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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  April 30, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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came a home team triumph and at least one player took a bow amid the thundering silence of baseball's first-ever ghost game. >> there you go. >> the situation has improved a bit but the orioles weekend game against the tampa rays have been moved to florida. so nobody in the how many town crowd will be taking anyone out to the ball game anytime soon. jake? >> thanks, tom. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. "the situation room" with wolf blitzer starts right now. happening now, stunning disclosures. a new report cites law enforcement sources as saying freddie gray's fatal injury occurred inside the van, taking him away and baltimore police say that the van made an extra stop. investigators were initially not even told about this. was there any hidden information? the investigation, police hand over findings to the prosecutor. the prosecutor says she won't take their work for granted and will conduct her own review of the case. nationwide pro tests.
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new demonstrations breaking out as marchers take to the streets in baltimore. philadelphia and other cities as well. how far will the outrage spread? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- breaking news, more rallies planned as police give the state's attorney the report on the death of freddie gray. in a stunning revelation police say now during their investigation they learned about about unreported stop by the van carrying gray. and cnn affiliate wjla-tv citing malt poor law enforcement sources briefed on the police findings as saying the investigation shows gray apparently broke his neck inside the police van, and a head injury matches a bullolt in the back of the van. these disclosures raising new questions about what really happened after the arrest? the prosecutor says her office will conduct its own probe, won't rely solely on what the
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police report says. baltimore's mayor says justice will be done. our correspondents analysts and guests are standing by with all the late-breaking developments. begin, though, in baltimore. ryan todd ryan ryan todd joins us with the latest. brian todd? [ xhant [ chanting ] >> we're having trouble connecting with brian. >> reporter: wolf on the streets of baltimore, pulsating with probably the sixth or seventh consecutive day of protest marchers. pan over here to show you marchers here. a couple hundred people on the way to city hall. a lot of the marchers not satisfied with what they believe is a lack of clear answers from the police in this investigation. taking this pro fest now totest to city hall. several, several blocks away.
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we'll be with them as they march through the night. meanwhile, new threads of information from multiple news outlets citing multiple sources on what might have happened to freddie gray the morning of his arrest. the investigation into the death of freddie gray has grown more confusing as conflicting accounts emerge on the day baltimore police turned over their case to city prosecutors. cnn affiliate wjla spoke to multiple law enforcement sources brief ared on the findings of that police report turned over to prosecutors. wjla's sources say the medical examiner found gray's catastrophic injury was caused when he slammed into the back of the police transport van. apparently breaking his neck. a head injury he sustained match as bolt in the back of the van, according to those sources. several questions now surround gray's time in the police van. another prisoner believes gray was trying to intentionally hurt himself banging against the walls, according to a "wall street journal" report citing a police investigation document.
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cnn affiliate wbal dus puts that reporting saying their sources tell them when the second suspect got into the van, gray was already unresponsive. this intersection in baltimore now under scrutiny in the investigation of freddie gray. police say their inquiry found the van transporting made a previously undisclosed stop here only discovered because it was captured in private surveillance camera footage. >> we want justice. >> reporter: anger over freddie gray's death sent flames across the country and is not sitting well with the baltimore community. >> the confidence level the community has with the police except souring, to say the absolute best. a married couple living in two separate bedrooms. >> reporter: baltimore police say their investigation will continue. >> we have exhausted every lead at this point in time but this does not mean the investigation is over. if new evidence is found we will follow it. >> reporter: the state's
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attorney now with the burden of deciding whether to file charges of any of the six officers involved in gray's arrest. today the mayor reassured the public there will be answers. >> we will get justice for freddie gray. believe you me we will get justice. >> reporter: it's not clear how police found out about the fourth stop. police say they got it from surveillance video and it may have come from a korean grocer. not clear. it had to have been before monday though because that korean grocer was looted on monday. they believe police may have reviewed before then to find out about the fourth stop they are now telling media about. wolf back up north avenue, east on north avenue. very vibrant protest here. again, these people are committed to a peaceful demonstration, and they hope this is going to be joining up with another group of protestors on st. paul street and this crowd basically should only grow
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from here wolf. >> brian todd, careful over there. we'll check back. marchers on the move in other parts of baltimore as well as in philadelphia. another rally now planned in cincinnati. go to cnn's miguel marquez on the streets of baltimore. miguel, what it's going on where you are? >> reporter: several hundred people have gathered here on north avenue. they are marching east and they are going to hook up with another group here and then they're going to march on city hall. these protests are getting much much more organized. for the first time wolf i can tell you i see baltimore police officers marching along with the marchers and the police moving ahead of the march in their squad cars blocking traffic as these marchers go. this is the first time we've seen that a significant step before the marchers earned for baltimore police. perhaps a good sign, but that new information about freddie gray and what we're hearing about what may have happened in that van will not set well here.
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people very very distrustful of both the baltimore police and the government. it is going to take a lot for these, for the people here today to feel like they're getting satisfaction. wolf? >> all right. miguel, stand by. also a solidarity protest under way right now in philadelphia. cnn's poppy harlow is on the streets of philadelphia for us joining us live. what's it like there, poppy? >> reporter: what it is is a very vocal, as you can hear, but very peaceful protest. the police here tweeting at least 600 people have descended here on city hall right at 15th and market right in the middle. pan out to see what we're talking about here. again, gathering of people of all ages all races, coming together and telling me wolf, this is about a lot more than freddie gray. one young woman angela telling me this is about equal treatment for all people of all races, under the law, and saying they want answers about freddie gray, but they want answers about a number of
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different african-american men they believe were unjustly killed in police custody. i did have a chance to speak with the police inspector here one of the top guys in it's police force who told me we know this is going to be peaceful. the city has a long history of peaceful protests we're prepared for whatever happens, there are marchers in another location but told me this, wolf. protestors are stirns scitizens not suspects. it is our job as police to defend them as they are exercise their first amendment right. the relationship on the outskirts and it's very peaceful and calm. this is emblem ache of exactly what we should see in terms of protestors getting their voigt out and being heard. >> poppy, we'll stay in close touch. showing viewers live pictures from the skies over philadelphia, over baltimore. the protests clearly growing. other cities expected as well. let's bring in our justice correspondent pamela brown. pamela, new information, new questions. why didn't the police know about
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this fourth stop previously unknown? tell us what you're learning. >> wolf this previously undisclosed information about this stop is stunning. police didn't find out about it until recently. the information came to lie after a thorough review of cameras, no the from the police officers involved with freddie gray's arrest. now, the video footage of this stop was taken from a security camera right outside of a small corner grocery store. stops like this are supposed to be logged by police. usually radio dispatches by the driver but police say that didn't happen in this case. >> the second stop has been revealed to us during the course of our investigation, and was previously unknown to us. we discovered this new stop based on our thorough and comprehensive and ongoing review of all cctv camerasprivate ly owned cameras and, in fact
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this new stop was discovered from a privately owned camera. >> and we have learned there was only one officer inside gray's transporting van, and according to wjla cnn's affiliate, sources telling wjla he is the only one out of the six officers involved with gray's arrest who declined to give a statement to authorities. the van driver there. still missing from the picture, of course is what exactly happened in that newly disclosed stop. it could have been the second of four stops before an ambulance picked gray up. wolf? >> so what happens, pamela next in this investigation? >> reporter: we know baltimore police handed the findings over to the state's attorneys office and now the state's attorney will decide whether the officers should face charges, and whether it should the information, the findings in the investigation, should go to a grand jury or not. a key clue is still missing, though. that is the medical examiner's report nap could help investigators determine how and when freddie gray was injured. the gray family attorney says he isn't aware of any injuries gray
