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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  April 14, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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@jaketapper and at the "the lead with jake tapper" check out our show page for video, blogs, extras and subscribe to our magazine. that's it for "the lead with jake tapper." i am jake tapper. i am now turning you over to one mr. wolf blitzer who is right next door in "the situation room." have a nice night. happening now, under fire isis fights to take control of iraq's largest oil refinery. this on the same day that iraq's prime minister is over at the white house asking for help. how big a threat does the terror group pose to world oil supplies? nuclear fallout. republicans and democrats agree on one thing they want oversight of the iran nuclear deal. will the white house let them have? and will there even be a deal after a russian missile sale to iran? didn't deserve to die. the mysterious passenger in walter scott's car speaks out about the fatal shooting by a police officer and there's now new video that now ex-officer using a stun gun in an earlier
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traffic stop. accidental stowaway. passengers hear frantic knocking and screaming from the cargo hold while their plane is in midair. >> we're going to have to circle back around. >> so what was a baggage worker doing in the cargo hold? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." iraq's largest oil refinery under siege. bitter fighting as government forces try to keep the terror group from overrunning the crucial oil facility. all this comes as iraq's prime minister has been meeting with president obama today over at the white house looking for even more u.s. military and economic assistance. and as congress is muscling its way into the iran nuclear deal senate republicans and democrats agree they want oversight and the white house may let them have it. but could a major russian arms
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deal with iran scuttle the whole deal? i'll speak live with senator jeff flake of the foreign relations committee and also our correspondents analysts and guests they're standing by with all the latest developments but let's begin with the latest and go to our senior white house correspondent jim acosta. jim. >> reporter: this meeting between president obama and iraqi prime minister haider al abadi comes at a critical time as the white house is touting the gains of u.s.-led coalition forces in the fight against isis. the terror group is trying to seize control of iraq's largest oil refinery. isis posted this video. we'll put it up on screen showing its fighters in this siege at the beiji oil refinery north of tikrit. the video shows militants firing weapon huge plumes of smoke and portions of that refinery on fire. wolf i can tell you from talking to a senior iraqi official that one thing that prime minister abadi said to the president during his meeting, his other meetings at the white house is that he would like to
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see increased air strikes on isis targets, the iraqis are pointing to the siege at beiji as a key reason of why they need to see that enhanced air power coming from the u.s.-led coalition. the president in the oechl office with prime minister abadi earlier was asked whether or not the u.s. would be providing more weapons to the iraqis namely drones apache helicopter f-16s and the president said that's why he's here. he's here to listen to the iraqi prime minister. here's what he had to say. >> i think this is why we are having this meeting to make sure that we're continually improving our coordination to make sure that iraqi security forces are in a position to succeed in our common riggs. >> reporter: now, as for that assault on the beiji oil refinery a senior iraqi official tells cnn they don't believe at this point that isis has control of that facility at this point though they do acknowledge that that attack and that siege has been taking place there. in the meantime, haider al
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abadi, the iraqi prime minister is not leaving empty-handed. the president announced during his oval office visit with the prime minister that the u.s. is offering $200 million in humanitarian support to the iraqis and that there have been some reports, we should mention, wolf that abadi came to washington with specific requests for those drone, for those apache helicopters. the white house denied that abadi made that specific request of the president though the senior iraqi official told me wolf that they do have a long-standing request for the u.s. to purchase that type of military hardware. they say they need it and they need it badly, wolf. >> $200 million in u.s. economic assistance to iraq. i wonder how that's going to be received up on capitol hill during these types of tight money as they say. all right, jim, thanks very much. there's one thing that congressional republicans and democrats agree on they want to supervise any final nuclear deal with iran and now looks like they'll get their way.
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if if there's still a deal to supervise. the latest serious complication russia russia's now moving to go ahead with the sale of sophisticated missiles to iran. let's go to our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. jim, first of all about this senate legislation, what's the latest. >> reporter: i tell you josh earnest said the president is not particularly thrilled with the legislation but he indicated he will sign it. in fact he'll almost certainly have little choice. senate foreign relations committee unanimously approving the bill 19-0 vote. it will now go to the senate. the full senate later this month where it appears to have the support of a veto-proof majority. after months of the white house fighting to keep lawmakers out of the iran nuclear negotiations today congress forcing its way in. >> more fully than that i believe congress should play a role an in ensuring that all the details that need to be in place are there. >> reporter: republicans and democrats united behind a compromised bill giving lawmakers oversight of any final agreement. >> i think it's the
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congressional prerogative and we're the ones that impose the sanctions and take it up for changes. >> reporter: under a compromise struck between corker and cardin the original 60-day review period cut to 30 days. and a provision requiring the president to certify every 90 days that iran is no longer backing terrorism against americans, watered down to periodic reports on iran's terror and missile-related activities. faced with what looks increasingly like a veto-proof majority in the senate today the white house said the changes appear to be enough to merit the president's signature. >> the republican chairman working with the democratic ranking member ben cardin have agreed to address a large number of the concerns that we've raised and provide the kind of clarity we need to give our negotiators the time and space to try to reach an agreement. >> reporter: for iran however, congressional action injects new doubts into already difficult
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nuclear talks and highlights a key sticking point. sanctions. >> as long as this instrument of you are jens and pressure is kept i think people will never have the peace of mind that is needed in order to implement a good agreement. >> reporter: the iran deal is already an issue in the 2016 presidential race. today republican candidate marco rubio agreed to remove his amendment that would have required iran to recognize the state of israel. he removed that amendment because he didn't warrant to stand in the way of what looked to be a unanimous approval here. i i will tell you iran watching capitol hill closely today i was just in touch with a senior iranian diplomat for reaction to the passage of this legislation, here's what he told me. if we reach a deal it is the u.s. administration not any other entity in the states which is responsible to do its commitments based on the agreement we only deal with the administration and expect it to deliver by any method it deems appropriate.
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so wolf there, the iranian side saying hey, mr. president, if you're making this deal with us we expect you to follow through on this deal regardless of what happens on capitol hill. >> let's see if there is a deal. they still got 2 and a half months to negotiate it. the fine points will be significant. russia meanwhile as you know jim, is going ahead and delivering surface-to-air missiles to iran how much of a complication potentially could this be even when the sanctions are theoretically still supposed to be in effect. they announced a major missile sale to iran. >> reporter: this has enormous implications. this is the missile here the s300. advanced missile system. what is it designed to do take down low-flying aircraft and low-flying missile, the kind of weapons the u.s. or israel might use if these talks fail to strike iranian nuclear sites. now, i'm told that the s-300. u.s. warplane u.s. technology could likely get by it. israeli technology could not. of course there's a scenario where the u.s. decides not to strike. israel does. but there's another implication
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here because these missiles could be used to protect iranian medium missile sites that could threaten europe so implications for nato as well and shows you that relationship always precarious. russia involved in these talks but quickly injecting some untemperature not just about iran but for nato going forward. >> jim, thanks very much. let's get more on what's going on. joining us now jeff flake of arizona. he a member of the foreign relations committee. senator, thanks very much for joining us. let's get through some of these points. first of all, the white house announcing $200 million in what is being described as humanitarian aid to iraq. iraq after all is a pretty oil-rich country. you support $200 million giving $200 million to iraq? >> well i'll have to see the white house's justification for it. many of us will sit down with the prime minister tomorrow and see what justification he has and we'll weigh it against other priorities that we have. >> a lot of domestic priorities. can you do a lot with $200
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million back in arizona, for example, right? >> sure sure and so they'll have to justify it and i think it'll be a tough sell. >> but as of right now you have an open mind? >> yes, yeah certainly we'll hear them out. but it'll be a tough sell. >> what about providing iraq with more heavy artillery. more apache helicopters. are you supportive of that given iraq's military coordination relationship with iran? >> well we've committed to help iraq to stand up that government and make sure it prevails against isis and, you know we don't want u.s. troops on the ground obviously but we've committed to help them in other ways and that would be another way. i think that you'd find pretty broad support to supply arms and munitions. >> because a lot of experts say the iraqis even under this new prime minister haider al abadi who is at the white house today they still have an incredibly close relationship with tehran
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and i wonder if that worries you. >> oh it does. obviously that's a concern and we've seen in the battles in tikrit and other places that there's been heavy iranian influence, so is isis so we have to play those priorities against each other and make a decision. >> the question is for the iraqis as you know when isis came into mosul in the second largest city in iraq, 2 million people there, the iraqi army simply fled and they left all sorts of u.s. military equipment behind in the hands of isis right now or in the hands of other terror groups. i wonder if apache helicopter heavy artillery. how concerned are you that the iraqi military could simply flee once again and leave all that military hardware to isis or the iranians or shiite militias or other terror groups. >> it's been a long-term concern of ours that the iraqi military hasn't been you have to snuff and they seem to be getting better. certainly the new government is helping there.
