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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  April 18, 2015 8:00am-12:01pm PDT

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for us. thank you for watching. >> we are so grateful for your company as always make some great memories today, but we turn it over to the very trusted fredricka witfield. >> christi, joe, good to see both of you guys have a great afternoon. we've got so much more straight ahead. it's 11:00, you're in the news room, and i'm fredricka witfield. right now all eyes are fixed squarely on the state of new hampshire. that's where nearly the entire republican presidential field is gathering to win over voters who will cast ballots in the nation's first primary. the declared and potential candidates are attending a major gop summit. and several contenders have wasted no time trying to grab the spotlight in putting their stump speeches to the test. athena jones is live for us now in nashua new hampshire. so athena everyone is there,
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but who is speaking today? >> hi fred. well senator rand paul of kentucky just got off the stage. he did some predictable things he bashed the president. he bashed his potential rival, former secretary of state hillary clinton. but he also did something that may be a little bit less predictable. he talked about the need for the republican party to expand its base. let's listen to what he had to say. >> the one thing i would like to leave you with is i'd like you to think about how we're going to move forward and how we're going to win. i think we need to stay true to principle. i think our message needs to be carried to new people. we too need to talk to the business owners the workers, rich, poor, white, black, brown. we need to get out there and go to places we haven't been going. >> so senator paul has been one of the most vocal voices in the party for trying to expand
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beyond the traditional republican base he's talked about engaging black voters. gone to speak at historically black colleges. it was interesting to hear him bring that up here in new hampshire. one more thing he talked about was the need to bring the fight to isis. he was asked about that and the importance of taking the fight to them. it's a bit of a response to something he's been accused of in the past being isolationist. he says no it's very important to defend the united states of america, including against enemies like the self-declared islamic state. who else is on deck to speak? >> there's a slew of people who are up to speak. carlie fiorina, the former hewlett-packard ceo and governors like bobby jindal. governor of louisiana, governor scott walker of wisconsin. senator ted cruz lindsay graham a long list of people that will be speaking over the course of the day.
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conservative values conservative principles and criticizing the president, the administration and different people former and current officials in the administration. >> you have a busy day, athena we'll be checking back with you. thanks so much. now let's turn overseas a deadly attack in afghanistan. suicide bomber on a motorbike blew himself up in front of a bank and at least 33 people have been killed. isis is claiming responsibility for its first apparent attack in afghanistan. it happened in jalalabad about 150 miles from the capital city of kabul. nathan hodge is a reporter for "the wall street journal" and joins us now from kabul. what more do we know about the isis connection they're claiming responsibility. is it confirmed? >> well the afghan president has
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warned as recently as today that moimts of the islamic state pose a new threat to afghanistan. now first to maim clear, the taliban have remained the biggest threat and the biggest challenge to the afghan state. but this morning's attack targeted people as they were queueing up outside of a branch of the new kabul bank. where soldiers policemen and civil servants often have to go to get their paychecks, this is a blow to the state as well. we do have a number of statements calls coming in people purporting to represent the islamic state. as well as statements they posted online. as well as this was indeed carried out by militants aligned with isis. >> so how does the government since they're acknowledging isis is indeed a new threat. how does it or even the military combat try to get ahead of isis. >> well for the most part
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observers and western afghan officials have been telling us most of the activity of the islamic state has been at the stage of recruitment and propaganda. if february a former taliban commander who asidelined himself with the islamic state was killed in a drone strike. so they're present on the ground in some numbers. a lot of the concern is that there could be a bit of a difficulty on both sides of the border. both in pakistan as well as in afghanistan. most recently there was an attack in the city of karachi. claim to be people aligned with the islamic state. a new threat to the region. and ashraf ghani claims that he sees the external threat to afghanistan posing the bigger threat to the region. >> nathan hodge, thauchg for joining us from kabul. let's talk more about the new
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threat as nathan puts to to afghanistan. i want to bring in lieutenant colonel tony schaeffer. a former army intelligence officer, senior military fellow at the london center for policy research and lieutenant colonel james reese, a cnn global affairs analyst and former delta force commander. so colonel reese, to you, first how much of a threat when we hear nathan say it's a new threat to afghanistan, to what degree? >> good morning fred. it's a threat that we're going to have to watch closely. i think one of the things that isis is going to have to watch themselves is them getting sideways with the taliban inside afghanistan. which could be a major faux pas for them. again isis is getting whacked pretty good in iraq when they have to go up against formidable type of military that the iraq and the iraqi security forces
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and the badr corps have done. i think we're going to see them move closer towards your more terrorist type of aspects that we've seen with the car bombs. the suicide bombs and moving into afghanistan just continues to move their role and shows them as a transnational power which they're trying to become. >> you know colonel schaeffer, isn't that kind of the objective of isis? that they want to be a threat, not just in iraq where clearly it is but move on to other places afghan it would seem. would really send a strong message with u.s. military troops moving out of afghanistan. and now isis making a mark. >> right, absolutely. general campbell in afghanistan has made some significant gains regarding both pushing the taliban towards negotiated engagement with the afghan government. what that said the isis folks have made a very deliberate very effective attempt to undermine that process. and now they are essentially i
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think almost a mutual enemy of both the taliban and the government of afghanistan. which is something we should exploit. i met with senior pentagon officials in the pentagon about three weeks ago on this. and the senior official said flat-out that the biggest worry we currently have in afghanistan, is isis. isis is clearly being effective. not only that as mentioned by colonel reese, they are becoming a transnational capable organization. they are actually out recruiting at the strategic level, boko haram, other groups are signing on to be aligned with it. this is something that we have to actually do on two fronts. we have to accept this as a global threat. it's an expeditionary threat to afghanistan, our interests there. as well as the continuing the enhanced prosecution of the conventional battle in iraq. and for goodness sake. we've got to fix our syria policy. feen we're successful in pushing them out of iraq we have to figure out what to do once we get them pushed out of syria.
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>> thank you so much lieutenant con colonel tony schaeffer and lieutenant colonel james reese. words of forgiveness from the brother of a man shot and killed by a 73-year-old reserve deputy in tulsa. what else he had to say right after this. real transformations can happen as much inside a person as out. that's why you should take the listerine® 21 day challenge. use listerine® and over 21 days you'll experience a transformation. take the listerine® 21 day challenge and start your transformation today.
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tell your doctor if you have liver or kidney problems. common side effects include increased blood pressure, common cold symptoms, urinary tract infection, and headache. take charge by talking to your doctor about your oab symptoms and myrbetriq. find out if you can get your first prescription at no cost by visiting the wake for eric harris will be held today in tulsa, oklahoma. the man shot and killed this month by a reserve deputy robert bates. bates said he thought he was using his taser instead of his gun. last night harris' brother told cnn he forgives the deputy. >> we accept mr. bates' apology.
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i've been forgiven of my sins and things that i've done in the past. and absolutely i forgive mr. bates. >> and we're now hearing directly from bates who has been charged with manslaughter. ed lavendera has more. >> i shot him, i'm sorry. >> 73-year-old reserve deputy robert bates was charged with second-degree manslaughter after he used his pistol instead of a stun gun killing eric harris in an interview with nbc's "today show" bates said he still can't believe it happened. >> first and foremost let me apologize to the family of eric harris this is the second worst thing that's ever happened to me. or first, ever happened to me in my life. i've had cansary number of years ago. i didn't think i was going to get there. luckily i was able to go to a hospital where i had hours of surgery. i rate this as number one.
8:14 am
on my list of things in my life that i regret. >> bates, who had been a volunteer with the tulsa sheriffs department for several years says he can't explain why he confused his gun for his taser. even though they were positioned in very different locations. >> my taser is right here. on the front. tucked in a protective vest. my gun itself is on my side. normally to the rear. >> the naacp and others are calling on the justice department to launch an external investigation, following reports from the tulsa world that the tulsa sheriffs department falsified bates' training records and that three supervisors were reassigned when they refused to sign the documents. >> what we were told is that the supervisors were told to sign off on 250 hours of training. most of that he did not have. virtually all of that he did not have. and then the supervisors at the gung range were told to sign off on his handgun qualification,
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even though he did not qualify. >> bates stands by his credentials stating he was fully trained and qualified to be on the scene during the sting operation involving harris and that he had the documentation showing that he received the necessary training required of deputies. >> that's the truth, i have it in writing. >> but the harris family attorney questions the awe authenticity of such documents. >> do you think the documents have been falsified? >> absolutely. again, i think if there were to be any records that have surfaced which none have but i believe that mr. bates has never been trained as in a field training type of situation. >> ed lavendera, cnn, tulsa, oklahoma. >> let's bring in former fbi special agent and former police officer jonathan gilliam. how often does something like this happen a qualified police officer as robert bates insists that he is mixing up these two
8:16 am
weapons? >> i mean i've heard of it happening before but it doesn't happen very often and i have to tell you, the level of incompetence that we're seeing here that we saw in south carolina and that we saw in arizona last week we had an officer that hit a guy with car and took the guy out. that officer did a great job, but the officer that followed a perpetrator that had a shotgun and pointed the shotgun at him for like two blocks while there are ped tureens around and cars pulling up and he did nothing to stop that. pedestrians around. these are three examples of competence that are deadly deadly and i have to tell police officer this and executives that are in law enforcement. if you didn't get in the job to commit to doing lethal force when lethal force is necessary, if you didn't get into the job to do the training that it takes to know the difference between pulling a taser and a weapon and in the case of an air
8:17 am
marshal, last month, if you didn't get in the job to strap a gun to your body and keep it there when you go to the bathroom so that you don't leave it in the bathroom in the newark airport, you don't need to be on the job -- period. >> so when you speak of this incompetence we'll get back to bates' case in a minute. because i think you're touching on a very important point here in your assessment of incompetence we're seeing a string of incidents. does it speak to you that there is a problem with police training? with the character of those of some who are enlisted in being officer, does somebody happen once an officer is on duty for a period of time? i remember in interviews you've said it on the air, you given your specialty as a navy s.e.a.l. fbi, air marshal, police officer that you've been trained to think sometimes like the people you are pursuing. might it happen that some officers use that who may have used that as a tool in
8:18 am
apprehending suspects or you know fighting crime, might end up over using that tomorrow and actually become someone who has crossed the line or misuses these tools? >> you know that's a great question fred and i'll tell you. somebody who has my level of training and there are officers out there that get this type of training and that train on their own, people that go to this level do not make those mistakes. because look even though i can try to forward-think and predict what a bad guy is going to do because i've been trained in the s.e.a.l. teams as an unconventional warrior, i know how to think as far as you know guerilla warfare tactics and how a bad guy may think -- i will never pull a weapon until it's time to use it. i practice the law every day i was notice fbi, before i went out. i would rehearse what do i need to do in order to use lethal force? what are the standards i have to find before i pull my weapon? >> so now back to the officer
8:19 am
bates stand on the point you make. we can show the image that we had, a, a shot that showed the image of this taser on his chest. he said he was wearing his taser on his chest. it's a different color, it's yellow that's the other image on the table showing the distinction between the pistol and the taser. now bates said he had the taser on his chest, the yellow color, he had his pistol on his hip so when he's pursuing one of the last officers on the scene. the suspect is already down. he pulls out his weapon. which turns out to be the taser. would he not see the color of the taser in his hand before before firing it? you know aside from the fact that he says the red beam is the same. wouldn't he see his hand sup? it's a pistol and not the yellow taser? >> well fred it all comes down to muscle memory. it doesn't have anything to do with the yellow. you know from doing training over and over repetitive training to go to your chest or to go to your side. and a lot of officers carrying
8:20 am
it on the other side. here's the fact -- we spend in law enforcement, way too much time qualifying every year to make sure we can shoot a small target. but we don't spend enough time going over the simple things. building muscle memory. dry-firing. that costs nothing and we don't do it. law enforcement doesn't do those types of things. that's how you build muscle memory. and again, an executive gets promoted to where they're doing things like bringing this guy on and if they are forging signatures and stuff -- not only should they be fired, but they should be in jail. because they too, are an endangerment so the society around them when they do these types of acts. we need honorable people that are willing to go out there and put their lives on the line and if necessary, eliminate the threat by taking somebody else's life. but doing it in a controlled manner to protect everyone including themselves. >> sadly people have died perhaps this recent string of
8:21 am
cases you speak of might be the impetus to get some of these police jurisdictions to have some of these muscle memory tests that you speak of. >>ky make one more point, fred? >> yes. >> in all of these cases, every single kay, right or wrong, if individuals, the bad guys were doing what was right and didn't run, these stupid incidents wouldn't be happening in the first place. that's not taking away from the cop's stupid mistakes. but the fact is citizens that go out and do things that put themselves in harm's way, if there's an officer out there that is not trained properly things like this can happen. stop it from the beginning. wake up every morning and dot best you can, to be the best that you can. that's the very first thing. >> jonathan gilliam. thanks so much. still ahead, frightening moments in texas, torrential rain tears through a circus tent sending everyone scrambling for safety. if you struggle with type 2 diabetes, you're certainly not alone.
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is 18 million people are at risk for severe weather, as symptoms barrel across the united states from nebraska to texas. we're talking about heavy rain hail winds, near 70 miles per hour. the storm put a frightening end to a circus performance in brasoria county texas. watch as the performer cuts her act short and people flee the tent.
