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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  April 15, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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providing relocation and reenrollment in school was a huge incentive for them to be able to come out and do that. and right now ten of them are in schools on the east coast and on the west coast, continuing their education. >> these are not forgotten girls. that is why i wanted to make sure this was in the show today. one year later. we will not forget. saa, my best to you. thank you so much for sharing your story. i really admire your bravery. and emmanuel keep doing it. thank you both very much. >> thanks brooke. >> you're welcome. let's continue on here. hour two, i'm brooke baldwin. this bizarre story out of washington, d.c. you see these pictures. this is a small manned aircraft. technically it's called gyrocopter. it landed near the capitol building a short time ago. this pilot of this gyrocopter he's in custody. a friend of the pielot tells cnn
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this was a protest flight. that friend michael shanahan, is joining me on the phone right now. also with me cnn's brian stelter here in new york. also with me former secret service agent on the phone. but michael, to you first. can you please tell me who your friend is and why the heck he did this? >> his name is doug. the purpose of it was to call attention to the united states concerning our campaign finance laws or the lack thereof. and he wanted to deliver, at least his original plan -- i haven't actually talked over this for a long time with him, but his original plan was to deliver letters to every member of congress complaining about the campaign finance and the fact it needs to be changed. >> okay. couple ways i need to follow up
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with you. one, if he wanted to deliver letters, what about the good old-fashioned mail system as opposed to violating restricted air space, landing on capitol hill in a gyrocopter? >> the main purpose there was not so much to alert congress to something they already know but to make a statement so that america would take notice so they could see what the problem is. he and i have been working on this together for some time. we have a web page. on that we were talking about campaign finance. we've gotten pretty much nowhere in several years. and he felt that something needed to be done to make an outstanding statement. >> i think he was successful in making a statement by doing it
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this way. do you know michael, how long he'd been planning on doing this, how long this had been in the works? >> it started a couple years ago. him and i were just sitting around brainstorming. he came up with the plan. i, myself was born and raised in d.c. i told him that no that was an insane plan because the chances are he was going to get killed. >> you did tell him it was insane all right. so what was his response to that? >> oh yeah. he said to me -- unfortunately, doug is like a pit bull when he gets an idea. he's very stubborn. the word got out because he was telling people of his idea. the secret service heard of it.
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they interviewed the two of us. after that he said he was going to sell his copter and figure out something else to do. then i noticed he did not sell this copter. >> so this is a surprise to you that we're showing live pictures of your friend's gyrocopter on the lawn here in front of the capitol, the fact he carried it out, this is news to you. >> he called me this morning. >> aha. >> and he told me that he was in d.c. and i needed to go to the website the democracy club. i did go to that website, but all i got was something for england, the united kingdom. i was unable to find anything. i was starting to panic because he didn't tell me he was doing this specifically. i was pretty sure that's what he was doing because there's no other reason for him to be in
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d.c. so i called -- >> did you try to talk him out of it putting two and two together? >> no. you know at the time he was talking real quick, and i didn't know exactly what he meant by a lot of things. i said okay fine i'll go look. he hung up and when i tried to call him back i couldn't get him. >> okay. michael shanahan stay with me. brian stelter, let me bring you in to corroborate some of what you were reporting at the top of the last hour. individual out of florida. it's interesting to hear his friend say he had been interviewed by the secret service, which tells me they had this heads up that this guy may be trying to fly his gyrocopter into restricted air space, which obviously his friend knew was a no-no, told this guy it was insane. how can you add to this? >> this was a surprise to a lot of people in washington around 1:20 p.m. you don't see helicopters flying over downtown. people tweeted about it.
