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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  April 15, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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that's it for us tonight. thank you so much for watching. i'm brooke baldwin, see you the same time tomorrow. in the mean time starts right now. and breaking news in aaron hernandez downward spiral. and we just heard what he reportedly said after the judge handed down a life sentence. and the unlikely story behind a site that gripped washington
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today. a gyro copter. 535 letters on board addressed to members of congress and across miles of the most sensitive airspace on planet and normally we would say, the most heavily guarded and sensitive but that's not true. but he wasn't even trying to sneak in. he apparently planned for years to do this and talked to his home town newspaper about it and was even interviewed by the secret service back in 2015 and the secret service denied the fact that they knew about this flight that was goying to happen. and more on his looifflight and what
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itry reveals. >> i'm not suicidal and i'm not going to fly into any monuments. terrorists don't announce their flights before they take off. they don't broadcast their flight path. terrorists don't invite an escort to go along with them. >> that video and his website show in great detail what he was planning. how he was planning to be both a pilot and protester. >> i'm going to violate the no-fly zone and i intend for nobedno nobody to get hurt and i'm going to land in front of the capital building and i'm going to have 535 letters strapped to the landing gear in boxes and those letters will be addressed to every member of congress.
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>> hews who was over 60 even speaks of concerns about being intercepted by security forces before reaching the capital. >> i don't think they're going to shoot down a 60-year-old man in a flying bicycle. i'm going to give them a warning well in an hour of advance letting them know what i'm doing and that it's nonviolent. >> and he speaks with passion bouts what he sees for the need of this dramatic step and he said, in his eyes no less than the fate of the nation is at steak. >> i would rather die at flight than -- >> tom foreman joins us now. do we know if he gave him an hour notice and the fact that he
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was able to pull this off, people you've spoken to are they surprised? >> oh they're astonished. and undeniably plenty of people knew about it in some fashion and we have an air defense system here. right now, i'm standing under what should be a very specific portion of highly protected airspace and it's built to protect itself against missiles and bomb threats and he was able to fly from getiesbering pennsylvania and that's a long way to go at a slow frayspace for nobody to do something about it. >> president obama was not in town but was briefed about what
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happened. and i understand you were walking around the capital building killing time before a job interview when you saw the gyro copter land. can you walk me through what you saw. >> it was a weird day for sure. i was walking throngalong the west side of the capital building waiting for this job interview and i saw something straight from chity chity bang bang coming towards the capital building bounce once and just land on the grass. >> aren't you too old to know what chity, chity bang bang is? that's from my generation? >> no, my parents raised me right. >> did you see him being arrested? >> yes, i did. the first cop came kind of around the side of the building and was yelling something in the walky talky and within 45
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seconds of his initial landing, there were multiple police cars on the scene and the first cop yelled don't move don't move and he seemed to comply and didn't seem to be agigated or aggressive. and they cuffed him and walked him off of the grass. >> did it look like there was anymore security before the guy arrived. because he's claiming he gaim gave authorities an hour warning. did it look to you like there was extra security? >> it's hard to say around the capital building. the iraqi prime minister was here also. so it's ahard to say if the security was because of that or -- it was the capital building.
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>> i understand you saw snipers and a bomb sniffing dog go around the gyro copter. >> yes. >> did they go -- >> they did and i think that's when a lot of us got concerned. we were watching and as one or two minutes passed a large team of policeman with different rifles and guns started running towards us which is when we got concerned. there was a bomb sniffing dog that came really close to the copter and that's when they told us to run. we were right near the copter and at this point, they were concerned about explosive although obviously that wasn't the case and they had us run away from the site and keep our heads down. >> i guess i have to ask, did you go ahead and have your job interview? >> i did. and i got the internship for the
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summer. >> so because this raises so many questions and obviously awakeens deeply powerful memories especially in washington. and joining us is former secret service agent. are you surprised he was able to do this? yeah i'm stunned. we have a detection issue, was he detected. and then we have a number of people asking why wasn't he shot down? if he wasn't detected and he was able to skirt that no fly zone and land on the lawn there we have a serious problem. >> particularly if he said he was going to warn somebody at least an hour in advance. there has to be an imminent
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threat presented, right, because this guy hughs said he feared about being shot down but didn't think he would. >> and there's this concensionption that use of force guide lines go out the window and that's not the case. before a federal agent or police officer can use deadly force and make no mistake, shooting him out of the sky would have been deadly force and i'm not sure he presented either one of those. so i think use of force was out in this case. >> and it seems like there's contradictory information floating round.
