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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  April 15, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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rest of his life in prison. ♪ you just heard how the aaron hernandez case ended today but there's so much more to the story. there's so many unanswered questions. and susan joining me live from massachusetts. and a source hearing hernandez talking out loud talking as he was on his way to the state priszen. what was he saying? >> reporter: he appeared to
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mouth the words, you're wrong. and a source telling me that as he was led from the court house, he said i didn't do it. they got wrong. and then those same sources tell me that he apparently didn't lose any of his swager and acting like it was business as usual, brooke. >> you were in the courtroom i want to play for our viewers the moment when the verdict was read and make sure you're watching aaron hernandez. >> what say you, madam forewomen? guilty of murder first degree. >> madam forperson. >> extreme atrausty or cruelty.
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>> we're look athfaming at family members on both sides. you were there, you saw it. tell me about those moments. >> reporter: it was an amazing moment and very uncomfortable to watch. you know he didn't show any emotion but quickly turned to see and he couldn't get near him but he could see his mother and fiance weeping in each other's arms and he kept looking back at them again and again and again and at one point appearing to say be strong and then i quickly looked over to the mother of victim odin lloyd and she was pumping her arms in the air in relief as if to say thank you and what a contrast of emotion.
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there were tears on the other side too but tears of great relief that finally this ordoleeal for them is over even though they don't have their son. >> we'll have more from odin lloyd's mother soon but 7 days of deliberation. what took them so long? >> reporter: they felt that didn't take so long. they had a lot of evidence to go over and they were taking their time because they took their job very, very seriously. and it's interesting to note that sources say when he was on his way to prison he was acting as though all of this was no big deal and guess what brooke he's being held at a prison just a few miles from gillette
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stadium where he used to play for the patriots. >> where he was a star. and excellent reporting from you. let me bring in legal commentator and law professor. and also with me tonight, robens cnn analyst, mark, my goodinize,nessness goodness. we have a lot to get to. you were shocked by the verdict? >> i really was and the reason why is because as we all know, this is a circumstantial case and you always worry that in a case where you have a celebrity, that the jury will be fogged by the aspect of celebrity and there was lot made about the motive not being clear cut and the judge wouldn't allow the
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prosecution to try to connect the dots between the double homicide that he's going to face trial coming up and this particular case and so the case as presented while it didn't require oo motive jurors tend to like one. so when they read the verdict today, i was a little surprised. i was expecting, as much as i hate to try predict what's going on that the jury would try to hang on murder 1 but they did make out the claim for extreme a atrausty and cruelty and they were able to get to that to in different ways but there were numerous factors that led them to that. >> we'll play some of the jurors speaking about this afterwards and they had no idea about this other double homicide in which hernandez is implicated from
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2012. and the motive wasn't part of this trial but that perhaps odin lloyd was aware of the double homicide and one would want to take him out of the equation here. and you too, thought the jury would be hung. >> i thought they would be hung and i was even more convinced of that after they went past friday afternoon, which is generally the bewitching hour for a jury. if they go past friday afternoon, it usually indicates a disagreement but it just goes to show you, virtually impossible to predict these things. >> what about the closing arguments? let me put this to you, aretha and they were saying, he should have done this from the get go. >> i think they were surprised
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by the admission by the defense team saying he saw his soon to be brother in law killed and didn't know what to do. i think that was shocking to them and how could he be there and witness it and not do the things you do when you witness a murder like call the police come forward or do anything of those things that you would expect someone to be involved to do and i think that statement ended up hurting him as the jurors deliberated this case. >> the jurors deliberated, michael, 7 days. and you heard, she didn't think they took a long time. here's a piece of them speaking to the media. it's coming.
