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tv   CNN International  CNN  April 19, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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s. hello, we begin this hour with breaking news of a major rescue operation under way off the libyan coast. a multilevel boat capsized joefr night with at least 650 immigrants on board. the italian coast guard says they have recovered 23 bodies, hundreds more are feared dead including many children.
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we want to go to barbie who is in rome, is there any update on whether or not they have found any survivors? >> right now the coast guard and merchant ships are out there searching for survivors. we only know of the 28 people that survived. the s.o.s. call came in overnight that the ship was lost. they think between 700 and 800 on that boat. they had been at sea for at least three days, but this is just one of many, many tragedies. 11,000 people made the crossing alive last week. if you add to that, maybe 700
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people -- the survival right is just getting worse and worse as many people try to make this dangerous journey. >> this seems to be rather large, you say there may have been several levels to this both, what kind of situation would they be facing? >> by the time they have been on the road in libya for weeks and months, through human trafficking chains, they're very, very desperate. they're treated terribly. before they leave, i lot of them are made to not eat or drink much because there is no facilities on the boat. they want to keep people in a quiet state, with low energy. and we had a story last week
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there was a gas canister that exploded in one of the camps while people were waiting to get on the boat. it severely burned people and they were forced to get on the boat anyway f. there are tragedies within tragedies for people to desperate to leave their country for a better life. they're treated so badly. i know you heard a lot of those accidents from those migrants firsthand. europe continues to have turf wars about what can be done about it. what is going on in europe when something like this happens? >> a lot of people blame the
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italians for going out and patrolling the seas. they ran for about a year last year and cost nine million euro a month. the european union put a lot of pressure on italy. people left libya knowing the italians would rescue them. i'dly replaced that program, and we had a 60% increase in boat people since the ieal wips stopped their program. you can't stop desperate people from trying to stop the situation. and the human traffickers are, you know, they make hundreds of thousands on each of these boats. a boat with 500 people, each paid up wards of 5,000 to 7,000
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euro. and then in italy, there is a land trafficker that tries to get these people in italy. very few people stay in italy, the economic situation just cannot support -- lots go to france or germany, or into the u.k. in terms of how you stop this, and it has to be said that hundreds of people pay likely thousands of dollars, what seems to be the solution there? it is a stark reminder, but as you said, no risk seams too great for the people separate enough to get on those boats. >> i talked to so many people when they landed in sicily, and they all say it's worth the list because they're lives are so
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destitute. there was a woman that came through last week that she was escaping boko haram. and many times it takes a long time to get settled. a lot of them in really separate conversations here in the refugee camp as well. they don't have space in the camp. it is lovely weather, but it is certainly not summer weather yet. the season for the boat people usually is may or june and carries on to december. we have in april and it will be an incredible year, i think, and
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the authorities are very concerned they will not be able to keep up with the boats that are coming. >> they are there off of the coast of libya. thank you, we'll continue to be in touch with you. meantime pope francis is asking the international community to to do more to help the increasing number of vie grants trying to reach italy. the pope made the plea, the migrants are often fleeing conflict. you just heard barbie say fleeing boko haram. >> translator: i would like to express my gratitude for the
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commitment that italy is making for the many i'm gran-- immigra risking their lives, . >> italy scaled back a search and rescue operation when they could not get other countries to help pay the $10 million per month. at least 27 people were killed in the fighting. among the dead, is a ground force leader that is the seventh saudi soldier to die since the
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air strikes began. they have ledged $274 million. the u.n. says they need a half billion. or correspondent is back from yemen and is now in jabudi. i still see that the fighting continues. there has not been any pause. i know that the uae, anything you can tell us about the relief that is getting there? >> as you just detailed extensively is that the violence is beginning, and when we talk about the aide, it's not only the provision of aide but getting the aide to the people.
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some are sprat enough to make their way to somali. they're seeking safe refuge no matter where they can find it. the reality is how are you getting that aide into these people. so many people are trapped by pockets of violence. that is what we saw. we only saw a small micro causism because we could not cross into the neighborhoods that are completely surrounded, besieged by the fighting. so while that pledge, a lot of the aid groups say that is welcome, it is also about putting together a plan that allows for consistent humanitarian effort, and that is what is lacking.
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>> and what makes it confusing is the parties there that want to fight on the ground. we have to remember al qaeda even the arabian peninsula, they have been able to capture territory. it is possible to confirm what they have been able to do but how much of a game changer will it be in that conflict? >> it will certainly cause a lot of concern because it is seen by the u.s. in be the most dangerous they were stopped once when they tried to send in an an tack. they're still the most potent in that way, and they have seen an opportunity and they really are grabbing it.
