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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 5, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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isis claims responsibility for the terror attack in garland, texas. california's historic drought forces the state to take new drastic measures. and the mom who saved two of her kids when a gunman attacks her family. hello, everybody. great you have to with us. we would like to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. i'm john vouse and this is "cnn newsroom." we begin with new details about the two gunmen who opened fire outside a texas exhibit featururing ka toons of the prophet mohammed. u.s. forces believe the men drove from their home in phoenix, arizona, across state
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line toes garland, texas, but it is unclear when they made that trip. another law enforcement source says six guns were found in the suspects' car &, assault rifles and handguns all purchased legally. meantime, isis is claiming responsibility for sunday's attack which left two gunmen dead and a security guard wounded. authorities still don't know if the men acted on their own or if isis was directly involved. the terror group is warning of more attacks in the u.s. which has intelligence officials now on alert. >> we've got to try to keep one step ahead of them with our intelligence assets, with our law enforcement asset webs but, you know, we can't have a -- a circle of police around every public space in america. there are not that many police and that's not the country we want to live in. so we have to try to counteract this in all -- moving on all fronts, but a key element is intelligence. and interestingly, a key element
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is successful, careful monitoring of social media. these guys advertise what they're going to do on twitter. so that's something that this is a whole new world where we've got to have the fbi and our intelligence agencies monitoring social media. >> and with that in mind, it appears one of the gunmen had online ties to jihadists overseas. investigators believe a british isis fighter may have played a key role by inspiring the gunmen. here is pamela brown with details. >> cnn has learned one of the gunmen, elton simpson, directed a message on twitter to this account, believed to have belonged to an american member of al qaeda in somalia. drawing attention to the planned attacks in the dallas suburbs less than two weeks before the attack. simpson tweeted to r about the controversial event, when will they ever learn? that same jihaddy tweeted out about the event, referencing the
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charl charlie heb doe event. investigators now trying to determine if simpson was trying to get the jihadist attention or was actively plotting with them. a top fbi official saying the use of social media by terrorists is a daunting challenge. >> it allows like never before for overseas groups to reach into our communities to recruit, to radicalize, as well as to target our citizens. all in a very simple, easy to use way. >> back on april 10th, in a private twitter message intercepted by the u.s., cnn told simpson discussed with others how to get to syria. bring your passport. if you have $4,000, that's enough to travel with. hours before the attack, simpson urged his twitter followers to follow a known isis attacker. >> somebody known as a
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propagandai propagandaist, someone known for his hacking skills. >> tonights, we're learning more about the gunman's past. elton simpson was captain of his high school basketball team. his former lawyer notices how religious he seemed. >> he was a very devout muslim. i did get the sense that he was trying to convert myself and my staff and the people that were working with me. >> the second gunman, adir soofi, born to a pakistani father and an american mother. after his parents divorced, he moved to the u.s. with his mother and brother where he was popular in school and played the lead in his high school production of bye-bye birdie. tonight, his family is in disbelief. >> whoever he was with talked him into it. >> that's how you feel about it? >> yep. there's no other way it would have happened. >> law enforcement officials say two long guns and four handguns were found in the suspect's car. it is clear that they wanted to reek havoc. in fact, the traffic officer and the security guard who were stationed at the entrance were
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apparently minutes away from leaving. officials say had they not been there, had that traffic cop not been there with his pistol and shot and killed those suspects, this could have been a massacre. pamela brown, cnn, phoenix, arizona. >> a foundation for defense of democracy joins us now with more on this isis claim of responsibility. david, it remains unclear if isis was involved directly at this point. it seems unlikely, but does that matter in any substantial way when it comes to the claim of responsibility? >> no, it doesn't. the claim of responsibility at its essence is these guys were members of isis, which is extraordinarily clear. elton simpson's last tweet said specifically that he and the brother with him were taking bayat to -- which refers to the killer from the islamic state. this is basically the islamic state accepting their bay'ah. it is important to know did the islamic state direct it, did
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they have notice? there are certainly some things subjective out there, but it doesn't make a difference to the claim. >> so is isis basing their claim of responsibility on that one single tweet or does it suggest to you that there was some more interaction that we have yet to find out about? >> it doesn't suggest there necessarily is. the islamic state, unlike al qaeda, is very ready to take credit for people who act in its name. that's one of the reasons it's so effective as encouraging lone wolfs and other people who are acting under isis's inspiration as opposed to at its command. it's so quick to lionize them. thus, i think it doesn't make much of a difference to the claim. >> you make a very good point, that essentially these lone wolves attack basically, in my words, jihad on the cheap, if you like. >> absolutely. it doesn't take them much resources to inspire people to carry out these attacks.