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may have had before this arrest. as you know, wolf, speculation about that. he's saying he doesn't know of any injuries before the arrest. >> thanks very much for that, pamela. pamela brown reporting. joining us now from baltimore, social activist jay morrison leader of the coalition. thanks for joining us. quick reaction to the new reporting by our cnn affiliate wjla that freddie gray broke his neck actually while riding inside the prison van, and also sustained a head injury matching a bolt in the back of the van. when you hear these kinds of reports, what do you think? >> well i think those reports support my theory. i watched the video from your colleague brooke baldwin and posted it on joinymcnew york. that shows the officer bending freddie's leg and a loud scream from freddie and a bystander saying why did you twist his leg like that? i think that the injury that
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happened on freddie's spine happened then, and that -- all that other rough ride and fourth stop all of those support the initial iran jury initial injury. >> you think the push -- >> not a think. brooke baldwin's video is posted. 1:45 you see the officer bending his leg, and freddie screams. officer drops his leg, it falls to the floor lifeless. then when he picks him up, can't even walk. that was an injury. how are we missing this? it's right there in front of our eyes. your colleague posted the video. >> fair enough. we know there were cameras, in fact, in that police van. so the driver could monitor the prisoner but that the cameras weren't recording. what was going on in the back of the van. here's the question -- do you think the driver who may or may not be one of the six police officers refusing to
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offer a statement, testimony, if you will to the police investigation, do you think this driver really knows what happened in the back of the van? >> absolutely. these are buddies. i mean these officers are co-workers, they're brothers. they have a bond. they're going to try to protect each other until it gets too hairy and something comes out. so i think that all of those officers are all co-spawn spiriters, all accessories to this crime that will come out. >> stand by. take a quick break. watching live pictures coming in over baltimore and philadelphia. >> sure. >> demonstrations planned in ear cities including cincinnati. we're watching closely what's going on. stay with us. we'll take a quick break. much more right here right here in "the situation room," right after this. ♪so nice, so nice♪ ♪sweet, sweet st. thomas nice♪
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take a look at this. live pictures from baltimore. protestors marching again. protesting what's going on over the past couple week fls baltimore. also live pictures coming in from philadelphia. look at that crowd in philadelphia. they're supporting the protestors in baltimore. and we expect these to escalate and grow larger in other cities as wellback with social activist jay morrison leader of the ymc coalition. what do you make of these? yesterday saw protests in new york. i assume they'll continue. >> you're breaking up's sorry. i hear you now. >> what do you make of all the protests going on right now? >> i just heard protests going
2:19 pm
on right now. >> what is your reaction when you see the protests in baltimore, protests in philadelphia the protests escalating in other cities as well. >> oh. i mean, wolf, i'm elated. out here the other day and see protests going on now so many generations of people. many young people. it's so diverse, and this is a case that we as african-americans need. we need the support of our white brothers and sisters and yellow red, every other color, to help endopregs-of- the oppression here in the united states of america. this is a pattern. oppression pattern. we need our white brothers and sisters mainly, the majority to support us in the common sense cause of the experience of black americans is not the same for everyone else. >> i'll show you the video you were talking about earlier, jay, when freddie gray was initially taken into that van. watch this. >> that boy's leg look gross. his leg broke, y'all dragging him like that.
2:20 pm
>> i don't know if you can see that. if you have a tv monitor there, but his legs clearly are limp, he's being dragged into that van. >> right. so wolf, listen let's you and i make history today. blow this thing wide open. think about it. why would innocent bystanders say his leg is broke? why did he twist his leg like that? why would his legs be limp? that means an injury. my 6-year-old daughter london can see that's an injury. blow it up. it was an injury we see it. >> clearly, his legs are limp although you did hear the police chief involved say that when he actually got into the van he was standing on one leg. you heard him say that. r. >> right. one leg possibly, that doesn't mean the other one. it was limp. the temply commissioner with jerry rodriguez said no physical action needed in the arrest, but we see his leg bent. we all see it. >> you're dragging that leg.
2:21 pm
>> we see freddie gray's injury. very well could have been a spine injury right there, which could have alluded to a weak spine resulting in his head bobbing and the other injury. that's his injury there. we all see it. jay morse sn notrison is not making this up. >> no. clearly you're not. looks very limp. ob youps lyviously looks in pain. the union representative say sometimes people arrested resist and go limp deliberately. you've heard the police union representative say that. >> and that's where police and our government put government over citizens. especially government over african-american citizens. right? so if we were all being human beings about love and empathy, you would see compassion. a white child, spanish child, korean child, that person just got injured, their leg pulled in a weird ways causing that man
2:22 pm
not to be able to walk. "all seen that. seen the witness, the cause an effect. cause, leg bent. effect, con move his leg. spine broke. that's what happened. why are we fooling ourselves? why is the commissioner fooling himself? >> do you have confidence in this investigation? >> yes. i'd put $1 million on it. >> confidence in this police investigation right now? the state's attorney investigation, what the mayor is doing? do you have confidence in the authorities, in other words? >> i don't have confidence in the american government. but i have a confidence in the american people. i believe that the people white, black and everything in between will make enough noise. enough civil protests that the government will be forced to do the just thing. government on its own, three weeks, no action. no action happening in baltimore, until riots happened. had those youth not rallied up and rioted, no one would be here. that's why we're here. that's why justice is exposed. if there's no riots, freddie gray goes under the rug by every
2:23 pm
oh black ungist is that happens in america. this is why we're here. >> jay, if you could stay with us. we have to take another commercial great lake. -- commercial break. watching what's going on on the streets of baltimore and philadelphia. other demonstrations planned as well. we'll be right back. thank you for being a sailor, and my daddy. thank you mom, for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are thankful for many things. the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them.
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california. we're following the breaking flus. new dpemen strapgs endemonstrations on the streets of baltimore and philadelphia. and our cnn affiliate wjla
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citing maltultiple law enforcement briefed, reports of a medical examiner found gray's fatal injury was actually caused ar the arrest when he slammed boot back of a police van apparently breaking his neck. brian todd among the protestors in baltimore with more on what's going on now. update viewers, brian. >> reporter: this gathering of marchers just stopped on st. paul street and we have a couple of local celebrities here about to talk to us. carmelo anthony, an nba star and kevin lyle well-known music executive, trying to find my photographer. just got jammed up in the crowd here. all right. carmel owe anthony moved ahead of us kevin, here's kevin. you just got back into town. why did you want to join this march? >> when melo and i heard about everything we said this is our city. we got to come home. come home make sure people understand we needs to build up the city. not tamp the city down. that was our response to come
2:29 pm
down organize and come walk the industry. >> reporter: you said your group met with city officials behind closed doors. >> yep. >> reporter: are you satisfied with answers given? >> not satisfied yet because we don't have the truth yet. we get the truth we can make a difference. the right now we don't have the truth. until we get the truth there will be no peace. >> reporter: okay. you bear a striking resemblance to russell simmons. you tell me you're not him, kevin lyles. i'm not sure we believe you. he think this is rustle simmons saying his -- >> i'm born and raised here. i bleed baltimore. >> reporter: you're one of the organizers here. what is your goal tonight? >> my goal is the agenda. want to, like ferguson. we needtranquility, we want to be the voice. >> reporter: what about the report handed to the prosecutor the nuggist of information, a
2:30 pm
fourth stop? >> i understands that protocol in the police department. understand the prosecutor has a job to do. myself layman terms i'm going to be patient with the process. i just want justice for freddie gray and his family and young folks to know we're not giving up. we're going to see justice by any means necessary and hope they do the right thing. >> reporter: what are you telling the crowd? >> positive. do everything positive. we condemn any violence. my friends, family, we condemn violence. baltimore is is a beautiful city. we love baltimore. baltimore gave me my identity. i it never turn on a city that gave me so much. >> reporter: one of our affiliate is citing multiple law enforcement says that freddie gray was likely not injured by the two policemen who accosted him on the street and was injured by a blow to the head inside that van. a wound on his skull mamp add bolt inside that van. what do you make of that?
