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tv   Wolf  CNN  April 2, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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month it looks like. new york city last month. just two weeks ago -- >> chicago. >> this is getting repetitive and ugly story. thank you, colonel, we have a lot of breaking stories right now. i want to remind the viewers we're awaiting the live news conference on the nuclear talks with iran. breakthrough no breakthrough? wolf blitzer is going to pick up the coverage right after this. hello. it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington. 7:00 p.m. in dusseldorf 9:30 p.m. in tehran. thanks very much for joining us. and we start with the breaking news on the nuclear negotiations underway in switzerland. the united states leading those talks over iran's nuclear program. at any minute now, we expect to hear from some of the principals including the foreign minister
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of iran. the original deadline came earlier this week. but it came on wednesday. the representatives have pushed ahead and now appear close to reporting that enough progress has been made to move forward to what they describe as the next phase with an end of june deadline. cnn's global affairs correspondent elise labott has been following all of the developments in switzerland for us. there's john kerry, the secretary of state of the united states just got into that car. presumably he's going to be heading over to the microphones and start with a statement and answering reports' questions as well. there's a formula they have worked on on appearances. you're there in switzerland. walk us through. i understand we'll be hearing first from the european union and then the foreign minister of iran is that right? >> actually it's going to be a joint statement by the two of
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them. if you remember, kathy ashton who was the foreign policy chief, she was the one leading the talks, so this is really under the auspicious of the european union. i understand it's a statement of a broad agreement that will talk about a lot of progress that's been made that will allow the parties to continue negotiating. a comprehensive deal which is due by june. what was due right now is just a political framework, political understandings that would really be the backbone of this comprehensive agreement. we just saw a tweet, good news i'm about to go speak with the iranian foreign minister. the foreign minister zarif himself tweeting found solutions, ready to start drafting immediately. it places restrictions on iran's nuclear program. a lot more restrictions that
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were currently in place in this interim agreement agreed to in november 2013 but it will not destroy iran's nuclear program completely. there will still be some infrastructure in place. we've been talking about a lot of technical language on air. i've learned a lot, more than i already did about nuclear technology. we're talking about centrifuges. they'll be able to hold onto a certain number of that. but there will be curbs on this program. and the international community thinks it can extend what they call the breakout time the time iran would need to have enough material to go for a nuclear weapon. the goal has been a year. they think they have done that. the devil in the details. this is not a formal agreement. the agreement itself will be negotiated in june. the iranians were very strict about that. they didn't want to sign an agreement right now. it's entirely possible when they
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get back to the negotiating table, nothing has been agreed to wolf. >> based on what they've agreed to so far, will they at least make all of that public or will all of that remain secret? >> reporter: well, i think for today, it's going to be very vague. it's going to be very general, talking about political understandings curbs on iran's nuclear program, sanctions relief allowing iran to see some sanctions relief and a path forward. i think it's going to be more about general understandings progress that's been made. what won't be mentioned is there are several things that have not been agreed to about the scope of the research and development that iran would be able to resume in the end years of the deal. we're talking about a 15-year deal. after ten years, iran wants to be able to start resuming some of its nuclear activity resuming some of its advanced research and technology that has concerned the international
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communities. international community wants to keep those restrictions in place for the entire 15 years. they also haven't agreed on the complete scope of lifting u.n. sanctions. iran wants them lifted on day one, but the international community wants to phase them out as iran complies with the deal. they're also looking at a snapback provision if iran were to violate. it has to do with united nations, security council politics. there's a lot still to be addressed. i think this is going to be a very vague statement. not sure if it's going to be enough for president obama to take to congress to ward off sanctions. if congress were to impose sanctions that would jeopardize chances of a full comprehensive deal. >> sounds like the iranians are clearly pleased, not only zarif tweeting there is good news. now we're getting a tweet from the president of iran. he just tweeted solutions on key
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parameters of iran nuclear case reached, drafting to start immediately. so he seems pleased as well. i want to bring in our chief international correspondent. these are very, very sensitive issues. doesn't get a lot more sensitive than this. give us your analysis on what we're expecting right now. >> well, i do think similar to what elise said and similar to what i've been getting certainly from the iranian side is that they were very concerned about quote, proportionality. what they were trying to do was get agreements on all these solutions, on all the outstanding things so that they could begin drafting. for them, that means getting all this done sort of in the first several months of any agreement. and for everything they do then to get relief sanctions-wise. so that was incredibly important for them.