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they have very little risk in doing so. one of the reasons they're effective, the use of social media. they've mastered the media. they know the lingo. if you look at terrorism traditionally, it tends to be a group phenomenon. for somebody to carry out acts of extremism and acts of terrorism, you might lose your life and you'll probably go to prison for the rest of your life, it takes hardened beliefs. groups tend to harden people's beliefs, further them on to action and stop them from backing outs. but social media now seems to be increasingly play the role of the group. we can statistically see the massive bump in lone wolf terrorism. this was not a lone wolf attack. there were two guys here. but you can see the bump of massive lone wolf terrorism which in my view is attributable to the changes in environment which these guys are radicalizing and the influence in social media and web 2.0. >> and when we say lone wolf, it was two guys, but it's not as if it was a sleeper cell. on the question, is there a
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downside here for isis after all this wasn't a successful terrorist attack. >> i don't think there's a downside. what they're trying to show is they inspired people. these guys have captured the media cycle. so even though its wasn't a successful attack, we're asking is there intelligence favor and things like that. i think that helps, a, show their ability to inspire and, b, their ability to scare their enemy, get attention. all of these play to isis's advantage. the fact that these guys were killed in about 15 seconds doesn't play to their advantage in part because they didn't waste any resources training these guys. >> interesting points. we appreciate you being with us. thank you. >> my pleasure. after the deadly paris terrorist attacks in january, french lawmakers are now pushing new laws to beef up the country's intelligence gathering. the lower how has approved the measure which would expand the government's abilities to keep watch on its own systems. michael has details on the bill and the controversy.
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[ speaking foreign language ]. >> reporter: by a vote of 438-86, a bill to give the french government broad new surveillance pours cleared its first hurdle tuesday in the lower house. in the wake of the "charlie hebdo" terror attacks in january, french intelligent laws were needed to be strengthened. >> this is a public service and this public service, because of this vote, is going to have a legal basis. >> the -- would give french intelligence services the right to use taps and other means to gather electronic data from cell phones and internet communications without a warrant. opponents say the bill is too intrusive. >> forward, the executive branch gets rid of judicial control of the intelligent services and has the potential to organize a
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mass -- of the entire population through modern means. >> others say the scope of the measure is too broad, covering not just terrorism. >> economic issues, diplomatic issues. the issue of demonstrations, which may constitute a danger to public order. and not only is this scope broad, but in addition, it is very vaguely defined. therefore, it precisely allows an enormous amount of people to be put under sur veil a ens. >> reporter: the debate now moves to the upper house of parliament, expected to vote on the bill in june. michael holmes, cnn, atlanta. security was tight at an annual litary galla in new york where "charlie hebdo" was honored with a freedom of expression award. it was not without controversy, more than 00 members protested the decision to honor the magazine which publish controversial cartoons of the prophet mohamed.
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"charlie hebdo" lost eight staff members. the editor in chief accepted the award. >> fear is a must. but we must dim disarm them. they don't want us to write, we must write and drove. they don't want us to think and laugh, we must think and laugh. >> and the crowd gave the editor a standing ovation. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch visited maryland on tuesday. the top law enforcement official met with leaders, police and clergy. she was optimism tensions will ease the racial tensions which have gripped the city. what i have heard here today is how all the people of baltimore, every group i have mentioned and certainly everyone with whom i am privileged to meet is committed to making that better.