8:26 am
>> it's just water and wind all right? they're not from texas. come on. come here baby. don't cry, ann. >> hey, hey, come on! >> wo people were frightened and moving fast there officials told local media no injuries were reported. the houston area was pounded with several inches of rain causing flash floods up to a half-foot of rain fell in some areas. the storm also uprooted trees and knocked out power and lightning grounded this united express flight in colorado springs. passengers say they were stuck on the tarmac for several hours.
8:27 am
>> they only have three dates and they are not in the mood to be dealing with us. they don't have to do anything with us until we've been on out here for three hours. >> wow, the airline claims that it gave passengers the option to deplane, but some passengers deny that. and say that they had no fresh air and only crackers to eat. reports say united is reaching out to customers to offer some sort of compensation now. meteorologist ivan cabrera is more on the storm. oh my goodness this is the prelude to -- >> hurricane season on the way. >> frustrating situation there for the plane. but scary under the tent. just imagine the sound, the lightning, the thunder and then the wind. we had wind gusts between 40-60 miles per hour as thing was rolling through. you're inside that performance, you don't know if it was a tornado, you don't know what's going on. so a little bit of panic as well certainly understandable as the squall line made it
8:28 am
through with the bow here and the torrential downpours and heavy rainfall. we had reports of upwards of tornado reports, brief touchdowns in and around texas there the flood watches continue. very heavy rainfall. we saw the flooding in texas and the severe weather threat that continues today. this is going to be an event this afternoon from san antonio, austin heading up to oklahoma city through the afternoon as we get the daytime heating, we're going to have a line that will begin to develop through central texas. they come out of nowhere here you've been warned they are coming and it will impact the dallas metroplex. that has the potential to bring down heavy rainfall. frequent lightning, also hail. the potential for damaging winds and also before this develops into a squall line we could have some discrete supercells with tornadic activity. and this could ruin the weekend, two to four inches here we've been raining in the southeast for what it seems like a week and it will continue. >> for those allergy sufferers
8:29 am
have been happy about the rain because there was so much pollen everywhere and now we get to start -- >> i like how you ended on the good news. >> glass half full. ivan appreciate it thanks so much. still ahead, white house hopefuls gathering in new hampshire today. marco rubio, jeb bush chris christie. it's a lock list and a who's who in the gop. what do voters need to hear from them? i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara®. it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ... stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara®... ...your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara® may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, have had cancer,
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hello again. welcome back i'm fredricka witfield. new hampshire voters are getting a lot of love this weekend. from all declared republican presidential candidates and many potential white house hopefuls as well. they're all speaking at a major
8:33 am
republican summit in new hampshire. the nation's first primary state. even though the primary is still ten months away the government is wasting no time in already attacking hillary clinton. >> i'm starting to worry that when hillary clinton travels, there's going to need to be two planes one for her and her entourage, one for her baggage. >> there's rand paul still to speak today. ted cruz mike huckabee jeb bush. let's bring in our political panel. cnn political commentator, errol cup and cnn political analyst, ron brownstein. >> errol, let me begin with you, the candidates will be trying to set themselves apart from the rest of the gop crowd. many sharing similar positions, how are they going to distinguish themselves? it has to be more than just kind of attacking the hillary clinton you know candidate. one week after her announcement. >> well sooner or later, this may not be the weekend, if it's
8:34 am
not this weekend, it would be a weekend pretty soon. they're going to start attacking each other. >> you showed some footage of former texas governor rick perry, who is polling 1% in new hampshire, maybe 2%. >> the bounce that they're going to need is not going to come from bashing hillary clinton more heavily than anybody else. "saturday night live"s has that taken care of. they're going to have to start distinguishing themselves from each other. that's a hard distinction. te don't want to say anything that's going to lock them in further down the road which is pretty much what happened to mitt romney four years ago. >> essie what is the strategy for the contenders? >> i think this is a good strategy. the problem you see so often in the republican primary is that it gets fractured early.
8:35 am
and so you have someone like a jeb bush alienating ted cruz voters or marco rubio alienating chris christie voters. so they're focusing on hillary, the presumptive nominee. i love how everyone calls it attacking hillary. they're campaigning. focusing on hillary for as long as they possibly can until they actually have to start distinguishing themselves from one another. as you mentioned, fred there's a lot of months before november 2016 there's plenty of time for them to start attacking each other. i actually think that this is a pretty good strategy to keep the party a little bit more inclusive for just a little bit longer. >> so rhonda i guess this is a strategy whether it's attacking or whether it's campaigning. but what really matters is what these new hampshire mostly moderate republicans believe. what's the reception that they may give this kind of talk. >> well look the key fact about the new hampshire primary is that since the republicans have
8:36 am
gone to their modern primary calendar in 1980 no one in a contested race has won both iowa and new hampshire, the first two contests the reason is they represent the two poles of the republican coalition. iowa is the foundation ground for the social conservatives in the party and the key fact is about three-fifths of all the iowa voters are usually evangelical christians. when you get to new hampshire, only about one-fifth of the voters are evangelicals. they tend to be more economically focused and more libertarian. they tend to have a broader range of views, i think you're looking at very different tiers of people like ted cruz mike huckabee rick santorum have been strong in iowa because they're strong with social conservatives. someone like jeb bush needs to do well in new hampshire, because iowa is going to be tougher. the interesting thing is scott walker the governor of wisconsin has shown early the aability to appeal to both camps that could make him a formidable
8:37 am
contender. >> in the poll senator marco rubio in the race just this week he's at the bottom of the list. with just 6% of the vote. trying to raise the numbers by painting himself as the new generation candidate and i wonder errol, you know is that enough? is that appealing? will that work? against the more seasoned particularly. >> saying you're the new brand, works if you're trying to sell a car or something like that but for republican primary voters i don't know if they're looking for something new, i've start to see quite a lot, you might call it a backlash a number of articles criticizing what they're calling reform-a-cons. we have got principles we expect to adhere to them. you can deyat a little here and there, but the minute you talk about let's fundamentally reform the base the principles upon which it's founded, that's not a formula for success. rubio will be the one to watch
8:38 am
this weekend. to see if he can make any ground. he's not clearly a fiscal conservative he's not clearly a evangelical. he's trying to patch together something new, we'll see if they like him in new hampshire. >> sc the base will be pushing for what the new or the tested? and might that distinguish who is going to rise to the top? >> yeah i think the winning, the winning nominee is going to have to be a little bit of both. which is why i've suggested recently that i think governor scott walker has the clearest path to the nomination. you've got jeb bush as sort of the establishment candidate. over here and on the other side you've got the senators from the quote unquote do-nothing congress ted cruz rand paul. marco rubio and i think scott walker has the choice between those options. three times elected in four years, he can run 0 a record, he
8:39 am
can say i've kept my nose out of washington politics but i've still got the experience to go out there and run the country be a good leader. on marco rubio, i think jeb bush might help marco rubio look more conservative. because one of the criticisms from the right about marco rubio, especially when it comes to immigration is that he's been a little squishy. next to jeb bush especially on immigration he looks pretty solid. so i think rubio to be smart will cozy up to jeb, to actually strengthen his conservative bona fides, among the electorate. >> we're going to have to leave it right there. thanks so much sc kup, errol lewis, ron brownstein thanks so much. still ahead, dr. oz fighting back against the charge that columbia university should dump him. not just columbia but his fellow doctors across the country. what he has to say, next.
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if you think marijuana is a drug limited to just smoking? time to rethink how legal pot can and is being used. cnn's ana cabrera takes us to denver where legal pot is creating a cannabis craze, from edibles to lotions to everything in between. >> pot brownies and cannabis cookies? old school. new today -- >> buttery goodness. >> baclava baked with marijuana
8:44 am
and mints and gourmet candy bars. >> this is the ridiculously sophisticated toasted rooster, a 70% coco coupled with sea sault salt a gourmet chocolate bar delivering a punch. >> marijuana edibles, becoming a multimillion-dollar industry. we've in 150 stores and in all corners of the state and everywhere in between. >> companies capitalizing on the cannabis craze aren't just experimenting in kitchens and laboratories they're expanding their offerings. >> one patch is $16 and this is one serving or one dose of the thc. >> or just the cbds. >> there are patches and cream fosor pain relief. battery charged vaporizers with thc-infused oils, even bath products to help with
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relaxation. >> it's basically a giant tea bag and it's called hash bath. >> but the newest and perhaps most intriguing pot product we came across was a thc sensual enhancement spray for women. >> you would as a woman spray the product three to fewer times, about 30 minutes before intimacy and it promotes everything from enhanced sensation, it increases blood flow it relaxes you. >> pleasure that comes at a price. $100 for the big bottle. $50 for the smaller, 10-milliliter size. >> do you have a return policy? >> i would say there's not been anyone who has complained about the product yet. >> have you tried it? >> i have. >> yeah? >> and it works. >> yeah? >> marijuana has help immediate immensely. >> jeffrey is an iraq war vet, purchasing peach tarts to help with his post-traumaic stress
8:46 am
symptoms. >> i've done research and i know that marijuana in general helps with ptsd. >> since retail marijuana became legal a year ago in colorado more than 120 marijuana-infused product manufacturers have been licensed as the world of pot products continues to grow consumers are gobbling them up. anan cabrera, cnn, denver. of course tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m. cnn devotes two hours to marijuana, here's a preview. >> sunday night is smoking. times are are changing. >> i just legally purchased marijuana. >> a new movement is growing. >> i never thought i would be smoking weed in the hospital. >> and business is booming. >> this is what happens when you legalize marijuana. >> one night, one network, one ground-breaking event. >> grab your favorite munchies and get ready for a night you wouldn't expect to see on cnn.
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dr. oz is fighting back against a group of physicians around the country calling his faculty position at columbia university's medical school unacceptable. cnn's elizabeth cohen has more. >> reporter: there's nothing ambiguous in the letter ten doctors wrote about dr. oz to the dean of columbia university's medical school. we are surprised and dismayed
8:51 am
that columbia university's college of physicians and surgeons would permit dr. oz to occupy a faculty appointment. he has repeatedly shown disdain for science, and for evidence-based medicine. he has manifested an egregious lack of integ gritty promoting quack cures in the interest of personal finance gain. >> he has tauted many drugs for miracle drugs for weight loss which prompts people to spend huge amounts of money for treatments that have no benefit whatsoever. >> reporter: most universities if someone did this -- >> that is grounds for dismissal. >> reporter: columbia university responded, telling cnn they won't stop faculty members from speaking their minds. in the statement, oz said we provide multiple points of view including mine offered without conflict of interest. that doesn't sit well with certain agendas that distort the faction. oz rose to fame on oprah as her
8:52 am
go-to doctor. it wasn't long before his flowery language and product promotion attracted controversy. >> now the number one miracle in a bottle to burn your fat. >> reporter: last june oz was brought before a senate subcommittee about his promotions for miracle weight loss cures and called to the carpet. >> i don't get why you need to say this stuff because you know it's not true. why when you have this amazing megaphone and this amazing ability to communicate, why would you cheapen your show by saying things like that? >> i actually do personally believe in the items that i talk about in the show. i passionally studied them. i would give my audience the advice by give my family all the time and i have given my families these products. this little bean has scientists saying they found the magic weight loss cure for every body type. >> reporter: the makes of one product tauted on the show was sued for false advertising and settled for $3.5 million.
8:53 am
all fodder for doctors asking columbia to rethink oz's position. elizabeth cohen, cnn, reporting. what goes on in vegas didn't stay in vegas. not for this nhl star. we'll tell you why jared stoll's weekend was abruptly canceled. it took tennis legend serena williams, fencing champion tim morehouse and the rockettes years to master their craft. but only moments to master paying bills at depositing checks at the atm and transferring funds on the mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. for fastidious librarian emily skinner, each day was fueled by thorough preparation for events to come. well somewhere along the way emily went right on living. but you see, with the help of her
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8:57 am
top stories, massive gasoline explosion sent 11 people no the hospital on friday, and closed a central california highway. >> oh my god! this is so freakin' hot. oh my god! >> investigators say they don't know what caused the massive blast but they are looking into the possibility that it may have been caused by heavy equipment working near a gas line. and basketball hall of famer kareem abdul-jabbar is recovering after quadruple bypass surgery. doctors say he was admitted to ucla medical center this week with heart disease. his doctor says surgery was successful, and he expects him to make a full recovery. we wish him the best as a friend of the show. all right. nhl hockey star is in big trouble with the law today. more details, what happened? >> oh my goodness a crazy story ongoing, just happening. jared stoll of the los angeles kings, off the ice and onto the hot seat. arrested for drug possession
8:58 am
yesterday afternoon, police tell cnn affiliate ksnv that stoll had cocaine and ecstasy. released from dral on $5,000 bail hours ago. a hearing's scheduled for later today. we'll see what all comes of this. >> the kings cannot be happy about this what happen are they saying? >> not happy. twitter account, pr twitter account, saying quote, our organization is concerned and begun conducting a thorough internal investigation while we actively gather facts, we're withholding further comment at this time. >> so is this all indicative with the jared stoll that people know or what do we know about him? >> well you may have heard his name before as having dated erin andrews host of "dancing with the stars" and sports reporter. he's engaged to rachel hunter model and actress. he joined kings in 2008 won two stanley cups first one in 2012 again last year. now the kings didn't make it to the playoffs this year.
