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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 11, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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thank you to my staff. thank you so much for joining me. follow me on twitter if you can spell smerconish. see you next week. dash cam video from the fatal police shooting in north charlton shows the passenger who could possibly explain why walter scott ran from police who is he and where is he? those questions coming as the town holds a memorial in less than one hour from now. a controversial police beating caught on tape some say is so bad, one person's characterizing it as worse than the rodney king case. >> the handshake between two world leaders that has us talking this morning. president obama and cuban leader raul castro could this encounter begin easing tensions between the two countries that have lasted more than half a century. what's next here? thank for sharing some of
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your time with us here. 10:00 in the east. >> i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. >> good to have you with us. first this morning a week to the day after he was fatally shot in the back by a police officer. walter scott as we just said about an hour from now, going to be laid to rest. his family is gathering at a funeral and burial in summerville, south carolina. >> his burial is taking place as new details are coming out about another man who was in scott's car in the passenger seat just before that fateful encounter with police. cnn's martin savidge joins us now. first, tell us about the funeral. we understand that they do not want cameras inside but over to the -- open to the public. >> good morning, victor christi. i should point out that her that carries the casket arrived a few moments ago. interesting to point out it did have a police escort two
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motorcycle officers in front of the hearst as it pulled into the christian plinstrys where the funeral service is taking place. it is clear already that looks like the number of people who want to attend this funeral is going to be larger than the number of seats or space inside to be able to handle all of them. those people right now are still outside and they are watching as things take place there. it is open to the public. anyone is allowed to attend but regards to the media, it has been requested that there be no cameras inside and there will be no cameras inside. and at this particular point there's no broadcast that will come from this service. this is at the specific request of the family. they wanted to keep at least this part of it very sacred and, of course, it's very important to them victor. >> martin there is new individual dash cam video of the passenger in scott's car. what more have we learned about this passenger? >> you know this passenger is basically described as the
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mystery passenger or the mystery rider that was with walter scott. has not been identified. we do know that that person's name is known to authorities and yesterday the state law enforcement division that has been overseeing this investigation, did hold an interview, they said. they wouldn't talk about what that passenger had to say, but they also specifically said the passenger wants to remain anonymous. we tried to track this person down it's a him, all over and have had no luck in that. one suggestion was maybe he worked with walter scott. we went to where walter scott worked talked to two supervisors there and they say that passenger was not an employee of the company. of course crucial because he's seated next to scott just before he runs and that person would likely have what's going through scott's mind why is he fearful at that time victor? >> all right. and you also i understand have new information about the officer who's been charged in this case officer or former officer now slager?
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>> correct. yes. he's being held at the county correction or detention center. and he's been put into isolation. it's not a surprise. usually any time a law enforcement finds themselves on the opposite side of the law they are put in isolation because there's concerns about the retribution that may be coming from people he put in jail. so that is the way he's being housed. the sheriff said not on a suicide watch but they are carefully monitoring his mental health and the guards would rotate past his cell far more frequently and he did have visitors yesterday, at least via television link. that's the way visitation conducted at this visitation center. we are told it was his wife and mother that was able to communicate. again, communicate through i should say this tell phonic link or visual link set up and that is in modern jails often the way visitation is conducted. only the attorney is allowed to meet face to face. >> martin savidge in
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summerville, funeral services scheduled to start at the top of the next hour thank you. >> you're welcome. >> meanwhile, the recovery effort is beginning across the midwest. killer tornados struck multiple states on thursday and survey teams are on the ground there this morning trying to assess the amount of damage obviously, but the tornado was an ef-4 the second most powerful. cnn's nick valencia is in fairdale illinois what's interesting here is nick the one survivor who lost her home and she got help from facebook. i mean if you have any doubt about how good people can be this story is going to change that right? >> yeah. even in tragedy there's always seemingly somebody willing to help. it was just that case for lauren hin chi. she lost everything. her house was destroyed because of that ef-4 tornado that ripped through this community. so she took to facebook to vent her frustrations and really ask for help. that's exactly what she got. >> we have a friend's camper
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coming in. >> reporter: a day after her home was destroyed, lauren hinchi found help. >> family friends. i'm a schoolteacher, a lot of school teachers came out for us today. >> reporter: on friday morning, word quickly spread on social media that her home in illinois was one of the dozens leveled by an ef-4 tornado. >> i put it on on facebook and said hey, we're fine but this is what we need. you know people just came out this morning. >> reporter: one by one neighbors, family and friends, all showed up. >> will be here to help pick up. it's a wonderful thing all these people came to help. >> reporter: some with gifts. >> i had a port-a-potty here before i knew it. i had containers and trailers. >> reporter: others to help her pick up priceless possessions. >> oh, i know. my heart wreath. i saw it in the garage. i'm like please be okay. please be okay. >> i know. >> between that and my running shoes. that's what i was worried about.
