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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 5, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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isis claims a connection to the attack in garland, texas. a baltimore teen is jailed for rioting but his bail is set higher than the officers charged in freddie gray's death. >> in exactly 24 hours from now the election polls open in the u.k. errol barnett is on assignment in london. errol. >> rosemary as big ben chimes behind me, the leading candidates are crisscrossing the country making that final pitch. we'll speak to some voters though who say their mind cannot be changed. >> all right. we will talk to you very soon, errol. many thanks. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world, i'm rosemary church, thank you for joining us, this is "cnn newsroom."
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♪ ♪ >> we begin with new details about the two gunmen who opened fire outside a texas exhibit featuring cartoons of the prophet muhammad. u.s. law enforcement officials believe the men drove from their home in phoenix, arizona, across state lines to garland, texas. but it is unclear when the trip was made. another law enforcement source says six guns were found in the suspects' car, assault rifles and handguns all purchased legally. meantime, isis is claiming responsibility for the sunday's attack which left the two gunmen dead and a security guard wounded. authorities still don't know if the men acted on their own or if isis was directly involved. chief u.s. security correspondent jim schutto
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reports. >> isis took responsibility. probing connections between one of the texas gunmen, elton simpson and isis, to determine to what degree the attack was directed from abroad. though there is no evidence the terror group gave the gunmen instructions one u.s. official tells cnn the shooting was "certainly more than just inspiration by isis." >> because of the quick and professional and brave work of local law enforcement officers an attempted terrorist attack was foiled. >> reporter: at tathe attack fi pattern of recruitment and inciteme incitement. simpson apparently had public exchanges on twitter with this prominent british born isis fighter about the mohamed
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cartoon event in garland. and another person tied to the somali based terror group. >> i don't know you can say, isis said go to garland, texas, attack that location and activity. but they're part of the psychological approach of this that causes people to be radicalized. >> reporter: those who knew simpson and his fellow gunman, never suspected they were terrorists. >> they didn't show any signs of radicalization or any signs of even thinking about those things at that, in that manner. so, when that happens, it its just -- [ indiscernible ] >> law makers in france are pushing through a controversial bill aimed at strengthening the country's intelligence laws. the lower house has approved the surveillance measure. it would vastly expand the government's abilities to keep watch on the country's citizens.
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one example it would let authorities use phone taps and other means to gather electronic data without a warrant. now this comes just a few months after january's deadly terrorist attacks in paris. cnn's security analyst described how this compares to the u.s. patriot act. >> it is similar to the patriot act in that a lot of what the french wanted -- they wanted before the attacks this january. the same was true of patriot act. law enforcement agencies were clamoring to get the new powers. they could not get them until of course, after a bad incident. i have looked at this french law. it is actually in some ways more sweeping than the patriot act. the removal of judicial review, the fact that there its political oversight, it is, you know the prime minister essentially has the the final say, and of course that it covers more than terrorism. it covers any sort of one that upsets the french, you know, equilibrium. that is just, very broad
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language that will be abused if it is -- if the language isn't curbed. >> the bill now head to the french senate where it is expected to be approved. >> police in thailand say they have found another human trafficking camp near the malaysian border. they say it is close to the one they found last week. what authorities discovered there. >> reporter: a grisly find in thailand. deep in the jungle authorities say they have uncovered a mass grave at a suspected camp for human trafficking. dozens of police, soldiers and rescue workers have recovered the remains of more than two dozen body since the abandoned camp was found last friday. investigators say it appears many of the victims died from illness or starvation while being held by traffickers. some were found buried in shallow graves. others were left in the open. covered only in blankets.
