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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  April 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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surroundings and those exist in the '60s and they exist different today, and not more it's just different. >> there is a duhiskrep see there. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," what really happened to freddy gray? according to a new report a prisoner in the same police van said gray was trying to injure himself, but what do the officers say? >> we unified and solidarity. >> beyond baltimore. protesters take to the streets in new york denver and minneapolis, with tensions simmering across america, why is baltimore open to ending its
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curfew early? plus you have seen the smack. now get the story behind it. >> once he threw that rock down i was like you was not brought up like this. >> and her son knew he kopbd hide. >> nobody else talk like that but my mother. good morning. i am carol costello. thank you so much for joining me as baltimore emerges from a second night of relatively calm and new accounts about how gray was injured. washington post cites a prisoner also in the police transport van that delivered the injured man to the jail.
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this man could only hear gray and he could not see him, but he says gray was banging against the walls of the van, and he also believed gray was intentionally trying to injure himself. this account is a jarring contrast to another version he heard and it comes from one of the officers involved in the rest, and that person says he was injured before the arrest. >> he believes what happened to mr. gray believes it happened before he was transported. there was -- he was irate and cursing and yelling and kicking. and that's what was heard. >> what happened first?
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was he secured first? >> he was placed into the wagon with cuffs. he was not shackled. he was shackled later en route to where he was going, and because he was irate they had to stop and at that point she shackled him, and the officers that placed him in the wagon did not seat belt him. >> he was never seat belted? >> no, it's an unwritten and unspoken rule, that when somebody is irate in the paddy wagon, you don't reach over somebody irate, and they can bite you and spit in your face so you have to get in close proximity to somebody in order to seat belt them. >> it has been set that the police driving the van, they will give them a rough ride just because they give them so much trouble being arrested
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sometimes. is that true and did that happen in this case? >> how can they do that when the arresting officers actually have to call like they call for backup, and a paddy wagon is not right there when they arrest somebody so they have to call for a paddy wagon, and that officer doesn't know what transpired before he got there and he is not involved in trying to chase this gentleman or manhandle him. he is transportation. so when he arrives, that's basically all that he is supposed to do. >> of course we have a lot to cover, so let's start with cnn justice reporter evan perez, and he is following the investigation. >> a prosecutor is going to have to sort through this more confusing picture of what exactly, you know what the police are telling them happened and the police say that whatever happened happened in the van, and you hear that person who is close to apparently the police officer who was probably driving the
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van, and it says whatever happened, it told anderson cooper last night happened before freddy gray got in the van, and we know freddy gray a wagon was requested to take the jail at 8:42 and 8:46 the van driver says gray is being irate, and it's after that this prisoner gets into the van and they drive six blocks before they go to jail. now, the police commissioner has addressed some of this before and here is some of what he says happened there. >> the second prisoner that was picked up is that he didn't see any harm done to freddy at all, and what he said is that he heard freddy thrashing about and the driver did not drive erratically. >> that makes -- you ask even more questions, and at the end of the washington post report it does raise the question as to how does this second prisoner
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know that he is intentionally trying to harm himself, and all he can hear is banging on the partition that separates him from freddy gray. >> and we want to talk about this "washington post" report because it doesn't make sense. police tackle gray after he takes off running, and 8:42 gray was on the ground and he has asthma and he wanted medical help, and at 9:24 paramedics were eventually called. but in between that time gray asked for medical assistance many times, and it doesn't make sense that he would try to intentionally harm himself in the back of the police van. let's talk with the criminal defense attorney and the analyst. >> i will talk to midwin for a
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time until you get to the location. why would somebody ask for medical help several times and then try to harm himself inside a police van? >> i am glad you pointed that out, carol. it doesn't make sense. we have videotape here and not only did he ask for assistance but we can see from the videotape this is somebody who is already in pain so why would he cause himself more pain when he gets inside the van, and i look forward to reading the report when they release it because what i want to know is before this happened what was the crime that freddy gray was suspected of committing. this police officer made eye contact with him and freddy started running, so was he a threat or suspected of committing a crime, and where was the probable cause in stopping him in the first place, and those are things that i will look forward to reading in that report. >> the other thing that is kind of confusing. the prisoner in the back of the police transport van, and he