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that is the key thing they have to sell back in iran. that's the key thing that the government of the president and foreign minister zarif kind of rests on. the people wanted the -- you know the parliament and everybody else wants that. we did talk to a very, very highly placed source. we've had him in the air. he had some real detail about the outstanding issues. he talked about annexes being attached to a general statement that might be released at the owned of this process. saying they could be somewhere in the region of six annexes. dealing with such things as future enrichment like the iraq heavy water facility. all those kinds of things. apparently until we know this evening, have not yet been ironed out. for the iranians it was always a
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june 30th deal. i know they had this march 31st deadline for a certain framework. but the iranians always wanted this to go down to the wire to june 30th. the german foreign minister also tweeted that enough understanding has been reached and they will be making the statement we're expecting. >> those negotiations as you know they've been going on now for 18 months. they began the negotiations. the there already have been a few extensions and this june 30th deadline, the president of iran says in his tweet drafting to start immediately to finish by june 30th. javad zarif he says found solutions, ready to start drafting immediately. do you know if that june 30th deadline like other deadlines earlier, is really hard and fast. can they extend it even further? a lot of the critics say the iranian goal is to keep
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extending and extending and extending? >> well, look, who knows. every goal so far has been pushed. all sides are saying that this is a firm, firm firm, firm deadline. you know it depends on politically how any of the sides can keep going. obviously, the europeans can. but the united states and iran it's very difficult to know whether they can actually keep going indefinitely. but it has to be said and all those close to the negotiations said that in these last 18 months a totally different atmosphere has been created after 35 years of hostility between iran and the united states. not to mention, the other europeans obviously the russians and the chinese. but particularly between the united states and iran. 35 years plus of hostility has had some of the edges sort of smoothed away by sitting around this table from early morning late into the night, walking along river fronts flying back and forward and keep trying to
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get a deal. it's clear that both of the main parties. both united states and iran very desperately want a deal to be made. it is also clear despite the noise that's gone on around the negotiations that tangible progress has been made in these past 18 months. that iran's nuclear program has been curbed in these past 18 months. and that they have received a little relief a little relief. but for the world, you have noticed a massive ratcheting down of tension between iran and the united states. you remember just a few years ago, the years when every day brought another in your face bluser and blundering about nuclear weapons, nuclear program and this and that. it was very very aggressive. and the whole tone has been dramatically changed. as i say, it's not just the tone it's substance that in the last 18 months have been changed. it's also very important to recognize that the experts tell you that iran has the
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wherewithal to build, if it wants, a nuclear weapon right now. the engineering the ability to enrich all of that kind of stuff. it has not done so and it has chosen not to do so. we're not in their minds to know why, but that is the fact. we also know that 35 years plus, certainly the last ten or 12 years of heavy sanctions, some of the most draconian known to the u.n. system have not stopped iran from enriching. so another route needed to be tried. this is the one they continue to pursue. >> we'll see what the announcement is. we're about to hear from the european union high representative. and the iranian foreign minister javad zarif. they will be making the initial statement. subsequently we'll hear from the u.s. secretary of state john kerry. we're also pateanticipating a
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statement from president obama. he was supposed to leave the white house, but he's delaying his departure for kentucky and then onto utah. presumably we're waiting for a statement from the president, presumely as well. we'll get action to what's going on. joining us is the chairman of the house republican affairs committee. thanks very much for joining us. what's your reaction so far to what we know? we're anticipating a statement basically they reach add framework agreement, but now they have to work out the technical details with the goal of achieving that by the end of june? >> well, my concern in talking to some of the experts that have been following the negotiations is the way they got to this point was basically by iran so far to win on a number of different fronts. one of those was to have iran keep the stockpiles rather than turn those stockpiles over to a third country with respect to the enriched uranium they have.