2:31 pm
>> well i don't -- i'm not a forensic specialest, not a biologist. i do know that you fall down hit your head nothing to do with your throat or spine. foreign minister my understanding, injuries that couldn't have been self-inflicted. my own thing, i'm praying for the truth. i talked to the commissioner. we had a successful meeting, talked about solutions, about policies and procedures and i think we're moving in the right direction. so when the findings come out it will be fair and just. >> reporter: all right. the city leaders, the mayor, everybody else, are pleefrding for patience from plead are fog patience from organizers like yourself. how patient will you be? >> as patient as it takes. lives matter, black lives matter. these kids need leadership and guidance. under no circumstances will allow them to do something negative or to hurt the community. the irmayormayor's job is tough right now. i respect the mayor. i respect -- all of the things
2:32 pm
she's trying to do and support her up and to the decision is made and hope she do the right thing. >> reporter: thank you very much for talking to us. good luck with the march tonight. will you actually be marching back up to the neighborhood after city hall? >> we going to march back up. divide and we going to go back on west baltimore. again, my agenda, hoping to speak to the mayor. my or someone else, speak about an agenda. that you know, that will serve the black community. we have a lot of issues not addressed, a lot of frustration and anger built up over the years. what you saw tonight was an example of that. sometimes when young people speak they speak like that. we don't want to speak like that. use intelligence and intellectual skills to promote non-violence. hoping to sit down with the mayor and bring about positive change. >> reporter: one of the chief organizers of the march, brought in ar fell mellow anthony, russell simmons trying to
2:33 pm
masquerade as kevin lymes. and marching towards city hall wolf. >> all right, brian. thanks very much. let's get more on what's going on. joining us our cnn commentator, l.z. granderson former fbi assistant tom if a went eaze justice correspondent pamela brown, cedric alexander a member of president obama's task force on 21st century policing and president of the national organization of black law enforcement executives arnds our cnn anchor don lemon joining us from baltimore. don, start with you. what's your reaction to all of the news we're getting today, especially that bombshell, it's a bombshell citing multiple law enforcement briefed on the police report's investigation saying freddie gray actually sustained those injuries in the back of that van? >> reporter: well listen a lot of people still don't believe it and especially if you're
2:34 pm
paying attention to what people are saying on the streets and what people are saying on social media, but if you actually read into that report wolf, you see it's not conclusive. they don't know if it was self-sustained or if it was is a sustained through excessive force. the interesting thing is when i spoke to a family member a very close family member of one of the officers involved in the apprehension of freddie gray, they say that most of the officers there and especially the officer close to her, believed that freddie gray sustain those injuries before getting into that van. here's what she said, wolf. take a listen. >> believes that whatever happened to mr. gray happened before he was transported. >> reporter: did he hear screams? he was in the back going crazy, maybe, yelling, moving around? >> there was -- he was irate, and he was cursing. he was yelling. and he was kicking. and that's what was heard.
2:35 pm
>> reporter: what happened first? was he secured first? >> he was placed into the wagon with cuffs. he wasn't shackled. he was shackled later en route to where they were going because he was irate they had to stop. at that point they shackled hill. the officers that shackled limb and the officers that placed him in the weigh didn't not seat belt him. >> reporter: he was never seat belted? >> no. it's an unwritten, unspoken rule that when someone is irate in the paddy wagon, you don't reach over someone that's -- that's irate. because they still have a mouth. they don't have a muzzle. so they can bite you and they can spit in your face. [ chanting ] >> reporter: yeah. so wolf, that's, again, according to her relatives, she's very close to, that person i can only say that it is a relative, and she believes that most of the officers in her
2:36 pm
estimation will be railroaded. that all six officers will have to paper for what she believes one or two maybe three of those officers did if they were responsible for freddie gray's injuries. by the way what you're hearing here at city hall there are people who are starting to gather here now wolf and they have been chanting "freddie gray freddie gray. just is freddie gray justice, freddie gray" and starting to gather here at city hall wolf. >> moving in various parts of baltimore, philadelphia. we'll stay on top of the story. i want everyone to stand by. we'll take a quick break and be right back. while others go in circles... and repeat themselves... we choose to carve our own path, in the pursuit of exhilaration. the 306 horsepower lexus gs. experience the next level of performance, and there's no going back. lease the 2015 gs 350 f sport with complementary navigation system for these terms.
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fopping breaking news and new demonstrations on the streets of baltimore and philadelphia. following the death of freddie gray, died in police custody. back with commentateorscommentators guests and correspondents. what's your reaction by disclosure by police they learned about this fourth stop of this van not by interviewing any of the police officers involved but by looking at videotape that was coming in from a private source? >> well not surprised, wolf they would get video much later in the investigation. that happens in all the cases. private businesses with their own security cameras that may not know what they've recorded on traffic on the street or a police car pulling over someone. not surprised they had to go up and down the street and ask if they had videos to look at.
2:42 pm
>> why wouldn't the police officers tell them that yeah we didn't have three stops, we had four stops? >> exactly. that means to me the police officials, like commissioner batts, weren't aware of it, because the driver didn't radio in i'm making a stop, which he's supposed to do. if that driver just pulls over doesn't radio in to the dispatcher the officials, the first day, when they started looking at this investigation, would be unaware that that stop happened until days or days later when they finally get the video camera showing he did make that stop. that's a bad indication to me, of you know that the driver to me holds the key to this whole thing. >> cedric, the police said this additional stop, discovered from a privately owned camera. what does that say to you? >> it says to me that during the investigation they continued to gather whatever evidence they could and you know it's going to be rather, maybe surprising to all of us once this investigation is released wolf as to what all it contained, and
2:43 pm
i think if they're open up further questions, maybe shed light on terms of what happened to mr. gray during that it transportation from that location there where they picked him of you off the ground to incarceration. it's certainly going to raise a lot of questions, i think, for everyone that's listening. >> let's not forget cedric that the police spokesman, captain kowalczyk, he's said we know freddie gray was not buckled in the transport wagon as he should have been. no excuses for that, period. kowalczyk also said we know our police employees failed to get a medical check in a timely matter. multiple times. thosish damns statements, aren't they? >> they are. and statements are grave concern, because i can pretty much assure you that most police departments across the country and i certainly can validate that with my own here in dekalb,
2:44 pm
is that we have policy that anytime you place anyone in that prisoner vehicle are in a patrol vehicle, that you must buckle them in. that is part of policy. >> jeff toobin. you're a former federal prosecutor. marilyn moby state's attorney in maryland she said they're not relying simply on what police are telling them, but gatht gathering their own facts. explain what you know. this morning police announced they've given their preliminary report to the state's attorney. >> this is obviously a very high-profile investigation, and the prosecutor above all wants to make sure that she has all the relevant facts at her disposal. some of them certainly will come from the police prosecutors always work closely with the local police, were ut in a case like this, it's very likely that they will reach out to other people. they will reach out to independent experts. perhaps scientists.