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>> reporter: everyone seemed it to show up with something. >> tons of food donated. if you're hungry stop and get something. >> reporter: her small farm house may be uninhabitable for now but she has plans to rebuild. >> it's probably okay for now because obviously it's still -- the roof is still -- there's something over the top of it. >> reporter: she wasn't home at the time of the tornado but her husband was. >> how long have you guys been here? >> about 17 years. 18 years i guess. >> reporter: long enough to form some pretty strong bonds with people who want to help. pretty neat really. >> and that family is rebuilding slowly. just picking up the pieces like everyone else. back here to this neighborhood that power crew just showed up to restore power to this neighborhood. a lot of the residents haven't come back just yet. these are some who have. folks picking up what's left this debris trying to clean up the structure. that's one of the most devastated structures we've seen in all of fairdale the ef-4
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tornado just ripping through here destroying nearly every structure in the small community. >> all righty. nick thank you for a good story this morning. we appreciate it. turn overseas to a story that's getting a lot of attention, a historic moment for u.s./cuba relations. president obama shook hands with cuban president raul castro at a summit in panama and even spoke on the phone earlier in the week. the last time something like this happened was back in 1959 when then vice president nixon and fidel castro shook hands. rosa flores is live from panama city. this meeting, is it going to lead to a bilateral meeting? is there something formal planned? >> you know that's a great question because right now, what we know is that no bilateral meeting has been set between these two heads of state. however, if you think about it this is a summit where these 35
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heads of state get to ming until between event -- mingle in between events on the sidelines. that's what we're expecting to happen. president obama and president castro will probably at some point in time today, meet and greet, have a little coffee or something here in panama and speak about some of the ongoing negotiations. they did have a little icebreaker. we learned both heads of state spoke on wednesday. president obama was in d.c. president castro in havana and they had a chat in preparation for this event. the obvious question is why not just have a bilateral meeting? both delegations are here. what's stopping it? i asked the white house that question. here's what they had to say. >> i don't want people to kind of overthink this in the sense that a lot of this is just about the fact that we'll be setting up discussions with other leaders on the margins of the summit tomorrow. at the same time that there are
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ongoing plannerry discussions. it's not conditional on policy. it's how do we work through the ability for him to have discussions with a variety of different leaders in the context of that summit. >> reporter: now a handshake is a great symbol but are things actually changing for the cuban people in cuba? you know some say in cuba that things are not changing. there's still some people worried about human rights violations. however if you just look on the business side a few things are changing. most recently airbnb announcing they have 1,000 listings in that country. that means that that's actual money in the hands of cubans. victor? >> rosa flores thank you so much. you know it's jolting to see this attack on a man running from the law. the beating caught on camera by a news helicopter. nearly a dozen sheriff deputies now under suspicion. the fbi is on the case. is this worse than the 1991
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attack that sell off the l.a. race riots? the man's lawyer thinks so. >> as two american teenagers fight for their lives new concerns that more vacationers to the u.s. virgin islands could get sick after being exposed to a deadly pes sti side. we sent a cnn crew to the virgin islands to get some answers. you forgot the milk! that's lactaid®. right. 100% real milk just without the lactose. so, no discomfort? exactly. try some... mmm, it is real milk. lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort. for fastidious librarian emily skinner, each day was fueled by thorough preparation for events to come. well somewhere along the way emily went right on living. but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. ...which meant she continued to have the means to live on... ...even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned.
