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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  April 2, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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recovered. this is important, carol, because this will answer crucial technical questions in this investigation. the transcript of the cockpit voice recorder was leaked earlier. the flight data recorder will help investigators know exactly what was going on technically with the plane at the time of the crash. it will help them for one, rule out any sort of technical issue with the aircraft. it will also perhaps confirm their suspicion that andreas lubitz may have been manually flying the aircraft toward the french alps in those final moments. also within the last hour or so new breaking details about that co-pilot andreas lubitz. this is coming to us from a law enforcement source with close knowledge of the nation. this source telling cnn lubitz was very afraid he would lose his pilot's license. in fact after suffering depression back in 2009 a severe episode, he relapsed late last year and was doctor shopping essentially going from doctor to doctor seeing as many as six of them trying to get
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help for a vision problem which was believed to be psychosomatic, mean made worse by his mental state. he was given "not fit to work" notes by those doctors. those doctors did not believe he was fit for the cockpit. he in fact tore up the notes because they were found in his apartment. we know he was described heavy depression medication. >> will i'm going to interrupt you. this is the spokesman for the public prosecutor in germany. >> translator: the prosecution together with the police in dusseldorf have secured documents with data -- we have secured a so-called tablet and
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analyzed it personal correspondence and search show the dhef r device was used by the co-pilot from 16th to 23rd of march is recorded on this device. >> translator: at one day there was some information about the cockpit doors. we cannot confirm and inform this because of the assessment of the analysis. the documents are comprehensive,
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and we would not be able to inform you about this in the coming days. thank you. >> all right. a very short statement from the german prosecutor's office. let's head back to will ripley and help me discern this. this spokesperson says they found a tablet a device and on this device was information taken from march 16 through the 21st. and somehow in here and i couldn't quite get all of this, and maybe you could, that there was information on that tablet about cockpit doors and more. >> reporter: which, of course carol, is a huge potential lead in this investigation. if it turns out that andreas lubitz was researching ways to keep the cockpit door locked and
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ensure that his pilot could not get back in once locked out, that would provide evidence that perhaps this was a premeditated act of murder as opposed to the manslaughter investigation that's under way right now. that's a big question ever since the crash. was this a spur of the moment action or something that had been planned. in lubitz's apartment, there was no evidence of radical political views, no suicide note. he didn't tell anybody that we know of that he was planning this. if he was doing research about cockpit doors and ways perhaps to stay locked inside that would be a huge bombshell in this investigation. of course we don't have the answers. they're saying they won't be able to release that information. we're on the groundworking our sources to try to learn as much as we can, carol. was this premeditated? was it spontaneous? we know it was tragic. we need to find out exactly what he did, when and why as investigators try to do what
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they can. in fact germany here they formed a task force. they're looking at everything to prevent this from ever happening again, carol. >> it gets more horrifying by the day. stay right there, will. i went to bring in les aspen, our aviation expert at cnn. they found the flight data recorder the second black box. that's a good thing. that will probably sget more light on perhaps whether this was a premeditated act. >> at the end of the day, this is still an accident investigation. that dfdr digital flight data recorder is an integral part of the investigation. it works in harmony with the voice recorder that can be put into a program that you can get realtime data. that's good news. for the sake of the families to the sake of us that want to know it's completing an accident investigation under the proper guidelines is the way to go. >> this flight data recorder
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will say whether this guy was manually flying this plane, purposely crashing it. >> it records hundreds of parameters. that's one it should record yes, absolutely. >> i want to head back to germany and check in with will ripley. cnn has also learned that authorities confiscated some computers from this co-pilot's home and on the computers, supposedly he was researching suicide. what do you know about that will? >> reporter: well, they're still going through all the data exhaustively since they seized those computers and other documents from his house, carol. what they're trying to do as they continue to look into his mental history, they're also trying to figure out, again, any evidence of whether this was premeditated. so exactly what was on the computers, the specifics of that haven't been officially released. we don't know all the details.