8:59 am
he didn't have so hot aof a season either. last contract $3.25 million. the worst part though for him, timing of all of this. he becomes un restrictrestricted free agent july 1st, which means another team could have offered big bucks and now this looming over his head. >> might they wait and see a little bit? >> right. >> let's talk about the nba playoffs. high hopes for at least one team the atlanta hawks, but one of the players who is unable to deliver. >> yes. >> what's going on? >> it's tough we in atlanta we want to sago hawks. top seed in the eastern conference, but owe sefolosha watching from the bench. indiana pacers player stabbed outside nightclub at 4:00 a.m. in new york city and then two hawks players, who just arrived in the city after playing a game in atlanta hours before, arrested at that scene, fred for interfering with officers trying to establish the crime scene. one of the players, sefolosha, says police broke his leg and
9:00 am
messed up his legment. >> what? >> in that leg during the confrontation. big dude 6'7" apparently that's when injury occurred. he had surgery just two days ago. now he's going to miss the playoffs. hawks, they're starting their series how crazy, with the brooklyn nets the team they were originally in new york for when the injury happens. he's a good player. they're going to miss him in playoffs. maybe he shouldn't have been out that late. >> not going say anything. i'll leave that up to you. thank you so much. >> still so much more straight ahead in the news room. it all starts right now. happening right now in the newsroom a terror under the big top. very different way. torrential rain tearing through the roof as circusgoers scramble for safety.
9:01 am
>> watch the children. >> plus presidential hopefuls converging on new hampshire. all of the gop heavy hitters, 19 to be exact, in town for the first in the nation republican leadership summit. and tsa groping? the alleged plot to pat down attractive passengers at denver international airport. this is just the tip of the iceberg arc apparently according to a former officer. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." hello again, thanks for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. we begin with a troubling development in afghanistan. a suicide bomber on a motor bike blew himself up today in front of a bank at least 33 people have been killed and more than 100 wounded. isis is claiming responsibility for its first apparent attack in afghanistan. it happened in jalal la bad, 150 miles away from the capital city
9:02 am
of kabul. nate. >> hodge a reporter for the "wall street journal" and joins me from kabul. what do we know about this isis connection, nathan? >> reporter: well it's a violent day here in afghanistan. in jalal la bad, where 34 people we know over 100 were killed, over 100 injured in the suicide bombing, which occurred as people were queueing up outside the new kabul bank where government employees, civil servants membered of the army and police go to get their salaries. so this suicide bombing struck to heart of the state in many ways. what we know is that militants affiliated with or claiming to be affiliated with the islamic state, both posted messages online and made phone calls and text messages to reporters, claiming responsibility for this attack. it's important to note here that the islamic state is not a major presence in afghanistan, only recently have militants now claimed to ally with the islamic
9:03 am
state and the taliban pose a larger threat to the afghan government. a lot of worry from the part of afghan president that the islamic state could pose a greater threat to the stability in the region. >> while isis has tried to recruit in this country reportedly, is this attack an indicator of its success in doing so? >> reporter: well what we've seen before up until now, are just recruitment and propaganda efforts, according to observers, western officials, and afghan experts. but right now, what this seems to be is a movement to actual operations. that's launching its acts. we've seen evidence in recent days of attacks that have been claimed by islamic state in pakistan as well. so it does appear that things have moved from the propaganda and the recruitment stage into the actual operational phase. >> all right. nathan hodge, thank you so much from kabul.
9:04 am
a columbus man is accused of going to syria for terrorism training and then returning to the u.s. to kill americans. but he's pleading not guilty to the federal terrorism charges against him. cnn's atika shubert takes a look. >> reporter: back from syria, radicalized and according to authorities, with intent to kill this man, 23-year-old american is in custody. the fbi says he was hoping to do something big in the u.s. >> his intent for the united states was to kill americans. that included u.s. military police and anyone in uniform. >> reporter: he left his hometown of columbus ohio in april of last year, according to an indictment on a one-way ticket to athens greece. but mohammed never boarded his connecting flight after stopping in istanbul turkey. instead, authorities say, an accomplice picked him up and drove him to a border town where
9:05 am
he crossed over into syria. mohammed allegedly trained with terrorists in shooting weapons, breaking into houses using explosives and hand-to-hand combat. officials did not say which group he trained with. two months into the military-type camp a cleric told mohammed to quote, return to the united states and carry out an act of terrorism, according to the indictment. in june now back in ohio the 23-year-old allegedly told others that he wanted to, quote, kill american soldiers execution style. at a military base in texas and his backup plan was to attack a prison specifically wanting to target armed forces including police officers. it's not clear how far along any such plans were. hoe ma'am mohammed expressed his support of isis a full year prior to leaving. on friday mohammed pleaded not
9:06 am
guilty to two charges of providing support to terrorist individuals and a terrorist organization as well as one charge of giving false information to the fbi. atika shubert, cnn, new york. >> police in melbourne, australia, stopped a potential isis-inspired terror attack. officials arrested five teenagers in a major counterterrorive operation but released three of them pending further investigation. police say the young men were planning an attack during a national ceremony next week. one of the suspects has been charged with conspiring to commit a terrorist act. the race for president in this country is now in high gear. right now in the all-important state of new hampshire, and that's where the entire republican presidential field is gathering to win over voters who will cast ballots in the nation's first primary declared and potential candidates are attending this major gop summit. in several contenders have wasted no time trying to grab the spotlight by putting their
9:07 am
stump speeches to the test there. athena jones live in nashua new hampshire what happen are they saying and i guess more importantly, who is saying it? >> reporter: hi fred. we heard, so far today, from senator rand paul the first big speaker of the day. we heard yesterday from governor jeb bush from chris christie, from marco rubio, a list of people who have been speaking and will be speaking. very engaged voters they've been talking to this early in the cycle here in new hampshire. this is the first state that will be holding a primary next year. so it's an important state. they've been talking up conservative principles like cutting taxes, cutting the size of government. of course criticizing president obama and also their potential rival, hillary clinton, she's already declared but these folks still have to figure out whether they're going to run. many people have not announced, as you mentioned. one who has not announced,
9:08 am
former florida governor jeb bush trying to make his case. he's getting a lot of questions from the crowd. one of the questions he hasn't been able to escape though is the question how he's going to distinguish himself from his father and his brother. >> reporter: he hasn't formally announced his candidacy but jeb bushes already acting liking a presidential candidate, fielding questions from granite state voters on tough issues like immigration reform. >> deal with the folks that are here illegally in a rational thoughtful way. my suggestion is earned legal status. >> reporter: that's a view at odds with many conservatives. a sign the former florida governor isn't afraid to stick to his principles on this and other issues. he says he enjoys engaging with voters in niece intimate settings. >> this is what they expect. this is the unique nature of new hampshire, you can do it. it's small enough where people get a chance to see you close up and i love. >> reporter: bush tackled that
9:09 am
recurring question about the bush family as a political dynasty. much like the adams family presidents of centuries past. >> i have to prove that i'm not running for president if i go beyond the consideration of this to be active candidate, trying to break the tie between the adams family and bush family. >> reporter: and he poked fun from a potential rivel from another dynasty, saying of hillary clinton's visit to ohio chip poelt chipotle. >> yeah drive my own car, get out of my own car. >> reporter: bush jabbing democrats like clinton and barack obama, he hasn't focused on his fellow gop contenders even as the rest of the field try hard to distinguish themselves. former texas governor rick perry warning, nominating another first-term senator would be a mistake. a not so vailed dig at senators
9:10 am
cruz marco rubio. >> we've spent eight years with a young, inexperienced united states senator and i will suggest to you, economically militarily and foreign policywise we're paying a tremendous price. >> reporter: as i mentioned, still a long list of people preparing to speak today, peep like carly fiorina, the form or hewlett-packard ceo, senator bobby jindal ted cruz. a lot of folks listening to what they have to say. >> thank you athena jones. all right, in other news severe storm put a frightening end to a circus performance in texas. dramatic video capturing the terrifying moments when a performer actually cuts her act short, and people are seen scrambling. >> water and wind right? they're not from texas.
9:11 am
ries were reported at that circus. and then on to colorado now lightning grounded this united express flight in colorado springs. passengers say they were stuck on the tarmac for several hours. >> they are not in the mood to be dealing with us. they don't have to do anything with us until we have been out here for three hours. >> all right. airline claims it gave passengers the option to deplane, but some passengers deny that and say they had no fresh air and only crackers to eat. united is reaching out to customers now to offer
9:12 am
compensation. 18 million people are at risk for severe weather today. meteorologist ivan cabrera with more on one big storm or many storms? >> good pointen it's actually one storm. we have a slow spinning of the four corners responsible for severe weather across texas. that's what passed through houston. today, again, we're in that setup where we'll have this line of severe thunderstorms developing fred from corpus christi, austin dallas into oklahoma why we're talking about upwards 18 million people impacted here. yes, heavy rain along the gulf coast, not concerned about severe weather. torrential downpours. watch the line through the afternoon, 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. that's when you have to pay attention. you hear thunder, likelihood if you're in dallas of that being a severe thunderstorm pretty high today. keep an eye to the sky and stay indoors if you can. all pushes to the east heading into the next 24 hours. by sunday the bull's-eye little
9:13 am
rock problem first, northern louisiana, again poe sengs,potential, heavy winds, heavy downpours into monday as well. >> thanks so much. we'll collect back with you. coming up -- it's been more than a year since malaysia flight 370 disappeared. but there's a new development in the search. our aviation experts take a look at what it might mean, next. people ship all kinds of things. but what if that thing is a few hundred thousand doses of flu vaccine. that need to be kept at 41 degrees. while being shipped to a country where it's 90 degrees. in the shade. sound hard? yeah. does that mean people in laos shouldn't get their vaccine?
9:14 am
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we help them fight the good fight. cvs health, because health is everything.
9:16 am
more than a year after it went missing, the search area for malaysia airlines flight 370 could double in size. the plane disappeared over the sea between malaysia and vietnam
9:17 am
with 239 people on board. no trace of the plane has ever been found. but now, investigators say that if the primary search comes up empty, they are expected to double the zone to an area roughly the size of the state of mississippi. let's bring in david soucie a cnn safety analyst and former faa safety inspector, and a vice president for teledine marine systems and worked to develop underwater search vehicles and techniques. david, you first, what does it tell you the search area could double in size? it's already quite extensive. i mentioned vietnam, you know that area there, but talking to australia in terms of the southern part of the indian ocean in which the soefrnearch area extended now double that? >> well they're going to double it but very specific reason for that. first of all, we can't give up on the 20,000 miles they have to search but if it's not found in
9:18 am
that they're going to expand it. if you look at the width, the band of that search area they're talking about doing widening that and that makes sense to me. the aircraft did stall, you can't say the aircraft continued on its trajectory and that's what this was based on. possible it could have stalled and reversed direction and come back the other direction. so i think that's part of what's going into this calculation of twice the area just widening that swath or path that they're looking through. >> thomas what do you see as the real obstacles here? there's been no trace of this plane, this flight and now to even double the search area does that mean that the search area has been exhausted because, i think most of us believed or led to believe that even the search of the existing area was going to take years. >> well you know a couple of things. this is a contingency plan given they don't find anything when they finish up this current
9:19 am
average area. right now they have four ships out there with complex survey equipment, multibeam sonars so they're building a very comprehensive map of the bottom as they go through that process, if they don't see what they're looking for, you continue to expand and, as david correctly said look at calculations you made assumptions on the search area and build around that. then david, how long do you expect? this is very costly expensive. of course especially when you have loved ones on the plane, there is no price that's too high to pay. but realistically, how long do you believe with the kinds of vessels that thomas underscored could possibly continue to be used? who can afford to continue to finance this? >> well chinese has made and malaysia and australia, have made commitments to continue the search. this is a big deal, to say they'll double it because it doubles their cost as well maybe more than that because of the areas they're going through.
9:20 am
part of what they're doing now is going back and looking between areas, as they make the swaths. going back to make sure they didn't miss anything because it would be tragic to increase that search without knowing that you completely exhausted that search area the initial one. so they're doing that. they're very committed to. these are challenging things challenging side challenging depth of the ocean. talking an area the size of illinois here. now we're doubling that. now we have two illinoises next to each other. a huge task. i really admire them for continuing on. >> thomas are you convinced that the search area needs to primarily focus on the sea? is it your view that there's no way that there could be any landmass involved in the downing of this plane? >> that's an incredibly hard question because the data that has been analyzed from the satellite telemetry they saw would indicate the air frame was moving along the trajectory they're searching now.
9:21 am
it's so hard to tell what happened. this is a hard problem. looking in the indian oceaner most of it never mapped in the past. at this level, searching a huge area. you know it's up in the air. if something else happened you know that's almost impossible to tell at this point. >> so sad, too. all right. thomas david, thanks so much to both of you. appreciate it. >> thank you. still ahead -- the rageful rant that has gone viral and bench an espn reporter. >> do you feel good about your job? so i could be a college dropout and do the same thing? >> now the towing company weighing in on britt mchenry's future on air and what they have to say may surprise you.
9:22 am
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9:25 am
usually for a television reporter air time a really good thing. not this time. espn's britt mchenry has been suspend for a week for this insulting rant directed at a towing company clerk. but now some on social media are defending mchenry saying that the clerk taunted her and the tape was edited. even the towing company says it doesn't want mchenry fired altogether. cnn's senior media correspondent has more on this.