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zleer's a deputy chasing him. fell down. shot him with a taser. >> new developments look at this here the fbi is now investigating this bizarre police chase you can see there as police kick and punch the man as he's down after he got off the horse. this is in california.
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the pursuit ended with the swarm of deputyies not just them some more coming into the picture here as they kick and punch the suspect. that suspect has a lawyer now and he's calling his clients beating worse than rodney king. stephanie elam is following developments for us this morning, good morning stephanie. >> good morning, victor and chris. >> the fbi launched an investigation to find out whether or not the man at the center of this video if his civil rights were violated. >> here's your pursuit. >> reporter: a police chase that looks like something out of the wild west. >> i've got this guy on a stolen horse. >> reporter: 30-year-old francis pusok attempting to yacht run law enforcement on the back of a stolen horse in a rural part of san bern dino county. a knbc helicopter was recording as the bizarre chase ends when the horse bucks the suspect. >> the suspect being tased. >> deputies a attempt to tase him. as deputies get closer pusok
7:16 am
appears to surrender lying face down on the ground before putting his hands behind his back. that doesn't stop the officers from mobbing around pusok, kicking him in the groin and in the head before kneeing him and landing punch after punch on his body. it's a beating that lasts about two minutes with ten officers involved all of whom are on paid administrative leave. >> somebody should go to prison over this. what i saw on the television was thugs beating up my client. that's what i saw and these questions about what was he doing? what did they do? this is far worse than rodney king. >> san bern dino sheriff john mcmahon has ordered an immediate internal investigation. the specialized investigation detail is also conducting a criminal investigation as well. >> i am disturbed and troubled by what i see in the video. it does not appear to be in line with our policies and procedures at least a portion of it. i ask that you allow us to conduct that investigateship and
7:17 am
i assure you if there's criminal wrong doing on the part of any of our deputy sheriffs or any policy violations we will take action. >> reporter: the sheriff's department says deputies were attempting to serve pusok with a search warrant related to an identity theft investigation when he first fled in a car and then abandoned it and ran into the desert where he stole a horse and took off. in total a chase that went on for some three hours. >> i'm not going to stand here and say he's perfect because who is. >> reporter: his girlfriend of 13 years believes the officers went too far. >> they beat the crap out of him and now they're trying to do everything that they can to avoid them being in any trouble. >> reporter: in trouble in an era where police tactics are under intense public scrutiny. >> the sheriff's department saying the officers were wearing audio recorders but we haven't heard the sound from those yet but they will be part of the investigation. victor and christi. >> stephanie elam reporting for us thank you so much. drastic measures to save one woman's life.
