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tv   New Day  CNN  May 4, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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alisyn. the event was starting to wrap up when police say two men drove up and started firing. >> we are taking you to the auditorium further awayst getting started when two when drove up. >> breaking overnight, a deadly scene if a dallas suburb. two gunmen shot dead after opening fire and wounding a security guard outside an event center where a cartoon contest of the prophet mohammed was being held. law enforcement tell cnn the entire shooting lasted 15 seconds. >> we prepare for something like this. >> reporter: the security officer bruce joiner was treated for an ankle gunshot wound and released. this shows the moment when the gunfire erupted. an interview of the sponsor of the event cut short. >> we have to stop this right
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now. shots fired. >> witnesses describe the chaotic turn of events. >> there are military and policemen everywhere running. >> we hear a boom boom everyone says get inside officers were drawing their weapons. >> attendees have the crowd sing "god bless america." . the events which included a $10,000 top prize for best car kature of the prophet mohammed was organized by a controversial group which claims they are against islamic jihad while others call them a hate group. any defiction picks are considered blass fe blasphemous. kirk wilder is on an al qaeda hit list for wanting to ban the
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quran in the netherlands. announcements a live picture of the scene, what was believed to be the suspect's car. evidence seen here at the scene throughout the night, working the situation. there had been some concern last fight that there were explosives inside the vehicle. in fact the bodies of the two suspects were shot down just next to that car. so they never made it inside the events center here alisyn. we have not gotten an update as to whether or not any explosives were found him we will get that information later on this morning. we have a vantage point which is much closer. we no longer have the bodies in effect to the car. >> keep us updated. the shootings followed the deadly "charlie hebdo" in france, a number in copenhagen those of which were linked to
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isis. nick robertson helps us look at the events. >> reporter: good morning. they drew automatic weapons targeting cartoonists inside that saturday that satirical magazine. a lone gunman tries to attack a swedish person also on the al qaeda hit list. he is attending a freedom of speech event friday a cafe. gunmen arrive with an automatic weapon, fire shots at the crowd. what they the majority of people there, one film maker was killed outside the cafe. what say the majority of people there security assigned to the
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cartoonists have pulled their weapons fire shots, the gunman gave out 30 round before he went away. later he kills a person darting a bar mitzvah inside the synagogue that night. with both of those attacks, the "charlie hebdo" in paris, we discovered the two brother had ties to the al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, in yemen and the attack if copenhagen he had ties, we later discovered to isis. he pledged an allegiance to baghdadi. >> thank you for all of that back groumd. joining us is christopher letsh. and ben ferguson. gentleman, thanks so much for
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being here. christopher you were inside the venue, tell us what happened. >> yes. so as the announcement was made i was in the middle of an interview, i saw somebody try to exit the conference room as they tried to exit. the officer that padded me down earlier, he said, please don't come out. seconds later there was an announcement on the p.a. system by watching an officer, he basically said hey, there has been a suspect and a student outside the venue. we need to escort you out of the room. >> ben, you have been following the controversy about this event. wrong before it was held this weekend. what was the community saying about this event? >> yeah the community was not happy really about this event. they were very concerned about security around it in this neighborhood. i mean, this is a place where you have major shopping. you have a school next door. the building is actually
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controlled by an independent school district. it was in response to a pro prophet mohammed event if january, which had a lot of controversy surrounding it. some of the people were in support of al qaeda and extremism. a lot of people thought that was going to be the next recruiting event in this country. so this proves today, we will have our event in the same exact place. we will put up this contest all over the world to depict the prophet mohammed will you win thousands of dollars if we pick your cartoons to be the best one. we will do this and not power down. even though people are very much in favor of sprooe free speech especially in texas. there were a lot of people concerned about this event. you and i could not have attended this event by walking up. they newspaper everyone inside that building you had to have a
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ticket. if you didn't have that ticket i didn't belong there, you were not going to get if. that's how tight security was. >> let's talk about that security. you mentioned a swat team. what kind of security was on hand? >> yes. the security that you saw as you came in was very different than security you saw after there threat was announced. so coming in it looks like basical lay few dozen. a couple dozen i have to say community officers in there, normal patrol cars. there were several perimeters of security around the venue. as i approached on the road once i got in we had to go through metal detectors and a pat-down, there was no reentry at all. >> what do the authorities say about the gunmen? there was a tweet that came out from an account believed to have
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some sort of an isis link. what is interesting and notable is the tweets that have come out have just before the attack. so someone on twitter used it to say the attack had been happening and shot it out before it occurred. >> like ben said there was a lot of buzz around this event in the community. so i can't suspect now what the gunmen has been or who they are or what they did prior to the event. there is little information given out about them so far. so we're waiting, hopefully, it will develop throughout the day. >> can we talk -- yeah go ahead. >> one of the things that benefit a lot of people have to realize you have one of the speakers at the event, the key note that was actually on an al qaeda hit list al qaeda puts out for the entire world for anybody that is a member of al qaeda sympathize with al qaeda, these are the people we want dead him
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when they have a speaker on the al qaeda hit list that's probably when you heard about this much security. i would right this security with the later perimeter, once you are in no re-entriy as to a campaign and a very controlled environment. it was because of the speaker they want dead. >> can we talk about the group that organized this event in they say they are protecting freedom of speech and that they should be able to depict the prophet moernlgsd even wlamlamb basement. that's what our constitution says. others say it is a hate group. >> i think there are hate groups and those that do things like in the "charlie hebdo" shooting. they are very proud of that.
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they are not going to back down. one person said we are in america. we are not going to cower to al qaeda or isis or anyone that wants to come after freedom of speech. they held their rally. we believe it was to help find lone wolf in january. we will have our rally in response in the same building the same place to let them know that we stand by free speech. we are not going can sell events because we are afraid of al qaeda of like attacks or terrorist attacks like they say is exactly what americans saw last night. we should not back down. >> look a lot of americans hate isis and everything they stand for. you take it a step further. they talk about islam. they talk about it with sort of real repug nance, quite frankly what the key note speaker said he said islam wants to rob us open our freedom and our liberty.
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islam and freedom are totally incompatible. our judeo christian culture is far superior to the islamic one. they don't just talk about terrorists. they talk about islam. >> you look at that time community. it's one of the weirdest things i have seen. you have two ecommerces, look how far different they are. we don't really want both either pro islam or anti-islam in our community. we had tea party groups protesting this art exhibit last night. that's not something you would see every day. there were a lot of people that were very apprehensive just because you can doesn't mean that you should hold a rally like this and, obviously, both sides thought, no we're going all the way. you saw these gunmen show up. that's exactly what they want to do kill as many people or stop this from happening. it seemed to be preplanned.
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like i said. >> ben ferguson thank you so much for being on "new day." weep e keep us posted from the scene there, please. >> will do. in addition to the shooting in texas, all the events are unfolding in baltimore. that's where we find chris cuomo this morning. chris, great to see you to tell us what's happening on the ground. >> reporter: well, here in baltimore, there is a new hope and a new tension. here's the question is the cardinaling of six officers a step towards justice or a different form of bigotry? now you have religious leaders trying to close that gap by bringing people together before the city breaks apart again. the city's mayor listing the week-long 10:00 p.m. curfew optimistic about what comes next. >> i think a lot of the unrest has been settled. settled down in terms of the protest. >> that doesn't mean the work continues. >> so far, so good. thousands gathering in front of
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city hall sunday a. sea of people with different religious briefs and background together at this interstate rally. >> we had but daist, catholic jew, fighting for one baltimore to come together. >> the 4,000 national troops met with praise. >> thank you. >> and prayer as the governor delivered the orders for them to withdraw. >> it's not going to happen instantaneously. it will happen a couple of days. we have to build the entire city to save the city. >> however, the economic impact is staggering. hundreds of millions of dollars and revenue lost but the mondawmin mall where it all started bounces back. >> it is such a dramatic difference from where it was on monday. i'm just so grateful because it shows the resiliency of our city. >> reporter: sunday's rally also, indeed the celebration
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after the announcement of the arrest and indictment for all six officers involved in the death of freddie grey. >> the medical examiner's determination mr. gray's death was a homicide which we received today led us to believe we have probable cause to file criminal charges. >> reporter: signifying for many, one step toward the justice they're calling for. the focus, though is on marilyn mosey practically and politically, the baltimore attorney who brought clarnls against all six officer, she and her husband nick who happens to be a councilman for the area where gray was arrested this cupel is now suddenly at the center of a national moment. we have cnn national correspondent that spoke exclusively with moseley. one part of the community faces a conflict of interest this is
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pandering. real mixed bags but a lot of tension. >> absolutely. for the both of them really. you think about it. he's a councilman she helps enforce the law. so of course they're expecting to have a bit of a conflict there with people looking at them and really really focusing in on who they are as much as what they do. translator ready for it. we talked to them at length yet. they brought their young girls, they have two young girls. one of the thing she said they spoke to this conflict. the police union brought that up saying they believe there is a conflict of interest. they really respond to that. she, in particular here's what she had to say about any conflict in her mind. she lives in baltimore. some people said you live in the community. how can you prosecute the people you live around never mind you work with. here's what she had to say about that. >> absolutely. i mean as i said before you
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base the law, i enforce them. i will prosecute them. my jurisdiction covers every jurisdiction if ball more city. i have a number of crimes that take place, unfortunately in a district where we live.ç where is the conflict? i have to take myself away from every case or crime that takes place in west ballot more? that makes absolutely no sense. >> she also addressed people talking about the conflict. her husband is a councilman they have powerful friend as well. i am the prosecutor. i whether do my job. i have integrity. a lot of people are going to watch them and see how this pans out. but the community, we watched a few people randomly come up to her. the black community is very happy a lot of people are waiting to see what the outcome there. >> she has some good ammo with
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conflict, if she hasn't chargeled. she has cops in her background. she has tentacles on both sides of the case. this is a very important conversation to have. sarah actually really got a full sense of who they are and what their motivations and as separations are. sarah will give that to us in the next hour. >> chris, we will look forward to all that. other news to tell you about. if israel a demonstration against alleged police brutality turned violent. the violence sparked by video of police beating up an ethiopian-israeli soldier in uniform. prime minister benjamin netanyahu meeting with leaders to ease the tension. at least 100 marines delivering aid to remote nepal devastated by that earthquake. this comes as nepal bans jets from the main airport because of
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runway damage. people still are miraculously being pulled from the wreck annual. a 101-year-old man was rescued sunday after being trapped under the rubble for one week. ben carson making his shift into politics possible. he'll make it truly official in a speech later this morning in his hometown of detroit. carley fiorina is expected to announce her own bid about an hour from now. let's go back outside to questions cuomo on the streets of baltimore for us. chris. >> reporter: all right, alisyn. the big issue is baltimore's top prosecutor is refussing to step down from the freddie gray case despite claims she has a conflict of interest. practically that, is the easy obstacle. the real challenge for the
3:19 am
prosecutor will be making the case. cardinaling, but can she make the case? we'll discuss it when we come back. . my cut hurt. mine hurt more. mine stopped hurting faster! neosporin plus pain relief starts relieving pain faster and kills more types of infectious bacteria. when you pick any 3 participating products get a free all better bag.