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you saw people writing about seeing this. there was not a surprise to one reporter a reporter of "the tampa bay times," who had spoken to this man a year and many months ago. so the secret service visited last spring. then this man, the pilot here called "the tampa bay times," because he wanted his story to be out there. he thought if he spoke to a newspaper reporter it would put him in a safer position make his chopper less likely to be shot down. so ben montgomery tweeted after all this ended, made it down safe arrested safely. i can't believe he made it. even this reporter who was frankly all but along for the ride here because the reporter came to washington to witness this all happening, said he can't believe he made it. of course there's an ethical issue here about whether a journalist has to alert the authorities ahead of time. "the tampa bay times" is saying it did call the local authorities to let them know, to give them a heads up this man was about to fly a gyrocopter on to the lawn of the capitol. this man on his website says he tried to alert the authorities in advance as well. we don't know whether the
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authorities received those messages or not. we don't know if they were expecting this helicopter, this gyrocopter to land. >> this is for lack of a better phrase a total head scratcher. >> total media stunt. >> dan, former secret service, put yourself in the shoes of current secret service here. if you had the heads up and it sounds like they did, that this guy was going to try to pull this stunt, how would you handle this? what are they doing right now? >> well i'm wondering how much detail they had. we get a lot of these threats, as you could imagine, in the secret service every day. a lot of them from individuals with various psychopathologyies who say we're going to land a martian spacecraft on the lawn. so i'm not sure how much information they had. i'm sure they'll be going through the files now. from what i'm hearing, and the information is coming out in little pieces here the story wasn't as clear as everybody seems to think it was.
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this plan was in detail. it seems the capitol police had some advance information. >> you even see the man quoted as saying no sane person would do what i'm doing. >> his own friend saying it was insane. i have a feeling we'll get lots of details. >> there were 300-some letters -- 500-some letters. thankfully the newspaper has already published the letter in full. it's all about campaign finance reform. >> michael shanahan a friend of this pilot. thank you for calling in. dan, former secret service. brian, keep working it for us. thank you very very much. let's move along. the fall from grace of aaron hernandez is complete. his murder trial over. the ex-nfl star shook his head after a jury convicted him today. there was no murder weapon.
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there was no motive. but a mountain of circumstantial evidence. want to play the moment for you this verdict was read. you will see the reaction of hernandez's mother his fiance and then the response from the loved ones of the murder victim here odin lloyd. >> charging the defendant aaron hernandez with murder. what say you, madam foreperson? is the defendant not guilty guilty of murder in the first degree or guilty of murder in the second degree? >> guilty of murder in the first degree. >> madam foreperson by which theory or theories deliberate premeditation and/or extreme atrocity or cruelty? >> extreme atrocity or cruelty. >> indictment 2013-983-b charging the defendant aaron hernandez with unlawful possession of a firearm while not at home or work what say you, madam foreperson?
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>> the man who was once under a $40 million nfl contract will now be under a prison guard's watch for the rest of his life. a mandatory sentence. >> you're charged with the crime of murder. the jury returning a verdict of murder in the first degree. in consideration of the crime for which you now stand committed, you are sentenced by order of the court as follows. you're committed to the nci cedar junction for the term of your natural life without the possibility of parole. >> it was june of 2013 that a jogger found odin lloyd's body in an industrial park shot six times. cnn's susan candiotti has been reporting every single detail of this case since june of 2013. she's been in the courtroom throughout this whole ordeal. we saw the video, but you were in there. you saw it. you felt it. tell me everything. >> well i'll tell you, brooke what a stunning turnaround and fall from grace for this once-risings football star for the new england patriots. and consider this.
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this new information we have. we understand that he's currently on his way, if he isn't there already, to a state prison that is located literally a few miles away from gillette stadium in foxborough where he played with the new england patriots. that's where he's beginning his life sentence. something to think about. in court today, something to think about as well. what must have been going through his mind when he had that blank look on his face looking as sober as we have seen him on any day of this trial. what a contrast from when he would walk in appearing at least on the outside to look confident.,.. not this day. when he heard that verdict of guilty of first-degree murder he looked around to his family his mother and his fiance who were weeping in each other's arms. in fact they started to cry even before the verdict was read. and he appeared to mouth to them be strong i'm okay.
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but when the victim's impact witnesses began to speak and his mother and fiance were gone that is when aaron hernandez kept looking at the opposite side of the courtroom, where the family of odin lloyd was seated and where they were crying tears of joy and comforting each other. and he had to listen to them say how much they would miss odin lloyd, a young life lost. brooke? >> so much today from those victim impact statements. we'll play more of that. for now, thank you, susan candiotti, in fall river, massachusetts. do not miss susan's special tonight inside the case against aaron hernandez. it airs at 9:00 eastern and pacific. next, our legal panel talks about the jury and why this took so long. 35 1/2 hours, seven days to figure this one out. also nancy grace weighs in. she'll talk about what will happen to aaron hernandez behind bars. also on the brink, isis right now closing in on a major iraqi
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town. hundreds of people on the run. we have a cnn crew on the ground. they join me live straight ahead.