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>> did that thing in his hand look like a gun to you? >> at which time? [ laughter] >> what video? >> michael, here's my first thought when i was watching that earlier today, it was a little off putting to me to know a man was going away interestfor the rest of his life and you have members of the jury -- i don't know if this was nervous laughter or is this sheer relief? >> i think they were probably exhausted, although i do agree it caught me a little off guard to see the giggling given the gravity of the moment. we had just heard victim impact statements and we now know he's sentenced to prison for the rest of his life. it didn't seem like the right time to have that tooim typeype of
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emotion but i think they were relieved. >> what did you make of it? >> it was interesting to see them all in unison giving a press conference. and let's not forget that while it was a solemn moment aaron hernandez is a thug. but i'm sure there was a sense of relief that it was over and often when you look at a group of people that's part of a team if one person giggals out of being nervous and let's take the gun video for example, perhaps they were laughing at we're not stupid of course it's a gun. they came to the right result. they're inentitled to a little
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laughter out of relief and good bye to aaron hernandez. >> well there's a lot more for aaron hernandez and we mentioned that double homicide and by the way, the jury had nothing to do about that. and we'll hear about the calls that could have been introduced. and stay with me the four of you please. he has another day in court coming up. plus the district attorney says in the end, the fact that he was a professional athlete means absolutely nothing absolutely nothing. and we'll talk a profeshzal's spent time in prison himself. and gang rape out in the open and how did spring break turn into a free for all of
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. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin and aaron hernandez has been sentenced to life in prison but his troubles
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are far from over. >> guilty of murder in the first degree. >> for most convicted murders are, this is it but the trouble isn't over for aaron hernandez. he now faces separate double murder trials in a separate case with a date that will be set in days. and they say daniel accidentally bumps into hernandez in a boston bar, spilling hernandez's drink. and then he's accused of trailing daniel and his friends. >> he had a load revolver extended out and said, yo what's up now? and said a racial slur. >> abrace you and another man
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were killed three others survived. >> while executing a search warrant at hernandez's uncle, they found a receipt for the suv. he was indicted on 2014 for the two murders and charge would two counts of armed assault with attempt to murder. he's also still facing wrongful death suits of the three men prosecutors say he murdered. in july of last year a judge in one of the civil cases, freezes 5 million dollars in assets of the football player which includes what he's owed by the
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new england patriots as a signing bonus. and bradley says he lost his eye after his friend shot him in a face after a florida strip club in 2013. he's suing hernandez. and he's allegedly also an eye witness who was with hernandez the night of the double murders. >> we bring back my panel of legal experts. we're going to get back to aaron hernandez in just a second but we now have to focus on the victim, odin lloyd and i have to tell you those powerful victim impact statements including his mother she spoke outside the courtroom, and talk about a bond between mother and son and also forgiveness. >> just like god has left his foot print in the sand.
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>> take your time. >> my baby foot print is in my heart forever. he was my strength. i love him dearly. >> ariva, let me go to you. we heard from the mom, and sister and girlfriend as well. and you had aaron hernandez's girlfriend and mother in the courtroom and he's mouthing to them they got it wrong. >> this could have been critical testimony that they used in deciding his guilt or innocence
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and you have these two women sisters, giving testimony that will give testimony to put him away for his life. and you have all of these african american women at the center of this case. >> and mike what about aaron hernandez sleeping for that first night this evening in this maximum security prison? will he be idolized by fellow inmates, will life be a living helifor him? what will it be like? >> usually for the first couple of days they'll keep you isolate because there's always the thought of a suicide risk and they'll pay extra attention to you. but in this case unlike other cases, even if he was acquitted,
