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tv   Wolf  CNN  April 13, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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into the race on the republican side. both candidates trying to learn the lessons of 2008 and 2012. isis once again using sledge hammers, power tools and explosives to destroy ancient relics. the target this time an archaeological site in the iraqi city. and the pope jumping into a political and historic firestorm, it turkey recalls its ambassador to the vatican after the pope uses the word "genocide" to describe mass killings of armenians 100 years ago. i'm wolf blitzer. 1:00 in washington 6:00 p.m. in london 7:00 p.m. in vatican city and 8:00 p.m. in baghdad. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. this is cnn breaking news. >> we start with senator marco rubio getting into the presidential race. he announced it to donors a while ago, but later at an event in his home state of florida he will make the public announcement. this is the senator after the
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walk-through -- his walk-through at freedom tower in miami where he will be holding that event today. here are the latest numbers we have. he was tied for sixth place in our last cnn/orc poll stacked up against other republicans. he polled in 7%. he has a 25% favorability rating nearly 50% of people don't know enough about him to have an opinion. our chief congressional correspondent dana bash joining us live from miami where senator rubio will be making his major announcement in a little -- in a few hours. do we know first of all the theme of his campaign? has he laid that out yet, dana? >> very much he has given previews in many of his speeches talking to his aides he's going to talk about the need for a new american century and that's his way of talking about his world view. wolf when he talked to his donors today and told them he was going to run for president, he said he was uniquely equaled fide to be president. what he is going to say in the
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building behind me called the freedom tower where cuban refugees came and became americans is his own cuban heritage allows him to think about the world not being under the thumb of tyranny and america needing to be the place to allow them to come. >> i owe to god. >> reporter: marco rubio's announcement preview a video of his speeches the greatest hits. >> i've been raised in a community of exiles. >> reporter: son of hard working cuban refugees has a compelling personal story and he's known for his eloquence in how he tells it. >> our children deserve to inherit the greatest society. >> reporter: building that into a new optimistic rubio 2016 tag line a new american century. it's a message rubio has been honing since he first ran for senate only five years ago when he rode the tea party wave to washington. >> thank you. >> reporter: in 2012 after mitt romney lost big among latinos,
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rubio helped craft a bipartisan immigration bill with a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants to the gop base. he told us then there would be blowback. >> is there a risk politically? >> i don't know about me. there are people upset, that i agree with on every other issue that are mad at us for having gotten involved in this issue. >> reporter: mad was an understatement. he got torched by conservatives who accused him of backing amnesty. >> i liked you and you lost me. can you commit if elected president to hold every person that's violated our country's laws -- >> i don't think anyone can commit that. >> reporter: he turned his senate focus to foreign policy delivering a series of speeches designed to showcase him as a well versed conseveretive hawk. >> we must be prepared for threats wherever they arise because our nation is never isolated from the world. >> reporter: just 43 years old now, rubio gained prominence in florida at age 34 as the first
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cuban-american speaker of the florida legislature. >> in her heart burns the hope everything that has gone wrong in her life will go right for that child. >> reporter: his acceptance speech choked up the outgoing governor jeb bush. >> wow. i cannot -- i can't think back on a time where i've ever been prouder to be a republican marco. >> reporter: bush passed rubio a baton of sorts bestowing him with the sword he called a mystical warrior. >> chang is someone who believes in conservative principles believes in entrepreneur capitalism. >> reporter: over the past nine years whenever the two appeared in public it was a love fest. >> look up the words leadership and there's a picture of him in the dictionary. >> reporter: no wonder many mutual friends are bewildered that rubio is running for president now, even after jeb bush, a mentor made clear he would be in. >> i'm told rubio is telling
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mutual friends he's not competing with jeb bush per se. they're just auditioning for the same job. you know full well that politics can get rough and tumble in the heat of a campaign wolf. >> as you also know dana rubio the first third term republican senator to running now. ted cruz rand paul and now marco rubio. how much of a problem is that potentially for him? >> well, it could be a big problem considering the fact that you have had so many republicans over the past seven years, eight years really attack barack obama the current president because of his lack of experience and the three senators you just talked about are all freshmen just like he -- in their 40s or at least two of them are, just like barack obama was when he ran. so certainly it is a potential problem. but what marco rubio is going to argue is that he has the kind of experience that other republicans in the field simply don't had. ted cruz his father was cuban
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but when it comes to his cultural understanding and his, as i said before world view the fact that his parents came here or at least his family did as refugees has made him very interventionist when it comes to america's power. >> dana bash in miami, you'll be busy lady today as you were all weekend, of course especially yesterday. thanks very much. marco rubio's announcement scheduled for 6:00 p.m. eastern later today. we'll have live coverage coming up in the situation room. you'll see his announcement live right here on cnn. our other big political story we're following, iowa here she comes. hillary clinton begins her 2016 run for the white house with a road trip. secretary clinton officially kicked off her campaign with a video announcement like she did back in 2007 when she announced she was running for president of the united states but this time the focus was on reaching out to middle-class voters. in the youtube video released yesterday, clinton said she's getting in the race to help everyday americans get ahead.