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we're back now to talk more about the aaron hernandez trial. he's just been found guilty of first-degree murder and has been sentenced, as mandatory in massachusetts, life without parole. the 12 jurors decided his fate. they spoke to members of the media right after hernandez was escorted out of that massachusetts courtroom, and they were seemingly eager to stand behind their verdict. here they were. >> i think that for me the judge said keep your mind suspended. for me and i know that lot of other people did, we went in
12:18 pm
there every day with open minds. we listened to the evidence. we heard what they had to say. we got to go into a room and look and see what and feel and touch all the evidence. that's when we came to our conclusion. >> did you piece together sort of from the beginning of the trial when you reflected back on it for deliberations, did you go from the start and follow it all the way through? >> you consider everything. >> everything. >> did that thing in his hand look like a gun to you? >> at which time? [ laughter ] >> yeah which video? >> joining me now, defense attorney robert shock, cnn analyst sunny hostin. welcome to all of you. i thought it was a little offputting. if we're talking about murder and sending someone away for the
12:19 pm
rest of his life in prison and you have members of the jury -- i'm going to think maybe it's nervous laughter now that they've been able to leave this entire ordeal. i found the giggling a little odd. >> so many people found it odd. it was really off-putting for many. i actually saw it very differently. i saw a very cohesive jury that had just been through it together. they stood all together supporting their verdict. maybe we saw a little bit of maybe relief. maybe releasing tension. what we really saw, i think, is a jury that came account to in a difficult case listened to the law, applied the facts in a circumstantial evidence case and came up with what i believe is the right verdict. that's the type of jury you want whether or not you're a prosecutor or a defense attorney. you want that jury in what we saw today. >> i've talked to so many people who are surprised by the verdict. they thought it would either be hung or not guilty. it was the closings that really hit it home. >> right. yeah a wise man once told me when i first became a lawyer that jurors take their time to
12:20 pm
convict. they rush to acquit. >> 35 1/2 hours, seven days. >> when it went this long i was of the opinion, as most were that it was either hung or guilty. i didn't think they were going to walk him on this case. i think obviously a lot of talk has been made about how the defense attorney waited until his summation to admit he was there. if you want to gain credibility with a jury and you're going to admit he was there, the first words out of his mouth should have been he was there, i'm not going to lie to you. >> which is what they did with tsarnaev. this is not a whodunit. he was there. >> he could have plantsed edplanted that seed early. it was almost like he wanted to see, can the prosecution prove their case? oh man, they did a really nice job. i have to have some credibility. >> it was too late. >> as we're talking about this, it's important to talk about the victim odin lloyd. not enough attention has been paid to him. nancy grace is also with us. nancy, i'm sure you were
12:21 pm
watching. the mother odin lloyd's sister talking about the ten miles in each direction that odin lloyd would bike just to get to his job. the mother speaking about forgiveness. how did all of that sit with you, and why is it important to have the victim impact statements when in the state of massachusetts, if you're guilty of murder one, you're going away for the rest of your life? >> you know what what you just said is true. the sentencing is mandatory. but if you look at our constitution it's all about the rights of the defendant, the victim. i know as a crime victim has no rights under the constitution. today we finally heard from the victim through his family. when his mother -- i mean i think of my son. he's only 7, and my daughter just 7, that mother put her whole life into raising him, loving him, all her dreams all her hopes. then she said when they buried my boy, i wanted to crawl in
12:22 pm
that hole with him. she wanted to be buried with him. and that brings the reality of what this crime is the death of her child that can never, never be brought back. now, he hernandez, is going to be behind bars. he'll be on facebook and twitter. he'll get to play basketball have friends. women will probably want to marry him behind bars like the menendez brothers. what about odin lloyd? and odin lloyd, mark my words, tip of the iceberg. tip of the iceberg. >> let me stay with you and just ask you this follow-up with regard to aaron hernandez's life behind bars. when you have this superstar, this guy who was making $40 million playing ball is he the kind of guy who will be revered by fellow inmates -- >> totally. >> -- will he be isolated? what will his life be like? >> he'll be totally revered. look at o.j. simpson. he's the king behind bars.
