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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  March 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> stop! >> he gets next to her and says i will escort you the entire way. the young man on the other side -- >> that is what being a police officer is about. >> i'm thankful to you because you are my angel. >> that's her son on the other side. >> i hope everyone knows you always insert a joke which i love and always a surprise. >> you want to make it counter intuitive and there are good guys looking to protect and serve and everybody won and she crossed the line. >> good morning, carol. >> it is a great way to start -- >> she's running, too. >> i am running. back from vacation and think i'm a little bit still there. have a great day. >> "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the newsroom an isis group posts a hit group online targeting names and pictures. what's being done to keep our
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men and women safe. the united states pulling out all troops in yemen, how it went from a success story to the edge of civil war. ready, set, campaign tea party darling ted cruz announces he's running for president. what's the advantage of being first? let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom." good morning to you. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we begin this morning with breaking news out of yemen. the crumbling security situation there has prompted britain to evacuate its special forces troops from the country. the united states also took that extraordinary measure over the weekend. against that backdrop a chilling statement, yemen, a country the united states once considered a success story now teters on the edge of civil war. those words are coming from the united nations. here's why. rebel force seek yemen, the
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third largest city and want its airport nearby. washington faces a grave concern. will terrorists seize the opportunity to build yet another stronghold? let's bring in senior international correspondent, nic robertson, who joins us with more. hi nic. >> hi carol. that is the real concern. we've seen it in syria where isis and al qaeda took advantage of the civil war to build strongholds, places for recruitment and places for training and plan to turn it around and export terror to the united states. that is the big concern for yemen at the moment. it really is moving quickly towards a civil war. now in control of the international airport in the southwestern city of taiz the u.n. warning yemen is at the edge of civil war. this sectarian violence between
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shiite rebels and sunni majority government spreading across the country, where houthis who control the cap salkapcapital of sanaa and areas of the north to taiz the country's largest city. following the embassy's evacuation last month, the u.s. pulled out 1 whun00 special forces. this attack on friday. more than 130 killed and hundreds more injured. >> as we're seeing extremists try to capitalize inside of yemen to carry out these acts of violence. >> reporter: the nation now in an especially perilous position caught between the houthis violent rivalry with the sunni, aka terrorists al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. now, growing concerns the u.s.
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withdrawal is a serious blow to the counter-terrorism mission. >> without good intelligence of plots against the homeland without that intelligence we can't effectively stop it. >> reporter: this region home to al qaeda off shoots. the terrorist organizations responsible for plotting several attacks against americans. including the 2000 attack on the "uss cole," leaving 17 sailors dead. the underwear bomber attempt on the u.s. airliner in 2009. now, all u.s. military force have gone those special forces along with british special forces. these would be the people if they'd been able if there was accurate intelligence on the grounds to follow up and take out key al qaeda leaders and key isis leaders. now, they will have a civil war, since the spiral out of control a much freer hand than the most feared al qaeda bomb maker lives in yemen, the concern is now
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that this is going to give him much greater range. carol. >> nic robertson, reporting live from london. thank you. a florida woman is back home this morning after escaping the bloodbath of a terror attack in tunisia. she was walking through a museum when there was an explosion of gunfire. terrorists slaughtered 23 people most of them tourists. >> the first thing we heard was a bomb. then him shooting. i thank god i'm here to go ahead and have my family and see my mom and my daughter. i'm happy to be home. >> tunisia's president confirming a manhunt is under way for a third gunman from the attack. the other two were killed. isis has claimed responsibility for that attack. ignore the calendar the 2016 presidential season is now under way, right around midnight conservative firebrand, ted cruz tweeted out this announcement quote i'm
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running for president. the republican from texas is now the first official candidate in the presidential race. here's his campaign video that was unveiled last night. >> it's a time for truth, a time to rise to the challenge, just as americans have always done. i believe in america and her people and i believe we can stand up and restore our promise. it's going to take a new generation of courageous conservatives to help make america great again. i'm ready to stand with you to lead the fight. >> next hour cruz delivers his first speech as a presidential contender. our senior washington correspondent, jeff is at liberty university the conservative christian school where cruz will speak. jeff why there? >> reporter: good morning. we're here at liberty university because there is a built-in audience for exactly who senator cruz want to reach. it is 10,000 young evangelical
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christians. he is going to frame his campaign around a fight for a new age, new generation of this christian conservative movement. you can hear the sound behind me they're moving up. there will be song and applause. we're in a basketball arena. that is why he's here a built-in crowd, not doing a hometown rally at houston, texas, at liberty university to get a head start on his other candidates because frankly he needs to. he's fallen slightly back in this large field. he's trying to get ahead of marco rubio, jeb bush and so many more? why has he fallen behind in tea party support? >> reporter: i think he still has the tea party support but frankly frankly so many republicans in the campaign going to run it's divided up. there's real questions about senator cruz. he fashions himself as a conservative fighter, we remember that government shut down from 2013 16 day government shutdown. some tea party activists view
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that as a good thing. some mainstream republicans thought it was a bad thing. he needs to overcome that and show he is a constructive fighter. i just talked to one of his advisors a moment ago saying that's why he's jumping in right now and wants to show he is serious about the race and will be a serious candidate. at the very least he will drive this discussion and debate and make this campaign a more conservative one. >> jeff reporting live from liberty university. thank you. on edge after a hacking group allegedly linked to isis publishes a kill list with names, address and photos cnn's pamela brown has more. >> that's right, carol. about 100 or so u.s. troops are on this reported isis kill list. coming up we'll tell you what the department of defense and fbi are doing.