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the >> i was in the new york field office there's nothing the secret service takes more seriously than a threat case. if i show you the mounds of paperwork you have to fill out and the questions you have to and ask before you can close a case it would be astounding. i find extremely hard to believe that the secret service was told about this and let it fly. most of these investigations are at the secret service headquarters as well. and you would have a headquarters represented, breathe down you in a heart beat. >> and on the one hand they might look at the guy and say, this was protest and the other point is other bad alpples might see that he got away with this and do something similar but
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with evil intentions. >> absoutly. and it's not this one guy's mistake or intentional act, it's the fact that he could potentially inspire others and plant a seed in someone who has really malicious intentions and plant it in their head and they have an idea of the air picture and where they can land. i think he caused a bigger problem than just this specific incident. >> dank i appreciate you being on. and accused suppliers, two members of the armed forces. and per ezez joins us now. what have you learned, even? >> according to law enforcement officials i've been talking to these men thought they were working with drug car tells,
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people that were going to be sending weapons to drug car tells, instead they were trying to send amianation tomunition to undercover agents. >> what did they try sell? >> they were selling quite the arsenal. at least 10 firearms 4,000 roinds of ammunition and some of it still in crates and 24 armor vests, high quality vests that members of the military use and apparently this was also stolen from the armory there. and we expect these guys will be in court in san diego and charged with making these sales. >> as always make sure you set your dvr, you can watch 360 whenever you want.
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and coming up we'll show you what aaron hernandez said and he's facing two more charges p. and also, the two sisters on opposite sides of the case and the courtroom. odin lloyd's girlfriend and aaron hernandez's fiance.
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we're getting reaction from the football star they got it wrong said former new england patriot. and the jury felt otherwise, in the killing of his friend odin lloyd. >> madam forperson charging the
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defendant, aaron hernandez with murder what say you is the defendant not guilty guilty of murder in the second degree or guilty of murder in the first degree. >> guilty of murder in the first degree. >> and we're being told that her nand ezwas being escorted from the court house when he made those statements and i'm quoting here hey, i'm going to miss you guys but they got it wrong, i didn't do it and a few days he praised them and said when i get out of here i'll tell obama that you should be doing security. and he's still facing charges in two other killings. the jury took a long timex more
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than a week. and what may have helped them finally reach a decision. >> reporter: in a packed court rom room aaron hernandez looking back at his mother and fiance gasping at the news. and despite his parent astonishment he mouths to them be strong and i'll bow oe okay. and the family of odin lloyd, no less emotional. and then a moment for the family to speak. ursula lloyd saying he was the backbone of the family. >> i felt that i wanted to go in
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the hole with my son, odin. >> and the sister saying his murder feels like a bad dream. >> i won't ever see him again but i have to go to his grave site to his tombstone to tell him i love him. >> and with that the judge sentences him to life in prison without thepossibility of parole. and speak to the media after the proceedings, the jury of seven women and five men described how they were very deliberate in the decision making and testimony from robert kraft testified hernandez told him he was innocent because the football player told him he was in the
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club at the time of the murder. >> and we still don't know the exact time that odin was murdered so how would he know that. we still don't have that information exactly. >> and the bomb shell that hernandez was at the crime scene, saw lloyd killed but did not shoot him. the jury deliberated over seven days and in the end say their decision was the right one. >> and susan joins us from the court house. and the jurors also commented on the additional cases pending. what did they say? >> they say it was the judge who told them about the double murder trial coming up in boston. and with evidence that was actually linked to him because