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>> translator: some of them have fatal wounds. some of them did not. we have to gather all evidence for an autopsy. > reporter: a survivor was found at the camp friday. two children were found the next day. all three are now recovering at a nearby hospital. it is believed most of the victims at the camp were members of of a stateless muslim minority who had been fleeing ethnic violence in myanmar for years. local police say they have arrested four suspects. three from from thailand and a from myanmar. authorities tell cnn the men were acting as camp managers and middle men. arrest warrants have been issued for four other suspects who remain at large. police believe the camp in southern thailand near the malaysian border had been in operation for a year, the area is kidda hub for human traffick. and this is not an isolated
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problem in thailand. the worst possible ranking in its report based on human trafficking. >> more than 43,000 people have now signed an on-line petition urging paraguay to let a 10-year-old girl have an abortion. she was allegedly raped by her stepfather and is now five months pregnant. but abortions are banned in the small catholic country. except when the mother's life is in danger. paraguay's health minister denied the abortion request saying the girl's life is not at risk. amnesty international are guz th -- argues because of the girl's age she is at higher risk for serious life threatening complications. >> europe is struggling to find a solution to the migrant crisis and it can't come soon enough. just this weekend dozens drowned in the mediterranean after their
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boat sank on its way to italy. barbie nadeau has the latest. >> reporter: more than 8,000 people have made it to italy from the coast of libya, rescued from rubber dinghies and rickety fishing boats. dozens hatch died, including, 40, that were lost when their rubber boat lost air. and a baby over the weekend was born on a rescue vessel. brings to 36,000, the people who have arrived in italy since the beginning of the year. this is now beginning what is traditionally the time when migrants and refugees make the dangerous crossing from libya to italy. the italian government is asking for support from the european union. they've asked for more help out in the sea to rescue people. but they have also asked the european partners to take people once they come to italy to help process them. and to help decide who gets asylum, who gets to stayen europe and who has to go back. this is barbie na department. au for cnn in rome. >> we turn now to baltimore,
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maryland. where the police commissioner is speaking out about the lack of trust between his officers and the community. in his first interview since the death of freddie gray, anthony batts said, police must recognize they are quote "part of the problem." he also revealed that he found out six of his officers would be charged in gray's death just moments before the official announcement. take a listen. >> well, i found out the state attorney was going on and was going to present ten minutes before she went on. she gave me a phone call and told me what she was about to do. that she was going on live. she told me what the charges were. awe whault we >> what were the first word out of your mouth when you heard that? >> i dent want few get into that so much. i want to say i was probably surprised by the information that i heard. my mind started going to, well it is going to be the response in the community.
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>> the police commissioner says he knows it will be a long journey to rebuild trust in the community. but that is a goal, the new u.s. attorney general, loretta lynch also shares. lynch was in baltimore tuesday meeting with police, members of the community, and freddie gray's family. >> meanwhile, a teen involved in the city's protests now faces a $500,000 bail and his family is furious. 18-year-old seen here on his cell phone video. his family says he turned himself in to police after rioting because he wanted to do the right thing. the family questions why his bail was set much higher than the officers charged in connection with freddie gray's death? >> this bail is ridiculous. and he knew he was wrong. i want to turn myself in. >> money doesn't ensure the
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presence of somebody in court or public safety. just a hoop for folks to jump through. those that can't afford it are stuck in jail. >> more than 200 protesters were arrested during the unrest in baltimore. the public defenders' office is working to help many of them. they say, bullock's $500,000 bond is not the fir tasst they seen. >> music superstar, prince, will be headlining a special concert sunday in baltimore. the event named rally for peace. the concert will feature a number of yet to be revealed guest stars. people who attend are being encouraged to wear the color gray as a tribute to victims of violence. in california, the record drought has forced regulators to adopt drastic and mandatory walter restrictions. the emergency regulation requires an immediate 25% cut in overall urban water use. it follows an executive order by governor jerry brown, the first
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time in california's history, that such mandatory cutbacks were ordered. walter we are in the final hours of campaigning in the united kingdom. >> miliband was in ton today. >> i don't want to see him. >> you don't want miliband. >> no. >> do you know who you want? >> yes, i do. off off. >> although some voters are clear on who they're voting for. the outcome is far from clear. meet the world's newest energy
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we are in the final day of campaigning for the election in the united kingdom. and the polls are still showing a race that is too close to call. our errol barnett joins us now with the latest from london. errol, a last burst of energy from all the leaders of the various parties to fry to convince those voters to come
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over to their side. how is it looking? >> well, rosemary, you do have the burst of energy. things are still unsettled. we don't know what the outcome will be. that uncertainty in the election is raising a lot of concerns, financial analysts say the negotiating that would be need to form a coalition government, it actually could put the economic recovery here which is fragile at risk. if prime minister david cameron is re-elected he promised to hold a referendum on britain's membership in the eu. if scottish national party makes big gains which is expected. fears of the breakup of the uk could be renewed. so that's not encouraging at the market. let's say. take a look at where things do stand now just with 24 hours to go. we can show you the latest, u.k. poll, voting intentions. once again, showing the conservatives and labor tied at roughly 34% each. that is within a 3 percentage
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point margin of error. the two parties trading the lead. remaining extremely close. that's what's key here. they have been close for weeks. as you see the other parties, uk independence party is in third in this, with a slight lead. those are the greens you see there in single digits. ed milband in the midlands in a town used to be a clear win for the party. that changed five years ago. nic robertson has more on miliband's efforts to bring bedford back into labor's fold. [ applause ] >> reporter: the final push polls open in hours not days. labor party leader, ed miliband on the stump. a key battleground seat he wants to win from the conservatives. >> a situation so bad we have seen a treatment tent in 2015 erected in a hospital car park in our country. david cameron has broken his
11:19 pm
promises on the national health service. >> reporter: a battle cry. granting the prime minister too dangerous to lead. >> i'll take this question. >> my name is lisa looter. i think this has been one of the best labor election campaigns for a long time. >> great question, thank you very much. >> miliband, finding working support among the inviting audience. it is around one of 200 marginal constituent see constituencies. in the heart of this relatively prosperous town it is clear thou that might be to change mind. did you know that mili band was in town. >> will you vote for him? >> i think they have done a good job so far. >> did you know ed miliband was in ton today? >> no. i don't want to see him.
