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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  April 6, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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furious 7 brought in $143 million for the weekend box office. the first movie made about that much total. furious 7 made twice as much as shades of grey. it is the last movie starring actor paul walker. furious 7 was in production when he was killed in a car crash in 2013. it is 5:00 in the east. "early start" continues right now. >> selling the deal. president obama with his most extensive comments yet on why the iran nuclear agreement is best for all countries, including israel. but prime minister netanyahu is not swayed. officials in kenya hunting for a terror mastermind. they identified the man they say led the attack in last week's deadly siege at the university. who is he? where could he have fled? failure of journalism. "rolling stone" under fire for
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not following the most basic guidelines before a graphic article about an alleged gang rape at uva. the fallout and apology ahead. good morning. welcome to "early start." it is monday april 6th. i'm christine romans. this morning, new perspective from key heperspective in the deal with iran's nuclear program. and the israeli reluctance hashed out last week in switzerland. the president said he is quote absolutely committed to making sure the israelis maintain the qualitative military edge over iran and their arab neighbors. the president reinforced his argument that the deal is the best way to protect israel's security. something he says he takes seriously. >> i would consider it a failure on my part. a fundamental failure on my
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presidency if on my watch, or as a consequence of work i have done, israel was more vulnerable vulnerable. >> it was an all out lobbying offensive from all sides which included the israeli prime minister slamming that deal on cnn. we is more from the white house. >> reporter: christine, the prime minister says this is a bad deal. he wants more pressure and sanctions on iran. he is working with congress. he is trying to get them to block this deal and hold off for a better one. he is lobbying members directly. revealing he spoken to 2/3 of the members of congress personally. the white house anticipated this. that's why they are putting up president obama calling members of congress and the top congressional leadership and reaching out to world leaders. the two leaders, prime minister netanyahu and president obama have had a tense and documented relationship. in the interview with cnn's jim
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acosta the prime minister said the opposition to the bill is not in direct reference to that. >> i always respect the presidency of the united states and this president of the united states. as the prime minister of the one and only jewish state, when i see a country of a terrorist regime committed to our destruction and having a clear paths to the bomb, it is my duty to speak out. >> reporter: there are many in congress representceptive to netanyahu. they say it doesn't do enough to rollback the iran program. one top senate democrat dianne feinstein, had some blunt criticism of netanyahu. she says she believes this campaign he is waging to derail this deal is doing more harm than good. >> i think he said what he had to say.
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to be candid with you, this can back fire on him. i wish that he would contain himself because he has put out no real alternative in his speech to the congress. no real alternative. since then no real alternative. >> reporter: congress will be back in washington after recess next week and there are a whole series of bills lined up and waiting for president obama to challenge him over the details of the deal. christine. >> thank you for that. new developments on the terrorist attack on the university in eastern kenya that killed 142 students and 5 security guards. the kenyan government naming the mastermind of the attack by al shabaab. mohamed mahmoud. a previously most wanted poster offering a reward for $215,000.