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but as we go along we'll get recommendations from our own department of defense and that of our ally as well so we're into the going to do this if we believe there is a good chance it will fall into the hands of isis. if we think that it'll help win the battle we'll provide it. >> a lot of u.s. military personnel are distraught when they see isis forces driving around in american-made humvees and tanks that the u.s. left behind when they pull the out of iraq and now in the hands of isis. let's talk about the breaking news isis claiming it now trees iraq's largest 0 oil refinery in beiji so despite the victory so-called victory in tikrit is the army strong enough to fight isis and how worried are you? >> they obviously haven't been on their own and that's why they needed help from us. from our allies and oddly enough from iran as well. and so no they haven't been strong enough. we hope that they're gaining
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strength as isis seems to have been beaten back in certain areas. but it remains to be seen and it's a big concern of ours certainly the strength of the iranian or i'm sorry the iraqi military and ask that of the prime minister tomorrow. >> i'm sure you'll have good questions for haider al abadi. we invited him to join us on cnn. so far they haven't been able to find enough time for him to do an interview with me. let's see if that changes over the next few days and would be good to hear him answer questions on these sensitive issues given the u.s. involvement in iraq going back to 2003. senator, we have a lot more to talk about including what happened today in the senate foreign relations committee on iran. lots more with senator jeff flake when we come back.
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back with republican senator jeff flake of arizona. he is a member of the senate foreign relations committee. president obama says now according to the white house he's willing to sign that corker/cardin compromise legislation as it stands now that would give congress a say in any nuclear deal worked out with iran. who blinked in these negotiations because you know going into the 19-0 unanimous vote the white house said they hated this and threatened the president might veto it. >> well my advice to them all along was to work with them rather than deny that congress has any role. congress imposed the sanctions and only congress can lift them permanently. so we always had a role and i'm glad the white house recognizes that now. >> so you think the white house blinked? >> yes, certainly.
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>> all right, let's talk about aqap leader at the naval base in guantanamo bay. he was killed in yemen according to the terror group by a u.s. drone missile. he was released from gitmo in 2006 under president bush. here's the question. looking back at all of the gitmo detainees who have been released a lot of them simply go back and go out there on the terror field, right? >> yes, that's been the case. >> you have a problem with releasing detainees from gitmo? >> well obviously we can't hold them forever and there's a process they did through and you're always going to have some that go back to the battlefield. there are some criminals released from prison who go back to crime but i do think it behooves us to make sure that we have a process that tryies to the best extent possible that they
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don't. >> you don't have a problem with the u.s. using hellfire missiles on these drones let's say in yemen to look for these guy, go out and target them and kill them? >> no i don't have a problem with that. obviously there's a process there that we try to ensure that we've got the right people and that we have minimal, you know that there's minimal collateral damage obviously and that's a process that we ought to go through but don't have a problem targeting terrorist. >> were you surprised the u.s. was able to do this in yemen even after yemen has become this horrible situation now, the u.s. embassy has been evacuated, all u.s. military personnel have been pulled out but somehow the u.s. still manages supposedly to pull off an air strike like this with a drone missile? >> no i'm note surprised. we do have intelligence in those areas and we can continue to carry out these strikes and i think we should. >> let's talk about cuba. i know you visited cuba. you are a supporter of an effort to reach out and try to improve the relationship after all of these years. what do you think of the
2:21 pm
president's decision today to submit word to congress that he wants to take cuba off the list of countries that sponsor terrorism? >> i think it's a good move. that list ought to mean something and it means more now than it did just before the president made this action. i think it's a good move. it hopefully will lead to full diplomatic relations and then we'll be able to put more pressure on the cubans frankly on areas that we have disagreement on. >> so you would say this move today is long overdue. >> yes, long overdue. >> you know there's a lot of other republican some democrats like bob menendez who totally disagree with you v you been getting grief on your position. >> i know they don't agree with me on this issue, but i think it was a right move to take and i'm glad the president did it. >> senator flake, thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> jeff flake of arizona, the foreign relations committee. coming up we're learning new details about the south carolina police shooting. why didn't the officer talk with investigators for three days? also we have new details from
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breaking now we're learning some surprising new details about the aftermath of the south carolina police shooting. let's go to brian todd with the very latest for us. >> reporter: wolf tonight we have learned when state investigators first arrived on the scene after the walter scott shooting on april 4th officer michael slager refused to talk to them. referring them to his lawyer. slager wasn't interviewed by investigators until three days after that. then he was charged with murder.