11:20 pm
>> you don't want ed miliband. >> do you know who you want? >> the gentleman in power now. >> people have been going to the polls since $12.5. before these ancient towers were built. for the past few elections until 2010, labor could be sure to win. mili band miliband is desperate to get those days back. >> every person could make a difference. we have the better plan for working family. we can build a better future for britain. all we need new do is to vote for it. i've hope you well do that on thursday. thank you very much. >> just a half-hour train ride from london. we could be anywhere across the uk. 650 seats to be won. the fight going down to the wire. and marginals like this may yet give miliband or cameron the victory they want.
11:21 pm
nic robertson. cnn, bedford, england. >> and we do want to show you this. a full list of the candidates standing for election right now there in bedford. we turn around, and bring you the, the show, talk with robert oakley, joining me now. the fact there are people undecided means in this last day, it is crucial any controversies that may happen. we have a parliamentary candidate suspended after reportedly telling undercover reporters for "the daily mirror" he would "put a bullet between the eyes of his conservative rival" who happens to be south asian. the party suspending him. this playing into the perspective that ukip is unwelcoming to outsiders. how will that play out.
11:22 pm
>> there have been a number of suspensions of ukip candidates. would-be candidates. tossed out of the party for holding extreme views. this is a particularly nasty example. it arose over a conservative candidate whose father came to britain from sri lanka. ukip acted quickly. the inference on this election is determ nanlts. in those seats. the people who choose to vote for uwip. most people thought that ukip took votes away from the conservatives than from labor. in the last parliament, though ukip won two parliamentary seats from the conservatives. they nearly took a traditional labor seat as well. ukip is the great unknown in this election. that ep soaped with this canned dade, being suspended might
11:23 pm
deter people last minute. when they go into the polling booths. that makes more inclined to say, this party isn't in government. gosh, a few odd balls attached to it. maybe stick with one of my original aim of voting for one of two major parties. >> this is what david cameron's conservative party has been banking on. the talk, anti-immigration, referendum. voting day tomorrow, most britains would hesitate and go with the choices. controversies like this will be bouncing around people's mind. >> there are a lot of shy out in the country. back in 1992, the last time the conservatives won an everall majority at a british general election the final opinion polls, understated the tore young people share of the vote by 7%. because the a lot of people seem reluctant to tell the pollsters
11:24 pm
who they were supporting after they have been in power some time. >> cameron hopes that is saying again. polling science has improved a good deal since 1992. so it really does look to be absolutely level. between the two major parties. and they're both beginning to talk and behave now. as if they're accepting the view the rest have had a long time. this wilt be a hung parliament. and neither t. major party will have a. >> we have seen it in polls for weeks. we are seek statement that solidify the leading parties there. >> they have to fight on as if they believe they're going to win. otherwise thapt lose the heart. that pretense is dying away fast now. >> all right, 24 hours to go. rosemary, polls will open across the country. the outcome its truly unclear as promises and pledges continue to be made. see you later on this hour. >> indeed. watching that very closely. errol barnett. we'll talk to you again very
11:25 pm
soon. thank you so much. cnn has live coverage all this week of the uk elections and special coverage thursday. starting when the first votes are cast and ape new government takes shape. that's right here on cnn. meantime, back in the united states, mike huckabee, former governor of the u.s. state of arkansas. announced his second bid for the presidency. he joins a list of republicans hoping to win the white house in 2016. >> i announce. i am a canned dadidate for the president of the united states of america. >> huckabee casts himself as a small time guy. can relate to american families. chris chin evangelicals, an influential group that faithfully votes in elections. as he launched his candidacy.