9:26 am
>> fred this is a story a lot of people are talking about this weekend. but britt mchenry is not, she's staying silent as she's on a one-week suspension from espn and the channel's staying quiet, not saying anything. some people going through her twitter feed looking at past examples of insensitive or inappropriate tweets that britt mchenry posted and the actual towing lot company is speaking out as well. their statement is very interesting, gina the woman on the tape that's being berated did not want her to be suspended or terminated. let me read a portion of they said park enforcement is contentious by nature. as a small business we saw no benefit to releasing the video except to highlight personal attacks, employees and jobs like towing public parking enforcement and others sometimes encounter. the video is not licensed or sold to anyone. interesting statement, because people wondered, how did this video get out? how did it leak on to the
9:27 am
internet? that's the challenging thing for britt mchenry and espn going forward. it hard to excuse her comments obviously. if her suspension ends and she goes back to work the video's going to live online for a long long time. it's not going away any time soon. espn faces a tough decision. suspension to end middle of next week and britt mchenry to go back to work. lots of calls online for a longer suspension or for her to lose her job entirely. espn has lots of experience with this suspend employees before. remember stephen a. smith suspended for controversial comments he made about domestic violence and how women are treated in abusive relationships. bill simmons of of e schltspn suspended for calling the commissioner a liar. that went on for three weeks. some people say one week is not enough in this case. fred back to you. >> brian, thank you so much. >> catch more of brian stelter, host of "reliable source,"
9:28 am
sunday 11:00 a.m. president obama, he's unhappy with the senate stalling on his attorney general nominee and he's not mincing words about it. live at the white house. >> reporter: loretta lynch's nomination stalled for 161 days now president obama speaking out forcefully, blasting the senate for his holdup. some signs that congress could potentially move to her nomination as early as next week all of the details coming up. >> look forward to it? it all sprouted with weed 1 and then weed 2. now dr. sanjay gupta is at it again and reaching higher than ever "weed 3 the marijuana revolution" 9:00 p.m. at 10:00 p.m. hi "high profits," another special, how marijuana's changing the way colorado does business and unique look inside towo colorado
9:29 am
dispensaries fighting to stay open. >> parasites. they've got no contribution to this society. >> preying on our community and our kids. >> it's going to end badly. >> exactly $100,000 in cash in the back of this car. i bet there's guys right there in that prison for doing just what we're about to do. >> i want the breckenridge cannabis club to be a household name. >> this is us pioneering a new industry. >> going after every resort town in colorado. his plan is brilliant. >> this is a big boy operation. >> we're not the amsterdam of the rockies. we're breckenridge. >> this happened so quick. >> i >> that's when the town erupted. >> we have an image to protect. >> powerful elite has put the pressure on. >> everybody's playing everyone. >> they're going to have a target painted on their back. that is a real threat. >> there's $2 billion to be had next year. i plan to take more than my fair share.
9:30 am
"high profits" series premiere sunday at 10:00. [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses. if you have a business idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reality. start your business today with legalzoom.
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9:33 am
president obama says enough is enough. he's blasting the senate for refusing to confirm attorney general nominee loretta lynch, calling the senate, quote, embarrassing and lack of action another sign of dysfunction in the senate. cnn's sun lynn is following the story for us. what else did the president have to say? >> reporter: rarery do we see president obama angry about something in public. this amounted to a public chastising of the senate for political gamesmanship. it clear the president is frustrated about the delay and called for the senate to get this done. >> i have to say, that there are times where dysfunction in the senate just goes too far.
9:34 am
this is an example of it. it's gone too far. enough. enough! call loretta lynch for a vote get her confirmed. put her in place. let her do her job. this is embarrassing a process like this. >> reporter: lynch's nomination has been in part held up because it's been tangled with this other, unrelated issue about human trafficking bill. it's trying to work its way through the senate. senator majority leader mitch mcconnell will not not move towards the lynn. nomination until they go the other bill done and there's problems with bill. controversial abortion language na democrats don't like and they're holding up that bill. so we do know from democratic and republican sources, though fred there could be room for compromise on that human trafficking bill. that means that this could potentially pave the way to hold a vote on loretta lynch's
9:35 am
nomination some point next week. >> we'll see. thank you so much. appreciate it. still ahead -- brand-new video of a man stealing a gun from walmart just moments before a police officer rams his cruiser into the man walking on the street. but that's not the only thing that's new.
9:36 am
people ship all kinds of things. but what if that thing is a few hundred thousand doses of flu vaccine. that need to be kept at 41 degrees. while being shipped to a country where it's 90 degrees. in the shade. sound hard? yeah. does that mean people in laos shouldn't get their vaccine? we didn't think so. from figuring it out to getting it done, we're here to help.
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9:39 am
new information about what happened before a police officer used his cruiser to take down a man with a rifle walking on the sidewalk. this is newly released surveillance video inside a walmart in arizona. police say it shows mario valencia threatening an employee to give him a gun. at least that's what we believe the images will show. moments later, he leaves the store with the loaded gun and he's walking down the street and that's when officer runs him down with his police cruiser. miguel marquez did some digging on the store k. and has new information about have atlanta sea's actions bv run down. >> oh! jesus, man down. >> reporter: did this ever need to happen? >> oh my god! >> reporter: new video on the
9:40 am
show the gun this man had stolen had a safety lock and couldn't be fired. >> it's locked. he can't get the lock off. >> are you sure? >> positive. it's locked. >> reporter: ten seconds later -- >> okay. never mind. >> reporter: the walmart lost prevention officer wearing shorts and sandals, listening to the radio, has his young son along for the ride. police finally yell at the ploimee, back off. >> [ bleep ]. >> minutes earlier, mario, mentally unstable on a crime spree all morning, handed a 30/30 rifle by a walmart clerk who told police he seemed normal. in the video, you can see him inspect the rifle closely appearing to work the lever and trigger. he turns his attention to ammunition telling the clerk, don't do anything stupid give me the ammo. the employee first resists,
9:41 am
trying to buy time but tells police she handed over the ammunition because valencia was threatening to break the case and if glass got on the other bokzs of am ss boxes they could not be sole. she tells walmart policy to give over items during a robbery. the clerk acted appropriately, alerting security to call police before handing over ammo but dialing a code. one 911 call makes clear the gravity of the situation. a walmart acid protection manager tells operator valencia trying to load the rifle in the store. >> i have an armed customer in the sporting department. >> is he threatening anyone? >> i'm trying to find out. he's loading the weapon in the sporting goods department at the moment. >> he's loading it? >> a photo of the rifle, stolen shows the cable lock still on wrapped through the lever once with enough slack the lever could still be operated.
9:42 am
police said the lock appeared to be a handgun cable lock. a walmart spokesperson insists the gun had the proper lock correctly installed in the store and either valencia did something to it or the force of the patrol car hitting him affected the cable lock. the walmart loss prevention officer and his son were witness to valencia being taken down by the patrol car. >> that guy [ bleep ] -- >> reporter: walmart says constantly reviews procedures and this incident is being discussed right now. >> of course still under review why the officer used his police officer cruiser in which to take down a suspect. still ahead -- will the boston marathon bomber pay with his life? it takes one juror to stop czar tsarnaev from getting the penalty. he faces in sentencing, next.
9:43 am
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9:46 am
the second phase of the boston marathon bombing trial will start this deucetuesday after the jury found tsarnaev guilty. now the jurors must decide whether he will pay with his life. one family wants life in prison for tsarnaev.
9:47 am
the family of -year-old victim martin richard says in an op-ed in the "boston globe," they don't want their two children to have to live with years of appeals, saying this quote, we hope our two remaining children do not have to grow up with the lingering painful reminder what the defendant took from them which years of appeals would undoubtedly bring, end quote. let's bring in our legal guys to talk about the penalty phrase. a civil rights attorney and law professor in cleveland, and richard herman new york new york joining us from las vegas. >> good to see you. >> now we've had you both individually here in studio with me now, if only we could get you together. avery was here last week and richard you were here last month. good to see you. >> joyous to be with you. >> avery, let he go to you first. massachusetts is not a death penalty state but this is a federal case and that's why the jurors are trying to consider life or death.
9:48 am
so what will happen in this penalty phase? what's the expectation of the kind of evidence presented, if there will be anything different or testimony to try to appeal to the jurors for either a life or death penalty? >> well you're exactly right. the confusion is that under massachusetts law, there is no death penalty. this is a federal law. congress authorized the death penalty, that's what the jury's going to consider. it's a matter of mitigating factors versus aggravating factors and that balance has to be made by the jury. the complication i think, is that with the op-ed pieces editorials and, of course judge george o'toole instructed the jury don't look at media. but they're not sequestered, you know they are. the problem is are they going to be affected? will that reading media and watching media impact on their decision making? and i think it very well could. >> and so richard, this does
9:49 am
not have to be a -- or does it have to be a unanimous decision by the jurors? >> yeah fred this has to be 12-0 if one juror holds out, no death penalty. here's the situation, fred. when you go to voir dire and the judge says this is the law, apply the facts to this law and could you actually vote for death, and everybody sits there in front of the judge and says yes, you go through a trial and you live and see this guy every day in court for as long as this trial lasted now you have to go back and deliberate can you give the thumbs down? can you actually vote death? >> there's almost a relationship that's built, you're saying between the jurors and the defendants? >> exactly, fred. it goes to the humanization of the defendant. that's what it goes to. that's what the defense will try to show. >> avery? >> i think it's a little bit deeper than that. i think what's going to happen here is that the prosecution obviously wants the death
9:50 am
penalty. you have a certain mentality. 12 people 7 women, 5 men, who have indicated during the jury selection, yes, we don't have a problem, you know ordering a death penalty if the facts merit it. but again, the question during the arguments, will be, has our society, fredricka, evolved from a bloodthirstiness where we need to kill this guy or has civilization evolved where life in prison is the appropriate question? and that's the very complicated part and nobody knows the answer to that. you know it's a heinous crime and especially in a town like boston. this particular offense hits at the heart, it goes to the core of people there. so this is very personal. but i wonder richard, if in any way his age, he's a young man, if they are looking at the offense or if these jurors are looking at this young man, you know in that court every day and how much that might
9:51 am
influence their decision whether it's life or death. >> that's his only chance out of this. i don't even think they're going to put him on the stand to try to save his life because i don't think they can trust him to get up there and not rant and rave about something. so i think that if he can be humanized in this portion of the case his life will be spared. very liberal up in massachusetts as we said earlier. no state death penalty, federal death penalty. here's the conundrum for them fred. do they sentence him to death, which will make him a martyr give him his 1,000 virgins. >> which he scrawled in the boat the night he was apprehended, he was jealous for his brother for having found death, life after death, how he was hoping for that. >> and years and years of appeals and money, or do they give him life in prison and enit right there with parole with some appeals but that will it it. that will give closure. i think we're going to be looking at life in prison.
9:52 am
i think a couple of jurors will hold out there i agree with that. i think that's right. >> no. i think it's death penalty. >> it's easy when you agree. just kidding. all right. avery, richard, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> pleasure. >> we're coming to you soon, fred. >> wreele'll roll out the red carpet. thanks so much guys. coming up -- tsa pat-downs supposed to enhance security. but what if agents take advantage of that task foretheir own thrills? the alleged tsa plot allowing one agent to grope attractive men. hey mike, it's lucy from lifelock. good news. we just learned your case is closed and your stolen retirement funds are finally being restored. lucy, wow... that 401k is two years in the mailroom ten in customer service, and the last five as sales director. that's some resume.
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9:56 am
checking top stories, a massive gasoline explosion sent 11 people to the hospital friday and closed a central california highway. >> oh my god! this is so freakin' hot. oh my god! >> investigators say they don't know what caused the massive blast but they are looking into the possibility that it may have been caused by heavy equipment working near a gas line. and hockey star jared stoll is in hot water today. the l.a. kings' player arrested for drug possession yesterday while at a las vegas resort swimming pool. police tell cnn affiliate ksnv that stoll was in possession of
9:57 am
cocaine and ecstasy. the kings are conducting an internal investigation now. are you being sexually assaulted when you unexpectedly get a pat-down at the airport? the arrest of two denver tsa agents for a scheme to grope attractive male passengers was shocking to many. but as cnn's tom foreman reports it may happen more often than you think. >> reporter: this former tsa officer is saying loudly and clearly, that this scheme to grope airline passengers is not limited to colorado and is not unusual. indeed he insisted airports all over the country, things like it, are commonplace. tsa officers using their high-tech scanners to identify pull aside, and grope attractive male passengers. that's what authorities say was going on at denver international until the two officers involved a man and a woman, were caught and left their jobs.
9:58 am
if that's not enough to horrify many flyers now comes this from "time" magazine. the bigger issue heres a systemic one. there are far too many federal hands on people's private parts in airports. the writer is jason edward harrington a former tsa agent who insists this sort of thing happens all the time in airports everywhere. he writes the agent running his or her hands over you after you pass through the scanner is almost never doing it for good reason. what's more he adds victims will likely never even know they were assaulted, since so many passengers have their private parts fondled. to be sure harrington has written fiery critiques of the tsa before this one called "dear america, i saw you naked" he argues that full body scanners are routinely used to let officers leer at passengers and yet find few actual security threats. tsa steadily pushed back against
9:59 am
notions and suggests the denver incident is an oddity. former administrator defends officers conducting by the book pat-downs as well. >> individual passengers may still object to that in how they do that. as long as they're doing it correctly, they're doing their job. >> reporter: still, as authorities consider charges against those officers involved the denver story is supercharging harrington's idea that it's difficult to tell where airport security ends and sexual assault begins these days. meanwhile, the denver district attorney is saying that he's heard from several more passengers who think they too, may have been groped while passing through security at that airport. >> thanks so much tom. we have much more straight ahead in the newsroom and it all starts right now. happening now in the
10:00 am
newsroom terror under the big top. torrential rain tears through a roof as circusgoers scramble for safety. >> no pushing, no shoving. watch the children. plus presidential hopefuls converging on new hampshire, all of the gop heavy hitters, 19 to be exact, are in town for the first in the nation republican leadership summit. north korea's hackers kim jong un's secret cyberattack unit blamed on sony pictures. now information on how a weaponized document triggered all of the damage. "the newsroom" starts now. hello, again, thanks for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. right now all eyes fixed squarely on the state of new hampshire. that's where the entire republican presidential field is gathering to win voters who will
10:01 am
cast ballots in the nation's first primary. the declared and potential candidates are all attending a major gop summit. and several contenders have wasted no time trying to grab the spotlight, putting their stump speeches to the test already. athena jones live in nashua new hampshire. rand paul has already spoken. who else is on tap today? >> reporter: right now, carly fiorina has been speaking and bashing hillary clinton. she just said just a few minutes ago, like hillary, i have traveled all around the world -- referring to her time of course as ceo of hewlett-packard and her activities since then -- i have travel all around the world like hillary but i know flying is an activity not an accomplishment. that's a poke at hillary clinton talking about all of her travels while secretary of state. she also said hillary clinton must not be president. that's the kind of language that folks in the crowd really respond to. so she's gotten a very warm reception. as has everyone else fredricka.