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but, yes, there was suicide -- there was research about suicide. we also know that he had actually written himself some notes about his pilot's license and also about depression. we don't know if he was writing reminders to himself or not. all of this evidence they went through his apartment multiple times, multiple visits and pouring through everything possible. he didn't leave much of a footprint. they are getting some pieces of information slowly and putting their case together. >> okay. back to you, les. the prosecutor's office also released this information. supposedly this co-pilot was doctor shopping in the months previous to this terrible crash, trying to get some doctor saying he was fit to fly. no doctor would do that. the doctor kept giving him notes, you're not fit to fly. the doctors couldn't share that with the airline itself because that would have been illegal under german law.
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still, this guy worked with pilots, in the cockpit for long periods of time with people. you would think somebody would notice unless this lubitz was incredibly adept at hiding all the trauma that was happening in his life. >> carol, i talked with our correspondent sanjay gupta yesterday while not on air, one of the interesting things was it's possible he could have hid it. i'll tell you what what i discussed with him was the fact that you spend -- at least me personally i can spend as much as 14 hours with one individual. you learn about his family various aspects, how he works, how he reacts to certain things. even on the layover you spend some time together. you learn about this person. i cannot believe in that period of time somebody didn't say there's something a his training at
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lufthansa when he was in arizona, near phoenix. >> will back to you. >> reporter: what is so horrifying here is there is a system in place to prevent unstable dangerous individuals from being in a cockpit with hundreds of lives in their hands. in the case of andreas lubitz 149 people, their lives with were in his hands. that system failed in germany. that's why they're forming this task force. all the safeguards that are put in place to protect patient
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confidentiality, the safeguards the airline puts up to screen these people these pilots to make sure they're in the cockpit, clearly it didn't work in this case. andreas lubitz ended up in a position where he was a disturbed individual hiding oirt not. he had no business being at the hands of the controls on the day this plane took off. we know the doctors that he was visiting they prescribed him medication that would have seriously impaired his ability to fly. the indications were he was desperate to keep his pilot's license, his dream career of being a pilot. he wanted to be in a cockpit, and the person who flew with him the day before said it didn't seem like he was under the influence of any medications. you have a disturbed individual not taking his meds in the cockpit, a planeful of people students parents, children and all of them are dead as a result of this. that's why this country has formed this task force because they need to figure out what went wrong and they need to fix it. >> will ripley les asben, stick
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breaking news in flight 2595. we understand the second black box has been found, very very important. also the german prosecutor spokesperson for the german prosecutor christoph kumpa spoke just moments ago and released bombshell information about a tablet found reportedly used by the co-pilot andreas lubitz. listen. >> translator: this is the fourth pros release of the prosecution prosecution. the prosecution together with the police in dusseldorf have secured documents together with data -- we have secured a so-called tablet and analyzed it
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it. personal correspondence and search words show that the device was used by the co-pilot from 16th to 23rd of march is recorded on this device. annot confirm and infirm this because of the assessment of the analysis. the documents are comprehensive
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and we will not be able to inform you about this in the coming days. thank you. >> all right. very disturbing information there. let's head to will ripley in germany. he's been monitoring this press conference by german authorities. this so-called tablet they found, will not only was this co-pilot supposedly researching cockpit doors, but also suicide. >> looking on the web, carol, for ways to commit suicide. of course the specific search terms, the specific things he may have found, prosecutors are not releasing. but this evidence this electronic trail, cockpit doors, suicide, it does start to put together some of the pieces that prosecutors and investigators have been asking all along. was this premeditated? was this something that was planned or was it indeed a spontaneous action on the part of andreas lubitz. we don't want to stigmatize
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people the millions of people living with mental illness. there are many people who experienced the same difficulties lubitz did who do not act in any way to harm other people but when you're suffering and when you're living with a condition and trying to get help that's one thing. but if you're now looking for ways to cause harm and death to yourself and perhaps to many many others the 149 others that were on that plane, that's when things become much more serious, carol. so we're mindful of the sensitivity with the issues as we report all this but it's very clear andreas lubitz as these inner struggles, doctor shopping trying to get help being prescribed heavy medication being told he's unfit to fly and yet still showing up for work every day and now perhaps also researching ways to kill himself, it's a very very disturbing picture as it all comes together and they need to figure out what happened carol, because they need to prevent this from
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happening again. >> well, certainly the evidence coming out is starting to paint a very dark picture. i want to head to david soucie cnn aviation analyst. he was researching not only cockpit doors but ways to commit suicide. it seems if you connect the dots there that he had planned to take people with him. >> it certainly does and the fact it's been premeditated he was actually doing the research ahead of time he was deciding to do this as will pointed out, this isn't something that's a mental illness driven thing. this is a desire to harm others -- to harm himself and others. this goes far beyond the treatment of mental health. >> les, you're a pilot and you've been very disturbed by all the information coming out on this because you flew a plane recently with passengers on board, and they asked you if you were okay. >> there was one passenger that asked one of my flight attendants whether i had family issues at home.
