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tv   CNN International  CNN  March 29, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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for. because you gotta have faith in something. ♪ new details emerge about the final moments of germanwings flight 9525 and the co-pilot blamed for bringing the plane down. iraqi forces make progress in tikrit. also coming up, a saudi-led coalition hey take the fighting in yemen to another level. we'll watch all those stories this hour. a big welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and all around the world. this is "cnn newsroom." we begin this hour with the chilling details surfacing now
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about the co-pilot of germanwings flight 9525. andreas lubitz is believed to have deliberately crashed the airliner. the parisse innewspaper says he was treated for severe depression and a generalized anxiety disorder. the paper also says he received injections of anti-psychotic head cation back in 2010. now it's important to note that cnn has not been able to confirm these reports, but they came as another paper released a timeline of the flight's last harrowing minutes. will ripley has more on that. >> reporter: if what the german tabloid is reporting is indeed accurate, and had is what transpired, what can be heard in the cockpit voice recording that was leaked to that newspaper, it is truly horrific for the families of everybody who was on
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board that plane because it indicates that they knew for at least eight minutes that something was terribly wrong, and they were helpless to do anything about it as the ground kept moving closer and the plane kept descending towards the alps. this all began before takeoff when the pilot, patrick sonden heimer told his co-pilot that he hadn't gone to the restroom in barcelona. that's a key point. it's not uncommon for the pilot and co-pilot to stay in the cockpit for such a quick trip. but lubitz encouraged his pilot to get up once they reached the cruising altitude. you can hear him say "okay, go ahead." and the pilot left the co-pilot in control, that's when it's believed he was locked out. air traffic radar detected the plane was starting to descend.
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and it was a noticeable descent to people on the plane, which is why at 10:32 when the cockpit alarms started sounding, the pilot can be heard screaming "for god's sake, open the door". and there were also passenger screams heard on the recording, but yet the plane remained in the air, descending for another eight terrifying minutes. then loud metallic bangs, they believe it was the pilot trying to break in. 10:38, the co-pilot breathing normally as the plane descended closer and closer to the mountain, just 4,000 meters at that point of the and two minutes later, at 10:40, the plane's right wing heard scraping a mountaintop, screams in the cabin, and then 150 lives lost. imagine if that was your mother or your husband or your child on
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that plane. imagine for the families having to learn that there were those eight excruciating minutes, terrifying minutes. it's why investigators on the ground here are outraged that this transcript was leaked. they still have more to investigate. they have yet to recover the data recorder. but all of this is painting a picture of andreas lubitz intentionally bringing the plane down. >> will ripley there with those really disturbing details. for more revelations about the flight's final moments, let's bring in the chief correspondent for aviation magazine. he joins us from sydney. as you heard there, there are reports that this co-pilot may have had some mental health issues or something that may have put his future as a pilot
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in jeopardy. you know, for someone who's always dreamed of this as a career as this pilot is alleged to have had and been a steward before becoming a pilot, to find out that your health would end your career would be something devastating, right? >> that's absolutely right. and as your correspondent said, as more details come out, it just gets more and more horrific by the day. and certainly, you know, i'm passing a young man who's got his sights set on a career of commercial flying. we understand he wanted to move up the chain and fly long haul aircraft. if all those reports were correct to have all those health problems, it would have been devastating for him. the real question is why did no one notice this. why did no one pick up all the red flags which were waiting around this young man? >> now the ran script which has been released that cnn hasn't
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been able to confirm does show that the co-pilot was breathing while at the helm, essentially ignoring the pleas from the captain. you can allegedly hear what may have been an ax they were trying to break down the door. without getting into his health records and mental background, at the very least, what does that tell thaw this co-pilot sat at the controls until this plane hit that mountain? >> well, certainly the reports that i have seen suggested throughout this he was breathing quite normally. he wasn't sounding as if he was upset or breathing heavily. and when he didn't answer the calls from air traffic control who had noticed the airkt descending as the pilot was banging on the door and the passengers screaming he was quite calm and collected. >> there's also reports that the
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alarms were going off about altitude, alerts going off about there's ground ahead, and for him to stay and remain calm suggests that it was premeditated. >> well, yes, that's absolutely correct. and we also knew that he knew this country. he had trained flying gliders and had flown over this very part of the french alps in gliders. so he knew the territory. and certainly, he appears to have been very calm. he had made up his mind. the opportunity was there, and he was going to grab it with both hands, and nothing could alter his course. >> now nothing seems to have been able to explain the motive. there was a sick note, perhaps he wanted to make some kind of point, but how difficult would it be for a pilot to hide a medical condition? >> perhaps it's a male thing. men are sometimes good at hiding
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their feelings, he may have been very good at hiding his feelings and concerns. we also know that he was due to be married next year and that marriage was called off. so that's another element in this whole dreadful story, but it's still, i still find it exciting that no one noticed anything at all wrong. and the other thing is, if he was visiting a private doctor, not the airline's doctor, and that doctor was telling him to stay off work, then we have to ask ourselves presumably that doctor knew he was a pilot and presumably he wasn't aware that this chap was still flying. so we have to ask ourselves, what do we do about these situations. should doctors be able to warn a company about something like this? >> yes. so many important questions to be answered. and surely we'll learn more about his background in the days to come. tom ballantyne joining us, we appreciate your joining us.