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so protesters here are celebrating charges against six baltimore police officers in the connection of the death of freddie gray. so did the prosecutor do the right thing legally and politically? mark fuentes investigative reporter for baltimore "sun" and neil franklin veteran of the
3:23 am
baltimore police department. gentleman. thank you very much. let's start with the obvious question. what do you think of the charges? do you think this case can be made? >> well i think the case can be made somewhat different in this particular instance in that they're not used to seeing this so quickly the charges so quickly in a case involving police officers. what we're used to seeing across the country, going straight to a grand jury after a few weeks of investigation. now, for the average citizen, cnn investigative for criminal activity, this is the norm. >> the prosecutor does not have to use the going. it's one of the options. >> he can also. he or she can do that here. one is not more legal than the other. what we have to remember is the police are citizens first. i think that's what the state attorney is trying to show and demonstrate to the people not just to baltimore city but across the country. they're citizens first, so beg to differ. in a normal police officer case will be investigated, you are
3:24 am
looking at an investigation, looking at it going straight to a going. some of the case we had. >> also look mark like a typical situation, how low the bar is to charge them. you are talking probable cause here. its not beyond a reasonable doubt. however the charges, what an array false imprisonment. assault. all the way to depraved heart murder. you are worried about showing specific intent it's about killing everyone. were you surprised by that charge? >> we weren't surprised by any charge or everybody was surprised how fast the charges came. pundits say it was overcharged. now somebody is saying it's easy to prosecute people. now she has to prove the case against them >> have you ever heard of the phrase depraved mind never? >> i never heard of one t.
3:25 am
state's attorney that's her job to know what charges fit this particular case. i think what's important here is that the driver of the transport vehicle had many opportunities to assess and to render aid or call for medical assistance for. >> do you think you will be able make the case on the basis of omission, things this officer did not do alone or will you have to show he did things that fall into this category that make it a culpable homicide? >> i think it will be a combination of both. things he did and failed to do. at the end of the day the driver of that transport van is responsible for the people in the back of that van. >> responsible, absolutely. and criminally responsible for the death of causing the death of much higher bar. >> baltimore yesterday pointed out we had a three-quarter investigation in terms of the committed investigation. they confirmed officers get arrested. they cited that officer griffin
3:26 am
had 500 opportunities. some people said i'm hurt i'm sick. >> now you get to whether this was a practical move by the prosecutor. one of the things that comes up she has a conflict of interest. her husband is a politician. >> what politician doesn't have a conflict of interest? >> she has a generation of cops in her family. >> that's the other side. what's interesting here, normally it's the other way around. the police officers are not in favor of bringing in an outside prosecutor. >> they want one of their own. >> so there is always a conflict of interest somewhere along the line. you are right. both sides of the coin for her, she's from a family of law enforcement. of police officers not just law enforcement. on the other side of the coin, they're trying to figure out the conflict of interest here in baltimore city. >> all i'm saying is this is a
3:27 am
case where the injuries to freddie gray the crushed larynx, everybody says those are tough to self inflict. you have to show officers did specific things to make those injuries happen. that's a pretty high bar. >> somebody charges the meter. >> and some say, well that's a political play you will get them on something the bar is really low. it's about that high bar of accountability. he never should have been arrested in the first placements i'm not hearing no question about that. >> there was no probable cause. >> i don't know the facts. you may know better than i do. >> here's what she said. here's what she said. the thaefdz she has there was reasonable suspicion court case law to pursue high crime area. he made eye contact. he ran unprovoked. therefore, that is a reasonable thing to assume to investigate
3:28 am
further. they said they found an illegal knife, a switch blade. if that were the case now you have probable cause. it was a legal knife. >> i heard what she said. i'm saying she has to know something else about that stop they must have thought they knew the drug activity. he and the other guy, be that as it may, absolutely. >> if that was the case it's good evidence. >> true. why they stopped him does not function into the criminal charges as to what caused the death. before we go real quickly, i want to throw up a poll so you can understand what's going on here the "wall street journal" and nbc did this poll. it's about what they mean to society. look at the different for all the talk we just did, all the facts and circumstances here blacks think it's about how the cops treat them. whites think this was an excuse
3:29 am
to engage in violence. are you shocked about that? >> it's going on across the country. it probably won't go away any time soon. >> it's a very very big problem. obviously, it's the blacks experiencing this interaction with the police. what ithey view is overpolicing in the community. >> we see it in the numbers. to be honest there are bigger issues that drive this perception. this case drives a big window into a circumstance. thank you very much. >> alisyn back to you. >> okay. chris. we do have breaking news from texas. gunfire at a free speech event featuring anti-islam activists. we're talking a closer look at what happened and why.
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breaking news this morning. police in texas investigating a shooting outside a free speech event of a cartoon contest of
3:34 am
the prophet mohammed. both shooters were killed by police. ed whether avendera what do we know? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. here the scene is very much active. you can see fbi evidence collectors in the distance to the right of that scene is where we believe the suspect's car pulled up to the civic center just before 7:00 central time last night and mulligan firing before security officers at the scene here at the civic center shot and killed both men. this is some of the first work we seen fbi investigators here doing at the scene. there has been a great deal of concern throughout the night alisyn there was an explosive in the car the two men groo drove up in. we did not find whether or not they found explosives. we hope to get that later on this morning. all of thunder folding as the event was wrapping up last night w. retold by law enforcement
3:35 am
officials here, this event was supposed to wrap up about 7:00 last night. we had a producer inside the event when all of this was going down. the whole building went into lock down. everything was starting to wrap up when these two men showed up and started shooting last night, alisyn. >> we will be talking to the organizer of that event shortly in the show. thanks, so much for the update. also, baltimore, mainly quiet last night even after the mayor lifted the 10:00 p.m. curfew after that, a state of emergency in the city could be lifted as well. hundreds gathering at the baltimore city hall sunday a. message for community leaders to keep up the pressure, six officers were charged in freddie gray's death. the italian coast guard rescuing 7,000 migrants off the coast of libya. officials say they were in several operations over the weekend. ten bodies also recovered.
3:36 am
authorities say smugglers were taking advantage to take the vessels across the mediterranean. there is a lot of information as the public learns to await the name of england's newest princess. today a high gun salute at hyde park to celebrate the newest royal arrival. prince william an justice katherine getting acquainted with the royal family. shelves introduced at kensington palace sunday. the princess fourth in line to the throne was delivered on saturday. there you go so happy. let's get back to chris live for us in baltimore with all the developments there, chris. >> reporter: i'll tell you only alisyn camerota and my wife look that good and willest the hospital ten hours after giving birth. i guess that is some kind of royal imperative. >> well played, chris, i like that. >> thank you very much. >> healthy baby always happy
3:37 am
for healthy babies. here in baltimore, six officers are facing prison time for the death of freddie gray. can the baltimore top prosecutor make these charges stick? it may be harder than you think. we will test the case with the attorney for freddie gray's family, straight ahead on "new day."
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we are in baltimore. there are developments for better and worse. the mayor lifting a 10:00 p.m. curfew. 4,000 members slowly drawing down over the next few days as things stay stable a. state of emergency the governor imposed could be lifted before the end of the week. there are tensions bubbling on the new front. a baltimore police union claiming the states attorney marlin moseley had a conflict of interest. that's why she charged officers they say she took campaign money from a gray family occurring. moseley insists, lots of people
3:42 am
donate to her. a lot of there is distraction from whether or not the prosecutor can make the case. so let's discuss that and test it with jason down. one of the team of attorneys representing the family. >> thank you for having me. >> a conflict of interest of politics. you are thinking about the stuff that matters because of the family's quest for justice. >> yes. >> the prosecutor makes a tactical move misdemeanor, falls imprisonlement. assault. what do you see as the obviously avenue for the success of the prosecutor of those charges against six people? >> i think you first have to keep in mind the state attorney's office chose the charges via criminal information. right now that has not been an indictment. the next step is to take this case to a going and let the going decide whether there is probable cause to move forward on these charges. so i think you have to keep in mind the state attorney's office
3:43 am
close to move properly. >> she did it herself, which by the way under the state law was her option. you are saying you believe she is still going to a grand jury? >> she has that option to go to a grand jury from here. right now, this is one way of charging these particular offices. they go to a grand jury and a going could decide whether there is probable cause to move forward in this case. >> what do you think? >> i think we have to keep in mind both of us right now are sort of shootth in the dark. we are not privy to the information the state attorney has. >> she did download. >> absolutely. she certainly did bring more information than was required to give, which is giving a measure of hope to the gray family. >> that does show the state attorney's office is trying to conduct a transparent information t. gray family is happy about that. when it comes to the charges, whether they will stick, we
3:44 am
don't know all the charges the state attorney will have. >> she will have to have a high bar on the main ticket charges. with the manslaughter homicide charges, you are going to have to show that you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they did this to freddie gray to cause his death. affirmative things not just omitting things the larynx the spine, a pretty high bar to show you did this to me. you intend it to kill me. >> right now i think they have to see, those are going to be key in determining what the officers did and frankly what the officers didn't do. what they didn't do will be important if establishing the case. right now, there is no first degree. >> that's the driver. she has that.
3:45 am
you don't know i know you were in the public defender's office. let's put on that hat. you are representing the driver. let's say you were defending them, depraved heart murder. you calm it here. sometimes it's depraved indifference, it's the same category. >> that is a tricky statute. it's not just the middle ground between intentional premeditated and reckless manslaughter. it guess to a mindset that you wanted to do horrible things but not to just one person just in general and you wound up being successful at least in this one case. that's a tricky thing to prove any time let alone here isn't it? >> it's a willful disregard for human life. >> terrorists people shooting for fears. >> not only tlift terrorists. >> sure, it applies here, there is allegedly a willful disregard for human life that human life being freddie grey's life?
3:46 am
it means what? >> here it could mean mean for example freddie gray the driver knew he needed medical attention. the driver should have and the driver did not even attempt to give freddie grey any medical attention. that could be the legal theory of 2nd degree murder. it could be. >> and you would to show that he knew not rendering that aid could kill him. >> yes. at this point which don't know we have to right now wait until we have all of the information because what we should fought do even if i'm thinking as a defense attorney what we should not do is speculate. even as a defense attorney i never speculated as to what the evidence was. at that point i would have asked for all the information. >> that's what we are getting right now. >> people are talking about whether this will be in trial or not. from the defense perspective, you want this to go as long as possible. you don't expect a speedy trial,
3:47 am
do you? >> i'm not exactly sure. if the officer who wants to clear their name quickly the officer has that right. he could receive the trial very quickly. they could if they chose to do so clear their name in accordance with the speedy trial. >> don't give the prosecutor that much time to get ready for the case? >> it's again completely up to the police officers. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> alisyn back to you. chris we will check in with you voluntarily. first, campaign 2016. the republican race getting a little more crowded toot. ben carson and carley fiorina jump in today. our political pundits share their fate next.