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another was to not nail down that issue of whether or not that he were going to have inspectors have the right to inspect any time anywhere. a third point would be the iranian position that they don't want to close the plants where they do their research work. so if inspectors are not going to be able to go into military installations and see what is going on then we face the possibility of a creep out, maybe not a break out, but a creep out in terms of their gradual ability to develop a more and more massive program. so that's -- that's the worry. are we giving too much because we've never brought the full weight of sanctions down the way we could have, and that's the debate that congress has right now over this issue. >> some of the administration officials say, yes, maybe the iranians are not going to allow
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the export of their enriched uranium to russia but there are other ways to dilute it and keep it in iran for example that will do the same thing. you buy that? >> to do that you would have to inspect that on a constant basis. you would have to be able to ascertain that in the future they wouldn't kick inspectors out. yes, iran feels they're winning in this negotiation based on those tweets but it hasn't changed the attitude of the ayatollah who's the final decision maker who still, about a week ago, led those chants of death to america. we do have an attitude problem with iran. ten years plus of negotiations with the europeans and they've been able to incrementally move the ball and move it to the point where now we know they've worked on plutonium enriched
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uranium uranium. we need the inspectors to go in there and verify. until that happens it looks to me like we're being rolled. i know that's the view of many members of congress on both sides of the aisle right now. let iran give us the ability to get the iae in there, answer the 12 questions they've been asked about their past nuclear program. they've only answered part of one of those questions. and open up to the rest of the world and show us what's actually going on in those military facilities right now. >> the foreign ministry of germany, which is of course a key player in all of the negotiations just tweeted they have reached agreement on key points of a concluding deal. stand by, they say, for a press conference. here's a key issue that members of congress are going to have to decide in the coming weeks. do you go ahead and let this play out until the end of june without voting on resolutions to impose new sanctions against iran? did you give the president that
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opportunity to finish the deal? or do you go ahead in the coming weeks and vote in favor of new sanctions? the president says he would veto those sanctions. i don't know if you have the two-thirds override. that's your thought about sanction sns. >> i've always run the committee in a buy partisan way. include the the democrats and the republicans. the last time we brought up legislation, the administration was on the other side. our vote in the committee was unanimous for additional sanctions on iran the kind that would really put the pressure on their ayatollah and give thim the choice between economic collapse or compromise on the negotiations. i -- i am going to be in consultation with our members on both sides of the aisle and certainly with the senate democrats and republicans concerned about this issue. you know there are about 12 senate democrats who share my
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concern. certainly we had a majority of the democrats in the house and most of the republicans in the house signed by letter about a week and a half ago that we sent to the president asking that something be done about those four issues that i raised earlier with you. to ascertain that we really had control over verification of this nuclear weapons program and that we weren't lifting sanctions prematurely immediately as the iranians want us to do. instead, keep the pressure on for a deal that we can actually verify. >> we'll see what happens. we're standing by for this news conference. chairman ed roadways thanks very much for joining us. i want to bring in jim sciutto. he's over at the state department here in washington watching what's going on. you're working your sources as well. we're standing by to hear the high representative of the european union together with the
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foreign minister of iran javad zarif. he's pretty optimistic. he's tweeted already, a deal looks good. the president of iran similarly has tweeted looks like they got a deal but they still got to work out the details. what are you hearing? >> i got to tell you the key here really is the details. i was there in november in vienna when they last extended the talks and in july. at that time they said the same thing they're saying now, that there's been enough progress to continue talks. the way they describe these deadlines in november was a full political agreement by march and then just the technical details in the enshoeing three months leading up to the june 30th deadline. general parameters with the details still to be worked out, that means that there's still a lot of negotiating to do. they're really stretching the definition of what a technical detail is if you leave a lot of
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these questions open on the disposition for instance of the huge stockpile of enriched you're yan uranium. we've heard that leaking out in recent days as they kept extending the deadlines. doesn't mean they haven't made progress. if you're leaving major details like that or really major areas of disagreement you got a long way to go to a final agreement. it's interesting them to hear them echoing some of the rhetoric they were saying four months and ago and eight months ago when they said we made enough progress to continue talking. >> they've been negotiateing for 18 months already. they say they need another three months. jim, i want you to stand by. we'll been hearing from the representative of the european union. there's the microphones set up
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already. we'll have live coverage of that. that will be followed by a news conference by the secretary of state john kerry. presume whether i, we'll also hear from president obama at the white house. he's delayed a departure for kentucky. presumably he's going to make a statement as well. another major story we're following in the united states. federal officials have now arrested two women in an alleged new york city bomb plot. the suspects apparently had ties to isis. we're getting new information on this very disturbing development. we'll have much more when we come back.