10:02 am
this is about appealing to the activists, people already engaged at this early stage here in new hampshire. these are the folks that could help one of these candidates or all of the candidates organize here on the ground get ready to do well in that first primary which will be held of course in this state in new hampshire, next year. we also heard earlier from rand paul. let's play a little bit of what he had to say. >> one thing i'd like to leave you with is i'd like you to think about how we're going to move forward and how we're going to win. and i think we need to stay true to principle. i don't think we need to delude our message but i do think that our message needs to be carried to new people. we need to talk to business owners. we need to talk to workers. we need to talk to rich poor white, black, brown, we've got to get out there and go places we haven't been going. we have a decision now. we need to find someone who is going to represent us someone who is going to be the lead of the republican party and make the country a better place.
10:03 am
how are we going to get that? some in the party say let's dilute the message. let's become democrat like and we'll get more votes. i couldn't disagree more. what we need to do is be boldly for what we are for. >> so there you heard from senator paul a little bit of vision about where he wants to see the republican party go and how it can be most successful. but we're also hearing from him and others of course talking up conservative principles like cutting government cutting taxes. so a lot of red meat and a little bit of vision from potential candidates. some declared as you mentioned, some not declared. >> interesting. athena is that i guess the main strategy among many of the republicans there that they're not necessarily trying to distinguish themselves amongst each other, but really distinguishing themselves between the gop candidates and
10:04 am
the only democrat who is officially in the race now? >> that's pretty much the case here. we're hearing a lot of bashing of president obama and his policies and some also of hillary clinton, certainly rand paul criticized her role or her handling of the benghazi attacks in libya. but we have heard at least one potential candidate, this is governor rick perry of texas, who talked about he warned basically the crowd, it not a good idea to go with another first-term senator, which is a not so availed dig at senator rand paul senator ted cruz and senator lindsey graham and others who want to be president. mostly keeping the fire on the other side but trying to kind of show that maybe, for instance governors are going to be better than senators for the next republican nominee. >> interesting, distinguishing fashions. athena jones, appreciate it. we'll check back with you. a severe storm put a frightening end to a circus
10:05 am
performance in texas. dramatic video captures the terrifying moments when a performer cuts her act short and people start running. >> reporter: wild weather wreaking havoc across the midwest and the south. >> the storm here is bad! >> reporter: in southeast texas, a show-stopping storm as lightning, rain and hail ripped through the area causing scary moments at a circus. no injuries reported and the tent dizd not collapse. >> we've been out here three hours. >> reporter: only the beginning for a denver-bound united express flight. diverted to colorado springs due to a lightning advisory passengers were stuck on the tarmac for six hours. >> operation is required formulate a plan to start getting people off the airplane. >> reporter: passengers were left without air-conditioning and only had crackers to snack on. >> this was probably our last
10:06 am
vacation together and this is the memory we'll have. >> reporter: airline officials say, the wait for passengers was, quote, exaggerated and passengers were offered the opportunity to deplane in colorado springs. >> oh, man. >> reporter: driver in wyoming dealing with a different problem. a blizzard cost a massive vehicle pileup that sent dozen of people to area hospitals according to the wyoming highway patrol. the weather doesn't look like it may be letting up. meteorologist warning the threat of severe weather is likely to last through the weekend. with aimimages like,000 easy to understand why people will not be liking the weather. again, folks dealing with rain and also with hail and people in wyoming, fred winter-like weather in mid-april? i can tell you, us in the northeast, happy to accept the much-needed relief. >> thank you, polo sandoval in
10:07 am
new york. the stranded passengers with david soucie. so david, in a case like this we hear there was lightning, that's why the plane had to stay parkeder remain parked on the tarmac. but, at the same time is it safer for the plane to be in the middle of a tarmac or does it go to a jetway? what's customary? what should passengers expect when weather hampers their flight or grounds them? >> in this situation, it wasn't the lightning that kept them in the airplane. they diverted to colorado springs. they avoided loot thing in denver. so they landed in colorado springs, retained them on the airplane. 2009 this was a big problem and the d.o.t. department of transportation responded strongly putting regulations in place for fines up to $27,500 per passenger. so they could be looking at $1 million fine if they're found to have kept these people on here without a reasonable safety risk. so there's much more to this
10:08 am
story for sure. this could be a very big thing for this airlines. >> the changes you talk about, it was as a result in large part there was a flight that was sitting on the tarmac for hours people you know ran out of refreshments bathrooms backed up all of that. these changes came about. but what is -- is there a standard for these airlines in which to respect? is it when it appears as though the flight might be on the tarmac for two hours, is there a minimum? >> yeah. there is a minimum, it's three hours. anything above -- well yeah three hours is when the fines can kick in. but remember before that at two hours they have to provide reasonable food water, air-conditioning everything that they need for human survival so it's not a burden on the passenger. but there's something more important in this one, too. they said that they allowed passengers to leave but they would lose their seats. now that could fall under subsection f, this is far-d.o.t.
10:09 am
regulation 259, under f it says deceptive practices. if they did deceptive practices and used this as a leverage to say don't lose the plane or you'll lose your money, that's a deceptive practicing. they could be facing serious -- what's that? >> why would -- sorry to interrupt you. why would you lose your seat if you were given some permission to deplane because of this temporary inconvenience or safety problem or weather problem? why would you not be guaranteed your seat? it's not like other people in the concourse who are just happen to be awaiting your plane and want a seat on instead? >> so it's a blatant effort to keep people on the airplane. you know to be able to get off the airplane, get the food that you need water that you need care that you need to get off of the airplane and reboard, it's a hassle for the airline. and it could create further delays. they obviously thought, at any moment they'd get released but they didn't. was up to them to make a decision up to the captain to
10:10 am
make that decision to say, let's let these guys off, let them get food because all we have are crackers we're not set up for this. looking at 39 people $27,000 fine per person. this could be a big deal. over $1 million. >> thank you so much for breaking it down for us. appreciate it. >> all right. isis expanding its reach. the terror group is claiming responsibility for what looks to be its first attack in afghanistan. we go live to kabul, next. doug. you've been staring at that for awhile, huh? listen, td ameritrade has former floor traders to help walk you through that complex trade. so you'll be confident enough to do what you want. i'll pull up their number. blammo. let's get those guys on the horn. oooo looks like it is time to upgrade your phone, douglass. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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10:13 am
isis is extending its reach into afghanistan. a suicide bomber on a motor bike blew himself up today, in front of a bank. isis is taking responsibility for the attack which looks to be its first in afghanistan. at least 33 people have been killed and more than 100 injured. the driver of the ambulance struggles to maneuver through
10:14 am
the rubble desperate to get some of the wounded off the street and into the hospital. the chaos shown heres a small window of what happened in the early morning hours in jalalabad. a bustling city that boarders pakistan 100 miles from the afghan capital of kabul. the blast set off by a man on a motor bike who apparently was targeting government workers lining up to collect their salaries. children were among the victims. the brazen attack was quickly denounced. a statement from the u.s. embassy read quote, the u.s. embassy strongly condemns today's barbaric attack in jalalabad which resulted in numerous casualties. we offer conkoldolences. the taliban was quick to condemn the attack also. however, a group calling itself isis corason claimed responsibility saying the motorcyclist was a member in its ranks, the first time isis has
10:15 am
taken claim for a terrorist incident inside afghanistan. in march cnn reported on isis' efforts to recruit there. for his parred afghanistan's new president issued a statement, in which he said quote, terrorists are using afghan blood and soil for their proxy war, it is not our war. this nation does not bow to threats and dangers, we will fight them to the end. how entrenched is isis in afghanistan? joining me nathan hodge, a reporter for the "wall street journal" in kabul. we know recruiting has tang place involving isis there. is it kind of the new taliban in afghanistan? >> reporter: well therehood been debate about the extent which isis established a foothold in afghanistan and pakistan. we had seen evidence of
10:16 am
recruitment, propaganda and militant commanders rebranding themselves as isis. partially it's believed as a way of drumming up funding and new support. but what we now see seems to be a shift to actual operations actual planning execution of attacks. in addition to this attack we also saw an attack karachi, leaflets left claiming responsibility by isis. we've also seen evidence from the u.s. coalition side that they're deeply concerned about this they're watching this closely. the top u.s. military commander here has said that he's very concerned about it and they're keeping an eye on. as we said before the main threat at this point, the afghan government is still the taliban, they're the main opposition here the main armed opposition here. but there's a lost concern that as this sort of new isis brand appears here with the
10:17 am
particularly violent ideology and very sophisticated use of the media, that they could attract followers. so there's a potential for go tition potential for rift. there's a lot of questions which direction things could take because the afghan government is right now in the process of trying to reach out to the taliban to kick start peace talks. those peace talks have not materialized yet. and it's hard to say which way the appearance of isis here could shift that dynamic. whether it could persuade militants they need to match them in terms of violence or whether they can show themselves to be more ready to govern. >> nathan hodge, thank you so much joining us kabul. back in the u.s. here a man from ohio will go to trial in june for planning a terror attack. next what federal prosecutors say he was planning to do right here on u.s. soil and his attorney's response to the charges.
10:18 am
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10:21 am
iran's president had sharp words for saudi arabia over the fighting in yemen. he warned that the saudi royal family is sowing seeds of hatred with the air strike campaign. a saudi-like coalition has been attacking houthi rebels aligned with iran. cnn international correspondent the first outside reporter to
10:22 am
get inside the port city of aden yemen, in weeks. joining us live from the horn of africa. your mission into aden took a lot of planning and coordination two weeks worth, in fact in order to get there. explain how it all happened. >> reporter: well we are, of course here in ja beauty across the gulf of aden from yemen, from the port city of aden itself but couldn't take a direct route. that's why it took so long to leave djibouti in addition to finding anyone with a ship willing to head back in that direction. that's the problem for those trapped by this fighting in yemen. so few ships are willing to travel there. it is just too dangerous, even for the aid worgss themselves. and the saudi arabians have not been very good at coordinating those ships, those efforts to get anyone in let alone journalists. it then took us between 30 to 40
10:23 am
hours to dock in aden because we had to hug the coastline between the two countries. it is just too unsafe to be in that main deep sea area because of the naval ships patrolling that u.s. ships amongst them and the iranians. iran of course not an independent of a trade in this. it's being taken with serious will that deserve to be taken because the situation that we found on the ground was absolutely heartbreaking. the city is essentially under siege. they are running out of everything you can think of. electricity only runs for a few hours a day. flour, basic essentials like bread, reduced in most neighborhoods, most bakeries aren't even open that's in addition of course the medical supplies hops are overwhelmed, running out of what they need to save patients' lives.
10:24 am
the united nations has today revised up their figures, fredricka, for those caught in the conflict. they say now 150,000 people have been displaced, 7.5 million people in the mid of what they're calling a humanitarian disaster and until those warring parties are willing to sit down in that negotiating table, that's not going to be resolved. >> where are all of those people being displaced? are they ending up in huge camps, you know along border no man's land type of configurations, or what? >> reporter: they are trapped in different neighborhoods so they move -- sorry, it's a bit windy here -- they move between neighborhoods to find shelters. some of them are just coming into host families and communities that are perhaps slightly less badly affected by the fighting. when you go into the front lines
10:25 am
it's completely empty, absolutely eerie, very scary. so many of the areas are targeted by snipers you can't move down the road. you can't walk between houses. so they move where they can, where there are communities that are able to host them. and where there aren't they just sleep on the ground. at the port we ended up coming back with 60 people refugees about 15 yemeni-americans amongst them and sleeping in the port for two weeks, waiting for any ship that was willing to dock there and take them out to safety. >> incredible. thank you so much. courageous reporting. of course we look forward to more. appreciate it from djibouti today. much more after this. people ship all kinds of things. but what if that thing is a few hundred thousand doses of flu vaccine. that need to be kept at 41 degrees. while being shipped to a country where it's 90 degrees. in the shade.
