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tv   CNN International  CNN  April 21, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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fighters clash on the streets there is a major change in how the battle for yemen is being waged from the sky. plus, four men appear in court accused in a horrific beating that made international headlines. and protests inside another u.s. city after an african-american man dies sustaining a fatal injury while in police custody. hello,we hello, welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm rosemary church. this is "cnn newsroom." ♪ thank you for joining us, everyone. we begin in yemen, where nearly
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a month of air strikes led by saudi arabia that killed more than 700 people are coming to an end. saudi arabia made the announcement tuesday in its place a renewed focus on di policem diplomacy. senior international correspondent was just in yemen, in fact, and she filed this report. saudi arabia announced that operation decisive storm made way for operation restoring hope. the saudi government says the operation was a success. delivering the objectives of containing a houthi advance, protecting neighboring countries from houthi assaults and destroying the houthi weapons stores. operation restoring hope they say will be different, a military, a political and diplomating operation. paving the way, many believe for
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the possibility of a negotiated settlement. the houthi response so far has been measured. especially given that saudi arabia isn't closing the doors on returning to air strikes if they deem it necessary. so it is understandable that the houthi leadership is saying that they don't quite buy that saudi has fully suspended military operations especially as within operation restoring hope. they will continue to be a marine blockade and that the saudi arabian king has issued an order to bring into the operations in yemen the saudi national guard. which many are reading as meaning there will be a ground presence to support the announced humanitarian and evacuation operations that will be a part of operation restoring hope. the houthi say they don't close the door on negotiations either. they see this as a possibility that a settlement couldn't be too far away.
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>> just because the air strikes are ending doesn't mean the fighting has stopped. a fierce battle broke out monday in the city of taez. -- in the city of taiz. fighters loyal to the president exchanged machine gun and rocket fire with houthi rebels. the group's commander vowed to drive the houthi back to their caves. u.s. president barack obama is warning iran against shiching weapons to houthi rebels in yemen. he says the message to tehran has been clear and direct. it comes as the u.s. started monitoring iranian ships off the coast of yemen. chief u.s. security correspondent, jim sciutto has more on that.
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>> reporter: warships from "u.s.s. roosevelt" carrier group sailed towards yemen, in the path of nine iranian ships making their way through the gulf of aden, the exact nature of cargo unknown. the american warships joined vessels from saudi arabia, egypt and other partner nations preparred to intercept the iranian vessels should they enter yemenee territorial waters. and attempt to deliver arms to houthi rebels. still u.s. officials tell cnn american ships are primarily in place to give the president military operations inside yemen. and crucially to protect trade. >> the movement of this particular aircraft carrier would augment the american military presence in the gulf of aden. and would send a clear signal, about our continued insistence about the free flow of commerce and the freedom of movement in the region. >> iran has often flexed maritime muscle with high-pre
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file, some times provocative exercises at sea. a con front taegs with iran, forcibly boarding an iranian ship would be extraordinary. pentagon officials acknowledge moving additional u.s. warships to the region provides additional options to assist the saudi led coalition if necessary. >> they want to have a naval presence, but also to keep an eye on what the vessels do and itch the vessels are allowed to dock, what is unloaded and where those supplies go. >> reporter: it is the rapid deterioration on the ground in yemen that the u.s. is most concerned with. recent air strikes in the houthi controlled yemeni capital have killed 25 and wounded 400. all this as the u.s. tries to finalize a nuclear deal with the iranians and urge release of u.s. citizens held in iran. among them "the washington post" journalist, who is now facing four charges in claweding spying, and aiding a hostile
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government. south africa has deployed troops to impoverished neighborhoods to stop deadly attacks against immigrants. four men appeared in a south african court tuesday acaused of beating and stabbing a man from mozambique to death. they charged with robbery and murder. the killing is one of several in a recent wave of violence against if grants in south africa. a journalist took photos of that attack. and we want to warn you they are disturbing. >> reporter: the looting seems to have run its course. somali shop keepers won't be coming back any time soon. not until they feel safe again. an alexander township in north of johannesburg never feels safe. one of the most impoverished crime ridden places in the country. the home from home for thousand of rural zulus who come to the
