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tv   CNN International  CNN  April 16, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> oh. we have to rethink these mounts. [ bleep ]. >> we've got some redesigning to do. new threats from isis as iraqis plot way toes battle militants. the fbi says the u.s. trained this u.s. citizen to attack on american soil. and what wikileaks is now exposing about that devastating hack on sony pictures. we want to welcome our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church. this is cnn newsroom. we begin in yemen. u.n. chief ban ki-moon is calling for an immediate cease-fire by all sides. this aus saudi led air strikes on rebels go into a fourth week
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and there's heavy fighting on the ground among factions vying for control. the port of aiden is urged siege. the need for medical supplies grows more urgent during the day. and yemen's president says any ground -- would only make matters worse. >> we are still hoping that there's no ground campaign along with the air campaign. this is what we are hoping. and we are hoping that our people in yemen will understand and the casualties that happen already here now, that will not be -- more if it happened on the ground. u.s. military resources and attention are now being split between the civil war in yemen and the fight against isis in syria and iran. jim has more on that. >> fighters from the most dangerous al qaeda afill yantat jo overrunning at the airport in southeastern yemen.
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chaos engulfing the lawless country with deep implications for safety on the u.s. homeland. the new american defense secretary conceded that the fall of the u.s. allied government, the withdraw of u.s. special forces and the closing of the u.s. embassy in yemen have all reduced america's ability to fight the terror threat. in iraq, it is the terror group isis that is on the advance with a punishing assault on ramadi. adding desperate calls for reinforcements from the iraqi army and more air strikes by the u.s.-led coalition. today, general martin dempsey conceded that iraqi forces may very well lose ramadi to isis. >> i would much rather that ramadi won't fall, but it won't be the end of the campaign should it fall. we have to get it back.
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>> residents have given up on rescue. tens of thousands having fled the city in just two days. ramadi is in iraq's sunni heartland. today, the new defense secretary ashton carter expressed concern that the iraqi government is still relying too much on shiite dominated -- >> requires exclusive governance in baghdad and respect for local populations of all areas liberated from isil control. and as isis continues to push on the beiji refinery, a critical piece of infrastructure, the group released new video showing their rapid assault on the city. >> once the iraqis have full control of beijing, they will control all of their oil infrastructure, both north and south, and deny isil the ability to generate revenue through oil. >> that was jim reporting from washington. an ohio man is facing
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terrorism charges after u.s. authorities say he was trained by an al qaeda affiliate in syria. then september back to the u.s. to carry out an attack. cnn justice correspondent evan perez reports. >> abda rahman mow ham he had is the terrorist we have been warned about for months. an american who went overseas to train with al qaeda. he's a 23-year-old resident of columbus, ohio. the fbi says mow ham he had became a news citizen last year. two months later, in april 20, he flew to greece, then with intention of flying to syria. he came back last june just days after his brother was killed fighting for nusra in syria. the fbi says mohammed told a
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friend that a cleric told him to come back home to carry out a domestic terror attack. mow hhammed talked about killin police and military execution style. an australian man with a promising future as a model and dee jay has been killed fighting for isis in syria. he told his family he was going camping last year. instead, they say he traveled to falluja in iraq where he served as an isis medic, a cook, and sometimes machine gunner. at least 20 australians have been killed fighting isis and more than 90 others are still out on the battlefield. italian authorities have arrested 15 muslim migrants, suspected of murdering a dozen of their fellow passengers just because they were christian. police say the men threw the victims overboard, dragged their voyage from libya to italy.
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12k3w4r they made it alive, revealed in a shy smile. the italian coast guard managed to rescue them from six rubber dingies off the shores. this group brings the total number of people who have arrived on the italian coast in the last six days to almost 11,000. but among them, ten men were arrested, suspected of being human traffickers. italian police are holding 15 men, suspected of throwing a dozen migrants off the a boat and to their deaths after a fight broke out. all 12 were christians from nigeria and ghana. and another boat has sunk. only four people surviving from
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the original 45 on board, bringing the estimated death toll so far in the mediterranean, close to a thousand. some of the my grants end up here at residents in the shadow of mt. etna. until 2011. it was home to milt personnel and their families. the new residents are free to come and goo as they please. the press, however, is not allowed in. >> a 22-year-old from darfur, sudan, is grateful for italian hospitality. i've heard they have economic problems here, he tells me, but they've done what they can to help us. but with this steady and
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mounting influx of migrants, it's not clear how much longer italy will be able to or willing to help. cnn, augusta, italy. a postal worker who landed a gyrocopter at the u.s. capitol wednesday is now out on bail. douglas mark hughes was in court thursday wearing his postal service jacket and now officials think they know how he went unnoticed. >> tonight, new video shows the mailman in his gyrocopter flying east across the national mall past the washington monument, heading straight for the u.s. capital. >> this is not good, people. >> the critical question at the center of multiple investigations, how did this gyropopter fly through what's supposed to be protected
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military space. >> this seems to be directed towards larger aircraft. douglas hughes took off from gettysburg, pennsylvania, traveling nearly 100 miles into restricted air space. the trip took roughly two hours. the faa, secret service, capitol hill police monitor this hyper sensitive air space around the clock. when there is an incident, we're supposed to. a jet steps in, scrambling either a military jet or coast guard chopper and can shoot down an aircraft if necessary. how did they miss this? jay johnson says because it actually flew under the radar. the gyro incorporator on average flies comfortably at 50 to a hundred feet. although it's capable of flying higher.