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and this is very good for them in propaganda terms. putting themes as part of the conversation as a broady push back. they decimated a car bomb, in the southwest of yemen to try to stop the advance there. they have taken territory. we heard they are now in control of yemen's third largest airport to the southeast there. the danger will be because we have seep in iraq and syria, the way they are in a broader alicense. and they will try to get a place on the table within those groups pushing back. that is the concern that we're hearing medical examinered in multiple security agents right now.
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there is a security vacuum. >> and you undercored that there is no way to get any kind of humanitarian hearing aid to them, thank you, very much. and now the condemning of a barbaric act. a suicide bomber on a bike detonated explosives in front of a bank on saturday. they say the attack was on workers picking up checks. >> there was debate to the extent of which isis established a foothold in information and pakistan. we had seen elements of it in
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pakistan, but what we see now seems to be a shift on operations. in addition to this attack, there was an attack where leaflets were left claiming responsibility by isis. we have also seen evidence from the u.s. and coalition side that they're watching this closely. the top u.s. military commander here says he is concerned about it. the main threat at this point of the afghanistan government is the main armed opposition here. there is a lot of concern that as the new isis brapd appears here, with it's particularly violent i'dology and
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sophisticated use of the media, they could attract followers away. so there is a lott of questions here about what direction things could take because the afghan government is reaching out to kick start peat tooks. it's hard to say which way the appearance of isis here could shift that dynamic, if it could persuade militants to watch them in terms of violence. >> now to northern ooerk where the city of irbil has been the target of days. from the very littest from irbil i have mitchell plethrow.
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i have to ask you the iraqi prime minister was here, he was saying isis can be defeated, and he said taking tikrit from isis, do you have any indication of where we're at in this conflict? it teams to just be a moving argument at this point in time. >> certainly what we found is thatted ifz lambic state is far from done, it comes after more fighting where they managed to push back some islamic state forces, so they were thinking it could wrap up more quickly than originally anticipated.
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the largest oil refinery in iraq has been a victim of attacks in the last four or five days. almost 100,000 people are coming out, and it's clear that the islamic state is far from done or spent as a military force. >> in terms of what is going on on the fwround there, i'm curious to get your opinion on what is going on in these areas. there was lots of grievances, is there any imp thi at all on the ground? that is extremely different to discern. there are some tribes that have signed on to join with, or align with isis and the islamic state
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to oppose the government in baghdad. then you have what would be considered a silent majority of sunnis in the north who deeply distrust the government in baghdad. they have been the victims of oppression. and they're not exactly enamored with a foreigner dominated radical group like the islamic state coming in and changing around their morales. i recently stated that you simply do not want to be a sunni right now in an occupied state that does not support the government or the mill tapts.
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you're real -- militants. >> thank you, mitchell. french authorities seize a record amount of cocaine. how much was seized and what it is worth. sfwlchblt pl plus, records released for the reserve deputy that shot a man in oklahoma. spring is in the air and pollen, dog hair... the sunshine looks like fairy dust. (doorbell) whoa! what's this? swiffer sweeper! swiffer dusters! removes up to 70% of dust and allergens. stays on there like glue wow! look at that! ew! the tobin stance! that is totally what it is!
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we continue to follow es cue efforts off of the coast of libya. hundreds are missing. 28 survivors apparently, but 23 confirmed dead. the search continues. and now we'll look at what the conditions are in that area with derek, it is 20 after 11:00 there, and it's april, what is it like? >> it's still springtime in the mediterranean. we could get auld kinds of whether this time of year, it doesn't take much to get a area of low pressure moving across. there has not been any major storm system. this is the area in question. by the way it is about 300
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kilometers from the tripoli coast to malta. but the journey they have taken covers roughly 200,000 square kilometers. similar to the u.s. state of washington. it can be very treacherous water this is time of year, and just to mention the fact that the water temperatures are between 15 and 17 degrees where the boat has apparently capsized. when we think about trying to survive in those types of water temperatures, there is a general gauge that we tlook for at least that temperature churn. we have about one to to two hours before we start to exhaust
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ours in that hour, and we only expect survival from one to six hours. so as the sechblg and arch and efforts continue, keep that in mind. you will see how the winds pick up in the next 24 to 48 hours. i will quickly switch gears because we have new video out of the person parts of the united states. this prompted authorities to issue a mand tire evacuation. this is called the highway fire. it has grown from 30 acres to
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300 acres and there is only 15% containment. . there is two air tankers battling that fire and wind d s gusts are between 20 and 30 miles per hour. this is outside of los angeles. >> i appreciate that up date, thank you, a lot going on there. at least there is not terrible weather out there right now for that rescue effort. thousands of protestors clashed on saturday. officers used a cater cannon and paper spray. they're pressing for more government action after last year more than 300 people were killed. most of those victims were high school students. investigators say the boat was
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overloaded we cargo. they want the ferry raised and allowed for an investigation. they formed the shape of a ferry. officers got their largest seize of cocaine. it was found on a tasailboat. >> hundreds are feared dead after a migrant boat capsizes off the coast of libya overnight. we'll have the latest, next. i knew everybody here would love you. oh no. >>who... is this?! i told you, i am seeing someone else. >>hi, i am heinz new mustard. hi na na na na
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here is a upcase on the top stories we're following this hour. officials in malta say a boat capsized overnight with possibly 700 migrants from leadership ya on word. at least 28 people have been rescued, 23 are confirmed dead. and saudi arabia is going to profide aid to yemen. more than 730 people have been killed in air strikes and ground fighting.