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he still knew he was facing a double murder charge. and obviously, you want to be acquitted but at the same time he wasn't out of harm's way if he was acquitted because he still faced another trial. and most people aren't accused of multiple murders in multiple trials. >> speak of that let me play a little bit more sound. this is more from the jurors today, asking what did and didn't yoi know about hernandez before the trial. >> nothing. >> very little. >> about the case? >> no. >> you didn't know about the 2012? the charges in boston in 2012? >> we just heard about it. just today. >> what is that like to learn about that? >> it's amazing. it was amazing, a lot of the
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information we learned today and i think we can all stand here and know we made the right decision. >> the prosecution will go to for ward and we heard about the wrongful death lawsuits. and how does all of this factor in now that he's behind bars interest the rest of his life? >> elwith i think it's relevant in the sense that he will clearly appeal as is his right, the murder conviction in the odin lloyd case. and as long as there's a chance albeit slim those still matter. because if he's able to win on appeal and his lawyers have an excellent record of post
7:22 pm
eviction appeals. and as long as that exists, these other matters, especially the boston double homicide are very relevant because if he somehow wins an appeal he could still end up in prison if found guilty in boston. >> and you live and breathe boston and you saw the testimony from rob kraft and he was essentially saying he had a conversation with hernandez and that he was at a night club that night and how did he know what time it happened to know to say i wasn't there, i wasn't there. and perhaps this was a bad seed long before he moved back to boston. >> you know, what's rur interesting about robert kraft is that the jurors say they
7:23 pm
found the testimony to be compelling. and ultimately what probably had aaron hernandez be convicted of murder in the first degree and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole was more what he did after the fact. because after the fact you see him still with his co defendants you see him brandishing a gun and see and heard about him telling his fiance to remove a box, which clear clearly the jury contained the box and you hear clearly from the owner of the patriots that he was at night club and he hoped the time line come out and it was all these things that really made the jury say, wow, this guy is not only a murderer he's indifferent and the fact that they shot him six times,
7:24 pm
shows it's cruel under the statute. >> and thanks to all of you tonight. we're not going far from this because as the conviction was announced, aaron hernandez is heard saying the jury got it wrong but did the patriots ignore warning signs about this man? most of the products we all buy are transported on container ships. before a truck delivers it to your store, a container ship delivered it to that truck. here in san diego,
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aaron hernandez will bowe spending the rest of his life in a maximum security prison in boston which is not far from where he used to play for the new england patriots. and welcome to both of you. maurice, first to you, we've gotten some reporting from a source apparently when aaron hernandez ways walking from the court house to this prison, he had the same swager and was
7:29 pm
quoted as saying they got wrong. i'm wondering, did you feel the same way when you were sentenced? >> as far as transitioning from an institution, i didn't feel that way. i was guilty of the crime i committed and the only thing going through my mind was what was going to take place and obviously becoming acclimated to a new lifestyle and what that would entail moving forward. >> do you remember that first night? >> it's a process. you go to your county jail and you're actually isolated and waiting to be taken to a reception facility which is the first place you go. and just like anybody else a lot of guys would tell you, just a very stressful moment you just stay up all night, trying
7:30 pm
to think about how your situation, the situation you're in effects everybody else. ocly oc obviously, i had a little girl at the time and knowing how i would be absent from my family. the local news has the station on inside of the jail so i'm pretty sure you see the victims and your own family suffer and it's those moments that make the set in that it's your behavior and those are the images you see. >> i hadn't thought about that night, that he could be sitting behind bars watching this play out on the tv. and you're going round trying to help young people. but in terms of the nfl and we'll call them troubled players, i had a quote that
7:31 pm
caught my eye this evening and it was this "playing catch with these human grenades is irresistible in a league where pressure is hard and coaches are convinced they can succeed where others couldn't." and you say he was a bad seed from the beginning but they kept him on? >> and we see these all the time and i don't know if this it is going to change unless you see people protesting or throwing their season tickets back from a team and that's not going to happen. the nfl has definitely taken a get tough approach. hardy, although he's with the dallas cowboys, is still not play playing. >> and this is different from those cases? >> oh yeah.