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is that altitude, it's out of reach of most radar detection, a clear vulnerability. >> i've said that a number of times, that it would be pretty easy to take a home built aircraft down the river, fly it up the mall. it wouldn't be the first time it's been done. >> in jan, a drone crashed on to the white house lawn. and in 1994, a small cessna came down outside the white house. no one tried to stop that one, either. >> as part of hughes' bail agreement, he is forbidden from visiting the capitol or flying any aircraft. spanish officials have arrested ratto. he was head of the imf between
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2004 and 2007. he was spain's finance minister and the chairman of a major bank. alaska airlines has permanently banned a baggage handler from working on its aircraft after the man, who is employed by a contractor, fell asleep inside a jet's cargo hold. the plane was forced to return to seattle shortly after takeoff on monday after the pilot heard the worker. listen as the 911 dispatcher seems confused about his location. >> 911. >> hello. i'm stuck in this plane. i caught my -- i'm in this plane. >> you're where? >> i'm inside a plane. i feel like it's moving in the air. flight 448. can you please tell somebody to
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stop it? >> where are you in a plane yet? >> i'm inside a plane, alaskan airlines flight 448. a lot of confusion there. and the man pleaded for help until his phone connection was cut off. after the plane landed, he was taken to a hospital where he was checked out and released. >> a crippling cyber attack brought sony pictures to its knees last year. now wikileaks is opening the old wounds. we'll tell you how. plus, the reserve deputy trained he had train, a well known sli. but now we're learning that never happened.
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ta. welcome back to cnn news room. there is new drama at sony pictures entertainment after wikileaks posted an extentive archive of the company's e-mails and documents. the search database put online thursday clug includes more than 200,000 items from last november's cyber attack.
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that hackett exposed embarrassing e-mails from top executives, even causing theco chairman to resign. for more, i want to bring in cnn's will ripley. he joins us live from tokyo. we learned a lot from the leaked documents. now with this search engine, what more is being learned from all the hacked sony pictures data? >> some of the headlines just today includes the fact that some of the top executives, including the ceo, were closely aligned with the democratic party in the united states. linton apparently attended a fund-raising dinner with president obama. other sony executives involved. wikileaks is saying the reason why they're making all this data much more accessible and easy to search, they're saying it is necessary for the sake of transparency. thursday founder putting out a statement saying this shows the
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influence of a multi national corporation, news worthy and at the center of a geoconflict. he says it belongs in the public doma domain. sony's parent company says we vehemently disagree with wikileak's assertion that this material belongs in the public domain and will continue to fight for the safety, security and sprieftsy of our company and it's more than 6,000 employees. rosemary, it's likely there will be more information to come out 06 this, perhaps information that hasn't yet come to light. that is because before it was burden so many to process through all this data. now it's essentially like doing a google search. we'll see what happens in the coming days as a result of this, rosemary. >> we'll watch as it all comes out, no doubt. many thanks to you, will. one of the top football prospects in the u.s. is facing new legal trouble.
