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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  May 4, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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they were well armed and well prepared. >> they didn't have heads-up on this but they shot back when they should. this is a case of police shooting absolutely justified and they were in place and understood what was going on and again kudos to them. >> all right. thanks so much. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" starts now. hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. we want to welcome our viewers around the united states and the world. a lot to get to at this hour. any minute we're awaiting the police department in garland, texas, will hold a press conference about this shooting outside a cartoon contest and exhibit focused on islamic prophet muhammad. also this just in. we're learning that one of the shooters, not only sympathized with isis but also had links to
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isis members on social media. here is what we know right now. two men opened fire on an unarmed security officer stationed outside the event in this dallas suburb. this was the scene last night captured on video. >> we got to stop this right now. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> police returned fire killing both men. the security guard was hit in the leg. he's doing okay. the fbi says one of the suspects in the shooting has been identified as elton simpson. the arizona man was previously the subject of a terror investigation. it is simpson who was believed to be an isis sympathizer. simpson is believed to have contacts with isis members on twitter. it's simpson who is believed to have sent a tweet prior to the
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attack and was well known importantly to the fbi. the fbi now searching the phoenix apartment that the two gunmen shared. the fbi collecting evidence there. now the group that held the event, the american freedom defense initiative, they were offering a $10,000 reward for the best cartoon of the prophet muhammad. the group is known to have opposed a building of a mosque near ground zero and have been accused by some of having anti-islam views. the keynote was a right wing politician who was on al qaeda's hit list. that's a bit of a context but the attack of an isis sympathizers on u.s. soil. elton simpson sent a tweet saying may allah except us as mujahideen. what more are we learning as we
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await this press conference? >> we've been scoring through court documents. he was arrested in 2010 for allegedly -- this is for making a false statement relating to international and domestic terrorism. i want to go straight to an excerpt of that document to give us an idea of what we're talking about here. this is what the document says. the defendant falsie stated to special agents of the fbi that he had not discussed traveling to somalia when in fact the defendant had discussed with others on or about may 29th, 2009, and thereafter traveling to somalia for the purpose of engaging in violent jihad. he was found guilty in 2011 and again that charge was for false statement which in the state of arizona is considered a class d felony. now, he was only placed on probation for three years. paid about $500 fine and moved on with his life. we know he was onto other things as well and it's that tweet that
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we were just talking about sent two hours prior to this attack. i want to go through this tweet briefly because we've been dissecting it trying to figure out what the entire tweet actually means. this is what the tweet says. the bro' with me and myself have given pledge of allegiance to the commander of the faithful. may allah accept us as mujahideen. he added hashtag texas attack. from what we know, closely after that tweet was sent out then an isis known member on social media retweeted that tweet and that is where we get this link to this member of isis that's on social media. so i'm not sure if we have any of that to show you. >> right now it looks like
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there's activity in texas right now. in garland, texas, a news conference. let's listen in. >> hi. thank you for coming. my name is joe harn, garland police department. i'm a police officer. starting with the event that happened yesterday actually started several months ago when garland contacted us about this event being booked there. there were security concerns with them and so from that we began to work with the school district officials, garland officials and police department officials to set up a security plan for this event. the security concerns they had was because of the type of event and speaker they were having and issues that have been with those
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folks before. a plan was formalized. we added our officers and i will explain that garland police officers work at the event center all the time as an off-duty job. that's what the case was last night for everybody that was seen and some s.w.a.t. personnel in the back. they paid an additional $10,000 for that security last night. the plan included security officers, uniformed police officers, bomb personnel, s.w.a.t. personnel, along with fbi and atf. the event began at 5:00 p.m. and was to go until 7:00 p.m. the event was going very smoothly and about ten minutes to 7:00, a dark colored vehicle pulled up to the west entrance