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families are starting to return home now after a train
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derails in south carolina. this happened friday night near trenton. according to reports, 39 cars derailed. one of them spilled ammonia nitrate. thankfully no injuries reported here. officials will continue to clean up today. the cause of the derailment right now is unknown and under investigation. the u.s. is lending its voice to an outcry for china to release five women's rights activists. in a statement yesterday secretary of state john kerry told china to, quote, support them not silence them. the women have been held for a month on suspicion of picking florals and provoking trouble. prosecutors have to decide by monday whether they will be formally arrested. you can take me out to the ball game but please wake me up when it's over. you see, last night, we should really say this morning, yankees/red sox game lasted 19 innings, taking the game well past 2:00 a.m. partial power outage in the
7:23 am
extra innings didn't help either. sleepy sox fans were happy that they stayed up. boston outlasted the new york yankees 6-5. the teams face off again this afternoon. after a brief nap. >> haven't they had enough of each other by now. this next video leaves you shaking your head. several people really counting their blessings today after a dramatic traffic incident on a san diego freeway. >> this driver abandons her car and then there's this heart-stopping ordeal that ends with her in handcuffses. virginia cha from cnn affiliate kgtv has the story for us. >> don't go into the lanes. don't go into the lanes. >> reporter: that's the voice of our photo journalist paul pleading with a young woman not to walk into the busy lanes of the northbound 15 in citi heights. it started when paul pulled up what looked like a an abandoned car and the woman teetered over to ask for jumper cables. when she disregarded paul's
7:24 am
pleas to stay off the freeway and started to walk back to her car he jumped out of his car. as cars whizzed by she stops to talk to two good samaritans who pulled over to help and continues to walk to her car. as the two men try to alert drivers to the danger one of them is almost hit. by a white taurus wagon. the taurus driver told us he is counting his lucky man. >> gentleman flagging me and i voided hitting the car and the gentleman i don't know how she escaped but i'm blessed to be alive and go home. >> reporter: after the woman got back in her car paul does what he can to get her out of hrm's way. >> you have to get out of the car. you got to get out. you're going to get hit. get out of the car. get out of the car. get out of the car. you're going to get hit by a
7:25 am
car. lady your life is in danger. don't stand in the road. don't stand in the road. they're going to hit you. >> in fact at least one car almost hit the woman's car. when chp officers arrived they arrested her for dui. it's nothing short of a miracle no one was hurt but those are not tears of joy as the woman is put in the back of a cruiser. >> and thank you very much to our friend virginia cha there. >> who did she have to call? >> i don't think she knew what was happening. >> probably not. >> yeah. >> huge brawl breaksout ina walmart parking lot. >> almost sounds like it's a joke but it's not. >> it isn't. it's terrible. this is a family they testle with police and it's all caught on dash cam individual shots fired here. you want to see this. >> first, though this week's ones to watch, profiles pretty amazing photographer from france. take a look.
7:26 am
>> a moving image held still. one flash and a photographer is framed lit and constructed a silent scene. >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> for over 20 years the french photographer yan batron has been constructing a portrait of the other with his aerial photographs. his book "earth from above" sold over 4 million copies. [ speaking foreign language ]
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look at your screen. this is dash cam individual released by arizona authorities. a massive brawl between police and members of one family. this happened at a walmart parking lot on march 21sst. the video is just coming out. now one man is dead a police officer is recovering from injuries and several people involved in this brawl face charges.
7:31 am
reporter pete serratis of knxv has details for us. >> need to separate these folks and talk to them. >> you're not going to separate me. >> reporter: our first look at the intense brawl between cottonwood police and a family of eight. that family attacking officers in this walmart parking lot back in march. after they were accused of assaulting a walmart employee just moments before. >> you're hitting -- >> officers tried to subdue the family repeatedly tasing them spraying pepper spray and tackling them. >> no. >> they had help from a walmart worker and two others but they had little luck. the family finding different ways to continually attack these officers rolling on the ground when tased and wiping away that pepper spray. >> never seen that tactic applied so i'm not certain where they learned it. obviously somebody has taught them that. >> time and time again the family put their hands up pretending to surrender but never do.
7:32 am
>> get on the ground. >> reporter: and then during this fight, shots are fired. the first shot according to police is one of the suspects shooting the officer in the leg. another shot is an officer shooting the suspect who is now deceased. and on the topic of civilians how close is too close? this is a walmart employee eric fields helping police fight off the family. i asked if this is something regular folks should steer clear from instead of jumping in. >> we are familiar with mr. fields from walmart because of our interactions with him at the loss prevention at walmart. the officers are familiar with him. the other two gentlemen that approached they were very nonthreatening. >> six of the family memberrs were arrested two of them juveniles, facing a variety of charges including assault of an officer and resisting arrest. that injured officer has been released from the hospital and is recovering from his injuries. this case is still under investigation with dps. in cottonwood abc 15 news.
