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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  April 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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but there's still tengs as we all know. that's why the curfew remains in effect and the national guard personnel remain on the scene. that's it for me. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." cnn's live coverage continues. live pictures from philadelphia the protests there. our live coverage continuings right now with erin burnett outfront. >> thank you. good evening, i'm erin burnett. we're continuing our breaking news conch of the growing protests in baltimore and a massive crowd gathering in philadelphia. we're going live on the ground shortly. stunning new developments in the investigation into freddie gray's death. the outrage fueled in part by new details we're learning tonight on the streets that we're seeing. these are live pictures that you're seeing on your screen. this is philadelphia now on the ground where people are marching in solidarity. here is what we know now in terms of the breaking developments. according to our affiliate wjla
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in baltimore, a medical examiner found the cat sfrosk injury that gray suffered happened in the back of the police car. in fact according to wjla the head injury that he sustained matches exactly the shape of the bolt in the back of the van. this is a major development that could mean gray's death was a direct result of the van ride with police. however, the big question is who caused that injury. but tonight there is a report from a prisoner who was in that same police van. that prisoner reportedly telling investigators we thought gray was quote intentionally trying to injury himself. these developments are coming hour after police released a new bombshell in their investigation. they now admit that the van carrying gray made an additional stop that was unreported until today. that means once gray was in custody, that van stopped. you will see so total of five times before an ambulance was called. what happened in that stop that stop that wasn't reported until
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now. we have a team of report irs covering every angle of the story. poply harlow is live tonight with the massive crowds in philadelphia. poppy, you're marching where the protesters. what's the mood what's the scene, how many people are you with? >> reporter: it's so hard to estimate erin. the last estimate from the police here in philadelphia was 600. i can tell you by eyeballing it's a lot more than that. you can see the crowds. but this has been -- i really want to emphasize what a paceful protest this has been throughout. it started at 4:30 this afternoon right in front of city hall about an hour people speaking there, chanting no justice, no peace. and then they took to the streets. we've been walking with them for the last hour. a few of people that i walked with a young mother named kimberly said i'm here because i believe that there is a big problem with economic -- the income gap, the opportunity gap and this is about a lot more
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than freddie gray. a young african american lawyer told me this is about not being seen as equals under the eye of law enforcement. and another young woman told me that she wants answers not just about freddie grabau about black men dying in the hands of police. she wants answers on that. this is about a lot more than what's happening in baltimore. but the hashtag here and if ham of the protest is philadelphia is baltimore, erin. >> poppy, thank you very much. miguel marquez is out front of course where this all started in baltimore with protesters. miguel major developments today that we're hearing of reports on what happened in that van, how freddie gray died. who's responsible. what is the crowd's reaction where you are? >> reporter: two words, got not good. i think people are concerned that all of this information that's coming out is setting up
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that mr. gray will take the blame for his own death. they don't like the way this is going and they're concerned about what they're hearing. there are several hundred, perhaps over a thousand protesters marching down pennsylvania where we've been -- [ chanting ]. >> it's important because we have to let the kids know we care care. >> reporter: do you think that mr. gray is going to get justice? are you concerned in. >> i'm a little concerned. we have information coming from everywhere and then information coming that he could have hurt himself. and that's really concerning. >> reporter: it doesn't square with reality.
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>> it doesn't add up. and a lot of the kids out here because when the cameras leave we want to see -- >> reporter: this is the biggest concern, that the videotape that they have seen and these reports that are coming out, they just can't square a circle and it just doesn't make a lot of sense to them. i want you to swing around here. this is the fist time in any of these marches that we've seen police stopping traffic for them. >> thank you very much. as you would hear the passion there where miguel was. and he said the words not good in terms of the response of protesters to the leaks that have been coming out about freddie gray's death. tonight the prosecutor is reviewing the findings from the police investigation. she's a name to know. she's the one that's going to decide if any any of the six officers who are now suspended
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will be charged for the death of 245-year-old freddie gray. jason, what are you learning about the investigation into gray's death? there have been several leaks as miguel said, the perception among the crowds is that all of the leaks favor police. >> reporter: right. well first of all, new details about the time line leading up to freddie gray's death. also new details about how he may have injured himself. all this erin as local leaders are working around the clock to keep the streets of baltimore calm. [ bleep ] the mysterious death of freddie gray was not caused by the him, that according to cnn affiliate wjla. multiple law enforcement sources briefed on the police findings tell them the report found gray was injured in the van with a head injury he sustained matching a bolt in the back of the van.