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and once again, we cannot confirm the report that andreas lubitz was given injections. but dr. sanjay gupta says it does speak to the potential severity of the illness. he spoke with our poppy harlow and say it is possible that lubitz could have had a mental break down the day of the crash. >> it's hard to know, obviously. and you also have this cockpit recording where he's not saying anything. he doesn't appear to be actively hallucinating in terms of what he's expressing. he's not in a manic phase. he's not in a manic phase. he's just breathing in a controlled fashion. but you can have a situation where essentially, your mind is racing. you're having all these different things going on in your mind. some of them in a psychotic sort of frame of mind, but not expressing it outwardly. that is quite possible. so there is, it is a break with
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reality. i think what surprised me the most and surprised a lot of the experts we've spoken to about this as well, is there was no expression, nothing, nothing that he said outward lay. he could have been having conversations with people all day and not had, they may not have picked up on any clues because of that. but that's not a reflection of what was going on if his mind at that time. >> now a french prosecutor says the remains of 70 to 80 people from the germanwings flight have within identified. crews are using a mobile forensics lab at the staging area. search crews are still looking tor the plane's second black box, that's the data recorder. it could provide more information about the moments before the plane went down. now we do have much more on the germanwings crash in about 20 minutes from now. we'll get you a live report from germany this morning, get you the latest on the investigation. and of course what's next for families of the victims.
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stay tuned for that. but at this point we want to bring you news out of the arabian peninsula. the battle for the control of yemen is now escalating. apache in the skies above in egypt, as ash leaders are wanting to stop the houthi rebels, an escalation of hostilities is all but
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certain. saturday night, saudi armor seen heading to the border request yemen. at least nine arab countries offer their land, air and naval forces. answering the plea of yemen's president for military intervention to fight the quote militias and foreign and domestic allies who want to use yemen to stabilize the region with a bloody war. they could see action in yemen soon. foreign minister tells cnn he expects a ground invasion within days. the arab voice, not entirely unanimous. predominantly shiite countries rejected the announcement. the iraqi minister announcing we're against the military intervention. for now, the solution doesn't seem to be on the table. the voices of concern drowned
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out by the sentiments of war. ian lee, egypt. the iran nuclear negotiations are coming down to the war. coming up for you, a warning from israel's prime minister. plus, the investigation into what caused an air canada jet to run short of a runway, badly damaging the plane. stay with us. know your financial plan
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dismount! oh, and he sticks the landing! welcome back. defiant tunisians marched through the capital protesting the deadly attack on the bardo museum. thousands of people carrying signs reading "we are not afraid." just over a week ago, gunmen opened fire on tourists at the museum, killing more than 20. isis claimed responsibility. tunisia's prime minister announced the ark teblgt of the attack was killed in a raid. in a wide-ranging interview with "60 minutes", bashar al-assad says he still has the people's support, though the obama administration says he must leave office, he says he's open to talking with the u.s.