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>> i'm running for president. americans have fought their way back from tough economic times, but the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top. everyday americans need a champion and i want to be that champion. so you can do more than just get by. you can get ahead. and stay ahead. because when families are strong america is strong. so i'm hitting the road to earn your vote. because it's your time and i hope you'll join me on this journey. >> clinton's campaign strategy to spend the next six to eight weeks in what's being described as a ramp up period the plan is for her team and for her to use that time to build a nationwide grassroots organization then in may, she's planning to hold her first big rally. as we mentioned iowa is her first stop for secretary clinton's presidential campaign.
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already we've seen her chatting with people along the way. college student chris learn tells cnn he ran into clinton at a gas station in pennsylvania while she's on the road, our senior washington correspondent joe johns is in iowa joining us live from des moines. fill us in on the details of what she's planning this road trip. she is driving from chap chappaquiddick chappaquiddick, new york all the way through pennsylvania and ohio to iowa. >> right. i don't think a lot of people knew when democrats said she was going to hit the road that meant she was really going to hit the road but that is exactly what has happened. hillary clinton driving across the country in a black van that has been nicknamed by the campaign scooby-doo apparently driven by secret service agents who accompany her everywhere. this was her idea we're told. as you did mention a 19-year-old college student from penn state university said he saw her in pennsylvania at a gas station. she still had to make her way
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across ohio illinois and indiana to get here to iowa and a first event scheduled on tuesday and there's going to be another one on wednesday as well. so a lot of driving there for hillary clinton and we do expect to see her here tomorrow wolf. >> we all remember back in 2008 she finished third in the iowa caucuses behind barack obama and john ed warz. what does she need to do what do the democrats where you are in des moines and elsewhere in iowa say she needs to do better this time around? >> well for one thing she needs to connect with people. that's what we've heard again and again from democrats. she needs to have conversations, small conversations, one-on-one with people to try to win their vote. there was a lot of concern that her last campaign was too big and it wasn't humble enough. humbleness seems to be the watch word here and when i talk to people in the streets in iowa some have given me the sense that yes, the issues of -- that
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private e-mail server for the public job when she was secretary of state have raised questions in her mind benghazi more questions in the voter's mind. others who say she needs to show up in iowa and that's a good start. listen. >> i really don't think that they're going to have anything too, you know, earth shattering to say initially, but, you know, i think that she should be out and talking about issues as opposed to running but not actually being in the race for a long time so it will be interesting to get her out there and start fielding questions more relevant to what's going on. >> just by being here and connecting with the people because that's what iowa is about. all the connections people have with each other. we're the small town people. be here and connect with people and tell them what you're about. >> reporter: the polls show hillary clinton has good support among democrats here in the state, but people i've talked to say she still has to win their vote and part of that is connecting with them wolf. >> joe johns in des moines for
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us thanks very much. hillary clinton certainly is the target of a lot of political attacks from the republicans. up next i'll ask the chairman of the republican party reince priebus how the gop plans to defeat her if she becomes the nominee. and later, isis bulldozing a path through the cradle of human civilization civilization. shocking video of a blistering attack on an ancient city that has now been reduced to runl. denver international is one of the busiest airports in the country.