7:33 am
>> earlier i spoke with law enforcement analyst tom fuentes about situations like this involving police. here's part of the conversation. >> bad things happen to police officers. unfortunately. you know it happens that a police officer does a bad thing to somebody else. but, you know, by and large, this what is you're going to see. you're going to see what police officers face how they get attacked on the street how they get shot at how vulnerable they are. it's a dangerous profession and especially when you have people that are out of control and wild especially when you see that in this walmart case that's what the police officer faces. how do you go into that situation and try to establish peace? no community policing is going to be able to help when you run into a situation like that family. >> all right. cnn law enforcement analyst tom fuentes there with me earlier. he also told me which is interesting, he thinks that these kinds of videos the dash cam, the surveillance body camera video being released now
7:34 am
because police are trying to be he says more transparent with the public. >> the virgin islands officials are searching for more vacationers who may have been exposed to a deadly pesside. this is coming after an american family fell gravely ill in their villa. teresa divine and steves esman of delaware are recovering. their two teenage sons are fighting for their lives. cnn's sarah began nam went to the virgin islands to see what she could learn about this mysterious pes stiside. >> two teenagers still in a coma after exposed to a deadly pes sta side on spring break with their family. cnn has learned the same chemical likely illegally used multiple times according to government officials. governor ken map told us even his own condominium complex was fumigated with it without his knowledge in 2013. >> what these companies did or have been appear to have been
7:35 am
doing is clearly a violation of the law and they will be held accountable for it. >> reporter: the epa investigation found evidence ter my knicks may have illegally used it four times, including the day before thanksgiving on a vacation villa on saint kroix, and in the villas on st. john last fall. authorities are now tracking down the residents who stayed at the villas but it terminix didn't want to talk about it. >> spoke to a government official who said you have used this substance inside at this resort before this incident. >> trying to say what part you didn't understand what part i said before. >> what part? >> i cannot talk to you. >> i'm going to give you the chance to respond. >> we can't. i'm afraid not. you understand. >> all right. yeah. >> terminix issued a statement saying it is, quote, committed to performing all work in a manner that is safe and is looking into this matter internally and cooperating with
7:36 am
authorities. pest control companies are supposed to document use of the substance. the governor says if they were falsifying records. >> that's a clear and malice violation of the law. >> reporter: federal documents and public records show on the islands there were serious management problems. the epa oversees the local department of planning and natural resources and designated it a, quote high risk saying it does not meet management standards. that came after a top official with the dpnr was convicted of using the agency to run drugs. second high-profile scandal involving the agency, the epa says the inspector general is investigating the dpnr but the governor who just took office in january says the agency's issues have nothing to do with what happened to the family. he blames the pest control companies. >> it occurred because someone was cutting corners, thought they could enhance their profit
7:37 am
margin and that they could get away with it. apparently even in my own residence, someone had been getting away with it for quite some time. >> reporter: victor and kristi the federal authorities are seizing all remaining canisters across the u.s. virgin islands and shipping them off island. back to you. >> all righty. sarah, thank you so much. finally, all the speculation about hillary clinton's political aspirations or political future are about to be wiped away. we have details of her expected campaign announcement. body pain? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, i-can-totally-do-this- all-in-one-trip kind of woman. when pain tries to stop you, there's motrin. motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. make it happen with new motrin liquid gels.
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. 40 minutes past the hour. hillary clinton is on the verge of starting her campaign to become the president. the much anticipated announcement is expected to come tomorrow in the form of a video posted to social media. this is according to sources close to her campaign. and then she'll hit the road visiting crucial states such as new hampshire and iowa. remember her third place finish in iowa back in 2008 ultimately led to the collapse of her presidential aspirations. cnn is live in washington with the latest. sunland, good morning, what are you hearing about this? >> good morning, christi. this video will be posted to social media at some point on sunday. clinton will then get out quickly and get out to the early states traveling to iowa soon after. aides say the goal is to demonstrate that this time around she doesn't want to take anything for granted. >> i'm back!