11:26 pm
hillary clinton was on the campaign trail. pitching an overall of u.s. immigration rules. she is accusing republican opponents of seeking to relegate immigrants to second-class status. during a stop in las vegas, she laid out her plan for reform. including a pathway to u.s. citizenship. she spoke at a high school on tuesday with 70% of the students are latino. clinton noted that young people are especially impacted by the broken system. and she wants to help them. >> i will fight for comprehen sieve immigration reform and a path to citizenship for you and for your family. >> but republican u.s. presidential candidate, carly fiorina is skeptical of hillary clinton's motivations. fiorina says a better way to fix immigration is to first secure u.s. borders. >> unfortunately, i think she is
11:27 pm
pandering. i think we need to start with basics. you know we need to secure the border. if the hasn't been cured under george w. bush or barack obama. it need to be secured. because the problem juz -- itch we don't secure it. we should secure the northern and southern border. >> the former ceo of hewlett-packard and announced her candidacy for u.s. president monday. >> for residents of the united states, travel to cuba is getting easier. we will explain how straight ahead. back in a moment.
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a warm welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church. want to update you on the top stories this hour. u.s. authorities are trying to find out if isis was directly involved in the attack in texas where two gunmen opened fire outside an exhibit featuring cartoons of the prophet muham d muhammad. the terror group is claiming responsibility. within of the attackers appears to have had online ties to jihadists overseas. >> the u.s. treasury department says it is giving some ferry operators licenses to run roots from the u.s. to cuba. and the airline jetblue says it will start offering a daily flight between new york and cuba in july. the moves come as the the u.s. and cuba move to normalize diplomatic relations. >> john kerry the first u.s. secretary of state ever to visit
11:32 pm
sn smol yea somalia. he made a surprise trip under tight security. he will visit saudi arabia and meet with the gulf corporation council. >> a new report from amnesty international accuses the steerian government and rebel groups of committing war crimes on a daily basis. the report focuses on alepo, the most populated part of the country. it says there is "death amnesty international says 3,000 civilians killed there over the past year because of indiscriminately firing, crude weapons and flagrant disregard for human life. for those caughten the fighting, death can come from any direction. but as john vause reports it often drops from the sky with no warning at all. we should note this report has video that may be disturbing to some viewers. >> reporter: the syrian
11:33 pm
government helicopter hovering above alepo and then what everyone below fears. it drops a barrel packed full of explosi explosives, crudely made and simply called a barrel bomb. four people were killed during this attack. all civilians the blast so powerful buildings were leveled in this residential neighborhood. the destruction so widespread, we don't know how many were hurt. but many who survived were left clinging to life. amnesty international calls it crimes against humanity, which has created sheer terror and unbearable suffering to the people of alepo. like the terror at this school, flattened by a barrel bomb, as rescuers frantically searched through the rubble for survivors. students and teachers, carried
11:34 pm
away. covered in blood. >> translator: they're all civilians and children this man shouts. the daily bombardment has forced many here to live underground. >> between january 2014, march 2015. they reported 3,000 civilian deaths. while at the same time, recording the deaths of 35 fighters. that is a 99% civilian casualty rate. >> despite what appears to be overwhelming evidence, bashir al assad told the bbc in february his forces do not use barrel bombs. the amnesty report criticizes rebel forces accusing them of war crimes. mortars and rockets fitted with gas, hell cannons, killing civilians last year.