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>> the united nations believe 35 people were killed when a suicide bomber on a bike detonated outside of a bank. the italian coast guard says rescuers are finding hundreds of bodies now including those of children after a multilevel boat capsized overnight with possibly 700 migrants on board. with the latest on the rescue efforts, we'll go to barbie who joins us from roam. the italian coast guard saying they're recovering many bodies. >> yes, they carried smaller
2:32 am
vessels, and usually they're filled with families, children, uncompanied minors. we also understand from the initial reports of these did r survive is that the boat was in trouble, and when the merchantship came, the people on the boat rushed to what they presumed would be safety. you can imagine 700 people trying to get off to safety at the same time, you can imagine the desperation of how often that must have been. and because it was, it happened overnight in rough seas, very dark, a lot of people just simply disappeared into the water. and we are also hearing there
2:33 am
could have been more survivors. it's not clear if it is part of that ship wreck or if that is a different vessel. so there is a lot of rescue operation and chaos going on. >> we just had a update saying there are no storms in the area, but the waters are still very cold. do people feel at times that their efforts are futile? that these boats, these absolutely dangerous boats cannot to depart the african coast? >> that's right, it is a desperate situation. they are anticipating a million people in various camps and traversing to try to make this voyage this year. you know they're going to have
2:34 am
to do something in libya. they're going to have to do something there to stop the people from coming. there is nothing to do once they left except to kes you them. there is a lot of controversy about whether or not they should same the people, and if it makes them feel confident to make the journey. you cannot stop people in a desperate situation to try to find safety. a lot of people they talked to, survivors trying to make it saying it is worth the risk. no matter how terrible and scary, it is better than their situation in africa. >> what is incredible is the condition of this boat. i can only imagine what it was like even how fareful they must have been. in terms of the amount of money they have to pay, what are we
2:35 am
talking about here? i know you spoke to many people directly about this. how much are they paying to get on a boat where they're basically risking their lives? >> it is a strange swichgs. if you want to be on the open deck, you pay a little more. sometimes you can pay less if you're down in the cargo area of the boat. people ride out this journey in the bottom of the ship, in the old freezer department. a lot of the boats have been decommissioned as fishing vessels. but we have saw a report that they're so desperate, just
2:36 am
multibillion layers to the story, but the human traffickers are making a lot of money on these ships and voyages. a lot of them don't make the journey. they give someone with sailing kills a discount for his voyage if he will captain the ship. or you will have a ship that takes, that toes the vessel out part way, and leaves them there, and they get a number for the italian coastguard and they say good luck. they're not allowed to eat or drink anything for 24 to 48 hours before they get on the boat, because they don't have facilities on the boat.
2:37 am
they don't have clothes, life vests, shoes, jackets. the water is very cold, and the survival time is very, very limited if they fall into the water, paula. >> a desperate situation there. thank you for the update, we appreciate it. we want to go to a member of the europe european movement. she joins us from brussels. you were just saying in brussels not five days ago that the hang ringing had to stop, the situation was more desperate, and these situations could not be left on the back burner. what is your reaction when you hear about the desperate situation off of malta right now? >> absolutely, we're facing a
2:38 am
absolute crisis. i said this a few years ago, and every day we wake up to even more tragic stories that has to strengthen our point that it is our responsibility, all 28 members staged together to see how to solve this crisis. we've been talking way too much and the message is let's stop giving condolences, stop the bickering, and help the people who will face an almost certain death to find a safer life in the european union. it is time for us to do something in the short term, but also in the medium and long term for this december picture ration to stop. >> i know that you have an eight
2:39 am
high pressure point plan. in terms of outlining one or two things in that plan, what do you think would be most effective now in the short term which more and more boats will set sail. well. >> well what i have said, is because we have the funds, the political will, and the assets to eradicate piracy let's say in other parts of the world, let's move our assets. we need more boats on the ground and in the sea. when the big operation was skaepted back and replaced, this has shown us that the number of people that try to cross the mediterrane mediterranean, but because we have less assets to save lives,
2:40 am
more people will drown. and also, the human traffickers, because of the situation, there is no one controlling them and they have the power to do whatever that want with the more migrants. so they're charging them lots and they face an almost certain death. unless we are equipped to destroy these, and immediately save lives, we will not have succeeded. that would mean we have failed. i would say that immediately we need to put more vessels in the sea to combat vessels and save lives. and i would say that we need to continue seeing where our funds
2:41 am
go in terms of helping african countries get on their feet. where the funds go for putting solidarity on the ground. we have been saying for years now that the mediterranean countries cannot be left alone all of the member states, the 28 countries, have to get together and we need to see how the responsibility will be shared. there has to be a priority for the european union, the people will continue to arrive. there is people waeting to board boats and come to europe to seek a better life. and these people will arrive to the south of the continent, and
2:42 am
the northern, the other countries have to put in and share the responsibility. >> you obviously know these issues so well. you have been dealing with this problem for a very long time. you make a good point. piracy, there has been a great effort of nations coming together in a coalition. piracy is a better situation today than it was. what do you think is the stumbling block to stem this tide that we see with every spring. >> i would say today there is a lack of political will. when the european union wants to achieve something, it does. when the prime ministers of member states want to achieve something, they achieve it. so why are we waking up every day seeing hundreds of people
2:43 am
grown in our seas. and there is not enough resources on the ground to save these lives. and until the urgencies that has been recognized by some, does not light a fire into the political action of the government, then we would have continued -- we will continue to fail. i am saying this as a politician, i assume this responsibility. i expect also the prim ministers of all of the eu member states to have the same responsibility. >> thank you, we'll continue for any policy decisions made in bru brussels next week. we'll have more "cnn news room" after the break.