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you may be able to get up to 12 months at no cost. we're waiting for the foreign minister of iran javad zarif. he's going to be making a statement together with the high representative from the european union. there you see him right in the mild of your screen. he's the chief iranian nuclear negotiator. he has already tweeted, found solutions, ready to start drafting immediately. the president of iran also tweeted, reached drafting to start immediately to finish by june 30th. presumably secretary of state john kerry will follow. we're also anticipating a statement from the president of the united states. we're standing by for all of that. there's other breaking news out of new york. a significant development.
10:25 am
u.s. federal law enforcement source telling cnn two new york women, two new york women have now been arrested for plotting a terror attack on the united states. the suspects apparently influenced according to these allegations, by isis. for the latest, let's go to jason carol joining us from new york. what do we know about these two women? >> first of all, according to this complaint, they are identified as noelle velentzas, also asia sa deky. according to the complaint, both of them were roommates together living in queens new york. both of them arrested now and charged with conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction. that weapon being an itch advised explosive device. according to the complaint, a lengthy complaint we've had an opportunity to read through
10:26 am
here sa deky was in possession of multiple pro main gas tankss instructions on how to transform them into explosive devices. many visits to a local home depot where they allegedly picked up their materials to carry out their plan. asarntlypparently they were obsessed with pressure cookers. the complaint was to blow up and use a bomb from afar. another one of the goals here wolf was to make history. one of them 28, the other 31. both of them expected to appear in federal court in brooklyn later this afternoon. >> do we know how officials discovered this alleged plot specifically the potential target or targets? >> well, this was part of a lengthy undercover operation that took place according to the
10:27 am
complaint for more than a year. they have text messages they have phone calls that they've been monitoring. a lot of evidence that they've gathered in terms of their case here wolf, so in terms of the exact target that's what we're trying to find out here. somewhere in new york city. the exact target undetermined. at one point during the complaint, harold square which is a popular destination here in new york city a lot of shops there, that was potentially discussed and apparently allegedly one of them said well what we want to do -- there are only normal people there. we want more than that. so harold square at one point was an area targeted as a potential target. but a lot more information we're trying to get out of this. again, later on this afternoon, both of these two expected to appear in federal court. perhaps we'll be able to get more details at that point. >> what do they mean when they want more than normal people?
10:28 am
>> i think, when people think of harold square you think of a place with a lot of discount shops, perhaps they want add higher target. at one point in this criminal complaint here the possibility of targeting police officers how easy it would be to target a police officer, get a police officer's gun, that was mentioned in the complaint as well. perhaps that a possibility. don't want to read too much into it. according to this complaint at one point when harold square was discussed, one of the suspects said we don't want just normal people here. >> all right. very disturbing development. i know you're going to get more information. we'll be all over this story as well. we're waiting for the official announcement from switzerland. the negotiations, at least this phase, they have wrapped up. the representative of the european union and javad zarif.