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a florida woman has filed suit against jameis winston for sexual battery and false imprisonment. she claims the star quarterback raped her in 2012. but local authorities decided not to bring criminal charges. winston has said the sex was consensual. he is expected to be in the top picks in the nfl draft which starts on april 30th. a veteran chinese journalist has been sentenced to seven years in prison for revealing state secrets. g ao yu is accused of sharing a highly confidential document issued by communist part central committee. her lawyer says her conviction was based on a forced confession and she will appeal the ruling. coming up, we will speak to a former journalist who now works to protect reporters from prosecution and we'll get his take, next hour. we are now hearing from the
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jury that put one time nfl star aaron hernandez behind bars. the panel convicted him of first degree murts and he's been hadn'tances to life in prison without parole. he was found guilty in the 2013 shooting death of his former friend, odin lloyd. the jurors who handed down that verdict spoke with cnn's anderson cooper. >> it was very emotional for me. you know, as soon as we knew the verdict, people were calling me, congratulating me. congratulate me? i felt like, you know, who won? owdin lloyd's mother didn't win. it didn't bring back her son. did mr. hernandez win? no. he's 25 years old. and the worst part for me was how about that little girl that would never see her father
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again. >> you thought about all that? >> it was the hardest decision i ever had to make. >> it was? >> absolutely. >> he was innocent until proven guilty and we took that serious. >> what say you madam foreperson? >> guilty of murder in the first degree. >> did that -- was it hard? did you know aaron hernandez before -- when this trial started, did you know who aaron hernandez was? >> i didn't even know who he was. i had never watched football. i don't follow the patriots. >> how many of you knew who he was? >> i knew of him, yeah. >> you never watch football? >> no. >> i watch the patriots every sunday. i filled that out on the question heir. lifelong new england girl and the patriots are my number one team. so i knew him. i knew of him as a football player, not as a person. >> i think that all of us, whether we knew him or not, took that out of the equation. it doesn't naert what you do for a living, it doesn't matter how
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much money you have or how much money you make. we're all people and we're all equal and we all deserve the same fair trial and that's what we wanted to make sure we gave him. >> all the jury, they're talking with our anderson cooper. as hernandez begins his new life in a maximum security prison, his level troubles are far from over. he's also accused of killing two men in a 2012 shooting. that trial has been postponed to a later date. a new report is raising troubling allegations against a volunteer deputy who shot and killed a black suspect in tulsa, oklahoma. now we are learning he may have not been telling the truth about his training and qualifications. and as ed lavendera tells us, that's fueling debate as to whether he should have been policing the streets in the first place. >> roll on your stomach. now. >> you can only see a quick glimpse of tulsa sheriff reserve deputy roberts bates in the video when eric harris is shot
10:23 pm
and killed during an understing investigation. >> ouch. ow. he shot me. >> but how the tulsa county sheriff's department allowed bates to work the streets is under intense scrutiny. the tulsa world paper says at least three supervisors were transferred to other jobs for refuse to go alter the records. a sheriff department spokesman refused to comment saying they don't respond to rumors. sheriff stanley glenns and other sheriff officials have repeatedly insisted bates was properly trained. >> he had the proper training in all the techniques he needed. we feel he did. >> the department has only released a summary of bates' training over the last seven years. the department rejected the full records last week because bates is under investigation. the sheriff acknowledged some of bates' gun qualification records are missing and the deputy who handled that paperwork is no
10:24 pm
longer working with the sheriff's office. >> we can't find the records that she supposedly turned in. so we're going to talk to her to find out if for sure he did qualify with those. >> earlier this week, cnn obtained robert bates' assignment about the shooting that he gave to investigators. he writes that he last qualified at the gun range in the fall of 2014 and has been taser certified for at least three or four years. then bates writes that he received training by the mericopa county sheriff's department on response to active shooters. maricopa county is run by controversial sheriff joe arpaio in arizona. but cnn is told bates didn't come to arizona and he doesn't didn't train with us. >> a good old boy kickback system. >> some say bates received favorable treatment because the reserve deputy is a personal friend of the sheriff. >> there's a number of records that the sheriff's office, they simply haven't come forward with them. and if they don't come forward
10:25 pm
with them, it's a reflection that the training never happened. >> there are growing calls for an independent investigation into the tlif's department. earlier this week, they boldly -- >> we're not scared to prosecute our own. there's nobody in this culture that could be more tougher on cops than their own. you know that old analogy that you'll eat your young? that's the same thing in law enforcement. if we have a dirty cop in our ranks, we will disclose them much quicker than our own. the u.s. sports network, espn, has suspended one of its reporters for a week after she was caught on camera berating a towing company employee. in the surveillance video, brit mchenry criticizes the clerk's job, lack of education and even her teeth.