7:20 am
that person was a little awkward and might have said the wrong thing at the wrong time and disturbed this flight attendant but he was perhaps vocalizing what other passengers were thinking. this is what disturbs me about this whole thing. if this man was indeed premeditating this whole situation, and i could speculate that he was probably making sure he knew the function of that door and how he could disable it. i don't think it was -- it may not have been that particular flight that he was looking to do it on but it may have been a flight. it's awful to consider awful to consider. this man was a perfect storm of having mental illness. between the screening process that apparently didn't get through, there's aspects of it that kind of disturb me where we would have somewhere stopped this from happening. it's not an epidemic among pilots. >> no it's not. it's a very rare occurrence. i know german authorities have put together a task force to
7:21 am
prevent this kind of thing from happening again. the second black box has been found. i want to go to you, rene marsh. this will go a long way in helping investigators determine what exactly happened. >> absolutely. as you know we already have a rough idea of what happened inside the cockpit. but once they have the data recorder this essentially provides a full picture. they can look from moment to moment as the sounds that were playing out in the cockpit, what exactly was happening with the plane's actual systems, were the engines working? there are reports based on data streamed from the plane's transponder that someone manually reprogrammed the auto pilot to descend from 38,000 feet to 100 feet. that kind of information will be able to be glean friday the data recorder. what was happening essentially with all the technical parts of the aircraft. at this point, carol, we do know
7:22 am
from the prosecutor's office that they have located the black box. we do not know the condition it is in. but we do know that these recorders are really manufactured under strict guidelines. they're made to withstand massive force. they're made to withstand the most extreme instances, but still at this point we don't know what kind of condition that recorder is in. >> paul ginsburg is on the phone, a black box expert. are you there, paul? >> yes, i am. >> how do they extract this information from the second black box and how long will it take? >> well they're going to connect it to lots of software and equipment, first test to see that it's viable and the data is still there, and then download streams of data and just as you heard, data is matched up and synchronized with the cockpit voice recorder the radar data
7:23 am
and anything else that would have an input to telling us exactly what happened. it will corroborate what went on in the cockpit as far as the controls and the engine the altitude all of the control surfaces and tell us exactly where and what that plane was doing while he was manipulating the controls. >> paul that plane hit the mountain at 400 miles per hour or faster. would that necessarily damage the second black box to the point where we couldn't extract information? >> well hopefully not. the actual data is on chips, small chips, just an inch or less on each edge. they are well protected within a number of different shells.
7:24 am
they know exactly what they want and how to protect it. it's got several different suits of armor surrounding it. hopefully if the chip itself is intact then the data should be there. >> i want to go to you, david soucie. the information, just to put it simply that investigators will want to find out is if this pilot was manually flying the plane into the side of that mountain. the information from that second black box will tell them that. is that correct? >> it will. it will tell them what input were made and how the airplane reacted. so if it's manually dialed in by the auto pilot, then that control movement wouldn't be there. if he's manually flying it it would. >> i've got to take a break. we'll be back with much more in the "newsroom" with this new information. save them hundreds of dollars on car insurance. but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me sir? i think you've got the wrong bag.
