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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 6, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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[ bell tolling ] >> at this very moment, big ben chimes behind me, marking the opening of polls here in the u.k. the voting in the general election here, now under way. >> and tornados touchdown in the central u.s. leaving behind a path of destruction. >> plus an ominous threat from an isis recruiter. we'll look at who this man is. hello, a very big welcome from me, i am errol barnett.
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welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and all around the world. >> i'm rosemary church here at cnn center. thank you for joining us. this is "cnn newsroom." so here we go it all comes down to this. as of a few seconds ago, polls are now open all over the u.k. in its general election. millions of people are expected to turn out and more than 45,000 polling stations this election season. incumbent prime minister david cameron defending his leadership with the conservative party. now one thing to keep in mind, now that polls are open, is that there are restrictions on what broadcasters can and cannot discuss as to not influence the outcome of what is a very
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important election. just five years ago, the turnout was around 65%. and there are indeed some 45 million eligible voters all over the uk that will be heading to the polls right now. and for the next few hours. to decide on which party they think is best to lead the country. we can't necessarily discuss all of the issues that we have been analyzing for the past few weeks. as i mentioned because at this point, the polls are open. and because cnn is broadcast all over the uk we don't want to influence what happens next. what we can do is connect with our nic robertson, senior international correspondent, stationed north of where i am here in london at a polling station. nic, now the polls are open. tell us what do you see? >> not sure if nic robertson can
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hear me. nic if you can, it's errol barnett. still get everything ready. we are prepping for what is an exciting day. the polls will be open now until 10:00 p.m. british time. that's 5:00 p.m. eastern. you have seen all the campaigning and issues being discussed over the past week. but as i mention we are under broadcast restrictions. we won't be able to discuss any of that as polls are open. as we watch for the outcome. cnn is the place for extensive coverage of the vote. we will have special coverage all day here on cnn as soon as we get our technical issue fixed with nic robertson we'll cross to sim and see how the voting under way is going on already. rosemary church, back to you. >> errol, many thanks to you. we will come back to you in just a moment. for now we want to turn to oklahoma city in the u.s. where for the first time ever
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officials are warning people not to drive because of flash flooding and other severe weather. they are calling it a deadly and dangerous risk. now this comes after a long night of tornados and thunderstorms stretching across several states. emergency officials counted more than 40 reports of tornados so far. oklahoma city was the hardest hit area, at least, 13 people injured there. three critically. homes and businesses there have been destroyed or heavily damaged officials across the midwest are still trying to assess just how much damage the outbreak of tornados did. >> u.s. officials believe a top isis hacker may have recruited or at least influenced the two shooters from sunday's attack in texas. he left an ominous warning on
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social media, essentially a tweet, saying, you ain't seen nothing yet. end quote. now, authorities are looking for him. >> who is he? an 18-year-old hacker from birmingham, aka trick, convicted of computer more prankster than threat. this was his handiwork. team poison, crashing britain's anti-terror phone lines posting on line. also publishing tony blair's private address book on the web. that landed him several months in jail. in 2013, authorities believe hussein became a more serious threat when he went to join isis in syria. last year he confirmed to cnn that he tweets under a name, linked to the attack in garland,
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texas. in october we speck oke to a fo member of team pie soison. he described the man known as trick. >> let's put it this way. i didn't think he was a threat at all until he was on video chat on skype with me dressed as a blank power ranger, holding up an ak-47, i thought was an air soft rifle. but quickly realized it was a real fully automatic machine gun. >> did hussein inspire the attacks in texas? hussein's twitter feed shows him cheering on the two gunmen involved. a u.s. official tells cnn investigators are looking at the degree to which hussein may have had a hand in the attacks. his old hacking partner thinks the threat is real. >> as early as the a few years ago, i knew that trick was capable of -- schooling bank accounts and paypal accounts and
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siphoning money out of them and using those fund for malicious activity on the internet let alone terrorist activity. yeah, i think that guy is a very serious threat. he is extremely dangerous. he is not someone that should be taken lightly. >> abu hussein, has not responded to cnn since the texas attack. now it seems he remains behind the battle lines of isis. >> we want to bring you more now on what has been the most unpredictable election in decade. almost as unpredictable as this broadcast. but we have sorted out our gremlins. we can connect now with senior international correspondent nic robertson outside a polling station i believe in the north of london. nic, tell us what you are seeing this morning? >> well, there are a few people that have gone to the polling station, few people lined up outside as the doors opened. they have gone in. polling started here.