10:26 pm
[ indiscernible ]. >> yep, that's all you care about is just taking people's money. with no education. no skill set. maybe if i was missing some teeth they would -- >> oh, like yours? >> stunning. i'm on television and you're -- >> trailer, honey. >> wow. mchenry apologized on twitter for saying, quote, insulting and regrettable things and says she will learn from her mistake. >> well, immigrants in south africa find themselves homeless after a wave of attacks against them. what the zulu king had to say that made the situation even worse. plus, an american woman was shot in pakistan while on her way to pick up her kids from
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a warm welcome back to our viewers all across the globe. you are watching cnn newsroom. we want to check the headlines for you this hour. al qaeda militants have taken over a key airport in southeastern yemen. it's near the provincial capital, an al qaeda strong hold and a saudi led air strikes with rebels go into a fourth week. ban ki-moon is calling for an immediate cease-fire on all sides. a man who became a u.s.
10:31 pm
citizen just last year is now charged with providing material support to terrorists and lying to the fbi. authorities say ohio resident abdi haman sheikh mohammed traveled to syria last year for training and returned with plans to attack police or military personnel. a press advocate has been sentenced to seven years in prison for revealing state secrets. she's accused of sharing a confidential document. a law says she will appeal. im grants in south africa are begging for peace after a wave of gruesome violence against them by groups of angry citizens. thousands have fled their homes for refugee camps and now the violence is spreading. diana reports. >> downtown durban on the south
10:32 pm
african eastern coast turned into a battleground. foreign nationals taking out weapons. to defend themselves against attacks by south africans, up to five immigrants were killed over the weekend and shops burned. this latest wave of violence was sparked in part by comments made by the zulu king. who said foreigners dirtied south africa's streets. now 2,000 immigrants wait in refugee camps afraid to return to their homes. are we even beginning the process of repatriating some of its citizens. xenophobia the word on south africa's lips. despite the outcry and the thousands marching for peace in durban on thursday, it's a label the rainbow nation cannot seem to shift. >> are you -- south africa is a
10:33 pm
good country because in our country, we can't say we want to go back home because it's -- even day-to-day, they're killing people. and now i say south africa is a -- country because they're killing us for no reason. >> now the violence is begin to go spread to johannesburg. we find dozens of mozambique nationals gathered at a local police station seeking protection. in january, sew malley, ethiopian and pakistani shops were targeted and two teenagers died. now, people aren't taking any chances. >> johannesburg is a province away from where most of the violence has been going on. this south african owned shop is still up and running, but the somali shop up there is boarded up and the police are on stand by because everybody here knows how quickly these situations can spiral out of control. in 2008, more than 60 people died in a wave of xenophobia
10:34 pm
attacks across south africa. foreigners, an easy scapegoat for broader socioeconomic problems where one quarter of the population live in poverty and yet the allure of the south african economy shines bright across the continent, promising opportunity despite the risk. cnn, johannesburg. an australia woman is being widely praised for defending a muslim couple who were being verbally harassed on a train. stacey eden clark witnessed an islamic tirade against a woman wearing a head scarf and says she couldn't just sit there and do thuth. in this section, the woman in red pants, appears to blame them for the murder of kenyan university students. >> okay? have some respect. have some respect. >> kenya. >> it doesn't matter. >> they're killing each other in syria. >> what has this got to do with this poor lady? >> what does that have to do
10:35 pm
with her? >> nothing. >> you're the one sitting there saying -- shut your mouth. >> you shut your mouth. >> wow. clark says the woman's rant went on for ten minutes. cnn affiliates seven networks spoke with her about the encounter. >> today, the muslim woman's husband reached out to thank stacey. >> he said his wife is intimidated and afraid to be here. i said please don't be. australia is not that kind of place. >> i'm just an everyday person. people deserve respect. that's what i believe. >> and the man you saw in that video reached out to the woman behind the camera. is the sydney morning herald reports he sent her a facebook message thanking her for her support. in pakistan, an american citizen was shot while she drove from a medical school in karachi where she works. 55-year-old deborah lobo is unconscious but is expected to
10:36 pm
survive. michelle joins us live from islamabad on this developing story. what more do we know about this shooting and, of course, the condition of the american citizen, deborah lobo? >> well, rosemary, we're learning more from the police exactly what happened to deborah lobo. we know she is a 55-year-old california native and she was leaving her job as a teacher at a medical and dental college in karachi and she was shot in a drive by shooting in the cheek and in the shoulder. she is current will i in the hospital. she is alive and. >> stable condition under police protection. now, we understand from the police during the investigation that she had a daily routine. she would leave her job at the school at 3:00 p.m. to go pick up her daughters who went to school at the american school in karachi. and so the attackers picked a moment when she would be vulnerable to attack her. and they threw some pamphlets in
10:37 pm
the back of the car, according to police, written both in erdu and english. they claim to be part of the islamic state. it's unclear if they are part of the islamic state, if they coordinated this attack or they simply borrowed the name to make it a terror attack. so we are learning that they claimed it was in retaliation for a police operation against an al qaeda militant cell in ka ras karachi a few days ago. in that attack, the commander of the al qaeda was shot and killed. so she was picked as a soft target in a battle between the karachi security forces and militants in karachi, rosemary. >> it is horrifying. what are the likely ramifications of this shooting? you mentioned that it sounds like they know who did this. but will deborah likely remain in pakistan or could she be moved back to the united states with her family?