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right now the fbi and pentagon are investigating an apparent threat against members of the u.s. military. the hacking group allegedly linked to isis calling for beheadings and attacks against troops at home and the group published a hit list complete with names, address and photos despite major questions over the validity of this list they are responding. pamela brown is in washington with more. good morning. >> good morning. officials are not taking any chances, taking this very seriously. we know notifications are going out with those 100 or so u.s. troops over the weekend. cnn has heard from the army's criminal investigation division now working with the fbi as well
6:13 am
as the marine corps spokesman who said they notified in person all those service members named as potential targets on this list. this surfaced saturday a file posted online calling itself the islamic state hacking organization. officials are still trying to investigate the legitimacy of this group and basically called for beheadings and attacks in the u.s. of these military personnel, those on this list. at least some of that information was already public we understand reportedly taken from facebook and the white pages. this highlights the concern the fbi has been addressing for several months now asking military officials to scrub their social media pages of any identifiable information. in relation to what just happened what we know about this list the former house intelligence committee chairman spoke about the dangers of being online and putting out personal information. here's what he said. >> this is this new cultural age
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of everything goes up on social media, you have access about everything and everyone. that makes it a little more dangerous. even though the group in itself by that name isn't known, the very fact they can do out what is public information an pull it together to try to inspire some danger is a, dangerous for the 100 people on the list clearly and also dangerous for those people vocal and open about trying to make sure their opinions are heard on isis and other challenges around the world. world. >> now, military officials are warning u.s. troops to adjust their privacy settings and limit their amount of person information online. as for this group, the fbi and department is addressing the legitimacy. there is a growing trend of isis sympathizers all around the world taking up this mission on their own, hacking into people's accounts and that kind of thing and this could be an example of that where you have isis
6:15 am
sympathizers doing this on their own or emanating from syria. we don't know yet and we will bring you updates. >> thanks so much. pamela brown from washington. let's dig deeper with cnn analyst, colonel rick francona. welcome, colonel. >> good morning. >> how credible do you think this threat is? >> i don't know how credible it is. you have to take it seriously. once it's out there in the public domain any who has this bent they're part of the isis organization in the united states might just act out on this. we've seen this happen in europe and may have seen it in new york with the attack on the police officers where someone reads something on the internet hears something from isis believes he is part of the organization and acts out. it only takes one or two of these types of attacks to cause a lot of problems. the impact would be far reaching. if you're isis and you want to strike fear into the hearts of
6:16 am
your enemy, there's no way to do this than go after the military in their homeland. this is a real -- if you're isis this is a smart thing to do. >> supposedly this group is getting the information about address and such from social media. should members of the military not use social media? >> well they can use social media but they have to be smart when they do it and realize they're exposing not only themselves but their families. i just did some checking over the weekend on these social media sites. there are some that are specific to the military. those are the ones i would go after if i was doinging this. i was just going through randomly and able to pull out so much information about where people are going to be what schools they do to what athlete leagues they play in even down to the point of where the military force are going to be deployed. there's just so much information out there. i don't think we're going to be able to shut off the flow of information but i think the
6:17 am
military has to be smarter in how they do this. i know the defense department and central commands since they're the ones affected have already sent out guidelines what to do. they are not following it and this is a big breach of security. >> i know the marine corps has visited affected service members in person. what do you suppose they're telling military personnel? >> they're probably telling them to scrub everything off the social media, take it down get rid of it and pay attention to their own personal security. i don't think there's a great risk for all of these people and may be no risk at all. it only takes one. somebody of this bent reads this says hey, that guy lives down the street i see him going to work i think i'll go down and shoot him or kill his wife while he's at work. that's what we have to do. be vigilant.