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visit today >> all right, that was dr. ben carson throwing his hat into the presidential ring. he will make a former announcement later this morning. and carley fiorina said she'd join the race today. mike huckabee is planning to
3:52 am
jump in tomorrow. >> that will double the field to six candidates. how will it impact the primary? let's bring in john avalon senior commentator market hoover. great to have you guys. >> good morning. >> what do you think of dr. ben carson's o'noucement? >> today in detroit it's supposed to be a big event. here is somebody that is a folk hero, especially in baltimore. he's a renowned surgeon. >> that halo effect is faded as he has kind of played to the right wing base. it will be interesting to see what role he plays. >> let's look at the polls right now. this is our latest cn this-orc
3:53 am
poll. carly fiorina is at the bottom of the pack with 2%. what do you think of these two candidates getting in? >> we have seen traditionally every time a candidate gets in they get a lit bit of a bump. with mike huckabee i think it is definitely to be true. he is already leading ted cruz, who by the way is going after the folks, they both kind of got the same piece of really shrinking pie. so what will be interesting to see is how much huckabee takes away from those iowa caucus growers. >> the question is why do you
3:54 am
run if you've never run? carly fiorina ran for senate. it didn't work out. >> what is the answer to that? >> to the answer is they're trying to you digs for a cabinet position, these two candidates let's be real play a certain b role to the gop field. one woman on the stage the one arkin american. two latinos, two hispanics in cruz and rubio. >> that is a signal of diversity for what is otherwise a white male field. >> you are not a republican. >> you are right. true. >> each of these candidates bring something to the debate. >> not rally. >> actually ben carson they will bring some qualitytate live and quantitative. carly fiorina has telemet
3:55 am
payroll. this is interesting. each of them have the ability to influence the debate and influence is really what is happening every four years the only time the party starts to hammer out what its major idea will be to address what americans are feeling. >> to john's point, are they running to win or do something else in the future? >> i think some of them think they could win. but their influence on the debate and the stage is what will have a lasting impact. >> clearly, only one can win and probably not somebody under 10%. >> probably fought somebody that has won before. >> only one person that was elect to the presidency was herbert hoover. it just doesn't happen. >> let's talk to mike huckabee we understand will be announcingtomy. >> i think he will be a player. market said he won iowa before.
3:56 am
you look at that announcement there are not a lot of people in color in his initial web ad members of isis, apparently. soed that awkward. he is also running against entitlement reform which is very significant. huckabee says i'm not going to touch medicaid. he's opposed to minimum wage with you unclear on maximum wage. >> is that a winning record? >> it's interesting, there is social conservatives have been hit by the fiscal conservatives, after big governments in service. especially huckabee he says he balanced the budget. the big hit about him is a big spending contevtive. he has a big heart. he has a lot of social programs.
3:57 am
>> john brought up chris christie. where is he? >> chris christie it seems to us all the signs show he will run for the presidency. new hampshire could play to his strength. it is a place for a comeback. he wants to see how these indictments play out how he is able to separate himself from it. >> do you think they'll be deal breakers? >> i don't think it will be deal breakers. what he said there is nothing to do with bridge gate. however, other accusations, sandy aid withheld was dismissed. he has been vindicated. he has also been adjudicated to thousands and thousands of not the issue of whether he knew or
3:58 am
not. it's the baggage dragging him down. >> what is your take on this? you can tweet #newcnn. we'd love to hear your thoughts. we are following a lot of news this morning. let's get right to it. >> it's like a machine gun going off. >> opening fire outside the cartoon drawings of the prophet mohammed. a speaker on the al qaeda hit list. >> i'm so angry that we had to seek renew jersey from our own country. >> the city's player lifting the week long 10:00 p.m. curfew. >> this is the resiliency of our city. >> this is not a baltimore problem. this is an american problem. >> i have never seen a hurried rush to file charges. >> it's outrageous. >> good morning, everyone, well come back to your "new day."
3:59 am
chris cuomo is live in baltimore in the freddie gray case. mikaela is off this morning. we do begin with breaking news. a free speech event in texas ending with gun fir. now police are investigating whether the gunmen targeted the event featuring cartoon drawings of the prophet mohammed. among the hundreds in attendance attendance, a politician placed on an kuwaiti hit list. the fbi has joined the investigation this morning. cnn has team coverage beginning with ed lavendera. >> reporter: this line, fbi team grounds here starting to collect evidence of the shootout. >> i just need everybody to be
4:00 am
orderly. i'm going to take you to the front of this building. >> reporter: breaking overnight, a deadly scene in a dallas suburb, two gunmen shot dead after opening fire and wounding an event where the cartoon of the prophet mohammed was being held. the entire shooting lasted 15 second. >> we prepare for something like this. >> the security officer was treated for an ankle gunshot wound and released. this video shows the moment gunfire erupted. an interview with the president of the organization sponsoring the event cut abruptly short as security rushed the scene. >> it's very scary. >> we have to stop this right now. let's go. shots were fired. shoots fired. >> reporter: witnesses describe the chaotic turn of events. >> a former military there are policemen running everywhere. >> the first thing you hear is boom, boom. next thing they tell us get inside, get inside officers
4:01 am
were drawing their weapons. >> atenderees in the conference center where the gang sang "god bless america." . the events which included a $10,000 top prize for the best car kature of the prophet mohammed was org united a controversial group claims they are against controversial jihad, others call them a hate group. any physical depictions are considered blasphemous and have sparked violence around the world. the event featured key note speaker and right wing politician dirk wilder on an al qaeda hit list for wanting to ban the quran in the netherlands. alisyn, law enforcement here were worried about something like this taking place during this event. in fact they were so worried, they told the group they needed to step up this law enforcement plan. they also had a swat team in the
4:02 am
back of the building waiting to be called into action. >> thanks, so much. bring us all the developments if you would. this shooting is not the first to target over free speech. this january you will remember the attack on "charlie hebdo." cnn national correspondent nic robertson. >> reporter: the satirical gunmen went in with weapons. they were targeting, in particular, a cartoonist on the aid hit liss because he had drawn a picture of the prophet mohammed. these two gunmen were to have a connection in yemen. that was discovered after the event. copenhagen in the middle of february. very similar in some ways to what you saw happen in texas overnit. here the gunman goes to a cafe where there is a freedom of
4:03 am
speech event going on. there is a cartoonist who has drawn a picture of the profit mohammed. he is also on the al qaeda hit list. the gunman shows up with an automatic weapon tries to get in the building. a film maker there was killed. the reason more people weren't killed is because their swedish cartoonist had with him swedish security and danish security. they drew their weapons and cased off the gunman. the gunman later targeting a security guard outside a synagogue dplernt of copenhagen guarding a bar mitzvah going on that evening. the guard there was killed. this gunman in copenhagen later discovered by he made an online pledge to baghdadi the head of isis. those terrorists were discovered
4:04 am
with ice sis. >> thank you for that perspective. let's turn to a retired sergeant for more than 20 years of policing experience peter barnhart, cnn political commentator. you heard from our reporter. rocky police were prepared. they said they were prepared. how can they ever prepare for something that looks like it could have been a political terrorist attack? >> you can always prepare. so obviously, they had an idea that maybe something could go on. they wanted to have logistically the things that go in place to help them. right? you can't prepare for every event weight. you don't know what the suspect knows. you can only react. hopefully in a proactive way, right? >> they had people fixed outside. they fixed that would be obviously the point of entry, they were prepared. when they heard gunfire, they killed these two gunmen. it seems very effective what they were able do because i
4:05 am
guess they knew this was ripe for violence. >> i would imagine they probably had people, pedestrian traffic coming and going. not knowing who may be in a particular car. you pay particular attention that the bad guys come up on foot so that you are looking to see it from every angle where trouble may be hiding. >> peter, members of the community didn't want this event to happen here. they thought that it could and not only incite violence but be a target of the violence but it didn't happen anyway. >> there is no violence whatsoever. >> that needs to be said again and again and again. it is true however, this bigoted group would do a contest for no good reason whatsoever. >> they say they can't be cowed by groups who say if are you in
4:06 am
america, we can't drop and say our feels even if they are repugnant feels. >> right. i think it's important to separate the two states. violence is utterly inexcusable. just in order to prove the point, you don't have to go out of your way to offend people. just to draw things that muslims for that matter jews african-americans would consider bigoted. "charlie hebdo" was a different situation. they were offending everybody. their entire purpose is sat iemplt here you go out of your way and you have a history of being hostile to muslims. they were a group that lobbied against the world trade center hamas. some call them muslim satisfy annuals. again the violence is absolutely unacceptable. yet i don't think there is any good purpose to having done this event. >> there is that fine line between freedom of speech and doing something that seems
4:07 am
provocative incendiary what is that line? they are testing that line. >> the selene they absolutely have a right to do it. we must utterly defend their right to do it. we must say it's not a good idea. not everything you have the right to do is a right idea. >> there was a tweet sent out by around account that appears to have some link to isis. it was sent out talking about the attack before the attack happened. as a police officer, what does that tell you? how do you begin to put the pieces together who that is to you about who knew about this? >> again i'm sern certain the officers in their preplanning pay attention to social media a lot of times you get information about what may happen or people may be doing or what may be a target through social media. people like to talk. so you want to share in a real way what that is you are thinking or doing.
4:08 am
so now they've had that information, you can go back and look in terms of i.p. addresses and other things like that to further identify that individual. people that they speak to. people who speak to them. >> one of the things security guards were very worried about after they shot the gunman is sometimes they were explosive. what did they do to make sure that didn't happen. they were trying to sequester people into a room in case something was going to blow? >> again, we can't stop something like that from happening. i'm certain they had to diffuse the bomb right? the bomb squad. i'm sure they had bomb sniffing dogs in the area. so once you are alerted to something that seems problematic, do you begin to work to diffuse that situation? so thankfully they anticipated. they were ready. everyone was in place. they had a plan. they worked it. >> peter, what is the message here, can the united states no one ever hold a contest about
4:09 am
drawing cartoons and having related to this? >> no you can't under law. you must defend people's rights under law and prosecute to the full extent of the law yen one that commits violence no question. there is a totally separate question about whether you want to go spend your time doing things that are specifically designed to offend particular group of people especially a group of people in america who face a lot of discrimination in the united states in recent years. i think it's important to separate those questions. >> thank you for all the information. in our next half hour we will talk to pamela geller. she is ahead of that contest that ended in that deadly shooting. you don't want to miss the conversation and to hear what she says about the event. let's go out to questions cuomo. he of course, is on the streets of baltimore with all the developments there.