10:38 pm
>> that's a good question, rosemary. and that's something that her family will have to evaluate and decide if it's safe to continue living here. now, looking at karachi, it's a mega city. it's the financial center of the country, a very diverse city with over 20 million people. and so, you know, it's a city that welcomes many people to come and live and do their business. however, it is rare to have an american caucasian woman living there for a long period of time. she's lived here for almost 20 years. she's become a teacher. she has a family here. so she has many local ties. however, with the way that al qaeda is under attack here in pakistan, there's an operation in north wizeristan being conducted by the army now, trying to root out militants that have taken up and basically been able to operate from there. then down in karachi, we're seeing that there is basically a low level war between the police
10:39 pm
and militants that they're trying to root out. so, again, it is an unsafe situation that's playing in front of everyone's eyes on the media in a very populated city. and so it could be a difficult decision for their family to make. rosemary. >> we'll be watching for the ramifications there. michelle stockman reporting live from islamabad. many thanks to you. the united kingdom's top candidates square off in their last tv debate before next month's elections. we will see who showed up and who didn't. that's still to come. stay with us. c, i'm sure you know what this meeting is about. yes, a raise. i'm letting you go. i knew that. you see, this is my amerivest managed... balances. no. portfolio. and if doesn't perform well for two consecutive gold. quarters. quarters...yup. then amerivest gives me back their advisory... stocks. fees. fees. fees for those quarters. yeah. so, i'm confident i'm in good hands. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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elections in the united kingdom are less than three weeks away and the opposition leaders have racked up their final tv debate. prime minister david cameron and the liberal democrats leader
10:43 pm
nick cleg did not take part. ed milliband is hoping to convince voters he is prime minister material. but he is facing opposition from a number of parties, including the scottys nationalists and the greens. >> on this question of what happens after the election, i've got an old fashioned view. let the people decide on may 7th. but i want the majority the to lead the government because i think it's the best option. >> we want the people to decide whether we have a trade deal with the eu or continued might be of the european union. >> i am nevwill never, ever do with the todis. >> i will not profer a conservative government, but i also also not prop up a labor government hell bent on torri policies. we can have an alternative.
10:44 pm
>> ago has been says, what we need is a much stronger alternative to the toreys and that is not what labor is offering. >> and we will, of course, be watching that election very closely. of course, there was an earthquake in northern china not too severe, but it was all caught on camera, wasn't it? >> yeah, it was. in fact, those moments were all caught by cctv. children freeing from one of their primary schools there as the buildings started to shake. one, a 5.3 and the other after anshock of 4.5. this happened after china's inner mongolia autonomous region at about 3:30 local time on wednesday. there were no casualties, but you can clearly see some of the foundations and structures did have some reported damage. fortunately no fatalities or
10:45 pm
injuries reported from this. and you can see just on our map here behind me, this particular epicenter of this earthquake was around 34 kilometers away from the closest city. we're talking about two separate earthquakes, one to the south and one over the far inner mongolian area of northern china. you can see the close eft city is about 34 kilometers away from the epi center of this earthquake. that region is sparsely populated. and you can just how far the closest down was. so that spared many, many people. if it was close he, it could have been a different story. europe, meteorologists not the most pleasant or common or even well looked after people in europe at the moment because, well, they're just not simply very happy with us because the temperatures have dropped significantly. we're talking almost 10 degrees celsius from wednesday into thursday. that is quite a drop because,
10:46 pm
well, londonites, we're getting used to that summer-like weather, but say no more. a cold front has settled in. this was the temperature on thursday across many locations throughout europe. but we can say good-bye to that. a cold front is pressing through and squeezing out the warm air. wv the point of snow in the swiss alps. great for snowboarders and skiers. they got so used to that summer weather. in fact, it felt like the middle of august and july in london. >> there you go. the skiers can enjoy that last burst. >> i will head straight from london to the mountains because i love snowboarding so much. >> i don't mind skiing myself. thanks so much. well, it was a double surprise for the friends and family of one florida couple. >> oh! oh, my gosh.