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parking lot. there was a police officer, a police car there blocking that entrance. a police officer along with a security officer. when that car pulled up and stopped, those officers began to exit their vehicle and two men exited the dark color sedan. both had assault rifles and came around the back of the car and started shooting at the police car. the police officer in that car began returning fire and struck both men taking them down. at the same time that was starting, he could hear gunfire around the parking lot. we had a s.w.a.t. react team in the back that very quickly responded within seconds and helped secure the scene. both men died on the street next to their car. as soon as they got that secured, our bomb unit and what
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we know and what we trained on is very likely these people that do this may well rig themselves or their vehicles with bombs. we started taking that precaution and widening an area and securing that. that included businesses around in the area. that included the sports academy behind the event center, the sonic drive-in, sam's, walmart and on the other side of garland road we did not evacuate any of those. we also evacuated the hyatt hotel that's right behind the center. once we got that done, many of you were there and we continued to work the vehicle from the bomb unit side. they detonated as they started working the vehicle, there were several detonations of things that we're finding. one of the first detonations you heard was to open the trunk of the vehicle. once that was open, they found
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several things that they were suspicious of and continued to look into those. there were no bombs found in the vehicle. the site is an active crime scene this morning. the fbi forensics along with our forensic unit is working that. it's an ongoing situation. the concern yesterday and today and every day that we work here is the safety of everybody in this city. we set up a plan yesterday to keep those people safe. we had one incident where the security officer was shot. he was shot in the lower leg. he was taken to the hospital and
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treated and later released. he was the only one hurt in this incident yesterday. because of the way we were set up, we were able to stop those men before they were able to penetrate the area and attempt to shoot anyone else and that plan was successful that we set up. once we were working last night of course we were stressed on personnel. plano, irving, dps and along with fbi and atf continued to assist us last night. with that, i'll take some questions. >> reporter: can you confirm if there's a connection between the -- >> there's a lot of things that i know is going out and some people are releasing names. we're not releasing any names.
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again, at some point they will be but we're not releasing any names at this time. >> what do you think was the intent or motivation of the suspects? >> they were obviously there to shoot people. we will continue to investigate. this is not going to be a real fast investigation. we have our suspects. we continue to monitor social media and gather other intel to make sure that we're not getting any threats. so we don't know their intent other than we know they were willing to pull up and start shooting on police. >> reporter: was this a terrorist attack? >> we're certainly looking into that. we have not knocked that out. again, we're working with the fbi and we will eventually figure out what that is. >> reporter: do you expect any other arrests? >> not at this time. again, we're working with fbi.
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there's a lot of things in motion right now. but i don't know of any other arrest at this time. >> reporter: did you have enough people out there? request for s.w.a.t. personnel was denied and only half was on the scene. >> we had enough personnel there. we had the react team there very quickly. we had enough people. [ inaudible question ] >> i don't know that. >> reporter: at what point did they get to the dallas area, do you know? >> we don't. there was luggage in the back. we're not sure when they actually got here. luggage i know. i don't know what all was inside that luggage. i'm sorry. i know there was additional ammunition for the rifles. i don't know if there were other weapons at this time. >> reporter: in days leading up to yesterday, part of the security planning, were these two suspects people that you guys were made aware of, pictures given to you guys to be
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on lookout for these guys? >> not that i'm aware of, no. >> reporter: had there been specific threats made or intelligence received? >> no. with anything like this, we continue to look every single day at things. had there been chatter over a month or so from time to time, yes, but no specific threat. several months ago we put the plan together. [ inaudible question ] correct. correct. >> reporter: how many total officers? >> we're not releasing that right now. it was $10,000 spent on additional officers. >> reporter: when they exited, did they say anything to the officers? >> not from what i've been told. they got out and starting firing. let's do one at a time. >> reporter: did the first
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officer take down the suspect or did the s.w.a.t. team do it? >> the first officer. >> reporter: there was an officer hit, was there another police officer with him? >> they were both in the same car. they were both sitting in the same car and they had that entrance blocked sitting in a squad car. as that car stopped, both started getting out of the car and the men came around and that's when they saw the rifles and men opened up on them and our officers started shooting back. the officer that was shooting is a traffic officer. >> reporter: the security officer did not have a weapon? >> correct. he was not armed. >> reporter: thor e er ior e of car took down both? >> correct. >> reporter: the men looked like they were wearing protection. can you tell us what they were wearing? >> i don't have details. i was told they did have body protection on. don't know what type.