2:27 pm
and tonight, one of the most important mysteries surrounding the case has been solved. there's now a name with the shadow. the mysterious passenger inside walter scott's car in those critical moments before scott was gunned down is 30-year-old pierre fulton. tonight fulton has come forward with a statement about scott. i'll never know why he ran but i know he didn't deserve to die. even with that claim fulton may be able to fill in some critical gaps in the story. a former nypd detective takes us inside the interview room and the questions investigators have for fulton. >> did he mention to you why he -- why the police may be after him specifically, what did you see after mr. scott ran? did you see the tussle. did you see some sort of physical altercation. >> reporter: he's been interviewed by the law enforcement division but so far all he said publicly is what's in his statement. he was a dear friend and i miss him every day. tonight the state prosecutor leading the investigation says
2:28 pm
officer michael slager who fired the fatal shots likely won't face the death penalty because, quote, there are no statutory aggravating circumstances present. veteran criminal defense attorney keith waters says slager could face one of three specific charges. >> probably murder in the second degree manslaughter maybe even first degree murder on a plea with a cap on the number of years he is going to do in jail. >> reporter: he has two lawsuits over his use of force. julius wilson suing for civil rights violations over this incident from last august captured on dash cam video. after wilson's pulled out of his vehicle at a traffic stop slager tases him. >> i've been tased. [ bleep ]. >> turn over or you're going to get hit again. >> reporter: his client was tased after he had been put in a submissive position. no response from slager's
2:29 pm
attorney or north charleston police and another taseing situation. mario givens said he tased him though a witness said he wasn't the burglary suspect he was looking for. >> chances are there are other people who say i remember that police officer. let me call a lawyer right now or let me go file a complaint right now because it happened to me also. >> reporter: but these are not slam dunks against slager. he was exonerated in the complaint filed in that givens case. keith wears says a judge probably won't allow those to be mentioned in his criminal trial because they would be prejudicial and in criminal and civil cases juries often give more weight to a police officer's testimony given the authority they have and the stresses they face on the beat. wolf. >> what other details, brian have you learned about michael slager the ex-police officer there in north charleston, putting off investigators, i take it on the day of the sheing? >> we're told by an official of
2:30 pm
south carolina's law enforcement division its agents got to the scene less than an hour after the shooting and referred them to his attorney before that agency could even interview slager the attorney at the time david aylor issued a statement claiming they wrestled for control of slager's stun gun. the law enforcement division interviewed slager the very next day then they charged him with murder and slager's attorney quit the case. he's now got another lawyer who is not commenting on any of this. >> all right, brian, thanks very much. with us now in "the situation room," philip banks, the former chief of department for the new york city police force. also joining us the national urban league president mark moriale and tom quentis. the passenger from walter scott's car says he doesn't know why scott ran out of that vehicle. we've all seen the video by now but he also says scott certainly didn't deserve to die. what's your reaction first of all to the shooting. >> well basically, wolf what i
2:31 pm
saw here it's one of the those indefensible acts that i have seen. i don't like to make judgments until i'm privy to all of the facts in the investigation. but this one is pretty difficult for me to fathom something could be intree duced -- even if there was some type of physical conflict that took place at the time of the shooting walter scott was clearly regressing he was going in the opposite direction, he didn't appear to have any weapons on him, so i'm really not sure what possibly could have gone through this officer's mind of why he decided to use deadly force. >> do you think race played a role in scott's death? >> i can't answer that question. i do know that historically the criminal justice system race plays a part in a lot of the injustices in the criminal justice system. did it play a part in this one, i don't know this officer. i certainly can't condemn him to say race did play a part in it.
2:32 pm
i'm not sure. >> what do you think, mark? did race play a part in this? >> i'd say this wolf. in the case of this officer, all three people walter scott and the other two incidents even if he were clear, involved the use of force, questions about the use of force and were all african-american men so that suggests a racial dimension but whether race is a factor or not in my view is that it is it was wrong, wrong and wrong no matter who the perpetrator or the victim was in this case. it was a wrong-headed heinous criminal act. >> let me ask tom to talk about him. the ex-police officer now charged with murder. he refused to speak to investigators on the day that of the shooting saying he was being represented by an attorney. was arrested only after being interviewed a few days later
2:33 pm
following the shooting. how unusual is this? >> i think it's unusual but it's also unusual, wolf, to have an officer facing a murder charge. so you know under our criminal justice system if he was under the impression that those officers were interviewing him and it was going to be used as evidence in a criminal prosecution, in which he was possibly going to get the death penalty, he's well within his rights to refuse to talk. >> chief bank you agree with him, right? >> yeah i certainly agree with him and, wolf in new york city when we have a police involved shooting we do not for the most part speak to the officers and that's at the request of the local district attorneys because the person certainly has rights and it is a criminal investigation. anything that he says to the investigators can be used against him so he has the right to not to incriminate himself so that's standard and certainly in new york city and is possibly standard in other police department as well. >> marc morial -- >> i was going to add may be a
2:34 pm
teaching moment. that is that people have an absolute right to consult a lawyer or to remain silent whether this person is a police officer or not, so i think in this case i hope all of the viewers understand that very important constitutional right which is the right to remain silent and also the right to have counsel present if you're interrogated by the police. so it would be a lot better if more people understand that so for this officer to exercise his right, i'll always defend the right of anyone to utilize and take advantage of the constitution of this country and that's what i think he did. >> chief banks, tulsa county reserve deputy the 73-year-old man turned himself in today on second degree manslaughter charges after fatally shooting a man he says mistakenly shooting him with a gun instead of his stun gun. but the sheriff's department is still standing behind him saying
2:35 pm
he did not criminally wrong. he faces potentially a maximum four years in prison if convicted. are you surprised by the way this case has been handled? >> well i don't know if i'm surprised how it's handled but certainly disappointed on how when you're reaching for your weapon that you can mistakenly -- mistake a situation such as that. not being privy to that that in why in new york city the officer has the taser on a different side of his waist than he would his or her firearm so if your firearm on the right side you place it on the left to separate and draw some type of distinction between it. you have to make a conference effort when reaching for your weapon under the training you have it's almost natural that you would be reaching towards the side that is on it compared to the opposite side so utilized that -- i'd have to do an investigation to reveal if it's anything different but it's disappointing that once again we have a person at the hands of
2:36 pm
law enforcement who is deceased and looks like it didn't have to be that way. >> tom fuentes, should a reserve deputy, a volunteer, if you will be involved in a sting operation of this nature? >> no. i don't think so wolf. and i think that's why probably the department is being so defensive because this is a management decision that they put somebody out there. now, they may have serious budgetary constraints like other law enforcement agencies and want to use reserves but in this actual situation, with a potentially dangerous arrest of a subject selling guns no, i don't think it should be anybody but a full time police officer and i think the fact that the department put that person in the position is why they're defending themselves now? what do you think marc morial. >> one thing interesting he's the sheriff's sugar daddy and is provided free trips and all sorts of eethings to the sheriff and that's the reason why he has this special status as a reserve
2:37 pm
deputy. clearly the department is going to be on the hook for negligence for -- i agree with tome -- a poor management decision to place a reserve deputy in the line of fire in a sensitive law enforcement situation. so i think that while the department may be defensive, this is certainly a case that should be prosecuted. this is certainly a dead person and while it was a mistake it's a dead person who did not need to die. >> a good point indeed. marc morial thanks phillips banks and tom fuentes, thanks as well. passengers recount a scary moment when they heard screams below their feet. why did the plane take off with a baggage handler in the cargo hold? we have new information. at the top of the hour outrage over u.s. drug agents attending section parties. how much of your tax money has
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2:43 pm
what's going on. this is an extraordinary delay. >> that's right. wolf. president obama has picked to replace eric holder has waited almost six months for the senate to vote on her nomination and democrats can't decide whether to laugh or whine. >> thanks to eric our nation is safer. >> reporter: the political standoff to replace him as attorney general has gone soon so long it's become a joke. staffers wearing black wristbands that read free eric holder. >> loretta lynch. >> reporter: his successor has waited longer for a vote on her nomination than the past seven nominees combined. >> loretta lynch, the first african-american woman voted to be attorney general is asked to sit in the back of the bus when it comes to the senate calendar. that is unfair. it's unjust. it is beneath the decorpskor decorum.