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city to seek work. garbage lines the streets. and it was in the pile of garbage early saturday morning that the man from mozambique fought for his life attacked by a gang of four men who beat him with a wrench as he begged for mercy and stabbed him repeat loodly. >> the senior photographer for south africa's sunday times had come to photograph the looting. he captured this instead. >> they wanted one thing. that was to kill emmanuel. they wanted his blood. nothing was going to stop them from doing that. >> after the men fled. they brought him to the hospital. it fwuz late to save him. his death the seventh in this latest round of xenophobic violence against migrants. all four suspects made their first court appearance at the magistrate's court. police say they were able to make at rests quickly through the help of the local community who they say are fed up with
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criminals living in their midst. this time around the police in stark contrast to previous episodes, of xenophobic violence have been praised for their visible and proactive policing in the townships and certainly for now, the violence seems to have calmed down. >> the sunday times was able to change completely the way we talk about this ongoing attacks. >> the host of an afternoon talk show on popular call-in station, 702. xenophobia the talk of the nation. >> among other things considering, severing ties with south africa. >> reporter: he says people call in to say how shocked they are but they will raise the issue of immigration. much illegal. >> i think what is happening here is what is happening all over the world. the issue of immigration is such a big issue. but i don't think that anyone, not here in the world is able to address it directly and sufficiently. [ indiscernible ]
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>> reporter: the zulu king, saying foreigners should go home, held a meeting monday to clarify. calling on his people to protect foreign nationals. but even there, crowds, sung xenophobic songs. nationalists some times tribal sentiment muddied by extreme poverty and tendency toward violence, a toxic mix in africa's southernmost nation. >> the tunisian captain of a migrant ship that cap sized in the mediterranean over the weekend is in jail in italy along with a syrian crew member. both are accused of manslaughter and human trafficking. they're among the 28 known survivors of the disaster. more than 800 others are believed to have drowned. as europe tackles the migration crisis, explaining why thousand of migrants are risking their
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lives off to cross the mediterranean. >> reporter: soap where awhere people coming from? from failed states under nobody's control. where there is failed government. rampant corruption. a lot of the people are coming also from, from parts of the world that are increasingly falling under the control of radical islamist factions places like syria, nigeria, mali, and a lot of people as well fleeing from countries where there is absolute rampant poverty. why are they trying to get to europe? the answer there really is quite simple. the european union is for these migrants the promised land. what about the people who are bringing them here it? is very much a question of sa ply a -- sa pupply and demand. and characters trying to make a fast buck off trying to shuffle them from point a to point b. now some are criminal gangs, organized, map here if you've
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like. and that might start right back in their hometown. and then, a lot of migrants right now are being funneled toward libya and another failed state. parts of that coastline are in the grip of criminal gangs. other parts of the coastline in grip of armed militias. the two are combining here, and then when the migrants arrived. they're charging thousand of dollars, to put them in rust bucket vessels. that is worth millions of dollars. how is europe handling the influx. last year, an effort by italian authorities to launch search-and-rescue operations. wasn't 100% successful. this year the numbers of drownings, shipwrecks are already up. because, the european union, stepped in to replace the italian effort, but really didn't put as much funds into that program as a lot of ngos,
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charities would have licked to sto -- liked to see. that is about to change. the ministers have been meeting and bound to step up plans to fight the problem at the root cause, i.e., help the failed states. and also, to put in place a bigger search-and-rescue operation to save the migrants before they drowned. the european union wants to go after the human traffickers. unclear how they are going to do that. they didn't have a mandate to act in the north of africa in places like libya. >> in hong kong, the government has unveiled its long-awaited blueprint for selecting the cities next leaders. the candidates will be preselected by a pro beijing nominating committee despite calls for a mr. democrating process. candidates who make it through that process will then be voted on by the general population. the proposal comes after last year's large protests when, pro-democracy activists challenged the election process.