4:10 am
chris. >> reporter: we do have some significant developments here t. mayor is making moves to return this city to normal. the governor has been considering removing the state of mortgages to do the same. on the other side however, there are questions about the charges to all six officers and the prosecutor who is bringing them them. community leaders are trying to bridge the gap stepping in and trying to bridge the problem that put the community in crisis t. city's mayor lifting the week-long 10:00 p.m. curfew optimistic about the unrest. >> i think a lot of the unrest has been settled down. >> that doesn't mean the work continues. >> reporter: so far, so good. thousands gathering in front of city hall to see people we are linl just beliefs and background together at this interstate rally. >> we have buddhists, catholic
4:11 am
jews, all coming together to fight for one baltimore coming together. >> reporter: the national guard met with praise. >> thank you, thank you, for everything you do. >> and prayer as the governor delivered the orders for them to withdraw. >> it's not going to happen instantaneously. we have to build an entire city to save the city. >> reporter: however, the economic impact is staggering 200 businesses destroyed by looting or flames. hundreds lost mondawmin mall where it all started bounces back. >> it is such a dramatic difference from where it was on monday. i'm just so grateful because it shows the resiliency of our city. >> reporter: sunday's rally deemed a celebration after the announcement of the arrest and indictment for all six officers involved in the death of freddie gray. >> the medical determineer's investigation that mr. gray's
4:12 am
death was a homicide which we received today led us to believe we have probable cause to file charges. >> reporter: signifying for many one step for the justice they're calling for. they are being called the baltimore 6. the police officers who are now involved in this case. they come from different walks of life. the question is are they symbols of justice or political appeasement? cnn had a chance to speak with someone who knows one of the officers. right now she is outside the cvs burned down in last week's riots. renee. >> reporter: well, chris, we are talking about five men, one woman three black, three white. some veteran some used to the force. in all these cases at the officer's homes, little to no activity, lines drawn, no answer at the door. however after spending some time in the neighborhood of officer william porter, i was
4:13 am
able to find a neighbor and a family friend who knows him very well. more about officer porter. he is 25 years old. he was hired by the department in 2012. he is the officer who was called to check up on freddie grey. freddie gray when he came when officer porter arrived at the van asked for medical attention according to state prosecutor. freddie gray never got that medical attention. officer porter is facing three charges including involuntary man swlauts as well as second degree assault. now i spoke again with that family friend. here's what she had to tell me about officer porter. >> so when i heard it was his name, i was kind of in shock and deeply sad. i don't know what's happened and the world doesn't know what's
4:14 am
happened at this point. he wouldn't hurt a fly. >> reporter: all right. this morning, we are live at the intersection of pennsylvania avenue and west north avenue. as you know this is the site of where a lot of the protesting the rallies and at one pointed the looting and rioting happening right in this intersection. but this morning, we the not see that. we don't see the national guard and we do not see that heavy police presence, chris. >> all right. renee thank you very much. we will check back with you. right now, let's go to you alisyn in new york. >> chris, thank you so much. we want to tell you about the latest facility of isis. hundreds ofzyties yazi dis.
4:15 am
they drove some 40,000 up into the mountains last summer. women and children rescued from boka haram describing what they endured. some of the fellow captives were stoned to death as the army approached to save them. others were told landmines explode as they tried to walk to freedom. they have rescued 700 people in the past week. incredible video to show you out of hawaii. a crater law collapses spewing the volcano the lava has overflown several times and continues to rise. the levels should go down shortly. we will have much breaking news from texas. two gunmen killed after they opened fire at an event featuring a prophet mohammed cartoon contest. we are talking to a prominent senator of the latest attack
4:16 am
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4:20 am
this could have been much worse. the security guard at the event were prepared. they were expecting possibly some sort of violence. when the gunman pulled up and opened fire they killed them. of course it remind us of what happened to "charlie hebdo" in paris. do you see the "charlie hebdo" style attack in the united states? >> let's not get too far out. we don't know who these guys were. assuming for a moment this was motivated be i the anti-islamist meeting. that's possible. what this really under lies is the danger of lone wolf. it doesn't take an organized attack. in fact there was a tweet from a muslim leader in dallas this is what we didn't want. we told our people to stay. all it takes is one or two guys with ak-47s to make a lot of trouble. >> what is the message here of what happened in texas? i mean is there, is this freedom of speech or was it
4:21 am
provocation? >> well you know, the first thing of the old amendment is you have a right to say anything, you don't have the right to yell fire in a crowded theater which would create harm. these people were doing something they knew would be offensive to muslims. that was the whole purpose. a cartoon contest with a $10,000 prize will inflair and we are a country with freedom of speech and satire. you can't use it to justify the action. the very fact that they had the heavy security tells me they knew they were provokeing. >> yes. i guess the message for everyone else is you can never have a contest in the united states? it's pushing the envelope they want to see what the line is? >> well i don't think you can ever justify what happened the
4:22 am
violence. i mean in this country and around the world, one of our fundamental values is free speech. that involves satire and ridiculeing other people even their religion politic, everything else. i'm in politic, i know about ridicule. but it's never a justification for shooting people and that's a valiant we have you know what it's a value that not other people in other parts of the world have. that's where we are operating. >> which know you have been following all the events that unfolded in baltimore over the past week or so chris cuomo has been on the ground reporting there. he has some questions for you. >> reporter: senator, thank you for joining us on "new day." let's skip ahead of what's going on specifically with freddie gray. >> that will come down to the fact of the situation and the prosecutor's ability. what do you make of the larger concerns that the reason we have what happened with freddie grey and all of the youth here in
4:23 am
those improvished areas are these entrenched difficult problems of no job base no education no hope that nothing ever tends to get done about? >> well you know that's got to be a part of it. it's a very complex situation. you have thousands of people on the street. i suspect you had thousands of different motivations. clearly, a lack of opportunity is one of them. i did a little homework. the unemployment rate in the center of our major cities are national or state average. that's got to be a part of it. the best jobs there is a best social program of all, chris, a job. if there aren't jobs or the jobs don't pay, then you are going to have some level of unrest. >> that doesn't justify violence. it definitely doesn't in this case, breaking down destroying stores owned by members of your own community. >> right. you know the push back on that is not everybody who breaks a
4:24 am
window is the same. not everybody who breaks a window is a thug. some are some who just can't deem with the system anymore. they feel rejected. so then they reject the laws of that system. not just one aspect. you have half the population living under the poverty line. you have 6% graduating from college. you have generations who haven't been able to find a job. is there a solution to any of those? >> well you know there is no single solution. a friend of mean used to say there is no silver bullet. there are silver buckshot. you got to find all kind of things. you touched on some of them. we are about to cut education, cut r&d, all the things you need. we are running out of money in the highway fund for infrastructure. those are the kind of investment you have to make in order to move people out of poverty. it is not just a goal. it's not giving people money. it's giving them opportunity and hope. i think part of what you saw, part of what you saw anyway was
4:25 am
an end of hope. people have to feel that there is some opportunity, there is some light at the end of the tunnel and i'm afraid in many ways, we are moving in opposite direction, not making the investment we need the make in order to keep people going. the biggest opportunity. the biggest job creators of the 20th century in my opinion were the gi bill and the interstate highway system. both involve investments. one in infrastructure t. other in people. you know that itself the direction we have to move in. you can't be cutting those very programs and expect opportunities somehow to come out of this job. >> senator, we had so much domestic news. are you satisfied with the details that you've heard about the iran nuclear plan? >> we don't know the details. the structure that was released two or three weeks ago. it's more far reaching than i would have expected.
4:26 am
but i'm not taking a firm position until i see the final deal, with i we won't see until late june or early july. i think that congress needs a process whereby it can weigh in on this. i'm also not ready to say it's a loulsy deal. i don't know how people can say that. if it's verifiable. if it blocks their path to the bomb, then i think it's something we are going to have to really seriously consider bus the alternatives aren't very ap advertising. >> you want more information. we appreciate you coming on "new day." great to see you. >> let's go out to chris. >> all right. what a situation we have here t. state's attorney who charged police officers in freddie gray's death and her husband where freddie gray was arrested. find themselves in the crucible of baltimore's crisis. we will have an exclusive interview about their motivation and as separations ahead.
4:27 am
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she is an overnight hero. marlin moseley is coming under fire. six police officers in the death of freddie grey who are accused of having a conflict of interest in the case. she is being asked to remove herself. cnn sarah sidner caught up with her. i can't remember a couple who have been in the center of a major issue the way these two are. >> absolutely right. anyway to describe these two are a power couple. i use that phrase with them. they basically said we don't like that phrase. we are public servants. we plan on doing our job. we talk about conflict of interest. he's a councilman she is the state's attorney. we also talked to them about family and how they dell with their two young daughters and about faith. he's a baltimore councilman she's the youngest states attorney in america.
4:32 am
suddenly one of the most invisible figures in the host highly publicized homicide case in recent baltimore history, who chose to charge the officers her correct versus already pounced on the couple's political connection. >> there is no confliblg of interest. i'm going to prosecute. i'm the baltimore states attorney. my district covers every district in baltimore city. i have a number of crimes and where is the conflict? >> reporter: their relationship established over a decade ago at tusk tuskeegee university. >> it wasn't just a physical attraction. he wanted to be a public servant and make a difference. >> she knew exactly what she wanted to do and how to get there. it was the first time i met a young woman or a young lady at the time. i liked that.
4:33 am
>> reporter: they discovered they had so much more in common than ambition. both are the first of their family to go to college. both grew up in rough neighborhoods. both were impacted by crime, her cousin mistaken for a drug dealer shot and killed in front of their family home when shelves 14. >> i saw my 17-year-old cousin with all his dreams and as separations who is now going to a grave, the individual responsible for his death was also 17-years-old. it struck me. i said how could we have gotten to that 17-year-old before he decided to take a life? >>. >> reporter: it was a defining moment for a girl who came from four generations of police officers, both she and nick believe the police can work together. >> it is about bringing everybody together. it is ability realizing at the end of the day, the small number of individuals dividing the
4:34 am
perception of our city. >> reporter: as a black man in america who is your contact and relationship with police? >> it's been tough. i have been physically assaulted by the police. >> reporter: doesn't that make you angry? >> anger, you learn how to contain your difference you have to learn how to handle your anger, who you are and what you are. you got to force things in a positive way versus negativity and violence. >> marlin moseley says she sees no difference with someone with or without a badge for justice. >> at the end of the day, my job is to seek justice and apply it equally to everybody, no matter their color, creed, religion ethnicity. >> reporter: hmm. that's a good question. the question is the ability to do it. the conflict. it's not just about experience. i know she was in the office a
4:35 am
while. she left. came back and ran. what about that decision? >> she has been a district attorney for a couple days now. she may have overreached. here's what she said about criticism that she doesn't have the chops to do what she is doing. she could not of course talk about the case. as you know, while it's being investigated. that's a normal thing that would happen anywhere in the country. the state attorney wouldn't talk about the case. >> i'm surprised they did the interview. >> yeah bottom line i can be here. there was an incompetent. people doubted i could even do this. i am a young woman who is you know, going to have a lot of integrity. that's what i tell people that's what i ran on and i'm here. so if you take that as an example, then you have to trust that i will be able get this job. >> and also it doesn't mean that she is going to try the case. you know she will have a whole
4:36 am
team of people. it will all take part. we will see which way it guess. thank you very much. no questions we do have new developments here in boston. also if texas. this is a shooting. fbi is searching an apartment complex. we have the latest on that investigation. new information coming up. .