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of evidence that was uncovered in this case and that alexander bradley who was an eye witness, they say, is also accusing hernandez of shooting him in the face just a few months before odin lloyd was killmed. and then they were asked did that help you know that you made the right decision and they said yes. >> and first, michael branch aaron hernandez's friend and former football coach. what was your reaction today? >> i was actually bottled up with so emotion that joy, or i didn't know if i wanted to cry. it was a sense of relief but also it doesn't bring odin back. so it's kind of a mixed emotion. >> and during the trial, odin's
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character was called into question as often happens in these cases. aaron's fiance said he might have been a drug dealer. >> i would say bs. if you're a drug dealer you're not coming to practice on a bmx bike that wasn't brand new. the kid never had money. i had to track him down for dues. there would be signs that he was a drug dealer and that's one of the reasons i'm here is to keep his name in good honor because that's not the case az at all. >> how do you want them to remember odin lloyd? >> first of all, as a wonderful brother and son to his remarkable and strong family
8:23 pm
first and foremost. one hel of a football player. i will tell you this. we still haven't replaced his ability to play on the team and not only that his personality and none of these guys are being paid we're out here for the love of the game and he'd bring interentertainment and help you laugh after a big play. and even as we would go to the gym, just that sense of humor, that guy that funny guy. but, you know again, the defense had to do their job and try to portray an individual to defend who they was representing and i will tell you this and swear to this, odin lloyd is no drug dealer, come on please. find a vehicle in his flame. everyone has their resources. he'd still have assets. why would he still be living
8:24 pm
with his mother? they can reach, try. >> and i said even when he was young, he was taking care of his mom and taking her to church very committed to his mother. >> and they are probably one of the strongest families that you will ever meet sir and to put her through that, to portray him and -- not, no. this is not about our team this is about odin. there is some sense of comfort with this verdict and justice served but odin still isn't coming through the door. we're still at a great loss. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and now aaron hernandez convicted killer convicted murderer but he'll be returning
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funny, there was no mention of hail in the weather report.
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breaking news tonight, former nfl tight end, aaron hernandez, now a convicted
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murderer who will spend the rest of his life behind bars without the possibility of parole. he told his handlers they got it wrong. he will be heading back to court. that much is certain. >> guilty of murder in the first degree. >> for most convicted murders are, this is it but the trouble isn't over for aaron hernandez. he now faces separate double murder charges in a different case, with a trial date that will be set within days. in 2012 they say the man bumps into aaron hernandez at bar, causing him to spill his drink and he's accused of trailing him
8:30 pm
and his friends. >> he had a loaded revolver in his hand and said what's up now, and fired rounds into the victim's car. >> and they were killed. three of their frenziends survived. the shooter got away. prosecutors had no idea who could have done this but while executing a search warrant at aaron hernandez's uncle, they found a description of a suv scene after the shooting. they say a dealership had loaned that car to him for a promotion. he was charge would three counts of armed assault with attempt to murder. >> are you guilty or not guilty? >> not guilty. >> he's also still facing
8:31 pm
wrongful death suits of the families of the men they say he murdered. and a judge in one of the civil cases, freezes 5 million dollars of the assets of the former football player. and not including the money he says he's owed by the patriots for a signing bonus. and a this man lost his eye after he says he was shot in the eye by hernandez. bradley, it turns out is allegedly also an eye witness who prosecutors say was with hernandez the night of the double murders. >> joining me now our analysts and boston globe columnist. and i want to get to these other criminal charges but today's
8:32 pm
verdict, were you surprised at all? >> not really although this wasn't an open and shut case. there was no eye witness and no motive other than aaron hernandez is a crazy, angry person but it was a strong circumstantial case. he was so stupid as to leave his own security system on which showed him with what prosecutors argued was the murder weapon. so, yes it was a strong case but not obvious and that's why the jury was out for seven days. >> and the defense attorney admitted for the first time in closing arguments that he was present but didn't shoot him. do you think that backfired on them. >> and a number of the jurors used the term it corroborated the other evidence we had, so arguably yes it did.