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the father of another suspect in the garissa university attack named by the government spoke to cnn over the weekend. he said his son went missing after graduating law school in 2013. the father said he has given up on his son. for the latest let's bring in christian purefoy live from garissa. tell us about the man who ordered the attack. >> reporter: christine, the kenyan interior minister has named mohamed mahmoud. somalia is the al shabaab strong hold and a four-hour drive from garissa town from the site of the attack. he is in control of many of attacks across the border. he is the mastermind behind the attack of the bus where they wept
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went into the bus and separated the christians and muslims and started to kill the christians. >> christian, a local politician saying that his son was one of the shooters. tell us about that. >> reporter: yes. in his speech the kenyan president said that the problem with this attack is that many involved were deeply embedded in society. this is one of the four main attackers that went into the university to commit this crime. a 20 something-year-old who went to university and worked for a short time at a bank. his father said he did not see him since. that was about 2013. that is a serious problem for the kenyan authorities. this is a home-grown terrorist. this is not someone across the border. this is someone radicalized in kenya. >> christian, thank you for
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that in garissa. a bombshell move from "rolling stone" magazine following the report from columbia school of journalism failing in the basic journalistic practices. "rolling stone" discrediting the article over the gang rape of a woman at the university of virginia. the publisher says the mistakes were not intentional. the author of the story now issuing an apology. she says this reading the columbia account of the mistakes and misjudgments was a brutal and humbling experience. i want to offer my apologies to the readers, editors and colleagues and uva community and any victims of sexual assault. uva president issuing a fierce response to the columbia review
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saying "rolling stone's" story did nothing to combat sexual violence. irresponsible journalism damaged the reputations of many individuals and the university of virginia. such false depictions reinforce the reluctance sexual assault victims already feel about reporting their experience less they be doubted or ignored. deans of the journalism school will speak today. closing arguments today in the trial of the boston marathon bomber. the jury could get the case before the end of the day after more than three weeks of testimony from 96 witnesses. they have to decide if dzhokhar tsarnaev was pushed by his brother carrying out the attack. lawyers for aaron hernandez will begin their only day of testimony in his murder trial today. the legal team for the former new england patriot has said it expects to put on its only
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witnesses today and rest. the prosecution laid out its case in the last two months. deliberations could begin tomorrow. questions swirling around hillary clinton this morning and her all but announced run for president. we are told aides have been instructed to be ready starting today for a campaign rollout. top democratic activists in iowa and new hampshire say they have been placed on alert. clinton will declare soon with the first announcement expected on social media. the hillary watch picked up steam when her team signed office space in brooklyn. 22-year-old ja kwrk uan roberts fled the scene by car and starting a melee with the slow service at the casino bar.
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three men are facing disorderly conduct charges. the ongoing california drought hurting the country because california is the nation's bread basket. growing 1/3 of the vegetables and 2/3 of fruits and nuts. lack of water in california has been going on for four years. that sent prices higher last year. berries and lettuce and peppers saw a big spike. you could see prices climb again this year because of the drought. the drop in oil prices makes transporting food from california california cheaper. the drought has already forced farmers to abandon thousand of acres. now farmers are deciding if they should plant less next year. the severe weather threat in the middle of the country may beginning for the week. for more on that let's get to
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meteorologist pedram javaheri for a look at your forecast. >> look at these temperatures across the country, christine. 60s and 70s. mid-60s in new york city. we have clouds on the increase. temperature trend remains mild. areas in minneapolis on the cool side at 42 degrees. severe weather threat is a minimal and isolated pocket today. it will expand as the week progresses. we will touch on that tuesday into wednesday and wednesday into thursday is expansive. that is a concern mid week as some of the storms have the potential to be the most significant. look at the next seven days. a wet pattern across the country with areas of arkansas up to 6 inches of rainfall. new york generally cloudy and showers the next few days. the temperatures do stay in the 60s with the exception of tuesday and wednesday when we cool in the 40s and 50s. in chicago as well the cooling trend is there. we expect a moderating trend. the battles for terrorist in
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because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. muddle no more™ . an american family in mourning right now for the first u.s. citizen killed in the expanding warfare in yemen. he went to yemen to bring his pregnant wife and daughter back to the u.s. instead, he was killed in a mortar strike in aden. to the north, saudi arabia-led air strikes pounded sanaa. the fighting there causing blackouts. for the latest, i want to bring in becky anderson live in saudi arabia. becky, this is overnight really all of the factions trying to hold on to their terroristitory.
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>> reporter: it is chaotic. 12 nights into this operation and this family is mourning the loss of their father. the situation on the ground is described as dire. in the port city of aden the strategic city down south, there are areas where there is no water and no power. one witness this morning, in the past hour or so describing the city as a ghost town. no one to be seen. the scale of destruction, he said clearer by the day. aid agencies have been struggling to get aid into the area. red cross is flying in today with staff and supplies. clearly, as things get worse on the ground in the country which is verging on a failed state if not one already, this cannot come quickly enough.