2:44 pm
>> reporter: they blame mitch mcconnell for the delay. >> the republican leader said that she would receive fair consideration by the senate. well that hasn't happened. miss lynch has a spotless question. no one can question her integrity, background and no question she should have to wait any longer. >> reporter: but the problem isn't with lynch. she has enough votes for confirmation. republicans are delaying her confirmation vote to gain leverage in an unrelated fight over abortion funding. republicans want to ban victims of section trafficking from using a again says fund to pay for most abortions. but democrats argue that move would open up similar victim compensation funds to new abortion restrictions. on the senate floor last month dianne feinstein and john cornyn had this powerful exchange. >> why is there an objection to processing those amendments and allowing the senate to work its will. >> because there are many of us that believe this is one small
2:45 pm
step for womankind. it's one battle that we can win. and we have had loss after loss after loss. >> reporter: an attorney general holder the man republicans had loved to hate cracking jokes. >> it's almost as if the republicans in congress have discovered a new fondness for me. i'm feeling love there i haven't felt for some time and where was all this affect the last six years? >> reporter: the irony there, of course is that the same republicans who couldn't wait to get rid of eric holder are the same ones delaying his departure. i talked to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell yesterday. he made it clear he's still not backing down. he said he'd bring up lynch for a confirmation vote after senators strike a deal on abortion funding. telling me quote, that's been my position for a month now and it remains the same. wolf. >> a lot of republicans say they'll never vote to confirm her because she agrees with the president's position on these executive orders on immigration
2:46 pm
reform which they say are unconstitutional. >> absolutely and she didn't engender a lot of republican support during her confirmation hearing when she agreed with the president on those executive actions, but we know that there are at least five republicans now who have said they will vote for her so with the -- all the democrats voting for her she has the 51 votes to become the next attorney general should mcconnell decide to bring her up. >> let's see if there's a vote. that would be obviously significant. thanks very much chris. an airliner takes off with a baggage worker in the cargo hole and now passengers are telling us stories about hearing a scream that got the plane to turn around and land. tan by for new information.
2:47 pm
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an investigation is now under way to determine why an alaska airlines plane took off with a baggage worker asleep inside the cargo hold. the airliner turned around landed after passengers and crewmembers heard frantic banging and screaming from below. let's go to our aviation correspondent rene marsh. she has new details for us. what are you learning rene? >> the company contracted to hire this man tells me this was an experienced employee who hid behind luggage to take a nap. now some pilots are sounding the alarm about what they call lapses in safety and security protocols on the ground at some of the nation's airport as. >> all of the sudden we just hear some banging right underneath our feet. >> passengers heard it, and so did the pilots flying alaska airlines flight 448. >> i think we have noise from
2:52 pm
the baggage compartment. could be a person in there. so we're going to have to come back around. >> we started hearing voices underneath us and pounding significantly louder and louder. >> reporter: the baggage handler trapped inside the cargo hold of the 737. one passenger captured cell phone video of what he believes was the man banging for help. >> that's gross incompetence. the bottom line is an incident like this happening shows negligence somewhere along the way in the process. and that has safety implications and security implications. >> reporter: when pilots made an emergency landing back to seattle's airport, the trapped man emerged, walking himself to a waiting ambulance. the unidentified ramp agent is a contracted worker who was loading luggage into the belly of the plane with three others when according to alaska airlines, he fell asleep. the airline says his team noticed he was missing.
2:53 pm
they called into the cargo hold for him, called and texted his cell phone, but no answer. they assumed he finished his shift and went home. >> the relentless cost-cutting procedures of the airlines has outsourced a lot of our work. and it's resulted in not good fruit. >> reporter: the man was released from a local hospital overnight. the investigation into how this could have happened continues. >> well tonight we are learning more about this ramp worker. a source close to the investigation tells me he was off for two days prior to all of this. and on the day of the incident he had a lunch break and another break in the afternoon. so they're still working to determine why he was so sleepy. he had no major prior past issues. and we do know he passed a drug test. while we know this is rare you know an individual getting stuck in the cargo hold it has happened before.
2:54 pm
2009 a jetblue flight baggage handler stuck in the cargo hold traveling from new york to boston before they realized. >> pretty shocking stuff indeed. all right. thanks very much rene for that report. coming up republicans and democrats agree on one thing. they want oversight of the potential iran nuclear deal. but will there still be a deal for them tosupervise? and paying for sex parties. did u.s. taxpayers also foot the bill? but first, cnn is set to debut a new series that looks at a couple's quest to become marijuana moguls. "high profits" premiers sunday night, 10:00 p.m. eastern. here is an exclusive look at the new trailer. >> they're parasites. >> they've got no contribution to this society. >> they're preying on our community and our kids. and it's going to end badly. >> we've got exactly $100,000 in cash in the back of this car. i bet there is guys right there in that prison for doing just what we're about to do.
2:55 pm
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happening now, sex party scandal. lurid new details about federal drug enforcement agents repeatedly hooking up with prostitutes with american taxpayers' money, and the drug cartels also footing the bill. why hasn't anyone been fired? al qaeda killed. the terror group revealed that a top leader was once a prisoner of the u.s. has been taken out in an air strike. what does it say about al qaeda's power right now? isis attack. fierce battles are under way in a major oil refinery. are iraqi forces strong enough to fight back? and dash cam drama. resounding new video of a police karaming into a suspect. did it actually save the man's life? stand by to see the stunning moment of impact. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."
3:01 pm
breaking now, a new bipartisan vote to give congress a say over any nuclear agreement with iran. the white house says president obama would likely sign the compromise that just cleared a senate committee. but there is still enormous doubt about whether iran's leaders will ever seal the nuclear deal. also breaking the head of the federal drug enforcement administration grilled about wild sex parties. lawmakers are demanding to know why no dea agents were fired for allegedly hooking up with prostitutes who were paid paid by international drug dealers. the chairman of the house oversight and government reform committee jason chaffetz, there you see him. he is here with us. he held that fiery hearing today. also our correspondents and analysts they're standing by as we cover all the news breaking right now. first, let's go to our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. he has the very latest.
3:02 pm
jim? >> white house spokesman josh earnest says the president is not particularly thrilled with the legislation, but indicated he will sign it. in fact, he won't have much choice. the senate foreign relations committee voting 19-0 to approve the compromise bill struck between republican senate foreign relations committee chairman bob corker and the ranking democrat ben cardin. >> more fully than ever i believe congress should play a role in ensuring that all the details that need to be in place are there. >> i think this is the right way for congress to be -- to take up this issue. i think this is congressional prerogative. and yes the ones who impose the sanction. we're the ones who are going to have to take it up for permanent changes. >> some changes in this compromise. under it, the original 60-day review period of the iran deal cut to 30 days plus a further 22 days to allow time for a possible veto. and a provision requiring the president to certify every 90 days that iran is no longer backing terrorism against americans, either here on the homeland or overseas watered down just periodic reports on
3:03 pm
iran's terror and missile-related activities. now this is likely to go to the full senate later this month where it appears to have the support of a veto-proof majority. i'll tell you, wolf, i was in touch with a senior iranian diplomat after the senate vote. he reacted with these strong words. quote, we only deal with the administration and expect it to deliver by any method it deems appropriate. so in effect the iranian side in the still difficult negotiations that still have a couple of months to go a lot of issues to get through, saying they're going to hold the president to his word on these talks. >> and even without a deal they still have two and a half months to negotiate, what russia is now going ahead with a new agreement to deliver surface-to-air missiles to iran. how does this complicate the situation? >> it complicates it in a number of different ways. one, if the talks fall apart and the possibility of military action comes on the table, these new missiles are designed to hit low-flying aircraft and missiles. that's exactly the method that
3:04 pm
either the u.s. or israel might use to strike iranian nuclear sites if that decision was made. i'm told that u.s. aircraft have the technology to get around these missiles. it would be more of an effect on israeli aircraft, which is a possibility if israel decides to strike and the u.s. does not. but it also has implications for nato because these missiles could defend iranian medium and long-range missile sites that could strike europe. that's a big deal for nato. this is another complication here. you have iran party to the nuclear talks. in fact on the west side. on the other side all this tension between russia and nato. and this missile sell could very much affect that. >> jim sciutto, thanks very much for that report. we have lurid new details about federal drug enforcement administration accused of spending your tax dollars on sex party, hooking up with prostitutes who were paid with drug money as well. the house committee held an explosive hearing today, scolding the dea chief and demanding to know why no one, yes, no one has been fired. let's go to our justice correspondent pamela brown.