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breaking news out of kenya. right now massive man unto under way for a man linked to a deadly terror attack that left at least 15 people and more than 500 others unaccounted for, this after terrorists stormed a college and then opened fire on christians. officials say the attacker es are still holding hostages. nearly 100 people have been hospitalized. al shabaab already claiming responsibility for this massacre. the message from kenya's president, remain calm and vigilant. >> this is a moment for everyone throughout the country to be vigilant as we confront and
7:29 am
defeat our enemies. >> the kenyan people already springing into action. you can see people here waiting to donate blood to help the victims. let's bring in soni matthew. she's in kenya. hi soni. are you there? >> yes, i am. >> we heard when these terrorists raided this college, they were separating christian students and muslim students. is that what you're hearing? >> well at least initially when the attack began around 5:30 in the morning, they shot spore radically. they shot at anyone who ran or was trying to hide. it was an indiscriminate shootout that took place in the early hours of the day. however, later we're hearing reports that in the hostile they're trying to separate christians and muslims. according to a twitter handle
7:30 am
run by al shab ba backshabaab, we're sure there will be horrific stories coming from the people still being held hostage. however, in the morning there were those who reported they tried to flee in the field and the gunmen had a vantage point and were able to shoot at any of them trying to flee. this is just developing the past few hours. however, during the morning hours, they did shoot spore radically and killed at least 15 people. according to the al shabaab twitter handle they say kenyan also be shocked at the scene. >> kenya is largely a christian nation 80% christian, is that right? >> reporter: it is indeed. garissa is hugely muss lum population. we have kenyan somali and somali
7:31 am
kenyans who are largely muslim population. this is the only institution of higher learning in garissa which means there are lots of students coming from other towns close to garissa. you'll find a mix of basically everybody. there will be christians there, muslims, even from the capital in nairobi. we don't know yet how many muslims are there, how many christians are in there. if this is really targeted to christians we're yet to confirm and we'll probably know as soon as the police are able to investigate the attack. we're yet to hear an official pre port on those held hostage, how many there are, who they are. as you say, at least one picture of a wanted terrorist is released. government is promising five million kenya shillings bounty. >> soni methu, thank you very
7:32 am
much. let's talk with national cnn security analyst peter bergen. you're also the author of "man unto: the ten-year search for bin laden." good morning. why raid this university and kill so many people? >> the idea is to put pressure on kenyan government to basically stop their military operations against shabaab. the kenyan military has been part of effective operations and under an african union kind of command against shabaab. shabaab has been doing very poorly. the attack on the school today is more a sign of weakness than strength. shabaab used to control all of somalia. they used to control the somali capital, mowing difficult shew. they are capable of these kind of terrorist attacks against undefended targets.
7:33 am
we saw that in 2013 in the west gate mall in nairobi. a similar kind of attack an attack that will certainly go on for days. the kenyan government responded to the west gate mall attack i think very incompetent. i think we'll see the same thing here. they don't really have kind of a u.s. style, special operations that can go in and kind of deal with this kind of thing in a timely manner. so unfortunately i think we'll see this operation drag out over several days carol. >> you heard what soni said. there are 500 hostages. that's a lot of hostages. what do they want? >> well they want exactly what is now happening, which is global news coverage. these attacks are designed in a way to last over several days. usually the attackers go into these attacks knowing effectively it's a suicide mission. their aim is to stay alive for as long as possible to generate as many days of coverage as
7:34 am
possible. we saw this in the mumbai attacks in 2008. we saw this in the west gate mall attack in nairobi in 2013. we're going to see it again now. my estimation is this will take several days to deal with. we've seen reports of five gunmen very similar to the kenya mall attack which involved four gunmen. those guys -- that was in nairobi, the capital of the country where presumably the kenyan state has more ability to deal with such an attack. here we're in a remote part of the country, and i don't really have any idea of how well the kenyan military is equipped to deal with this kind of thing in such a row moat lowemote location. >> peter bergen thank you. senator robert martinez says he's not going anywhere. the new jersey democrat vowing to fight federal corruption charges. we'll talk about that next. get gas-x. it relieves all those symptoms in minutes. that's why it's the #1 gas relief brand.