12:23 pm
he has people making up his bed, cleaning up his room. and he pays them. he gives them money, food whatever amenities you can give behind bars. hernandez is going to have the same thing. but it's not over yet for hernandez because many court watchers believe that the reason odin lloyd was murdered is because he knew lloyd knew about the other double murder committed by hernandez. >> which, by the way, the prosecution is continuing on that. apparently the trial date has been moved, but it will be set. that's still on. judge, let me move to you. my question is what did you make of the judge in this trial the decisions the judge made? i've heard other attorneys saying more conservative decisions, perhaps lessening the ability of any kind of appeal in the future. >> i thought the judge did an excellent job. the judge moved the case through very quickly, and the judge
12:24 pm
really heard all the evidence and couldn't wait to hammer hernandez. the judge could have waited for sentencing a few more days but decided to sentence hernandez the same day. i disagree with the speakers beforehand. that jail is an absolutely ugly experience. there's violent people there. they commit crimes upon one another. they're given the worst food there is. it's not a trip to disney world. it's an ugly place to be. and you have no freedom. he's there, he's the living dead. he'll be there for the rest of his life with no right of parole. >> good. >> and it's an ugly life he has to look forward to. >> and i want to weigh in on the victim impact statements brooke. many people are tweeting me and saying, you know the victims shouldn't have been allowed to make those impact statements and perhaps sway the judge. one thing is the judge had no discretion. when you get convicted of first-degree murder in massachusetts, you're going to get life without parole.
12:25 pm
but having prosecuted cases and having met with so many victims, i can tell you that is one of the most important times for them. yes, there really is no closure when you're the victim of a violent crime like this, but it brings them some peace. so those people that are asking about why the victim impact statements were necessary, it really is necessary not only for, i think, the judge and also for the attorneys and defendant, but most importantly for the victims. >> judge, here's my question for you, just looking at aaron hernandez. what did you make of his behavior during the trial, the smacking of gum, the smiling? we saw a very different aaron hernandez today and how it hit him emotionally when the verdict was read. he sat down. how did you see that? >> unfortunately, he's a gangster. he brought his gang members with him to college when he was a university of florida gator. he brought the same crew with him when he became an nfl star
12:26 pm
with the new england patriots. he continued to surround himself with low lifes, with violent, aggressive people. i think the nfl, the nba, the baseball league they need to put quality people around these young kids. they're taking these kids from tough socioeconomic positions in life and handing them millions of dollars. these players need people around them. you look at a team like the miami heat. riley surrounds these kids with mentors. these kids need mentors. you can't hand them all this money and expect them to live life differently than they did prior to when they became a star. we have to focus in on that. he's a bad guy, hernandez. he's a killer. it's in his dna. his lifestyle from the beginning of a young age to today is a
12:27 pm
violent lifestyle. he's lived an ugly life and got what he deserved in his punishment. unfortunately, he destroyed an innocent family and also destroyed the family members around him. we need to do better as a society. we need to improve what we're doing with these young athletes and entertainers. we saw it with my own case anna nicole. she had bad people around her. we need to put good mentors around these vulnerable souls. >> okay. judge, thank you. >> i never heard of aaron hernandez being a vulnerable soul. that's a first. >> and people need to take responsibility for their actions. >> amen to all of that nancy grace. thank you, all, very much. judge, thanks again. nancy will have more on the verdict on her show tonight, 8:00 eastern on hln. next an absolutely stunning story unfolding from spring break. panama city beach, florida, an alleged gang rape caught on camera on a crowded beach, broad daylight.
12:28 pm
people all around. no one did a darn thing. we're going to talk about that. plus new video of isis targeting iraq's largest oil refinery. this as another key city could be minutes away from an isis takeover. we have a live report from iraq straight ahead. if you struggle with type 2 diabetes, you're certainly not alone. fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar. imagine what it would be like to love your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®. it's the #1 prescribed in the newest class of medicines that work with the kidneys to lower a1c. invokana® is used along with diet and exercise to significantly lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it's a once-daily pill that works around the clock... here's how: the kidneys allow sugar to be absorbed back into the body. invokana® reduces the amount of sugar allowed back in... and sends some sugar out... ...through the process of urination.