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analysts say the proposal which lawmakers will vote on this summer could stir tensions once again. a powerful storm is pounding new south wales in australia for a third day. though it is starting to ease somewhat. some areas are seeing historic amounts of rain and gale-force wind. three elderly people died in flash flooding. at least two people are missing nearby north of sydney. more than 200,000 homes and businesses are what power. and cameron price with sky news is in the region. back with us with an update. cameron, when we spoke last, you told us about a search operation under way nearby for two people. what's the latest on that. talk to us about the situation on the ground. and whether there is a sense that the worst is over now. >> rosemary it is seven hours since that vehicle went into the floodwaters. not far from the community of
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maitland, two hours drive north of sydney. in the last little while now we have seen police divers suiting up. getting ready to go into the floodwaters to confirm if the two people that are in fact are believed off to be inside the vehicle are inside the vehicle. it happened just before 9:00 local time. crossing a flooded creek. swept off the road and into the floodwaters within moments. it sunk below the surface. some nearby witnesses tried to save the people inside they just couldn't reach them. they themselves were swept away. had to be rescued. as to the conditions still raining. certainly nowhere near the type of rainfall that we experienced right across the region yesterday. 300 millimeters tell here in itnd in 24 hours. that's 11 inches. near record rainfall. and of course strong wind that brought down so many trees and with them power lines. e the storm moves . away. this is of course going to be a
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massive clean-up operation. what are authorities saying about how long that will likely take? and what's the latest on when those 200,000 people who lust their power will get that back on? >> rosemary after the rains comes the floods. you can see the result. many creeks, rivers, right across the central coast are flooded and expected to be in flood for some day to come. many of these communities that have been impacted are now cut off because of the floodwaters. and it went be until they recede, until authorities can get into some of these communities, and begin the recovery effort. many, many hundreds of people are in evacuation centers. this evening, likely spend tonight. and a few more nights. as for 200,000 people across the region reman without power. authorities say right now their focus remains on returning
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electricity to essential services like hospitals. and may beef in the dark for some days to come. rosemary. >> not a good situation for australians around near sydney area. cameron price talking to us there. with sky news. of course, maitland there, keaching us up to date on the search operation that is under way. many think thanks to you. added to this story, a cruise ship that was stranded off the coast by the storm. finally docked at sydney harbor. one passenger described the frightening night at sea. take a listen. >> i have been on a cruise before. never had this experience in my whole entire life. i was petrified. i thought i was going to die last night. awe off waves have been reported as high as 15 meters, about 50 feet off sydney. incredible. we'll take a short break. next, protests erupt in baltimore over the mysterious
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death of a black man who died days after his arrest. >> plus a federal prosecutor says a newly revealed photo dzhokhar tsaranev proves why heap deserves the death penalty. we'll explain.
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." protesters in baltimore, maryland are furious. they're taking to the streets to show their anger. they're demanding answers to how a black man ended up with a fatal injury after being arrested earlier this month. cnn's miguel marques has more on the controversy as well as eyewitness accounts of freddy gray's arrest. >> reporter: anger growing. questions about the city of baltimore mr.'s versi baltimore's version of events in the arrest and death of freddy gray. >> mr. gray was put in the van. he was dragged a bit. then you see him using his, his, his legs to get into the van. so we know that he was able bodied when he was in the van. >> reporter: this video the mayor is referring to.