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as far as the war factions it seems the houthis backed by iran as far as the saudis are concerned, the idea was to degrade the militia on the ground. that doesn't seem to be happening here. the president here of yemen. president hadi. he is trying to form a new government of some sort. there are discussions going about a political solution to this as well. we seem to be a long way off. the saudis say any talks would go through the gcc and the houthis on the ground say they are prepared to talk but not to the aggressors. as far as a political solution lots of talk but no walking the walk as it were as present. no talk here today of any imminent ground troops. but as this wears on the people on the ground are simply having
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the most awful time. as we said before what goes on in yemen, doesn't stay in yemen. we know al qaeda is taking advantage of the chaos. things looking really bleak. >> becky anderson thank you so much. you are right. yemen is so important for regional stability. 18 minutes past the hour. the justice department launching a criminal investigation into the company responsible for spraying a chemical that may have sickened a delaware family. this happened last month when the family was vacationing in the virgin islands. steve edmonds is unable to talk or move. his wife is in occupational therapy. rescue on the southern mediterranean sea. saving 1,500 migrants off the coast of libya. intercepted distress calls from
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the boats. the migrants were taken to the island ports in sicily. illegal entry is on the rise with more refugees fleeing with the instability in the middle east and africa. it is down to duke and wisconsin. blue devils and badgers set to squareoff for the ncaa championship tonight. with kentucky out, kentucky is out, who cares about brackets. andy scholes has the latest from indianapolis and the bleacher report next. just about anywhere you use sugar, you can use splenda®... calorie sweetener. splenda® lets you experience... ...the joy of sugar... ...without all the calories. think sugar, say splenda® i've just arrived in atlanta and i can't wait to start telling people how switching to geico could save them hundreds of dollars on car insurance. but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me sir? i think you've got the wrong bag. >>sorry, they all look alike, you know?
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it started with 68 teams, now we are down to two. duke and wisconsin set to battle it out for the national title tonight. let's go to andy scholes in indianapolis with the preview of the big game in the bleacher report. andy. >> good morning, christine. a lot of people are hoping kentucky would be alive going for the perfect season. wisconsin spoiled all that. this badgers and blue devils match up has plenty of star power. both have nba future first round picks. okafor is expected to go number one in the june nba draft. wisconsin has frank kaminsky. he was this year's college player of the year. duke is trying to win mike krzyzewski his fifth championship.
2:24 am
yesterday's rachel nichols sat down with both coaches to see what they were telling their players about this moment. >> i think the main advice i have given them is how to handle the final four. there's so much and how do you stay yourself during this time. i do think being at the final four has helped me get my team emotionally ready better. >> just stay in the moment. stay who you are. be us. i had to say that saturday 40 times. guys let's just be us and not -- let's play the way we played to get here. >> according to the oddsmakers in las vegas, this game is a toss up. tipoff is set for 9:18 eastern on cbs. down the street from here at bankers life field house, paul george returned to the court after the broken leg.
2:25 am
he received a standing ovation from the crowd after the first quarter. george notched the first points of the season on his very first shot. ended up with 13 points ending 112-98 win. get your peanuts and cracker jacks out. the baseball season is underway. jon lester hit the mound after signing the $155 million deal for chicago. it was adam wainwright who had the shutout game and win. christine, all the other 28 teams around baseball kick november laterkickoff later today. this is the day. the masters later this week and college basketball and baseball. nonstop sports. thanks andy. universal's "furious 7" left
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other pictures eating its dust. raking in $143 million at the box office. this is the seventh film of the franchise. it is the last movie made by actor paul walker. "furious 7" was the last movie in production for walker when he was killed in a car crash in 2013. 26 minutes past the hour. president obama laying down the line for israel. he vows a nuclear deal negotiated with iran will not jeopardize the jewish state. he says the united states will stand with israel if tehran gets aggressive. will it be enough to convince the israelis? we are live in jerusalem next. n't understand... your grass, man! it's a living, breathing thing. it's hungry, and you've got to feed it with scotts turf builder. that a boy, mikey! two feedings now in the springtime strengthens and helps protect your lawn from future problems.