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>> reporter: were either of the suspects -- >> that's what we're working on now. >> reporter: so on social media, minutes before the shooting there was tweets from the sho shootshoo shooter themselves. are you aware of the tweets? >> yes, we are. we don't know that it was those people that put that out. that's one of the things we're working on. the attendees last night, everybody -- there was approximately 200 people inside the event center. garland independent school district buses were brought to the center. they were taken away from there. a lot of these people don't even live in garland. in fact, this event really doesn't have much to do with garland other than they rented a site here in garland. they were taken away. most of them made plans to go
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stay somewhere. their vehicles are still at the event center because the crime scene is still being worked. we ended up putting a number of them up in a hotel and taking care of them until they're able to get to their cars. >> i know you're not naming the individuals but surely you know their names. are they on a watch list of any time? >> i'm not sure of that. do we think we know who they are? yes. but you're skg questions i'm not aware of yet. >> are these men u.s. citizens? >> i don't know that. >> can you talk about the relationship between the two men? >> i don't know that. again, there's a lot of things you're asking me and there's an ongoing investigation and there are some people that know more than i do. i don't know that. [ inaudible question ] we are not. >> reporter: can you talk about the weapons used by the officer and by the two suspects.
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>> the officer was use his duty pistol. they were using assault rifles. >> reporter: can you tell us how long the officer has been on the department? >> he's a tenured officer. i don't know exactly how many years. with what he was faced with and his reaction and his shooting with a pistol, he did a good job. >> reporter: you mentioned last night when you were initially presented with the security plan that you went back to them and said this needed to be beefed up. do i understand that correctly? >> say that again? >> reporter: when the security plan was presented to you guys for this particular event, that you guys recommended that -- i thought you said last night that you needed more security here. >> no. no. we addressed them as we were setting it up. we told them what security we thought they needed. and that's what they adhered to.
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>> you mentioned that weapons were found in the car. can you be more specific as to what was detonated? >> i know that there were suitcases. there was some things they could not penetrate so for safety sake they detonated and got into those. sol far as finding any bombs in the vehicle, they did not. [ inaudible question ] that's something i don't know. i don't know about the car. i don't know with suitcases in the car, you would think they drove, but i don't know that. >> reporter: how many shots were fired in all? >> multiple shots. i have no idea how many shots. >> you talk about two suspects. was there anybody else picked up at the scene that might have been connected? >> there was a man in the area that we detained that we thought might be a suspect in this. however, after we interviewed him, he was not a part of this event and he was released.
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>> reporter: i know you commented on this but why did they allow this event to be held there at the center? >> you would have to talk to them. when they have an event there -- we have police officers that work security there all the time. they came to us with this event and said they were going to do that. and asked about security and we assisted with that. >> the vehicle they were driving, is it a texas license plate vehicle? >> i don't know that. i haven't seen the car or the tag. >> can you say that it is believed that the shooting was related to the event? can you make that -- >> again, we are gaining knowledge as we go. right now just as last night we were focused on not having anybody else hurt, and we were looking at possible bombs, today forensically we're doing everything.
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we may have the forensics done late this afternoon. that's almost a 24-hour event by the time they finished if they finished then. as we get that done and we learn things there, continue to run things down, we'll know more. as we do, we'll let you all know. >> reporter: could you brag about your officer hero. two guys with assault rifles who may be wearing protective gear up against one officer with a service pistol. fair to say he did a hell of a job last night. >> he did what he was trained to do. and under the fire that he was put under, he did a very good job. and probably saved lives. we think their strategy was to get to the event center, into the event center and they were not able to get past that outer
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i perimeter that we set up as part of that security. >> reporter: what about the idea of holding the event in that venue. is that something the police department can give input on or where pd may make recommendations or in retrospect holding the event something the police department thinks was a wise idea? >> certainly after this event and after the event that was in january, i think it's very safe to say that officials will be looking into this as to what they're going to rent that out. that's not for us to address right now. what we're focused on is what happened yesterday and making sure that we do everything that we need to do at that crime scene and that everything that we believe happened we can prevent. >> the officer who was shot, he got out of the car unarmed? what did he -- did he look for
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cover or did he try to attack -- >> he did not try to attack. again, he was hit in the lower leg. from what i'm being told, we believe he simply stepped out of the car and that's the time the gunfire started. >> your officer, the one who had his pistol and killed these men, normally assigned to traffic duty. is this the first time he -- >> i don't know that. >> reporter: he would have been working off duty then? >> yes. another thing, there's a high school right next door. they're having classes today. we've opened that area up. to my understanding everybody has shown up. it's business back as usual. however, naturally our awareness is heightened because of this yesterday. we do this -- we do intel.