8:33 pm
unlike jeff i was a little surprised. i thought this was headed for a hung jury and my expectations were that when they were out past friday froon,afternoon, it was a hung jury. but i think jurors were trying to make a point of their solidarity. >> what's been the reaction to the whole thing? >> i think the verdict was expected. and they're rolling through their minds that he was already shooting people when he played the 2012-2013 season for the patriots. but they're kind of immune to it now. >> should the patriots have known what they were getting into when hiring this guy. >> a lot of teams did pass on
8:34 pm
him, so, yes, they knew there were problems. there had been drug stuff, a lot of teams stayed away from them and the patriots are about winning, and talent and theychose to go with the player and it worked outd out for a while. >> i want to listen to what one jururor had to say. >> one part for me was aaron's alleged statement that he wished that time that odin was murdered was made public because he was at a club at that time. to this day, we just went through a three month trial and this is a year and 1/2 or two years later, we still don't ghoe time specifically so i don't know how aaron would have that information. >> that's pretty damning testimony there. >> and kraft's job was not to
8:35 pm
protect his player it was to tell the truth under oath and that statement was very incriminating. and i think he's a very highly respected, successful owner. so the idea that -- i think his testimony as that juror illustrated was really believed by those jurors. >> yeah, but bob kraft also had a moteivation to shade it because he now doesn't have to pay any of the signing boneus and can recoop money. so let's not forget he had a motive. >> and he said but it's clear that he's not getting anymore money from the new england patriots while he sits in jail
8:36 pm
for the rest of his life. >> well they're not going to pay because he's convicted. >> that was my point. >> he still faces charges in the double murder back in 2012. do you see more convictions coming his way? >> the speculation at least is that massachusetts has got an interesting system so that they could appeal this case if they were successful in the appeal then the prosecutors want to make sure more than a back stop and the other case by all accounts appears to be stronger than this one and be careful what you wish for. he had a great trial judge in this case and she really aired on the side of giving him breaks which really puts you in a tough spot when you're up on appeal as well. >> dan, do you think these further charges, are they going to get equal attention for
8:37 pm
people in boston? >> i do. that happened right in the city of boston before this other thing, before the 2012-13 season. evidently, there's a witness, a gun, they have a lot more on that one and if the notion that -- he signed this contract after that alleged murder. and got the $40,000,000 contract after that. the patriots chose to reward this player after this happened and kraft later said he was dooped and that's unfortunate. it's hard to believe they didn't take better care of who was in their locker room because they're all about security and check up on people there. >> i'm sorry, didn't mean to interrupt. the the other thing is what an intimidating figure he must be
8:38 pm
fwlauz because there are two other defendants in this trial and they never flipped on him or turned on him, even though they had ever incentive toob do so. >> and up next. two sisters who were once very close and they introduced each other, an introduction that changed their lives. and police chief now saying that they did the right thing.