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point/counter point. president obama and prime minister netanyahu not ready to budge on the iranian nuclear deal. hunted man. officials in kenya are talking about the mastermind in the attacks at the university. a retraction and apology. "rolling stone" in damage control mode after the article about alleged rape at uva. how can nobody be fired for such a blunder? the school's response. welcome back to "early
2:31 am
start." i'm christine romans. new perspective in the key players to curb the iran nuclear program. president obama in the interview with "the new york times" acknowledging widespread criticism in the framework hashed out in switzerland last weekend. the president said he is committed to making sure the israelis maintain the qualitative military edge over iran and their arab neighbors. the president reinforced the argument that this deal is the best way to protect israeli security. >> what i would say to the israeli people is however, there is no formula, there is no option to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon that will be more effective than the diplomatic initiative and framework we put forward. >> the president's interview was an all out lobbying offensive
2:32 am
from all sides that included the prime minister slamming the iran deal on cnn. a top senate democrat suggesting the prime minister has made his point. >> as the prime minister of the one and only jewish state, when i see a country committed to a terrorist regime committed to destruction and having a clear path to the bomb it is my obligation to speak out as i'm doing now and any form. >> i think he said what he has had to say. to be candid with you, this can back fire on him. i wish that he would contain himself because he has put out no real alternative in his speech to the congress. no real alternative. since then no real alternative. >> for more on the israeli reaction to the iran nuclear deal i want to bring in cnn's oren liebermann live for us in jerusalem. good morning oren. >> reporter: good morning, christine. both sides pushing hard here.
2:33 am
nothing subtle about the messages. the question is is the deal good enough? president obama thinks so and is moving forward. on this end, in israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu pushing against the deal. especially in the last 24 to 48 hours, we have seen him upping his rhetoric and criticism of the deal. the deal would increase the risk for a horrific war and terrible war. he is very much pushing back against the deal. he said in the sound bite he will keep doing that over the next three months as long as he can using whatever tools he can. he is getting push back from democrats, but said in the state of the union interview that he spoken with other democrats and he has spoken with republicans. house majority leader john boehner and mitch mcconnell here last week and very much supporting him. that could be president obama's biggest roadblock moving forward if netanyahu can get enough support. he has the support with the republicans. we will see how much support he
2:34 am
can rally with the democrats. we wants to see eliminating of the nuclear program, but dismantling the facilities. he doesn't want advanced research or centrifuges. he wants that taken apart. that would be a better deal. that is what he is pushing for. a better deal and working with congressional republicans and now he says working with congressional democrats to try to lobby support directly against what president obama is trying to do here. trying to move forward with the deal. we expect both sides to keep pushing over the next three months christine, this will be interesting to watch as both sides lobby very hard here. >> three months of i'm sure twists and turns. two men doubling down on their positions. thank you, oren liebermann in jerusalem. new developments in the terrorist attack on the university in eastern kenya that killed 142 students and 5 security guards. the kenyan government naming the mastermind of the attack by al shabaab militants at mohamed
2:35 am
mohamud. the interior minister posted a most wanted notice offering a reward equal to $215,000. the father of another suspect in that attack named by cnn over the weekend. he said his son graduated from law school back in 2013 and went missing. the father said he had really given up on his son. a bombshell move from "rolling stone" magazine following the report from the columbia school of journalism. the report said the magazine failed to have basic journalistic practices when it ran a now retracted article about a woman who claimed she was gang raped at the university of virginia. the author of the story issuing an apology. cnn's brian stelter is here with more on the fallout.
2:36 am
routine journalism 101 ignored. >> major failures across the board. systemic failures christine, from the reporter level to the editor level and fact checkers and publisher. he read a draft and he was compelled by the piece. he thought it was going to be very important. it seemed like there were blinders on inside "rolling stone" when the story was originally written in october and november. they were overreliant on the victim "jackie" and her story. they did not seek out other sources that could contradict her story. if they just made a few phone calls, they would have seen the red flags. they probably would not have run the story. >> they have now retracted it. this is a really big mess up. >> to his credit he decided to get columbia to do the review. open the books and let everybody
2:37 am
in and investigate for three months. i give him credit for the external investigation. i asked him for comment. he is not commenting. for the moment he will not discipline. the writer is a freelancer. technically, you can never assign her a story again. he told "the new york times" that she will keep writing for us. that is a strange move. i wonder if we will hear more in the coming days about that. this writer has been widely discredited. she is apologizing for what she has done. imagine her writing for the magazine is hard for people to swallow. >> what is troubling about it -- a lot of troubling things about it. rape victims for so long have said they felt like they have been discounted or not believed. they are careful. sometimes very cautious about coming forward.