3:05 pm
she's got details. pamela? >> reporter: it was a very fiery hearing, wolf. today members of congress ripped into the dea chief for not doing more after humiliating allegations surfaced in a recent inspector general report including revelations of more than a dozen sex parties sponsored by drug cartels, according to one congress member. >> it's embarrassing that we have to talk about in. >> reporter: the drug enforcement administration's chief under fire. michelle leonhardt's agents. >> you're protecting the people who solicited prostitutes who have 15 to 20 sex parties, went through this whole operation, used taxpayer money to do it. and i believe compromised the national security. >> reporter: stunning revelations. an inspector general report saying police in an unidentified foreign country claimed they arranged sex parties for dea
3:06 pm
agents including senior supervisors at the agents' u.s. paid apartments. three agents were also given money, expensive gifts and weapons from drug cartel member according to the report. >> the dea agent in bogota was accused of physically assaulting a prostitute over a payment dispute. a security guard witnessed this agent throwing a glass and hitting the woman. and you know what the punishment for this person was? 14 days unpaid leave. go on vacation for two weeks. >> i'm very disappointed in that. >> you're the administrator. it's an embarrassment that you don't fire that person. it's an embarrassment that you don't revoke his security clearance. >> reporter: and none of the dea agents was fired. something a noticeably uncomfortable leonhart struggled to explain. >> i'm not in the discipline process. i am very disappointed. >> you have to work with agents over whom you can't discipline and have no control, and you have no control over the
3:07 pm
security clearance. what the hell do you get to do? >> and congress members also raise questions today about whether the dea needs a new leader. wolf? >> all right. thanks very much for that report pamela brown reporting for us. joining us now is the chairman of the house oversight congressman jason chaffetz joining us from capitol hill beautiful statuary hall. right there. congressman, what is going on here? why isn't the dea fired anyone? >> they have a deep cultural problem, did not buy the idea that the dea administrator has done enough. she is either the deputy or the acting or the actual administrator of the dea for more than a decade now. and we still continue to have these problems. it's happened lots of times. nobody was fired, which i have a fundamental problem with. but they don't even lose their security clearances. i mean these people went on either between two and 14 days of paid leave. that sounds more like a vacation rather than a severe consequence
3:08 pm
for sexual misconduct and sexual harassment. >> why wouldn't they lose their security clearance at least in the short-term after something like this? >> we went after it for more than three and a half hours, and i don't think she ever satisfied the committee or gave us answers that meet any sort of standard of decency. i mean, these are sexual assaults. at one point, you had a dea agent throwing a glass at a woman that was there as a prostitute. and they were arguing over the money that was -- that they were supposed to have paid. and that is witnessed by a security person. and the person gets 14 days unpaid leave. it's just unbelievable. but it's happened time and again. and they haven't dealt with it. >> basically, from what i heard, she was suggesting that there was no regulation there that will allow her, forget about firing someone, even to take some punitive measures. she didn't have that authority. that what you heard as well? >> well, we may need to have some changes to the law.
3:09 pm
i think she made a good point of that. members pointed that out. but how can she not lose her security clearance? even the attorney general, eric holder on friday had to go out and send another e-mail out to all of the department of justice saying you cannot engage in prosecution, even if it's legal. but you have compromises in terms of physical security. you have guns. you have weapons. you have computers. you have contact with foreign nationals. and for her to say well, we got to just let a board look at that that's not good enough, wolf. you've got to fire these people. >> there seems to be a culture, a problem there because the report also says these parties happened as early as 2001. that was during president bush's administration. you heard that as well, right? >> yeah. it happened over a couple of different presidents. the problem is the administrator has been in that position for more than a decade, and it's not changing. only after cartagena did somebody get fired.
3:10 pm
but we had an incident that happened in the 2009-2010 time frame. and again, the guy got 14 days unpaid leave. it's embarrassing. it's a national security consequence. there are great ramifications to national security here. and who wants to serve with these people who make those kind of judgments? they're still working at the dea. >> should the dea administrator be fired? >> i have come to that conclusion that a, i have no confidence in her. and if this administration truly wants to hold people accountable, they're going to have to fire her, or she is going to have to step down. they have not changed that culture in more than a decade there has been this promiscuity that has been tolerated. these were poor judgments as they were labeled as opposed to serious sexual harassment or sexual misconduct. and i'm to the point where i think she should be fire order she should resign. i don't have the confidence in her. and i don't think the committee does as a whole either. >> congressman, i want you stand
3:11 pm
by because we have more to discuss. other critically important issues out there on the agenda right now. much more with jason chaffetz right after this. bring us your baffling. bring us your audacious. we want your sticky notes, sketchbooks, and scribbles. let's pin 'em to the wall. kick 'em around. kick 'em around, see what happens. because we're in the how-do-i-get-this-startup- off-the-ground business. the taking-your-business- global-business. we're in the problem-solving business. 400,000 people - ready to help you solve problems while they're still called opportunities. from figuring it out to getting it done we're here to help. shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers carpenters and even piano tuners...
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3:15 pm
we're back with republican congressman jason chaffetz. he is the oversight of the house and oversight committee. congressman, there is this unanimously approved bipartisan compromise in the foreign senate relations committee that would give senate serious oversight of any final nuclear deal that might be worked out with iran. what do you think about that? >> well the fact that it was unanimous says a lot about the strength on both sides of the
3:16 pm
aisle. i have serious concerns about such an agreement, but i do agree congress ought to have a role in it. the people including the senate should have a chance to review this. it's a good sign. >> the white house says they're willing to go along and not veto this legislation. do you think they blinked? >> well i'm concerned more about results. and, you know there was a lot of blustering there from the white house. but the fact they came up with the unanimous conclusion to this says a lot for senator corker and his leadership in moving this through. >> at the same time we're getting word that the russian president, vladimir putin has now authorized the delivery of missiles to iran even before there is a deal even before sanctions are supposed to be removed. what do you make of that? >> i think putin is still on the move. i'm worried about what he is posturing to do in ukraine. i'm worried about his proximity to iran and what he is doing there. i think president obama lacks credibility on the world stage, particularly in the middle east. we have failed on many fronts there. i don't think our friends believe us.