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but calling freddy gray able-bodied. >> that boy's leg is broke. >> reporter: as gray is loaded into the van he appears to be moving on his own. the man who shot the video does not want to be identified. before he started recording, police were physically aggressive with freddy gray. >> freddy gray bent up into like what i would call a pretzel move whey that the heels of his feet to his back. he was in handcuffs. the knee in the back of his neck. >> harold perry lives across the street. he heard gray's initial encounter with police. >> i hear the young man screaming. get off my neck. get off my neck. you are hurting nigh neck. and then two cars pulled up shortly after that. one car door slammed. and then another. and they must have went to him. he started hollering, screaming, a little louder. and the police said, shut the f
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up. >> police say its officers were not rough with gray beaver he went into the van. over 40 minutes later an ambulance was called. gray having trouble speaking and breathing. the man who shot the video says gray may have been moving before being placed in the van. he was anything but okay. >> you could see he was in obvious pain. then as the video shows, you can see that his legs were like he couldn't use them. >> the protests in baltimore mr. have been growing tuesday night. we saw the biggest yet with 2,000 people descending on here. western district police station. for baltimore police. this is the place where mr. gray was brought. and then transferred to an ambulance. at one point. protesters even angrily trying to grab the cnn mike. not angry at cnn, angry at the police. the government here. they want justice. spa sieve like what they want is the arrest of the six officers involved in this case. with first degree murder. they will be back, say
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protesters, every night. and going down to city hall here to take it over they say until they get justice. miguel marques, cnn, baltimore, maryland. >> the u.s. senate may soon confirm attorney general loretta lynch, raising hope partisan gridlock may be lifting. president obama nominated lynch five months ago. senate republicans refused to vote on her nomination until lawmakers pass aid human trafficking bill. democrats had refused to pass the bill when republicans added an anti-abortion provision to it. well now the senators have reached a compromise on the bill. the human trafficking measure expected to pass in the coming days and so too is loretta lynch's nomination. less than two weeks after jurors convicted dzhokhar tsaranev on all 30 counts stemming from the 2013 boston marathon bombings, jurors returned to court tuesday for the penalty phase of the trial.
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the federal prosecutor introduced a new photo of the now 21-year-old tsaranev that shows him holding up his middle fingeren a show of defiance. ad that she explained is why he deserves to die. alexander field has more. >> reporter: unrepentant, uncaring, untouched by the sorrow he created how prosecutors described dzhokhar tsaranev in the opening statements for the penalty phase of the trial. they ended statements showing a picture of tsaranev giving the middle finger to a security camera in the holding cell at federal courthouse several months after the bombing. prosecutors told the jury he was destined to become america's worst nightmare. the jury found him guilty of deaths of krystle campbell, lindsay lou, and martin richard. each of the victims had time to feel pain, scared, frightened but no team to say good-bye.
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as they make their case for a death sentence. prosecutors called three bombing survivors to testify in this phase of the trial with krystle campbell's brother and her father. her father told jurors that his daughter hug him every single day and that that is what he misses most today. in boston, alexandra field, cnn. twitter is stepping up the way it deals with online abus s abusers. ahead we will show you its new tactics against cyberbullies. >> plus wednesday marks the 45th anniversary of earth day. but climate change remains a major problem. coming up, a look at how some are tackling the issue. we are back in just a moment.
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a warm welcome back to the global audience. you are watching cnn newsroom. i am rosemary church. want to check the headlines. saudi arabia says it is ending air strikes against houthi rebels in yemen. the coalition will now focus on finding a political solution to the crisis there. yechl yemen's president welcomed the news and plans to return from self-imposed exile when the time is right. south africa deployed troops to neighborhood to stop attacks against immigrants. seven people have been killed in recent violence against immigrants including a man from mozambique beaten and stabbed to death in johannesburg. four men were charged in the murder in the south african port tuesday. >> the tunisian cap ttain of a ship is in jail along with a syrian crew member. both are accused of manslaughter and human trafficking.
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they're among the 2 known survivors of the disaster. more than 800 others are presumed dead. the taliban say their spring military operations in afghanistan will begin on friday. in a newly released a statement. a spokesman for the terror group says the target of the offensive is "foreign occupiers and their internal stooges." the statement goes on to list some of these specific targets as military bases, intelligence and diplomatic secenters and officials of the "stooge regime." ♪ >> wednesday is earth day, a day to raise awareness about environmental issues contributing to global climate change. people around the world are marking the occasion in various ways throughout the week. in california college students in san diego sorted through hundred of pound of trash to find recycleable materials.