4:37 am
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4:40 am
. all right. we have breaking news this morning. police in texas are learning more about two gunmen who opened fire outside a free speech event featuring prominent islam activists and a cartoon of the prophet mohammed. we will speak to the organizer of the event pamela geller. first we will go to bowling, texas, ed lavendera, what do we know? >> reporter: the latest is fbi officials in phoenix, arizona are at an apartment complex there with where we are told by an fbi official if arizona it has been determined two of the suspects in the texas shooting are from there so now this moves
4:41 am
a little bit where the background and the investigation into who these two shooters are focusing on the phoenix, arizona area that information coming into us a short while ago. we will continue to monitor that throughout the morning. can you see how that develops here. >> ed, do we know if they have found any other people at that apartment complex in phoenix that might be involved? >> reporter: not from my understanding. all of that taking place as fbi agents continue to work the shooting scene, you can see behind me now the sun has come up here it is the civic center. you see behind me this white truck behind that is where the suspect's car was. didn't make it into from our vantage point into the parking area before the shooting erupted. we are cold by local law enforcement all the shootings lasted 15 seconds. the gunman never made it inside. >> ed bring us more
4:42 am
developments as soon as you have them. thanks, so much for that. meanwhile, let's talk to cnn money now correspondent christina alesci. >> mcdonald's has to revamp the menu, this in response to declining sales. get this alisyn first quarter profits have plummeted 32%. now, big money on the mayweather-pacqio fight could have reached $80 million in nevada. that's double any other boxing match t. wagers weren't on who will win, how many rounds the fight will go and whether there would be a knockout. now winning at the box office avengers, age of ultron it pulled in over $180 million.
4:43 am
but it did fall short of what analysts said. avengers is still considered a big hit for marvel. >> thanks so much for that update. a forced power couple, a big one no more. tiger woods and lindsey vonn breaking up. we have more in this morning's bleacher report. >> romance correspondent. i don't think i have been called that before. tiger woods and lindsayson have been dating nearly three years. they say their busy schedule both of them released a statement on the breakup saying it was mutual and they will always cherish their time together. after finishing at the masters, tiger has yet to finish another tournament. he will be back on the course of the player's championship later on this week. the second round of the nba tipoff. graham one grizzlies, amazing,
4:44 am
101-86. curie is going to be named this year's lead mvp later today. it turns out manny pacqio had a tear in his right shoulder going into saturday night's fight. he injured it while training leading up to the fight. the nevada athletic association wouldn't allow him to take a shot before the match. >> that led them asking for a rematch. will it happen? you can watch the show saturday night. alisyn, a lot of people are talking about the video. they were bummed out the fight didn't live up to the hype. i was there. the atmosphere if las vegas was amazing. it's going to go down probably as the most star studded event of all time. >> there you go. it must have been fun to be there, andy. thanks, so much. back to our top story, two gunmen shot and killed after opening fire at a prophet
4:45 am
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we do have breaking news for you this morning. police in texas gathering information about the two suspects. the two gunmen who opened fire outside a free speech event, which featured a cartoon contest of the prophet mohammed of a speech of someone on the al qaeda hit list. why hold this event and possibly invite a threat? given what we saw in paris in january. here to explain all of that is pamela geller the executive director. she organized the mohammed draw event in texas. thanks, for being on "new day." >> thank you for having me,al sen? where were you when the gunmen
4:50 am
opened fire? >> we had finished a free speech conference. we had depictions and the winner interestingly enough was a former muslim. and we had finished the event. it was really very well received roughly 300 people there. and it was at that time where these two gunmen attempted to storm the building and they shot at the police. and we were all, you know we were all in the room. and the police came in. and put us all into lockdown. and so of course this terrible incident reflects the need for such conferences. it's illustrative of the violent assault on the freedom of speech. >> pam, you know there was a tweet sent out before the attack warning of the attack. did you get any intel from the police about just how dangerous an event like this could be? >> well it's dangerous because
4:51 am
increasingly we're abridging our freedoms so as not to offend savages. the very idea that if something offends me or i don't -- or i'm insulted by something, i'll kill you, and that way i can get my way, and somehow this is okay with members of the elite media, and academia, is outrageous. >> well i mean but pam, nobody -- >> it's a cartoon. it's a cartoon. >> sure. >> it's a cartoon. >> and nobody -- this warrants the violence that you saw. i mean i haven't heard anyone in the media saying that it's okay for gunmen to show up at an event like this. but what people are saying is that there's always this fine line you know, between freedom of speech and being intentionally incendiary and provocative. >> intentionally incendiary and provocative by drawing a cartoon. this is the low state of freedom of speech in this country. i disagree and i disagree most vehemently. the first amendment, not the eighth not the tenth, but the
4:52 am
first, protects all speech. not just ideas that we like. but even core political speech ideas that we don't like because who would decide what's good and what's forbidden? the islamic state? the government? inoffensive speech alisyn needs no protection. but in a pluristic society you have offensive speech. you have ideas. you have an exchange of ideas. you don't shut down a discussion because i'm offended. if something offends me should i go out and slaughter people? >> sure of course. >> when jesus christ was put in a jar of urine it was called art. did christians like it? of course not. did they slaughter people? did they burn embassies? did they kill whole communities? of course not. this cannot be sanctioned. this cannot be sanctioned. the west must stand up for freedom of speech. it's the core fundamental element of this constitutional republic. >> i mean what your critics say about this is that you weren't just going after say al qaeda,
4:53 am
or isis or extremism, but even just islam. i mean let me read to you a portion and excerpt from your keynote speaker, who said this to the crowd before the attack broke out, he said our judeo christian culture is far superior to the islamic one. i can give you a million reasons. but here is an important one. we've got humor and they don't. islam does not allow free speech. because free speech shows how evil and wrong islam is. and islam does not allow humor, because humor shows how foolish and ridiculous it is. now, of course, that's not about extremism. he's talking about a religion of which there are 3 million muslims even here in the united states. >> first of all, he's entitled to his opinion. end of story. so what? so he said that. and frankly, what he said was true. there is no humor. khomeini when he took over in 1979 said there is no humor. the fact is that we need to have this discussion.
4:54 am
alisyn, there's a problem in islam. and the problem is we can't talk about the problem. we are seeing the wholesale slaughter of christians in iraq and in syria. in nigeria, in the congo, central african republic, the jihad is raging. and all we can talk about is backlash of phobia. it's nonsense. we have to be able to discuss and when you say i'm anti-muslim. excuse me, i'm anti-jihad. and anyone that says that i'm anti-muslim is implying that all muslims support jihad. >> well sure -- >> that sounds islamic phobic to me. >> the reason people believe your group is anti-islam is because of quotes like that from the keynote speaker where he was just talking about islam. he wasn't talk -- what you're mentioning i mean the things that you're citing are the extremism, the violence, the terrorism. but he's just talking about islam. i mean how can you say that 3 million muslims here in the united states are humorless? how can you say that they don't believe in --
4:55 am
>> he did not say that. he did not say that. we're talking about the ideology. under the sharia there is creed apartheid. there is gender apartheid. there is islamic anti-semitism and misogyny. these are very real. and who gives voice to the voiceless? where are the victims get to speak? every time a victim speaks out they're accused of islamaphobia. it's absurd on its face. you can quote mr. individualers. when you're talking about my work and what i do quote me and quote my work -- >> well only because he was your keynote speaker are we quoting him. you know so that represents part of what the event was about. >> but what did he say that wasn't true? >> i'll tell you what he said that wasn't true. he said that islam does not allow humor. now, i mean do you, pam, do you know anyone who is muslim? >> of course. >> and do you think they're humorless? >> listen, you're being very
4:56 am
condescending. >> pam, are you willing to say -- >> it was the yoolt khomeini -- >> allow humor. >> are you willing to say the ayatollah khomeini was not supreme leader in the muslim world? are you willing to say that? >> but he's the -- keynote speaker saying this. this wasn't the ayatollah saying this. >> he's the whoun said there are no jokes. i don't like what you're saying alisyn so because i don't like what you're saying and you're offending me should you know should we be violent? you know so that we can shut down your speech? >> of course not. >> is that what you're advocating? so we can have this conversation. >> look this is what's so great. we're having this conversation on cnn. it's great to be able to debate this and have this conversation. and by the way, what's interesting about your event is that everyone, even the there's this piece of the daily beast right now that talks about that there were scores of muslim leaders who supported your right to have this event. they didn't like it. but they supported your right to freedom of speech. let me read to you a quote from one of them. this was a new york city muslim community leader. she says pamela gellar can draw
4:57 am
any damn cartoon she wants and i defend her right to do so. i have always fought for her right to be a bigot and i have the right to counter her bigotry with my own free speech. this is a muslim leader saying you have the right to have an event like that. but again the point is -- >> this is a muslim leader who is attacking me and insulting me and attacks and isn't that generous of her? look, she's not the problem. okay. the problem is that a group, and we don't know how many others were involved, attempted to open fire on a gathering of free speech. that's the problem, alisyn. >> of course. >> you're bringing it up with these silly distractions. no one is saying that there aren't peaceful muslims. but there is a problem in islam, as illustrated last night and anyone that addresses it gets attacked in this same way. whereas you should be directing your barbs at the enforcers of the sharia and those that seek
4:58 am
to -- to destroy and crush freedom of speech the way they did in paris, and in copenhagen. >> listen absolutely pam. the bottom line is that -- freedom of speech can never be met with violence. no one can ever open fire on a group of innocent people. i mean obviously that is from the get-go that's where you and i and everybody in this country agrees. but there is a debate to be had about what the line is between freedom of speech, and provocation. have we lost pam? >> no. but, pam, listen the point is -- isn't that you don't have the right to do it. of course you have the right to do it. it just seems that you don't draw the distinction between extremism and violence and islam as a whole. >> and you don't draw the distinction between civilized men and savages. because you're saying that if something i say offends someone, then they have the right to behave in a certain way. that it's going to incite them. i think it's ridiculous.
4:59 am
i think the blasphemy laws under the sharia is ridiculous. i think the people that tens of thousands of people that are slaughtered under this law is monstrous. and that's what you and i should be addressing. >> and of course -- >> not that we can't talk about it. >> of course we agree on that. but -- >> it's ridiculous. >> but the problem comes when you paint with this broad brush and when you say savages in the same sentence as islam. it makes it sound as though you're calling muslims savages, and when he said when he makes these broad brushed -- >> show me. alisyn show me. show me where i used muslim and savages. one time in my entire life. show me now. you just made accusation. show me where i said that. >> you were just saying savages. so we all agree -- >> i said you -- i saidyou did not draw a distinction between civilized men and savages. civilized men can disagree. savages will kill you when they disagree. >> yes -- >> that's a distinction i made. >> and you said the religion of savages. you know that there are -- >> i did not say it.