7:42 am
>> reporter: a new version of hillary clinton when she hits the campaign trail, lots of this. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: and more of this. >> looking forward to coming and having a conversation with a few people. >> reporter: the campaign's expected new strategy places clinton in smaller, more intimate settings intended to try to highlight her softer side aides say, and avoid the perception of inevitability that dogged her and led to her defeat in 2008. >> good to see you. >> reporter: central to that new pitch a focus on hillary clinton the person. she's aiming to reintroduce herself, not as a former first lady not as a former senator or secretary of state, but as a grandmother. >> i have to say, i am still kind of in the grandmother glow six months in it's better than a spa treatment. i highly recommend it. and i suppose it's only fair to say, don't you some day want to see a woman president of the
7:43 am
united states of america? >> reporter: she's already coming in bruised. controversy swirls over her use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state. >> looking back it would have been better for me to use two separate phones and two e-mail accounts. i thought using one device would be simpler and obviously it hasn't worked out that way. >> reporter: in her trust worthiness has take an hit. a quinnipiac poll out this week from the crucial swing states of iowa virginia and colorado show more voters believe she is not honest. >> hello, everyone. >> reporter: an area of vulnerability republican candidates have already pounced on. >> the question here is are they skirting election law, are they taking money and potentially getting influence bought by foreign countries through a foundation? it is unseemly. >> reporter: and we've said a lot about how clinton will announce tomorrow but what she says will be even more important. look for any hint she gives of
7:44 am
the central themes of her campaign as she makes this rollout, especially her message on the economy. >> all right. sunlen thank you so much. how does secretary clinton make a successful new case to voters after more than two decades in the public spotlight? earlier this morning, i spoke to political analyst jason johnson about what's next in this campaign. >> well it's not that people don't know about hillary clinton. they don't know if they trust her. there have been so many scandals with the clintons over the years. this is her opportunity to look someone in the eye and say look i'm not the person you saw on white wing radio i'm not the wife of bill clinton i am my own woman. >> is that not a case she made in 2008 that didn't work? >> i don't think it worked very well in 2008. she hadn't been secretary of state, she had been a senator for the state of new york a lot of people haven't seen what can you do if you have the levers of power and we know that. >> she went in 2008 to iowa and came in third place. >> right. >> behind now president obama and senator john ed warz.
7:45 am
how does she go back now after going around the world, 100 plus countries, and go through the snow to exit issues in des moines. >> this is going to be hard. i mean i think one of the things people forget about campaigns it is physically demanding. and i think hillary clinton has a whole new attitude this time. when she went in iowa in 2008 she said look this is a quar nags for me and this barack obama and john edwards guy can't do anything. this is what i can bring to the table, what do you want for me because i'll do that when i get to the white house. a humble more seasoned hillary clinton going into iowa this time. >> without a major challenger does she have to say, i will do that? no one is going to press her on. >> she's going to get a challenger. >> a serious challenger. >> i think she is going to get a serious challenger. i'm not putting it out of the woods jnl ss joe biden is going to get in the race. if they don't hillary clinton could be more trouble if she doesn't have a challenger than anything from a republican. >> make sure to tune in to cnn
7:46 am
tomorrow for the special two-hour edition of "state of the union" the focus clinton's 2016 campaign that starts sunday noon eastern. >> a little history is being made at the masters golf tournament. a 21-year-old is showing all the more mature men how it's done apparently. more for you in a moment. stay close. look more like a tissue box... you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. muddle no more™ . when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a delicious taste. grandpa! [
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a golf phenom has stolen the spotlight at the game's biggest tournament the masters. 21-year-old jordan spieth made history after his first two rounds. this as tiger woods is making his move up the leader board. cnn's rachel nichols is live in augusta, lucky her. tiger's demeanor has captured people's attention as i understand it. what have you noticed? >> yeah. he is funny, he's open he's relaxed, he spent the week joking around. he actually brought his kids out and had them participate in the par 3 tournament. that was unusual. he's talking about how much work he's put in over the past nine weeks. he took more than two months off tour to fix his game. he's taken big stretches off because of injuries and personal problems but this was hey, couldn't putt anymore and he needed to go back and learn he said how to play tournament golf. now he is playing it. he made the cut. he's looking good.