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this comes as baltimore police handed over their investigation to the state attorney today. while refusing to comment on what caused gray's death, they did reveal the arresting officers made four stops that day, not three as police previously reported. >> we discovered this new stopped based on our thorough and comp hence and ongoing review of all cc tv cameras and privately owned cameras. >> "the washington post" reports that a prisoner inside the van that picked up gray said he could hear gray banging against the wall and he told authorities that he believed gray was trying to intentionally injury him. anthony melvin was a friend of gray's for years. >> do you believe there's a chance that freddy gray was trying to hurt himself? >> no i don't believe he was trying to hurt himself. i don't know why they put that rumor out there. what reason would he have to hurt himself. he was already hurt. >> reporter: given all the arrest this week local leaders
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have promised justice but are also bracing for an outcome that protesters may not agree with. >> we shouldn't rush to a conclusion. shouldn't rush to burn up or tear up our own because at the end of the day what we tear up may not be replaced. >> the question is there message reaching those who need to hear it most? >> you've got religious leaders trying to reach out to the community. is their message getting to you? >> yeah yeah. because what everybody doing out here you know looting, it's not right. i don't agree with it. but i can understand where people are coming from why they're doing it. >> reporter: you mean the rioting and the looting. >> i understand why they're doing it but me personally that's not in my heart. >> the message is getting through to a certain point but people are still sour about not knowing information. we're waiting on answers. that's it. >> reporter: the question is is their message reaching those
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that need to hear it most. and, erin, i spoke 0 to win local leader, reverend pamela kolbri nirks. when i asked her about the reports, he said yes, people are angry. people are going to continue to be angry. but all they can do here in terms of the local leadership is to continue working to make sure that the streets stay calm. >> thank you very much. out front right now jason downs, an attorney for the family of freddie gray. jason, let me start with these new reports. our affiliate wjla saying the medical examiner report concludes that the ket injury happened in the back of the police van, a van like the one we're showing inging our viewers now. that's a narrative that the police have been trying to push. first of all, what's your reaction to that? >> well first, we can't react
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to rumors. the first thing we have to do is actually see the medical examiner's report. and there's no suggestion that the medical examiner's report has actually been released let alone complete pd. the first thing is we can't respond to a rumor. we must respond to facts, the fact being that we don't have that written report. >> so you're saying you don't have it. this is a wjla report. they're saying they have sources in the medical examiner's office. you have not seen it. it has not been released to you. you're still in the dark? >> a that'sthat's actually correct. to get to the core of it any suggestion that mr. gray harmed himself in the back of the van is something that freddie gray's family disagrees with. you should not check your common sense at the door just because the police are involved. he did not sever his own spinal cord whether it was outside of
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the van or inside the van. >> obviously that report out there now from "the washington post" as well as from our affiliate. they're citing another prisoner in the back of the police van. a prisoner that says he could hear freddie grabau not see him because there was a partition. he's the one saying that gray was trying to hurt himself. you completely dismiss that? >> when you place it in context, you have to keep in mind that just a few days ago the baltimore police department released information saying this very same prisoner didn't hear much of anything and now a few days later we're having another rumor or more information that this same prisoner did hear mr. gray and he thinks mr. gray was trying to harm himself. we can't respond to it was there's so many different stories at play right now. we have to get to the sfakts right now and we don't have the facts. >> as you're aware, what we have are reports coming out citing
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sources. they're obviously the source of some kind of leaking. that's all we have. there's one other thing i want to ask you about before i ask you about the leaks overall. that is this. reports of gray's health leading up to the arrest. you've seen these as well. they're saying there was a preexisting condition, some kind of an injury that he might have had, a final injury that might have been responsible for this that predated this incident all together. do you know anything about those? >> at this point we have absolutely no indication no suggestion that mr. gray, freddie gray jr. had any preexisting final injuries whatsoever. nothing that we have. we haven't spoken to one person. we haven't seen any document suggesting that freddie gray jr. had any preexisting spinal injuries whatsoever. in fact that's probably nothing but a rumor. at this point we don't have any information to verify that at all. the information we have suggests that freddie gray was healthy. >> you're saying nothing backs that up.