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we have people that work on tasks forces. we conduct intel to try to keep our citizens safe in this city every single day just as we did yesterday and the plan we put together there's no doubt that it saved lives. >> is that where graduation is going to be at this school on sunday? >> graduations are scheduled there. that's part of gsid. >> did suspects come out of the vehicle already holding the assault rifles? >> yes. they came out with them. [ inaudible question ] >> there's added personnel at the school because there are parents that are worried because of what happened yesterday. we still got a crime scene there. so, yes, there is added personnel today. i'm going to take two more questions. >> reporter: there was some kind
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of body armor? >> i was told they did have body armor. i don't know the extent. >> reporter: the woman that organized this is on the al qaeda hit list. is she under your protection or where is she now? >> she's not under our protection. i have no idea where she is. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> you hear right there from joe harn, officer with garland police officer getting more detail and clarity about what happened last night in garland, texas, at the site of a cartoon contest, exhibit focused on depictions of the prophet muhammad. you hear right there from the officer. he basically said these men simply got out and started shooting. a car pulled up to a security perimeter at this event. two men got out with assault rifles and started shooting at police. he also listed out all of the security personnel that were there. garland police, bomb squads, s.w.a.t., atf and fbi were all
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on the scene. both men were shot by a police officer and as officer harn says they both died there on the street next to their car. >> both men were shot and killed by an officer with his service pistol. this man with a service pistol. officer killed two shooters with assault rifles. an active crime scene. a school there. they want to reassure people. there were no bombs found in the car of these would-be assailants. they searched the car because they were concerned there may be explosives inside. they found luggage. we don't know what was in the luggage. they also found more ammunition but no bombs. they know the two shooters were wearing protective gear presumably bulletproof vests. this only goes to the skill of the one officer who took them down with his service pistol which shows you how good of a job he did. joe harn made clear that officer probably saved lives. these men showed up at this
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event at this center designed to kill people. want to bring in paul cruickshank, cnn terror analyst in london for us and former secretary of homeland security, julia, let me start with you. there are two facets to this. number one, an attempted terror attack on u.s. soil by someone, this man, elton simpson, one of the assailants who was an isis sympathizer with connections to people online. and secondly, the people of garland seemed awfully prepared. they had the right people in the right place before this event to thwart this attack. >> that's absolutely right. let's start with the second point which is knowing the kind of event being planned and knowing the controversy that surrounded this group. the garland police did exactly what's been anticipated in the post-911 structure which is local, state and federal law
8:27 am
enforcement work together to try to protect the public. so good news is the system was in place. it knew it had a high profile event coming. very controversial. on the second issue, look, this is through that this was an attack, and we don't know specifically simpson and who he was and what kind of training he got or his allegiances. one thing that is just clear from that press conference, you had a local police official standing alone. this case is now being run out of the fbi. they were not present at the press conference. i think the point of that is just reading tea leaves of what's going on is there's a federal investigation going on now that probably garland knows little about. in other words, this is now being traced to international sources and international intelligence agencies. >> from a lot of the reporting that we have from cnn's own reporting -- i know you have some as well -- this man we only know identity of one suspect
8:28 am
here, elton simpson, that he was at a minimum an isis sympathizer and had connections to isis members on social media. what more are you learning about that? >> that's absolutely right, kate. a few minutes before the attack, he tweeted out a pledge of allegiance to the commander of the faithful. just before that, he also tweeted out to followers to follow a british isis fighter in syria. that very same british isis fighter retweeted his pledge of allegiance to abu bakr al baghdadi and set out a series of tweets praising the attack taking some ownership for the attack. at the minimum, this is an individual who had some online connection to isis. the fbi will investigate whether there is more connection than
8:29 am
just that and whether there was clu colluding in the days ahead and simpson was on the radar screen of the fbi from at least 2006. they investigated him because they believed he wanted to go and fight with al shabab in somalia. how on earth was he able to get ahold of an assault rifle given that he was on the radar screen and previously convicted of lying to the fbi in that case. >> the reason you are seeing pictures from phoenix, arizona, on the right side of your screen there is because the fbi is searching an apartment building in phoenix where these two men, one of them elton simpson, are believed to have lived. that's why they are there. this investigation has already spanned to another state. explain to me as paul cruickshank says where they go through now figuring out if there's a bigger connection or if it was more than inspired or perhaps planned by somebody besides these two people. what are investigators doing
8:30 am