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calling switch to liberty mutual and you can save up to $423. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. reince . two more candidates getting into the 2016 presidential race over the weekend hillary clinton posted a video message announcing her candidacy and today in a few hours, the
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florida senator marco rubio will make his official announcement. we'll have live coverage coming up during the 6:00 p.m. eastern hour here on cnn. he spilled the beans to donors on a conference call a little while ago. let's talk about what's going on. joining us the chairman of the republican national committee reince priebus. thanks very much for joining us. you got a tough mission right now. you got to keep all these republican candidates and there are a lot of republican presidential candidates basically on message and not fight amongst themselves too much right? otherwise you will be damaged going into a general campaign. is that your sense? >> yeah i agree with that. i think a little drama and intrigue is a good thing as opposed to a total yawner like we've got on the other side with hillary clinton. you're right, with that drama and intrigue comes a little special attention which means we got to try to contain the drama so that the process doesn't get out of control. so i've tried to do that.
10:16 am
we've -- we're going to limit the debates to a reasonable amount. we're going to have a shorter primary process, earlier convention all those things wolf to allow for some intrigue but also contain the process. you're absolutely right. >> because i ask the question because yesterday, senator rand paul who's also already announced he's running for the republican nomination was on "state of the union" with dana bash yesterday and listen to what he said about some of the fellow republican candidates. listen to this. >> president obama supported the bombing of the saud and neocons in my party. really they're together in supporting many of these interventions and i've been the one not supporting these interventions. >> listen to representative peter king republican from new york had some tough words to say about another republican presidential candidate, peter king is thinking of running, ted cruz listening to this. >> now ted cruz may be an intelligence person but he doesn't carry out an intelligent
10:17 am
debate. oversimplifies exaggerates and basically led the republican party over the cliff in the fall of 2013. he's shown no qualifications no legislation being passed. doesn't provide leadership. he has no real experience. >> those are pretty strong word ps you're the chairman of the party. how do you deal with that because it's probably only going to get more ugly tougher as we get into this campaign? >> well i mean some of that stuff is just little jabs. i don't think it's that big of a deal. it's one of those things you know it when you see it and, you know you got -- you can't always control everyone's mouth but you can control how long people have to kill each other. that's one of the reasons you take a six-month slice and dice festival and narrow it down to 60 days. look you heard lincoln chaffe last week tearing hillary clinton apart. martin o'malley doing the same thing. you've got bernie sanders out there. you've got a group of democrat activists that are concerned
10:18 am
about the fact that the democrats are putting their eggs in one basket. i feel good about where we're at wolf. you've got hillary clinton at near 100% name i.d. losing to our candidates in battleground states with a third of her name i.d. across the country. i actually like the idea of running against hillary clinton. i think if you look really closely, you know, her role out was nothing but a big bore and actually, wolf she had to operate that way. she can't actually get out there in front of a press gaggle, so what does she doingdo? she gets in a minivan, which none of you can speak to her about, she's now going to have private listening sessions in iowa again no press, no controversy. you know it's not going to last long. i can assure you of that. >> republicans as you know they've been sharply critical of president obama. he was a freshman senator, no real experience. that was the allegation against him. now you've got three freshmen republican senators already
10:19 am
announcing. what do you say to the accusation if president obama didn't have a whole lot of experience these guys don't have a whole lot of experience either? >> well look everyone brings different talents to the table. and, you know, it wasn't just obama's experience that was an issue. it was the things that he did as a state senator in illinois and people he hung around and the things he didn't do when he was a u.s. senator, so i mean you to take eaches case one by one. what we do know, wolf is that hillary clinton in the polling you see across the battleground states today, not my spin the facts, a majority of americans out there polled don't find her trust worthy they don't think she's a product they want to buy, she's losing to our candidates across the aisle and now i was listening to your report before i get on and they were talking about the fact she was on this van calling it the scooby van, the truth is if you go back to the year 2000 she did the same exact thing in new
10:20 am
york. know what she called it? the mystery machine. the scooby-doo van. what sh of these reporters need to do is dig deeper and find out there's nothing new with hillary clinton's campaign. the same exact thing she did, what now, 15 years ago. so there's nothing new there to see. >> yeah. i remember in 2000 when she ran for the u.s. senate from new york. it was a listening tour she went on for several weeks before she went out there and started speaking. now she's doing a similar thing in this campaign. she's going to have a listening tour whatever you call it so that's -- worked for her then -- >> the same van, wolf. >> maybe it will work for her now. quick question on the affordable care act. obama care. the gallup poll is out with a new poll saying that uninsured -- the uninsured rate among adult americans has gone down to only 12%. it was 17% in 2013. it's 14 15% when president obama took office. but since the affordable care