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what do you make overall about all of these leaks. i don't know if you heard our reporter on the street. they're saying that the protesters are angry because they believe thatthe leaks are supporting the police narrative. do you share in that observation? >> the gray family is frustrated with the changing time lines. the fact that there was an additional stop that wasn't reported until today. the fact that there are rumors leaking that mr. gray jr. having a preexisting spinal injury. the family wants truthful answers. and next breaking news of the protests growing into cities across the country. baltimore, thousands out tonight in cities including philadelphia and more on that report that freddie gray's catastrophic injury was sustained in the back of the police van. so did police do it to freddie gray or is it possible he did it
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protesters gathering across the nation. y you're looking at live pictures now.
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we have learned new information today. our affiliate reporting the medical examiner says gray's catastrophic injury was sustained in the back of the police van, not during his arrest. another prisoner in the van who could reported he hear but not see gray tells an affiliate that gray was trying to hurt himself. the police revealing that the gray transporting gray had made an additional stop. brian todd is out front in baltimore right now. brian, what's happening where you are? >> reporter: erin we're at the head of the procession with the marchers. they're getting back to the original intersection where they started this march on north and pennsylvania avenues. a very spirited energetic crowd tonight. i'm here with montez white, a 17-year-old junior from the high school. this high school was reported on earlier this week in not a positive way. police say that some students from this high school were the ones that started the
4:19 pm
confrontations with the police. now montrezl you think your school got a bad rap about that. what do you want for the future of the city stemming from this entire situation in. >> i want our young people to come together as one. you see what i'm saying? you see what power we have as youngsters out here. i'm trying to bring positivity to the neighborhood where i am right now. you understand what i'm saying? >> reporter: thank you. we appreciate. good luck. this is the spirit of what we're seeing tonight. the protesters committed to be peaceful for the moment and they have been peaceful the last two nights. when we're marching with these people in sometimes crowds of many thousand they have been peaceful sbener jettic hiking miles throughout the city. they're doing it tonight despite the weather which has been a mitigating factor here. and they just don't -- they're
4:20 pm
not satisfied with the answers they've gotten from the police so for. they think what's leaked out today by the police is not really to their satisfaction. they're willing to be patient, but you know their patience is running a little thin especially with what they perceive is the drips and draps of the information that they don't think is complete from the police right now. >> it isn't complete. it's drips and draps. the information has been fully released and there's a lot of frustration. out front dr. michelle dupree, forensic pathologist and david clinger. dr. dupree, let me start with you. with these leaks that have been coming out, our affiliate reporting that the medical examiner said the catastrophic injury was caused by gray being slammed into the back of a police transport van. another prisoner telling an
4:21 pm
affiliate that gray was trying to hurt himself. when they hear that people say it's absurd to say that someone could do this to themselves. would it have been possible? >> erin it would be possible. i think it's unlikely. but i do believe that it would be possible. but again there's where it's so important to take a very good look at the actual injury and match it up with this bolt. >> all right. so you say it's possible but unlikely. what would you look at to determine whether it really did happen? we're getting this leak right, that this is what a prisoner is saying. that's what they're putting out there and they're not putting out anything that would back that up or back that conclusion up in any way. >> right. we would take a thorough look at the body. look at the trajectory if you will or the angle of impact where that bolt actually entered the body. we would look at any other evidence inside the van, any
4:22 pm