right now? >> so there will be two tracks to this investigation. one is purely domestic which is what kind of evidence is in the building or apartment? where were they? where did they eat? the other side as paul was saying is the international connection. how strong were they? is there any proof that they traveled abroad and got training and were in contact with anyone controlling the terrorism attack. those two will be in parallel simultaneously and with the sharing of information between the fbi, cia and of course foreign intelligence agencies. this is the way the system is set up. i predict as always happens we'll learn that we probably knew more about them than we know now and in other words there is probably more information about their conduct that someone has somewhere within the intelligence agency. this always happens with these cases. there's just too many people on these lists to be able to monitor them. it was the same challenge that
8:31 am
paris had in january. there's a lot of people on these lists now, people who are sympathizing or coordinating with isis. >> this was what so many people including experts and analysts like the two of you have been worried about for so long. people in the united states at a minimum inspired by terror groups like isis. much more on this ahead. thank you so much. we'll have much more on this breaking news. we'll hear from a man who was inside the event that was targeted by these two gunmen in texas. he will give you his account of what he saw and heard. we'll take you live to detroit where ben carson is announcing a run for the white house. announcing his candidacy. we'll hear why he says he's the best republican. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple?
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john berman with kate bolduan. our breaking news this morning, we just heard from garland, texas, sheriff's department there who explained to us what happened last night. two armed men with assault rifles tried to shoot up a meeting that was being held there. it was a contest to draw cartoons of the prophet muhammad. these two men drove up, got out of their car in body armor with assault rifles and started firing but an officer with a
8:36 am
pistol took them both down. still an active crime scene right now. >> the police officer say they believe the strategy of these two men was to get into that conference center and obviously you can see what their intent would be if they had made it that far. thankfully they did not but 200 people were attending the event when shots rang out. they were inside this building and didn't realize there had been a shooting until a security guard ran into warn them. randy potts was there covering the cartoon competition. randy is joining us from dallas. thank goodness we have you here to speak with us. we heard more detail about the intent of the men that were shot, what happened outside of the event and how they ended up dying. what happened inside of the event? describe what went down when you learned what was happening.
8:37 am
>> well, i was in a hallway and the conference had just ended maybe five minutes before. several of us were in the hallway thinking about leaving and then a man in camouflage was running through the hallway shouting and telling us to get back in the conference room immediately. we all went in and doors were shut and for a few minutes we didn't know what had happened at all. we just knew something was going on outside. >> you did know that there was an enormous amount of security there. we just did hear from garland officials about just how much extra security was on. $10,000 worth. it included bomb squad, extra uniform police officers, even fbi on the scene and these would-be attackers, one named elton simpson, a news isis sympathizer with links to known isis members online. they were stopped by a barrier, a police car stopped outside to keep them from getting in. talk to me about the security that you saw. >> so the security was really
8:38 am
extensive. there were two checkpoints that i went through just to get into the parking lot. then i went through a metal detector to get into the building. and so that was one of the reasons why once we were asked to go into the conference room and the doors were closed, there wasn't as much panic as we expected. we knew that no one could get within 50 yards of the building and so we didn't feel like there was an imminent threat to our safety that instant at least. >> you were there covering the event. covering the event because it was controversial. it had been drawing a lot of criticism online and you would assume that these folks because of security presence were concerned for their safety that they could possibly be a target. what were folks inside saying? >> the people inside, what i heard was generally that this was a little bit of what they expected. they were holding this event to
8:39 am
specifically do something, cross a red line, they felt like muslims had drawn. they felt like muslims were saying you can't draw the prophet muhammad. most attendees said that's what we're going to do because you set that red line. >> interesting. did they exhibit any fear or do you think that -- were they scared at all that this would happen? was there a difference between being afraid of it and expecting it? >> you know, i don't think there was a lot of fear or expecting this to happen. the event was pretty -- the mood was light. even once in the conference room, we felt strongly that nobody could get inside the building. mood was calm. >> we found it interesting that officer harn when he was talking in the press conference a short time ago, he made a point to say he didn't think this event had any connection to garland and to the town other than the fact
8:40 am
that this center was there. have you spoken to members of the community? it sounded like a lot of folks at this event were from out of town. >> right. actually, almost everyone i talked to was from out of town. oklahoma, other areas of texas. and i think this event was in garland as a response to an event held in january called stand with the prophet that pamela geller protested. she held the event in garland specifically because of that prior event and not because of a connection to the garland community. >> all right. thank you so much. we're so glad, randy, that you are okay. randy potts at that event. the intent of the two shooters was to kill people. thank you so much. we'll talk about this group that was targeted. the american freedom defense initiative. some people believe they are anti-muslim. they have been labeled an anti-muslim hate group by the southern poverty law center.