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we're about to give you a very stark look at the civil war in syria that has killed thousands of men, women, and children. activists say they were killed by a chlorine gas attack. we believe it is important to show the controversial video. >> this brought several to tears. this baby is wounded because of toxic gas. moments later, this family, a
2:48 am
mother, father, and children, killed in a chlorine gas attack. it was packed in barrel bombs and dropped on their home. cnn has not independently confirmed the attack. >> the u.s. ambassador spoke to reporters following the closed door meeting. >> if there was a dry eye in the room, she says, i didn't see it. it is devastating to see the facts of what this regime is doing to people were visibly moved. two more chlorine bombs struck the same area. syria's civil defense, a group of volunteer rescuers seen here carrying children away from the scene of thursday's attack saying this is part of a trend to regain control. the city was recently captured
2:49 am
by islamist rebels. backed by al-qaeda's affiliate in the country. they called the attacks an attempt to demonize the state. they adopted a resolution banning the use of color reen as a chemical weapon. the testimony on thursday asserts that color reen gas is still killing people. . syria's civil defense urged a no fly zone. more than 206 people have been affected by the recent attacks according to human rights watch, and the group says evidence that they are violating the prohibition is mounting.
2:50 am
cnn atlanta. now in 1925, the u.n. banned the use of poisonous gases in warfare. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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20 years ago today, the united states suffered one of the most deadly attacks the nation had ever seen. a memorial now stands at the site honoring those who lost their lives, the hundreds who were injured, and those whose lives were affected forever. timothy -- the man in charge of recovering the bodies from that tragic day uses the experience to teach others and his memories of that time are still, he says, are crystal clear.
2:55 am
first, this is open debris. >> he put all of this together to make it look like a bomb went off. mike shanahan is again a tourist guide in a pretend disaster. if it looks familiar -- >> a ten to 14 day period. >> there was so much to do and it isn't seem like there was enough people to do it. >> he had to work through each victim. >> this was a lab bribrynth of debris. his job was recovery, a slow, methodical process. >> it was like pixie sticks, everything you moved did something and you may not have
2:56 am
known what it did. >> these images are the ones that surface the most in the memory of the camera man. shannon carries memories like this, too, people who came together to do a job. >> the people worked so well together at the drop of a hat. >> shannon took his lessons with him. his list of dos and don'ts. >> i don't know know what to do next time, but i know what not to do. >> the many things he learned on a dark day 20 years ago. in oklahoma city, news channel 4. >> thank you for joining us, i'm paula newton. for viewers in the u.s., "new day" is just ahead. for the rest, stay for more on the rescue effort off of the
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coast of libya where hundreds of mie grants are feared dead. i told you, i am seeing someone else. >>hi, i am heinz new mustard. grants are feared dead. igrants . . you! who do you think has better taste? anybody wants a hot dog? whatever. hey. keep your chin up. for years, heinz ketchup has been with the wrong mustard. is you can now use freeze it to prevent new purchases on your account in seconds. and once you find it, you can switch it right on again. you're back! freeze it, only from discover. get it at
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life and property are properties. >> i'm actually quite -- quite scared right now for my family. >> as thn example of what the drought has done to these fuel conditions. >> wicked wildfires threatening hundreds of homes in southern california. this morning, mandatory evacuations with the extreme drought fueling the flames. the lawyer for a preserve deputy who mistakely shot an unarmed man releases his training records. could this


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