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there's only one egg that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. welcome back. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we're following the breaking news out of switzerland. there you see live pictures coming in. we're anticipating the official announcement the announcement that the end on f these current negotiations in switzerland involving iran's nuclear program. the statement coming in from the european union and the iranian foreign minister javad zarif. they say they will try to do that by the end of june deadline. the secretary of state john kerry, he'll have his own news conference following that.
10:32 am
plume presumably we'll hear from president obama at some point. there's other significant breaking news we're following this hour as well. including chaos on a college campus as terrorists carry out a brutal and deadly attack and dangerous inmates on the loose after al qaeda fighters storm a prison in yemen. the death toll in kenya has dramatically risen. authorities now say at least -- at least 70 people have been killed more than 70 others injured in the attack at the garissa university college. more than 500 students have been rescued. the militant group al shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack. in yemen meanwhile, al qaeda militants attacked a prison earlier today. yemen's defense ministry says they freed at least 270 prison
10:33 am
nors. a third of them have direct ties to al qaeda and other terror groups. the gunshots started going like fireworks, that's how one witness describes the assault in kenya. gunmen stormed the campus during morning prayers opening fire taking hostages. authorities now say at least 70 people are dead. four terrorists they say have been killed. we're joined now from nairobi. bring us up to speed as the operation against the terrorists as far as we know still going on right now? >> reporter: indeed, wolf the operation is still going on. the last statement was from the cabinet secretary who put the death toll as you say to 79 people injured. according to him, the school had at least 850 students. and so far, 500 people have been rescued and 79 people are still
10:34 am
receiving treatment. we are calculating this statistics given and it goes to show about more than 250 people are still unaccounted for. that's not counting the people who are in administration, the cleaners and so on and so forth. the staff members who are there. just the statistics from the numb of students, at least 250 students still unaccounted for. the death toll is 70 as you said and four of those are among the terror suspects killed during this operation. also he says most of those killed were students. two security guards among the dead. >> very quickly, there have been reports that these al shabaab terrorists were actually separating the christian students from the muslim students. do you know anything about that? >> reporter: well, initially, no. there were not separating. they shot sporadically at 5:30
10:35 am
when they got in. a few students said they tried to escape running into the fields and the attackers at this point had a vantage point and shot at anyone trying to flee in the field. as soon as the whole situation happened reports started coming out that they are separating christians and muslims according to a twitter handle carried by al shabaab, claiming that they've been able to separate the christians and the muslims and released at least 15 muslims. it's a hugely muslim populated area. you'd expect more muslim students in this school however, this is the highest school of learning in this area. so there will be other student whose are christians. but you'd expect the number of muslims in that school to be a bit higher. yet to confirm this these saying that they are being separated, muslims and christians.
10:36 am
although reports on the ground are quite firm about that. and al shabaab themselves say yes, they have released 15 muslims from the hostage situation. >> thanks very much. we'll stay on top of this story. very disturbing development in kenya right now. let's get some analysis what's going on all the breaking news including the new york plot terror plot as well as the terror attack on these students in kenya. joining us bob bayer, cnn security and intelligence analyst. these two women arrested in new york accused of supporting isis plotting what is being described as a major terror operation maybe going after a shopping area in manhattan. bob, what do you make of this? >> well, you know initially i'd say that this was not organized from syria or iraq. these are two lone wolves.