5:00 am
go back. i never said it. and everybody out there in the listening audience is saying no she didn't say that. >> i don't want to play a semantics game with you. but i do think that your critics have a point when they say that you paint with a broad brushed stroke and it sounds like you're anti-islam anti-islam. >> no you paint with a broad brush. i am anti-jihad. i am anti-sharia. you by spaying i paint with a broad brush are saying all muslims support jihad. alisyn you sound very islamaphobic. >> pam, of course all muslims do not support jihad. >> of course. >> the point is when your speakers say that islam is foolish, it is ridiculous he says here how evil and wrong islam is. i mean when you just said that of course you know muslim people do you think that they're evil and wrong? i mean how can your keynote speaker -- >> i am not concerned with muslims. i'm not concerned with muslims, especially peaceful muslims. i am concerned with the 25% that support sharia. i am concerned with the amputations and the female
5:01 am
genital mutilation and the honor violence. i am concerned that the media whitewashes and scrubs this. i am concerned for the victims. >> of course. >> and if i have to take this kind of abuse to speak up for the victims, it seems like a small price to pay. >> listen of course everyone's concerned about the violence. but let's face it your event wasn't just about the violence. it was about -- >> my event was about freedom of speech. period. freedom of speech is the first amendment. it's the first and most protected political speech -- the most protected. because who would decide who's good and what's forbidden? these arbitrary voices? you? the muslim brotherhood? we need to have this conversation. and the fact that we have to spend upwards of $50,000 in security speaks to how dangerous and how in trouble freedom of speech is in this country. and then we have to get on these news shows, and somehow we are, those that are targeted those that were going to be
5:02 am
slaughtered, are the ones who get attacked speaks to how morally inverted this conversation is. >> listen pam, this is not an attack. this is a conversation. and we're glad that you're having this conversation. i'm glad i thank cnn to allow us to have a conversation like this. because to your point we need to have conversations like this. but in terms of the event, in terms of what your plan is what is your next plan? now that you -- now that you all have survived this near-death experience, what will this do? >> well it will certainly wake up the american people. to this violent assault on our most basic freedom. and people will begin to realize that this war is here. you know you read about it in europe. literally opening fire on a french magazine weekly and slaughtering cartoonists. and journalists. and thinking that this is, well that's europe and they have niece these problems that we don't have. we have them. and people need to wake up and we need to take a firm stance of freedom of speech and we will
5:03 am
not abridge our freedom so as not to offend savages. and, and this is really i think the, the battle between freedom and slavery. it is that basic. >> pam gellor we do appreciate you coming on. we do appreciate this conversation. thanks so much for sharing what happened last night. we're happy that you're safe. and that everyone there, other than the gunmen survived. thanks so much. >> thank you alisyn. >> we'd love to hear your thoughts on this. you can find me on twitter. we will have much more on our top story. we have a lot of breaking news to get to this morning. so let's get right to it. >> this is cnn breaking news. good morning, everyone. welcome back to your new day, it is monday may 4th, 8:00 in the east. chris cuomo is live in baltimore with all the latest developments in the freddie gray case. we do begin with breaking news for you. two men opened fire outside a texas building hosting an exhibit featuring cartoon drawings of the prophet
5:04 am
muhammad. the fbi now investigating they are at a housing complex in phoenix, arizona, where the suspects are believed to have lived. cnn's team coverage begins with ed lavandera at the scene of the shooting in garland, texas. what do we know at this hour, ted? ed? >> good morning, allison. fbi teams are still on the ground here just as the sunlight is breaking here in garland, texas. they are collecting evidence and from our vantage point we can still see the bodies of the two suspects lying next to the car. >> -- we're taking a little further away from the front of this building. >> breaking overnight. a deadly scene in a dallas suburb. two gunmen shot dead. after opening fire and wounding a security guard outside an event center where a cartoon drawing contest of the prophet muhammad was being held. law enforcement officials tell cnn the entire shooting lasted about 15 seconds. >> we prepared for something like this. >> reporter: the security
5:05 am
officer, bruce joyner was treated at the hospital for an ankle gunshot wound and released. this video shows the moment gunfire erupted, an interview with the president of the organization sponsoring the event cut abruptly short as security rushed the scene. >> sorry, we've got to stop this right now. >> shots fired. >> reporter: witnesses describe the chaotic turn of events. >> there were military or policemen everywhere running. >> sounded like boom boom. then next thing they're telling us get inside. get inside. all the officers, of course, were drawing their weapons. >> reporter: attendees were escorted to another room in the conference center where the crowd sang god bless america. ♪ god bless america ♪ >> reporter: the event, which included a $10,000 top prize for the best caricature of the prophet muhammad was organized by the american freedom defense initiative a controversial group which claims they are against islamic jihad, while others call them a hate group. any physical depictions of the
5:06 am
prophet are considered blasphemous to many muslims and have sparked violence around the world. sponsors of the contest billed it as a free speech event. the event featured keynote speaker and right wing dutch politician girt wilders who is on a hit list for wanting to ban the koran in the netherlands. one of our cnn producers was inside the event as all of this unfolded last night. he described to us a very tense situation throughout the evening with a heavy law enforcement presence throughout in fact we were told later on from law enforcement officials here in garland that there was even a s.w.a.t. team in the back of the building ready to jump into action if anything like this were to happen. and obviously they were needed here last night. alisyn? >> only imagine how scary that must have been. ed thanks so much for that. this is not the first time that images of the prophet muhammad have been the focal point of violence. cnn's senior international correspondent nic robertson puts all of this into context for us. hi, nic. >> yeah indeed alisyn.
5:07 am
go back to january this cheer the "charlie hebdo" satirical magazine in paris, they were having an editorial meeting, there was a cartoonist there who was also on the al qaeda hit list just like girt wilders who was attending that event in texas. two gunmen burst in automatic weapons, they killed the cartoonist and along with some of his fellow workers, 11 people killed there. altogether we later found out that those two gunmen had connections to al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. that's al qaeda in yemen. fast forward to february copenhagen another cartoonist swedish, also on the al qaeda hit list. attending a freedom of speech event in kobe hagan in a cafe a lone gunman approaches the cafe tries to get in opens fire with his automatic weapon kills a filmmaker outside the venue. lars vilks and other people say because he had with him swedish
5:08 am
and danish details, both those details pulled weapons, chased off the gunman. he comes back later in the evening in copenhagen kills a guard outside a synagogue who was securing a bat mitzvah that was in progress that evening. that gunman there later we find out in the minutes really before he goes on this killing spree, he's later killed by the police in the minutes before he goes on that killing spree, has given this pledge of allegiance to isis leader baghdadi. alisyn? >> okay nic, thanks so much for all of that background. we want to bring in david gardensteen ross. he's a senior fellow for the foundation of defense of democracy. what do you see when you look at the breaking news from last night of this attack in texas? >> it's obviously awful to see this happen in the united states. the man who carried out this attack at least one of the shooters seems to have had a twitter feed something that could be identifiable by a number of factors, including about 25 minutes before the attack occurred he basically,
5:09 am
number one, dave his pledge of allegiance to the islamic state and its amir and then signaled that the attack would happen hashtaging it, texas attack. and jihadists online are treating it as though it's his account. looking through his account it's someone who is pro-islamic state who is enraged by this event. obviously authorities right now are looking into department of phoenix, arizona, meaning that he had to travel quite a ways. this was not just an attack of convenience. >> so pro-islamic state, does that mean he is connected to isis or is this a lone wolf? well he's not technically a lone wolf in that he had another shooter with him and may have been other people who had foreknowledge of the events. it doesn't appear that he had any sort of connection to the broader islamic state organization in the sense he received training overseas or other sorts of support from them. the attackers were not particularly technically proficient. the attack was over within about 15 seconds and other jihadists online have been describing them as people who had no weapons training whatsoever.
5:10 am
>> as you've said we just learned in the past hour that investigators are at an apartment complex in phoenix, arizona, where these two gunmen are believed to live. what do we know about phoenix, arizona, and its connection to extremism and isis? >> you've had some jihadist activity stretching back for some time in arizona. phoenix is not actually been the focal point of this but rather tucson has been one of the areas that's seen a lot of jihadist activity particularly al qaeda. but it's hard to infer anything about the environment that these guys were in right now, because we know so little biographical details and we're increasingly seeing people who are radicalized by their online environment via social media and other interactions they're having in the virtual environment rather than the physical environment in which they live. >> the keynote speaker at this event last night is a controversial figure and he's on the al qaeda hit list so how
5:11 am
seriously do does everyone take this al qaeda hit list? >> that's an excellent question. obviously, the al qaeda hit list factored in the "charlie hebdo" killings and that was carried out by al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. most of the figures on the hit list are very controversial figures within the broader muslim community especially for extremists. and so i wouldn't necessarily say that hit list played a factor here. if you look at you know the online jihadist community they were enraged about this for reasons that weren't related to the hit list. other people are very controversial as well including those who are not on the hit list. but look at the end of the day, listen to the last segment one thing i should point out is that this wasn't an attack that was carried out by the muslim community or some random muslim this was an i.s. supporter. he was someone who hated a wide variety of things. among the worst of the worst in terms of attitude. and so it's important to contextualize who is carrying this out. >> of course pamela geler who we just had on who was the
5:12 am
organizer of this event, her point is that you cannot let violent stop freedom of speech here in this country regardless of how repugnant some people might find it and that this is just exhibit "a" of the chilling effect that even a lone wolf can have. >> yeah there's a complex debate to be had about the contours of freedom of speech versus hate speech but with respect to religious icon clachl there's a proud tradition in the west and which is very much celebrated look for example at the book of mormon musical. something which, you know is almost certainly something mormons you know they can laugh at themselves but they certainly don't like the religion to be mocked. scientology is another religion in the u.s. that is often subjected to mockery, and attacks upon it. i think that we can't have the answer be that freedom of speech gets abridged when people are going to be violent, and not when they won't be. that's a very bad standard to have. and it's a standard i sometimes see being advocated. that's a standard we should
5:13 am
absolutely as a society reject. >> of course pamela geller's point is that there would never be a book of muslim musical here. >> right. and there wouldn't be. security costs would be too great. it's a -- it's almost certainly a play that nobody would take the financial risk of running. >> right. and she's saying that they're brave because they tried to have this contest but look at what happened with the violence. obviously it's a debate that continues. daveed thanks so much for being on with all the information. >> my pleasure. >> great to have you. let's go back to baltimore and see what's happening there. chris is on the ground for us. hi, chris. >> hey, alisyn. there's a debate going on here in baltimore, as well as the city's dusting itself off trying to get back on its feet. the citywide curfew lifted by the mayor last night. the national guard preparing to withdraw over the next 72 hours we're told. but six police officers have been charged in the death of freddie gray. now, some people are very happy about that. others say that it was a
5:14 am
mistake. what will happen? we'll take you through it. the city's mayor lifting the week-long 10:00 p.m. curfew. optimistic about what comes next. >> i think a lot of the unrest has been settled. settled down in the sense of the protests. but that doesn't mean the work doesn't continue. >> reporter: and so far so good. thousands gathering in front of city hall sunday a sea of people with different religious beliefs and backgrounds, together at this interfaith rally organized by the church. >> we have buddhists, we have catholics, we had jews all coming together fighting for one baltimore to come together. >> reporter: and the 4,000 national guard troops spread throughout baltimore met with praise. >> thank you. thank you for everything you did. >> reporter: and prayer. as the governor delivered the orders for them to withdraw. >> it's not going to happen instantaneously. it's going to take a couple of days to get everybody out. we had to build an entire city to save the city. >> reporter: however the economic impact of monday's riots is staggering.