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by that, i mean both community and police alike. >> at the center of the issue, 25-year-old freddie gray's death and the days which followed. now six baltimore policemen are facing charges and cnn sat down with evan perez and described how he first found out about those charges. >> tell me your reaction when you found out that the state attorney was preparing to bring charges last friday. >> well, i found out that the state attorney was going on is she was going to present probably about ten minutes before she went on. she gave me a phone call and told me what she was about to do and that she was going on live. she told me what the charges were. >> what were your first words out of your mouth when you heard that? >> i don't want to get into that so much. like i say, i was probably surprised, you know, by the information that i heard.
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again, my mind started going to, well, it's going to be the response to the community? what is going to happen in the community? i went to what is going to happen with my officers? it's clear the day that i stepped on ground here in baltimore that there's a lack of trust within our community and the police department and certainly parts of our community. so we've been trying to do that from day one by being transparent, being open, when we make mistakes to share that with the community. >> the freddie gray case to you represents what, an aberration, something that set you back? >> no. i think we're going in the right direction is what i'm trying to say. by every metric that you measure a police department on, we've hit a home run and we're going in the right direction. there is a lack of trust in this community. that's going to take healing. that's going to take us acknowledging as a police department not just here in baltimore but law enforcement as a whole that we've been part of the problem. >> baltimore police commissioner anthony batts there. in california, the drought
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has forced regulators to adopt manned the other water restrictions. this requires an immediate 25% cut in overall urban use. follows an executive order by jerry brown, the fist time in california's history that mandatory cutbacks have been ordered. voluntary water restrictions fell short of the state's needs. let's go to meteorologist pedram. they asked for voluntary cutbacks. they didn't get it. but the point is, without coming into summer where there's a lot more water being used and there's more scope here for water safety. >> and the restrictions are getting pretty strong. only 9% of the water usage has been on the decline as far as the cutbacks being put into place. earlier in 2014, the governor called for a 20% reduction. 9% reduction is what was able to be attained. we know statistically speaking the state uses roughly 38 billion gallons of water every single day.
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this would drain california's largest reservoir every 40 days. about 80% of use is agricultural. the restriction isn't going to include the agricultural for the vast majority of them being the residential areas and golf courses and such will be impacted by this, as well. in towards northern california, santa cruz county, the numbers showed they used the least amount of water per person per day. 4500 gallons. northern portions of san diego county, these over 355 gallons of water per day. that's over 1,000 every single day each person uses. the governor says we need to take that number and make it about 55 gallons per day per person and about 355 gallons per day is used on outdoor landscaping. that number has to be cut significantly to make a difference. you know how we got here. the sierra snowpack is literally nonexiste nonexistent.
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about 5% of what is considered normal. even in 2015, the first four months of the year, the driest on record and records go back to the 1960s. down to less than 3 inches have fallen so far in 2015. never have we seen this for the first four months of the year and this pattern continues. can he talk about how heavy it is. almonds, they uses about 7500 gallons per pound. the numbers are staggering when it comes to how much water they need, how much water they're using, as well. >> and a lot of people are saying, too, that they need to start addressing the problem with the agricultural side of things because they are the biggest consumers and if they're going to make big savings, that's why they're going to have to find it. >> only 2% in the agricultural industry brings it to the state
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of california. >> some difficult months ahead a. thanks. still to come here on "cnn newsroom," u.s. presidential candidate hillary clinton appears to be drawing her opponents into a battle of immigration. details when we come back. also, the uk's general election just around the corner and british prime minister david cameron is out among the candidates. he's pushing to try and get those final votes. music] ♪ jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. about data breaches in the news. more it's possible your personal information may be at risk. research shows that if your information is compromised due to a data breach, you are 6 times more likely to become a victim of identity theft. now is the time to get protection. sign up today and lifelock will begin monitoring your personal information, including your social security number, alert you about suspicious activity,
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no! home and auto bundle from progressive. saves you money. yay, game night, so much fun. i announce that i am a county for president of the united states. >> the former governor of arkansas announcing his second bid for president. he likes to portray himself as a small guy with small town background who can relate to american families. and he joins a growing list of republican candidates hoping to win the white house next year. governor huckabee launched his candidacy, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton was on the campaign trail talking about immigration rules. she's accusing her republican opponents of seeking to relegate immigrants to second class status. during a top in las vegas, she laid out her plan for reform including a pathway to american
10:22 pm
citizenship. she spoke at a high school where 72% of the students are latino. mrs. clinton noticed that young people are especially impacted by a system which is broken. >> i will fate for comprehensive immigration reform and a path to shutship for you and for your families across our country. i would fight to stop partisan attacks on the executive actions that would put dreamers, including those with us today, at risk of deportation. and if congress continues to refuse to act, as president, i would do everything possible under the law to go even further. >> republican presidential candidate carly fiorina is skeptical of mrs. clinton's motivation. she says a better way to fix immigration is to first secure u.s. boarders. >> i think, i think she's pandering. i think we need to start with some basics, you know, we need to security the border.