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that had been thrown out. in the philippines, thousand of bicyclists rode in manila sunday to campaign for cleaner air and mr. bike lanes. in india, school girls posed with painted faces during save earth awareness program. seems as though extreme weather has become the new norm. not all severe weather is linked to climate change. we will look at that. >> the heat wave, tropical cyclone. some evidence, suggests they are, some absolutely not. we will touch on which weather event, build up and correlate. some of the aim jes, the only tornado in the once tuesday. occurred in california. about 70 miles or so, east of palm springs, california, in desert center. take a look at the region. the region. desert landscape.
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tornado touchdown. first thing you think unusual. and get 10 per year. is this climate change? evidence suggests, tornados, tropical cyclones, limited evidence to be linked to climate change. drought, heavy rain events we have seen those across australia. recent days. dur rati duration increasing. heat waves, likely culprit when it comes to the outcome of climate change. take a lac look. since monday, 230 millimeters of rainfall. 10 inches of rainfall. should have average, 100. 4 inches of rainfall. events like this could be linked to climate change. we are seeing this in that setup. first time in 13 years, sydney has seen that much rainfall. take a look at this. industrial facilities, lawn equipment, cars, trucks, buses, some of the biggest players when it comes to ozone and also, emitting carbon dioxide into the
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atmosphere. lawn equipment believe it or not, the amount of pollutants in the atmosphere, some lawn equipment can release when you mow your lawn equivalent to driving 100 miles, 160 kilometer road trip with your car. pollution level of lawn equipment. becomes a big player as well. want to show you the global output of emissions across the word. carbon dioxide in particular. from 1990 to 2011. epa releasing data. europe seeing a gradual decline in its emissions in car been dioxide. asia, rapid incline. united states, a player there as well. much of other portions of the world playing a role when it comes to increasing emissions of co-2. our up again. gradual decrease in recent years. world health organization actually did a study of polluted cities around the world. they looked at 91 skun trees. 1600 cities. only 12% of the people living in the cities complied with world health organization guide lines of healthy air. and 50% exposed to pollutants that were twice as high as what would be considered healthy.
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globally, a long way to go with this rosemary. of course you have seen cities, putting all restrictions on vehicles, what cars you can drive, license plate restrictions, fines, fees, removing those out of the picture. lot of people have to get on board quickly for something meaningful to happen. >> a lot of reluctance in countries. >> very good point. >> we have our electric cars. we are doing our bit, right? >> trying. >> thank you, pedram. appreciate it. >> world leaders will meet later this year to work on a response to combat climate change. the meeting held in pair miss. a city no stranger to air pollution. jim bittermann has more on how paris is working to turn things around and improve its image. >> reporter: this is the picture of paris tourists have in mind. sunny day, clear skies, beauty of city. so you can imagine the surprise last month arrived to throat clogging pollution and
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health alerts. twice, the city declared air pollution emergency and clamped down on motorists only allowing odd numbers license plates to drive one day. even the next. i took my chances and lost said one motorist slapped with a 22 euro fine for violating the ban. at air paris, the paris center where pollution is measured, experts know air quality has improved over the course of decade in paris. but then there are the bad days when, immediate steps have to be take tine lower pollution levels and quickly warn people about the health risks. >> there is some problem with it. and respiratory problems. so when there is a paeak of pollution, people should go to their doctor to be vigilant about their health. >> reporter: it is not just health concerns. city officials worry about the
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problem that pollution causes in terms of the city's image. especially since late this fall the city of paris is going to host the international climate change conference. the city official response bum for air quality says drastic measures are called for. >> the situation that we had last month on the 18th of march when for just a few hours paris was the most polluted city in the country the was very bad for the aim j image of paris. the fact that the eiffel tower is disappearing behind a cloud of smoke, that is very impressive, that gives a very bad image of the french capital. >> in fact if the paris mayor has her way, older polluting vehicles will be kept out of city from july onward. and all diesel vehicles banned in paris within five years. the measures can't come soon much for those who are forced to beep outside. breathing air of whatever quality every day. this man says he and his colleagues in the pedicab
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business are first to know when pollution hits high levels. >> you can feel it. when you breathe. you feel your tongue, your nose, your mouth. because of all the traffic here in cars. >> reporter: paris is a city that goes to great lengths to maintain a clean image. so officials are investing 2 billion euros to improve public transportation and create bike lanes. then there are low cost electric car and bicycle rentals which can provide transportation alternatives. something they will need for at least one day next year when paris intends to schedule a totally car free day throughout the city. jimbittermann, cnn, paris. cnn asked people in hong kong for their perspective on pollution. that city one of many battling the environmental problem. here's a look at some of their responses.