blood spatter patterns that may be there. we can learn an awful lot about that. and we would make sure that what we see inside the van, which is our scene, makes sense with what we see on the body. >> and of course they're saying that a bolt in the back of the van matched an injury on freddie gray's head. van, you know you've heard this reporting. you've heard dr. dupree. of course another report is quoting a businessprisoner saying that gray was trying to intentionally hurt himself. do you have an open mind at all to the possibility that police are not guilty here e or do you think this is selective leaking trying to defend them? >> well, look. i would say that anything is possible. we should definitely lock at the evidence. but at this point you have to say give the police credit for creativity. listen. this is not a guy who looked
4:23 pm
like he was wanting to hurt himself. he was crying out for help. he was a guy who was hurting wanting help. not a guy trying to hurt himself. also let's just be rational here. if in fact this guy was committing some bizarre act of suicide, the very first thing police would have said my god, i've never seen anything like this we arrest this guy and he killed himself inside our a van. and the only statement we've got from the police at this point turns out itself to be a lie because they've lied about how many times they stop. the only statements on the record turns out not to be credible and this frankly bizarre story that now this guy is some kind of a freak suicide guy, i think you've got to give the police credit for creativity if nothing else. i don't think anybody is buying it tonight. >> david, it is at the least distasteful. all of the leaks seem to be coming out pro-police but
4:24 pm
they're not putting out anything to back up their side of the story. >> i have no idea why there's leaks. one of the things that drives me nuts is little bits drips and drabs coming out. it shouldn't happen that way. we need to get a complete case file together and then the complete case file gets released fl unless or until a pro-court or some official says we will give you the entire autopsy at this point, we'll give you this portion of the investigation, but the drips and the drabs and quite frankly i agree, it doesn't make sense. but i think we also need to understand that prisoner's emotions can shift and they can try to harm themselves. but a catastrophic injury that will lead to a death is quite remarkable. that's all i can say right now. one thing we do have to take into account is we know that mr. gray was not seat belted in. theoretically if the medical examiner says it's possible within what may have happened a shortstop, he falls over and his head slam boos the bulk head.
4:25 pm
that could be in play as well. >> what about the significance we found there was a significant unreported stop. >> well listen. from an actual factual point of view could be minor, could be major. from a political point of view, from a public confidence point of view, this is devastating. what this means is that we now know we have police officers who were on the scene, four of them all said the same thing and they all happened to leave out the same top. now, hey, maybe they all just happened to have amnesia at the same moment. but there's something very foul in the public mind now. >> there is. thanks very much to all three of you. next more of our breaking news. the protests in baltimore and in cities across the country. demonstrators chanting no justice, no peace. plus the fate of the six baltimore police officers in
4:26 pm
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breaking news. protesters gathering across the country tonight. this is baltimore. very impassioned crowd. they're chanting move. we've been seeing with our reporters marching through the streets tonight peacefully. in philadelphia police bracing for thousands of protesters tonight, marching in solidarity with baltimore. all of this of course from the death of freddie gray the black man who died from a spinal injury in baltimore police custody. tonight, major new developments in the investigation and here is what we can tell you now. sources telling cnn affiliate that a medical examiner found gray's death was caused by catastrophic injury after he slammed into the back of the police van, not during his arrest. police are also revealing that the van carrying gray made an additional stop a stop they
4:31 pm
have never revealed. we don't know how sig can't that is but we do know we knew nothing about it toll today. poppy harlow is out front in philadelphia. poppy, what are you seeing right now? >> reporter: we're seeing this big crowd. police said at least 600 strong. looks bigger now. they've been marching for an hour and a half. but i want to show you the police. this is what we've been seeing as well. is real strong police force but they have been allowing these protesters to protest. there have been absolutely no clashes between protesters and the police at all. i spoke with the chief information officer for the philadelphia police who said to me this is going to be a very loud a very large and a very lawful protest. these are people that need to be heard. and our job as police in this city is to protect them and their right to vocalize what they need to say.