10:23 pm
it hasn't been secured under george w. bush or barack obama. it needs to be secured because the problem keeps getting secured. we should security the northern boarder as well as the southern border. i've spent a lot of time in -- and they're concerned about the issues. we have to fix the legal immigration system which has been broken for decades. on the eve of the uk general election, there's been a push for support. david cameron spent tuesday campaigning in the west of brittant. the latest poll of voting intentions has the conservatives and labor tied. uk independence party is third in the poll with a slight lead over the liberal democrats and a
10:24 pm
clear lead over the green party. the candidates making their final push, david cameron wants to stay prime minister. >> a rapturous welcome for david cameron by the party's true believers. >> that's the way to keep our country moving forward. >> mostly white, very middle class, and easily fired up by the core message in his campaign. >> do you trust ed milliband to run the british economy? no. >> once again web read from his favorite prop, a letter left behind by the previous government. >> dear chief secretary, i'm afraid there is no money. that is what labor left and we must never let them forget it. >> usual controlled and smooth, here cameron showed riot, attacking the labor opposition
10:25 pm
party's claims, he only rules for the rich. >> don't you ever dare lecture of us about to -- in our country. >> he warned this english crown of the imminent scottish immigration, the party is on track for huge gains in this election and has promise to forward and influence the labor government. >> smp don't want a westminster government to be a success. they don't want the united kingdom to be a success or exist. >> david cameron is dealing with a direct threat from nigel ferage. so cameron has promised them something no other potential prime minister has, a referendum of the uk's member of the union. >> you'll have that before 2017.
10:26 pm
>> one word has been used to describe his campaign. he refused a head to head debate. the alternative prime minister is david milliband. here, approaching the end and his race so close, his followers detect a late jolt of energy. >> let's get out there and do it. thank you very much. >> you ever seen him so passionate inspect. >> i haven't. and i said to someone, i just wish he had shown that passion on television. >> the home stretch. whatever the result, this is the last time we'll see david cameron running a government because he says he only wants one more turn at prime minister. but at this point so close to the vote, it's still not clear whether he's done enough to earn that opportunity. >> cnn will have exclusive coverage of the vote.
