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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  May 3, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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probably there. jake gyllenhaal, and mark wahlberg and puffy combs was there, and marky mark, he said manny was going to win, and put a quarter of a mill on there, and sorry, mark, and diddy, he put his money to floyd, and so all the money and pomp and circumstance, it didn't really live up to all the hype. >> it's good to get that perspective from you since you were there. your next hour of "new day" starts right now. overnight, several arrests in baltimore. a lot of people upset about the curfew, and the question this morning is will there be one again tonight? >> baltimore, ferguson, two different towns but facing the same situation. the road to recovery in
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baltimore may not be the same as in missouri. an american college student from south korea and two others now under arrest in north korea, and cnn travels to north korea to learn what is happening to them. 8:01. i am christi paul. hi, victor blackwell. >> hello, christi paul. i am live in baltimore, and we say today thousands of expected to fill the streets here, and maryland governor, larry hogan, is calling on the community for a day of prayer and peace. overnight a small group of protesters that clashed with police after violating curfews, and they are upset the curfews has not been lifted, and you can see a man being arrested last night and he was taken to a hospital for medical attention. there might be a curfews
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tonight, and there will be a news conference to see if the curfews will continue or be lifted, and in just a few hours the governor and archbishop will attend a church service asking for the statewide day of prayer and peace, and a state-wide rally is planned today at noon at city hall. tell us more about what we are expecting today and how that will be different in tone than what we have seen in the last couple of days? >> at the rallies, victor, you saw blacks and whites and they are marking together and we expect to see the same thing here that it's an inner faith rally, and we are going to have religious leaders representing all faiths here, and i am told more than 100 members of clergy will be here as well, and thousands of people will be marching. it will start here where we are now, this afternoon, and reverend bryant, he has helped to organize this, so he will be
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here as well. i think what they want to do is take this day to reflect while still making the message very clear that they want more answers and they do want justice, but, you are right, the tone will be different because this will be -- there will definitely be prayer and we will have so many religious leaders of all faiths in one place. >> there are many people saying the curfews is hurting businesses and jobs, and there's an exemption for the media and the bars and casinos are closed, and are we expecting it to be enacted again tonight? >> it really remains to be seen. we have no definitive answer as to when they are lifting this, and the mayor says she is still assessing the situation. we heard the baltimore police commissioner, and he came out and they made the decision yesterday to keep it in place, and will they make a change tonight? we don't know. we are waiting and watching for that, but the fear on their side
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is that they don't want to see a replay of the violence we saw earlier in the week last week, but there is a lot of pushback, and not just from the community but groups are coming out and saying this is affecting us from living our everyday lives. so there is definitely the pressure there to lifted the curfews. >> the priority, though, is public safety. >> thank you so much. a string of black men dying at the hands of officers has ignited a nationwide protest. but the problem is very complicated, and we discussed the complexities over the last couple of days, and let's go to ferguson, missouri, for example, and critics put some of the blame for michael brown's death on the lack of diversity on government and the police department, but here in baltimore, that's not the problem, and some cops are facing charges for the tkeft of freddie gray, and the city has a black mayor and police commissioner, and the
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co-director of the racism immigration and citizenship program at johns hopkins university says the problem is -- and this is a quote, it is policy and politics, the very things that bind together the history of ferguson and baltimore and for that matter, the rest of america, and specifically the problem rests on the continue profitability. >> if you look at north avenue and baltimore or neighbors around the mall, you see people looking for high profit, and many would abandon the profits, and many of the communities suffered foreclosures.
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anytime you have a concentrated group of black homeowners, you will try to see people make profits larger than in other communities. >> but the sub prime mortgage price is a recent phenomenon. i took the viewers on the tour, and these homes have been vacant for decades, and it's not a back drop to the story, it plays a prominent role. >> real estate, segregated real estate in particular have allowed people to get higher represents or profits from corner stores and other kinds of businesses for a long time, going back to the early part of the 20th century, and what is necessary now is a impartial federal investigation of predatory practices against communities of color around the country, and there's a long history of this, and we have not done enough to connect the dots the way we have about policing.
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>> let's talk about toya graham, and she came out and hit her son up side the head when she found him in the riots. you have a different take on that? >> so graham's personal parenting is less important to me than the actual media firestorm around it. one of the things that happens in the wake of these flare ups is a focus on what we call the black on black violence. i already got push back on this being good parenting, and we tend to focus on that as being the answer. violence against black bodieses a way to bring working class and black people in particular under control, and that's wrong-headed focus, and we need to focus on tenants' rights and rather than the moments of spectacles. >> do you see any actual action in baltimore? everybody is saying about the right thing, we need to talk
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about a, b and c, and at some point you can't just talk about a journey but you have to take a step. >> one thing you are seeing now, accountability across the board in turplz of the companies coming across the city, and accountability for landlord speculation, and tax liens, and we need a much more stronger apparatus across the board to make it harder for people of color from being taken advantage of and to prevent the flare ups we have seen. what is it like to live in west baltimore? i sat down with teenagers that say, it's quote, a mess. you will hear their perspective next. with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed, it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®. vo: levemir® is an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar
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12 minutes after the hour now. i am victor blackwell live in baltimore. we have new video from overnight of baltimore police officers on patrol staying caution in light of the new developments in the freddie gray case. the cameras were rolling and this is what they captured. >> there is a gentleman with a white hat on, it looks like from here, and he has a small hand camera, and every time the officers get ready to load somebody in the back of the van, he takes a video picture, and it looks like of their face, and you see there, as he is backing
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up and he takes a full body shot, and they are cataloguing each person they put in the van. >> a signal of how careful police are now with this expanded spotlight on arrests here in baltimore. let's talk more about freddie gray, though. freddie gray lived a life marked early by disparity and the youth of baltimore are facing staggering statistics. the most reseptember information available most young black men between the ages of 20 and 24 have an unemployment rate of 37%, 27% higher than white males of the same age. 24% of baltimore's population lives below the pwauf poverty l and i sat down with young men from west baltimore to talk about the odds they are against and ask them about specifically the challenges they are facing when it comes to employment.