2:45 pm
prap perhaps forensic scientists or independent medical examiners. they could seek support from the fbi or from the state police. there is certainly no pro a prohibition working with a local or state prosecutor. the goal has to be to gather all relevant relevant facts so there can be no surprises down the line to make the appropriate decision whether this was a horrible accident that caused the death of freddie gray or was it a crime committed by someone? that's the core issue in this case. >> l.z. you wrote a piece for saying that police mistrust in baltimore hassal always been there. you say baltimore rage is not shocking. explain what you mean. >> well if you just take a look at what's been going on around this country for the past 100-plus years, you'll see there's ban consistent mistrust between the minority community and the police. and a lot of that has to do with the fact of a lack of transparencies and it's police
2:46 pm
basically have no benefit of the doubt. minorities particularly blacks in this country, have seen time and time again corrupt police officers get away with things their brothers who may not be corrupt but are silent allow these things to continue and we bear the brunt of this -- of this you know of the bad things that these police officers are doing. case in point -- right here in chicago, we're still waiting for dashcam video to be released of a youngman man killed in october. the police told us they fired two rounds into his chest when he lunged at them with a knife. the autopsy has 16 bullet wounds strikes this young man from various different pipgss. why don't you show us the video to see what happened? these are the instances black people see time and time again and this is why baltimore isn't just about baltimore but about all of these communities big and small where minorities have seen police do things and they just want some sort of transparency and some honesty. >> you see on the left part of your screen demonstrators moving
2:47 pm
towards city hall in baltimore. bottom right-hand corner. a huge demonstration in philadelphia as well. a quick break and stay on top of the story, right after this. i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara® it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara® your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara® may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths. do not take stelara® if you are allergic to stelara® or any of its ingredients.
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breaking news -- new pro- protests are under way in baltimore and philadelphia. cnn affiliate wjla cites multiple law enforcement sources briefed on the police findings are saying the investigation shows freddie gray apparently broke his neck inside the police van. let's get some reaction to what's going on. the former maryland governor bob erlich is joining us in the situation room. what's your reaction governor when you hear this report?
2:52 pm
>> the new stop, my reaction is what happened? how could this be breaking news today? why wasn't it breaking news two, three days ago? >> the fact this fourth stop they only learned from a video camera not from interviewing the police. >> that's concerning. you wonder where the investigation is. again, the fellow walking with carmelo, he made the most sense of anyone i've heard. >> let me hear what your analysis is. >> peaceful protests. this is america at its best by the way. it could be america at its worst as it was three nights ago. big difference. >> so you like what's going on right now? >> this is peaceful. i love what he had to say, by the way. we want the facts. i hate this it's my justice on my terms what you hear some of these folks saying. it's not -- no one owns their own individual justice. it's objective justice. >> you grew up in that area of baltimore. >> not too far. >> it's your home. why is there so much mistrust of the police? >> by the way, it's not just baltimore. >> but in this particular area you speak to a lot of folks
2:53 pm
there, and they don't trust the police. >> there's some his interest there. as you know there was an incident a few years ago. not an incident a policy that called for mass arrests. in 2005 i believe, 108,000, i think is the number people were arrested in baltimore city. that's 20% of the people in the city of baltimore. >> who did that? who came up with that idea? >> as you know it was a person i've run against in the past. >> o'malley. >> i'm not going to litigate -- >> martin o'malley. >> a lot of people were critical. the naacp and the aclu was critical. it wasn't just close calls. innocent people were just mass arrested. and as a result since that time there's been this growing tension. you see it playing out here. >> you don't want to say who the governor was, who the mayor was at that time? >> i'm not interested in litigating o'malley. it was bad policy then. it's bad policy today. >> the mayor at the time was martin o'malley. i want to make sure our viewers aren't confused.
2:54 pm
where is this all going in baltimore right now? >> i don't know. >> a lot of us are still worried. >> we should be worried. as former governor, you call the troops out the national guard is there. they've done a good job. we've had some peaceful protests but how long does the guard stay? where does this go? there are flash points along the way. it's now going to the local prosecutor obviously, what she does. it's her decision. >> do you have confidence in had he and the mayor? >> she's brand-new. she's brand-new. >> what does that say to you that she's brand-new? >> she doesn't have a lot of experience. >> sheep has a good professional staff with her? >> i hope so. >> it sounds like you're worried. >> i'm worried about my city. i'm worried about my state. this is good. this is fine. this is what it should be. when cars get torched. when the police are back tracking it's a problem. >> we're going to stay on top of this story. governor, thanks very much for coming in. we'll continue this conversation bob erlich the governor of maryland grew up in
2:55 pm
that area where so many problems are unfolding right now. thank you. >> my pleasure. coming up stunning new disclosures in the freddie gray case. wjla cites multiple law enfors enforcement sources as saying the fatal injury occurred in the van taking him away. police say the van made an extra stop investigators were not initially told about. so if you have a flat tire dead battery need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. ♪ it's not home. but with every well considered detail . . .
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happening now in the street new pro-tests tonight in baltimore and philadelphia. stunning new information emerges about the arrest and death of freddie gray. in the van. that's where the medical
3:00 pm
examiner reportedly believes gray suffered his fatal injury. we're going to tell you what we're learning about that ride now that police have turned over the results to their investigation. what's next? it's now up to a young prosecutor to decide whether to seek criminal charges against the police officers involved in gray's arrest. shea she has a personal connection. i want to welcome our viewers in the you states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >> this is cnn breaking news. weigh following new protests in baltimore and philadelphia seeking justice for the death of freddie gray. tonight new bombshells in the investigation, just hours after police turned over their findings to the baltimore prosecutor. wjla-tv is reporting that the medical examiner found that gray's fatal injuries were caused when he slammed into the back of the police transport be van not during his videotaped arrest. another new revelation police say they now know the van made a
3:01 pm
previously undisclosed stop. we're standing by for a news conference with the maryland governor. we have our correspondents our analysts our newsmakers all standing by as we cover all the angles of this breaking story. first, the very latest from our justice correspondent pamela brown. what are you learning? >> reporter: the new revelation coming from wjla that a police investigation just handed to the city praurt finds that freddie gray's injuries were not caused by the arrest or any of the interactions with police. the medical examiner found that gray's deadly injuries were caused when he slammed into the back of the van apparently break ing had his neck according to cnn affiliate wjla that spoke to multiple law enforcement officials briefed on the findings. the sources telling wjla the head injury matched a bolt in the back of the van. when that injury happened is not clear. police revealed today that the fatal trip after freddie gray's
3:02 pm
arrest included yet another stop a stop that police not only did not disclose but apparently did not know happened until recently raising new questions about gray's treatment after his arrest. >> we discovered this new stop based on our thorough and comprehensive and ongoing review of all cctv cameras. >> reporter: police said today the new information came from a private camera at this intersection not from the police officers involved with his arrest and not from police logs of the van's trip. >> obviously it raises all kinds of questions. somebody in the police department knew about this stop. and what it suggests is that whoever was driving the van, was involved in the van trip was not forthcoming. >> reporter: the newly disclosed stop it pulled over here. the video shows police putting leg irons on freddie gray. police say the new stop revealed today happened next in front of this corner store. after that the van made a third
3:03 pm
stop police say to quote, deal with gray. that's when he asked allegedly for medical attention but didn't receive it then. a fourth and final stop was when police put another prisoner in the van. gray only received help once the van reached the police station 25 minutes later. the police commissioner said a week ago the other prisoner could not see gray but could hear him. >> what he has said is that he heard freddie thrashing about. >> reporter: according to a police document obtained by "the washington post" the prisoner also told investigators gray was intentionally trying to injure himself. >> it's a shaky statement and the fact it was released is a transparent effort to try to influence the public discussion of the case. >> reporter: and police say there was only one officer inside gray's transporting van. five out of the six officers we know involved with gray have given statements to investigators. we don't know exactly who the officer who hasn't given the statement is. wolf? >> pamela brown, thanks very much. to brian todd on the ground in
3:04 pm
baltimore for us. brian, where is this protest moving? >> reporter: wolf the protest arrived at city hall in downtown baltimore. our photojournalist is going to pan over here. the crowd is very vibrant. i with would say at least a couple hundred strong. addressing the crowd, calling for peace, peaceful protest. i'm here with ashley fonteroy a musician. i'm going to talk to you about your church in a second. what is your main draw? why did you want to come out today? >> honestly because the youth are being misrepresented. i'm 25 years old. we wanted to let you know that the city is not burning as a result of us. this city is on fire but the rage needs to be directed into a positive direction for justice and for peace. >> reporter: i want to ask you, you say your church was affiliate edd with that building
3:05 pm
that burned down monday night during the rioting, the building that was going to be a senior citizen living facility. what did that do to your community. >> that was meant for our community. it's meant to bring good and revenue and just love and peace and harmony. everything you could possibly need housing, drug services you know rehab. not to fund drugs and things like that no. this all was going to be good for east baltimore. the church has been fighting for that property for years now. it's been a ten-year plan. i've been a member for the last five years, you know and it's been my own money and build inging and taiting fund, my faith, my emotions. >> reporter: scenes from monday are what a lot of people take away of images from baltimore. this is the image they have of your city. what do you think of that? >> all they know of baltimore is negative. baltimore has so much positive. the reason why i stopped rapping is because honestly what i was rapping about wasn't even positive. i stopped that, got into the church. now if i come back with music it will be nothing but positivity. women are divine educators.
