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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  April 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a card. >> easter week big part of that tradition. rebirth/renewal. do nice things. with what's going on with the intolerance, reaching out to others similar and different. >> we did well on this april fool's. no shenanigans. turn it over while we're safe to carol costello in "newsroom." >> now i'm worried. >> what is it behind you, by the way? is that part of the show? gotcha. >> have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. >> knucklehead. happening now in the "newsroom," indiana's governor in a fix over a fix despite major backlash he says it's not about changing the law, it's about changing how people perceive the state's religious freedom law. plus what did lufthansa know and when did they know it? what we're finding out about the co-pilot of that plane that plunged into the alps. nuclear talks go into overtime. negotiators extending the deadline to hammer out an
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agreement on iran's nuclear weapons program. but will more time help? let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom." and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we start with a question. is it freedom or discrimination? on one side those who say religious freedom laws in 19 states ensured their beliefs are not violated. on the other, critics say those laws legalize discrimination against gays and lesbians. indiana governor mike pence whose decision to sign this into law unleashed this tide al wave of controversy wants a fix. we don't know what the fix is. but we have new information on the timing. >> i've come to the conclusion that it would be helpful to move legislation this week that makes it clear that this law does not give businesses a right to deny
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services to anyone. >> pence's request comes as another governor arkansas's asa hutchinson follows through on a pledge to enact similar legislation. that could come today. rosa flores is in indianapolis but we begin in arkansas with victor blackwell. good morning victor. >> reporter: good morning, carol. i just spoke with the governor's office and they have said again that the governor will sign this bill. again, this could happen as early as today. we're expecting some public comment from the governor's office. they have not decided if it will be just a simple written statement or news conference like we saw from indiana's governor but that should come by noon eastern. i also spoke with the house minority leader representative eddie armstrong, and he says that the session is going to end very soon and there are few options here in arkansas for any type of fix. the deadline to present any bills to offer a fix has passed.
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the session is supposed to end tomorrow. he calls it reckless to end a session this way. he's asking the governor to consider vetoing this bill based on the economic impact on the state of arkansas. we're already hearing from the largest private employer here in the state, walmart. they issued a statement after the house passed this bill yesterday. let's put it up on the screen. walmart ceo doug mcmillan said today's passage of house bill 81238 threatens to undermine the spirit of inclusion and for these reasons we are asking governor hutchinson to veto this legislation. there were more than 100 protesters with the human rights campaign on the steps of the arkansas capital to veto the bill. the bill's sponsor says all those people simply do not understand the mission of this bill. he spoke with "new day" early this morning.
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listen. >> there's a lot of passion. they don't want to see this bill passed so they're -- i think that a lot of times people are getting the cart out before the horse and they don't realize what this is. this is really a relatively minor increase in protection for what a person believes and for the most part everyone believes that an individual should be able to carry out their beliefs the way they want without government interference. >> reporter: his argument that this prevents people from being forced to participate in activities that contradict their deeply held religious beliefs. the opponents of this bill say it is a thinly veiled discrimination bill against the lgbt community. again, we're expecting a statement from arkansas governor asa hutchinson this morning. let's bring in rosa flores from indianapolis. governor pence facing criticism but he defends his actions.
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here's what he said in an interview with shawn hannity. >> i stand by this law. the law doesn't need to be fixed, we need to fix the perception. this law does not give anyone a license to discriminate. it's simply a balancing test that's used in our kourts it's been used in the federal courts for more than 20 years. what we're contemplating today was that the legislature would send me a bill that simply makes it clear what was always -- is always the truth about this bill that makes it clear that this law does not give businesses the right to deny services to anyone. >> rosa the governor wants clarity, not change. what does that mean? >> you know carol, before i get into that let me just tell you what's going on right now as we speak inside the capital. so i just talked to the speaker of the house. he tells me that they're expecting for that language that will provide clarity tomorrow morning.