2:38 am
this really makes this so scary. >> partly one of the errors here is the desire or determination to find an extreme example. there are all too common cases of rape and sexual assault on campus. this reporter wanted to find the most sickening story she could. the details of the story did not add up. if she chosen to tell the all-too common stories, she may have made a bigger impact. it may not have had all the damage. we saw the president of uva come out and say this article set back the cause. an important cause. in the meantime uva has implemented reforms. everybody agrees there were problems at the campus. this article was right to point out the problems but used the wrong line. >> the mistakes were not intentional. that is why he is not firing. >> he says the staffers are doing good work before and since. they should not be disciplined for one error.
2:39 am
when you see systemic failure, what we see is some sort of suspension or discipline action of some sort. i think we are going to chock it up to authority. it makes you wonder. what do you have to do to get fired. >> brian stelter, thanks. let's get an early start on your money. stock futures are down. a disappointing jobs report friday. wall street was closed on good friday. the economy added 126,000 jobs in march. the smallest gain since the end of 2013. hiring has previously been the bright spot here. we will start getting corporate earnings this week. they expected to fall for the first time since late 2012. also experts have cut growth forecast for the u.s. economy for the first quarter. all systems on stand by for hillary clinton. a presidential announcement could come within days.
2:40 am
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2:44 am
memphis with thunderstorms noon. they roll through atlanta with severe storms later in the week as well. the temperatures you cannot beat it. 70s to 80s from atlanta to charleston. the warmer trend across the south. up to 91 degrees in tallahassee. severe storms in the picture for the middle of the week. rainfall in the western u.s., above 4,000 feet. significant snow accumulations. perhaps too little too late. 70% of the grounds water for california is brought on by the sierra nevada. it takes 2,100 gallons of water to produce almonds. any moisture from .50 inch to over 1 inch will be good news.
2:45 am
>> pedram javaheri thank you. questions swirling around hillary clinton in her all but announced run for president. we have been told aides have been instructed to be ready for a campaign rollout. activists in iowa and new hampshire privately say they have been placed on alert. the first announcement expected on social media. the hillary watch picked up when the team signed office space in brooklyn. let's take a look at what is coming up on "new day" as chris cuomo joins us. >> hello, my friend. we have the new desk here at "new day." you see this? i can't tell what you are seeing. right now, i have a picture of your face frozen on my monitor where you just look disinterested in what i'm saying. i don't know how genuine your interest is right now, christine. this is our new desk. brings us closer and gives us better angles on our guests. we do a lot of group chat on
2:46 am
here. it was hard for us camera-wise. this is an improvement. >> i like it. i really like it. >> i feel better then. we have this today. this is phillip mudd's new book. "the head game." it has the insight on the war on terrorism. we will weave it in on what is going on in north africa right now. we will have that for you. >> we will get inside his head. that's no safe place. >> one of the chapters is a very scary place. mudd's head. then we are going to take on the obvious this morning. you have the iran issues. the president's sell for congress on why we need to do this deal. it goes beyond the framework. we will take on the politics of it. remember he has to get this through. congress has every reason to weigh in on this. if not, they are holding sanctions as a stick over his head. we will take that on as well. >> i like the new desk. is it easier to pinch him?
2:47 am
>> totally. see, look at that. >> it has no effect. when it is show time i'm completely focused. >> nice to see you. see you very soon. 47 minutes past the hour. we'll be right back. lask i love the outdoors, spending time with my family. i have a family history of prostate cancer. i had the test done and that was when i got the news. my wife and i looked at treatment options. cancer treatment centers of america kept coming up on the radar. so we flew to phoenix. greg progressed excellently. we proceeded to treat him with hormonal therapy, concurrent with intensity modulated radiation therapy to the prostate gland. go to to learn more about our integrative therapies and how they're specifically designed to keep you strong mentally, physically and spiritually throughout your treatment. i feel great today i'm healthy, i have never been in a happier place, i can't imagine being treated anyplace else.