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past the bottom of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. a shaky bit of cell phone video taken on a popular florida beach during spring break last month has panama city beach's full-time residents thinking twice about the welcome mat they roll out each and every spring for rowdy college kids. this is a cleaned-up version of the video. police in another state, in
12:33 pm
alabama, found it while they were investigating a totally separate crime. what they saw, but you won't, because those pictures have been removed, was an alleged gang rape in broad daylight. here's the sheriff of panama city beach. >> we can wear t-shirts and say save our beach all we want to but that's not going to restore this girl who was viciously violated by these individuals. >> about that vicious violation, police say the victim was passed out cold completely unresponsive while three men allegedly held her and forced themselves upon her, one after the other. while the crime scenes have been removed, what you see in the video are these spring breakers partying within feet of this alleged rape. here is once again, that sheriff. >> this is disgusting. we have got to get control of
12:34 pm
our beaches. it is not safe for our children to be out there on the beaches when these animals are out there. >> let me talk to cnn's alexandra field. she spoke with that sheriff last night. also with me psychiatrist gail salt. will the discovery of this crime, will it whatsoever change spring break, how it's policed next year? >> you know brooke no matter who you speak to in this community, whether it's the bay county sheriff, who's charged with protecting the community, whether it's a business owner who profits from the business that spring break brings to town, there's definitely this shared feeling of anger and a collective sense of resolve that spring break has spun out of control over these past few years and something has to change. will this video prove to be that watershed moment where parties can come together and work out a solution? certainly a lot of people are hoping for that right now. they're talking about whether or not the response here should be more law enforcement officers. can they find more resources? is it private security?
12:35 pm
is it a question for government of more ordinances? it's certainly something they're talking about and something people want resolved for spring break next year. this is all coming about because of this video, which was unearthed during an investigation to an unrelated crime in a different state. they've not publicly released the video showing this horrific act, but we talked to the sheriff about what he saw and what resonated so deeply with him. listen to this. >> i mean she was totally incapacitated. she was not even moving at some points. one time in the video, she actually was able to get her hand up and grab a hand and try to move it. they looked like wild animals feeding on a corpse in the middle of the woods, on a carcass carcass. just a frenzy. >> brooke there are two issues this community has to deal with right now. dis disgusting is absolutely the word. prevention what can they do in
12:36 pm
advance. there's also prosecution. we know three arrests have been made related to this case. but are there other cases? you saw the people standing on the beach seemingly doing nothing as this woman is violated. well the sheriff's office tells us they've been combing through social media pages. they've been looking at all kind of video. they've already flagged two different video where is they say there's behavior that's been questionable to them and they're looking at whether or not there have been crimes in those cases. you can count on this they're going to be looking at a lot more videos trying to determine if there are more crimes that happened out there that they have no idea about, brooke. >> so glad you talked to that sheriff, alexandra field. thank you. psychiatrist dr. gail salt. i mean i appreciate the fact the sheriff is furious, as he should be but when you see the beautiful blue sky, the crowded beach, broad daylight how the heck did no one step in and stop this? >> you know it's mob mentality. it's how bad behavior we see when there's a lot of emotion, when people give themselves permission to be doing what they want to do.