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he also tells me that he is meeting with the governor today. now my producer is inside the capital right now and tells me that he just walked in to the governor's office. so they're meeting right now behind closed doors discussing exactly what we're talking about right now, the language perhaps. now about the clarity. the speaker of the house has told me several times that one of the things that could be clued included in this bill is something as specific as this saying that the rfra law cannot be used as the defense in a discrimination case. now you're probably wondering, we've heard a lot of people who oppose this law. is anyone in indiana supporting this law? there are some. we found one, a business owner. here's what he said. >> well i think what the law does for us is protects us from the government forcing us to do something that we're not
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comfortable with whether that challenges our religious beliefs, our moral beliefs. the law focuses on religion, but there's so much specifically for our religion that ties into our moral beliefs at the same time. it just protects us from being forced to do something against our will. >> and examples of that perhaps, carol, i asked him. give me an example of what that would be. he said, okay so he personalizes leather products. he said if someone walks into my store and asks me to personalize one of my products with either hate speech or a racial slur he said that he wants to be able to say no to that. he's gotten a lot of backlash because he's been out front about supporting this law. he also says that some business owners have thanked him for standing up and speaking publicly on such a controversial issue. >> all right. rosa flores. we'll check back with you.
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thanks so much. there's been a lot of talk about jesus in light of this controversy and what he would do. although as eric erickson says i have no authority to talk about this. we are agents of satin. he claims that these religious freedom laws are rescinded it could change the churn muchch as we know it. >> if the state has the power to change the definition of an institution that it did not create but that god himself created, the state can change things. a christian on the sidelines is a christian not engaged in the great commission christ himself gave us. you can be a sincere christian and support the idea of marriage. i think you're wrong, but you can. but you would be foolish to ignore what will happen to the
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church once the state decides something is a matter of equal protection. >> with me is matthew vines. he's an evangelical christian. he's gay and a youth leader. he's the author of "god and the gay christian. >> thank you for having me carol. >> i'm glad you're here. >> is ericsson right? >> no erick erickson's views represent the older conservative church. i represent my generation, the millennials millennials, who have a much more open stance on this issue. i grew up in wichita, kansas in an evangelical church there. there have been several churches that have become fully affirming of the lgbt community. being gay is not a sin. we're going to get more into that in a second. i want to read you something
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else erickson wrote. he said quote, there is no evidence jesus baked a cake to celebrate sin but the media wants you to think he did. pay no attention to the guy in the bible who spoke the most about hell fire. oh wait that would be the very same jesus. >> these laws are allowing christians to distort their faith, not to express it. greatness comes through humbling yourself not through refusing to serve others. for christians to want to fight on this issue and to use their political power in order to refuse service to others is a complete misrepresentation of the jesus that we find in the gospels and the jesus that the christian tradition has historically honored and seeked to live our lives after. >> i think what some christians believe is that they're forced to participate at a gay wedding and they don't believe in homosexuality and they believe it's a sin, which is their
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right. this will spill over into their church and they'll be forced to worship a certain way. >> those are two separate issues. making a cake for someone, even someone's wedding, is not participating in that wedding that causes you to have to change your beliefs. churches will have the right to marry whomever they want to marry. that's not to say we won't have more of a conversation in the church about how to respond to this. that's an intrafamily conversation it's not about government coercion. i do believe christians should be going back to scripture, taking a much more careful look as i argue in my book. the bible does not condemn same-sex relationships that are based on long term commitment and love and the bible's core commitments is about marriage keeping could have very nanlt with your spouse to reflect god's covenant with humanity. same-sex couples can live that out and they do embody that. >> i want to get back to the
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number of young evangelicals who accept same-sex marriage. a poll from the public religion research institute shows a majority of evangelical christians under the age of 35 support same-sex marriage. i wanted to get that out. you weren't making up those statistics not by a long shot. my final question i want to look at the glass half full. when all is said and done, is there any good that can come of this debate? >> yes. the good is that the backlash to this debate is helping to show more christians that wanting to refuse service to the lgbt community or anyone is a terrible way to be representing our faith. i think that allows me and the work i'm doing, the conferences i'm running, i'm running a conference it this june, and we're, working to train christians who want to be more vocal in changing their churches making their churches passionately inclusive of the
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lgbt community. this is a "wake up call" that the way that we have been operating is not acceptable. i have the opportunity to say from a christian standpoint it's not in keeping with the teachings of jesus. >> matthew vines, thank you for joining me. i appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. still to come in the "newsroom," amid talks of the co-pilot's mental health issues. >> reporter: i'll have the latest on the germanwings crash and the information that lufthansa knew that its co-pilot had psychological problems. all of that and more when we come back.