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nsa leaker edward snowden facing tough questions from last
2:51 am
week tonight's john oliver. the hbo host traveled to moscow to meet with show dennowden. he conducted the toughest interview since snowden conducted spy documents. >> how many of the documents have you read? >> i evaluated all of the documents. >> you read every single one? >> i understand what i turned over. >> there is a difference between understanding what is in the documents and reading what is in the documents. >> i recognize the concern. >> when you are handing over thousands of nsa documents, the last thing you want to do is read them. "the new york times" took a slide and did not redact it properly. it was possible to see something was being used in mosul on al qaeda. >> that is a problem. >> that's a [ bleep ]. >> things did eventually get a bit more lighthearted. oliver showed snowden video of
2:52 am
people interviewed in times square. most of them had no idea who edward snowden is. batter up. it's opening day for major league baseball. a full slate of 14 games on the schedule today. the season officially underway sunday night with the cubs. a loss for the cubs. the cardinals knocked chicago's ace jon lester in a 3-0 win. the season started with a bang with the trade hours before the first pitch. atlanta shipped closer craig kimbrel to the padres in exchange for two outfielders and a draft pick. duke and wisconsin gearing up for tonight's ncaa tournament championship game. wisconsin advanced to the championship with a stunning win over previously unbeaten kentucky saturday night.
2:53 am
the fallout after the game for kentucky, not limited to basketball. guard andrew harrison was picked up by a hot mic using the "n" word to refer to kaminsky who is white. harrison apologized later. on the women's side notre dame and uconn play tomorrow night. bill gates marking the big anniversary for microsoft. what did he have to say to his employees? we'll get an start on your money next. [ female announcer ] take skincare to the next level with roc® multi correxion® 5 in 1. proven to hydrate dryness illuminate dullness lift sagging diminish the look of dark spots and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. high performance skincare™ only from roc®.
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let's get an early start on your money. most of europe and asia markets closed for holiday. looks like a tough start to the week here. u.s. futures are lower. this is the first chance to react to friday's disappointing march jobs report. the economy added just 126,000 jobs. the smallest gain since the end of 2013. we will see how stock investors react. it has been 40 years since bill gates and paul allen founded microsoft. to mark the anniversary gates sent an e-mail to microsoft employees that has gone viral. he said early on paul allen and i set a goal of a computer on every desk in every home. everyone thought we were out of our minds impossible. we can all be proud of the role microsoft played in the revolution. furious 7 roared through the box office this weekend.
2:58 am
had the largest opening of the year bringing in $143 million. the first fast and furious made that much total. furious 7 made twice as much as 50 shades of grey. the last movie starring paul walker. it was in production with walker when he was killed in a car crash in 2013. candid moments and comments from president obama saying he is in israel's corner if iran ever makes a threat to the jewish state. how can he convince israelis he has his back? "new day" has that now. it is a good deal even if iran doesn't change at all. >> the better deal would rollback iran's nuclear infrastructure. >> it can be a serviceable agreement. it can signal a new day. >> the manhunt intensifying for the mastermind of the university
2:59 am
terror attack. this is a new ideology. anything to do with christianity they want to eface. a trip to paradise turned nightmare. >> some basic failures of journalism. >> rolling stone said it had taken jackie's word and failed to fact check. >> rolling stone did not get it right. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo alisyn camerata. >> good morning. it is 6:00 in the east. a once in a lifetime opportunity. that is what president obama calls the preliminary agreement with iran. can he convince congress and israel? congress have sanction powers. the question is will nuclear weapons be a political football? congress is skeptical. lawmakers pressing for the right to reject any final deal. some of the president's biggest
3:00 am
critics accusing him giving away too much. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu calling this an historically bad deal. cnn's sunlen serfaty is live at the white house. >> reporter: alisyn critics p.m. critics in congress trying to kill this deal and critics abroad trying to kill this deal. this interview is an attempt by president obama it try to rangel that position and frame this in his opinion the best bet to have iran from developing a nuclear weapon. israeli prime minister netanyahu has launched out full holds no bar counteroffensive here calling members of congress directly revealing he has spoken to two-thirds of congress and he believes trying to get them to block this deal. he believes it makes his country less safe. president obama pushing back in this "the new york times" interview saying that it would be the fundamental failure of his presidency if this deal made israeli more vulnerable.


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