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can't see freddy gray, and if we can put that video up of the police van, that would be helpful for people to see, and so the person in the police van with freddy gray he can't see him and he hears thrashing around everybody's definition of thrashing could be different. what does that mean? >> thrashing around could be something because gray was not seat belted. they acknowledge is that against procedure. why? in the past somebody else was in the back of a van not seat belted and severed his spine as a result and sued the city of baltimore and was able to get money as a result of that and they have been put on notice because they know that is a problem, but to say that he believed that he was
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intentionally trying to hurt himself, he can't know that. >> tom, what do you make of the report? >> this is not uncommon to hear conflicting reports, and sometimes from very reputable newspapers and magazines, and leaked information, and i don't know if it's accurate. as i said before we just need to wait for the official information from the real investigation with autopsy reports and all of the witness statements and try to put it together then as opposed to this piecemeal, you know approach where bits and pieces are leaked out officials, and we just don't know how accurate they are at this point. >> and some officials are saying
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freddy gray was trying to commit suicide by cop, and does it sound like a man that wanted to commit suicide by cop? >> you don't know. carol, i have made arrest with people, and they have been calm and ten minutes later they are banging their heads against the jailhouse wall and they are doing things and, of course they are on camera and you can see them doing it and you have to run in and subdue them from hurting themselves and a lot of times you take belts away from them because they will be trying to hang themselves and sometimes without warning and they have not been acting out. we have the original story, he was put in the back of the van and he was shackled because he created a ruckus, and he had nearly a crushed voice box and a severed spine, and that doesn't
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sound like something you can inflict on yourself easily and fur nearly paralyzed and can't speak, it begs to question how did he create a ruckus to cause the driver to pull over. the appearsnswers coming out are conflicting. >> tomorrow tom, police will turn over their preliminary investigation to the prosecutor's office, and i think the big concern is here is leaks like this from the "washington post" will only inflame the community because we don't know what it means, and if police release no information it will leave the community wondering even more. >> it will you know. i don't expect much information at all and i think those in the community expecting this report to be turned over and people to be in handcuffs by the end of the day tomorrow and that's not
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going to happen unless the police already had given preliminary reports secretly before the announced day tomorrow and the prosecutor's office has had time to go over it and we don't know if the medical examination, the autopsy that has been done is complete and do they have the toxicology report that would show did he have heroin in his blood or other drugs that could be causing him to act erratically, separate from the whole arrest situation. we don't know that either. there is much information that has not been leaked out yet that needs to come out eventually so we have a better picture of what happened. >> all right, thanks to both of you. i appreciate it. the second peaceful night on baltimore streets. protesters obeyed police officers to clear the streets at 10:00, and then demonstrations
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are popping up from coast to cost boston to seattle, and protesters took to the streets and many were not as calm as their counterparts. 100 people were arrested in boston. and in denver 11 people arrested because of even robbery. more protests are expected today and tomorrow. athena jones is in baltimore. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. here the streets have been calm for the last two nights, and even more calm last night than the first night of the curfew and the curfew has been credited for keeping the peace. we are here on a commercial skreup in east baltimore and the businesses are just opening for the morning and we have seen some of them roll up their
6:14 am
gates, and the problem is if you are a restaurant or bar, this 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. curfew is causing you to lose money and that's one of the issues that is bringing the curfew under criticism. and there is a report today in the baltimore sun saying the mayor's office is considering lifting the curfew before the end of the week because of the affect on businesses. >> i have made no decision about lifting the curfew. we re-evaluate it on a daily basis. >> they can't be trusted to live their own lives? >> we want peace in our community and we are going to do everything we can to make sure we have peace moving forward. >> and they are going to look at it on a day by day basis. they are going to do what they
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need to make sure that the situation is calm and peaceful and that includes of course also the large law enforcement presence that we still see on the streets of baltimore. carol? >> athena jones reporting live from baltimore this morning. still to come all eyes on baltimore, and up next when we can learn new details about gray's arrest and what it could mean for a city already shaken by violent protests.