10:26 am
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10:29 am
hello again. thanks for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. an ohio man accused of plotting a terrorist attack on american soil is pleading not guilty. federal prosecutors say abdirahim sheikh mohamud travelled to syria two months after become ago u.s. citizen. they say mohamud began training with terrorists and quickly instructed to return to the u.s. on a mission to kill americans. we get more now from atika shubert. >> reporter: back from syria, radicalized and, according to authorities with intent to kill
10:30 am
this man, a 23-year-old american is in custody. the fbi says he was hoping to do something big in the u.s. >> his intent for the united states was to kill americans. that included u.s. military police, and anyone in uniform. >> reporter: abdirahim sheikh mohamud left his hometown of columbus, ohio in april of last year. according to an indictment on a one-way ticket to ath wills, greece but mohamud never boarded his connecting fly after stopping in istanbul turkey. instead, an accomplice picked him and drove him where he crossed into syria. mojave mohamud allegedly trained with terrorists breaking into %-phouses,using explosives and hand-to-hand combat. officials did not say which group he trained with. two months into the military
10:31 am
type camp a cleric cleric told mohamud to return to the united states and carry out an act of terrorism. in june now back in ohio the 23-year-old allegedly told others that he wanted to quote, kill american soldiers execution style. at a military base in texas, and his backup plan was to attack a prison specifically wanting to target armed forces, including police officers. it's not clear how far along any such plans were. mohamud expressed his support for isis on social media, a full year prior to leaving for syria officials say, uploading images of the terrorist group 0 to his facebook page. on pry mohamud pleaded not guilty to two charges of sproiding support to terrorist individuals and a terrorist organization as well as one charge of giving false information to the fbi. atika shubert, cnn, new york. >> joining us now from new york a former navy s.e.a.l. also a special agent for the fbi. jonathan good to see you again.
10:32 am
this indictment says mohamud's brother, in fact died fighting al qaeda's largest affiliate in syria and it also says that he made terror-related facebook posts in 2013. so wouldn't those raise red flags before mohamud would actually get his citizenship or at least during the reviewing phase of his citizenship application? >> you know fred you always ask the obvious questions. it should you would think that that -- >> hope they're obvious, good questions. >> they are. you would think other people would be asking these questions as well. that is something that anybody that you know thinks ahead and tries to foresee, you know somebody that would go out and get trained and come back or somebody trying to come in here to attack this country, that is an obvious question. do you look at their social media and do you take that into account? you know the important thing to remember here is that you don't have to go through boot camp or
10:33 am
sign up with a recruiter to become an isis member. you know you can swear an allegiance to them in your heart. that's what these people do. this individual went over and got training and came back but we need to look at the whole picture of who this person is because once they swear allegiance they are basically an operative of this ideology. >> and you know i think it was just last weekend when you also in a conversation that we had, you also talk about counterterrorism agents investigators wanting to get more that sometimes there's a willingness to allow a potential suspect to go a little bit deeper so they can glean more information when an arrest is to take place. >> sure. >> in this case he actually allegedly traveled abroad and came back. as he is apprehended, perhaps, what kind of efforts are made to get more information who the organizers who are the recruiters at the bottom of
10:34 am
getting him allegedly involved? >> exactly. you know sometimes you know when you look at what law enforcement officers do on the street every day that we term a cop or a police officer on the street, a sworn officer, they have to react quickly because of the imminent threat to loss of life or serious bodily injury. when you are doing an investigation for somebody like a terrorist that somebody that's gone over is going back to try to commit terrorism, sometimes it's not best to immediately arrest them but not lose sight of them so you can track who they are talking to what this spider web is. that's why when attorneys talk about entrapment this is not entrapment. this individual had intent went over trained, came back with the purpose of committing a terrorist act, and it doesn't really matter if you wait a little bit to collect more information. i think the fbi got it right on this one.
10:35 am
i think this is something that we're going to see more of in the future specially originate originating from that area around ohio detroit, those areas that is the largest population of muslim -- of muslims outside of the middle east. so you're going to see people that are going to naturally gravitate back and forth from there, not because there's problems with islam up there, but because that's where they can go and come back and milk into the society. and that's something that people should very very closely look at. >> all right. jonathan gilliam, thanks so much. next a foreign enemy's plan to break into an american movie giant, how they used the name of an oscar-winning movie director. one e-mail and some luck to get inside.
10:36 am
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♪ [upbeat music] ♪ defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. easily absorbed calcium plus d. now in a new look. for fit nation athlete, erica moore, her size was never a concern. >> i have a lot ofself-confidence, i'm not ashamed of my weight. >> reporter: her first experience with swing dancing,
10:40 am
which left her out of breath after just one song she says that was a wake-up call. >> it was the first time i felt that like this body was preventing me from doing something and i didn't like that feeling. >> reporter: determined to get in shape, moore joined our fit nation team back in january, ready to make a permanent change. your you're here this new, start this incredible journey. dark moments? worried, concerned? >> i'm not. i feel positive and hopeful, coming here has helped me realize that it's not some big, dark unknown. it's a lot of little logical steps that add up to make big change. >> reporter: since that day, moore has taken to water like a fish. >> i just want to swim in july. >> reporter: biking and running, even competing in several big races. in just a few weeks, we'll be back together again in sunny southern california to put the team's new skills to the test. >> it's going to be really
10:41 am
exciting. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. can't wait to meet her and the rest of the team. we want to wish a speedy recovery to our friend basketball hall of famer, kareem abdul-jabbar quite the regular on our show. right now he's recovering today after quadruple bypass surgery. his doctor says the surgery was successful and he expects jabbar to make a full recovery. we wish him the best. remember that infamous cyberattack on sony pictures? it started with something called a weaponized document. experts are warning that type of attack could be just the beginning. here now is brian todd. >> reporter: mid-october, 2014 an e-mail appearing to be from director oliver stone lands in the in-box of amy pascal co-chair of sony picture's movie division. stoens make ago film about
10:42 am
edward snowden, e-mail says it's an important message with a secured document. turns out e-mail's not from stone, who later sends out a warning his account was compromised. this is a weaponized document. >> we don't ultimately know if this was the e-mail that led to the breach but we know it could have. >> reporter: purported message can from stone came before a month before the wider sony hack which the fbi says was orchestrated by north korea. new revelations come from 170,000 internal e-mails from sony pictures entertainment posted by the media group, wikileaks. it appears amy pascal the victim of a spear fishing attack when hacks are send e-mails disguised as legitimate messages and then as this simulation shows hackers invade their computers and move around. >> bad stuff is happening, potential spear phish, files being written to disc bad stuff
10:43 am
happening now. >> reporter: a nation state hacking team, you may not see all of this stuff. >> you're not going to see this. >> reporter: sony was concerned as early as june of last year about north korean retaliation for their movie "the interview." >> president kim kung un. >> reporter: a sophisticated cyberattack team bureau 121 and a larger branch called the reconnaissance general bureau commanded by a former bodyguard for kim's father and grandfather. >> they've been investing in their own cybercapables for the last four five years heavily and they've had a couple of trial runs with attacks on south korean media and banks to two years ago. >> reporter: the threat is far from over. north korea, iran any u.s. adversary can strike the most powerful american companies at will. >> this happens every day. every day corporations are getting targeted by advanced adversaries using e mails just like this. >> reporter: contacted by cnn,
10:44 am
the fbi wouldn't comment on the wikileak postings citing an ongoing investigation into the hack. representatives for pascal and stone said they wouldn't comment but sony has publicly complained about wikileaks posting exchanges, saying wikileaks is helping the hackers harm sony employees. brian todd cnn, washington. >> more newsroom after this. hey, girl. is it crazy that your soccer trophy is talking to you right now? it kinda is. it's as crazy as you not rolling over your old 401k. cue
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georgia has become the most recent state to legalize pot for medical use, and as cnn's dr. sanjay gupta found out in "we had -- weed 3" one hospital in california is using the drug in some surprising ways. >> it's unique it's different. i never thought i would be smoking weed in a hospital. >> this is san francisco general. an academic teaching hospital that because of dr. abrams has a stash of marijuana in their pharmacy. it is stored next to all the other medications. abrams is using it to see if it can relieve chronic pain in patients with a rare blood disorder. janelle is a painter. she was also born in sickle cell anemia and has been in pain for as long as she can remember. >> exhale now.
10:49 am
>> she says marijuana makes her nearly pain-free. >> how long after you smoke do you start to have some sort of relief of your pain? >> instantly. it's like instantly. a couple minutes afterwards you feel the relief of pain. >> all right, sanjay gupta with me now in the newsroom. so because medicinal marijuana is acceptable in california does that explain why this hospital is using this method? is it unique to california? >> well this is still a federally approved study, so even though it's in california even though it's at san francisco general, an academic hospital they still obtain their marijuana from a farm in mississippi, which you have to do for federally approved studies. so it's being done there but you can do this study anywhere as long as at what time federally approved. >> so this movement of medicinal marijuana, recreational
10:50 am
marijuana, you write a very strong opinion on you say we are in the midst of a marijuana revolution. >> i think we are. if you look at the polling numbers alone and start going back in time right now for the first time there's a majority of people who believe that marijuana should be legalized across the board. i've been very focused on the medicinal aspects of it and three-quarters of americans believe it should be legalized for medicinal purposes. back in 1969 the first time they asked this question just 12% believed in this so there's been a significant movement. more importantly, there just hasn't been much research done in this country. people say where's the studies, where's the data? very important questions. it hasn't been done because studies were not getting approved. most studies getting approved were designed to look for harm not for benefit. it was only when you start traveling outside this country and other labs that a different picture starts to emerge. >> and is it because marijuana, come to find out, has diverse
10:51 am
uses as it pertains to the medicinal uses? >> i think there's a concern about malingerers just wanting to get high. is this going to be a drug of abousa abuse and people are just using the medicinal part as just an excuse and i think there's part of that for sure. by the way, just like there is with other medications. take pain killers, for example. do you know we consume 80% of the pain medications in the united states? we are 5% of the population -- >> so we're very overmedicated? >> really overmedicated. >> who's fault is that? is it the patient who demands it? >> all sorts of different reasons. for a long time we always gave pain medications for anything. there were people who would walk out of a simple dental procedure and get a prescription for 30 vicodin. so we became very dependent on our medications and there was probably abuse on the patient's part. would that happen with marijuana? i'm sure there's going to be a component of that. but what's at stake is there are
10:52 am
people out there for whom this seems to work when nothing else has worked. are you going to deny those people the treatment because of this concern about abuse? we don't want abuse, but i think denying people treatment, especially in some of the situations that i've seen i don't think that's right either. it's almost immoral. >> all right. sanjay gupta, thanks so much. of course we'll be watching this series as will the entire nation because we know the first series really did promote conversations and dialogue. >> i think so. thank you. >> all right, dr. sanjay gupta, special investigation into medical marijuana, "weed 3" airs tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. eastern. immediately following that the premiere of cnn's new series "high profits," sunday night at 10:00 p.m.
10:53 am
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civilian protesters referred to as enemy forces as adversaries. that's the language used by the missouri national guard in ferguson last year after governor jay nixon deployed them to keep the peace. here's cnn's sara sidner. >> reporter: cnn has obtained new documents revealing how the national guard planned for the situation in ferguson missouri. internal documents that used words like enemy forces and
10:57 am
adversaryies to refer to protesters. after the loofting and burning in the wake of michael brown's death. they put general protesters in the same category as hate groups like the ku klux klan and the black panthers saying protesters have used molotov cocktails, rocks and other debris to throw at police. several small arms fire had occurred and in some they use till tactics taught by that group. >> we are looked as as the enemy any time we express ourselves, particularly in a black community. >> how am i an enemy? all i am is a 62-year-old grandmother who's worried that i'm going to leave my grandchildren in a world where i can't protect them anymore. i want to see change. i want to see real change. >> reporter: the national guard itself worried about the perception of the words "enemy"
10:58 am
and "adversary." in the documents one colonel warned the language could be construed as potentially inflammatory. the national guard spokesman told cnn these were only drafts taken from an army form letter and the language was changed and never appeared in the final order. the head of missouri's national guard telling cnn in an e-mail the documents used in the ferguson missouri case were a generic military planning format utilizing a wide range of military missions so the term enemy forces would be better understood as potential threats. in november when a grand jury decided not to indict the officer that killed brown, the governor and national guard were criticized for the guard's lack of response as two streets of ferguson went up in flames. back then i asked the city's mayor about the guard's reaction to the riot. >> did the governor do the wrong thing when it comes to how quickly the national guard was actually deployed on the streets? >> i don't know who made that call. i do believe that the national guard should have been out there
10:59 am
much sooner. >> reporter: whether this is the final document or just a draft, what we did notice is that the changes taking the word "enemy" out didn't actually happen until november 18th long after the national guard had already been deployed back in august. so that language around for quite some time. sara sidner cnn, los angeles. we have so much more straight ahead in the newsroom, and it all starts right now. happening right now in the newsroom all of the republican presidential hopefuls gathering in new hampshire. we're live on the ground with a look at what the candidates are saying. then terror under the big top. torrential rain tears through the roof as circus goers scramble for safety. >> no pushing, no shoving. watch the children. >> but the severe weather threat is still not over. plus --
11:00 am
>> do you feel good about your job? so i could be a college dropout and do the same thing? >> the towing company at the center of that espn reporter's rant weighing in now on her future in tv. the surprising statement it's making about britt mchenry. you are in the cnn "newsroom." hello again, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm fredricka whitfield. isis appears to be extending its reach into afghanistan. a suicide bomber on a motorbike blowing himself up in front of a bank in jalalabad. isis is taking responsibility for the attack which looks to be the first in afghanistan. at least 33 people killed and more than 100 injured. the driver of this ambulance struggles to maneuver through the rubble desperate to get just some of the wounded off the street and into the hospital.