10:37 am
they got an idea and then they set about putting the explosives together using propane tanks if that's in fact what they wanted to do is a very difficult explosive device to use. . you have to know how much to fill them and the rest of it. so i think the fbi caught these people no doubt on social media of some sort expressing their ideas, their devotion to jihad and put them under surveillance. pretty typical operation. they stopped it. the fbi is on these people and has done a good job. i think we're lucky again. but it's the lone wolf that we should worry about that knows explosives that doesn't need to reach out looking for expertise. >> looks like they had some potential explosive cablebilities. harold square it's pretty well-known in manhattan. these women, roommates, one of them was heard saying that they weren't necessarily going to go
10:38 am
after this harold square department store area because too many quote, normal people there were. they were seeking for, i guess, you know, more prominent personalities if you will. what do you make of this? >> the early reports wolf are suggesting this was a very naive approach to an attack. propane tanks are not a good bomb making material. the early court documents suggested that they tried to learn how to do this through online instructional manuals instead of being taught how to do it. the police have been monitoring this and the counter terrorism investigation for over a year. all of these things lead me to believe these were immature approaches to bomb making. there are early unconfirmed reports that there are connections between these two individual women with others who have attempted to conduct home grown attacks in the united states. to include the national guard
10:39 am
soldier attempting to get to syria just a few weeks ago. all these things are very disturbing. there's a positive side in this. new york counter terrorism police have been very good in that thwarting these plots. >> we'll get more details. i want both of you to stand by. we're following a lot of break news today. big story out of switzerland. looks like they have a tentative deal. we just got a tweet from the secretary of state from the united states john kerry. big day, eu p five plus one and iran now have parameters to resolve major issues on nuclear program, back to work soon on a final deal. that tweet from john kerry. standing by for the news conferences. lots of them beginning with the eu representative and the iranian foreign minister followed by kerry and presumably
10:40 am
the president of the united states as well. stand by. we're covering all of this. i see now the foreign minister of iran. he is walking in together with the high representative from the european union. there's john kerry. there are other representatives. they're going to be standing by to make a statement. i assume we'll hear first from the european high representative of the eu of the european -- of the european union. i believe she will make the statement first followed by javad zarif. they usually take a photo opportunity before these kinds of events. we're told she will speak in english. i believe javad zarif will not. we'll have translation for all of that. there they are. at least are the foreign ministers. the other permanent members of the united nations security council including britain and
10:41 am
france certainly china and russia. and as well as germany is part of this and the eu representative as well. they have now all gathered in switzerland and they're going to announce what they call a tentative deal. but the details of course have to be worked out over the next three months. somebody is speaking there. >> thank you very much. >> i think this is just a photo opportunity there. i assume she's going to make the statement first, the high representative of the european union. she's walking over to the microphone together with javad zarif, chief iranian nuclear negotiator. here's the high representative of the european union.
10:42 am
] the european union representative and the foreign minister of the islamic republican of iran together with the foreign ministers of china, france germany, russian federation the united kingdom and the united states from 26 march and 7 april 2015 in switzerland. [ inaudible ]
10:43 am
-- met from 26 march to second april 2015 in switzerland. as agreed in november 2013 we gather here to find solutions towards reaching a comprehensive resolution that will ensure the exclusively peaceful nature of the iranian nuclear program and the comprehensive lifting of all sanctions. today, we have taken a decisive step. we have reached solutions on key parameters of a joint comprehensive plan of action. the political determination, the good will and the hard work of all parties made it possible. and let us thank all delegations for their tireless dedication. this is a crucial decision laying the agreed basis for the final text of the joint comprehensive plan of action. we can now restart drafting the
10:44 am
text and annexes of the joint comprehensive plan of action guided by the solutions developed in this days. as iran pushes a peaceful nuclear program, iran's enrichment capacity and stockpile will be limited for specific durations and there will be no other enrichment facility. iran's research and development on centrifuges will be carried out on a scope and schedule that has been mutually agreed. there will be a conversion from an enrichment site into a nuclear physics and technology center. international collaboration will be encouraged in agreed areas of research. there will be -- there will not be any material there. an international joint venture
10:45 am
will assist iran in redesigning and rebuilding a modernized heavy water research reactor that will not produce weapons, weapons grade plu tomorrowium. there will be no repesing and the dispensed fuel will be deported. including implementation of the modified code and provisional application of the additional property coal. the national attack ik energy agency will be permitted the use of modern technology and have access through agreed procedures including to clarify past and present issues. iran will take part in international cooperation in the field of civilian nuclear energy which can include supply of power and research reactors. another important area of cooperation will be in the field of nuclear safety and security.