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don't just visit orlando visit tripadvisor orlando tripadvisor not only has millions of real travelers reviews and opinions but checks hundreds of websites so people can get the best hotel prices to plan, compare and book the perfect trip visit today the city of baltimore on edge and the tension intensifying as angry protesters demand answers over the death of freddy gray.
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this is just one of the massive protests that went down in baltimore yesterday. tomorrow baltimore police are expected to hand over the investigative report to the attorney's office. this morning, new questions about what went on inside that transport van carrying gray. according to the "washington post," another prisoner inside that van but had no physical contact with gray describes and has, quote, intentionally trying to injure himself, and that conflicts with what another source is telling us and one of the officers says gray was injured before he was placed in the van. let's talk more about this with baltimore city councilman mr.
6:20 am
scott. >> thank you for having me ma'am. >> how is the city preparing itself for the release of the report to the state's attorney tomorrow? >> well we are telling folks and a lot of community leaders are telling folks that although the police are handing that report over we should not expect immediate results. we know there are processes, and we have a new state's attorney and is capable and ready and up for the job, but we have to give her time to give due diligence in this case and that could hurt the city and a family and a community that is already hurting so much so we should ask people please stop stop with the leaking of information, and stop with the leaking of conflicting information, and just let the facts be what they are for now and let the state's attorney do her investigation,
6:21 am
and when she releases the information, then we can move forward and try to move forward as a city. >> i ask you how the city is preparing itself because i was in baltimore in the past several days and i was at one of these protests on north avenue and i talked to young people about what they expect to happen when this police report was turned over and this is what one young man told me listen. >> what do you suppose will happen on friday if charges are not filed? >> i try not to think about it. i try not to think itabout it i don't know what is going to happen. >> he tries not to think about it because he is afraid of what might happen. how do you respond to that? >> that's why it's up to adults and leaders, and that's why i have been going to schools talking to kids and if you are somebody that really cares about this young man and his family or cares about the city of baltimore, you have to be letting people know that there is not going to be immediate
6:22 am
answers on friday and that's how you are responsible for your city and community. if you are somebody going around saying we should receive answers immediately, you don't care about the city. at that point, they have released the information they have released, and they have to give that information to the state's attorney and when she completes her information, and the police are not lawyers, and she will deal with the case moving forward and we have to let her doing that and please stop pressuring for more information, because we don't want anything that can further hurt the city or family or the community that is the most impacted by this incident. >> all right, thank you so much for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom" -- >> i was so angry with him that
6:23 am
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toya graham says she was trying to make her son safe and not make headlines, but the mother of six found herself on the national stage. she talks about the incident and
6:27 am
the reaction it sparked. >> you saw him with the rock and you lost it. >> once he threw that rock down i was like you was not brought up like this. >> were you worried about embarrassing him? >> not at all. he was embarrassing himself wearing that mask and doing that. if you want to be bold enough to do this, then show your face. >> why do you think this event had such a big impact? >> because as mothers, you don't see us. you see our kids walking to the bus stop and maybe speaking with somebody on the corner and they are singled out as thugs, as we already heard we are, and at no time was my son a thug. >> she has been hailed by a hero by some and others think those
6:28 am
images may do more harm than good. here is a writer and glad you are back. you do not think she is a hero? >> well toya is complicated, and i want to be clear, this is not an indictment of mrs. graham. i feel like every mother has a little toya in her, but what is important is how complex this image is for us to negotiate, particularly women and particularly black women that it's a sad day when a traumatized terrorized desperate mother beating and cursing her child becomes mom of the year. for me -- there are many women with different voices about how this is complicated, and this is one point of view she is a symbol and not a hero, and she symbolizes what desperation and systemic violence on her, right,
6:29 am
and the daily struggle to survive that that's what that looks like when your only option is violence and when your response is violence. >> but some might look like it's a big kid, she didn't hurt him. he was not flinching from her. >> here is the thing, we watched her in terror. she is terrified her son may get murdered by the police. the most devastating part of the whole interview to me when she said i don't want my son to be another freddy gray like it's a noun like it's a daily thing, knowing he might get killed by the police so whether she was cursing at him, and literally hitting him up side the head the point is what drove her. why was she able to be with him at 3:00 in the afternoon. she is unemployed and lonely and poor and she is out of options.