3:06 pm
i'm 25. we have some smart -- we're out here. we are intellectual we are smart, we're healthy, we're beautiful, we're not that fire you see. we're not those loiters. did you see me on tv stealing anything? no. we are here for peace. >> reporter: thank you. thank you, ashley. good luck. these protesters, wolf eager to put a different stamp on baltimore, a different image on baltimore. this rally, this march, one big step towards that and, again, like on marches in days past, nights past they want to take the message back from the violence and put it on the freddie gray case. again, they think this is a big step towards doing that wolf. >> thanks very much. i want to show our viewers what's going on. this is a fair that's in northeast baltimore right now. all indications it has nothing to do with any of the demonstrations. it just underscores that there are regular problems in baltimore that have to be addressed even beyond some of these protests. those are live pictures coming in from this fire in baltimore.
3:07 pm
so the city continues with the good the bad, and the ugly obviously. the protest over freddie gray's death are spreading not only in baltimore but tonight they're in philadelphia as well. that's where poppy harlow is for us. what's going on in philadelphia? >> reporter: so wolf everyone gathered here about an hour ago right in front of city hall. you see it right to my side and now they're marching. the latest estimate we have from police is there are about 600 people gathered. my eye is that there is more than that but it is completely peaceful. this is exactly what you want to see in a protest, people out voicing their opinions saying no justice, no peace, talking about freddie gray but also talking about the bigger issue of our criminal justice system one young woman, angela telling me this is about a lack of equality she believes under the eyes of law enforcement. another young lawyer i spoke
3:08 pm
with, an african-american told me the first time i was profiled was when i was in law school. i think things in the system need to change and, wolf, she talked a lot about what we heard the president talk about in recent days and others and that is opportunity, that this is also about economic opportunity. so what we see is the police standing by watching but allowing them to march freely. i asked a number of protesters where they're marching. they're not sure exactly how far they're going but so far everything is calm it is peace peaceful and the police telling me here our job is to protect the protesters. they are citizens not suspects, and they have the rate to do this. and it is our job to stand by them and protect them. wolf? >> any idea poppy, how long they're planning on staying out tonight? we know in baltimore there's still a curfew in effect. they have to be off the streets by 10:00. what about in philadelphia? >> caller: yeah, there's no curfew here. they've stopped here because it's a red light. they have not said how long they're going to protest for.
3:09 pm
i think they're just going to go. we can ask some of them. do you happen to know how long you're going to march? >> until it ends. >> reporter: until what ends? >> until the protest ends. i don't know. >> reporter: i don't think there's a set time. there's no kur you few, wolf. >> all right, poppy, we'll stay in close touch with you. one of the organizers of these baltimore protests the reverend gentlemanjamal bryant. thanks for coming in. what do you make of these new revelation ss today that maybe the injury occurred inside the van, that there was a fourth undisclosed stop that police apparently never reported that they found out by seeing closed circuit private tv cameras? it's pretty surprising what's going on right now. >> it's disheartening because you have to keep in mind when all of this started the commissioner said we would have a full report disclosure on may 1. and then they backed up yesterday and said no it's going to be sealed. it won't be announced.
3:10 pm
and then strangely it's leaked to "the washington post" that there was somebody else in the van and they tried to make us believe that the first report was he had an asthma attack. the second one his legs weren't in full functionality. the third one is overtly suggesting he's committing suicide by trying to injure himself. and so the community really has zero trust in the police department or even in this investigation. >> what about you? do you have trust in the police commissioner? is he doing a good job? is he doing what he needs to do? >> he's not doing half of what he needs to do. he should never at the outset set a date. anybody who has gone through the legal process knows that it's a little bit tricky that you can go back in for further investigation. so to put a false sense of hope has really upset the community all the more. and so we're going to be working tirelessly tonight so that there's not an explosion tomorrow. >> what about the mayor? how is she doing? >> i think the mayor is not doing enough in community relations and spending a lot of energy for public relations.
3:11 pm
the community now after "the washington post," we have more questions when we thought it at this point we'd have more answers. >> it's such a tense situation. you're trying to calm things down. tell us what you're doing. >> we've been working, pulling together. we have a truth pact from the bloods and crypts gang to sign a treaty of no violence. the christian community and the nation of islam have in fact joined forces to do security to back young people away and to try to change the narrative away from the looting and cvs and what happened at camden yards, the officer's bill of rights and how it is a lot of african-americans feel like they're being victimized. >> is the curfew smart or not so smart? >> i think that the curfew initially was smart. i don't know the curfew with the national guard has made us feel as if we're in a concentration
3:12 pm
camp, if you would. 5,000 traps walking around with rifles and guns is a little unnerving. yesterday i went to high schools in baltimore to try to get some sense of peace before friday comes and to go outside of a high school and see that many armed force agents was unnefk for 15 and 16-year-olds. >> i will speak to the commanding general of the maryland national guard who is in charge. what do you want me to ask? >> how is it that we treat our children as outright criminals? imagine just last week a young man goes to trial for shooting up a movie theater in denver. what happens? he's apprehended. he's not shot. in the afterrican-american community all we see is brute force. baltimore has had to pay out in excess of $5.3 million for out-of-court settlements for how it is -- >> the relationship between baltimore police and the local community is -- >> it's estranged.