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aaron hernandez was obviously an nfl star when odin lloyd crossed paths. and the murder in the trial ruptured a bond between these two sesters. and today with the verdict, emotions boil ov. >> her name is shayanna jenkins
8:43 pm
for months she stood by her fiance aaron hernandez and answering tough questions about a gun in the junk drarwer at home. >> is it similar. >> i think so. >> color? size? >> i'm not sure. >> and odin lloyd was dateing shanet jenkins. >> what did you learn? that odin was dead. >> she also shared this about seeing hernandez after the murder. >> he asked me if i was okay put his hand on my shoulder kind of rubbed my shoulder and told me he'd been through this death thing before it will get
8:44 pm
better with time. >> for months, the two sisters, once considered close, sat on opposite sides of the courtroom. sheyanne sat on odin's side of the courtroom with his family. >> are you close as sisters? have you been in the past? >> strangedestranged, kind of. >> they went to bristol high school and hernandez was her high school sweet heart. the two sestisters actually introduced hernandez to odin lloyd after she started dating him. and shayanna testified the
8:45 pm
sisters would often geshoppingo shopping while the boys would stay in the man cave. and she said that shayanna acted strangely and getting a flurry of text messages. the prosecution pounsed and saying that she threw out a box of trash that also contained the murder weapon that was never found. >> they said it was important that you go get this box? >> i believe so. >> and you were also asked whether you took certain steps to hide or conseal the box. do you remember doing that? >> yes. >> and the two sisters never made eye contact when the verdict was read both in tears for different reasons. so many lives and a sisterly
8:46 pm
bond ruined by a handful of bullets. >> and randy cay joins us. did they ever determine for sure what was in that box that shayanna threw out. >> no, she told investigators she couldn't remember where he dumped it. but shayanna testified, she had been granted immunity to testify because she was facing charges for lying and she was really hoping of course to hope to defend her fiance but it seems in the end, she really became a witness for the prosecution. >> and the cnn special report downward spiral inside the case against aaron hernandez. and what happened in the moments before a police called
8:47 pm
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only florida's natural brings you that "straight from the grove taste" from us, the orange juice growers... to you morin' ma'am. the orange juice lovers. enjoy. florida's natural. an arizona police chief asupports an officer's decision
8:51 pm
to slam into a suspect. this is graphic. here is the moment of the impact. >> stand off, stand off. the gun is loaded. and stay off. man down. 435. >> so the question of course is how did it get to that point. police say he was responsible for a string of robberies and that he had discharged his weapon. >> reporter: investigators say mario vulensia's day began at this 7-11 where he robbed it in his underwear. then police say he made a stop here at tucson baptist temple where he broke in squeand started
8:52 pm
a fire. and then an invasion and stealing a car. and finally he left tucson driving 25 miles away. and then he went to this walmart where surveillance shows him getting ammunition and then police say that same gun when they caught up with him in the final encounter. as first they were unsure if he was able to release the store lock on the gun. >> it's are definitely unlocked now and definitely loaded. >> and this is about where suspect vulensia was hit from behind. and he was hit so hard he smash under to the barrier. to the left of me is a coca cola plant filled with workers and a
8:53 pm
self storage office. did police do the right thing? a resounding yes from the chief. why do you think it was necessary to use that particular tacting? >> it's are not a tacting that we teach or that would bowe suggested. and he was literally a 15 second walk away from the front doors of two major businesses of our community and if he gets into one of those businesses we're having a different conversation right now so it was imperative somebody take action. >> reporter: but his attorney ballics s balks at that. do you think they should bowe prosecuted? >> i do. i think this was an excessive
8:54 pm
use of force. >> and this happened back in february why is the video just now being released? >> reporter: it's interesting. we didn't get a great answer to that. but the defense attorney said she just received it herself and said the first time she saw it was on cnn. so she's trying to figure out why, when she did discovery, she wasn't handed this. we're still trying to get answers to that question. and first, a look at high profits, a new series premiering this week on cnn. >> they're parasites and have no contribution to this society. they're praying on our community and our kids and it's going to end badly. we have cash in theback of this car.
8:55 pm
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there's a lot more happening tonight. >> anderson, in boston a day of remembrance on the anniversary of the boston bombing. and the youngest victim and others helped unveil a banner. authorities say two tsa workers have been fired after they allegedly set up an elaborate system that allowed mail
9:00 pm
screeners groep attractive male screeners going through the airport. and netflix bringing its total membership to more than 62 still, its stock shot up 12% in after hours trading. anderson. >> thanks very much. the cnn special report downward spiral inside the case against aaron hernandez starts now. . >> announcer: the following is a cnn special report. tonight, aaron hernandez. he was a rising nfl star racing towards greatness. >> what's the meeting on your farm? >> it is to be it is up to me. basically saying my life is in my hands and whatever i want my life to be it's up to me to make it out that way. >> and what