6:30 am
>> she has six children right? >> that looks like a woman with violence as the only option and how living in a violent environment makes you respond that way, and teens hardly ever do what adults say, right? but they are good at imitating us. if she meets him with aggression he will meet life with aggression, and how is he supposed to work out his trauma and he is a boy throwing rocks. it's complicated, carol. >> i get it. i will read you a bit of a washington post op ed. it's titled why is baltimore celebrating the beating of a child. she writes the celebration of graham reflects the belief that black youth are problematic and criminal and out of control and the video supports the idea that black fathers are absent.
6:31 am
>> as i said there are many women's voices they have all been saying beating our children will not stop the police from killing them. tracy ellis ross this is so complicated for me and i have so many feelings and so so many of us there were black women who are one generations removed from that that don't see that as mom of the year and -- >> but the idea that black mothers can save their children i mean because we often here black athletes say they think their mother was keeping them from trouble. and she just played into that stereotype. >> well it's also part of a legacy right? there are men who are buried who were beat and there are men in prison who were beat. freddy gray his mom might have
6:32 am
beat him, too. there is no evidence to say beating my kid will stop him from being arrested or going to jail. what is difficult for me is what seems to be the ease that we have with black girl pain and violence and how it seems like entertainment, and this is what we loop over and over again, whether it's a beatdown in mcdonald's, right, or whether it's glamorous women beating each other up side the head with a bottle. you know what i mean? we are so comfortable with seeing black women violently expressing themselves desperate in whatever measure. so this image, over and over and over again, it plays into that troep of the angry black woman. we have to negotiate all the angles of it and look at the sassy black girl that got her son. it represents so much. >> so interesting. thank you so much. i appreciate you being here. i'll be right back.
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speculation surrounds freddy gray's health history. reports earlier this week report gray had a previous spinal injury before he was arrested and those reports appear to be false. his family's attorney say it's nothing more than a distraction. >> it's a distraction, and it distracts from the actions of the officers and the issues whether or not charges should be brought. >> but we are learning new
6:37 am
information about issues that did play a role in gray's health. joe johns is in baltimore, the staging area for the national guard and state police and he is following that side of the story for us. good morning, joe. >> reporter: good morning, carol. yeah we are on the parking lot where the ravens play and a little back drop the police and military power brought out by the freddy gray case and the new jersey task force one, and the national guard behind us law enforcement and military people out and trying to keep the peace. what do we know about the history of freddy gray? among the things we know he and his two sisters filed paperwork in a case involving lead paint exposure alleging they were harmed by it apparently between 1994 and 1999. it's not clear how much they
6:38 am
collected, because a lot of that information is kept under wraps, but we know lead paint has caused huge problems in baltimore, and medical problems as well as behavioral problems and things like attention deficit disorder and so on and we know also that freddy gray had a lot of personal problems including a criminal history of as many as 20 arrests, so what is clear here is that whatever happened to freddy gray at least according to his attorneys, didn't have anything to do with an automobile accident in which he injured his spine, rather his problems stemmed from lead paint. listen. >> according to the court documents, holes in the wall and lead paint and lots of dust that was suspected to be contaminated with lead and they made the connections to problems he had in school and he was put in