6:18 am
it's almost impossible to detect these kinds of attacks before they happen and very very difficult to defend against. >> lieutenant colonel rick francona thanks i appreciate it. nearly a dozen medical students including one american are said to be in syria working in isis hospitals. telling cnn the group was quote brainwashed. eight just graduated and three in their final years. this morning, their families are pleading for their return and authorities to track the group down. ted cruz says he hopes to earn the support and his effort to be president but could he run into the stumbling block of elizabeth warren and what could that mean for hillary clinton? we'll talk about that next. ♪ defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. easily absorbed calcium plus d. now
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for those who question whether ted cruz has enough experience to run for president, the conservative blog said don't judge cruz by what he's passed in congress judge him by what he has prevented. he will announce officially his run for president but i want to read you what blog founder eric erickson wrote about him quote this is from redstate. he has shown himself a leader of the conservative movement shown himself willing to stand up and thwart history and yell stop and shown appreciation for the idea that not every man need to go to washington to get things done. he may be losing ground among
6:23 am
tea party supporters who launched him onto the national stage. cruz coming in seventh after leader leader scott walker ben carson and others in a survey earlier this month. that's where the numbers come from. let's talk about tea party activist jennifer stefano. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks for being here. i want to start with eric's comments should ted cruz go to washington not to get things done but to stop things? >> i think what eric is saying in that article when ted cruz entered the senate he wasn't part of the majority party. you couldn't really look what could get done because he was in the minority you have to look at what he helped prevent the way he defended the principles of conservatism the way they believe could help propel the country party. i don't think the overarching goal is to go to washington to stop things but to lead but the only way when you're in the
6:24 am
minority to lead in this minority party is work to block the agenda from the democrats. >> can you give me an example what ted cruz wants to accomplish? >> it's going to be interesting. i'm interested when his book comes out this june "time for truth" he is the conservative hard right firebrand. for limited government. a social conservative as well. i think what will matter is how he talks about this. as you noted he started to lose support for tea party base and candidates their message appeals to a broader spectrum as well. as he launches this campaign and the first one out of the box, how he starts to form his message and drive that going into states like iowa. when that caucusing happens for the first presidential primary, it's made up of almost half are evangelical christians and how
6:25 am
he will appeal to that base and drive it forward. >> has ted cruz lost tea party support in part because he has no new ideas, he's too much of a person who likes stops things from getting done in washington? >> oh no i think the tea party is very happy and a lot of people on the right are very happy people like ted cruz are there to stop things from happening. if you look at what it is i'm looking at there's a lot of new names filtering to the top, ben carson burst onto the national scene and a lot of excitement about him. scott walker being an executive and leading the state of wisconsin, being the only governor to ever survive a recall and recently being able to pass right to work and getting a lot of things done in wisconsin, he's sort of taking the headlines. when the grassroots looks to scott walker he can bridge the divide in this republican party and the only one that can bridge
6:26 am
the divide like he did in wisconsin, across the aisle. that's what i think is dominating ted cruz he hasn't made as many headlines as when in 2013 he tried to stop and de-fund obamacare. >> and shut the government down right. >> that led to the government shutdown. >> he's a freshman senator, he seems to be preparing to run for president since the day he was elenlgted to the senate. president obama often criticized not having enough experience to be president. does ted cruz have enough experience? >> i think there's very limited what's required to be for president in the constitution so i don't know if we can judge that. that's up to the voters. i think at this point. >> republicans judge president obama on that matter why aren't they judging senator ted cruz. >> well probably the same reason that in 2008 president obama ran on a platform of criticizing president bush for expanding the executive powers of the presidency and then when
6:27 am
obama became president he not only didn't cut back the powers of the presidency he extended them even further. what you're seeing is typical in american politics when your party is in power and doing something you find every reason and way to justify it. when your party's not in power you find a reason to criticize it. that's pretty typical of american policy. >> pretty honest right? >> yeah. what i would say is this -- >> do you honestly honestly think ted cruz has a chance to become president of the united states? >> i think ted cruz right now is positioned in a way rick santorum was back in 2012 you will go into iowa. it's not straight voting it's caucus caucusing, heavy grassroots heavy evangelical, hard right to the right base that really really resonates with ted cruz's messaging. do i believe he can jump out of iowa as one of the top winners and pretty adept fund-raiser, yes. whether that can spring him to
6:28 am