11:35 pm
on tuesday rebel shelling in regime held territory of aleppo killed 14 including four children. this brutal war grind on. neither side aparpears to be winning. but syria's civilians are the ones losing. john vause, cnn. >> the main author of amnesty international's aleppo report and joins us via skype from beir beirut. thank you so much for, for talking with us. now as the main author of this report, what do you hope to achieve by highlighting what you deem to be crimes against humanity. on the part of president bashir al assad's regime. what you call war crimes on the part of the rebels. >> our main goal in this report is to reveal to the world the truly horrific situation that is
11:36 pm
happening in aleppo and across syria. and we are making specific calls on the security council to recognize and uphold its resolution, resolution 2139. which condemns the kind of abuses that are covered in this report. and specifically addresses and condemns the use of barrel bombs. we are also calling on the security council to impose sanctions, targeted sanctions on those responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity. we're calling on this security council to impose an arms embargo on the syrian government and finally, we are calling for the security council to refer the situation in syria to the international community, criminal court, as a matter of urgency. >> why do you think, there has been such a reluctance on the part of the international community to move on the issue of syria, and what is happening
11:37 pm
there? >> so far there has been blockages in the security council. we believe this research is a very important part of the story for why the international community need to act now more than ever. >> and of course, we, we know, we heard in that report, again, president assad insisting his forces do not use vowel bombs. what do you say to that? how strong is the aeevidence against him? >> amnesty international finds that the -- the syrian government is launching continual attacks with barrel bombs. we've talked to eyewitnesses. we had four months of field research. i spoke with 39 witnesses. to barrel bomb attacks. we spoke with 78 current, former residents of aleppo. these people are having their
11:38 pm
torn apart by a barrel bomb attacks. one man comes to mind whose two daughters were killed in an attack on a school. his third daughter just regained the use of her legs. and she was 11 years old. this is really a horrifying type of weapon that is ripping apart civilian life and hitting at the heart of civilian life in aleppo and across syria. >> the details are indeed tore ren dus and shocking. thank you so much for joining us here on cnn. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> 150 kilometers to the east of aleppo is, the site of heavy forces and kurds in kobani. drone footage exclusive to cnn is showing just how devastating the fighting has been there. want you to take a look. a spokesman for the kurd whose now control kobani say 70% of the town has been destroyed by
11:39 pm
months of air strikes and isis bombs. you can see there, beautiful day there in kobanni. there on the ground. absolutely. complete devastation. it is shocking. >> yemen's defense ministry says at least 44 air strikes half targeted houthi rebel positions near the border with saudi arabia. ministry officials say the attacks wounded 6 people and wounded eight authors in the provinces. they come a day after houthi fighters fired rock aets cross the border from yemen. into a saadi toowe saudi down. >> caught up in the tension between north and south korea after sneaking into the reclusive north. he was arrested there just last
11:40 pm
month in fact. but says that was his plan all along. will ripley spoke exclusively with him. >> i have to tell you that the student seemed relaxed when he came into the room to speak with us today. although he didn't appreciate the gravity of the situation. he is held in comfortable conditions that could change. he is facing serious criminal charges for entering north korea without permission. this is his first contact with outside world since his arrest last month in north korea. >> i understand my parents and loved ones are worrying a lot about me. what i would mrook to say that -- that i am well. there is no need to worry. >> cnn given exclusive access off to the 21-year-old and nyu student. he took a semester off traveling from new jersey to california. then china, crossing a river on the north korean he made it past
11:41 pm
two barbed wire fences following a large river until north korea yab soldiers detained him. >> i thought my legally i acknowledge. but i thought that some great event could happen. hopefully that event could have -- a good effect in the relations between the north and south. >> what great event did you think could happen? >> of course, not completely sure yet. >> ju moved off to the united states from south korea with his family in 2001. he is a permanent u.s. resident. but a south korean citizen. north korea doesn't take kindly to outsiders crossing their border without permission. south korea's government is demanding his immediate release and that of two detained, who gave to cnn, held on espionage charges. allegations called baitless.