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>> you already have the bad image just because of the color of your skin and age. >> trying to fit in with your peers. >> you get certified in a certain trade, but once you get out of high school, you have no exposure. as in freddie gray, he didn't have a job as a carpenter. he was certified in carpentry. where was his job? if somebody comes to you with a resume and you come to them with your resume, and you have your certification, who are you going to pick? experience over everything, right? >> uh-huh. >> they are not going to want to waste their time and money trying to teach you how to do things, so it's the lack of exposure. in west baltimore, there is no exposure, and all you know is here.
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>> i asked those young men if they wanted to get out of west baltimore, and they said absolutely, they wanted to get away from, quote, unquote, all the mess. we certainly wish the best for them and hopefully things start to turn around for a community that has struggled for sometime. the police presence here, maryland state police, i can see the national guard and baltimore police, and there is a presence here, and larry hogan calling for a day of prayer and peace that is rallied by organized faith leaders, and that will start sometime this afternoon and we will cover it live. >> great conversations coming from baltimore today, and thank you so much for everything. it's not clear what happened to a new york university student, and north korea said it has detained the 21-year-old for
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we have new details this morning involving the rescue of migrants off the libyan coast. more than 3,400 people were saved in 16 different operations by the italian coast guard in the last 24 hours, and this comes two weeks after a migrant boat capsized in the mediterranean claiming the lives of more than 800 people. from the halls of new york university, to the prison walls of north korea. the south korean is a u.s. permanent resident and lives in new jersey, and this comes as cnn is getting exclusive access inside north korea. they are talking to our
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reporter. what do we know about this young college student that has been arrested? >> reporter: well, shortly after we got in the ground here we were told about wong phaou skwraou. our government official mentioned there was a south korean citizen, a permanent resident of the united states, in custody apparently accused of trying to illegally enter north korea, and south koreaens are not allowed to cross into north korea without special permission. we put in a request to talk to this student, and we don't know a lot of details about him, if he had any communication with his family and we have been told our request is being considered right now, and we don't know if or when we will be given access to him. >> you have been given access to the other south koreans that
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have been accused of being spies. what did they tell you? >> reporter: we spoke to two men, and both were operating in china, and claiming the south korea government recruited them and gave them assignments to cross into north korea and steal information, and we have no way of verifying these claims. the south korean government denies these men were spies, and i will have to say that we were not told ahead of time on any restrictions on our spwaour views, and i asked these men if they were coached ahead of time, and they both said no, but they had remarkably similar talking points, and they talked about
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kim jong-un, and they are being watched by government officials and you might expect them to say whatever they can to better their information, and we are putting together the interview now, and there are difficulties in transmitting video back from north korea, and we will be showing that for you, so you can listen to what they said for yourselves and it was interesting. >> great job, will. thank you so much. we appreciate it, as always. you know there is a royal baby still without a name. when are we going to learn? fourth in line to the british thrown. i started coming here in
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'55. people that have been coming here have been coming here forever. >> guess what? it has not changed. >> eight lanes in a basement, and old-time bar and everybody knows each other. >> right up there is a lot of money. >> right. we had a local regular that went overseas for a couple years, and she said when i come back, i want to make sure i have a dollar to buy a drink. people caught on to the whole thing skprpbgs now some day if they never come back, it's our retirement fund. >> i bring people from out of town to sit down and have a beer, a hamburger, and this is what st. paul is all about. >> this is a nice community around here. >> embarrassing yourself on television by showing the world what a crappy bowler you are, it's something you need big shoulders to handle. gorgeous traditional bowling alley griddle burger, heaven.
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>> somehow, i just got cheated out of a lot of coins. >> let's see how we did, shall we? 122. they say you should be able to bowl your weight. with me, that's not happening.
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oh, yes. there was a big moment, the newest princess in london, most likely being pampered by mom and dad this very moment. they brought the baby girl home yesterday, and just one thing left. her name. charlotte, alice or olivia are the top names. they plan to talk to their families first before announcing it to everybody publicly, but looking at the pictures, one thing that i have heard from so many people is how does she look so good and wearing heels hours after giving birth to this baby? a tidbit you might not have known, before william, who was born in the same hospital, all of the heirs to the thrown were born at home, and this nugget is known as the spare heir, the
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second child syndrome, i guess, for the royals, because, of course, prince george would be next in line for the thrown. thank you for starting your morning with us.o "inside politics" with john king is next. make good memories today. president obama calls for soul searching after another crisis involving police and african-americans. he also called out those behind looting and arson. >> that is not a protest. that is not a statement. they need to be treated as criminals. >> ted cruz says the first african-american president is to blame some of the divide. >> he made statements that i think inflamed the racial tensions. >> it's time to end


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