12:37 pm
they feel entitled to that. and they see someone next to them not doing anything and they think, oh that must in some way mean it's okay for me to not do anything. >> you're saying if there were fewer people around they would feel more the onus was on them versus this mob mentality. >> i think the mob mentality makes it more likely they won't pay attention. we as a nation have to come together and say, look in all of these instances, it's the bystander that makes the difference. we could be talking about a horrible bullying incident, any kind of assault. it's always the bystander. until we empower each other to say, you're going to go in and we're going to reward you in some way. we're going to say, that's the right thing to do. people are afraid sometimes to go in. they're afraid that they're going to be hurt. they're afraid those perpetrator perpetrators are going to turn on them. we have to empower each other because the bystanders are the ones that make all the difference. >> then it's this woman who didn't even remember this happened to her. she only sees it because she's watching the news recognizes this person on the video, recognizes the tattoos and
12:38 pm
thinks my god, that was me. >> violated, as it were -- >> is it common? >> it's rare to disassociate like that. it is rare. to be unconscious, unfortunately, we're seeing this happening on college campuses across america. girls who have drank so much they're incapacitated, and someone takes advantage of that situation and rapes them. that is happening. and we have to educate people to not drink so much they become incapacitated. we have to limit these kinds of circumstances where there's such a rush of the crowd and so much permission given to become totally inebriated. look i would say today, really think about letting your kids go on any of these kinds of trips. their frontal lobe is not fully developed. they don't think about
12:39 pm
consequences. they're big on risk taking. it's part of the way they're hard wired. >> we wouldn't even be talking about this had this unrelated crime in a totally different state had not happened in which cell phone video was found in which the girl saw herself on the news. >> and it changed all their lives forever. >> doctor, thank you so much. next isis closing in on a major iraqi town hundreds of people on the run. a cnn crew is there on the ground. we'll talk to them live next. photos are great... ...for capturing your world. and now they can transform it with the new angie's list app you can you can get projects done in a snap. take a photo of your project or just tell us what you need done... ...and angie's list will find a top-rated provider to do the job. start your project for free today. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you wouldn't ignore signs of damage in your home. are you sure you're not ignoring them in your body? even if you're treating your crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis an occasional flare may be a sign of damaging inflammation. and if you ignore the signs, the more
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[♪] there is an ancient rhythm... [♪] that flows through all things... [♪] through rocky spires... [♪] and ocean's swell... [♪] the endless... stillness of green... [♪]
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[♪] and in the restless depths of human hearts... [♪] the voice of the wild within. [♪] [ gunfire ] a city could fall any minute as isis moves closer to its next
12:44 pm
victory. a fire fight happening now in the key iraqi city of ramadi. isis militants preparing to capture the capital of anbar province. cnn has also learned a local official there is begging for backup from beg dadaghdad saying security is collapsing. this is all coming from arwa damon, our cnn senior international correspondent, who's joining me live from baghdad. arwa how close is ramadi to falling, and what would that mean for this war there on isis? >> well brooke we were speaking with the deputy provincial head of the province and he's currently inside ramadi. he put it quite simply. he said in my view the city has already fallen. isis has been advancing throughout the course of the day in all directions moving closer towards the city center. this all began this morning when isis moved in and took over a significant portion of the eastern side of the city in
12:45 pm
something of a surprise assault. isis had already taken over the north over the weekend, but no one was anticipating this quick of an advance towards the east. that being said, other top commanders in ramadi have been for weeks now begging the iraqi government for reinforcements asking for iraqi air strikes, asking for coalition air strikes because they knew that isis had ramadi in its sights. this is a city they've been trying to capture for months now. this most recent assault has sent thousands of refugees fleeing. we saw a number of them at a bridge that connects anbar province to the province of baghdad. people are not allowed to cross this bridge by car. they were forced to go across either on foot if they could, many of them seeming exhausted or unable to walk across piling into these metal carts. children elderly. one older woman we spoke to
12:46 pm
simply burst into tears. another man described how isis commandeered his house as a sniper position. at this stage, if there's not significant additional assistance brooke the city will fall, and this will be a major victory for isis. >> arwa damon, thank you so much in baghdad. next more on our breaking news. ex-nfl star aaron hernandez found guilty of murder today. he will spend his life in prison. what will that life look like? we're going to talk to a man who spent ten years in federal prison next.
12:47 pm
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while he waited for his murder trial, aaron hernandez was in a county jail. now that he's convicted, the 27-year-old former new england patriots star is going to nci
12:50 pm
cedar junction. it's a maximum security facility 20 feet of fencing or the rest of your life and never coming out? larry levine served ten years in a federal prison. larry, welcome back to the show. my first question is knowing that he's the superstar of the patriots -- ex-patriots player will he be revered by the inmates or will he be isolated? >> well, there's a pecking order in prison. with child molesters being on the bottom end and people that murder people murder violent killers being on the high end. so i don't think he's really going to have any problems in there. i've been locked up with athletes celebrities and such. and people kind of cozy around them looking for favors.