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>> we are always open. we never close our doors. they should be ready for the talks. they should be ready for the negotiations. we didn't make an embargo on the united states. we didn't support terrorists who did anything to the united states. >> and what's interesting is that bashar al-assad also said u.s. air strikes are not diminishing the isis threat. listen to this. >> actually, isis has expanded since the beginning of the strikes, not like some american wants to sugar coat the situation as to say that it's getting better. isis being detreated, actually, no. you have more recruits. some estimates that they have 1,000 recruits every month in syria. in iraq, they are expanding in libya. and many other al qaeda affiliate organizations have announced their allegiance to isis. >> al-assad went on to say three
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believes every contlikts should end with a political solution. forces are battling isis in tikrit. but retaking that city is a slow and difficult task. the ground is just littered with bombs and booby traps. on sunday, militants stopped more iraqi forces from getting into the city from the south. the u.s.-led coalition started launching air strike last week to help. isis has controlled tikrit since last june. cnn had a rare opportunity to speak with two isis members now in an iraqi jail. one was a driver for a top isis leader. the other, a bomb maker who says he sent more than a dozen suicide bombers on their missions. senior international correspondent arwa damon has the exclusive interview. >> reporter: just like their isis leaders, the path also stemmed from american detention,
11:19 pm
years ago in camp buka. now in an iraqi jail he agreed to be interviewed but not once looking up to be interviewed by a woman. this man. >> one of al baghdadi's key chiefs. >> translator: he said i need you to help me out. i just 2002 out got out of prise ago, and now i'm with islamic state. >> reporter: he wanted a house, a bride and someone to cover for him if a search was conducted. >> translator: i would drive him around mosul. he would always wear a suicide belt and a pistol. he wouldn't let me see anyone he was meeting. >> reporter: he knew something imminent was in the works. >> translator: i didn't have specific details, but he told me if there's an operation, don't leave. >> reporter: just days before
11:20 pm
the isis offensive on mosul, bilawi was killed. suleman was detained. he found the suicide belt he always wore. he was searching for it when he was taken. isis may not have captured iraq's second largest city so easily. also in federal custody, a al qaeda operative during the u.s. occupation then joining isis. >> translator: i was the main supplier for the suicide belts. >> reporter: he says he personally prepared and dispatched 19 suicide bombers. >> translator: and then we had an australian, a german and arabs from other nations and iraqis. >> reporter: he was also establishing a bomb-making factory in the heart of the
11:21 pm
capital. federal police have brought us here. this was a tire-selling shop, or so it would seem to anyone who was passing by outside. but authorities found an entire makeshift weapons bomb manufacturing and production facility. these stills show some of what they found. in all, over a dozen suicide vests and around 250 bombs. it's a minuscule fraction of what isis has at its disposal. a small piece of a vast and complex network. agencies are trying to unravel and destroy. arwa damon, cnn, baghdad. still to come for you, campaign season has arrived in the u.k. when we come back, we'll get a preview of what many expect to be britain's tightest election in a generation.
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the clock is ticking for world powers to reach a frame work deal over iran's nuclear program. diplomats have set a tuesday deadline and they'll get back to work today in switzerland. they say iran refuses to budge on two key issues holding up the pro set. they want to continue develop g
11:25 pm
developing centrifuges. it says the nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. now we could learn the outcome of nigeria's hotly-contested president race on tuesday. the race between good luck jonathan and his opponent could be the closest since 1999. saturday's voting was extended for another day because of deadly boko haram attacks at some polling stations. also there were a number of technical glitches. both party the called for calm. now the general election in the united kingdom kicks off with the dissolution of parliament. cnn london correspondent max foster has a preview of what's
11:26 pm
shaping up to be a very tight race. ♪ >> reporter: majestic, iconic, westminster palace looms large, as a reminder of the political traditions that have evolved here over 900 years. within these walls, parliamentary debates are robust. >> order, order, order. tensions are running high, but the answer from the prime minister must be heard. >> reporter: but in the electorate, the argument by britain's two major parties, the conservatives and labor have increasingly fallen on deaf ears. a rising tide of voters choosing instead to follow smaller parties, such as the u.k. independence party. which its outspoken leader describes as the people's army. their rallying cry?