6:39 am
special ed classes, and his sisters testified they had to repeat grades. >> so the story is more about environment than anything at least as far as we can find out. there is a lot more to the lead paint story here in baltimore. this city has been dealing with it for years and years, and lead paint, of course was banned around 1978 but many of the older houses where young poor black kids live still have the remanence of that lead paint and it has caused problems for them carol. >> joe johns reporting live from baltimore this morning. still to come in the "newsroom," senator ted cruz slams president obama on baltimore and race relations. he says the president is pitting americans against one another. we'll talk about that next. financial noise financial noise
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senator ted cruz is calling the situation in baltimore heartbreaking, and he is pointing the finger of blame at president obama. the republican presidential candidate said the president has squandered the opportunity to be a unifying leader on race relations. >> he's made decisions that i think have inflamed racial tensions that have divided us rather than bringing us together. >> senator cruz made those comments before the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce. dana bash was there and joins me now. what else did ted cruz say? >> what was so interesting and striking carol, about that was that he was asked by the head of the hispanic chamber what would you do if you were president to calm racial tensions in this country, and after saying it's
6:44 am
heartbreaking what happened in baltimore, as you heard, he turned it to president obama and blaming him for racial tensions and after the q and a onstage, they brought it to the questions of the audience and i was able to ask what he meant. listen to this. >> i think he has not used his role as president to bring us together. he has exacerbated racial misunderstandings, and racial tensions. from back at the beer summit to a series of efforts to pit americans against each other. >> and just to be clear, carol,
6:45 am
my question was can you be specific how exactly has president obama inflamed racial tensions and that was part of his answer and then he went on to talk about divided america, over iran deal and obamacare and things that did not have anything to do with race. he didn't answer the question specifically. >> do you need to take a drink of water? >> it's the allergies in the city. >> one more question. you asked him what he would do to repair the tension in the city? did he address baltimore with the solution? >> that was the question to him as the outset what would you do to calm racial tensions in ferguson and baltimore and beyond and he turned it to president obama without giving a reason why he thinks the president has done this and he
6:46 am
did talk about it being heartbreaking and he is a proponent of reforming the criminal justice system and beyond that he didn't give many specifics of what he would do now. >> at one point he appeared to choke up and he teared up? >> absolutely. i mean it was obvious from the get go that he -- you know it was upsetting to him to see what happened in baltimore, and he tried to be very circumspect saying we have to take a breath and take a moment to investigate exactly what happened and to look into how to deal with it so that's why it was kind of surprising. he is running for president and he is somebody who, you know at every chance he gets takes a whack at president obama because that's how he will get votes in the republican base and that's the way it is. on something like this, why i
6:47 am
stood up and said can you be specific it was surprising to hear him talk as president obama stoking racial tensions without a lot of specifics. no fans no problem. take a look at this and that's the baltimore orioles catcher pretending to sign autographs in the stands and as you know fans were shut out of the stadium after protests rocked charm city and the orioles did not let that get in their way, and they went on to beat the white sox 8-2. go os! i'll be right back. ♪ attendant: welcome back. man: thank you. it's not home. but with every well considered detail . . . it becomes one step closer.