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financial noise financial noise financial noise financial noise
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a defiant senator robert martinez is menendez is vying to fight corruption charges. >> members at the justice department don't know the difference between friendship and corruption and chosen to twist my duties as a senator and my friendship into something that is improper. they are dead wrong and i am confident that they will be proven so. >> the new jersey democrat has a court hearing set for today.
7:39 am
he's accused of using his senate office to promote the business interests of a long dwlooet time friend and donor in return for gifts. let's bring in cnn justice reporter evan perez who is covering the hearing today. tell us more. >> reporter: hi carol. the senator is getting ready to come over here to the federal court here in newark. the police have already put up barriers to control the media. this is an unusual situation. usually a senator, someone like this would be offered the chance to surrender away from the cameras. this senator has decided he wants to do it here. he's going to be processed and appear before a magistrate and be arraigned to hear the charges. altogether there are 14 counts eight counts of bribery, three counts of services fraud, conspiracy travel vie lilgs and false statements. there's a lot of salacious details in this 68-page indictment announced yesterday by the justice department
7:40 am
including efforts by the senator to help get visas for girlfriends of his friend solomon maljin an ophthalmologist in florida, long time donor and friend of the senator. >> evan perez reporting live in new jersey. also happening, indiana lawmakers are debating amended language to the religious freedom deal. promising everyone no matter race creed or sexual orientation would be welcome in their state. >> for the first time ever the words sexual orientation and gender identity appear in indiana statute or they will after this law is passed in the context of non-discrimination. but it will take time and it will take more work. i have complete confidence in our ability to heal and to
7:41 am
rebound because today i believe we showed the world what the people of indiana are really made of. >> miguel marquez is covering the story from indianapolis. tell us about the fix, miguel. >> reporter: well the fix is much as he says it's very very short, just one page and two little pages here. the significance of it is an earthquake for politics here in indiana. what you're looking at behind me is the conference committee where they're hashing this out. this is language that has been agreed upon by the largely republican members of both the house and the senate here in indiana, and the most significant thing in it is that as the individual said in the setup to this the terms sexual orientation and gender identity for the first time in any bill statewide in indiana is being included here which is something they didn't want to do. it does raise the question with
7:42 am
that language in this bill what does it then actually mean? democrats saying they were going to take it to court to begin with. now they think they have a stronger case. democrats here in the conference committee say they want to still offer an amendment to repeal the original law. they will be discussing that debating that and fighting over that in committee for some time yet. we expect it will go to both the house and the senate here in indiana by tonight. it could be a late night, but possibly by the end of it it could be on the governor's desk for his signature. if he vetoes it which will one expects he will the house and the senate think they have the votes here to override it. >> miguel marquez reporting live from indianapolis. thank you. we're also seeing the same controversy play out in arkansas. today the arkansas house of representatives is taking up a revised version of the religion bill. in a surprise announcement yesterday governor asa hutchison
7:43 am
ordered changes to more closely duplicate federal law. they said arkansas stands for tolerance, not discrimination. >> it has divided families and there is clearly a generational gap on this issue. my son, seth signed the petition asking me dad the governor to veto this bill. he gave me permission to make that reference, and it shows that families -- and there's a generational difference of opinion on these issues. >> the statehouse is expected to take up a vote on a revised bill in just a few hours. still to come in the "newsroom" -- >> they say you never miss the well until the water runs dry. that's true. who would have ever thought i wouldn't have any water? >> desperation grows as california's governor issues
7:44 am
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7:48 am
of snow. over the years this crucial water source the sierra nevada mountains has been shrinking before our eyes look at the lack of snowfall by 2015. the devastating impact seen here more than 66% of the state now under extreme or exceptional drought. as the water supply windals, california residents are growing desperate. sara sidner joins us from a neighborhood in los angeles. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is unprecedented. one study shows this is the worst drought in california in 1,200 years. what is the government doing about it? i'll give you a quick exam on how this can affect homeowners? see this beautiful lush lawn that is very thirsty, uses a lot of water. that the governor says is a thing of the past. this which we just saw put in yesterday is the future a drought-resistant, zeroscape lawn that takes a fraction of the water.