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our grief is still with us every day, everywhere. those words from the ceo of lufthansa as he visited a memorial to the victims of flight 9525 promising to help as long as help is needed. what the families of those killed in that crash want to know now are answers. why was andreas lubitz allowed to fly. as you're about to see, the ceo refused to give any answers at all. >> merci beaucoup.
6:18 am
>> when did you find the e-mail? >> i'm sorry. >> why did it take you so long to publish the e-mail? >> at least he didn't run away. fredrik pleitgen is following the story from dusseldorf germany. hi fred. >> reporter: hi carol. i think we need to give the ceo of lufthansa the benefit of the doubt. maybe he didn't feel that setting would be appropriate to answer those questions, but certainly the questions are out there and there are many people who want answers from lufthansa at this point in time. right after the crash lufthansa said that yes, lubitz had taken a break during the time he was in pilot training around 2008 2009. they didn't specify the reasons. they said this wasn't something that was uncommon. there were questions as to why he would have taken that break. later the state prosecutor in dusseldorf said yes, lubitz did
6:19 am
have suicidal tendencies around or shortly before that time however, he was receiving psychological counseling around the time now of the crash. they didn't consider him a threat to himself or anyone else. how much of this information did they have at what point? they came out with a statement where they said they had looked through their files again, they had found this e-mail correspondence where lubitz in 2009 told the lufthansa school that he was taking time off, he was informing them that he had had very heavy depressions at a previous period. so the big question is at what point during this investigation did lufthansa know about this and why didn't they come up with this information any earlier, carol. >> let's talk about the leaks that have been out there, including this possible cell phone video taken inside the plane as it went down.
6:20 am
there are conflicting reports about the voracity of that and whether it's fake or real. what are you hearing? >> this is apparently the work of a french investigative journalist who worked with "the bild" newspaper. i know the manager of "bild" who's in charge with this. he's an exceptional journalist. i have talked to him about this. he is very confident about the authenticity of the video. he says he has seen it. he told our own "new day" crew earlier today what exactly is on the video. let's have a look. >> we saw the video with our colleagues and it was kind of disturbing upsetting material. you know it's shot in the cabin. it shows that there was, you know a lot of chaos going on that people apparently were 1re67very much aware of where this was heading. it seemed to document that there was a metallic bang -- what
6:21 am
sounds like a metallic bang on a door which, you know is kind of in line with you know, results of the previous investigation that say that the pilot was trying to break into the cockpit cockpit. that is what we saw. >> that was chilling information. the french prosecutor very angry about all of this. the french have said that they think that these newspaper reports are untrue and they've also come out and said that so far no cell phone video has been used in the investigation and if anybody has any, they fwheed to turn it over immediately. so they certainly are calling for this video if it's out there to be handed over immediately. carol. >> fredrik pleitgen reporting live from dusseldorf germany. let's talk more about this. i want to bring in mary sciavo and she works with a law firm representing airplane crash
6:22 am
victims. welcome, mary. >> thank you. >> i'm glad you're here. so you saw the lufthansa ceo at the memorial site near the crash site and the press conference ended so uncomfortably. should he have gone? >> well he should have done some explaining. i'm sure he'll have to do some explaining. the fact that they had this notice should have set off a set of events. we have reached mental health and mental illness, it should have been treated, bladder medication you have to report it it has to be tested you have to see if you can tolerate the medicine. a period of his medicals should have been removed. they had to evaluate whether his treatment was successful and if the medications were approved. i think this memo shows that
6:23 am
they did not clearly do what they were supposed to do. probably wise on his part to stop talking. >> the fact that this co-pilot suffered through depression came through another leak. if i were a family member i might be a little concerned because in the initial press conference with the airline, their people came out and said this. let's listen. >> i don't -- >> translator: there was, i want to mention this a longer break in his training six years ago but after his qualifications had been checked again, he had taken up his training again. following that he passed all medical and flight training. he was 100% fit to fly without any medications or requirements. >> did he skip over the part of that e-mail chain that said that this guy was suffering from severe depression and neglect to tell all of us at the time? what happened do you think? >> or he didn't find it until the investigators showed up with the french equivalent of a subpoena and said we'll be taking all these records now, thank you very much.