4:32 pm
he said protesters are citizens not suspects and that is how we're going to treat them. so what we've continued to see is very peaceful protests. a mother who brought her daughter her telling me i am bringing my daughter and i'm here because i believe this is bigger than freddie gray. this is about a lack of economic opportunity and a lack of inequality under the eyes of some in law enforcement. another young attorney telling me earlier at the protest at city hall that for her she's here because she thinks that there needs to be opportunity from the ground up. she said as a black american i was born with less opportunity and that needs to change. the system needs to change. 's very encouraging to see all of the people out here completely peacefully interacting with the officers. i was told by the head of police here they will be allowed on the streets as late as they want to be as long as it remains peaceful and the police are not worried about violence at all. >> thank you very much poppy.
4:33 pm
melody campbell joins me. she's been in baltimore this week with members in the community. dewatkins back with me tonight, a long time professor who wrote about his experiences growing up with the baltimore police in an op-ed. >> these new reports when and a lot of protesters having frustration pointing out these reports that are coming to our affiliates seem to report the police narrative that this happened in the back of the van, may not have been at police hands. these obviously are coming from one side. not coming from the other. the family attorney told me they haven't seen any of the reports themselves. how concerned are you about these leaks? >> i'm concerned that the leaks are not based on what we saw. we saw that freddie gray was hurt going in that van. we also know that when he got in that van none of us know what happened other than he was hurt going into the van. so if you're hurt going into the
4:34 pm
van and you're in excruciating pain you're going to continue to be in pain. i don't know how that the reports are saying that now that means that he hurt himself and that he broke his own back. he injured his own spine. it's just not logical. and it's telling us what we saw in the video is not what happened. and that's just not fact. >> that is a frustration. you know people on social media have been saying it looks like he was injured getting into the van. how could you be saying it happened in the van. dee, what's your reaction? if there ends up being no charges in this case our justice reporters are saying that's a real possibility, right, that there may not be, what will the reaction be? is there any way to convince the community that the investigation has been fair and thorough? obviously we don't have dee's
4:35 pm
audio. he could hear me but we couldn't hear him. melanie, let me put that question to you. when this is all done and there's an investigation, the family attorneys for freddie gray and the family have weighed in. if there's an outcome and it is not an outcome that results in charges for the officers what happens? >> i think that we have to let the investigation be just that an investigation. we don't know what's going to happen until the investigation is complete. you have the state attorney having an investigation. you have a federal investigation. and i think we have to let the judicial system work to see if justice will be done in the case. we know that our young people deserve the ability to know that the justice system can work for them. that's why you're seeing protesters in this community. it's up to us, those of was who are adults especially. imwas with reverend jamel bryant at the one baltimore town meeting where we saw 13-year-olds 14-year-olds 17
4:36 pm
yeerls breaks down because they're in pain hurt and don't understand why this is happening to young people all over the country. you're seeing young people of all races all across the country. you're going to continue to see unrest and peaceful protests we pray that it continues to be peaceful. but until we see justice, we're in a movement for justice for our young people to be able to live a life where they don't have to be afraid of the police. in one of my other lives i worked for ho part jackson in atlanta, georgia. i was part of his team when rodney king took place. it's very important that we let the system work with the investigation and not decide what's going to happen until those decisions are made. >> and dee, i know we have your audio back. i apologize for that. what about this point. what if the process determines something that the public doesn't want to hear as it did
4:37 pm
in ferguson? >> right now we have to be calm and you know we have to get the final result. but i do feel like you know if his neck was broke in the back of the van, whoever is driving that van is still a murderer and should be charged. the frus for the baltimore police department is at an all-time low. we don't trust the investigators or the medical examiners. the family hasn't seen the documents yet. we should wait for the end result and urge people to stay as calm as possible. but again if his neck was broke in the back of van, whoever was driving the van is a murderer. obviously they feel like the videotape videotape is lying. but if you look at the videotape, he is limp. his legs are broken. >> what you going to tell the community to do. you're a community leader in the middle of the protests. you're stuck in an awkward position. you believe very strongly in what you think happened.