10:27 pm
coming up, more on ed milli about a and and nick cleg. also, look out for special coverage thursday starting when the first vote is cast until a new government takes shape all right here on "cnn headline news." if you're interesting, travel from the united states to cuba is getting easier. the u.s. government has granted ferry licenses and airline jetblue announced a new flight to havanna. the new travel options come as the u.s. and cuban presidents work to normal i'd their country's relationship. u.s.-led air strikes helped lead isis out of a new town, but at what cost? a spectacular bird's-eye view of the scale of the sheer destructi destruction. >> you can never underestimate the power of a mother to protect her children. also ahead, a mother being
10:28 pm
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welcome back, everybody. you're watching "cnn newsroom" live all around the world. i'm john vouse. isis is claiming responsibility for the shooting outside a texas exhibit featuring cartoons of the prophet mohammed. authorities still don't know if the two gunmen acted on their own or if isis was directly involved. one of the attackers appears to have had online ties to a british isis fighter. the record drought in california has forced mandatory water
10:32 pm
restrictions. it requires an immediate 25% cut in overall urban use following an executive order by jerry brown, the first time in california history that such mandatory cutbacks have been ordered. a new report by amnesty inter nation international say the government incripple instantly dropped oil guns filled with explosives in the region. syria's president has long denied those claims. for months, we've been telling but the devastation the syrian city of kabali has suffered in the fight against isis. and now we're getting a view of that destruction like no other. new drone video shows what's left of kobani after the curt were helped to retake the city. >> when you see images like this, you can see how ordinary lives have been destroyed by
10:33 pm
those consistent air strikes you can so easily see. but it's the drone aps eye view that opens up that level of damage. we saw constant air strikes, cower bombings, as well. but that street view which was remarkable to be hold hundreds of people still trying to live their lives there. officials there talk about 6,000 in one week in the city, but the countryside around it bringing the total to tens of thousands now living there. as that drone flies through the streets, it's obvious there is a massive task ahead for anyone trying to live back there. they say that is not assisted by the turkish government, not allowing in the influx of heavy machinery.
10:34 pm
they say 07% of that city is completelidy extraordinary. the areas you're seeing are pretty much where the most intense air strikes and fighting occurred. the kurdish fighters looking to try and defense it knew that they sustained so much damage there would be few spoils of victory left, but right now, as you can see from those drone shots, nearly every building has failed to escape unscathed. a devastating impact on that one town alone in the fight against isis. cnn, bay rude. more than 43,000 people have signed an onlike petition to let a 10-year-old girl have an abortion. she was raped by her stepfather and is now five months pregnant. but abortions are banned n smath catholic country.
10:35 pm
para gu ay's health minister denied the request saying the girl's life is not at risk. >> translator: the ministry's position is to respect the national constitution which says you must preserve life over everything else and it is considered a life from the moment of conception. so the ministry has given its opinion as far as preserving life. this means this girl must have treated. it is the state's responsibility to treat her throughout the entire pregnancy. >> amnesty international argues that because of the girl's age, she is at a higher risk for serious life threatening complications. to the u.s. now, a wisconsin mother is being hailed as a hero for her quick action when gaunman opened fire at a park. gary tuchman has the story. >> three small children, two sisters, a brother and their parents, spending the warm spring day outdoors, cross a pedestrian bridge when a gunman starts randomly firing.
10:36 pm
he kills the husband, jonathan stoffel, and the oldest daughter, 11-year-old olivia. the wife, erin, is hit by three bullets, seriously hurt, but somehow she had the strength to do something amazing and heroic. >> despite being shot multiple times, she was able to get herself and two additional children off the bridge and get her young son to go run for assistance. >> and that they did. 5-year-old and the 7-year-old were not hurt. another innocent bystander, though, was shot and killed. authorities say the death toll could have been much higher. >> it's an amazing story on her part and of her children. notification of people allowed the police to be engaged and to get on the scene very quickly. >> police say gunman sergio valencia deltoro opened fire after an argument with his ex phi an say. he turned the gun on himself taking his own life. this amateur video shows the stretcher being taken away. an image in the background is of
10:37 pm
his ex fiancee who collapsed after finding out what happened according to witnesses. although erin stoffel is in the hospital in serious condition, the early stages of her recovery are going well. her friends say she's a remarkable woman. >> she always has a smile on her face and always is there to help her kids and other kids. she just is an amazing mom. >> you can never underestimate the power of a mother to protect her children. >> or the power of strangers to help a hero. to assist paying for her medical expenses, her friends started a gofundme page and after a day, it has raised more than $100,000. gary tuchman, cnn, atlanta. another grim discovery in nepal after last month's earthquake. authorities say they found the bodies of nearly 100 foreigners and locals buried under a landslide in the remote ving of luntang. authorities are looking for dozens more who may still be buried there. and to the south in kathmandu,
10:38 pm
authorities found a large amount of cash in the vault of a bank. they loaded it into containers and safely took it away. military officials say they plan to respond to an attack on a border town. the rebels fired rockets across the border from inside yemen. saudi officials say the attack damaged some schools and field hospitals. saudi arabia has been leading air strikes against the iran backed -- in yemen. we'll take a short break. when we come back, politics and big money go hand in hand. when we come back, we'll take a look at which presidential candidates have a lot of cash.