11:27 pm
a british exit from the european union in order to restrict immigration. >> i believe in wrbritain. i believe in you. i believe we're going to score a victory on may the 7th. thanks very much indeed. >> reporter: optimism is all very well. but the outcome of this election is anything but certain. there are five key parties, and despite growing disillusionment, they are the most likely to win the most seat. the question is whether either will have enough to rule outright. if not, deals will need to be done, and that's where the smaller parties come in. ukip is performing strongly in the polls, but the nick clegg's liberal democrats have spent
11:28 pm
five years in the coalition government with the conservatives. it's a relationship that has soured since 2010. and with the dissolution of parliament, so, too, the coalition. as the election campaign gets under way, it will be each party for its own. the economy looming as the largest factor. and whilst the result is hard to call, pollsters can predict with certainty how the battle lines will be drawn. >> it will all be about come back to what you know. vote for, vote for the two main parties. don't be tempted by the new and exciting smaller parties. stay with us, because we're the only two that can actually stand a chance of delivering a government. >> reporter: a plea that calls on the electorate to trust in tradition. max foster, cnn, london. all right. still to come here on cnn, we'll have more on the startling new
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a big welcome back to our viewers here in the u.s. and all around the world. i'm errol barnett. let's update you on our top stories this hour. the final moments of germanwings 9525 is being built. the captain who was locked out of the cockpit pounded on the
11:32 pm
door as passengers screamed in the back ground. cnn cannot verify that report. iraqi forces are facing bombs and booby traps. on sunday, militants stopped more iraqi forces from getting into the city from the south. isis has controlled tikrit since last june. two bodies have been pulled from the rubble of a building explosion in new york city. authorities believe the men were inside a sushi restaurant when it happened. three buildings collapsed and four were damaged on thursday. investigators are looking into whether someone tampered with a gas line before that blast. now we want to return to the ongoing violence in yemen. and the reports of overnight air strikes in the capital sanaa. our journalist is there and joins us now on the phone to give us some of the latest information. bring us up to speed on exactly what happened overnight and what
11:33 pm
targets were possibly hit. >> caller: the targets have been the same targets for the last five days. they have been the infrastructure for the houthi's military and air force, but what's awkward, they have been claiming that they have destroyed all yemeni's air force, all the houthi's storage depots for weapons and military compounds, but these strikes continue in the same location which could only mean that the saudi claims have not been accurate, which they continue to strike in the same locations, because yesterday, nine locations, the same nine locations were attacked. and these same nine were the ones that had the military compounds and military weapon depots. what's surprising today is that these attacks continued until 5:00 tht morning. they usually end between 2:00 and 3:00. but they continued to intensify
11:34 pm
until early morning. these are expected to continue these air strikes, but again, the houthis are planning very soon to have a land invasion if these attacks don't happen. so we do expect the houthis to go by land into saudi arabia like they did in 2009. the air strikes continue this week. >> so there appears to have been an intensification of the air vi strikes overnight in some of the same places the day before. there are reports that the next phase of this could be a ground incursion from the saudi arabian side. i'm just wondering what the response or view of that is where you are. >> caller: i doubt saudi arabia will start the ground invasion. they know well that they did that in 2009 when they fought the houthis, and they lost. the houthis are the one whose are very hopeful for the ground invasion and are preparing themselves, because they know that saudi arabia is powerful
11:35 pm
and strong in the air, but on land, it's their game, it's their war, and that's how they controlled yemen within days. so the houthis are expecting and are waiting for the land invasion. and when that does happen, that's when i do expect surprises, and i doubt saudi arabia will be able to stand against the houthis on the lines. and that's why they are doing strikes to make sure that their land troops are able to fight the houthis. but let's wait and see what happens this week. >> our journalist speaks there from the yemeni capital, detailing what appears to have been an intensification of saudi air vikes strikes there. for now, let's turn to our other top story. a french prosecutor says the
11:36 pm
remains of 70 to 80 people have been identified. we have the latest on the investigation and we're also captivated, diana, by this story. it's hard to make sense of something so senseless, especially when we've seen so many reports about the pilot and his health, based on anonymous sources. i'm wondering what the prosecutor's office is confirming for us today. >> reporter: well, we're hoping to hear from the prosecutor either today or tomorrow, at least early this week, errol, but really, the only definitive word that we've had from the prosecutor is what we heard at the end of last week, that documents were found relates to a medical condition and ripped up sick notes. and since then, it's just been a mass of reporting, based on anonymous sources close to the investigation. let's not forget, there are three investigations currently ongoing. the one led by the french prosecutor in marseille, which is effectively a criminal
11:37 pm
investigation now and the dusseldorf prosecutor, the office of which i am standing in front of. he's assisting with that investigation. we know that there were, the head of the french, the criminal police, came to dusseldorf over the weekend to share what information they had. and of course there is the investigation that the bea, the french air accident investigation body are looking into. and those are separate investigations, let's not forget. and the bea is the only one that actually has the black box and the recording of the black box and is the only one who has actually heard that recording. the prosecutor himself didn't hear the recording. he received simply a transcript, and of course a leak of that transcript, according to germany's largest national newspaper and its largest tabloid has been leaked with some extremely chilling details.