4:38 pm
but if that sunt the verdict, whether you agree with it or not -- let's say it isn't the verdict you agree with. what do you tell people on the street to do? do you tell them to respect it or do you tell them to rise up? >> no i tell people to just right now we need to remain as calm as possible. i don't want to protect any more violence or anything else negative to happen. some of the more negative things that happened now was already unfortunate. we don't want that. we're not going to jump to conclusions and i'm not going to ask anyone to do anything wild or dangerous. right now we just got to you know support the family and react the way they want us to react. >> melanie and dee thank to both of you. i appreciate that. a brief note on a segment from earlier this week. we talked with baltimore reverend jamal bryant about a community town hall he was hosting on tuesday. he stressed the importance of gang members attending. immediately after that interview we showed a live picture of the town hall.
4:39 pm
gang members were attending. members of a sorority were shown in that live picture. we're sorry if anyone got the impression that we were calling the sorority a gang organization. the so rarery is extending supplies to elderly in baltimore. we're live in baltimore as the new protests break out and the freddie gray case now in the hands of the prosecutor. she's a fascinating story. the daughter and granddaughter of police officers. can marilyn mosby get the right verdict? for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are thankful for many things. the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. our world-class service earned usaa the top spot in a study of the most recommended large companies in america. if you're current or former military
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breaking thenews tonight. demonstrators chanting no justice, no peace. this is the location actually in this live picture of where some of the worst looting happened earlier this week. this is in front of the cvs that was on fire earlier this week. we have new protests in philadelphia thousands taking
4:44 pm
to the streets already. it's expected to get bigger as the night goes on. there is no curfew. all eyes are on the prosecutor in this situation now. really this is the woman at the center of all of this. her name is marilyn mosby. she'll determine if there's sufficient evidence and reason to charge the officers vochd in gray's arrest. and her personal story is fascinating. jean casarez is outfront. >> as the city of baltimore spills into the streets demanding justice for the death of 25-year-old freddie gray, the decision to bring charges rests with its newly elected state attorney marilyn mosby. just 35 years old. it is the biggest case of her short career. her official biosays she's the youngest chief prosecutor of any major city in america. six officers have been suspended pending an investigation into gray's death.
4:45 pm
mosby must decide if there's enough evidence to prosecute. >> i come from a long line of police officers. my grandfather was one of the first african american police officers in massachusetts. and one of the things that he instilled upon us is the importance of public service. >> all four of her uncles were police officers and so was her mother. >> part of her campaign was police excessive force and brutality. what he campaigned on is that she was going to have a transparent and open investigation when these questions came up. >> raised in massachusetts, mosby was accepted in a school deseg grags program at the age of six. and then participated in a study of the civil rights movement. >> after having had that awesome experience i knew that i wanted to be an attorney. >> in 1994 her cousin was murdered on her front doorstep further solidifying her plan to be a lawyer. >> the way in which the district
4:46 pm
attorney's awe office dealt with my family is something that inspired me. >> she married her college sweet heart, moved to baltimore and started life as a prosecutor. after six years she left the office to become counsel for an insurance company. then last fall she jumped back into the ring winning the state attorney's office >> it was somewhat of a surprise upset election. but she already had has the credibility now coming out of the community. >> something her husband knows first hand as a councilman who represents the neighborhood where freddie gray was arrested. >> she's my wife she's a strong woman. she was built for this. >> and prosecutor marilyn mosby now has that chance. jean casarez, cnn new york. joining me out front our legal analyst mark o'mara. a criminal defense attorney who represented george zimmerman. >> her story is fascinating.