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of facebook executive cheryl sandburg. he died after an accident on a treadmill. >> how does a seemingly healthy 47-year-old millionaire die in a treadmill accident? that is the question family and friends of david goldberg are asking today. >> we are a company that was valued at well over $1 billion a year and a half ago, but decided not to go public. >> goldburg, the ceo of surveymonkey and husband of facebook ceo cheryl sandburg seen here at a tech conference last year was found on friday while his family was on vacation in mexico. what happened? mexican officials say he was using a treadmill when he apparently fell and hit his head. he was found later still alive and was taken to the hospital on the country's west coast where he later died. exercise-related injuries are shockingly common, just search youtube for treadmill accidents. in 2014, there were more than 24,000 treadmill accidents seen
10:43 pm
in hospital emergency rooms according to the u.s. consumer product safety commission and there were 30 treadmill related reported deaths from 2003 to 2012. goldberg's death has rocked silicone valley, an area he knew incredibly well. >> dave goldberg got his start at launch music, which was a start up that he founded or helped found. he sold that to yahoo! and was the president of yahoo! music for a long time. after he left yahoo! he went to become the ceo of survey monkey. >> even the walt disney company bumped up its earnings report to before the opening bell so disney execs could attend funeral services. today, mourners gathered at a private memorial at stanford university to celebrate his life. his brother, robert goldberg, posted this on his facebook page. >> no words can express the debt
10:44 pm
of loss we feel, but we want his children to learn how much he meant to all of you. cheryl sandberg posted this tribute to her husband on facebook. i wrote in "lean in" that the most important decision a makes is if she has a life partner and who that life partner will be. the decision i ever made was to marry dave. samuel burke, cnn, new york. and u.s. president barack obama paid tribute to goldberg with a statement on the white house facebook page. he said david goldberg embodied the definition of a real leader, someone who was always looking for ways to empower others. we're heart broken by him leaving us far too soon. let's head back to the u.s. race for president. much is being made by the personal lives of candidates running for the white house. who are the riches and poorest potential nominees? tom foreman takes a look. ♪ i've got bills i've got to
10:45 pm
pay ♪ ♪ so i work, work, work every day ♪ it sounded like another chorus from lunch money lewis's hit song before president bill clinton was asked if he's going to keep taking six figure checks for taking speeches and told nbz, sure. >> i've got the pay our bills. >> in the field o announced candidates, his wife, hillary, is one of the riches with a net worth of more than $15 million even as she positions hers as a campon of the working that is class. >> the deck is still stacked in favor of those already at the top. >> on the republican side, the only other woman, carly if i orina, is estimated to have as much as four times a month. the former ceo of hewlett packard is thought to be worth $80 million. typical tenment, large multi-family dwelling, boarded up windows and doors, murders. sirens. >> and the just announced mike
10:46 pm
huckabee plays down his wealth, too. >> i grew up blue collar, not blue blood. >> the other republicans, ted cruz and rand paul wsh have far less with marco rubio bringing up the rear. racking up less than $500 million to his name. but the poorest candidate is the independent. >> we don't have an endless amount of time. i have to get back. >> bernie sanders with just over $330,000 and a lot of concern about big money in politics. >> we now have a political situation where billionaires are literally able to buy elections and candidates. let's not kid ourselves. >> and tom foreman there with the details. very interesting. it has been more than three days now since the final bell in the pacquiao/mayweather fight. but the lawyers are just starting to come out swinging. two men are seeking millions of dollars from manny pacquiao. they say he concealed his torn rotator cuff before the fight and that would violate a state
10:47 pm
allow against deceptive practices. and the mother of flee of mayweather's children, well, cease suing him for lying about her during a television interview. she wants more than $20 million. in that interview, mayweather said his ex-girlfriend used drugs and needed to be restrained during a domestic violence incident in 2010 that left mayweather in jail for two months. a and an espn reporter says mayweather told him he's willing to fight manny pacquiao again a year from now once the boxer's shoulder has healed. a nonprofit, turning real chairs into something magical. details after the break. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these occasional digestive issues... with 3 types of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips' if you can't put a feeling into words, why try?