6:24 am
it's possible that the latter is the case as well. it's a misnomer. when he said he showed up and reentered the flight training, at that point if he didn't resurface his mental health problems, he would have checked he didn't have any. that would have broken that very important chain of information that allows the airline and the airline's medical review officer, every airline has one, you're required. that helps them mobilnitor mental health conditions. female pilots have to report hormonal treatments if they're going through menopause. so mental health is just one of the conditions you have to follow. >> i understand. i want to go back to the leaking of information. the co-pilot's depression was leaked the lockout of the cabin was leaked. the time line was leaked. is this someone who wants to
6:25 am
make money by selling information to journalists who will buy it? i shouldn't call them journalists because journalists don't buy information or is this someone who doesn't think the airline has been forthcoming? >> my guess is somebody who doesn't think the airline is forthcoming. it would be difficult to see how they could be making money at this. that's extremely serious because you've tampered with a crime scene scene. you've moved away evidence and there are standards. in the united states it's law that those personal effects must be collected and there must be an effort to return them. not only has he tampered or whoever it is tampered with a criminal investigation or removed evidence they've also stolen property. so it's a highly significant thing. that being said i personally believe that it probably is accurate. i have had other crash cases that i've worked on where there was cell phone video that survived. >> mary sciavo thanks for your
6:26 am
insight as always. i appreciate it. >> thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," john boehner meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. why both are in total agreement on an iran nukes deal. we'll talk about that next. is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars. the average person will probably eat something or drink something that is acidic on a daily basis. those acids made over time wear the enamel. a lot of patients will not realize what's happening to the enamel. once it's gone it's gone away for good. i recommend pronamel. it's designed specifically
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and good morning. thank you so much for joining me. i'm carol costello. the deadline has come and gone
6:30 am
but world leaders are still trying to hammer out a nuclear deal with iran. despite some progress officials say a major roadblock, well more than one major roadblock remains. all of this as the republican house speaker john boehner travels to israel and meets with the prime minister benjamin netanyahu who says a potential agreement threatens the security of his country. earlier they spoke at a news conference insisting that the bond between the united states and israel is stronger than ever. >> in this violent and unstable region where states are imploding and fanaticism is exploding, one thing remains rock solid, our friendship. our alliance our partnership. it makes both our countries stronger. it makes both our countries safer. >> you can't continue to turn your eye away from the threats that face all of us and as you
6:31 am
said the bonds between the united states and israel are as strong as ever. our two countries cooperate on many different levels and while we may have political digs agreements from time to time the bonds between our two nations are strong and they're going to continue to be strong. >> let's bring in cnn's oren liebermann. he is that he jerusalem. i'm sort of used to seeing the president in that spot. is it unusual that the house speaker participated in a news conference? >> reporter: it is a bit unusual but not unexpected especially since boehner invited netanyahu. that was a very interesting news conference because it was a very carefully worded news conference. they didn't mention iran they didn't mention a nuclear deal they didn't mention switzerland. they focused on the ties between the u.s. and switzerland and said the ties would continue and talked about how strong they were. they referred to iran in a roundabout way by referring to the threats in the middle east.