3:17 pm
and i don't think our enemies fear us. and that's a problem. >> certainly is. the u.s. the white house today announced that the u.s. is about to provide another $200 million in what is being described as humanitarian aid to iraq. iraq being an oil rich country. it has very close ties with iran right now. are you going to vote in favor of that $200 million expenditure to provide that kind of humanitarian aid to iraq? >> it is increasingly difficult to do so unless you know what the results are. we have poured literally hundreds of billions of dollars into iraq and afghanistan, into the middle east. but what kind of results? i mean how many times does the american taxpayer have to fund this? and to what end? and where is that money going? when you talk to the special inspector general for iraqi reconstruction the cigar and the inspectors we have less oversight and less accountability. and it's a problem. not only in iraq but also in
3:18 pm
afghanistan. >> yeah, that inspector general for afghanistan says literally tens of billions of dollars in u.s. aid can't even be accounted for. they don't know where it is. if you read that report that just came out last week it's pretty depressing i must say. but getting back to iraq right now, the u.s. also wants to provide some sophisticated military equipment more of it to iraq to the iraqi military. even though the iraqi military abandoned armor personnel carrier, tanks when they simply walked away dropped their weapons atmosle, the second largest city in iraq in the face of that isis onslaught. do you have confidence any additional military equipment provided to the iraqi military won't wind up in the hands of isis or other terror groups? >> that's the concern that it does end up in the hands of nefarious actors that want to harm the united states, iraq in particular. i want to know what kind of oversight. what sort of u.s. military presence and training do we have there? we can't just keep sending them money and assets because a lot
3:19 pm
of that comes back to haunt us. i'm not convinced, the administration has not made the case that this is what has to happen. >> the president today said he is submitting to congress a request to rescind cuba's listing as a state sponsor of terror as part of the normalization process with cuba. will you support that? >> look i supported the president on lifting the travel ban. i think it was a freedom issue. i think americans should have the right to travel anywhere in the world that they want, including cuba. so i was very supportive of the president on that. but i think the president does have a burden to come to congress and articulate to the american people why a month ago they were on the state sponsored terrorism, now they're not. some latte with raul castro there in panama is not necessarily enough. i worry about what cuba is doing with the farc what they're doing with venezuela, what they're doing to sponsor terrorism around the world. and if something has changed, then show us the intelligence
3:20 pm
reports. because i want to normalize things, but, you know, one step at a time. >> as you know three republican senators now, marco rubio, rand paul ted cruz they all have officially announced they're running for republican presidential nomination. now, are you ready to endorse anyone? >> not yet. we got a lot of good candidates. i got to tell you, marco rubio is a very exciting candidate. i'm thrilled that he is running in the race there is a lot to like about him. but i've not yet endorsed. and maybe on your show but not today. >> but clearly you like marco rubio? >> he is a good man. he is inspirational. i believe in him personally. he is a great communicator. he inspires a lot of people. and the election is about tomorrow. it's not about yesterday. and i think hillary clinton is going to have a hard time convincing people that after 20 years behind the shield of the secret service that she represents the everyday mom and pop out there. i think marco rubio has a much better story to tell than hillary clinton, that's for
3:21 pm
sure. >> that may not be an endorsement. it sounds like a little bit of an endorsement. i got to say that. jason chaffetz thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. just ahead, isis says it's gaining ground in a pitched battle for control of a major oil refinery. should the u.s. help the iraqis fight back? and why are police praising an officer for ramming his car into a suspect? stand by. we have the shocking moment of impact, the dash cam video is coming up. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern. discover card. hey there, i just got my bill and i see that it includes my fico® credit score. yup, you have our discover it card
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3:26 pm
dramatic new video from isis allegedly showing terrorist forces inside iraq's largest oil refinery. isis claims to control most of the facility. that's about 140 miles north of baghdad. hundreds of iraqi troops are being deployed to try to retake the refinery. cnn cannot independently verify the authenticity of this isis video. let's dig deep right now. joining our cnn counterterrorism terrorist philip mudd. and bob baer and international security analyst peter berg. what do you make of this isis claim that they're going after this major oil refinery. iraq is an opec member a major exporter of oil. if they take over these oil refineries that's a big deal. >> it is. you have to look back when we were talking about this this summer. we saw the isis onslaught
3:27 pm
through some sunni province areas in western/northwestern iraq. what we have seen in the past few months and the pentagon is talking about it is isis has been pushed back not in syria, but in maybe 20 25% of the area they owned in iraq. they're looking for places where they can have success. but overall the picture hasn't been great for them. >> do you think the u.s. should be providing more apaches, armored tanks, other sophisticated equipment to this iraqi military that simply abandoned a lot of this stuff when they abandoned it and walked away from mosul? >> i think we ought to be cautious. trust but verify. if we give them major equipment, we ought to attach the metrics. that is once we give you the equipment, how much territory you going to take how are you going use the equipment. one question, we're talking about adding capability to iraq. the questions we will face in the coming months won't be about capability. they will be about will. do the iraqis want to proceed, not do they have the equipment to proceed. >> when you see the isis guys
3:28 pm
driving around american humvees and tanks, it's nauseating when you see all the sacrifice the u.s. made in iraq. bob baer, what do you make of the release of this video? what does it signal to you? because clearly, they see it as propaganda. >> well i'm not sure it's propaganda there is a lot of video clips of this burning oil storage tanks and the rest of it. it looks authentic to me. what we're seeing in isis is a guerrilla army. they withdrew from tikrit or didn't commit to it. then they attacked ramadi two suburb took them, held them for a while. and then they turned their forces to beji which is an important refinery. they can move. they're very mobile. and they're certainly not done with this war. and what it tells me more than that is the iraqi army isn't prepared to really move on mosul or close this organization down. it could be a year or two. >> or longer. who knows.
3:29 pm
peter berg another major development. an al qaeda leader in yemen was supposedly targeted by u.s. drone air strike. this is a release put out by aqap. this is a guy named ibrahim el rabaish. he was a gitmo detainee. released 2006 i believe. what is going on over there? >> well, the leadership of this group actually is made up of guantanamo detainees. they were released from guantanamo. they went to saudi arabia. they went through a rehabilitation program that has some success, but obviously not perfect, because they then moved to yemen and set up al qaeda in the arabian peninsula in yemen. but the fact is it's interesting. al qaeda often will say, look one of our leaders is dead. they're often the first to announce it. for them, this is a martyrdom. but it does suggest that despite the fact that the embassy has closed, u.s. special forces have got out of there, that the drone program is continuing to have some success in yemen. >> still clearly the obama
3:30 pm
administration wants to continue to target terrorists in yemen, even though as peter says, there are no more u.s. troops in yemen, no more u.s. embassy in yemen. >> but remember, there are some places around the world where we've been extremely effective with standoff weapons. that is drones when we don't have a significant presence. think the travel areas of pakistan near afghanistan. think somalia. two places we don't have embassies. two places we don't have forces in place. and i think drones have been devastating in eliminating terror leadership in both places. >> and it's going to presumably continue. what do you think, bob? >> well, the problem is these guys regenerate just like they did in somalia, just like the islamic state does and the rest of them. this organization goes a lot deeper than the leadership. and to really take it on you to do it militarily on the ground and take over what territory they hold. and now that yemen -- there is no state of yemen, what i'm afraid of is that al qaeda will really take roots and own territory and become more of a
3:31 pm
menace even a menace to saudi arabia. >> yeah. these are really worrisome developments. bob baer peter bergen philip mudd. thank you very much. amazing dash cam video of a police car running into a suspect. and get this it may have saved the man's life. cnn's brian todd is here to show us this new video. we need to warn our viewers it's disturbing isn't it brian? >> indeed it wolf. this is the suspect in question. this is mario valenzia. this is incredible dash cam video just released from the marana police department near tucson. this information comes to us from affiliate kold. that station says police were following an armed suspect on foot. this is back on february 19th we should say this. is a man named mario valencia who police say had stolen a rifle from a war mart and fired a shot as he was walking. we pick it up as an officer in one police cruiser is slowly following this suspect, giving
3:32 pm
information to his dispatchers. then you see another cruiser speed around this officer and barrel into this man. we have to warn viewers, as wolf mentioned, this video is graphic and could be disturbing to one. [ gunshot ] >> okay never mine. >> all right. one round just went out into the sky. it's definitely unlocked now. he is definitely loaded. units, be prepared. >> 10-4. did the subject shoot or did you shoot? >> negative, i did not shoot. unit standoff standoff. the gun is loaded. unit on -- stay off. oh! jesus christ, man down. >> that suspect survived that hit. now according to kold the police chief says the officer who rammed him probably saved
3:33 pm
his life that he had already been intercepted and pointed the rifle at his own head threatening suicide. that is of course the police account. we'll need to hear other account as we move along in the story. now we pick up the scene from the dash camera of the squad car which actually struck mario valencia. again, a warning to viewers of the graphic nature of this video. >> unit right there, do stand off, stand off. the gun is loaded. unit on portero drive, stay off. christ. man is down. >> the officer who struck the suspect is identified by kold as marana police officer michael rapashko. they claim mario valencia had been sought in a string of incidents in the tucson and marana area. he was a suspect in those areas. some robberies and home
3:34 pm
invasions and another theft of a convenience store, wolf. they had been tracking him for much of that morning. >> so the fear was he was going to kill himself. so that's why they rammed him. he is alive right now. he survived being rammed by that police vehicle. what kind of condition is he in? >> i'm not sure what the condition. according to kold after he was rammed he stayed in the hospital for a couple of days and then he was book and sent to jail. again, these are versions we're hearing from the police as far as them saving his life. we'll need to hear from his attorney. we're reaching out, trying to get some of this information to get this man's perspective on what happened that morning. and again, we have to reiterate, this happened on february 19th. this video just being released now. >> all right, brian. thanks very much. very disturbing video indeed. we'll have much more on this dramatic dash cam video. that's coming up. also, other news.