11:01 am
the chaos shown here is but a small window of what happened in the early morning hours in jalalabad. a bustling city that borders pakistan some 100 miles from the afghan capital of kabul. the blast was set off by a man on a motorbike who apparently was targeting government workers lining up to collect their salaries. children were among the victims. the brazen attack was quick denounced. a statement from the u.s. embassy read the u.s. embassy strongly condemns today's barbaric attack in jalalabad which resulted in numerous casualties. we offer our sincere condolences to the victims and their families and wish for a speedy recovery of those injured. the taliban was quick to condemn the attack also however a group has claimed responsibility saying the motorcyclist was a member in its ranks. it's believed to be the first time isis has taken claim for a terror incident inside
11:02 am
afghanistan. back in march, cnn had reported on isis' efforts to recruit there. for his part afghanistan's new president issued a statement in which he said quote, terrorists are using afghan blood and soil for their proxy war. it is not our war. this nation does not bow to threats and dangers. we will fight them to the end. isis is claiming responsibility for another suicide attack this one in iraq. it happened near the u.s. consulate in the kurdish iraqi city of erbil. officials say at least four people were killed and 18 injured, but no u.s. consulate personnel were hurt. melbourne, australia, says they have stopped a potential isis-inspired attack. they arrested five teenagers in a major counterterrorism operation but released three of them pending further investigation. police say the young men were planning an attack during a national ceremony next week. one of the suspects has been charged with conspiring to commit a terrorist act.
11:03 am
and the nation's first presidential primary election still ten months away but the gop sparring is already under way in new hampshire. where the entire republican presidential field is now gathering to win over voters who will cast ballots next february. the declared and the potential candidates are attending a major gop summit and several contenders have wasted no time trying to grab the spotlight and put their stump speeches to the test. athena jones is live for us in nashua new hampshire. are these candidates dialing pack on the conservative talking points? have they kid of modified their talking points because of where they are? >> reporter: hi fred. no they have not modified their talking points because of where they are. we've heard a lot of talk about cutting taxes. we heard that earlier this morning from senator rand paul. a lot of talk about cutting the size of government. governor bobby jindal of
11:04 am
louisiana bragged about how much he's cut back on government spending in that state so they really are sticking to their generally conservative principles but you're right new hampshire is a state where the republican voters are more moderate moderate. the thing is these guys know they are speaking on a national stage right now, getting national attention so they're talking about what they stand for nationally in order to win support, not so focused on trying to win over the moderate voters here. another big theme, of course is criticism of president barack obama and also criticism of hillary clinton, who, as you know is the only democrat to have officially thrown her hat into the ring. let's listen to what senator paul said and also carly fiorina, the former hewlett-packard ceo. let's play that. >> i'm starting to worry that when hillary clinton travels, there's going to need to be two planes one for her and her entourage and one for her baggage. >> hillary clinton cannot be president of the united states but not because she is a woman.
11:05 am
hillary clinton must not be president of the united states because she does not have a track record of accomplishment because she lacks the candor and the transparency that are so next to leadership and because she will pursue a set of policies that crush possibilities and the potential of this great nation. >> reporter: so a lot of red meat thrown against hillary clinton. the crowd here has responded well. so there you have it. conservative principles and a little bashing of the other side. fred. >> okay. and there's a lot of criticism clearly of hillary clinton. who, by the way, on the heels of this summit will be making her own appearances there in new hampshire. >> reporter: that's right. she'll bowe here on monday and tuesday. we expect the same kind of events we've seen already in iowa. very small roundtables, very intimate chats with folks here. you know fred that this is the state that helped her kind of have her own comeback moment back in 2008 where she -- after
11:06 am
she lost horribly in iowa coming in third, she was able to win here and keep her candidacy going back then. and so we'll see how she fares, of course in new hampshire this time. of course as of right now she's the only declared candidate, so we'll have to see who else gets in the ring. but you're right, she'll be here monday and tuesday. >> athena jones, thanks so much in nashua. coming up the tulsa oklahoma reserve deputy who shot and killed a man during a raid explains why he grabbed his gun instead of his taser. but in his explanation, lots of questions about whether it's plausible. we ask an attorney and a retired lapd police sergeant, next. in small business you have to work hard, know your numbers, and stay focused. i was determined to create new york city's first self-serve frozen yogurt franchise. and now you have 42 locations. the more i put into my business the more i get out of it. like 5x your rewards when you make select business purchases
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checking our top stories -- >> oh my god! this is so freakin' hot, oh my
11:10 am
god. >> a massive gasoline explosion sending 11 people to the hospital on friday and closed a central california highway. investigator don't yet know what caused the huge blast, but they are looking into the possibility that it may have been caused by heavy equipment working near a gas line. and hockey star jarrett stull is in hot water this day. the l.a. kings player was arrested for drug possession while at a las vegas resort swimming pool. police tell ksnv that he was in possession of cocaine and ecstacy. in a statement the kings said they are conducting an internal investigation. and the wake for eric harris is being held today in tulsa, oklahoma. he was the man shot and killed earlier this month boy ay a reserve deputy robert bates. bates said he thought he was wearing his taser instead of his gun and he apologized to the harris family. last night harris' brother told
11:11 am
cnn that he forgives the deputy. >> we accept mr. bates' apology. i've been forgiven of my sins and things that i have done in the past. absolutely i forgive mr. bates. >> the 73-year-old tulsa, oklahoma reserve deputy who shot and killed eric harris is trying to explain how he mistook his gun for a taser. here is police tape of the original incident. >> on your stomach, now! i shot him, i'm sorry. >> oh [ bleep ] he shot him! >> roberts bates alternated between choked up and defiant insisting anyone could have made this mistake. here's how he describes what happened in that shooting. >> my taser is right here on the front tucked in a protective vest. my gun itself is on my side
11:12 am
normally in the rear. >> and people are going to look at that mr. bates, and say how could you make this mistake. how could you think you were going for your taser on your chest tucked into that vest and accidentally pull your weapon? >> well let me say this has happened a number of times around the country. i have read about it in the past. i thought to myself after reading several cases, i don't understand how this can happen. you must believe me it can happen to anyone. >> let's talk more about this. cheryl dorsey is a retired lapd sergeant. and joey jackson is in new york. good to see you as well. cheryl let me begin with you because you hear bates say it could happen to anyone. it's happened a number of times across the nation. but in this case he's talking about the taser being at his chest, his pistol being at his side. is this a plausible explanation
11:13 am
that really it could happen to anyone? those are two very different motions, reaching for the pistol or the taser on his chest. >> good morning, fred. thank you for having me. mr. bates should probably stop talking. it can happen to anyone who's not properly trained. it can happen to anyone who has no business being part of an undercover sting operation. it could happen to anyone who's not familiar with their handgun. >> so joey if you were representing officer bates, would you have been a bit nervous about his explanation or do you think he does weave a believable experience? >> good afternoon to you. the reality is this. it's not about being believable it's about acting in a reasonable and responsible way. and so is he believable? perhaps. is he likeable?
11:14 am
perhaps. i'm here to evaluate his actions and see if they're consistent or inconsistent with the law. what the law says is if you engage in negligence that is you are careless and that carelessness rises to such a degree as a reasonable prudent person under similar circumstance would not do as you did, then it makes it culpable and makes him responsible under the manslaughter statute. and manslaughter is just that it's did you act in a negligent way and is that negligence something that a regular and standard person who was acting as you would have acted in a contrary way. and so when you look at it it's very troubling from a defense perspective. >> okay. so cheryl you talk about the training. if you had the training then this kind of mistake not likely would happen. when you hear joey use the words negligent and being irresponsible and careless well does that kind of parallel not having the proper training to be able to be an officer using a taser and a pistol?
11:15 am
>> well absolutely. and we understand from mr. bates own written statement that he called the sting operation command the night before the incident because he wanted to know what was going on and if his services were needed. so he talks about being in that roll call training where they talk about mr. harris and they describe him as a bad sob. so he was amped up and excited to be a part of this. certainly mr. bates, if no one else knows, understands the level of his qualifications. he has admitted that the last time he shot at the range was in the fall of 2014. so with his understanding of his level of expertise, the frequency with which he fires, practices and draws his weapon he knew alone and him alone that he should not have involved himself in that tactical operation. he should not have been drawing a taser, a handgun or anything else at that point. >> so does this i guess underscore an even bigger
11:16 am
problem to both of you, whether it be about the whole lack of training or perhaps more training necessary, the reserve deputy position the idea that an officer can elect to be a part of an operation, a planned operation and even -- i mean there are so many questions. even the fact that mr. bates was kind of the last on the scene. this suspect was already detained already down. was there even a use to want -- a use to employ a taser? cheryl, you first. >> well i don't think so. and again, according to his written statement, what he says is that as he's running up to the scene of the struggle that's going on he's witnessing for several seconds the officers attempt to gain control of mr. harris. then he says he sees a way in. i mean he sees a way in. here's his opportunity to get in there and shoot, tase whatever it is that he wanted to do with
11:17 am
this way in. and so it was not required no one asked him, no one offered -- required his participation. they put him at the end of that situation for a reason because he had no business being there in the first place. but understand the sheriff wanted him there because that's his friend and he's allowed him to come out and play. >> so then joey from a legal standpoint there are we talking about this eagerness and overzealousness, does this fall into the category of what you mentioned of carelessness or negligence? >> you know it could. and it seems as though it likely would. let me just explain why. the reality is that we need reserve officers. we certainly need police officers and we need police forces to be supplemented. but we need to make sure that the people who are out there are certainly competent and certainly qualified. i don't care how old you are. i don't care who your friends are. i don't care how much you donate. that's great, to each their own. >> except all of those things will be evaluated in this.
11:18 am
>> absolutely. it will be picked apart how much money he gave. people need to give money. there's a lot of worthy causes. people have great friends, a lot of friends, have more of them. the focus from a legal perspective is are you qualified to be there, do you have the requisite training and experience. presuming you do did you act responsibly under these circumstances. that's what it needs to be measured by. if you're mistaking your taser, which is a different color and in a different location on your body from your gun, then that becomes problematic and not only subjects you, of course to criminal responsibility which is steep and of course he's facing four years on the manslaughter two charge, biut it faces not only him but the entire police department to civil liability in terms of money. finally, it benefits everyone when people are trained responsibly the responsibly. the people around the community are safer, you're safer, the
11:19 am
suspect you're going after is safer because you know what you're doing. so in the event we have a reserve force that knows what they're doing, let's have more of them. if there's issues with their training it has to be re-evaluated and examined so the right people are out there and on the job. >> joey jackson, cheryl dorsey thanks to both of you. appreciate it. >> have a great day. >> thank you. still ahead, the judge in the atlanta cheating scandal slams the teachers after the sentencing. >> all i want from any of these people is just to take some responsibility but they refuse. they refuse. >> well guess what those convicted educators are firing back. that is next. the new s6 hits the stores and i'm like... whoa. open the box and... (sniffing) new phone smell. jump on a video chat with my friend. he's a real fan boy, so i can't wait to show this off. picture is perfect. i got mine at verizon. i... didn't. it's buffering right out of the box he was impressed. i couldn't be happier. couldn't see him but i could hear
11:20 am
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atlanta educators convicted in a widespread testing scandal are now firing back declaring their innocence. the judge in the case made headlines this week when he imposed harsher sentences on the former atlanta school officials who refused to accept a plea deal. some of them face seven years in prison for their role in fabricating and falsely certifying test answers. cnn's martin savidge has details. >> reporter: how in the world did it come to this? >> i'm going put you in jail. if you yell at me point at me -- >> reporter: atlanta public
11:24 am
schools cheating scandal has been dividing the city for years, but it's not till the scandal went from the classroom to the courtroom that it exploded. >> all i want from any of these people is just to take some responsibility. >> reporter: it was cheating but not by students. prosecutors say teachers principals and administrators changed wrong answers and made them right, making the kids look smarter and the educators look better earning them raises and praise. because prosecutors said they conspired, they were charged with racketeering. that's the same law used to bring down mobsters and drug doerls dealers. and after a five-month trial, 11 of 12 were found guilty. the judge shocked the court by immediately demanding they all go to jail. >> they have been convicted of felonies serious felonies. >> reporter: judge jerry baxter was clearly angry that only two of the ten educators took a last-minute plea deal and said nobody seemed concern about the
11:25 am
kids. >> there were thousands of children that were harmed in this thing. this is not a victimless crime. >> reporter: at sentencing baxter threw the book at them. most of the educators expected to now serve prison terms ranging from one to seven years and up to 13 years probation. now the teachers finally have a turn to talk saying that they were stunned by the sentences and the community that seemed to want to want vengeance more than justice. >> it has been an overwhelming burden. when it first happened i just was immobilized with the notion that not just a few people thought we hurt children but it felt like the whole world was against us. >> reporter: others say they couldn't take the deal because it went against all they believed. >> when you are completely innocent and you're asked to stand up and say that you're guilty i believe that's still perjury. and i wasn't willing to
11:26 am
compromise my integrity and say that i did something that i did not do. >> reporter: nationally critics say the scandal is an indictment of standardized testing which places too much emphasis on scores and not enough on education. meanwhile, many of the convicted say they plan to appeal which means atlanta's long and embarrassing civics lesson is far from over. martin savidge, cnn, atlanta. coming up some terrifying moments under the big top. >> watch the children. torrential rain tears through the roof as circus goers scramble for safety. the frightening ordeal, next. brin r audaciou we want your sticky notes, sketchbooks, and scribbles. let's pin 'em to the wall. kick 'em around. kick 'em around, see what happens. because we're in the how-do-i-get-this-startup- off-the-ground business. the taking-your-business- global-business. we're in the problem-solving business.