10:21 am
act went into effect it has gone down. how are you going to deal with that if millions more americans have health insurance they didn't have before presumably they like it? >> well i mean for one thing, wolf you have to look at the effect in each individual family. there's a lot of families out paying double triple premiums they were before. there obviously are a lot of conversations that need to be had about number one, obama care but number two, republican alternatives to obama care completely. it's not just repeal and do nothing. it's repeal and replace with something better. those are exactly the kind of conversations that we want to have. we're willing to have. nobody on our side is saying repeal and do nothing and go back to the same system. when you have families suffering and paying premiums they can't afford, kids at 26 and 27-year-old paying for the premiums for other people when they don't actually want to be
10:22 am
enrolled in the system i think that's going to be a problem for people like hillary clinton and so you saw the 2014 elections. you saw what, in fact, in the end obama care and all of the polling was an albatross around the democrats' neck. these are the things we're going to talk about and i look forward to it and i think we will have a great field on our side and i think hillary clinton is bringing the same old, same old to the table and i think it's going to become a pretty big yawner very soon. >> let's hope it's not a yawner. let's hope it's a good substantive debate between the republicans and democrats. >> on their side. >> health care and other substantive issues. we don't want a yawner. we want substance debate on foreign policy domestic issues, tags taxes, everything else right? >> thanks for having me on so we can start that conversation. reince priebus the chairman of the republican party. appreciate it very much. still ahead, more destruction of ancient artifacts by isis. the dis turning video released
10:23 am
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the dis turning video released isis has launched an attack on iraq's biggest oil refinery. iraqi government said about 70 isis fighters launched attacks over the weekend, some of them made their way inside the refinery. iraq's oil minister told cnn iraqi forces eventually pushed back them with ground troops air strikes. iraqi officials say they are now in control of the situation. also in iraq isis has
10:27 am
released another very disturbing individual of the destruction of ancient artifacts. in this case in the ancient city of nimrud an intense explosion artifacts dating back to 900 b.c. reduced to dust in the newly released isis propaganda video. before the blast militants destroyed antiques piece by piece with sledge hammers. the city is located south of the isis controlled area of mosul, the second largest city in iraq a city of nearly 2 million people in control by isis. our senior international correspondent fred pleitgen is following the latest and joining us live from london. how much destruction has there actually been based on what we know? >> well it seems as though the site was completely destroyed. one of the things we have to keep in mind is this is really one of the most important archaeological sites in all of iraq. we originally heard the site had been attacked by isis in march. back then it was said that the
10:28 am
site had been bulldozed by the militants and now it turns out that everything is actually much worse than anybody had anticipated at the time. as you said isis militants used heavy tools to first destroy a lot of the artifacts. we're talking about ancient statutes dating back up to 300,000 years ago, frescos, ancient walls standing there and, of course that have endured all of the turmoil going on in iraq for over ten years. these militants come and destroyed everything within a matter of hours and in the end what they did is they rigged everything with explosives and blew it up. they filmed themselves doing it and gave statements where they said they were proud because ne said this meshes with their interpretation of islam which is, of course, something that the vast majority of muslims would scoff at. the u.n. has come forward and it says that the destruction of cultural treasures in the
10:29 am
conflict in iraq and in syria is nothing short of war crimes wolf. >> it's totally nothing short of war crimes. you're absolutely right, fred pleitgen awful situation. thank you. the future of people captured by isis is grim as well. cnn sat down with several who survived as prisoners of isis and spoke about life under the terror group, their fears for their loved ones who are still being held captive. we will have much more coming up in a little while. arwa damon has a report. stay with us for that. much more on the race for the white house. and what could be a major obstacle for hillary clinton going forward. does she have an image problem? long-time allies give their inside perspective. that and a lot more coming up.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. she has lived her eye in the public -- her life in the public eye but what's hillary clinton like offstage. her campaign getting people to know hillary clinton the person. gloria borger spoke to those people who know her best. >> unless you've been living on another planet for the last few decades, there's one political star that's been unavoidbly present.