3:13 pm
it's a marriage of a couple living in two separate bedrooms in the same house. we're co-existing but it is not a loving one. >> reverend bryant i want to you stand by. i have more questions. we're watching these demonstrations in baltimore and philadelphia. we'll take a quick break. much more right after this. will you help us find a house for you and your brother? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ woooooah you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen. zillow
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3:17 pm
momentarily we're going to hear from the governor of maryland larry hogan, is going to be speaking answer inging reporters questions together with the general of the american national guard, the state police the commissioner will be doing this news conference as well. we'll get reaction from the reverend jamal bryant who is
3:18 pm
still with me as well. you see the protests are continuing in baltimore and philadelphia the. elsewhere as well. we're all over that. as we're watching what's going on tonight, the state prosecutor is urging calm. she's now taking the lead in the freddie gray investigation. she's considering whether to pursue criminal charges against any of those six police officers who were involved in the arrest of freddie gray. our cnn reporter don lemon has been on the streets all week. give us an idea what's going on. >> reporter: we're here at city hall, wolf. i've been out in the crowd talking to people. they're fired up. it is mostly peaceful. that's what this prosecutor is going to have to deal with. really the attention and anger coming from the folks here. she is young, but in her youth she is very experience edd. she has a law enforcement background. she knows tragedy. but can you imagine starting out this very difficult job with the entire world watching? she's the youngest chief prosecutor of a major american
3:19 pm
city and she's been on the job less than four months. but now 35-year-old marilyn mosb mosby has a huge decision to make that could calm the anger in the city she loves -- >> that is definitely a police car they're vandalizing right there. >> reporter: -- or possibly reignite violence. >> i know the state's attorney is committed to justice. >> reporter: she'll review the findings of freddie gray's death as well as an independent investigation by her office as she considers any criminal charges against the officers involved in his arrest. >> we have much more confidence in her than we have in the police. >> reporter: her views on crime and punishment were shaped when she was young. >> i come from a long line of police officers. >> reporter: her mother father grandfather and four uncles all wore a damage. >> despite what we all might want to think, the police officers in our city are doing their jobs. it actual lyly hit really close to
3:20 pm
home. >> reporter: she says she decided to become part of the justice system after crime hit home. >> my cousin who was extremely close to me was like my best friend was killed on my front are doorsteps. >> we want peace! >> reporter: as protests spread across baltimore and the nation there's enormous pressure to prosecute the officers who arrested freddie gray and to give the public answers about how he died. some of that pressure may come from her own husband, the father of her two young daughters, who also happens to be a city councilman nick mosby represents parts of west baltimore where the riots broke out. >> she's a strong woman. she was built for this. >> reporter: so now we have this state's prosecutor, we have the attorney general of the you states we have a woman in charge of the national guard, and the mayor of baltimore all african-american women, wolf and all making a decision. being a huge deciding factor on
3:21 pm
what happens now with african-american men and police. >> i want to you stand by don, because we have more to discuss, but i want to bring back one of the organizers of the baltimore protest, the reverend jamal bryant. by the way, marilyn mosby, i don't know if you know her, her husband is the city councilman and will join us in "the situation room. "what do you think of her? >> i think she's very promising. she represents a demographic that is woefully under represented and young people can relate to her. most of the protesters are between 15 and 25, and so they see in her a promise of their own future. >> 35 years old, though is she too young, too inexperienced for a high profile case like this? >> i think she has a certain level of commitment to her constituents having just been elected.
3:22 pm
last weekend in northern charleston when walter scott was shot and the officer was indicted it was the very first time in 21st century that a white officer has been indicted for killing a black person. now we're looking to see will in fact the tables of justice swing in our direction because from trayvon martin to michael brown, we feel lady justice has been blindfolded but keeps peeking out. >> you hear the governor, you hear the mayor the police chief. they say this this investigation is continuing right now. >> right. >> but have you already drawn any conclusions? >> that we're dealing with a great level of incompetency. our governor really can't be taken searriously on this issue because we look at that as reactionary considering in the last session of the general assembly he limited and reduced our financing for public schools but increased the financing for system
3:23 pm
which says where his priority is and we want to see our children have incredible futures and not being reduced to stigmatized as thugs. >> are what are the folks in baltimore bracing for? >> reporter: well right now they're bracing are for the rain because it's raining. that's what the citizens are. they're not letting it stop them. they come to city hall about this hour and then start to move on to other locations so they're bracing for peaceful protests and the same thing they did last night. the citizens the community leaders, the community organizers getting between the police lines and those who may want to defy that curfew. i just want to say one thing, though, about this new prosecutor this new state's attorney the reason that people like her, she's a former insurance company lawyer but the reason people like her is
3:24 pm
because she can be impartial. she can look at both sides and be fair both sides. she has been critical of police but has been critical about police abuse. so that's why they are happy to have her in this particular position. >> and what's the reaction over there in baltimore to this wjla report that freddie gray actually died inside that police van as it was driving around? >> reporter: people don't even -- >> that the cause of death -- >> reporter: right, right, wolf. people don't even like to ask you to ask the question, was it self-inflicted? was it he can sesive force? how could it be self-inflicted? they believe that is beyond the realm of possibility. they're not reacting to it very positively. they want to seep the entire report come out for everything to be investigated so that then they can judge on the merits, on the facts when everything is revealed. >> all right, don, thank you very much. don will be back, by the way, as usual at 10:00 p.m. eastern later tonight. a special edition of "cnn tonight." that's when that curfew goes
3:25 pm
into effect. much more coming up with don. we're standing by for the news conference. the governor of maryland the city police commissioner the commanding general of the national guard, they're gettinging ready to answer reporters' questions. live coverage coming up. h this booking lavish tokyo hotel. and so does: jetlag ♪ ♪ woman: whoa. ♪ ♪ woman: ha ha... ♪ but you, you booked a room with . . . the switch you got it booking right. booking.yeah meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more
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once again as the protests
3:30 pm
continue in baltimore and philadelphia, i want to alert our viewers we're standing by for a news conference. the governor of maryland larry hogan, getting ready to brief reporters with the commanding general of the maryland national guard, the police chief in baltimore, the state police chief as well. we'll have live coverage of that. that's coming up here on cnn. i want to go to brian todd on the ground in baltimore where they're continuing to march. what's the latest there, brian? >> reporter: wolf the marchers have left city hall. they have -- they're now several blocks away from city hall moving at a fast pace as they have just about every night we've been with them. we're now moving along charles street. we were told that they're going to go back up to north avenue and pennsylvania which was, of course, one of the flash points of the unrest here over the past several nights. several confrontations between protesters and police but, again, a lot of those con confrontations were self-policed by the crowd. when it happened, the protest organizer of this march, car michael kennedy, just told me
3:31 pm
that they are committed to having this be a peaceful march just like every other night. i asked him how patient he and his followers were willing to be with the police report. he said we're willing to be patient. we're willing to be reasonable. they just don't feel like they've gotten enough answers yet. they're a little bit frustrate ed with the information that's come out today and they are just determined to keep up marches like this so they can take the message back and do not let anyone in the united states forget about freddie gray forget about michael brown, forget about eric garner and all of the victims of police brutality. they are making this a nationwide statement on the issue of police treatment in these neighborhoods, wolf. >> all right brian. stand by. the protest also spreading to philadelphia tonight. poppy harlow is there. poppy, update us. >> reporter: so you have a huge group here wolf. they've been gathered since 4:30 this afternoon. they started for about an hour congregating at city hall.