7:32 pm
and the reason this is caused so much attention and there's so much horror is that this is so unusual. this isn't an nfl problem as much as it's a terrible person who happened to be playing in the football league. should he have been drafted? there were teams that said no we don't want aaron hernandez but in the broad brush, the conversation about behavior i'm hoping that there will be less tolerance about behavior. and this is a societial problem as well. >> and there were red flags in the scouting report and case and point what you were talking about. i was talking to a former patriots player today and he was saying you can take the hood person out of the hood and it's
7:33 pm
hard to take the hood out of the person p. it's hard to shake those friends. >> and i humbley respect other guests you have on but there needs to be more of an initiative to develop these guys and not the stance that we're going to close the door to individuals. with the amount of resources on college campuses and resources at the nfl level, you take these guys and you develop them. you need to develop their cognitive skills and understanding the dynamics of the environment. >> maurice, you have to agree with me and you understand what i'm saying but you know right from wrong no matter where you're from. >> hold on with me. i understand and wie we have to
7:34 pm
speak in context. knowing right from wrong and having the aability to think and problem solve and there needs to be an approach to help to develop that to develop these early on you know what i'm saying. a lot of these guys come from different back grounds and it's not to make an excuse but it is to say that the approach into developing this guy once he gets to his respected institution, needs to be done and i say that in the context that a lot of times you get these athletes and you place them on the college campusess, most of their time is developing them as athletes. >> and i think you'd agree with me -- i got to go but i appreciate you coming on. and christine, brenen thank you. but we have to get to the
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a 3rd suspect now has been arrested in the alleged gang rape in panama city florida. local officials say they have had it with the out of control and illegal control of the spring break crowd and they are vowing to put a stop to it. >> reporter: it's fight filled booze fuelled, loud scenes shared with the #panama city beach. and then there's this hash tag and a few feet away from here a woman is being gang raped. the crowd comes in over 100,000
7:40 pm
strong during march and april. they say arrests tripled last year's number. 49 guns confiscated, and sex offense offenses doubled. investigators are still searching social media for other unreported crimes including another possible sexual assault. >> we've had one more incident where we were able to identify the female victim but not the suspect. >> the chaos and the crime spiking when police find seven people shot a number of them, college students on spring break. sparky sparkman's beach side bar, depends on the crowd of thousands. spring break is big business in the area. visitors spent upwards of 100 million dollars. and they say the gang rape
7:41 pm
happened near sparkman's restaurant. >> i'm trying to defend spring break as much as i can. >> and they passed ordinances aimed at curbing the partying. >> there is a bill to changing the but we're going to make spring break smaller. >> reporter: he's pushing for a rash of crowd and alcohol ordinances that he hopes would deter many from not coming at all. >> there is a trashy element that has found us and wants to participate. >> reporter: could mean a financial hit but after this year it seems ss worth the price. they don't have the resources
7:42 pm
they would need to deal with a crowd of this side. this is why people in the community have called for a clamp down and there does seem to be a consensus forming saying that the heinousness of the attack will be the tipping point in this community that will lead to the kind of change that many have been asking for, for many years now. >> and that's good bit you have to think, if they don't go to panama city they have to go somewhere else. >> ladies let me begin with you, i'm absolutely outraged by this and the fact that it was in day light and nobody stepped in to stop this. and you're saying the fact that it was broad day light, it must
7:43 pm
be fine. >> there is a bistander effect that there more people there are, less it will be reported to authorities because you kind of think the next person is reporting it and the additional issue of thesocial ques. and versus if they see something happening in a dark alley, you may feel something needs to be done and get help. >> when you see the description, you wonder how they didn't step in. and i was thinking if was on the subway and i saw somebody get beat up it would beone thing if it wasn't vienltolent but
7:44 pm
if there was the blood -- and it's just a fact of not wanting to get involved. >> even if it was sex, consensual sex on a public beach, that's not acceptable either. but her legs were being held down people could see she was being assaulted and nobody intervened nobody stopped. this is absolulttely outrageous. it's not okay. it's not okay if there were drugs and alcohol used by the perpetrators it's not okay if she was unconscious because she was intoxicated or somebody put something in her drink. if she can't consent, the answer is no she can't do this. >> we wouldn't have been talking bout this if a separate crime
7:45 pm
hadn't hand in a separate state and video cell phone was used and this woman recognized herself and the tattoos. and so now the news today, this third guy was arrested. is it the sense that these men, and not always men, but in this case it was men and a group mentality and is the the idea that the consequences aren't that high? >> yes. somehow, they believe the consequences would be spread amongest them and they will have a lighter sentence. and there is that social aspect of other people acting as accomplices and nobody saying this is wrong, they all continue to do it.