10:34 am
>> not too many people with one name hillary. a few hours. down on a few others. everybody knows hillary. >> maybe not as well as close friend virginia governor terry mcauliffe but well enough to be on a first-name basis. as in hillary, the young watergate committee lawyer. hillary, first lady of arkansas. and first lady of the united states. hillary, senator from new york and presidential candidate. hillary, secretary of state, and presidential candidate. >> i'm running for president. >> reporter: it was a decision that surprised absolutely no one. least of all, old family friend and adviser paul begala. >> it's not just i have to do this, make history, i have to be the big shot play "hail to the chief". >> she doesn't need it but she wants it. she's put a lifetime in to herself in a way in preparation
10:35 am
for it. >> reporter: it was clear, even back at yale law school in the '70s, when she met this fellow. >> i actually tried to talk hillary into leaving me when we were in law school. god's truth. you have more talent for public service than anybody in my generation that i have met and i shouldn't stand in your way. you should do this. she looked at me and laughed, oh bill i'll never run for office. >> reporter: she was the original good wife writing her own role. >> this health security card will represent a right of every citizen. >> reporter: public defender in chief. >> is this vast right wing conspiracy. >> reporter: despite a brutal personal struggle. >> what did you learn about hillary clinton when you went through some of the tougher times? >> it was tough. this was about their family and she wanted to keep it about their family. when tough times come she's able to deal with it deal with it
10:36 am
herself, and is able to continue to move on. >> reporter: an essential skill says democrat bill daly who has managed both a presidential candidate and white house. >> i don't know what they can say about her that hasn't been said about her in the past in a negative sense, so, you know she's got a pretty strong shield around her. >> reporter: it's a shield that can keep the voters at arm's length so that after all these years in the public eye, there's still something elusive about hillary clinton. >> people who have never met either of them have a very clear sense of who bill clinton is they love him, call him bill. you think he would like to have barbecue with us. with hillary there is a distance. >> reporter: this is very personal. the plan to have the voters meet the real hillary, the warm one. actually one on one. >> nobody, nobody i've ever seen better at that. >> reporter: so they can finally see the woman her friends
10:37 am
describe. >> a lot of fun. tremendous amount of fun. she's got a great belly laugh. she and i will sit out, you know on vacation talking policy might have a cocktail or two. she's a load of fun to be with. >> i think she's a very complete person but i think the most important thing is what her experience has given her. you know we have men who come here one or two years, get a few puff pieces and they go out and they run for president. >> reporter: that's a far cry from hillary clinton's long and sometimes controversial story. >> i suppose i could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas. >> she comes with baggage. there are negative perceptions about the clintons and paranoid too protected even arrogant that came up during the whole e-mail controversy controversy. will that matter? >> the misconceptions there are certain people that are -- that are fixing those with those beliefs and they've been for 25 years. you're not going to change them.