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>> if i go to hong kong, i barely can breathe. yeah, because, i think that the air pollution is very, like, it's affected my lungs and breath. >> for my first month here, i couldn't, i couldn't, i didn't actually notice that i had a view out my window. i couldn't see across to the island the other way. >> especially for where i am living. it is quite dusty. >> there is a lot of young children that have are having problems breathing. a lot of cases of asthma, et cetera. definitely it has an impact on the, on the public health. >> the younger generation will be adversely affected if this keeps on going. and the pollution keeps rising. >> compared with u.s., compare
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with uk, or some country. hong kong is very bad. if you compare with china, thailand, or philippines, i think hong kong is okay. unbelievable.
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welcome back, everyone. a british man is charged with manipulating the stock market back in 2010. in what was called the flash crash. it caused the dow jones industrial index to plunge 600 points in minutes before quickly bouncing back. authorities say novendis singh sora flooded the record with sell orders, heavy supply and drove prices down. he then canceled most orders before they could be executed. prosecutors say that sora made millions buying and selling
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futures as the market fell and rebounded. microblogging site twitter announced plans to fight internet trolls. yea. the company says it will use more enforcement tactics, temporarily suspending accounts. a time-out for abusers if you like. twitter will also take a harder line against people who threaten users as well as the those egging the abyeuser on. the company is developing ways to block recipients from receiving bullying tweets. well for more on twitter's new tactics against cyberbullies i am jind am joined, live via skype, from san francisco. thank you for talking with us. ian, what are these policy changes? that twitter says will help fight cyberbullies, how will this work? exactly? >> well the policy changes are basically they said originally all of the things that they would do that would cutback on
11:45 pm
bullying. af everything they did was too narrow. too high a bar when they would start punishing users acting inappropriately. now they're lowering the bar which a lot of us are very happy about. essentially what is going to happen now it is going to be a lot easier when you flag something that is bad on twitter, they rely heavily upon us telling them when things are bad. they will act more quickly. they will take things into account that are, that are bad like harassment, if you are a publishing people's information on line a very popular thing to do to shame them t if you are breaking any of twitter's approximately sees. they're going to start going after people. and they're going to do stuff like, locking the account so you can't get back into them. forcing you to delete the tweets if you are doing something bad. then one of the other things starting to use an algorithm that will help people targeted by large groups of people to stop getting as many harassing tweets. a lot of poz nif news who have been on the bad side of twitter
11:46 pm
before. >> it is about time. we have all been subjected to bullying, taunting from anonymous users in some form or another. most of the trolls they get away with it don't they. we're talking about. yeah? >> one thing about twitter, it is anonymous. because the it is anonymous. because the you don't have to use your real name there is a lot less of an impact if you do something bad. on facebook if we use, all of our real names. so, someone could for exam pupl. go to my employer. find out who i am. did you though that person acted badly on facebook. that doesn't happen on twitterment almost everyone is using an anonymous name, pseudonym in some places positive. when you are looking at political things, the arab spring, those anonymous accounts were hugely important. when it came to organizing. but when it comes to harassment makes it that much harder to stop the people. it is really interesting to see how it will play out. you are right. almost, all most always get away
11:47 pm
with it because it is impossible to track these people down. >> exactly. talking 500 million tweets sent out each day. how can twitter keep up with the abuse and how realistic is it that those trolls can be stopped? >> look. part of the internet. always been a part of the internet. one of the things that is fascinating is that this is part of that larger group effort that is happening with facebook, twitter, and bunch of people to tripe to poli try to police some of the stuff the we talked a lot on it relies on us the users to flag these things. say that people are acting badly. you have to flag every one of the tweets. don't use an algorithm. size of their endorsement teams. the speed at which enforcement teams work. they can't trust the computer to tell the nuances of what its good and bad. it will be really interesting to see how it plays out. odds are as we are talking about it today a lot more people complaining which is fran like a good thing for twitter.