7:46 pm
i'm not saying that excuses their behavior but we're social animals and a social que is very important here. >> and you heard them saying they're are going to buckle down on spring break in panama city beach and i am think they will just go to somebody else. what is the ideal solution? >> there is often an association alcohol or drugs and rape. of course sexual assault, also occurs when there's no drugging and no intoxication but often there is an association. i do think that it needs to be smaller crowds and more law enforcement, at least for that period of time during spring break and most of all, we have to have conversations with young
7:47 pm
people about how it's not socially acceptable and it's against the law and there are serious consequences for men who rape. >> thank you very much. come up, things are changing when it comes to marijuana and sanjay will talk next. frrbs the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult.
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. you know what majority of ur americans now think marijuana should be legal. back in 1969 just 12% favored legalization and now, 53% think it should be legal. weed 3, the marijuana revolution n introduces a doctor, that shows sanjay doing something he never thought he would see, a patient using marijuana right in the hospital. >> i never thought i would be
7:52 pm
smoking weed in the hospital. >> this is san francisco gen general. an academic teaching hospital that because of dr. abrams has a stash of marijuana in their pharmacy stored right next to all the other medications and he's using it to see if it can reduce chronic pain in patients with a rare blood disorder. she was born with sickal cell anemia and has been in pain for as long as she can remember. she says marijuana makes her nearly pain free. >> how long after you smoke do you start to have some sort of relief of your pain? >> instantly. a couple of minutes, afterwards you feel it relief of pain. >> joining me now, dr. sanjay
7:53 pm
gupta, and that's something you never thought you'd see, right, marijuana at a hospital. this is pretty stunning stuff. how important is this study? >> first of all, you're right. we saw this in juerusalem where they've it been using cannibis in hospital for a while. and 80% of pain medications are consumed in this country. and now over dosed from those medications is the number one cause of preventible death. and the idea that marijuana, cannibis could be used as pain relief studied in an academic hospital so you know how to
7:54 pm
dose it and all those things and we cannot find a case where someone died from an over dose. >> and you said there's this lack of research in this field. how far has it come? >> you know, i think there's a sort of revolution happening. i've been writing about this for some time and there's been more federally approved studies in the past 12 months than the past 12 years. most of the studies approved in the past were designed to look at harm very few designed to look at benefit. i think you're seeing a change. many mainstream scientists who wouldn't have dipped a toe in this now looking at it. and something is happening. and everybody's always wanted to
7:55 pm
have the data the facts, the science, the research and that's happening as well. >> i can just hear people i talked to someone today who said marijuana is this gateway drug. what's your response? >> when i doc, it was a lonely place. people refused to talk to us and there was skepticism. i can tell you thinks have changed a lot. we have talked to senators the president of the united states about this all the government agencies patients. so i think there's still a fair amount of skepticism out all but it's definitely changing and the idea has been that so much of this research is going on in other parts of the world. the united states for whatever
7:56 pm
reason has been behind. it's not necessarily going to pan out but there are things in there that are likely to be beneficial to people and the people are that are using it because nothing else that's been offered has worked and this is one of their last options. so i think the mood is changing for good reason. >> i can't wait to see this. weed 3. and it's followed by high profits. thank you and we'll be right back. frl hey, girl. is it crazy that your soccer trophy is talking to you right now? it kinda is. it's as crazy as you not rolling over your old 401k. cue the horns... just harness the confidence it took you to win me and call td ameritrade's rollover consultants. they'll help with the hassle by guiding you through the whole process step by step. and they'll even call your
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that's it for us tonight. thank you so much for watching. i'm brooke baldwin, see you the same time tomorrow. in the mean time starts right now. and breaking news in aaron hernandez downward spiral. and we just heard what he reportedly said after the judge handed down a life sentence. and the unlikely story behind a site that