6:32 am
very short statement, but the bigger statement is the symbolic statement here, just that boehner is here with the nuclear deal happening in switzerland, carol. >> no mention of president obama either i would suspect. >> reporter: yeah. and, again, it was a very very short press conference almost strangely short. boehner said just a few words. netanyahu said only a few more words focusing on the strength of the u.s./israel relationship. no mention of iran. no mention of switzerland. no mention of the nuclear deal. no mention of obama. very intentionally worded perhaps carefully worded press conference. maybe not to step on any toes on this one. >> oren liebermann thanks. the stakes are high for the united states in these nuclear talks with iran. this is a new photo from the white house showing secretary of state john kerry briefing the president as discussions slipped past the deadline but the white house says it would rather walk away empty handed than accept a deal that cuts corners.
6:33 am
>> no deal is better than a bad deal. the united states will not sign on to a bad deal. the only kind of diplomacy, political agreement that we envision is one that definitively shuts down a path that iran has and imposes and iran cooperates with a set of extremely intrusive regulations. >> so exactly how are these talks going? let's head to switzerland and check in with elise lab blabatt. tell us. >> reporter: carol, the deadline came and went. negotiators kept talking. they said there was enough progress that merited more talking. there are key issues that remain unsolved. we're talking about them for days. we're talking about the pace of lifting sanctions. the amount of enriched uranium and advance bed nuclear technology iran could do towards
6:34 am
the end of the deal and also the stockpile of enriched uranium. these are key issues. there's been a lot of progress made but the key issues remain unresolved. what we're looking at is perhaps later today, maybe early tomorrow some kind of vague general statement of political agreements but very notably it will not include some of the areas where there are disagreement and the agreement here is really to keep talking, carol. >> so it went from a deal to a framework to a general statement? >> well the u.s. always wanted a framework deal. the iranians have been clear they want one deal at the end of june. that's the big comprehensive agreement which would have all the technical details. the iranians do not want to sign on to something right now. maybe that's because they want to keep negotiating, they want to keep trying to get as much as they can and they don't want to sign on to anything right now.
6:35 am
the iranian supreme leader ayatollah khamenei says they won't sign anything until the end of the month. if the u.s. could say we've agreed with iran to curb their program, they could fill in the details later on. to be sure president obama is going to have a real hard sell with congress with the lack of specifics that we're hearing would be in this statement, carol. >> gotcha. elise labott live this morning. thank you. both sides have rested in the boston bombing trial. could the defense's less is more strategy win points with the jury? alexandra field has been covering the case. >> reporter: hey there, carol. the defense spent a few hours making their case. they called a couple of witnesses. what exactly did they want the jury to see? we'll break it down right after the break.
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6:39 am
closing statements start monday in the boston bombing trial. the defense resting tuesday after just calling four witnesses. it's planned to paint dzhokhar tsarnaev as a victim himself misguided by his older brother. the strategy was a stark contrast to the more than 90 witnesses and month-long testimony carried out by the prosecution. alexandra field has been following the trial. she joins me now with more. good morning. >> good morning, carol.
6:40 am
the prosecution spent weeks calling witnesses testifying in graphic detail about what they had experienced. very compelling. by contrast the defense calls a handful of people. very technical testimony. what are they doing? they're looking past the verdict phase and skipping ahead to the sentencing phase. >> reporter: the defense for dzhokhar tsarnaev starts with his own attorney admitting in opening statements it was him. it ends with his lawyers calling just four witnesses to the stand. key pieces of evidence presented by the prosecution are proof, the defense says of their theory that tamerlan led, dzhokhar followed. the digital evidence on dzhokhar's computer jihadist materials, elaborate instructions for how to build a bomb, an electronic forensics expert testifies those files were first on tamerlan's computer and transferred to his brother's. it's tamerlan they say, who did the leg work searching a host of incriminating terms. march 4th 2013 he types in
6:41 am
rueger p-95 the same type of weapon used to kill mit officer shawn collier and the same weapon used in the shootout of the police. they search transmitter, fireworks, detonator. a few days later gun stores in new hampshire and boston mayor a than. dzhokhar's are facebook closely followed by vk. he never searches the items on tamerlan's list only looking up boston marathon after the bombings. there is the video of dzhokhar leaving his backpack with a pressure cooker bomb outside the foreign restaurant. an fbi investigator says tamerlan's prints are found on pieces of debris where dzhokhar's aren't. same goes for tools the defense suggests could have been used to build the deadly bombs. dzhokhar's attorneys make their case in a matter of hours.