4:47 pm
she's a fascinating person. she comes from a family of police officers. that is one fact of her background. you were defending freddie gray as our guest at the top of the program is would you be concerned about that? would you think that that would prevent you from getting a fair hearing? >> well it's not just that she has family members who are police officers, but it's still that question that came up in ferguson which is whether or not prosecutors should be investigating their own officers. even though the african american community may be less krnd with this prosecutor than they were with mccullough, the question still remains of whether or not we need to have an independent prosecutor to come in and look at this case completely independently. in this case as i said in ferguson we should have an independent prosecutor. >> so you think that's the way to go. at this point they've made their decision. they're not going to change it right? >> no. i think she's going to do a great job. here's why i think so. she already has five years of
4:48 pm
experience as a trial prosecutor. that's great. she also know shse's in the public eye. in ferguson i was encouraged by the fact that they found an additional stop of the van. here's why. if law enforcement is doing that good of a job of gathering the information that they went all around the whole path of that van, then hopefully we're going to see the thousands and thousands of pages we saw in ferguson and we're going to have a complete investigation that we all can look at. >> let's hope that we do. that was one of the issues in ferguson. i want to go straight to poply harlow now. we've been talking about the peaceful protests in philadelphia. right now you're looking at a clash going on between police and protesters. poppy is on the ground there. poppy, what's happening? can you tell us? >> reporter: i'm here. you have a better vantage point because you're seeing my camera
4:49 pm
shot in front of me. it appears to be a clash because some of the protesters it looks like have tried to enter the freeway entrance here to east 676 or interstate 95. the police told us before if these protesters tried to block the highway at all, they would not be allowed to do that. it may be what's happening right now. i will tell you that for hours leading up until now, for the past three and a half hours, these protests have been completely peaceful and calm. this is the first time that we have seen a clash. and i tell you that it is among a relatively small group of protest ares. most of the protesters have been peaceful this entire time. >> and obviously so you're saying what it is poppy, that we're seeing on the screen -- we have an ariel pickerial picture.
4:50 pm
on the left you can see poppy's camera. on the right you can see an air yael. they could be blocking traffic within the city but not going out on to the actual interstates. pob pyfrom your vantage point, is this escalating or being handled. right now we can see the alter dags on the screen and a lot of people obviously coming to take picture, people in the crowd, protesters of the altercation but it's hard to tell whether it's calming or not. >> reporter: you know erin i'm trying to hold my photo journalist back a little bit for his safety and the safety of our team. we're going the back up a little bit because what we're seeing is a line of protesters with their
4:51 pm
hands above their heads right at the entrance to interstate 95 east. they are trying to enter the highway. the police have said they cannot. they've said take a different rout and let's hope this doesn't intensify more. you have police on horses you have police on bikes. you have support patrol cars around and people are backing up now. these protesters have been allowed to march on the street peacefully for the past two hours. but police say if they come to the freeway and try to block the freeway, they will have to stop them. that's what's happening now. >> are you seeing any arrests? >> reporter: i'm sorry, what? >> there was just some chanting of
4:52 pm
best >> the best estimate i can give you from the middle is there are possibly about 200 people gathered at the entrance at interstate 95 east. a number of them in front of me have their hands up. earlier there were up wards of 600,000 protesters. it is still the minority of them who have decided to try to enter
4:53 pm
the freeway. hopefully you can see in our shot. these protesters are not pushing through the police line. there was an altercation but now it seems they are not pushing through aggressively. they want their voices heard. someone walked by me and said are we going are we going? most people are not pushing through. w. what is your name? >> noelle. >> you're one of the protesters with your arms up. we're at the highway entrance. why are you standing here? >> the police are trying to block us from a peaceful demonstration. they pushed us back. i don't know if there was gas or
4:54 pm
mace but people almost got crushed out here. you have a right to be out here to protest in a peaceful way and they are pushing people back. people getting trampled back here. >> the police chief telling me earlier today this is going to be a loud large, but lawful protest. re being blocked. >> this happening in philly at this moment. we will take a brief break. we will be right back on the other side. see if we can figure out exactly how the situation resolves itself.
4:55 pm
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>> i know that protesters would maybe want to block the highway. i think the philadelphia police have been smart. we want to help you do everything in a lawful way. itcould be very dangerous to put people on a highway. >> we only have a few seconds left. police are right. you can't put it on to a freeway. >> police decided they r that
5:00 pm
they don't want to go that far. >> we are watching this live go down in philly where you can see this big pushing and shoving. coverage of this continues with anderson cooper 360. anderson? >> thank you very muffch. protesters once again out of the streets in baltimore and out in a big way. and one big surprise. the video you're seeing right now is from the middle of a large and at times heated confrontation. there have also been a number of clashes. police have finished their investigation in how freddie gray was injured. the report is in. they are not making it public.