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a nice sunny day. expectations are that turnout could be high today. this particular constituency in the northwest of london. at the last elections was the tightest of all of the -- of all of the, the electoral seats in mainland uk. so this is one of those areas where -- the expectation of a high turnout will be standing here. through the day, watching people come. watching people go. they, they have been lining up outside. walking in. it is a little early around here. but for people to be getting up and going on their way to work. expectation would be, in the next few hours, as people -- begin their journeys to work. they will stop off here before they jump on trains and buses into the center of london. errol. >> and -- nick perhaps we can talk about what voters can and cannot do in polling stations. they do of course, want people to be, able to vote anonymously.
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there are some 43,000 polling stations all over the country. open right now. and, i believe the ballots are a simple alphabetical list of the candidates and folks just have to walk in and check a box, right? >> very simple. very easy. when you show up athe polling station you don't even need identification. you just inform the electoral officials of your name and your address. and if you are register to vote, then on you go. and very simple, form, of course there are some places in the country where it is not just the general election that actually -- one town we visited, just in the past few days. they will be voting on five differenter use. local counselors, even the police commissioner being voted on today. so some constituencies around the country more than just a general election. but of course that's the beg focus at the moment, errol. but of course that's the big focus at the moment, errol.
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>> we can see a steady stream of voters head night polling station behind nic robertson. nic, continue to check in with you throughout the day. rosemary, the weather nisz where nic is, where i a it is calm. thankful for that. not sure you noticed earlier in the week. we had wind. the live location almost blew away. we had rain. certainly more temperate weather today we are all welcoming quite warmer. >> indeed. good weather for hopefully most will come out and place their votes. we'll keep an eye on that. errol barnett back to you in a moment. we were telling you about the tornados. as the severe weather threat diminishes overnight here in the united states and in tornado alley, a new threat is emerging. flooding is our new concern with a slow moving storms. meteorologist derek van dam joins us to talk about that.
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a big concern now isn't it? >> when you lose the daytime heating from the sunshine. we start to see severity of the thunderstorms diminish. severe weather threat continues to weaken. the flooding now i am concerned about. particularly the oklahoma city region who has the had the third rainiest, 24 hour period in history. incredible. 5 1/2 inches of that was a 75-year record. some impressive stuff. flash flooding a concern. they have had lots of tornados in the midwest. people go to assess the damage. they go out some times in their vehicles. that can be concerns as well with flooding waters you see on their screen. remember, 1 foot of water, floats vehicles. two feet of rushing water carries vehicles away. and, that is very concerning. as people try to -- assess. again. some of the tornadic damage that moved through the midwest recently. look at this, impressive rainfall total for the oklahoma city region. again, third rainiest, 24 hour period in oklahoma city's history. just a little bit over 7 inches
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of rain. 220 millimeters. you can see -- that occurred within a 24 hour period. but it really was that, that, two-hour period where they received their heaviest of rain. just 5 1/2 inches that, that led to some of that localized flooding. get sowing much rain in such a short amount of time. and you don't want to see this. this is actually a tornado shelter. the ground was so saturated from heavy rain that came through oklahoma city. it helped to unearth this, what sa is protection from tornadic events. not what you want to see when you look at safetien one of the via, heavy rain, lifting that tornado shelter out of ground. there were wedge tornados reported. there were rope tornados reported. this is a half mile wide, wedge tornado in the hardy, nebraska region. 46 tornados in total. one now just popping up on the eastern side of, colorado. but you can see. generally from northern texas through oklahoma. nebraska, and chance cancel. that was really the, the main