6:42 am
no effort to prove him innocent but every intention to show him as tamerlan's victim. >> so carol, court will be in recess until monday. at that point the jury will hear closing arguments from both sides. they'll go on to deliberate deliver their verdict and you get a reset when you have a new set of witnesses called for the sentencing phase. that's when the jury will be asked to look at the death penalty here. >> it's so difficult to believe that this kid just followed his older brother. he's a good looking kid. popular in high school. you know it's not like he was this wilting lily in need of a leader. >> the defense is trying to walk this very fine line here. on the one hand they want to establish him as a normal kid, spent time online talking about girls, chatting with friends, doing typical stuff. on the other hand they have to acknowledge this incriminating knowledge, the actions themselves and they have to find some way to set this right for the jury which to them is to say he's the victim.
6:43 am
he was the follow lower of his brother. is that compelling to the jury? will that matter? will it garner enough sympathy? that's what we have to see and that's what the defense has to flesh out over the next few weeks of the penalty phase. >> alexandra field, thanks so much. i appreciate it. tikrit has been under isis control for nearly a year. now a break through. we'll take you into the city next. right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out knock it out, fast. with abreva.
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right now iraqi forces are trying to push out a final batch
6:47 am
of isis fighters from is a dad hussein's hometown. the city of tikrit under isis control since june. now it's under iraqi control. the prime minister visited the city center earlier today. you can see him in the photos walking side by side with security forces that helped liberate the city. ♪ ♪ >> the sounds of celebration ringing out in the streets as they replace the isis flag with their own. this is days after airstrikes pounded the streets. government forces take back that city. here's cnn's senior international correspondent arwa damon. >> reporter: war in tikrit city center this is the main road that leads through it. the tank behind me right there is one of those belonging to the hashta popular movement.
6:48 am
that building we were told had a sniper and a suicide bomber in it. over here you see what was tikrit. now we were told this is an example of one of the many buildings that isis fighters had booby trapped. inside here one of the majors was telling us that as one of their officers stepped onto the stairs they detonated. the stairs themselves had been inlain with explosives. two officers were killed. three were wounded. further down you can see smoke continuously rising. this is a scene that you see throughout the entire city. that is because according to what we are being told there are so many i.e.d.s, so many bobby trapped homes -- boobie trapped homes. there are some homes that are actually on fire in the distance. now moving throughout the city the devastation, the destruction is pretty widespread. we also were earlier inside the
6:49 am
presidential complex. there what were saddam hussein's palaces, many of them bearing the scars of what seems to be the aftermath of massive explosions bombing by both coalition and the iraqi air force. now we are still hearing sporadic bursts of gunfire, explosions in the distance. we're being told that there are small pockets where isis fighters are still holding out, not very large in number though at this stage, and the iraqi security forces most certainly confident that they will eventually be able to secure the entire city. as you were saying earlier, the prime minister already declaring victory but given the widespread devastation, given the costs that just this city alone has already paid in the fight against isis well this is pretty much what victory at this all right. arwa damon reporting from tikrit. i'll be right back. urtures her mind.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. the ceo of lufthansa is promising help but he's not giving victims' family members the one thing they want. that would be answers. earlier this morning the ceo literally turned his back on reporters refusing to answer
7:00 am
questions about how they allowed lubitz to fly when they knew about his depression. >> merci beaucoup. sir, when did you find the 2009 e-mail from lubitz? when did you find it? >> i'm sorry. >> why did it take you so long to publish the e-mail? >> there's no questions and answers -- >> all right. let's head to dusseldorf germany for more on this. and fret rick ply ken. >> a lot of people looking for answers. we have to give the ceo the benefit of the doubt. he might have not thought that setting they were in, so close to the crash site would have been appropriate to then talk about the intry cass is of the case. certainly, there are many people carol, who are looking for answers. one of the things that the lufthansa ceo said immediately after the crash when it


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