12:51 pm
they want to be their friend and such. so i don't think he's going to have any problems in there. i heard what nancy grace had to say and what the judge had to say. they're both right. it is a dangerous place. it is a violent place. he's going to be in isolation. but then on the other hand, yeah he'll be able to go out and play basketball lift weights, socialize with other inmates. he's not going to be stuck in a cell all the time. >> by the way, i'm being told we have new video. let's watch this together. >> i can't see it. >> i will walk you through this. this is aaron hernandez shackled. being walked out of this big white van and into this concrete -- through this concrete wall with all this wiring and into this prison. that's the first glimpse we've had of him going into maximum security prison. if you're talking about aaron hernandez being able to be out and about with general population he won't be
12:52 pm
isolated? >> no, not really. and this place is just a reception center for the state of massachusetts. they kind of send everybody here. yes, it's maximum security. but they've got another place called suza boronski which is also another maximum security institution. he may eventually end up there. the department of corrections, they are the sole deciding factor of where you spend your time. it's not the jury or the judge. he may end up anywhere in the massachusetts system that has high security maximum inmates. >> do you think the guards -- >> is it dangerous, yes? >> do you think the guards will treat him differently and will he have visitors? will his fiancee be able to spend time with him? >> because he's in maximum custody and serving life she'll be able to spend time with him but it probably won't be a contact visit. he won't be sitting across a table. he might be talking to her through glass. and a lot of these institutions now, high security, it's kind of
12:53 pm
like you're skyping with them or they have skype stations set up where you can talk to the inmate via video. and as far as the staff, there will be a lot of staff that will treat him like an animal that he is and other staff will want to be his friend maybe get his autograph, that will revere him as a star. so he's going to walk the spectrum on both sides. and, remember he's got another trial possibly coming up for two other murders. >> the double murder, that's exactly right. the prosecution will continuened a who knows how that may go. >> he'll be on his way back to possibly county jail. because they don't want to transport him all the time back and forth. so this is more of a formality. they're booking him into the d.o.c. they'll fingerprint him, take his picture and classify him. i expect we'll see him in county jail again soon. >> larry, thank you so much. heads-up to all of you tonight,
12:54 pm
please take a look at this piece we're airing. this is the updated case against aaron hernandez now that he's been convicted of murder in the first degree. do not miss our special right here on cnn at 9:00 p.m. next the mother of the victim we have to talk about odin lloyd here. absolutely just breaking down in this courtroom trying to -- others around her trying to console her, absolutely heartbreaking. words outside the courthouse. that's next. wow. sweet new subaru, huh mitch? yep. you're selling the mitchmobile!? man, we had a lot of good times in this baby. what's your dad want for it? a hundred and fifty grand, two hundred if they want that tape deck. you're not going to tell your dad about the time my hamster had babies in the backseat, are you?! that's just normal wear and tear, dude. (vo) subaru has the highest resale value of any brand... ...according to kelley blue book ...and mitch. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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[♪] the voice of the wild within. [♪] it is the day odin lloyd's family waited to see, nearly two years after the 27-year-old landscaper and semipro football player was murdered. odin lloyd's mother shed tears in the courtroom today and later spoke to the world about her son. >> my son, odin was the most precious gift in my life. i'm going to miss his smile. from across the street, i would see him coming.
12:59 pm
on father's day, i'm going to miss the best words, happy father's day, mom. i've been his mother and father all his life. so on father's day, that's one of the things that he gives me. on that sunday i had just came from church and my son saw me. he said ma you look so beautiful today, i love those colors on you. and those were the last words i heard from my son. those are some -- my baby -- just like god has left his footprint in the sand my baby's
1:00 pm
footprints is in my heart forever. he was my strength. i love him dearly. >> much more on this tonight. see you back here on cnn, 10:00 eastern. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. a mad security scramble at the capitol as an aircraft lands just steps away from the capitol dome. the pilot says he wanted to send a message. i'm jake tapper, this is "the lead." breaking news in the national lead a scare on capitol hill broad daylight peak tourist time a small strange aircraft violates restricted airspace. new details on the pilot, his possible motive and how layer upon layer of security missed this thing, even with advanced warning.