10:46 am
the european union will terminate the implementation of all nuclear-related economic and financial sanctions and the united states will seize the application of all nuclear related economic and financial sanctions simultaneously with the iae verified implementation by iran of its key nuclear commitments commitments. it will endorse the jcpo terminate all previous related nuclear related resolutions and incorporate certain restrictive measures for a mutually agreed period of time. we will now work to write the text of a joint corp. hen comprehensive plan of action in the coming weeks and months at the political and experts level. we are committed to complete our
10:47 am
efforts by june 30th. we would like to thank the swiss government for hosting these negotiations. and thank you all journalist and media from around the world for having fold our work and somehow also having worked with us over this difficult but intense and positive week. thank you. >> good evening. thanks both the swiss government and the distinguished members of the press and media for their actually trying to work with us over the last several weeks and trying to help us in getting the world to know what was going on. as our tradition has been i would read the statement statement that she just read out to you in english. it will be the same statement. you don't need interpretation.
10:48 am
[ speaking in foreign language ] >> all right he says he's reading the exact statement that the european union high commissioner just read in english. he's reading it now. we'll have our experts make sure it's exactly the same statement. in the meantime let's bring in our chief international corporate correspondent. they were pretty specific. she announced some of the specifics probably more than a lot of people anticipated. they got to work out the text now. they got to put it all down in writing by the end of june. what was your analysis what did you think? >> these are some of the big
10:49 am
issues obviously. just as you can imagine we've been speaking about the importance of sanctions to the eye januaryiowaeyeiowa iranians. basically said major break through on sanctions due to nine hours meeting last night between john kerry and javad zarif. and basically what they have announced is that the eu will lift sanctions, the united states apparently will cease the application of its financial sanctions related to the nuclear system in iran. that the enrichment capacity of iran will be restricted. i did not hear what they said about stockpiles. i heard no enrichment facility in iran other than the one, that the one sort of under the mountains is going to be converted into a training and technical center for physics and
10:50 am
nuclear-related training and technical development. there will be no nuclear material there. and the international association will help to redesign. this is another area of importance the heavy water reactor at iraq. and that there will be no reprocessing of any material there and spent fuel will be exported. regarding the in other words, what people hope is that there will be any time any place, anyhow inspections. not quite sure whether that is exactly what they said. they say ieae will have the use of inspectors and modern technology to investigate and inspect all past and present and presumably future issues they need to. the past is important because,
10:51 am
does that mean they'll get to go to a military base in iran not a nuclear base a military base which is why iranians have not let them go there until now. the world thinks perhaps at some time they experimented with weaponizing nuclear material there. if iaea gets to go there, that's also a development. in coming months what they've pulled positive constructive major critical decision will be further investigated further drafted and technical and political experts will again draw the specifics. that will happen by june 30th. so everybody basically saying this is a major break through of both the united states. john kerry tweeted, german foreign minister did.