11:38 pm
errol? >> and the reason we've made so much of those details is that none of the entities you've mentioned have spoken out saying that this information is inaccurate, is incorrect. they're not confirming it. cnn's unable to confirm it, but it does give us a sense that this is where the investigation is moving, and certainly, the co-pilot, andreas lubitz' family is not speaking to the press. they don't know why he did this either. but it does put focus on his psychological exams and tests. >> reporter: they seem to have a large number of documents that they can work on that they collected in his dusseldorf apartment and in his parents' home, medical notes that will relate to the doctors that he got those notes from. so they will presumably be talking to those doctors just as much as they have been over the past few days, presumably been
11:39 pm
talking to his parent, and our heart goes out to those parents to be dealing with this incredible burden now of what their son has done. but those are the steps that investigators will presumably be taking, talking to those close to him, following the medical trail of documentation. what nature this psychosomatic illness has been characterized in the press by these anonymous sources takes and so on. so, you know, until we actually hear definitive word from the prosecutor behind me, we don't know at what stage the investigation is at, errol. >> we'll wait for that update. diana magnay live for us in dusseldorf, approaching 8:40 in the morning there. several airlines have tightened up their requirements. lufthansa is now requiring two members in the cockpit at all
11:40 pm
times. michael holmes was told you can expect more changes on the way. >> without doubt, you'll have the two-person cockpit rule, questions about qualifications of lubitz to be flying with just 600 hours or whatever it is. he wouldn't have been in a u.s. cockpit. the question is whether that is enough time. you'll have questions about cockpit voice recorders, questions about the door and procedures for overriding. you'll -- this, like air france 447 changed so much in the way planes were flown, in the way professionals looked at aviation. this also is going to be one of those seminal incidents. >> but medical privacy, do you think that's up for grabs, the fact that he could go off to a doctor and get treated for something allegedly quite serious and not tell anyone, the doctor -- >> the problem here, michael is what did the doctor know? did the doctor know he was a
11:41 pm
pilot? if he went to his local doctor and said i work in an office, you're no closer. if you're talking about a medical examiner, that's different kettle of fish. but if it's just your regular doctor, and the regular doctors are in many cases required to. no, i think what you may see is some form of psychological testing of pilots, but the pilots will rebel against this. because testing psychologically, you can't do it just once. >> and what happens on a monday isn't necessarily going to serve us on a friday. and at the end of the day, michael, it's not like testing for, do you have a bit of a murmur in your heart. >> and as utterly horrific as this is, it has to be remembered by passengers and everyone watching just how unbelievably rare this is. >> yes. >> i've got one story to tell you. i though know you've got to go,
11:42 pm
was talking to a pilot this week. he flying an a 320. passengers have just been looking at them very carefully and suspiciously with almost a look of distaste. >> richard quest with our michael holmes and amara walker earlier. why a new bank has the u.s. riled up and frustrated with its allies. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain,
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welcome back. thanks for staying with me, everyone. u.s. treasury secretary jack lew is in asia today. the u.s. hasn't joined, concerned this organization will be a rival to the washington-based world bank, and this has in effect caused all sorts of economic power struggles to take place. andrew stevens joins us with more on this, including what the u.s. hopes to gain with this visit. you have some key european economies signing up for this bank, germany, france, italy, britain. it seems as if the geopolitical balance is already tipping away from the u.s. here toward china. what can jack lew accomplish on this visit? >> i think the short answer to that is very little. i think it's a little bit too late for the u.s. now to be influencing it. as you said, tomorrow is the deadline for the founding members to join the new bank,
11:46 pm
and it's got about 40, a little bit more than 40 members so far. including as you point out, many european allies, australia has also said it's going to sign up. south korea, all key allies of the u.s. and i think this, on a broad respect is recognition of china's growing economic clout and also the u.s. shooting itself in the foot because china has been pushing hard to get a bigger say in matters of state at the world bank and the imf. and the u.s. does wield a lot of influence in both those institutions. and so far china has been denied getting that power it deserves when you think it is the second biggest economy behind the u.s., but it's not given that amount of weight. so it's setting up its own infrastructure bank. and the u.s. doesn't like that, obviously, because they don't want to see the power going away from the washington-based multi-national operations there.