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11:29 am
hello again. thanks for joining me i'm
11:30 am
fredricka whitfield. a severe storm abruptly interrupts a circus performance. performer acts are cut short and people scramble. >> they're not from texas. >> come on. come here, baby. don't cry. >> some pretty scary moments there. officials told local media that no injuries were reported at the circus. earlier cnn spoke to a witness who was inside the big tent when that hail moved in. >> the hail started, which was a very scary sound honestly.
11:31 am
and i don't want to minimize i know weather is a scary thing. i know some people that were home during all this and they were scared at well. but it's just people decided maybe they shouldn't be in the tent. when they did, they started moving. >> and then in colorado some bad weather. lightning in fact grounded this united express flight in colorado springs. passengers say they were stuck on the tarmac for several hours. >> they only have three dates and they are not in the mood to be dealing with us. they don't have to do anything with us until we've been out here for three hours. >> the airline claims it gave passengers the option to deplane but some passengers deny that and said they had no fresh air and only crackers to eat. united is reaching out to customers to offer compensation. meanwhile severe weather is pushing through the central
11:32 am
plains. an estimated 18 million people are at the risk of severe weather, including possible isolated tornados. all right. well, all of the gop presidential hopefuls are in nashua new hampshire, for the republican leadership summit. one common theme, bash the only announced democratic candidate, hillary clinton. a lot to talk about here so let's bring in our political panel. ann navarro and hillaryary rosen and larry sabideaux. so all day they have been going after hillary clinton. don't the republican hopefuls need to start talking about issues or maybe even maybe even lash out against some of their fellow competitors on the gop side or is this what it's going to be like? >> well frankly, fred they have been talking about a lot of issues. when you come to new hampshire, that's one of the things that happens.
11:33 am
new hampshire voters are incredibly engaged. they show up to events like this. it's a two-day event and ask all sorts of questions. national security economy by biographical. emp, all sort of acronyms so if you're not well versed at what's going on in the world and in the united states, you may not know how to rns a. they know how to particular the tires on these candidates. these new hampshire voters will not give up until they do answer. so i've actually thought that there hasn't been that many attacks on hillary clinton, but certainly part of running is going to be being able to attack your opponent. in this case the presumed candidate on the democrat side is hillary clinton. >> and so larry, do new hampshire voters want to hear something very unique and specific to their geographical area? >> well they want to hear about
11:34 am
everything. they're a very demanding electorate, fred just like iowa. the reason the candidates are there and the reason they're coming back dozens of times is because stretching back to 1968 there have been 12 presidential cycles. in 10 of the presidential cycles there has either been an outright upset in the new hampshire primary or a big surprise in the order of finish 10 out of 12. so the odds are there's going to be one probably on the republican side in 2016 and these candidates can't wait until just a few months before new hampshire. this is the field of dreams stage, fred. they're all going to new hampshire and iowa and conclude and they're imagining victories and building their organizations. >> and it's the first primary state, but hillary, what is it about new hampshire? it is so tiny but at the same time it is so big in presidential politics. hillary clinton will be there monday and tuesday after these gop candidates leave.
11:35 am
>> well the fact that iowa and new hampshire are the first two states is interesting for this reason because particularly on the republican side you know iowa primary voters tend to be more religious conservatives for the republicans and so you almost always have -- for instance last year rick santorum in 2012 won the iowa primary and romney went on to win in new hampshire, whereas new hampshire voters tend to be more economic conservatives. and so you get a big push/pull, particularly in the republican primary, for the next eight months really before you know you have the iowa caucuses. and so there's going to be a lot of dancing. jeb bush probably thinks he's got a much better chance in new hampshire because religious conservatives don't believe he's conservative enough. democrats, of course think he's conservative enough. and so i think that back and forth between iowa and new
11:36 am
hampshire and what voters are looking for really keeps a candidate on their toes. >> and ana, the gop field is so sizeable right now, so how will any of these candidates those who have declared and those who are thinking about it try to distinguish themselves? >> they have got to come here and they have got to make a personal case and do it personally. they distinguish themselves frankly by earning the vote by telling people who they are, where they stand, what they offer, what their records have been what their proposals is what their agenda what their vision by being optimistic. one of the things about new hampshire voters is that they're pretty good at picking presidents. not only are they good at picking presidents they're good at telling authenticity from those who are not being authentic. you know they don't ask just questions about new hampshire. they have incredible information and they take their role as the first in the nation primary
11:37 am
incredibly seriously. they dress up for these events. they sit through hours and hours of speeches. they ask the questions. they are just -- you know it's a terrific place to be. i hadn't been here in four years. let me tell you, if you're feeling a little cynical about this country, come to new hampshire because it's just a wonderful place full of wonderful people who take their civic responsibilities very seriously. >> all right -- >> i was just going to say in 2008 hillary clinton actually -- barack obama rolled her over in iowa but she stopped them in new hampshire. that's where her campaign by all accounts was really brought to life because she really connected with those middle class folks in new hampshire. i think she will again. >> we'll leave it right there, hilary rosen, ana navarro, larry sanato appreciate it.
11:38 am
it is the raingeful rant that has gone viral and benched an espn reporter. >> do you feel good about your job? so i could be a college dropout and do the same thing? because i have a brain and you don't? >> now the towing company is weighing in on britt mchenry's future on air. what they have to say just might surprise you. togethe e 2012. dinner is absolutely our favorite time together. i do notice that sometimes i eat better than her. i get my healthy bowl of beneful, and she eats a cheese stick and a cracker. that's what she ate last night. cheese stick and a cracker. can you believe what some people put in their bodies? (vo) beneful original is a healthy blend... ...your dog will love. with whole grains real beef and accents of vegetables. beneful. healthy with a side of happy.
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well you've probably seen the video by now, but the towing company where espn reporter britt mchenry verbally lashed out at the clerk says she shouldn't be suspended or fired because of her mean meltdown. advanced towing goes on to say the clerk, who is a single mother of three, holds no ill will towards mchenry. mchenry is in the middle of a one-week suspension after this. >> i'm in the news sweetheart. but i will [ bleep ] this place. >> that's fine and i'll play your video, so careful. i'll play the video. >> that's why i have a degree and you don't. that's all you care about is just taking people's money. with no education. no skill set. just wanted to clarify that. do you feel good about your job?
11:43 am
so i could be a college dropout and do the same thing? because i have a brain and you don't? maybe if i was missing some teeth they would hire me. i'm on television and you're in a [ bleep ] trailer. lose some weight baby girl. >> oh boy. so host of cnn's reliable sources, that just is painful each time you watch it and also senior media correspondent, brian selter joining us via skype. what are you hearing about this suspension and in this industry how she's able to survive this mchenry i'm talking. >> i think a lot of people have doubts that's actually possible. we're talking about a one-week suspension here it's already been a couple of days. in the next few days espn will have to decide what to do over the long term. it's hard for me to imagine her
11:44 am
going interviewing player ace week or two from now. this is going to be hovering over her for a while. >> yeah. and you know so she's suspended, but most of us on the air, brian, you know this now too, have contracts in which you are bound to behave off the air in ways that are consistent with your on-air persona, so suspension and not firing especially at a place where espn promos showcase that fun, loveable personalities? >> sometimes they're called morality clauses and other sorts of language in people's contracts just like this. they give networks like espn a lot of wiggle room in order to get out of contracts in situations like this. she is not a big star in the way that let's take bill simmons, for example. he was suspended three weeks for calling the nfl commissioner a liar repeatedly on a podcast. that was a pretty harsh suspension. it got a lot of criticism. he came back to work and is still at work but he's a big star for espn. in this case espn might decide
11:45 am
she's not a big enough star to keep her around. maybe it's better for them to go their separate ways. as you mentioned espn is part of disney a very family friendly company. for now, they are just declining to comment. >> this isn't just a britt mchenry problem, this really is an espn problem too. >> it always is in cases like this. television networks do not want this bad publicity. they want good publicity for what's on their air and this is a case where everybody is talking about this story because the video is so accessible. the video is not going to go away when her suspension is. that video is going to follow her around. rightly or wrongly for a long time. i think a lot of us don't want to be judged based on our worst moments, our worst moments out in public or private. but in a case like this i think there's a lot of public sentiment that believes it should be more than a one-week suspension. >> brian, thank you so much. appreciate it. of course you can see more of
11:46 am
brian starting tomorrow hosting "reliable sources." it airs sundays, 11:00 a.m. president barack obama not so happy with the u.s. senate stalling on his attorney general nominee, and he's not mincing words either. ♪ ♪ if you want a paint that's more than just easy to scrub. if you want a paint that actually repels dirt and grime. if you want a paint that stand's up to life's wear and tear... only this can. regal select from benjamin moore. paint like no other.
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♪ ♪ ♪
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we develop emotionally intelligent computers, so we use technology that can track your facial expressions and we map that into a number of emotional states. essentially what the computer is doing, it's tracking your main feature points like your eyes your mouth, your eyebrows. >> smile. brow raise. brow furrow. i try not to do that so i don't have to get botox. frown. so your technology how ask it know what i'm feeling? what is it looking for? >> we've amassed the world's largest emotion data repository. about seven million data points. we've collected data from over 7500 countries of people responding to digital content and use that to train the computer to detect all sorts of different expressions from enjoyment to confusion,
11:51 am
concentration. >> one of the things that's scary about this technology is wow, will a computer be reading my emotions without me knowing? do you think that's possible for this technology one day? >> technologically it's possible but we get this opt-in beforehand. >> what are some of the ways you're implementing this technology? >> one of our main focuses is in the advertising and media space. we work with movie studios on their movie trailers. we work with 1400 brands and advertisers. we use the data because they want to understand the emotional connection with a brand and help them with their advertising. president obama says enough. he is blasting the senate for refusing to confirm attorney general nominee loretta lynch. obama called the senate quote, embarrassing and their lack of action yet another sign of dysfunction in the senate.
11:52 am
we have more from the white house. he is not happy. >> reporter: he is not, fred and he's making sure that everyone in the senate knows it really giving them a public scolding and holding the senate up as an example of the dysfunction in washington over the delay in this nomination. a big part of the holdup relates to it's been tangled up in this other issue, an anti-human trafficking bill making its way through the senator. senator mitch mcconnell has tied the two together and said he won't move towards a vote on lynch until they get through this human trafficking bill. president obama is clearly frustrated by this frustrated that the two are being tied together. >> there's no reason for it. nobody can describe a reason for it beyond political gamesmanship in the senate. on an issue that's completely unrelated to her.
11:53 am
this is the top law enforcement job in the country. >> reporter: now, the human trafficking bill making its way through the senate is being held up because there's a controversial provision on abortion that democrats are unhappy with. now, there are some indications coming from capitol hill from democratic and republican sources that they might be able to tweak that language in order to go towards a compromise make it more amenable to both parties. so if they're able to do that then they potentially would vote on the human trafficking bill according to mcconnell early next week. that potentially paves the way for the senate to move forward to a vote on lynch potentially next week. fred. >> all right. we'll see if that movement indeed happens. thanks so much. new information now just into cnn on the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by robert bates, that reserve deputy in tulsa, oklahoma who says he mistook his gun for his taser. cnn's ed lavandera has obtained documents from bates' attorney
11:54 am
that the attorney claims proves bates was qualified and properly trained to perform his law enforcement duties. bates' lawyer admits some records are missing and cannot be located. the "thetulsa world cast doubt on bates' credentials suggesting that his training reports were falsified. ed lavandera will have more at the top of the hour. we'll be right back.
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
11:58 am
checking our top stories now, the wife of the florida mailman who landed a gyrocopter near the u.s. capitol is speaking publicly for the first time. her husband, douglas mark hughes was charged with violating aircraft registration requirements and violating national airspace. here's what she told our affiliate, wfla. >> what were you thinking when you heard? >> my reaction is difficult to explain my reaction towards this. i was shocked. my hands shake. i need the support of my daughter and i need to explain to her what happened because i was very worried about her reaction. >> she was traumatized too. >> i think he's a patriot and i'm proud of him.
11:59 am
>> hughes has been placed on home detention in tampa. we've got a new highest paid american ceo, and it's this man right here nick woodman, founder of gopro cameras. the surfer turned billionaire earned a whopping $284.5 million last year after he was awarded a large package of restricted stock. gopro is worth $6 billion. dr. oz is speaking out against his own critics in the federal field after ten physicians across the country have called on columbia university to fire him from the faculty. dr. oz releasing this statement saying quote, i bring the public information that will help them on their path to be their best selves. we provide multiple points of view including mine which is offered without conflict of interest. i will address this on the show next week end quote. the physicians calling for dr. oz to be removed from the faculty say he recommends quote, treatments to patients
12:00 pm
and has medical conflicts of special. thanks for being with here this afternoon. much more straight ahead in the newsroom and it all begins right now with poppy harlow. 3:00 eastern, you're in the cnn newsroom. i'm poppy harlow with you this afternoon from new york. this just into us at cnn. tulza, oklahoma where an armed reserve deputy shot and killed a man earlier this month. so far the sheriff's department had not been able to provide the paperwork that showed that this reserve deputy or volunteer police officer was properly trained, had all of the hours that he needed to be able to be on the streets policing with a gun. well hour ed lavandera is in tulsa. he has just obtained some of those training documents, 64 pages worth from the attorney that is not representing robert bates. ed are you with


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