7:49 am
that's just one of the measures. the situation here in california when it comes to water is absolutely at an emergency status. >> they say you never miss the well until the water runs dry. it's true. who would have ever thought that i wouldn't have any water? >> reporter: did you ever actually cry because -- >> have i cried? i've cried myself to sleep a lot of times and i've lost weight. >> reporter: unlike a small earthquake which jolts you into the reality that you need to be prepared for a big one, the drought is like a slow moving disaster. you don't realize how bad it is until it hits you hard. >> reporter: how long have you not had running water in the house? >> it's been a year and one month. one of my daughters, she came home from school and said mom, they say i don't got no water and i didn't shower this and that that i stink. >> reporter: from the towns to out here in california's beautiful countryside, you really get a glimpse of exactly what the drought is doing to the
7:50 am
state, especially here atop pine flat lake. one of the largest reservoirs. when the water runs out, there are rings left behind. even gps is having trouble keeping up. according to this we should be submerged in deep water right now. >> we had a terrible winter in terms of rainfall and snowfall. there's no snow in the mountains. there will be no snowmelt to replenish those reservoirs. california has about one year of water left in its reservoirs on the surface. >> reporter: so far county officials say more than 960 households have reported their wells have run dry, which accounts for up to 5,000 people who don't have running water in their homes. so what are people doing? well sometimes it's neighbors helping neighbors. sometimes people are getting water stacked up on their front door. and other times, non-profit groups and the county are working hard to try to put tanks
7:51 am
in yards so people can have running water. but it's a temporary fix. >> we went with them because you want to help them with something. then at the same time what can we do for them? we can't provide everything they need. there's 24 shower units. >> reporter: how often are they used? >> every day. the resources coming in they help somewhat but the crisis is growing. the situation is growing worse by the day. >> the amount of water we have available to us in the west is instead difficult decline. we have to embrace that if we want to keep living out here. >> reporter: you can hear it there are people with no running water. now the restrictions are taking hold. there are lots of things being done trying to come up with ways to save water. ultimately ever wurn has to play their part. this is a crisis here in
7:52 am
california and could be for the rest of the country. we grow a lot of things that the rest of the country puts on their table, carol. >> it's a shame. boston got over 100 inches of snow and set records. it's a shame boston couldn't ship some of that snow to california. >> absolutely. the snowpack there, without that that means less and less water. this drought expected to go on potentially through 2016 the situation really dire here. >> sara sidner thanks so much. appreciate it. i'll be right back. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you wouldn't
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companies and celebrityies alike pulling out stops to fool you, to the selfie shoe to target's fanny basket. jeanne moos breaks it down. >> reporter: a day of unforgettable. >> the n selfie edition. >> mean the fanny basket. >> reporter: you'd have to have your head up your fanny to fall for these. april fools have become the corporate pranks what the super bowl is to commercials. an excuse for companies to introduce the most absurd dumb product that couldn't possibly exist, could it?
7:57 am
i suppose pizza hut's scratch and sniff menus are plausible, but pizza beer seems like a tall order. the selfie stick proved to be april fools gold. >> if you order your dog on a stick today, you'll receive a free selfie stick and harness for your cat, the cat on a stick. >> reporter: there was the inner selfie stick for selfies where the sun don't shine, and if the shoe fits so will your phone. >> just insert your phone into the port raise it to the perfect angle. >> reporter: the honda selfie edition features ten embedded cameras, while bmw introduced a mouth guard fa shunned after the car's grill, the bmw motor mouth. april foolishness wouldn't be complete without a new dating app, play dating for toddlers. >> he's can you tell! >> reporter: also cute google letting you use their maps to play pac-man. who needs shopping carts when
7:58 am
there's targets' revolutionary fanny basket complete with cup holder grab those diapers. kelly rippa announced she's pregnant. she's not. crooner sam smith announced he's straight. he's not. tom brady pretended he's in a full body cast. he's not. if for even a second you fell for the selfie shoe you are a shoo-in for april fool. jeanne moos cnn, new york. >> i think the selfie shoe is an excellent idea. you agree with me jay? >> yes. >> floor director jay gees. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and baldwin after a break.
7:59 am
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