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area that we saw tornadic development. now losing the daytime heating from the sun. storms weaken. we do have a watch box ongoing from northern texas through portions of oklahoma. these thunderstorms still could produce large hail, damaging wind. isolated tornado. again really the heavy rain that i am concerned about. and with rainfall totals over 7 inches, people going outside to assess their damage. especially early thursday morning. they're going to have to look out for the rushing water on the roadways major concern. >> yeah, absolutely. the image there of the tornado, just horrifying. >> yeah, you look for shelter in something look that. but to have it unearthed. >> so exposed. we'll talk again soon. thank you. >> the u.s. is preparing to give limited military training to syrian rebels so they can return to their homes and defend against isis. the first of 400 u.s. military trainers an now in turkey and jr. da jordan. the u.s. will teach small arms
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and battlefield tactics and raidy and medical gear. so far the u.s. plans to train about 5,000 moderate rebels per year. but the co-legislation of opposition groups says, that's not enough. we need to include much more fighters, we have the capability. ability to fight against the terrorism and -- and against the terror led by the syrian regime. but we need to include much more fighters from the fsa in this program. and we, we need to have it much more faster. and we need to protection from the -- from the -- from the air attacks of the regime. >> some other stories we are following for you now. the pentagon says isis militants breached the perimeter of the oil refinery in iraq. it is not operational, still a crucial battleground location
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between islamic militants and iraqi forces. located on a key route leading to mosul which iraqi forces want to retake from isis. the pentagon wouldn't say how much of the oil facility is currently under isis control. >> u.s. vice president joe biden med with kurdistan regional president in washington wednesday. their talks focused on security and political challenges, facing forcings battling isis. they also talked about u.s. assistance in the liberation of mosul and flood of war refugees into kurdistan. >> a new report from french investigators has uncovered disturbing details about the actions of co-pilot andreas l lubitz before the crash. why they say the crash was not just intentional but also premeditated. >> reporter: french
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investigators say 27-year-old lubitz practiced before he steered into the french alps. just before the deadly crash, lubitz and the captain, piloted the plane to barcelona. with the captain out of the cockpit, the flight data reporter shows that he brief leave set the plane's auto pilot to 100 feet before leveling off again. >> he certainly was exploring the aircraft and its ability to go up or down. and not stop him from descending it into the ground. making sure nobody would see him. >> reporter: according to the report, the selected altitude decreased to 100 feet for three second. then increased to the maximum value of 49,000 feet. less than two minutes later the selected altitude was 100 feet until it stablized at 25,000 feet t the flight never left its scheduled path. so air traffic control didn't
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notice the altitude changes. unless the plane is equipped to stream the data and they decide to stream the data of the aircraft performance from the flight and some one is monitoring it, they wouldn't hatch noticed. it is clear the pilot didn't notice for another reason. the front lab was not operative. he was gone four minutes. >> reporter: it appears it was a dry run for what he would do later the same morning on board the plane during flight 9525. lubitz waited until the captain left, locked the door, set it to 100 feet. directed the jetliner into the mountains killing all 150 people on board. awe thought was cnn aviation correspondent renee marsh reporting from washington. a north korean insider gives us a rare look at the reclusive regime. no topping w inic was off-limit
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." now with an hour to spare before the deadline, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu announced late wednesday he succeeded in forming a coalition government. but just barely. it's made up of the minimum he needs to govern. just 61 seats in the kine nkine parliament. the likud party pulled it off slimmest of margins with support from a couple parties. mr. netanyahu had six weeks to form a government after the march 17th elections in which his likud party won 30 seats. he is now heading for his fourth term as israel's leader. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry says the humanitarian crisis in yemen is growing dire.