3:32 pm
now they're marching and they don't have an end in sight. no violence. a lot of police are out, the philadelphia police inspector told me we have sufficient law enforcement. they say the people are protesting peacefully. a lot of the people i've been talking to have been telling me this is about a lot more than freddie gray, this is about being seen as equals under the eye of the law, no matter what race you are. another young woman told me this is about opportunity, economic opportunity as well as all races. you have some people who want the cameras here. you have other people who don't want the cameras here. again, they're marching as long as they can and the police told me they're going to allow them to march as long as they want. as long as it's peaceful. >> i want to continue to follow
3:33 pm
the breaking news. joining us is the baltimore city counsel councilman nick mosby. i assume you know by now the affiliate wjla-tv spoke to multiple law enforcement sources briefed by police reports and they say the medical examiner found gredfreddie gray's injury was caused when he was slammed into the back of the transport van apparently breaking his neck a head injury they say he sustained that matches a bolt in the back of the van. what's your reaction nick to this information from wjla? >> i haven't heard that information. if that is accurate and true it's consistent to what the police said before that he wasn't restrained in a seat belt or anything. knowing that they said he had handcuffs on as well as leg shackles it's pretty tough to probably maneuver in one of those advance. >> we know he should have been in a seat belt. he should have been restrained
3:34 pm
which were the guidelines in a police van like that so that's clear, and the police have said he should have gotten medical treatment much more quickly than he eventually received by the time he got it it was clearly way too late. what's your reaction also, to the report that what the police are saying is that they only learned about this fourth stop of that van not from police officers from the interviews that they conducted but you from a private security camera that got the video of that? that looks pretty strange, doesn't it? >> it looks very strange. and i think some of the information that the community is really concerned about. again, wolf, we take it back to the beginning of this entire saga. unfortunately, the police weren't able to tell folks why he was chased why he was ultimately detained and arrested and what he was charged with. so it's information like that that hasn't really come out, and then when you have a couple weeks later that there was an additional stop that's never
3:35 pm
been report eded in the past in any of the police time lines, it's very concerning. >> tell us about your wife. the state's attorney. she's the one in charge now of this investigation. give us a little background on her. >> well she's a strong woman. she's my wife. i love had her to death. we met in college. this is her passion. it's always been the pursuit of justice. she always wanted to be the chief prosecutor in a mayjor city and she is getting an awesome opportunity of doing it. at the end of the day we were at church last week and the preacher was talking about right place, right person, right time and i think that's very fitting for her as it relates to this particular case. i know they're working around the clock. i told you earlier wolf if you see her, tell her i love her. i know she is going to get to the bottom and we will have the true facts. >> she put out a statement earlier saying her office is not simply relying on what the police are telling them but
3:36 pm
they're gathering their own facts as well. what does that say to you? >> well, i know she put out statements a week or two ago saying that she was doing her own independent investigation, so pairrallel to the police investigation she's had her own independent investigators looking into this matter. >> is it awkward knowing you're a councilman, she's the state's attorney? is that awkward at all given the high-profile nature of this investigation? >> it hasn't been because we don't see a lot of each other. it's my job to advocate for my constituents, freddie gray, his family, friends, the community, they're my constituents. that's why i've been out each and every day supporting the community, trying to rebuild and trying to ensure we keep as much peace on the streets but we also fight for justice for freddie and the community. >> i spoke earlier with the reverend gentlemanjamal bryant. i assume you know him. he didn't say -- he was very supportive of your wife. he seems to be losing confidence in others the mayor, the police
3:37 pm
chief. what's your reaction when you hear that? >> i mean it's consistent with some of the things the pastor has said in the past. at the end of the day i think the real focus is on driving down to the issues of how a seemingly 25-year-old healthy guy goes from running away from the police to about 40 or 50 minutes later having a severed spine. i mean that's some serious stuff. and folks have the right to be upset, to be angry and to be frustrated. we just have to make sure we pursue justice in a very peaceful manner and that's what i'm focused on in my neighborhood. >> good luck, nick. we'll check back with you tomorrow. nick mosby is the district councilman. thank you very much as usual. the protests are continuing in baltimore and philadelphia. we're standing by for a news conference with the governor of maryland. there you see a live picture coming in. he will be joined by the commanding general of the maryland national guard, about 5,000 troops have been activated getting ready to deal with any problems.
3:38 pm
i hope there are no serious problems. much more right after this. financial noise financial noise financial noise financial noise
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wild within. following the breaking news new protests heating up in baltimore over the death of freddie gray who died from a severe spinal injury after being arrested by baltimore police. take a look at this. we're standing by for a live news conference. the maryland governor joined by
3:43 pm
others including the commanding general of the maryland national guard, the baltimore police commissioner the state police chief. they're all getting ready to answer reporters questions. we'll have live coverage of that coming up momentarily. i want to bring in sonny hoskins. you know the prosecutor in this case, the state's attorney. you know the mayor. how complicated is this case right now? >> you know i think it's complicated for a couple of reasons, wolf. this prosecutor is going to be criticized because of her relationship not only to her husband who is the city council for the district in which this occurs this tragedy occurs. i think, also, her relationship or her ties to billy murphy the family -- the gray family attorney, that's going to be questioned and her experience will be questioned because she was with this state's attorney's office for about four years. my understanding is that she has not tried a felony murder case and so this is going to be a real test of her leadership. i also think it will be
3:44 pm
difficult because she comes from a law enforscement background, her mother, her father both police officers in boston and you have a prosecutor who then is being tasked with a very difficult job of charging perhaps charging law enforcement officers. i think it will be a very difficult case. >> tom fuentes, as we await this news conference what's your reaction to this cnn affiliate wjla report that freddie gray may have gotten that spinal injury the head injury as a result of what was going on inside the van? >> wolf many of us have been suspicious from the beginning that whatever happened to him happened in the van. as far as this coming out in leak form like it is, i'm suspicious of that, also. i would like to see we get the actual medical examiner's report what's definitive as to his injuries and how they know he
3:45 pm
got them. the claim it matches a bolt in the back of the van makes it sound suspicious to me. >> the news conference is about to begin. there's the commissioner of the baltimore police chief, anthony batt. let's listen in and get the latest. good evening. as everyone has come in we wanted to share some information and answer a few questions. my name is commission erer batt, baltimore police department. to my left i would like to introduce the national guard and to my right the state troopers. as we have moved through this week when we have large incidents like this and have agencies come in we fall into a unified command. we put out mutual aid, law enforcement and the national guard are doing this. it's normal for us. it's nothing out of the norm. we go into an incident command system.
3:46 pm
i have to give directions on where we would go. the general and colonel, we are working as a very close team. we just finished meeting with the governor and the mayor, with my two partners too, we are the policy directors of this event. so the mayor, the governor the colonel, the general, and myself, we walk through plans from day-to-day. we come to an agreement and give it to the operators to put into effect as a whole. i would like to thank the general for her support, thank the colonel for his support. we've had a seamless operation we've used each other's expertise to move this program forward and as you see we've had two very good days of conduct that have taken place in our city. what i have to say for myself and the mayor and also the governor is that we're extremely pleased and happy and applaud the citizens and residents of the city of baltimore in their
3:47 pm
activities. they're coming out, showing what baltimore is really all about, which is helping each other, standing strong and the grit the city is really made of. i would like to applaud all of them, the pastors, the mothers and on and on and on. i'll stop because i'll miss someone. we're extremely pleased of those lines. what i'd like to caution because we've had two days of qua et and the city has become stable and settled itself down we have residents and business people who are saying can we take the curfew away. things have settled. can you caned of retract some of the curfew ordordinance. i will say this we still have a weekend to make it through. i ask for your patience. i ask for your understanding as we move through. we have two very large marches that are going to take place throughout the weekend and in a very short notice as i walked in i was instructed and told that we have a lot more protests that are popping up by the minute and
3:48 pm
even if we didn't, we have other cities that have large protests that their activities impact our city, too. at this point we're going to stay stable. we have built out plans for each day. the policy group went through what we're doing today, what we're doing on friday saturday and through the weekend as a whole. again, i want to reinforce the curfew will be on throughout the weekend. the curfew starts at 10:00. we will be enforcing a curfew throughout the weekend until the governor and the mayor and my partners come together and make a decision on how long that will go and that will depend on activities throughout the weekend. our operational plan is based in a couple different sections. we have a modular concept which means we can shape and move with the activities that are taking place. it's team based whether the state police, our allied agencies and i forgot to thank them. we have a lot of allied agencies here from other states from the state of maryland also.