5:15 am
200 businesses destroyed by flames or looting. hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue lost. but the mall where it all started bounces back. >> it is such a dramatic difference from where it was on monday. i'm just so grateful because it shows the resiliency of our city. >> reporter: sunday's rally also being deemed a celebration after the announcement of the arrest and indictment for all six officers involved in the death of freddie gray. >> the medical examiner's determination that mr. gray's death was a homicide which we received today, has led us to believe that we have probable cause to file criminal charges. >> reporter: signifying for many one step toward the justice they're calling for. a local case however, reverberates around the country. people calling on the president to be here and to do more for people in inner city poverty.
5:16 am
now comes news of the president launching a new nonprofit aimed at boosting the needs of young inner city black youth. could this be a step forward in healing the recent uptick in racial tensions? cnn live at the white house with what we can expect. >> good morning to you, chris. well the president will announce this new nonprofit foundation from the bronx in new york today. now this is an independent spinoff of president obama's already existing my brother's keeper initiative that was launched in the wake of trayvon martin's killing with the goal of helping to empower young minority boys and communities. white house officials do tell us that president obama will likely speak about the unrest in baltimore in the context of the broader systemic problems that seen in so many neighborhoods like in baltimore with freddie gray. now meanwhile vice president joe biden, he was in detroit last night speaking to an naacp convention and called for some soul searching.
5:17 am
>> with all that's going on in baltimore and has gone on this year we said there are police departments that have to do some soul searching. there are communities that have to do some soul searching. but i think we as a country need too do a lot of soul searching. we have to be able to see each other again. >> reporter: and the president will not have a formal role in this nonprofit foundation at this moment but this certainly does give us a big hint into what president obama will take on after he leaves the white house. chris? >> hmm. all right sunlen thank you very much. alisyn as we go back to you in new york freddie gray is the case everyone is focused on. but what you hear from leaders on the ground in baltimore is it is just a window a symptom, into a much bigger problem that nobody wants to deal with and that's what they're calling on the president for. to find a way to deal with the poverty, not just when you see these horrible tragic circumstances. >> absolutely. we know you're engaged in all of
5:18 am
those discussions there, chris and we'll get back to you momentarily. all right. a key race alert for you now. the 2016 republican field just got a little more crowded. former hewlett-packard chief executive carly fiorina just officially announcing her bid for the white house on tv, and on social media. and her announcement she shows herself watching hillary clinton's announcement video, in an attempt to position herself as the anti-hillary candidate. on abc this morning, fiorina says she has admiration for hillary clinton but that hillary is not trust wore think. fiorina does not have a successful track record as a candidate. while saudi arabia denying reports of a ground invasion into yemen sources say dozens of arabs special forces are battling houthi rebels for control of the airport in the port city of aden. local militias say yemeni fighters trained in the persian gulf have joined the fight against the houthis. all right switching gears now,
5:19 am
to a supercute moment between a pint sized superhero, and president obama. the commander in chief stopping to fist bump 4-year-old luca martinez who is rocking goggles and superhero clothes before boarding marine one. luca was in the press corps with his dad who was an associated press photographer. that's cute. all right let's get back to baltimore, where chris has been reporting for us for days now. chris? >> all right, alisyn so the cops here those six officers they've been charged in freddie gray's death. so we guess the situation is over right? that's why so much of the media is gone. things have calmed down. you're going to meet a man who says not even close. freddie gray's just a symptom of a disease that nobody seems to want to cure. when we come back. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta he fires up the free wifi with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before! so he can rapidly prepare his presentation. and when he perfects his pitch, do you know what chris can do? and that is my recommendation.
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5:23 am
well, the six officers have been charged here in baltimore, so that's it. the problem's over. everything's great now. right? wrong says the reverend jamal bryant. and a lot of people who are civic leaders here in the community, we have them now joining us. >> thank you. >> that's it you got your charges baltimore should be great now. those impoverished communities bounce right back. this was the secret tonic, right? >> absolutely not. it's just the beginning of the threshold. a lot of people are minimizing it in the press. just about freddie gray but
5:24 am
we've got 50 shades of gray that we're dealing with in terms of economic development, subpar housing, opportunities, drugs, you've got to deal with the blight of 16,000 abandoned homes. so there are a whole lot of issues that we're going to have to give redress to. >> i don't get it, if freddie gray was just a symptom of the disease, then why wouldn't the disease get the same attention? where is everybody? where is everybody? >> well this issue has been going forth for almost three to four decades. with complete oblivion from those who are in power. we're just 43 miles away from the u.s. capital, and we've got no intervention in terms of the department of housing. no intervention in terms of job training. no intervention in terms of infusion of capital. so just like freddie gray was screaming in the back of that police vehicle, baltimore has been screaming. and so when people saw the uprising that took place in baltimore, they don't realize it was an echo of a much greater frustration. >> people thought it was just
5:25 am
about freddie, the rioting was about people who were just angry about this. and you've been saying from the beginning, no the roots go back. this was a bursting point. not everybody who breaks a window is the same person. some were opportunists and simply criminals. but others were speaking to a bigger outrage. and yet, where is the real motivation to cure it? can it even be fixed? you have 130 million that they dumped into west baltimore. o'malley was supposed to be the secret cure and it didn't work. seems like everybody tries to pick around the edges and avoids the main point which is where are our jobs. do you believe jobs are everything? >> jobs are absolutely everything that it is in fact institution that makes any great city what it is that it can be. when you look at detroit, they went through a major slump. not because of morale but because motor companies begin to move out and find themselves lost. many years ago, baltimore was known for bethlehem steel. that it was, in fact the major base for train tracks and things
5:26 am
of that nature. when the jobs left, that's when a whole lot of things that we wouldn't want begin to creep back in. >> now is there a reality that it can't be fixed? that job base is gone and if there is no new normal here in terms of job base there's simply no solution? >> well the harlem renaissance poet los angelesston hughes said let america be america again. that's what we're trying out for baltimore. everything globally has to happen locally. there's got to be revision of the police department. but even more than that we've got to do something more for our public schools. the greatest piece of technology in a public school shouldn't be a metal detector. it should be computers. >> you had that beautiful young woman who is a senior in high school and she was talking about how she's doing well she's getting ready to graduate and she said i'm learning out of textbooks that were written in the seven'70s. >> right. >> they weren't in shock it was more of like this recognition of this collective hopelessness that you've been trying to fix here. and then you get to who you
5:27 am
blame. you know usually communities like this say people don't care about us. you don't have enough representatives from this community, and the party doesn't care. not the case here. you have generations of democrat elected african-americans. >> right. >> in almost your whole city council is african-american the mayor, the prosecutor your results are still nowhere. so did they fail you? >> the comrades in ferguson when they took up the mantle of civil rights said the whole system is guilty. and i think that's that really the issue by virtue of the fact not necessarily that the textbooks are old but here's what's amazing, chris, they're still in the textbook. that they're not even looking at it on a computer. how can they in fact compete on a global scale when they're finding themselves really in a village. people in baltimore shouldn't be treated as third class citizens from a third world nation in the most powerful place in the world but they're not given access. >> the big pushback is it's your fault. you guys don't work as hard. you don't care about school. you don't hold your families
5:28 am
together. you turn to crime too easy. blame yourselves >> right. benjamin may say you got to run twice as fast so you're never left behind. by virtue of the fact that you saw the youngest state's attorney of a major city 35 years of age, able to pull herself up. it didn't happen through osmosis. didn't come because me was compelling to the eye but because she made the hard work and the sacrifice. that is the example that our young people now have. that if in fact you keep your focus clear, this is what you can ascend to. not at 50 not at 70 but at 35. you can be in a position to run the city. and so we've been working hard but you can't expect us to play football if you won't give us a football. >> but you can only dream of what you believe to be achievable. >> yes. >> and so yes you have the role model now but if you don't have the opportunity. >> absolutely. >> you wind up broken-hearted. we know you're fighting that fight. >> absolutely. >> and you're going to keep organizing. but it's against you. the media is gone. the violence is gone. the leaders are now saying it's all about this one case. so you've got a big task. we've committed to the task --
5:29 am
>> baltimore is committed to it. >> we won't go away. we'll stay on the issues. >> thank you so much. >> other big news for you this morning. arizona roommates now the suspects in the shooting at this texas event that was hosting a cartoon contest of the prophet muhammad. we have the latest on what investigators have found. we'll take you back to texas for that. stay with us. people with type 2 diabetes come from all walks of life. if you have high blood sugar ask your doctor about farxiga. it's a different kind of medicine that works
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we do have some breaking news to tell you about. police in texas learning more about the two gunmen who opened fire outside a free speech event in texas last night. let's get right to cnn's ed lavandera. he's tracking the latest from garland, texas. what do we know at this hour, ed? >> well good morning, alisyn. as we push in here you can see fbi teams that are just now starting to really do a lot of the heavy lifting of the evidence collection here at the scene of the shooting. that blue tarp you see the bodies of the two suspects are just behind that blue tarp and we see that team kind of surrounding the bodies of the two gunmen here just now. before they put up that blue tarp we could see both men were wearing bulletproof vests. one of them must have been wearing a new york yankees baseball cap because there's a
5:34 am
yankees cap next to one of the bodies. we do not know the identities of these two gunmen yet. but we do know that fbi officials in phoenix, arizona, alisyn are at an apartment complex where they say that they have identified that the two suspects were from. so a great deal of attention this morning focused on phoenix, arizona. we're told that fbi officials there are waiting for the paperwork, and the -- to get into that apartment to do more investigation. clearly this branching out beyond garland, texas, this morning here. >> absolutely. it will be fascinating to hear what they find in that apartment complex, ed please keep us up to date on that. we also want to welcome our viewers now around the world joining us on cnn international. earlier, on the program, i spoke with the organizer of that mohammed cartoon contest. pamela geller defended her right to hold a free speech event. >> incendiary and provocative by drawing a cartoon? this is the low state of freedom of speech in this country.
5:35 am
i disagree. and i disagree most vevehemently. the jihad is raging. and all we can talk about is backlash of phobia. it's nonsense. we have to be able to discuss and when you say i'm anti-muslim. excuse me, i'm anti-jihad. >> we will have so much more on this breaking news about what happened in texas and the debate surrounding it throughout the day on cnn. but back to our other big story of course in baltimore those six officers facing criminal charges in freddie gray's death. one county sheriff calls these charges a miscarriage of justice. he compares the situation to the duke lacrosse case. we will speak with him and hear why. can a protein found in jelly fish improve your memory? our scientists say yes.