11:42 pm
north and south korea are still technically at par. their border hef leave armed. potential flash point for violence. now the two enemies share a new serious problem. this college student from the u.s., coaching his bizarre journey won't end in a north korean prison. >> i hope that, you know, i will be able to tell the world how an ordinary college student entered the region legally. but however with the generous treatment of the -- i will be able to return home safely. >> we did reach out to the south korean government. their position remains unchanged from yesterday. they call continue calling for his release. whether heave will work that out when the north and south don't have diplomatic ties. that's something that we will have to watch. as the for develops. there were no preconditions on our interview. no restruction, what questions, or how much time? i didn't have the impression
11:43 pm
that he was being coached. of course we have no way of fully knowing what if anything he was told before our interviews began. back to you. >> will riply reporting there. just into cnn, a bollywood superstar found guilty of culpable homicide in a hit-and-run driving incident that left a homeless man dead. he could face up to ten years in prison. the incident happened in september 2002. prosecutors say he ran over five men sleeping outside a mumbai bakery, killing one and took off. he claimed he was not driving the suv. the disagreed. he has starred in 80 movies. but this constriction could bring his career to sudden end. as party leaders make their final push to vote ears head of the uk elections, we'll take a look at what ape loss for liberal democrats could mean for
11:44 pm
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we're less than 24 hours until the election, british politicians have been frantically campaigning across the country. and the polls are still showing a race that is too close to call. our errol barnett is live in london with the latest. errol, these tight races, they're great for us viewing them. but a nightmare for the party leaders of course aren't they? >> oh, my goodness. stressful. seeing them make all sorts of promises. rolling up their sleeves. being passionate while they crisscross the country. but yes, because no one party is expected to have an outright majority looking at a scenario here in the uk where friday
11:48 pm
we'll have a hung parliament. that means some type of coalition, negotiations will need to take place for the business of the country to be done. but that itself is risky business. five years ago, liberal democrats teamed up with david cameron's conservatives to share power. the smaller party's reputation and popularity never recovered from that decision. phil black has more on why the liberal democrats and the leader, are facing a potential big loss tomorrow. >> reporter: he is on a road trip, last minute odyssey across britain from southern to northern tips. a final desperate push to win back the many vote here's knows are preparing to punish him for decisions made since the last election. after the 2010 vote with no party winning a majority, kleg's liberal democrat bees came king maker. he agreed to a deal with david
11:49 pm
cameron. cameron became prime minister. kleg his deputy. and it all looked pretty rosie. >> we're all -- >> come back. >> reporter: the two parties. the right-wing conservatives, center left, are not a natural fit. coalition meant compromise. watering down. forgetting policies like the big campaign promise to cap and phase out university fees. >> until all fees are removed over six years. >> in coalition he voted to raise fees by thousand of tound. he has apologized. and now prefers off to point out what he has achieved in government. >> when we form the coalition, 2010, 73% of our manifesto became part of the government's agenda. >> through the campaign he is often attacked. coalition part ner. >> imagine, the chaos in people's lives.
11:50 pm
with the poll predicting no one party will win the majority. he is selling the democrats as a proven coalition partner. cape bill of compromise. a civilizing influence on the ex-trementz of other major parties. >> we won't let off to the right with executive cuts. we won't launch to the left with excessive borrowing as labor will. >> praised by some for being responsible and instructive in government. praise he agrees with. >> i will never aapproximately jit d -- i will never aapproximately jazz, whatever the short term effects, for democrats having stepped up to the plate in a brave way to put the country before party. >> nick kleg knows the price will be high. the liberal democrats are going to be a hugely reduced force in the next parliament. kreg may not be there. under threat of losing in his constituency. all bad news for cameron.
11:51 pm
performing. phil black, cnn. london. >> and that's just how dangerous it is, rosemary, you can go from being deputy prime minister one day to not winning your own seat. a true cost of politics here in the uk. back to you. >> amazing. we will talk next hour, errol barnett. appreciate it. cnn has live coverage all this week of the uk elections plus several coverage starting when the first votes are cast until a government takes shape. that's right here on cnn. we'll be back in just a moment. o choose any car in the aisle i want. i could choose you... or i could choose her if i like her more. and i do. oh, the silent treatment. real mature.
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another grim discovery in nepal after last month's earthquake. authorities say they found the bodies of dozens of foreigners and locals buried under a landslide in the remote village of langton. our correspondent has the story. >> reporter: grim news out of the valley, nepal's third most popular trekking destination. the military and police say some 63 body have been recovered from
11:56 pm
the valley thus far. 11 of them are foreigners. some 200 more are expected to be missing. the earthquake on april 25th triggered a massive avalanche and several landslide there after. the army says the entire valley is wiped out. there is only half a building left there. that is of a hotel. this was the hub for all of the tourists, all the trekkers who wanted to explore the valley. at least 100 hotels there. almost every other building here was a hotel. but the army says there are very few locals left. so difficult for them to decipher how big this tragedy is. just how many treshgz were in the area. the harm says the weather has been very severe. but they continue their search-and-rescue operations. >> you have been watching "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church. we will be back after this short break with more of your globe news. stay with us.
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