the other states south carolina new hampshire, and into the white house. so far we haven't seen a conservative that can do it. you will need someone who can bridge the divide in the republican party, between the grassroots tea party and the more establishment and take that work having bridged the divide and not change their conservative principles but talk about it and message it to the american people in a way that really talks about results of what that will bring and how conservative policies could change people's life and help people along in their life. i think that's what's going to make a winner for the republicans. i don't see right now ted cruz doing that. it will be interesting to see how he positions himself in his book coming out in june. >> jennifer stefano, thanks for being with me. i appreciate it. >> thanks carol. >> you're welcome. joining me now drink congressman debbie wasserman
6:29 am
wasserman-schultz wasserman-schultz. >> thank you for being here. >> you're welcome. just give me your thoughts at a ted cruz run. you could argue ted cruz is effective. he filibustered his way to a government shutdown and made no apologies and keeps his word. isn't that what some people want in a politician? >> i think ted cruz being the first candidate to officially announce on the republican side his candidacy tells you this is where the republican party's mainstream is now. ted cruz has been the de facto leader of the republican party in congress for more than a year. he led the charge and convinced a number of his colleagues to shut the government down in the name of people and access to health care and jeopardize our homeland security budget in order to try to make sure that we couldn't implement the
6:30 am
president's immigration reform executive orders. he's for a 23% national sales tax. he proposes slashing corporate taxes. his first two bullets on his jobs plan on his website are to repeal the affordable care act and have our nation default on our debt by refusing to raise the debt ceiling. this is the mainstream of the republican party today. if this is the kind of debate we will have i'm really confident the next president of the united states will be a democrat. >> in fairness he's at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to conservative voters at the moment. >> well we'll see. >> let's switch and talk about hillary clinton. there's word this morning hillary clinton will announce her candidacy in april instead of waiting until summertime. do you think mrs. clinton moved up the date because of this e-mail controversy? >> i think secretary clinton has been going through a de liberative process, as any
6:31 am
would, when they are making such a significant decision whether or not to run for president of the united states. she will make that announcement if she chooses to run, at the right time that is best for her so she can make sure that -- >> do you think politics played into it though? >> oh no. first of all- >> not at all? >> carol, whether hillary clinton or any else uses a private e-mail or government e-mail will not have anything to do with voters' decision on who to cast their ballot for for president of the united states. she made it clear the reason why she used a private e-mail account was purely for convenience. she followed the rules and made sure her e-mails will be publicly accessible releasing 55 pages of e-mails. this is not an issue. whether she decides to run for president and when she announces it will be how she can best make an impact to improve the lives of middle class families and
6:32 am
reach the working class. >> the "boston globe" is pushing senator elizabeth warren to run. it would be good for hillary clinton to have competition in the democratic party or democratic primary. your thoughts. >> as the chair of the domestic national committee, it will be our job to manage the primary nominating contest. i take elizabeth warren at her word she is not running for president and not planning to run for president. i'm sure there is going to be as we have had already a lot of opinion making about who should or shouldn't be in our field. we're going to have a primary i'm fairly confident about that and we will have an opportunity to debate the ideas about who can best be the democrats' best foot forward to help people climb the ladder of success and reach the middle class contrasted with ted cruz and marco rubio and scott walker who really have focused on taking
6:33 am
care of the wealth iestiest most fortunate americans and that will be the contrast. >> all right. congressman debbie wasserman-schultz, i appreciate it. >> you're welcome. my pleasure. all right, to wall street now. the markets opened up. we could be in for a case of the monday morning blues, stock futures not looking up after last week's solid gains. good morning. >> reporter: >> good morning, carol, a mixed start for a monday. look at the dow, some of the milestones. last year the dow hit 38 record highs, this year another four. interesting, the dow that gets the love and hats when it hit 18,000. not the inside. the fact is the inside on friday came within a stone's throw of its all time high for the first time in 15 years. we will keep an eye on the
6:34 am
inside today and it is in the red. we will be keeping an eye on radio shack no longer traded on the new york stock exchange and today we will learn its fate and a bankruptcy judge will decide what to do with the company. one side wants to see radio shack assets liq quiuidateliquidated. the other side a hedge fund that says we want to keep a limited number opened and the other is sprint that will keep it open. i don't know about you, i'm nostalgic for radio shack and love that place for batteries and connectors for television sets. >> you love that place for batteries? >> and television connectors you can't find any place else for cable tv. you know what i'm talking about. >> you are such a nerd. thank you. coming up cnn obtained video of a chilling isis recruiting station. take you live to kabul next.