10:38 am
what you have to do is basically talk to the future about what you want to do with the country. >> reporter: in 2008 clinton ran on her resume. >> i will bring a lifetime of experience. >> reporter: and the campaign let the woman thing take a back seat. >> i do think the last time she ran they tried very hard to keep it a secret but she is a girl. >> she is a woman. >> she's a woman. >> do you think the tug of history is very strong? >> i think she knows she carries the cause and if a very qualified woman can hold that job, and perform well that's a big thing. >> do you think it will be harder for a woman to run for president even in 2016? >> i think it is harder and i think she knows it's harder and women are tested in ways that men are not and that's another discussion but -- >> that report from our chief political analyst gloria borger
10:39 am
who is with us right now along with our senior washington correspondent jeff zell lanny. more about hillary clinton's campaign strategy the growing republican field for president. stay with us. we'll be right back. so, what brings you to jersey? well, geico's the #1 auto insurer in new jersey, new york and connecticut. so i just came by to say "thanks." #1, huh? that's great. here you go. a little token of appreciation. oh, that's... that's... that's great... now i'd say you probably need a large. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. ( music throughout) ♪ ♪ one time ♪ one coat coverage, one coat guaranteed. ♪
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is. the field for the republican presidential nomination clearly growing. florida senator marco rubio told supporters he's making and will make a formal announcement in a few hours. we'll have live coverage during the 6:00 p.m. eastern hour during "the situation room." the republican and democratic front joining us our senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny and chief political analyst julia borger. moments ago, ted cruz who's also running for the republican presidential nomination speaking in north carolina went after not only president obama but hillary clinton. let me play a little clip.
10:43 am
>> president obama and secretary clinton have had their chance. their policies do not work. leading from behind is a dismal failure. we need a new track. we need to get back to the principles that made america strong. we need to restore america's leadership in the world. >> i guess that's going to be a pretty robust theme among all of the republican candidates. they're going to try maybe avoid going after each other but go after hillary clinton who presumably is going to get the democratic presidential nomination. >> she may not have serious primary opponents in her own party but she will have a lot on the republican side and what you saw ted cruz do is effectively try and turn hillary into a third term of president obama and what he calls his failed foreign policy. she's going to get a lot of that
10:44 am
from republicans and generational i thought, they've had their time they failed now it's time to move on to something else. >> is that a smart strategy on ted cruz's part? >> the field is so big the republican field so big the best way to distinguish yourself is giving the sharpest argument against hillary clinton. you're right about the generational argument. he is a young man in his low 40s as is marco rubio. this is a new generation here and they would, of course like to make that argument. of course it doesn't work with democrats. it's more about a general election argument. it actually helps in the primary for hillary clinton potentially if all these republicans are piling on her and they might come to her defense. >> marco rubio will be the third republican to announce in the past couple weeks. ted cruz rand paul all freshmen senators. how does he distinguish himself, marco rubio? >> i think if you look at the polling marco rubio is in single digits so he's not in the top tier. but i think he's kind of
10:45 am
everybody's second choice. there is nothing hugely objectionable about him. people who say that they favor jeb bush might also consider marco rubio and it goes down the line with others including rand paul. so i think he sees himself as a bridge between those who -- the establishment republicans and the tea party republicans he was elected as a tea party republican just five years ago. >> yeah. and go ahead. >> he -- also his compelling biography will propel him into the race. he's not like barack obama, but the closest to it on the republican side. he has a biography that fits the time of this electorate to some degree. i think the national polls don't mean a ton for him right now. people still don't know him. once they get to know him, you're right, there's not a lot objectionable about him. can he raise the money and compete with the florida giant jeb bush. >> what is the hillary clinton strategy now? excellent piece you did for us. >> thank you. >> the strategy now, basically
10:46 am
to go on a listening tour for the next six or eight weeks, not do any major campaign rallies. what's up with that? >> hillary clinton is one of the only candidates who's already a celebrity. everybody in the world knows who she is unless you've been living under a rock somewhere. so what hillary clinton has to do is reintroduce herself to people who think they know her and newer voters and do it in a different way. she can't behave as if she's entitled to this nomination. so she's got to go out and earn it as they say. the campaign advisors had a background call with journalists and they said the same thing. she's got to earn it vote by vote which means stopping and refilling your van and meeting voters at the gas station. >> driving from new york a thousand miles or whatever to iowa that's -- >> i looked it up. 1086 miles. she's riding, of course. she's not driving. the secret service is driving i
10:47 am
think that is a good sort of trick up their sleeve at the beginning. her agent insists it's her idea. we're all talking about it. i got an e-mail from an iowa democrat this morning who said if she would have flown here she could have talked to so many more. she'll get some attention across the way going through battleground states like ohio. it's fine. but once she really gets into this campaign it's going to be several weeks from now, in may, when she's giving her first big speech and her first big why she's running. >> they didn't like her much last time around in iowa so she's got to figure out a way to kind of get back into their good graces. >> we'll be covering it every step of the way. all of us. we will be busy. we love covering politics. that will be good. thanks very much. another story we're following, a very different story, despite a dramatic rescue of some yazidis, a key minority in iraq many face capture by isis. up next we have a story of one family ripped apart following an
10:48 am
isis attack. arwa damon is standing by.