3:35 pm
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it's the first official event of her second presidential campaign. hillary clinton holding a roundtable conversation at a community college in monticello iowa a town of just under 3800 people. let's get some more on what is going on. our chief congressional correspondent dana bash is with us. our chief political analyst gloria borger and senior correspondent. first official event. it reminds me of what she did in 2000. go on a listening tour. >> she was listening. she sort of gave her biography at the outset telling everyone who she is. and by the way secretary of
3:40 pm
state. i think hillary clinton is in a position where she is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. she is the most famous woman in america. yet she has to let voters in iowa know that she understands their everyday problems, and she gets them. and i think at a certain point, you have an authenticity problem here because she isn't like everyone else. she is a former secretary of state. >> what do you think of her taking notes, jeff? >> it's very typical of her. her aides say she takes very detailed notes. you're right. she can't win in this necessarily. but we're all probably a little more cynical about this than people in iowa and new hampshire will be when they're seeing the local news coverage of this. it's a really good roll-out from her on the ground in that perspective. and that's what the most important thing. >> debbie you're just back from miami. you were there when marco rubio launched his campaign. a very different launching than hillary clinton's launching of her campaign. she did it in a two and a half three-minute video and then she took this little road trip from new york out to iowa. he says she is really a candidate of yesterday. that's a big theme he has.
3:41 pm
what did you make of that? >> it's a big theme. i was thinking as i was listening too, because i was in the room last night, you remember when ronald reagan tried to take his own age off the table by saying i'm not going to make my opponent's youth and inexperience an issue, he took that and did the reverse. tried to make his youth a plus a positive at a time when you know i know we've been talking about it but at a time when barack obama's youth and his inexperience have become an issue for republicans over the past seven years saying part of the problem with the things that have gone wrong is that he didn't have enough experience, particularly in an executive position. and marco rubio has been in a legislative position for many, many years, not just in the senate recently but he was the speaker of the state house in florida. and before that even on a city level. he also doesn't have executive experience. so as much as he wants to talk about the change. >> he is 43 years old.
3:42 pm
hillary is 67. but jeb bush is 63. so is this a sort of way he can go after his republican rival who at one point was his mentor? >> it's a different way of saying change. it's sort of saying don't reach back a generation. this is a time for change. only he doesn't want to use the barack obama line. so he is not going to use it. but people want experience. not in congress. they hate congress. they think legislative experience is useless, particularly republicans by the three to one margin. that bodes well for governors, not senators. >> chris christie. what is he up to now? we haven't heard a lot about him lately. but all of the sudden he showing up in what, new hampshire? >> he is in new hampshire. you're right. we haven't heard a lot about him. that has frustrated his advisers that he has been left out of this conversation. but it's far, far far too early to rule him out of this race overall. he was in new hampshire today. he had -- was meeting people. some retail stops, had a speech. he'll be there for the next several days actually. so he is still in this race. what is hanging over him are
3:43 pm
possible indictments in this bridgegate scandal. they could come perhaps next week we're told possibly. but his advisers still say they're looking for an early summer announcement. so don't rule him out yet. but he has been left out of this conversation. >> he hasn't necessarily been the worst thing in the world because in part of the conversation at this point is all the baggage that he has, what you were just talking about. and it is very, very early. they're hoping inside christie world that he kind of has the mccain moment. remember john mccain back in 2007 he was the guy who everybody thought was going the make it. then he failed miserably and then he came back up. they're hoping he is going to follow that pattern. >> the question i have is his message. his message is about cutting entitlements and cutting spending. and no republicans are talking about that now, because guess what? the deficit has actually decreased over the past couple of years. so it's not as hot an issue, cutting medicare social security. but it's something he feels strongly about. and i don't know how that's going to resonate on the trail. >> let's talk about rand paul for a moment.