6:35 am
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today marks the latest chapter in the complicated relationship between the united states and afghanistan. the new afghan president is on his first official visit to washington seen there on the left with secretary of state john kerry and defense secretary ashton carter. he is receiving warm welcomes
6:39 am
from in top white house officials who see the leader as more cooperative than his predecessor hamid karzai. he's open to a continued u.s. military presence in afghanistan. here's what he told cnn's fareed zakaria. >> the decision on the number of american troops is up to the president of the united states and the congress of the united states. were they satisfied with the way the non-combat mission is shape ing but the primary duty of defending defending afghanistan securing its future is that of the afghan people afghan soldiers policemen and that of the afghan government. government. >> cnn's michelle cokosinski live at the white house this morning. and nick walsh in kabul with an exclusive on a new tactic in afghanistan. i'd like to start with michelle with ghani's visit to
6:40 am
washington. good morning. >> reporter: hi carol. this is an extremely ambitious agenda. we've been told by the president's national security team he's pretty much meeting with everybody in the policy route, state department white house, civil society, you name it. if a wide range of meetings over four days doesn't grab you as particularly interesting, what is interesting about this this is supposed to be a new chapter in this relationship between the u.s. and afghanistan, kind of a reset, that there is a much much different more cooperative relationship supposedly with this new government. those are the signs initially and that is absolutely the goal. what's important to the u.s. is what kind of partner is afghanistan now going to be in keeping that country stable keeping terrorism at bay and keeping isis of course from gaining a stronghold in afghanistan. everybody wants to see afghanistan not fall prey to these and not end up a disaster
6:41 am
after, you know, a dozen years of u.s. involvement. secondly what does this mean for the u.s. military presence there? that's what's been talked about. by the numbers, there are about 10,000 troops in afghanistan. that level is supposed to continue for another year and drop to about half to about 5500 and moving forward into 2017 it would drop even further. now, we know those numbers are under consideration, based on urging by the afghanistan leaders themselves and also the pentagon. thinking that no there needs to be a bit stronger and possible u.s. presence there. now, we're hearing from national security sources, too, that even that 2017 ultimate drawdown ending number where there would be a minimal force, that could also be rethought to extend longer. what it means is more u.s. involvement. if that is the case hopefully
6:42 am
that would mean ultimately more stability for afghanistan. >> michelle kosinski reporting live from the white house. now, to nick walsh in kabul. you have cliffexclusive isis recruiting members in afghanistan? >> yes. it's a troubling time here. many are concerned. the u.s. put out the taliban is strong and they're also potentially talking police and many are worried if the taliban go down a political route here that will leave others in their ranks looking for a tougher ideology to follow and we see how some recruiters are targeting the poor or economic hi driven to fight with them in syria. >> while there has long been faith and war in afghanistan, senior rene
6:43 am
hills, a new and modern plague has now come. you're seeing rare pictures filmed by our cameraman of what we are told is an isis recruitment session in afghanistan. brothers, i'm here to tell you, the recruiter says, about the mujahadeen in syria. after a decade of war the taliban is strong but fractured and the u.s. is leaving. the u.n. warns isis is getting a foothold in afghanistan and this may be how. this afghan says he's come back from fighting in northern syria and has won the five recruiters. his pitch is simple. come fight true jihad for isis head baghdadi for a $500 wage. some listeners are driven. my aim is to fight infidels one says, in syria, or if they ask me to, in afghanistan, i will. others unsure and just poor. i definitely need the money but will stay here and hope peace comes, one adds. there's a bit of theater here, isis application forms for them to complete on camera but also a clear message to angry young
6:44 am
afghans disillusioned with the taliban's wars. there's now an even more ruthless choice you can make. isis. >> you've seen the u.s. official saying to me the other day, they are worried and great scrutiny how isis is growing here and worried the disgruntled taliban might be attractive the key issue here. they're not worried about the fighting force but more of a flagpole as the battlefield changes here. there are so many young afghans without jobs perhaps not satisfied how the taliban are running their side of the insurgency. a lot changing here americans potentially leaving fast and we will see whether we see announcements about perhaps keeping a few more american troops longer than previously advertised. >> nick paton walsh in
6:45 am
afghanistan this morning. still to come findings following an alleged gang rape at a university of virginia fraternity party. that story from charlottesville. >> reporter: good morning, carol. live in charlottesville, virginia where police are expected to release the findings of their investigation involving a woman who goes by the alias jackie in a "rolling stone" article that alleged a graphic rape and new holes poked into that story and what we're expecting to hear from police next. when account lead craig wilson books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great. better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 0'clock is here. oops, hold your horses.