3:49 pm
we'd like to thank them so that's team based. we tailor our response to events on the ground so we can adapt very quickly to address issues that are out there and the issues will be the response of those issues in the district will be led by the district commanders who usually patrol those areas who know it best supported by the national guard and supported by the state police and our allied agencies. we just wanted to get before you and to share with you that our focus is on security the single focus is on security to the city of baltimore, standing tall as a unified force under the guidance of the mayor and the governor of the state coming together under mutual aid and incident command system. are there any questions that we could answer for you today? >> does this mean the national guard will be here until further notice? >> right now we're going to focus on getting through the weekend. general, is there anything you would like to follow up on that? >> as the commissioner said we
3:50 pm
are following the incident command system. and so what that does, it provides a very structured way that we are to exit. and that's actually based on what is the need for the local community. that will be determined by the leadership, the leadership you see in front of you the mayor and the governor. we'll make the determination based on the activities going on in the community. we will not all at once pull out. it's usually a gradual because we have to make sure we're getting our folks back to where they need to be. it's just like any other operation, just like you would see typically for a snowstorm or anything else you know we come in and we're working with you until we make sure that everything is settled and then we can actually go back to normal operations. i just want to remind you that for the national guard, it's different than what you would see if it was active duty or something else. when we pull out, we go back to
3:51 pm
our armories we put our equipment up and the folks actually come back to their homes. if they're living within the city they're still coming back to the community. we're all here. we're going back to our communities. >> how do you respond to the separation about freddie gray possibly dying -- whatever you can say, sir. >> as we shared this morning when we turned the case over to the state's attorney they now have the ball. we're under their direction and they'll answer questions pertaining to the case. >> commissioner some people complained that the enforcement of the curfew is harder in some areas and not as strong in other neighborhoods. can you talk about that issue? >> we do the curfew the same equally throughout the city as a whole. whether again if you're on your
3:52 pm
way to work or you have a medical issue that's taking place, those are the reasons that we will allow. i also expect my employees in our allied resources command to use common sense. however people are not supposed to be out on the streets so please stay home. >> pertaining to te vents this weekend, will additional resources be brought in or will the level stay consistent be where we are right now. >> yes. >> additional resources will be brought in. >> yes, and we'll stay at the level to depending on the threat that goes on that day. we will not go into -- someone's phone is ringing up here. we will not tell your our resources and counts and numbers. that's a deployment issue. that's why you're getting a vague response from me. >> can you speak to people -- after 10:00, what kind of discretion would and officer have in that situation? >> i want to put that on the officers residents and citizens.
3:53 pm
this is a curfew. the purpose of the curfew is not to be out on the streets or outside. this is not to stay on your stoop. we will use some common sense and ask you to go back into your house. it will would be a little dicey if i was going to arrest you for being on your stoop but also i do not expect you to be outside. this is not playtime. this is a serious time. you don't bring in state government and national guard to be playtime. we expect you to be inside your residence, inside your domicile. >> commissioner apart from the freddie gray case, if an officer puts a prisoner in a van unrestrained and exposes them to injury is that a fire offense in your department? >> we're not at that point now. the case has been given to the state's attorney. they're following up. if you have any questions about the investigation, i refer you to the state's attorney. >> this is a question about
3:54 pm
policy generally. [ [ inaudible ] >> do they need to defend themselves? >> i don't think that changes. the rules that we always use is number one, is i expect them to stay within the rules of engagement which hopefully we can take care of issues without having to use force. but if deadly force is coming at them, they have the right to use the same amount of force. >> if everything goes smoothly the past couple of days it seems to be escalating the peaceful protests yesterday they came to city hall. if you find that over the weekend there's peaceful, limited arrests, everything is fine are you going to start scaling back as far as the curfew is concerned? it goes back to pulling out of the national guard. i'm curious about your thought
3:55 pm
process. >> part of the policy group led by the mayor and the governor and the colonel and the general and myself we meet on a daily basis. although we're looking at this weekend, every day we go over our plans and the plans for the future date. so it's a day to day evaluation. can i stand by for one second? general? >> there's one thing i wanted to actually bring up and this really gets back to the community support. so there are two websites i want to point you to. the first is marylandu united that's the first one. and then the second one is those sites have a lot of useful information out there. please take a look aet them so you can get access to things that i think is valuable for us to get back to normalcy. >> the only thing i would add quickly is state law enforcement, the law enforcement
3:56 pm
partners from across the state, all of the big counties have been here in big support. we care about the citizens of baltimore. and the state police we like to have a saying statewide approach with a local focus. normally the state police is not in the city of baltimore patrolling. but we're here in support of the citizens of maryland. i'll close with what i did yesterday. please please observe the curfew make it easier on all of us. we want this to end peacefully and we've allow all of the peaceful protests to happen. we want that to happen. people have a right to express their opinion. we support that. but when the curfew hits we have to enforce it. but if people go home like they did the past two nights we will not have that problem. thank you. >> thank you, everyone. >> all right. there it is. they're wrapping it up. i want to get quick reaction. i want to go to evan perez who
3:57 pm
is in baltimore. what are you learning? >> reporter: yes, wolf. we're getting information just in from the medical examiner's office. they're telling cnn that they're preparing to turn over their examination report to the state attorney's office as soon as tomorrow. this report could be delayed a few days perhaps until next week. they have some work to do examination to do final pieces of the report to put together. but they report could be completed and ready to send over to the state attorney's office as soon as tomorrow. the significance of this cannot be understated here. because this is an office that kept telling us this is something that takes weeks and even a couple of months. this appears to be completed in record time wolf. it's a matter of them wanting to provide information to investigators to be able to complete their work. that is what they're telling
3:58 pm
cnn. >> thanks evan for that. cedric alexander is the president of the national organization of black enforcement executives. cedric what's your reaction to what we just heard from the baltimore police commissioner and the commander general of the national guard and the head of the state troopers? >> commissioner batts who is the incident commander at this scene i think outlined very clearly to all of us what their plans are. they seem to have an objective. and they've been planful as well. it's very obvious and clear that those three individuals are working closely together. and that truly is what has made the last couple of night as real success in their curfew. here again i have more than enough confidence in commissioner batts and his leadership in that community that they're going to gradually move through this very carefully. but it became clear open evident to me that they have a real focused plan and they're going to take it one step at a time. i feel very confident about
3:59 pm
their plan. >> let's hope so. tom fuentes, your reaction? >> a lot is going to depend over the weekend and when that medical examiner report comes out. it may be bad news for a lot of people. >> pamela brown, what else are you hearing? >> well we learned of course today that there was previous yesly undisclosed stop a fourth stop. and sources that we've been speaking with say that could be significant in helping put the pieces of the puzzle together. the key could be not only the medical examiner's report but also the van driver. we're told there wes un gishl inside that van, that was the driver. there's a lot of unanswered questions about what happened at that stop how long was it what was the purpose of it. and people are going to be asking these questions until we know the answers. >> and the investigations clearly continue. the pressure is in the hands of the state's attorney. she's got a lot of work ahead of her. the community is clearly moving in the right direction by all accounts. but there's still tengs as we all know. that's why the curfew remains in
4:00 pm
effect and the national guard personnel remain on the scene. that's it for me. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." cnn's live coverage continues. live pictures from philadelphia the protests there. our live coverage continuings right now with erin burnett outfront. >> thank you. good evening, i'm erin burnett. we're continuing our breaking news conch of the growing protests in baltimore and a massive crowd gathering in philadelphia. we're going live on the ground shortly. stunning new developments in the investigation into freddie gray's death. the outrage fueled in part by new details we're learning tonight on the streets that we're seeing. these are live pictures that you're seeing on your screen. this is philadelphia now on the ground where people are marching in solidarity. here is what we know now in terms of the breaking developments. according to our affiliate