3:44 pm
i know you had a chance to meet with one of his principle shall we say advisers? >> principle advisers certainly for the past couple of years in the background. but this is somebody and we're talking about his wife kelly paul who people said to me democrats and republicans, you've got to go meet her. she is somebody who you wouldn't suspect would be married to rand paul. and here is why. >> hi dana. >> hi there. >> come on in. >> even democrats who know her say rand paul's wife kelly just may be his secret weapon. that's because in many ways she is everything he is not -- stylish, warm open and gracious about the woman her husband loves to attack. >> i think hillary is a very strong woman. i mean, there are a lot of things that i admire about her, obviously. she is hardworking. and she refuses to let other people define her. she has weathered her share of things in politics. >> reporter: if rand paul is elected president, kelly paul will follow in hillary clinton's
3:45 pm
footsteps as first lady. already she is quietly involved in her husband's political career giving him advice on speeches and critiquing his performances and she is keenly aware of his mistakes. >> kelly -- >> i'm sorry, go ahead. i'm sorry, go ahead. >> calm down a bit here kelly. >> did you go oh contentious a woman? >> you know i think that day, i didn't see that until later. at that point, i didn't need to tell him that. yeah it wasn't my best. he didn't need me to pile on. >> reporter: paul has worked as a writer and did get a bit of experience at marketing firm in 2012. then senate candidate ted cruz was a client. what do you think about ted cruz as the next president of the united states? >> i think i can think of someone that would be better. >> reporter: but she is no political animal was not keen on his first run for political office, the senate, five years ago. and was very reluctant for him to run for president. >> i do have trepidation. he wouldn't run if i didn't want
3:46 pm
him to. but for that reason, i don't want to be the person that says don't do it. you know what i mean? for that very reason i wouldn't want to quash his dreams the things that he could accomplish just out of fear. >> reporter: she says the more involved she is in his campaign the less anxious she feels. that's why she was front and center at his announcement and plans to stay very engaged. >> i would be traveling some with him, helping with speeches, working with our media team. i'd be doing it all. sometimes life hands you things that are unexpected and you don't really at first thing you're going to enjoy it. and then you realize it's good to have a new challenge. >> reporter: to get through it, kelly has her own secret weapons, her girlfriends, seven women close since college, a bond she writes about in her new book, "true and constant friends." >> i have certain friends that i call to make me laugh and look at the absurd side of all of
3:47 pm
this. i have friends that i will call if i need to cry and say oh, my gosh you know i can't stand this life. >> this one is the truckee river. >> they're now spread across the country, but get together once a year. >> i think it's such a wonderful thing to make friends with someone at 17 or 18 and still be friends at 51. because you truly have seen each other through all the stages of our lives. >> reporter: she has seen her husband change too since they got together 25 years ago. >> that was before the transformation. >> reporter: when they first met, his name was randy, yes, randy paul. she changed it to rand. >> i remember thinking your name just does not fit you. you don't seem like a randy. and i started calling him rand. and he liked it. >> reporter: do you feel like you pull him out of a shell a little bit? >> perhaps. i feel i'm a little more of a social person. people that know rand well know he is. but i don't think he has a natural political personality. he is not extremely outgoing. >> reporter: for all the
3:48 pm
influence kelley paul has over her husband, there is an area she surrendered his famous mock turtlenecks. >> the truth is i've always been ante. but like so many things it's kind of a good thing. he is so known for that. they're kind of hard to find. i walked into target and there were like ten of them. and i bought every one that they had at target. >> really? >> yeah. >> reporter: this is one of your pick your battle moments. >> that and cutting his own hair. those are sort of the things. >> reporter: he cuts his own hair? >> yes. >> reporter: are you kidding me? >> he sort of stands in the mirror and does this. >> reporter: really? >> um-hmm. >> reporter: what about the back? >> it's not that he doesn't necessarily like to get his haircut. it's just he is impatient with things like that. >> reporter: clearly she has the patience in the family. >> you can put in a couple of cubes of this basil. frozen basil. >> reporter: teaching this noncook one of her favorite
3:49 pm
recipes. my goal is to not burn your house down. this is the home of a libertarian. so where else would she get recipes but a cookbook compiled from other libertarians. you can't make this up that rand paul has the libertarian cookbook. this is not a prop. this actually really is here. >> you can tell this is real. i couldn't create this 25 years worth of cooking stains. >> very funny stuff. how did it taste? did you eat the actual food there? >> you know what? it actually took so long that we didn't get to eat it. but funny enough when i was down in kentucky for rand paul's announcement i bumped into some of her friends from the neighborhood who -- this is so kentucky i guess. it's a small state. with not very many people and they all know each other. this woman said oh i'm friends with kelley paul and we ate your dinner that night, and it was very good. i said good. i didn't get any. >> i've met her. she is very, very lively. and i think she could be a terrific asset for his campaign if his campaign really gets going. >> you know in just watching dana's great piece, she seems
3:50 pm
very comfortable in her own skin. not at all nervous about being out on the campaign trail. kind of honest about her husband. >> she said he is not a natural politician. >> and the target line reminded me of someone else michelle obama. in 2007 she used to go around iowa and say we still shop at target. we know what it's like. >> do you cut your own hair? >> only the front. >> not even the beard? >> i do trim my own. but i have one of those little -- but you did an excellent piece. very good work. thanks guys. we'll see what happens to rand paul, all of these candidates, the coming weeks and months. it's going to be a lively political season for all of us. stay with us. we have a lot more news coming up right after this. [car engine] [car engine] ♪
3:51 pm
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an environmental disaster of historic proportions, and the impact, the impact is still being felt today. tonight, cnn looks at the oil spill that got more than 200 million gallons of crude oil into the gulf of mexico five years ago. cnn senior investigative correspondent drew griffin has a preview. >> louisiana, the marshes and the shores of these small islands were once covered in
3:56 pm
oil. today, from our boat we spot two dozen workers wearing face masks shoveling, working on a stretch of beach. we pull up to take a look. how are you doing? doing good. drew griffin with cnn. nice to meet you, sir. >> stay away from the hazardous material. this is a clean-up site. >> the hazardous material turned out to be bp's oil, a neent-foot-long 30,000 pound tarmac. we had a small tar ball tested and it matched the oil from the spill. the fact is five years later, there is still soil oil in big enough clumps that it needs to be dug up by a crew like this digging down 30 inches trying to take it and remove it. the pockets of tar mat that still exist are in areas known to us but which were deemed by the federal government to be
3:57 pm
better to leave alone there and let them be naturally exposed to -- through erosion and then for us to clean them. so as they appear we are finding them and removing them. but none of them poses a threat to human or aquatic life. >> is this going to go on for years and years? >> however long it goes on the company is committed to cleaning up that which is exposed and that which is oil. >> drew is joining us live. bp makes it sound like the gulf really is back to normal despite this huge spill, everything seems to be okay if you hear what they're saying. but is that true? >> you know if you just go down and look at the gulf dive in the water, as we did. you're on the beaches, it really looks like the gulf is back. very resilient, bouncing back. fish catches are back. the fish are clean. you can eat them. the oysters are coming back. you can eat them. but for these tar mats that are showing up due to natural erosion along the way, the oil
3:58 pm
is pretty much gone. the mystery is wolf what about all the oil that scientists believe is still at the bottom of the deep sea? and whether or not that is going to affect the food chain, the environment, in the years to come. there's still so much science waiting to be told but right now, it looks really really good. >> one of the people that were so directly effected by this the fishing industry, the oystermen, what are they saying about how their lives have changed? i assume they have. >> their lives have changed, wolf. keep in mind that a lot of the change in their life has been emotional which was surprising for me to see. but for these many years, five years now, they weren't convinced everything was going to be coming back. there was a lot of delayed investment in fishing industry. a lot of families left the business, fearing that the fish would not come back, or god for
3:59 pm
forbid, there would be another accident that would basically wipe them out economically. there still is a lot of fear trepidation worry about the future. but for right now, they have their fingers crossed and they're hoping indeed that even though this was a massive, massive spill, it's not a cataclysmic long term event. >> they're not convinced by any means it's over that the recovery has occurred? >> no. and the government trustees in charge of determining that actually, came out with a rebuke against bp which said that after five years it looks like everything is rebounding. the government scientists basically said that was very premature. irresponsible cherry picked studies. that's in our report tonight. you'll see that. but the studies that have been done or completed so far say, do say up until this point for these species that were drastically affected there appears to be a natural rebound taking place.
4:00 pm
>> really a terrific and excellent documentary that i highly recommend. thanks very much for doing it. please be sure to tune in later tonight. 9:00 p.m. eastern for our special report, blowout, the gulf oil disaster. only seen right here on cnn. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. aire erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" tonight, breaking news. protests across the nation after the white volunteer deputy charged with manslaughter in a shooting death of a black suspect turns himself in. was he qualified to be on the street or did he pay to play. >> plus stunning new dashcam video just in of a speeding police car ramming a suspect. justified or excessive force? and planes with wi-fi vulnerable to terrorist attacks. a new report tonight says yes, all it takes is a laptop. let's go "outfront."