10:52 am
president zarin did. >> i want to explain what is going on to viewers just tuning in. zarif the foreign minister of iran negotiator. he is delivering the statement. we're not translating it right now. he's going to go on and continue that. i want to go to our global affairs correspondent getting more information. elyse what are you learning? they've got to work out technical details by june. what else are you learning? >> reporter: well wolf, some of the details they haven't released now. some things we're hearing is more substantial than we thought would come out of the statement. perhaps that iran would limit
10:53 am
sentra fuses to 5,000. they went down to 6,000. now talking about 5,000. they were also looking for a 15 year duration of a deal. looks like that deal will be a ten year deal. might be extra restrictions in years '11 to '15. that will be a ten year deal. iran is going to put two-thirds of stockpile under use. it's unclear if it will be ex ported or stored in monitors. it will be put beyond use. the last couple of days we've been talking about these parties would not have papa ramrameters and would be vague. these are parameters we did not expect the international community to put out because iranians were nervous about putting anything in writing that they would agree to. they felt hard liners in iran
10:54 am
would take the opportunity to squash that before the final deal was reached. there's been a happy median here. clearly not everything has been agreed to. looks like iran will continue the research and development program. we'll have to see what kind of limits are placed on that when they have the final details hammered out. again, this is a political frame work. these are political understands. you hear that phrase the devil is in the details. the devil is really in the details. we all know these parties can agree to big concepts and theories. when they sit down at the drafting table to negotiate line by line that's where it gets very murky and everybody has their own interpretations of what the broad political agreements should mean in technical language wolf. >> we just heard they just wrapped up the statement.
10:55 am
the statement was read that was read in english. they left and did not take questions. i think there will be questions from others including secretary of state john kerry. at some point i think we'll hear from barack obama. he's at the white house getting ready to make a statement. very quickly elise we heard the skangss would be lifted by the security council, european union and united states. i didn't hear when the sanctions would be eased. did you? >> reporter: they're going to be eased, some of them immediately wolf. all financial sanctions, bang ss banking, trade sanctions. they will be lifted immediately. she said there will be a new
10:56 am
united nations security council resolution that would eliminate the united nations security council resolutions we've seen so far on iran and fold them into that. that's the language they found to get rid of the debate they had. how do you lift u.n. security council sanctions when the resolutions specifically call for certain measures? by folding all those resolutions into a new one that's monitored by iaea you have a phased approach where iran would see financial benefit and u.n. security council sanctions about proliferation, missile technology. those will have to be eased out at iran shows compliance with the deal. we don't know if there's a snap pack provision. what happens if iran violates the deal? would sanctions be put back in place? iran wanted them to just
10:57 am
disappear, and so did russia and china. once they disappear, it's hard for the u.n. security council to put them back because of the russia and chinese veto. there were dynamics in play in that room. russians were adamant they didn't want the snap back provision. we'll have to see in the final technical language technical agreement that's negotiated in june what happens. we see that some of these larger issues were kick the can down the road a little for other discussions. these were things that could not be resolved. >> stand by. we're told the president of the united states will many in fact make a statement in 15 minutes or so in the white house rose garden. going to make a statement to the news media and continue on his travel plans. he was supposed to leave the white house two hours ago but delayed that because of this deal wed out in switzerland. let me bring in chief national
10:58 am
security correspondent. we're told that zarif is still speaking at another location. let's listen. >> this would be one of the cases where an issue is resolved through diplomatic means and significance. that would require an approach that would concentrate on a non zero outcome, win/win outcome. that was my country's approach to this from the beginning. we appreciate the work every delegation has put to this. we have done significant work. we have made achievements made progress. we have decided to take steps for a period of time to assure anyone who had concerns which we thought were misplaced any way, that every program is peaceful
10:59 am
is and will always remain peaceful. none of those measures include closing any of our facilities. the proud people of iran will never accept. that our facilities will continue. we will continue enriching, continue research and development. our water reactor will be modernized and we'll continue to form a facility. we will have as you will hear sentra fuses installed but not enriching. we'll remain committed to the agreement and will not enrich in fordo. we will do other activities keeping our sentra fuses there for a time that we have agreed. at the same time, all security council resolutions will be
11:00 am
terminated. all u.s. nuclear secondary sanctions as well as eu sanctions will be terminated the term of each case may be be terminated implementation or seize implementation or terminate application, whatever the word may be so that people will not get this trouble with financial institutions. when we implement our measures there will be no sanctions against the islamic public. i think that would be a major step forward. we have stopped a cycle that was not in the interest of anybody. not in the interest of non proliferation and not interest of anybody that will in fact will be a gain for all party's kerchlt i hope