11:47 pm
but there's nothing they can do about it. as you say, the writing's on the wall. there's a place for this bank, and they're going to join in. >> so it's recognition for china, validation in a way, too, as you just said, making some of the points they've been pushing for accurate. you know, the u.s. delay on pushing for a form on the imf, that preceded all of this, as the u.s. criticism of this investment bank. publicly, are we hearing any one noting those as missteps? >> not publicly. it is sort of given that the u.s. has been wrong-footed on this. but having said that, the public criticism has basically been, can we trust this bank to be beyond reproach? will that lending, and this is all about infrastructure lending. they're talking about very big amounts of money to fund very big projects, and there's no shortage of those projects
11:48 pm
throughout asia. the question is, will that money be delivered cleanly and honestly, or will china use this bank as a way of exerting political leverage. we will lend you the money if you do something for us in return. that is the question. it's not an illegitimate question by any means, and we'll have to wait and see how this bank operates to make sure it is above reproach. if it's not, and it becomes a tool for china, then it's a failure. but think how many other founding members are involved. the very, very top level there. >> the aiib is kind of like a new club, everyone wants to get in and get that membership, but will it last in the long term? we will see. andrew stevens live for us from hong kong. thanks, andrew. now there were scary moments for passengers on an air canada flight. their plane landed short of the runway. take a look at that. officials are calling this a hard landing, but passengers say oh, no, no, this was much worse. details after the break.
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investigators are looking into whether heavy snow caused an air canada jet to land more than 1,000 feet or 300 meters short of the runway. this happened as the plane was coming in from toronto. air officials call it a hard landing, but as nick valencia's about to show us, passengers say
11:52 pm
it felt like a crash. >> reporter: there was a snowstorm at the time of the ens depths. transportation safety board officials will be looking into how much weather played a factor in this incident. even still, the airlines says that the weather conditions were appropriate for landing. passengers on that plane, however, say it was the worst experience of their lives. >> reporter: early sunday morning on final approach from toronto into a snowy halifax, air canada flight 624 comes down hard. >> we were coming in to land, and we heard a really big bump. and very hard. and i hit himy hid, and we had another big bang. and we just, everyone just started to say get out, get out, get out. >> reporter: airline and airport fish officials called it a hard landing. >> a crash is when an aircraft doesn't make it to the gate.
11:53 pm
it is an incident at this point that a tsb investigation will determine. >> reporter: passengers say they know what they felt. >> it is a crash. >> all of the landing gear is off of it. the engines are off of it. >> this wasn't a hard landing. that plane -- >> we read that on facebook. they said oh, they had a little bump in halifax. no, no, we crash landed. >> reporter: these dramatic photos, taken just after the crash show significant damage to the plane's wing, engine and nose. tsb investigators will look into the extent to which heavy winter weather conditions played a role. >> the aircraft touched down approximately 1100 feet prior to the end of the runway. this caused considerable damage to the aircraft and the main landing gear came off at that point. >> we slid for a while. thankfully we're all alive. >> reporter: of the 138 on
11:54 pm
board, 25 were hospitalized, including the two pilots who were later released. there were no major injuries. >> neck injuries and back injuries. >> reporter: halifax international airport briefly suspended takeoffs and landings after the incident. as for the plane, an airport official would not give specifics about the damage. passengers still processing the experience say things certainly could have been much worse. >> well, i was lucky, i mean lucky and glad that we all made it. nobody was badly injured. >> reporter: shortly after the incident, air canada released a statement saying they are greatly relieved nobody was badly injured. they are fully cooperating with the investigation. nick valencia, cnn. now a typhoon in the western pacific is heating up. could threaten some islands.
11:55 pm
>> the philippines going to be in line with this sometime later in the week. it's a holy week, and we are going to be approaching easter sunday. >> so we'll watch what we have in store here. it has been very busy. three typhoons in 2015. it's never happened in the first three months of the year to have three of them. peak season is july and august. this is named for a particular tree. but the island of yap, 65 million miles of the ocean. the island of yap only about 3 miles. this storm gets close, possibly landfall across yap. 10,000 population. it has already affected an island of 50,000. we don't know how much damage is left. so certainly going to be a dangerous system. third typhoon of 2015 in the first three months of the year. it's never happened before. you notice what happens towards
11:56 pm
thursday and friday. it weakens a little as we head into thursday and friday. the philippines going to be in line. right now plenty of warm water. water temperature also cool a little bit, wind shear will want to rip it apart. as that happens, it will weaken later in the week. so we are watching as it approaches other areas. but record heat across the west, phoenix, 97 degrees. >> woo! >> should be 80. they've had three 95 or more days. >> thanks very much, pedram javaheri. zain aesh joins us after the break. more stories. stay with us.
11:57 pm
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