8:41 am
the group said it intentionally picked this texas venue because another group held an event denouncing islamophobia at the same venue in january. pamela geller is president of the group stop islamization of america. joining us now is mark from the southern poverty law center. i want to start with a question. this group has spoken out against what they call islamization of america. they spoke in favor of free speech. they have spoke about the threat of islamic terror. does the fact they were attacked when they were trying to hold this meeting make their case? >> well, i'm not sure it makes their case but it will certainly give a little boost to pam geller and her friends. let me start out by saying that absolutely nothing justified this attack at all. that said, pam geller to describe her as anti-islam and
8:42 am
her groups as being anti-islam barely covers it. this is a woman who once put a video on her website suggesting that muslims commit beastaltbea. she describes islam as the most radical ideology in the world and not talking just about radical islamist but islam in general. they traffics in conspiracy theories and says barack obama is the love child of malcolm x. that barack obama's mother posed for pornographic magazine and it goes on. >> we need to reiterate the point but we need to reiterate this point as we learn more
8:43 am
about this shooting, regardless of how much one disagree with something that pamela geller says or her group supports, in no way says they deserve to be shot at or targeted as they were last night. >> i couldn't agree more. i think that's absolutely undeniably true. i think i as an individual and southern poverty law center as an institution are defenders of the first amendment. it's possible to hold those two ideas in one set at the same time. the first amendment should be defended. free speech is a good thing. but pam geller and her organization is a hate group today just as they were the day before yesterday. i think that's important to remember. she does specialize in these kind of events. it seems to me it's similar to the reverend terry jones burning korans in florida. certainly that was protected
8:44 am
activity under the first amendment but it also led fairly directly to killing of 10 or 15 people abroad. we can't say that terry jones was criminally responsible for that. he most certainly was not. but these are provocations that are aimed at stirring the pot and it doesn't seem terribly surprising that in fact they get the response that they are seeking. >> where is the line -- it's a hard one. where is the line between free speech and what you consider to be hate speech? after the attacks on "charlie hebdo" in paris, there was a great deal of solidarity around that magazine, which drew cartoons not dissimilar to the ones you just described of the prophet muhammad. >> i don't think there is a line. i think hate in the sense -- hate speech is not forbidden speech. hate speech is simply an adjective describing what the
8:45 am
speech sounds like to many ears. i am not suggesting that hate speech should be made illegal. you know, of course there are matters like criminal incitement but this clearly had nothing to do with that. so i see it as a false dichotomy. the fact that pamela geller and her friends have a right to make these kind of presentations and speeches to hold contests and so on is not a contradiction of the principle of free speech. it's essentially the cost of democracy. >> mark potok, thank you for your time. we'll continue to learn more about the motivations behind this attack and exactly what else we can learn about these two suspects. one of them we know the name as elton simpson. a lot more to learn as it seems there is an fbi investigation under way. >> that's important context. you don't want to be in a position of these people were
8:46 am
targeted by people who now believe to be isis sympathizers right now and there's no place for that. >> absolutely not. happening right now, a new republican joining the race for president. ben carson just made it official. we'll tell you why he thinks he should be president and we'll tell you who else just announced this morning and wants to compete against him and the scores of others getting in. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn dogs... you are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. and now with... ...twice as much vitamin d ...which up to 90% of people don't get enough of. ohhhhhhh. the sunshine vitamin! ensure now has 2x more vitamin d to support strong bones. ensure. take life in.