11:23 pm
and that the u.s. is pledging $68 million to help. kerry says he will ask saudi arabia to temporarily halt a bombing campaign so relief can be brought into yemen. it comes the same day heavy clashes were reported between pro government forces and rebels in aden. >> the news that the united states have donated about $68 million to help yemen. and we are appreciating this very much. and we hope tomorrow to discuss how we can go forward. as you know, the united states is part of the coalition against the houthis rebels. >> yemen's foreign minister there. meanwhile yemen asked the u.n. for immediate assistance on the ground to help fight the houthis
11:24 pm
rebels. we are jind oined on the phone yemeni journalist, he has been reporting on the ground since the conflict began. hakim, yemen's ambassador to the united nations asked for the u.n. to intervene with ground forces. but how likely is it that will happen? what kind of land force is he proposing? >> it is very likely, rosemary, right now, the expanding and spreading in the aden. they took control yesterday of the province. this was strategic for saudi arabia who tried to halt the houthis spread in aden. there its a need for saudi arabia to have land troops. but again, they will not be successful. earlier, announced that they will send 2,100 troops to yemen. but again, how will they know the difference.
11:25 pm
between a houthi and those who are the allies. in the south. fighting along them. this is going to be a very long war. but right now, as john kerry mentioned we need to bring humanitarian aid to yemen it is very, very tragic right now with over a month of no electricity because of no diesel. >> yes, that is a big problem. of course the international community wants to see an it immediate cease-fire to allow for the delivery of aid to civilians trapped by, both the air strikes and the fighting there on the ground. and brokered peace talks are planned with u.s. secretary of state john kerry what progress is expected from the talks do you think? >> it is very unlikely there will be a lot of progress. the goal for both side ties leave their war aside. and give the civilians a chance to live. right now, it's not the houthis
11:26 pm
dying, it's the millions of civilians who are now -- hungry and facing tragic times right now. not about what the houthis or saudis will lose. they can continue with their war. let the civilians live. it's not fair right now. the prices, from 400%. the oil prices have hiked, 800%. very difficult to find food on the streets. people are very poor right now. some go to sleep, millions are very hungry. and children. this is very tragic. unlike anywhere in the world right now. not even in gaza or nepal. >> yemeni journalist, joining us on the line there from saana, apologies there for a few audio, use that we had. errol. >> rosemary, cnn is getting a rare inside look into north
11:27 pm
korea's reclusive government. our reporter from pyongyang this week, he was able to speak to a political analyst with close ties to kim jung-un's regime in the cnn exclusive report. >> reporter: north korea's propaganda machine turns out plenty of fiery rhettic. high level officials fiercely distrust international media. rarely giving interviews. a member of north korea's inner circle speaking to cnn. the deputy director of a north korean think-tank with close ties to the highest levels of government. no topic was off limits. >> south korea's national in tee jens s jens -- intelligence service that kim jung-un ordered 15 officials. >> he calls allegations the supreme leader is killing off opponents. baseless, groundless, but does
11:28 pm
not deny executions do take place here. >> it is very normal for any country to go after hostile elements and punish and execute them. >> we also asked about north korea's growing nuclear program. much of the international community, considers the arsenal a threat to the region stability. you are equipped with nuclear weapons. he will continue to improve our nuclear arsenal. as long as we are under threat from the united states. >> does north korea have a long-range missile, capable of striking the mainland, united states. >> yes, of course. >> would north korea ever consider using that weapon? >> we may use them if we are forced by the u.s. to do so. >> the north clearly undeterred by u.n. sangs. on a recent u.n. report, alleging human rights abuses based on testimony of defectors, saying the north has brutal prison camps.