11:48 pm
gets rid of a lot of the bad stuff. they're going to probably have to beef up enforcement teams. hire more people. facebook is doing this too. it's a trend that is really fascinating. >> yeah, i must admit that, you know, thament the, when you go through the reporting of this. it is easier in the end to mute them or block them which is exactly what i do. when somebody is causing trouble out there. thank you, many thanks, ian sherr. for talk with us. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> hollywood actor ben affleck says he regrets acting a documentary show to hide his connection to a slave owning ancestor. his ancestry was trace ford "finding your roots" which aired last year. a show in which celebrities and high profile people discover details about their family background. in the segment he said, i didn't want any television show about my family to include a guy who owned slaves. i was embarrassed. i regret my initial thoughts
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that the issue of slavery not be included in the story. the actor's request to hide his information was revealed last week in hacked sony e-mails published by wikileaks. it wasn't a bullpen blowup. a baseball manager's, foul-mouthed anti-media rant is getting plenty of attention. you will hear his tirade just ahead.
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welcome back, everyone. the national football league unveiled its schedule for the 2015 season. the defending super bowl champion, new england patriots will open the regular season on thursday september 10th against the pittsburgh steelers. you can check out the schedule for your favorite team by going to our website, at >> well reporters asking about a u.n. baseball players' status
11:54 pm
thought the question was innocent enough. that was until the team's manager went on a foul-mouthed tirade dropping an f-bomb every few second. jeanie moos counts the curses. >> reporter: f-bombs away. >> [ bleep ] sick of this [ bleep ]. >> reporter: brian price was a one man orgy of expletives. the man on whom most of the f-bombs were dropped, cincinnati inquirer reporter, counted 77 in a 5:30 rant. i have been as candid as i [ bleep ] can be about this team and our players and we have to [ bleep ] deal with their [ bleep ], every [ bleep ] team we play has to know every [ bleep ] guy. 77 f-bombs and use of a vulgar term, two bovine, one equine.
11:55 pm
mad at the press for revealing information about player that may help rivals. >> the reporter said that is precisely his job. as the the rant picked up steam, the pace of the expletives quickened. you guys can do whatever the [ bleep ] you want. but i will tell you this i am not going to [ bleep ] tell you everything abut this [ bleep ] club, you guys are going to go out. >> seven bleeps in 10 second. that qualifies price for the tirade hall of infamy. >> if you want to crown them, crown their [ bleep ]. come after me. i'm a man! >> reporter: kansas city royals manager, hal mcrae takes the cake for heaving a tape recorder that gashed a sports writer. as for bryan price he sort of apologize apologized. i stand by the content of my
11:56 pm
message. i am sorry for the choice of words. they're choice, one joker rewrote price's apology this way. i am [ bleep ] sorry for the [ bleep ] word that i used yesterday. the reds have been struggling and now their manager will have to manage having sworn off swear word. jeanie moos. >> [ bleep ] me, such a blaep ble -- believe believe disgrace. >> naughty language there. you are watching "cnn newsroom" i'm rosemary church. i want to show you these pictures where the italian coast guard is due to bring in more migrants at any moment. much more on that story after the break. do stay with us.
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i work some long hours keeping my clients wrinkle free, and back when i had fios, that meant falling behind on my shows. so i switched to xfinity. their cloud-based dvr is perfect for me 'cause it lets me take my
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recorded shows anywhere i go. see? [program: "not on my watch..."] see? [program: "not on my watch..."] [laughing] [laughing] where do they come up with this stuff?! a call for urgent action on europe's migrant crisis as yet another boat load of migrants due to arrive in italy at any time. >> defiance and anger, saudi arabia announces an end to its bombing campaign in yemen. but houthi rebels vow to fight on. >> also ahead growing outrage protesters in another


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