10:49 am
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10:52 am
most of these yazidi refugees into iraqi kurdistan. fear not for themselves but their loved ones still captive with isis. those we spoke to asked we conceal their identities. mahmoud was not home when isis arrived in sinjar last august. the fighters took his wife three children the youngest just a month old at the time and his parents. they forced us at gunpoint into big trailer trucks she recalls. they wrote everyone's name down and asked who wants to work as a farmer cleaner, or herder. the family chose to herd goats. they were taken to a village whose residents had fled and put to work. at the start, there were a lot of tears and fear but then we got used to it she says. two men who tried to escape were beaten and dragged to death behind a car. the village was their prison.
10:53 am
for two months mahmoud did not know if his family was dead or alive. then she found a cell phone left in the house and called him. she said, we are alive, but we are prisoners. one day isis fighters appeared and took her in-laws. we didn't know where they were taking them she tells us. we thought we would be next so we decided this is it. we survive or we don't. she fled with her children part of a group of 31 under cover of darkness. walking, they could only hope towards freedom. when the sun started to come up i thought, that's it we're going to get caught and what am i going to do with the kids she remembers asking herself. i can't carry all three of them and run. luckily, she never had to. the couple can't find the words to describe the moment they were reunited but the fate of
10:54 am
mahmoud's parents remained unknown. two days later, that question was answered. isis released 217 yazidis, many of them elderly. exactly why, they don't know. isis moved them around for six terrifying days before setting them free. among them were mahmoud's parents. we didn't know if they were going to slaughter us or what they were going to do with us his father says. of course i was so happy. i couldn't believe that i was in the home of the enemy facing death and then got away his mother adds. her own parents are held by isis. she cannot escape the haunting memories of all she witnessed and went through. she was saying the hardest moment for her in all of this was when the isis fighters began taking away the little girls, the young women, to be used as sex slaves and they would, at times, tear these girls away
10:55 am
from their mothers, dragging them off by their hair as they were screaming and shouting. she was spared. i would hide or i would stay dirty, and i was breast-feeding she says. that is what ultimately saved her. we're told that isis slavery rules prohibit the use of women who are breast-feeding for sex. the thought of those that are is what torments her most. ara damon, cnn, iraq. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had a liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. new car replacement is just one of the features that come standard with a base liberty mutual policy. and for drivers with accident forgivness,rates won't go up due to
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it may be hard to believe, but pope frin francis and reality star kim kardashian are now embroiled in the same debate causing outrage in turkey. during a mass on sunday, the pope used the word genocide to describe the mass killings of armenians by turks. armenia has been commemorating the 100-year anniversary of the killings which brought kim kardashian to the country, who has been a long-time advocate for armenian genocide awareness. by the way, just before his election in 2008 president obama also referred to armenian killings as genocide. he said then as a candidate,
11:00 am
america deserves a leader who speaks truthfully about the armenian genocide, and he added, i intend to be that president. but he hasn't used that word genocide out of an apparent deference for turkey a nato ally. that's it for me. the news continues next on cnn. all right, wolf. thank you so much. hi everyone. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. thank you for starting your week with us here. i want to begin with two pieces of brand new audio recorded in the immediate aftermath of that deadly police shooting down in south carolina. just aheads heads up it's tough to hear. i want you to listen to michael slager speaking moments after firing at walter scott, the 50-year-old unarmed african-american man. >> once i get here it will be real quick. you'll be off for a coupl