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in just a few hours we might finally learn the truth about that alleged campus gang rape at the university of virginia
6:49 am
detailed in "rolling stone" magazine last fall. in november the magazine detailed the brutal assault of a female student at a fraternity party. "rolling stone" later apologized for the story when discrepancies were found in the reporting and account. they never however retracted the story and it remains unclear what happened inside that house. soon police will publicly discuss the results of the investigation into the controversy. rosa flores live in charlottesville with more. good morning. >> good morning, carol. we're expecting a press conference by police at about 2:00 p.m. today revealing their investigation. let's not forget that's not the only investigation going on here. there are three different reviews, the police looking into those allegations, the state attorney general. that investigation is still pending and you have the columbia journalism review also reviewing the editorial process. let's start with police. today at 2:00 p.m. we're expected to hear the results of
6:50 am
these allegations, the results of their investigation. the last thing we know from police is what police told the university the university say saying police coming forward and telling them based on the evidence they have recovered and evidence they had gained at that point in time that there was no no evidence that this rape had actually occurred in that frat house on the date alleged in that "rolling stone" article. these are just several holes of many holes poked into this story by not only cnn but other news outlets as well. we have talked to students on campus talking about what has been the atmosphere post the "rolling stone" article. here's what one student had to say. >> attitude around here has been let the investigators figure that out. in the meantime the rest of us need to fight for this issue. whether or not every letter of it happened exactly as it was written, that doesn't change the fact that sexual assault is a
6:51 am
huge issue and we need to fight for it. >> reporter: now, again, three different ref views from the police. we're expected to hear that today from the state attorney general, that investigation is still pending. we expect "rolling stone" to roll out an explanation in early april. >> thank you so much. i'll be right back. you can call me shallow... but, i have a wandering eye. i mean, come on. national gives me the control to choose any car in the aisle i want. i could choose you... or i could choose her if i like her more. and i do. oh, the silent treatment. real mature. so you wanna get out of here?
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the boston bombing trial continues with a digital investigation focusing on dzhokhar tsarnaev's computer. week four could also bring an end to the prosecution's testimony. alexandra field is in boston following the trial for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. for weeks we were hearing about the physical evidence, the bombs and bloodshed and they moved to that digital trial. we heard from an fbi agent to pored through hadundreds of thousands of items of the tsarnaev brothers. among those hundreds of thousands of files, the prosecution focusing on a number
6:56 am
of various elements like those al qaeda in the arabian peninsula magazines with instructions on how to make a bomb and audio recordings and other jihadist literature and there's also his resume in that computer in which he describes himself as hard working, responsible and a good swimmer. of course the prosecution is focused on the jihadist literature audio recordings they found. defense is getting their opportunity to cross examine this witness. this is set to take several hours as they move through their questions. different themes that we should hear the defense hit on will be just how much of this content was on these devices and how often was it looked like and can you pinpoint who downloaded eded it or who looked at it. when this witness wraps, we'll also hear from a
6:57 am
counterterrorism expert who is being called by the prosecution. that expert witness will start to delve into content of the files found on those computers. >> when might the prosecution rest its case? >> reporter: they're expecting to do that sometime this week. possibly as soon as wednesday or thursday. they're going to spend some time today on this cross examination and they'll hear from the counterterrorism expert and then ballistic testimony. linking it to the handgun that tsarnaev was given to his friend that testified earlier in the course of the trial, carol. >> alexandra field reporting live from boston. thank you. next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a break. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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