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the republican field just got more crowded. famous retired neurosurgeon and former big-time ceo. >> dr. ben carson and carly fiorina are in it. carson made it official moments ago in his hometown of detroit. let's listen to some of his speeches. very first as an official presidential candidate. >> i got to tell you something, i'm not politically correct and i'm probably never -- [ applause ] i'm probably never going to be politically correct because i'm not a politician. i don't want to be a politician. [ applause ] politicians do what is politically expedient and i want to do what's right. we have to think about that. [ applause ] in our country. you know, this past couple of
8:51 am
weeks, there's been a great deal of turmoil in baltimore where i spent 36 years of my life. and we see the turmoil in our cities all over our nation. we need to start thinking about how do we get to the bottom of this issue. you see, i believe that the real issue here is that people are losing hope. and they don't feel that life is going to be good for them no matter what happens. so when an opportunity comes, to loot, to riot, to get mine, they take it. not believing that there is a much better way to get the things that they desire. now, interestingly enough, many
8:52 am
of these people buy hook, line, and sinker that the idea that our economy is getting much better and that, you know, unemployment rate is down to 5.5%. you know what. if the unemployment rate was down to 5.5%, our economy would be humming, okay. but obviously it's not. it's run of the reasons that our founders said that our freedom and our way of life is dependent upon a well-informed and educated politics, because what you have to know is that you can make the unemployment rate anything you want it to be based on what numbers you include and what numbers you exclude. you have to look at the labor force participation rate, which is the number of people eligible to work who are actually working. that number has been steadily going down since 2009 and is now
8:53 am
at 37-year low. unless you understand those kinds of things, it's imminently possible for slick politicians and biased media to convince you that everything is wonderful when your eyes tell you something different. and i'm saying to people around this nation right now, stop being loyal to a party or to a man and use your brain to think for yourself. [ applause ] >> moments ago, dr. ben carson, he is in the race. he had to cancel a trip to iowa because his mother is very sick. he wants to be with herp. our hearts go out to him and his family. up next we'll take you live to detroit for reaction and find out where ben carson sits in the polls. >> and much more on our breaking news out of texas. the investigation into the texas shooting, well that investigation now has moved to arizona where authorities are
8:54 am
combing through the suspect's phoenix home for evidence. we're going to take you live to the apartment complex where the search is going on right now. this is cnn special live coverage. >>hi, i am heinz >>new! hi na na na na >>she's just jealous because you have better taste. whatever. >>hey. keep your chin up. for years, heinz ketchup has been with the wrong mustard. well, not anymore. introducing heinz new tasting yellow mustard. mmm! wait, what is that? a new outdoor cleaner from scotts - it's powered by oxiclean, and it's chlorine bleach-free so it's safe to use around grass and plants. get scotts new outdoor cleaner plus oxiclean. clean your outdoor space. clean it.
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former ceo of hewlett-packard becomes the first republican to enter the race. both considered washington outsiders as well as being considered at the moment long shots. a long time to go before the end of this. let's get to senior political reporter nia people are now and worked hard. that's the inspirational message we'll hear thrown around in his speeches strewn throughout i think a lot of this race. he talked a bit about baltimore as well. he says those folks in baltimore were without hope and that was one of the reasons they were sometimes in those stores and
8:59 am
looting some of the shops there. he talked about reviving the economy, but not much. not a ton of applause lines, i think, in this speech, but this crowd very much likes him. he's a bit of a local legend here in detroit and some of those people out here today wanting to support him, wanting to see what he had to say in terms of this new chapter in his life. once he was neurosurgeon, now a retired neurosurgeon, now a candidate for president. he said in his life he has done hard things. among those hard things are separating conjoined twins and now he's ready to do something hard in terms of running for president and making it to the white house. >> best-selling author, first book "gifted hand" sold over a million copies. a man very well-known before he started dabbling in politics a while ago. nia mallika, great to have you here with us, thanks so much. we mentioned he's not necessarily polling at the top of the field but four years ago about every republican in that race took a turn at or near the
9:00 am
lead. >> right. >> you never know. >> you just never know and that's what makes it so exciting. thank you for joining us "at this hour". >> "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right now. this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." the gunmen are dead, their motive is apparent, their only victim is now home from the hospital, but last night's shoot-out in the dallas suburb of garland, texas, still very much a federal case with isis connections and police and federal agents in phoenix now joining in. they've spent hours going through this apartment shared by one of the suspects. at least one of these two suspects, a known isis sympathizer, convicted in 2011 of lying about his plans to take up jihad in


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