buried under a parking lot. >> a parking lot. up next, ted cruz has only been a u.s. senator for two years. >> he's already looking at a white house bid according to the houston chronicle. does candidate cruz have a legitimate shot at becoming president cruz. we'll look at the prospects for the 2016 republican nomination.
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19 minutes past the hour this morning. ready or not, the 2016 presidential race begins tomorrow at least formally for senator ted cruz. the texan will formally announce his candidacy at liberty university in virginia. he'll be the first candidate to officially enter the race for the republican candidacy. jeb bush topped our poll for who would win a hypothetical gop.
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cruz was way back in 8th place. 4% of the vote is what he garnered. let's bring in chief political analyst gloria bore gger who's hosting "state of the union." how do you think no exploratory committee will affect the candidacy? >> he's saying, i'm in it to win it. exploratory committees are usually what you launch to raise money before you get into the race. i think a decision was made by the folks around ted cruz, why not do it all at the same time. you've got rand paul, another senate colleague of his, who's probably going to enter in early april. you've got jeb bush out there who hasn't officially announced. now i think we're going to see the dominos start to fall against each other and all sort of start getting into this race. >> okay.
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so how soon do you think it will be before other republicans say, well, i can't let him stand out there all alone? >> well, you know, it really has to do with fundraising and money. a lot of them in particular like jeb bush would like to say, hey, guys, this is what my pac has in the bank, this is what i'm raising, becoming a bow hehemutr people. i think it's when they're ready to hit the trail pretty much full time and i think what ted cruz is saying to his republican colleagues, okay, come in. the water's fine. i'm going to be declared and you're not so time for you to do it, too. >> all righty. gloria borger, looking forward to seeing you later. thanks so much. >> thanks. >> "state of the union" with gloria borger starting at the top of the hour, 9:00 a.m.
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okay. i want to tell you about a story that's developing right now. about 100 u.s. troops could be the target of isis on american soil. a group known as the islamic state hacking organization calling for beheadings and attacks here in the u.s. >> they posted the purported names, pictures, home addresses, phone numbers of service men and women from all branches of the u.s. military, some of whom were publicly available. that information was. a department of defense official cannot confirm the validity of the information but it's looking into the claims stressing the safety of service members is always a concern. similar threats have been made before. we got on the phone with lieutenant colonel james reese.
5:27 am
he's in baghdad right now. colonel reese, what's your take on this report, this information that's been posted? >> good morning, victor. you know, it's propaganda. it's fear. and it's terrorism by isis. back in the fall the department of defense put out a notice to all their soldiers, sailors, airmen, marine based off some internet chatter and social media chatter that isis was using about planning attacks against u.s. soldiers on u.s. soil, especially after the canadian attacks, and all service members were given directions by the department of defense. you know, after 9/11 -- post 9/11 where most military bases pre-9/11 were open, people could drive through them, soldiers could come and go on most military bases, post-9/11 those
5:28 am
bases are very, very difficult to get off base. my concern would be for the ones, the soldiers that live off bases with their families, some nut job is out there trying to track them down. victor. >> colonel reese, do you have any indication how they got these particular 100 names? i mean, do you think that they're just grabbing names that they can get ahold of? there's not a particular target in these 100? >> yeah. unfortunately with today's spegs social media. they're not out there in social media. they make themselves present. it's not difficult to grab a name and a location. on google earth today i can plug someone's name in and in about 2 minutes i can see if they own a house, their tax information. it will zoom me down and i can look at the street view. i can get rather good
5:29 am
intelligence from open source and public information. it's a problem. it's items that people, especially soldiers, need to take a look at for their own protection of them and their families. >> how readily available. lieutenant colonel reese on the phone from baghdad. thank you for your input. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. have a great day. >> you, too. before we go today, we have this march madness moment we have for you. the clock struck midnight for georgia state. >> the pap thers became the tournament darlings after knocking off the number one seed. ed hunter tore his achilles, stayed on the stool this time but georgia state did fall to xavier 75-67. after the game he gave us another emotional moment after he talked about his son, star
5:30 am
guard, r.j. >> as a coach, best time of my life. but as a father, whew. i love this kid, man. >> i love you. >> a lot of people loving him today, too. thank you so much for starting your morning with us. >> "inside politics" with john king starts right now. he's the new comeback kid of global politics. >> let's go in. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he's ready to work with president obama but the white house hardly sounds ready to forgive and forget. >> that cynical election day tactic was a pretty transparent effort to marginalize arab/israeli citizens. plus, hillary clinton says those who won't compromisee


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