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and buy a second pair with xperio uv polarized sun lenses. visit to learn more. another incredible rescue happening in nepal. a 15-year-old is now safe and sound after being trapped underneath a huge slab of cement for nearly a week. following saturday's monster earthquake rescuers struggled for hours today to pull him out. an american disaster response team rushed over to help. we're joined now from nepal's capital, kathmandu. tell us more about this rescue. >> reporter: fredricka, i was amazed when i saw that tiny space where he had been hiding. it was literally that big, smaller than a coffin. what happened is when the earthquake happened the nine-story building it's a hotel -- budget hotel building it collapsed, it pancaked and the motorcycle at some point tilted over so he had enough
6:52 am
space to maneuver there, so he was found right next to that motorcycle. in an interview he gave to the local media just a few moments ago, he said that he had access to some butter. that's what he ate, because it was a supermarket in that basement and so he ate that butter and survived. he said he didn't think he would survive. he wasn't sure what was going on. he wasn't sure if he was alive or dead. and when he was rescued fredricka, it was quite amazing. there was this loud cheer. as they pulled him out, he was conscious. he you know, could tell the police what his name is his address is and he also thanked them for rescuing him. and the way these police officers found him, fredricka, just to give you some background they've been digging around this area for quite some time because they found survivors in that exact place two days ago. so they started digging around they started knocking on the walls, they started yelling out,
6:53 am
asking if anyone needed help. and then they heard this faint cry. and that's how they found him, and then rescued him. >> that is just an amazing story. i can hardly believe it. you also took a helicopter ride above nepal. what did that look like from the air? >> reporter: you know from the air is when you can really see just how much damage and just the magnitude of this earthquake really was. you cross over the kathmandu valley the mountains of the kathmandu valley. you can see the terrain is so inaccessible. the homes are built so high up. the area is so spread out. there's landslides everywhere. it's very, very difficult to get to these spots of nepal, and the villages are on the top and completely flattened, many of them. the crops have died. there's no human beings around. and i was with the army as they were sort of surveying the area basically trying the send back information to the headquarters
6:54 am
to tell them where there's signs of life and where there isn't and where they need to go for their next rescue operation. it's incredibly difficult to even find you know, find out or get a sense of where to go for your next relief operation. and then on top of that to get relief there, because the landslides the main roads to kathmandu have been blocked and to these villages. so the situation still particularly outside of kathmandu, incredibly dire. >> all right, thanks so much. i'll be right back.
6:55 am
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the clashes surrounding freddie gray's death are also shedding new light on baltimore's staggering wealth gap. the median household income for a white resident is around $60,000 a year. that's compared to just over $33,000 for black residents. experts say that imbalance has a lot to do with jobs. chief business correspondent christine romans is here to explain. good morning. >> good morning. jobs and poverty, carol. freddie gray's death in police custody was the flame, the fuel, are these statistics. these statistics that show a lack of opportunity and imbalance in many neighborhoods in baltimore. carol just showed you the median household income. that's a pretty striking balance there or lack of balance there. but look at poverty. 63% of the residents of baltimore are black. 24% of the population lives below the line of poverty. how much is that? that's less than $12,000 for a
6:59 am
family of three. this next statistic, carol, is shocking and dangerous. 37% unemployment for men aged 20 to 24 black men aged 20 to 24 in baltimore. white men, 10%. that's almost a four-fold difference there. and that to me is one of the really big statistics in the whole about the fuel, not the flame behind these protests. if you don't have opportunity, if you don't have a chance to go and make money, you start to lose all of the, i guess, all of the structure in society. you know a lot of times, economists when i talk about other countries, they say, you know anything about 10% entrenched unemployment we start to get worried about the social fabric. we're looking at 37% unemployment there. there are issues here a noted economist told my colleague, cristina alesci yesterday, you don't send in more militaryized tanks or the national guard, you spend the money at the front end, alleviating poverty with
7:00 am
things like education investments, with high-quality preschool investments and the like housing investments. those are the conversations many economists are saying need to be happening. >> and where do politicians cut first? education. >> yeah. >> christine romans thanks so much. i appreciate it. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. in baltimore, there was calm in the streets, but little common ground. this morning, there are wildly different accounts of how freddie gray suffered his fatal injury while in police custody. the relative of one officer involved in the arrest said gray's spinal cord injury happened during that initial scuffle, but "the washington post" cites a police document saying that gray hurt himself. we'll explain that in just a minute. but first, a second night of curfew a second night of pea


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