7:51 am
of course he is 12 strokes back from the leader but as he puts it it's a lot to be proud of. take a look. >> i was at a pretty low moment in my career but to be able to basically change an entire pattern like that and then put it together and then put it into a position where i can compete in a major championship like this that's something i'm very proud of. >> now it might be a stretch to say that tiger could still win this tournament. stranger things have happened. if he can get himself to a top five finish that would be a good mark for him. he says hey, things have changed, he feels a little older now, the young kids looking up to him, his own kids he has to chase around. he said you start to feel old when you run after 6 and 7-year-olds. he did note my soccer game has improved. there's something. >> what is your take on spieth? what's the buzz? do people think he can keep this play going? >> well wow, he is fun to watch.
7:52 am
so young, so composed and remember he actually contended at this tournament last year with 11 holes to play on the final sunday he was the leader and then he sort of crumbled with the pressure there and bubba watson coming on strong and watson is the one that eventually won the tournament. the question is can he hold a lead this time? it is a tough thing to hold the masters' lead from wire to wire but he's a composed kid, not prone to big fits of rage or broke breakdowns. we did see an epic destruction, greg norman in 1996 coughed up a six-hole lead. we'll see if that happens here. this kid looks solid and has a jump on everyone else. >> rachel nichols thank you so much. i want to remind everybody we will see more of you today, all access at augusta, this is a cnn bleacher report special, rachel's hosting it. you can see it today at 2:30 p.m. eastern. >> all right. in just a few minutes a south carolina community will remember
7:53 am
walter scott. he's the man in north carolina -- north charleston that was killed by a police officer there. we're live this morning. we're going to talk about some of the protests the demonstrators and how they're trying to use this situation to push for change. if your purse is starting to look more like a tissue box... you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. muddle no more™ .
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so this is really pretty amazing. a young woman took her baby sitting money and went to nepal to help young children. meet this week's cnn hero. >> most 28-year-old girls my age have a very different reality. a lot of engagements and, you know first babies. i took a very different path. after high school i decided to travel around the world with my backpack. in nepal for the first time i really saw the effects of civil war and chirp and women suffering and it changed me. there was one little girl she was standing in a heap of garbage and she said nanaste and that means hello, sister. that was the beginning. i called up my parents and i asked them to wire me over my
7:58 am
$5,000 of baby sitting money. >> it's time to get up. good morning. >> good morning. >> we started with the home and then we built a school. we select children who, without us would not be able to go to school. as lot of them are begging ops the streets. >> you got it. >> we have created one of the top performing schools in the entire region for 350 children. and 50 of those kids live in our home. our first priority is to keep a child with their family. and then in the severe case of a child who really has nobody they come in to live in our homes. when you walk in the front gate of copola valley you don't see suffering. you see healthy, laughing thriving kids.
7:59 am
>> now if you know someone who should be a cnn hero let us know. go to >> here's other news stories out there right now. take a look at this. that's frightening enough. think of the cleanup and the devastation that's left behind. not just by that but by multiple deadly midwest twisters. one was an ef-4. killed two people and ripped homes off their foundation and people in that community in illinois trying to figure out what to do from this point on. also a bride put in jail for walking down the aisle 10 times because prosecutors say she would never divorce any of her husbands. 39-year-old liana barrientos is accused of marrying men as part of an immigration scheme. prosecutors believe at one point she was hitched to eight men at the same time and suspect she's still married to at least four
8:00 am
of them. we are so grateful for your company as always. we hope you go out and make great memories today. >> much more ahead in the cnn newsroom. we turn things over to fredricka witfield. >> good to see you guys. >> thank you so much. >> i like the sunny yellow. >> very sunny. >> entire studio. >> i do what i can. we're in good hands with you for the next few hours. >> good to see you guys. it is the 11:00 eastern hour. i'm fredricka whitfield. "the newsroom" starts right now. family and friends are saying good-bye to walter scott today, the 50-year-old was shot and killed by north charleston police officers michael slager one week ago today. slager has been charged with murder. we're getting new information about the person in the