10:47 pm
>> oh, that's crazy. >> you're kidding me! >> coming up, the big reveal that shocked their loved ones. bring us your baffling. bring us your audacious. we want your sticky notes, sketchbooks, and scribbles. let's pin 'em to the wall. kick 'em around. kick 'em around, see what happens. because we're in the how-do-i-get-this-startup- off-the-ground business. the taking-your-business- global-business. we're in the problem-solving business. 400,000 people - ready to help you solve problems while they're still called opportunities. from figuring it out to getting it done, we're here to help.
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now for an update on a story we brought you earlier this week. gwenyth paltrow's food stamp challenge goes bust. she admitted thursday she couldn't survive on the food she bought with just $29 a week, the budget of a poor american living on food stamps. paltrow lasted just four days before succumbing to a craving for chicken, fresh vegetables and half a bag of licorice. she gave herself a c minus for the assignment and lamented that families on food stamps are trying to do the impossible. a florida couple schemed for months to keep a secret from their loved ones when the parents were expecting. they told everyone they would find out the baby's gender once it was born. but on the day of the big reveal, friends and family weren't shocked by the sex of the baby, but by the fact there was more than one. and it was caught on camera.
10:52 pm
>> oh, my god! >> oh! yay! >> surprise! >> no way! >> you! >> how did you figure that out? >> oh, my gosh. are you kidding me? >> i promise, i didn't steal someone else's baby. >> there's two babies. >> why do you have two? why do you have two kids? >> well, i didn't steal one.
10:53 pm
>> twins! >> no way! no way. oh, my gosh. >> i'd like to welcome sharon and corey radamaker to the parents of these gorgeous twin daughters. and, of course, we want to -- we want to talk about this video that you made. it was called best kept secret ever. it's had 6 million plus hits. how on earth did you keep this secret? >> what? really? >> it was hard. it was definitely hard. we just kind of trained ourselves not to say babies or twins. we didn't tell everyone. we only talked about it between ourselves at home. so it was definitely a challenge to -- to train yourself not to say babies because we were so excited. we would have loved to tell everybody, but we thought
10:54 pm
keeping it a secret would be worth it in the end to surprise everyone. >> and it was. it's amazing looking at the reactions. there were moments i just had chills up and down my spine. being a mother of twins myself, i can't imagine how you kept it secret. but talk to us about who decided and why you decided that you wanted to keep this secret. >> she -- we both thought of it, but she mentioned it first. it was right when we had the ultra sound back in august. and as soon as he walked out of the room, she just kind of threw a smile on her face and she said we should not tell our family. and i just kind of laughed. it was kind of funny, she took the words right out of my mouth and we just ran with it. >> and everyone has been tickled pink, not only your people members, but look at this, 6 million plus hits. have you been surprised by that reaction? >> we can't believe it. >> oh, yeah. yeah, when we first thought of the idea, you know, my brain was spinning as far as throwing
10:55 pm
ideas, we can get it on video and it's funny, when we were talking at night, i was thinking, this could go pretty big, but then as the time got closer and and after they were born, i switched gears. i didn't think of anything, i just figured our family and friends would appreciate it, but not much more than that. because i didn't think it had that much good quality video. but i guess i was wrong. >> we were surprised when it hit a thousand. i couldn't believe it hit a thousand people watched our video. >> it was amazing. >> what about your son's reaction? that really intrigues me. this little boy expecting to have a brother or a sister suddenly has two sisters. what did he think of the whole thing? >> he's really good with them. he's 2 1/2 and he's all boy, so he is a little rough. we're trying to teach him to be gentle and nice to the babies. he loves to hold them. he kisses on them. he shares his toys, his trucks and his dinosaurs or whatever he
10:56 pm
has. he's handling everything really well, for the most part. >> and it looks like mom and dad are handling this all very well. congratulations to you both on a really well kept secret and two gorgeous little girls there along with your son. many thanks, sharon and corey, for joining us and sharing your wonderful story with us. we do appreciate it. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you. >> gorgeous couple and gorgeous little babes. at last check, their video has racked up more than 7.7 million views. can you believe that? you are watching cnn. i'm rosemary church. cnn newsroom continues next hour with natalie allen. if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too.
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disturbing allegations that 12 migrants were taken where they could get to shore. >> sony documents stolen by hackers last year. and pot growers in colorado cash in a year after legalization. hello, welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is cnn newsroom.


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