5:36 am
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5:39 am
there were riots and protests. now there's just controversy. at the center of it is the prosecutor after charging six police officers with a range of felonies from murder to assault. but baltimore police are pushing back demanding mosby recuse herself from the case. one sheriff says this case is quote, duke lacrosse case all
5:40 am
over again. that sheriff joins us now. milwaukee county sheriff david clark. sheriff, thank you for joining us. make the case. how is this duke lacrosse all over again? >> well before i start one of new york's finest police officer was shot in the face by a black suspect over the weekend. he continues to cling to life. keep him in your prayers. as it relates to baltimore, greater legal minds than mine including alan dershowitz said this case has been politicized by this state's attorney. he says that it was overcharged. and he said it was done for mob control. and i concur. look when she stood up there and had her news conference totally reasonable and totally legit to just name the charges, and the facts surrounding the case and why she brought the charges about. when she starts uttering statements like, no justice, no peace, young people your time is now, and she hears the voices, she politicized this thing. she went down that political rabbit hole that she should not
5:41 am
have. she's emotionally attached. she's received campaign contributions from the attorney representing mr. gray's family. there's a conflict of interest here. she should have known better. she should have taken her time called in some experienced people. i hear she's never handled a murder case in her time as an assistant prosecutor. this thing just went from bad to worse. >> well sheriff, you know you're lined up against this prosecutor with what you're saying which is ironic seeing how you're a cop and the prosecutor if anything is usually accused of being too close to cops. yes, they say that the defense counsel donated to her campaign. but so did the union. she's got generations of cops in her family. and while she is young, as you well know two things one, prosecutors offices often overcharge with the help of departments like yours. and, they rarely use their only their own faculties to try a case right? it's always the whole office. so what is the real root of your concern? especially to analogize this to
5:42 am
duke lacrosse which was a horrendous miscarriage of justice by a prosecutor. >> well look that is a lie. i don't know what goes on in other counties but in my county i've never been a part of a case where a case was overcharged. okay? i've investigated and been part of a team of investigators that in four years investigated over 400 homicides. i've worked with prosecutors who are deliberate in bringing about murder charges, because those are very serious. i don't have any experience in milwaukee county of cases being overcharged. okay? you don't throw everything -- >> you've never heard of a case -- >> at a wall like spaghetti hoping -- let me finish my statement, sir. >> you've never heard of a case where prosecutors -- >> you don't throw -- you don't throw everything at -- >> go ahead, sheriff. >> -- at the wall hoping something sticks. you don't throw everything up at the wall hoping that something sticks okay? this decision was made very quickly. my understanding, i do not know everything that happened in this case. however, my understanding is she
5:43 am
received the baltimore police case on friday. and she made this determination within 24 hours. i've never in my -- all my years of investigating homicides, and working with prosecutors in a charging conference seen a homicide charge brought within 24 hours. she needed to read through all of the reports, look through all the evidence wait for forensics testing to come back. some of this forensics evidence hasn't been tested yet. before she made a decision. there was no rush to do this. but i want to go back once again to some of the statements she made. no justice, no peace is not a legal term. that's a political statement. and that's why i said that she has offered these officers up as red meat to an angry mob. that's inconsistent with our system of justice -- >> but sheriff. >> -- and the rule of law. >> sheriff, she's a politician first of all. politicians say political things. she's in elected office. not as an excuse but as an
5:44 am
explanation. and also you seem to be glossing over the fact that she was solely dependent on the police report. she wasn't. she'd been conducting her own investigation, and it had been going on for two weeks. so it wasn't like she just decided in 24 hours. she had her own investigation going. and do you believe that people are wrong to say that nobody ever gets charged in cases like this so that they actually see this as a good thing that someone has charged them? not indicted them. she hasn't gone to a grand jury yet. she hasn't gone to a preliminary hearing yet. these are only charges. we don't know what the rest of the process will hold. >> well, it's not going to go to a grand jury now. i would have recommended to her that she take it to a grand jury because this thing was highly political. >> it could. it could. she still has the option. >> well i hope that she does that. but anyway that's why i said this case has gone from bad to worse. there's a lot of problems with it. she certainly has the authority to bring criminal charges. but now she's got to prove them beyond a reasonable doubt. and murder is a very high standard.
5:45 am
>> understood sheriff. and i get your concerns. you've made some very eloquent and powerful statements about how the police are the only ones in these impoverished communities that are trying to defend black life because they're often the only ones there to support the communities. so thank you for coming on and making your case. we look forward to having you on again as the process moves forward. >> thanks for saying that. i appreciate it. >> okay, chris. let's talk a little politics because more republicans are entering the race for the white house. our political experts give us their take on the growing gop field.
5:46 am
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12 months at no cost. yes, i am running for president. i think i'm the best person for the job because i understand how the economy actually works, i understand the world, who's in it how the world works. i understand bureaucracies. and that's what our federal government has become a giant, bloated, unaccountable corrupt bureaucracy. >> so the republican presidential field getting more crowded this morning. carly fiorina and also ben carson announcing their candidacies today. and former arkansas governor mike huckabee planning to throw his hat in the ring tomorrow. here to weigh in on all of this cnn political commentator, and republican strategist ana navarro and cnn political commentator and democratic strategist donna brazile. ladies great to see you. >> good morning. >> good to be with you. >> ana let's talk about the two candidates announcing today, ben carson and carly fiorina. what do you make of their campaigns?
5:50 am
>> you know i think it's well you know and then there's going to be six. i -- what i think carly and ben carson are great voices to add to this formula right now. and i think what the republican party is showing is great diversity. i mean can you believe there is a woman, a businesswoman, with actually no political experience jumping in today? and that african-american brain surgeon. an actual brain surgeon jumping into the republican primary. so i think we're going to see a diversity of candidates with diversity of thought, diversity of experience in these first few months of the republican primary as it shapes up. at some point, alisyn there's going to be a lesser number. if they don't get to a polling requirement, so all of these folks who are polling in the low numbers, people like carly fiorina need to fight in the next few months to get to be a factor in the polls. before they start getting
5:51 am
eliminated from debates. but i think it's great. we're going to have plenty of voices to choo from. >> donna, let me put up that poll since ana brought it up. the most recent cnn poll taken two weeks ago shows the front-runners at the moment and you see the sort of usual suspects mike huckabee there in the middle at 9%. and then the candidates with the lesser numbers there, ben carson has 4% and carly fiorina has 2%. but to ana's point, donna, is this just all good for the gop, that particularly with these two candidates, it shows a diverse field? >> well there's no question that we're going to see a very large field within the republican party. but not a very deep field in terms of knowledge and experience and the ability to really lead a multicultural country like the united states of america. miss fiorina has a lot to explain. she says she has a lot of experience in the business world. she needs to explain outsourcing. and the number of jobs that when
5:52 am
she was head of hp hewlett-packard. and mr. carson has repeatedly talked about moral decay, and yet he wants to eliminate medicare and medicaid and you all know these are two enormously popular programs. so yeah we can expect a large field. the republicans are on a shopping spree, a dating game whatever you want to call it. a anticipate that we're going to see even more candidates over the next couple of weeks. this is going to bring about exciting time in new hampshire, nevada and south carolina some of the early states as these candidates begin to attract the kind of support they need in order to win the conservative nomination. >> dating game and shopping spree makes it more fun than just saying presidential election. i like that. >> all right, listen alisyn it's terrific. i don't know about you but i'd rather have a lot of options to date from than have to be stuck in an arranged marriage with one person. >> well i believe you may be referring to hillary clinton. and we do have some news on that front, as well. this morning, bill clinton went on nbc, this is the first time
5:53 am
that he has spoken out since she declared her candidacy, and the first time that he has addressed the controversy surrounding the clinton foundation and its funding. so listen to what he had to say. >> i don't think there's anything sinister in trying to get wealthy people in countries that are seriously involved in development to spend their money wisely in a way that helps poor people and lifts them up. i don't think there's anything bad with that. i think it's good. >> ana as he depicted it there's nothing sinister in getting wealthy countries to spend their money. the problem of course is that she was secretary of state, and there are some who suggest that think connect the dots between policy and the fund-raising that the clinton foundation did. >> you know i've always called it blurred lines. i think there's just so many blurred lines between the philanthropy work between the political work and between the business work that the clintons do. and now anybody that knows bill clinton knows that he's got to have been chomping at the bit
5:54 am
for months now, you know wanting to talk and wanting to defend hillary clinton and the foundation. he gets very defensive on some of these issues. but it also tells you that the drip drip drip of revelations when it comes to inconsistencies, when it comes to not following the rules, to taking money from foreign countries where women's rights are inexistent all of those things are taking a toll on hillary clinton and you can also see it on the polls. >> i don't think so. bill clinton the foundation they do enormously good work in haiti, in parts of africa where they provide much-needed medicine to fight and prevent diseases that we have already conquered here. they have done an enormously good work -- >> but donna i do want to ask you about -- >> if you look at what president bush former president bush you look at former president carter -- >> but donna -- >> they're all engaged in these kind of international campaigns. >> i do want to ask you one thing that he said because it is news worthy. he also said that he will continue to take money from
5:55 am
speeches during the time she's running for president. is that appropriate? >> absolutely. i mean why -- you know why are we denying, you know them the ability to have income like everyone else? i don't get that. but you know what? it's all part of the political game that we like to play and president clinton is one of my heroes and god bless him for all of the work that he's doing across the globe. >> donna brazile, ana navarro, thanks so much for being on. good stuff coming up next. stick around. when you do business everywhere,
5:56 am
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job, okay? [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you from johnson & johnson. all right time now for the good stuff. a texas mom, sharon banks, watched in horror when the devastating earthquake struck nepal. her 22-year-old daughter danielle was climbing mt. everest when it hit. what followed were two days of agonizing terror. danielle's whereabouts completely unknown by her mother. but this weekend, terror turned to tears of joy as you can see, mother and daughter were reunited in texas. danielle had been airlifted from mt. everest to the u.s. embassy and returned home thank goodness. as we say good-bye chris, i understand that you and i are going to be reunited back here in the studio tomorrow.
6:00 am
so i will look forward to seeing you then. >> is that true? you've got better information than i do allison. as long as we stay on the stories that matter doesn't matter where we are. it's nice to have a little good stuff to end the show. >> so true. i think i will see you. >> a lot of news this morning. i'll see you soon. >> let's get you to the "newsroom" with carol costello. >> all right, thanks, chris. "newsroom" starts now. >> this is cnn breaking news. and good morning. i'm carol costello thank you so much for joining me. we are following breaking news. a law enforcement source just confirmed the name of one of the gunmen killed in a shooting outside a cartoon contest in texas. the name elton simon from phoenix. now it's believed simpson sent a tweet prior to the attack claiming responsibility reading in part may allah accept us as mujahadin. just a short time ago 1,000 miles away in


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