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some exciting moments turned into awkward ones for a contestant on the popular u.s. game show "the price is right." danielle perez won her pricing game scoring a sauna and a treadmill. the only problem with the treadmill is that perez has no legs and uses a wheelchair. she's a comedian and she thought the prize was a joke and she appeared to take it all just in
10:52 pm
her stride. >> george, what have we got for her? >> a couple of prizes, danielle. we have a treadmill and a new sauna. the prizes are determined before the show and not based on the contestants and danielle perez actually tweeted about this. she said i'm in a wheelchair, i won a treadmill at the price is right and my blowout was on point. here we are. and for one u.s. family, a wheelchair is a launching point for some creative ideas. she found a way to turn those chairs into some magical costumes for their children and now they want to do the same for others. kelsey watts from kptv tells us how. >> there you go. >> there's a profound beauty in the simple smile of a child. and when that child has been
10:53 pm
through more hardships than birthdays, that smile means a little more. >> there's no cure, no. but there's -- there's always hope. >> anthony, put your head up. >> hope for kids like keaton and his brother, brice. spinal muscular atrophy has robbed them of their strength to walk, eat, sometimes even breathe. but on halloween, everything changes. >> i get to be included. >> you see these guys out here and they have a blast and they're super heros. dragon riders. >> all because of the costumes their parents have created, incorporating their wheelchairs into something magic. >> super dusty. >> i had a hair cross. i had a pirateship. an elephant. >> it's a halloween tradition and it's changed their family so much, they're now going to build costumes for other kids.
10:54 pm
through a nonprofit they've created called magic wheelchair. every year, five children will be selected through video submissions. and ryan and his team will personally create whatever they can imagine. >> he doesn't want to put a smile on a kid's face, make their dreams come true. >> that's why tammy is part of magic wheelchair. her son, christopher, also has smi. >> it affects the spine from letting you walk. >> christopher has gone through and is going to go through a lot more than i think i ever will. you know? i wish i could take his spot. >> they've been dealt a rough hand, but they're -- they're kids. >> and if there's one thing kids should have, it's a reason to smile. >> bridge gaps and create awareness and put huge smiles on kids faces and fly around in dragones and drive robots, whatever. whatever they want. >> and the founder, ryan wymer,
10:55 pm
says the costumes can often take hours to build, cost thousands of dollars, and obviously takes a lot of heart, as well. before we go, actor arnold towards nail neigher is known for his many roles and during an appearance on the cbs late late show, he teamed up to reenact classic lines from 17 of his movie ns just six minutes. here is a sample. ♪ >> i'll be doing expendables number one, two or three? >> well, what's the difference? >> i don't know. i never saw any of them. you're one ugly mother [ bleep ]. i'll be back. >> and so will i tomorrow. but for now, thank you for watching. i'm john vouse.
10:56 pm
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isis claims a connection to the attack in garland, texas. a baltimore teen is jailed for rioting but his bail is set higher than the officers charged in freddie gray's death. >> in exactly 24 hours from now the election polls open in the u.k. errol barnett is on assignment in london. errol. >> rosemary as big ben chimes behind me, the leading candidates are crisscrossing the country making that final pitch. we'll speak to some voters though who say their mind cannot be changed. >> all right. we will talk to you very soon, errol. many thanks. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world, i'm rosemary church, thank you for joining us, this is "cnn newsroom."


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