11:29 pm
we don't hatch prison camps, my society. we have no political division. as a result we don't have the term. >> the in north korea you do not hear dissenting views. in interviews or on state run media. most north koreans have no access to the internet. park says the country is making stride in technology. science. and education. students are required to finish 12th grade. college is free to those who pass rigorous entrance exams. the focus now, improving north korea's struggling economy. >> they have now advanced in many different areas. a major power. politically. the last remaining ok joke tich to make it a strong economic power. the living standard for north korea, 25 million citizens means the nation must improve ties
11:30 pm
with the international community. with mutual distrust. and pyongyang's consistent refusal to disarm the arsenal there appears no clear path to moving forward. will riply. cnn pyongyang. north korea. coming up on cnn newsroom. polls are open all over the uk. voting has been under way for 30 minutes. our special coverage continues after this short break. making a fist
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warm welcome back to our viewers here in the united
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states. and our viewers around the world. i'm rosemary church in "cnn newsroom." >> i'm errol barnett. the u.s. state department is offering millions of dollars for information on four top isis members. it's part of the reward for justice program. it comes just two days after isis claimed responsibility for a shooting outside of prophet muhammad cartoon contest in texas. both gunmen killed by a police officer. >> at least 13 people in oklahoma city are injured. three history.
11:35 pm
nepal's devastating earthquake, shook a mountain destination. see the house here, begin to crumble. the people inside run to safety. the video shot a few miles from the village of langtang. destroyed by a landslide after the quake. >> chile's president says she asked her entire cabinet to resign. the announcement was unusual coming during a live telecast. instead of the presidential palace. michelle barcholet's administration has been rocked by a corruption scandal involving her son who allegedly received special treatment on a loan. her approval rating is now at an all-time low. the polls are now open in the uk's general election. we are half an hour or more now into voting. millions of people are expected to turn out, more than 40,000 polling stations.
11:36 pm
and this election sees incumbent prime minister david cameron, defending his leadership. mr. cameron served since 2010 as prime minister. main challenges are ed miliband, nick clegg. and in the uk, the prime minister is not directly elected. important to keep that in mind. instead, voters cast their ballots for a member of parliament to win a designated seat for their constituency. there are stom 650 constituencies across england, scotland, wales, northern island. the leader of which party can secure a majority of seats can put together a coalition government. becomes prime minister. polls will reman open until 10:00 p.m. local time. the action will ramp up once the polls close and the returns are start being rushed in.
11:37 pm
and the votes are counted. but here is a quick look at how cnn will bring you, all of the developments. >> can you hear me? ♪ >> errol barnett is on assignment in london. >> good morning, rose mary. the time ticking now for candidates to make their case to every last voter. ♪ ♪ >> cnn is all over the key locations in london for the u.k. election coverage. all providing insight and context. one of our live locations here on the south bank of the river thames. so that we can get this gorgeous shot of the houses of parliament. and we can also see, big ben over here.
11:38 pm
which is actually the name of the bell inside. not the tower itself. come with me. i will show you where else we are set up. >> take a look at this. the two-story flat form. bigger than most homes. set up for the international broadcasters. it has this great close-up view of the houses of parliament. our christian amanapour will be broadcasting from this location. but we are not just on the ground. we have also got some wheels. richard qwest on one of london's iconic double-decker buses talking about the election. the finish line of our coverage is here. number 10 downing street the office of the prime minister. we'll have correspondents live here as well. as we all wait to see who its
11:39 pm
next occupant will be. ♪ >> as we have said, rosemary, this is a tightly contested election. we are going to want to really pay close attention once the returns and results come in. when things will really get exciting later tonight and into friday. back to you. >> right. love the behind the scenes there. great work. all right. we'll talk to you soon. in eastern ukraine, pro-russian separatists are preparing for upcoming victory day celebrations. they rehearsed for driving tanks and vehicles through the city. may 9 marks the 70th anniversary of the end of world war ii in europe. meanwhile, russia is getting ready for its own victory day parade. while the celebrations are said to mark an historical event. also a chance for russia to show off its military hardware.
11:40 pm
cnn's matthew chance tells us about the message they're trying to send. >> at night time rehearsals in red square, a glimpse of russia's new high tech army. and the national pride it stirs. >> translator: i think this is part of our patriotic upbringing says this spectator. people start taking pride in our country." the kremlin has spent billions revamping armed forces and developing new weapons. this t-14 battle tank on display the first time. the first tank design to enter in russia except the collapse of the soviet union. the victory day parade is meant to mark the allied defeat of nazi germany in the second world war. but also russia's biggest, most important show of strength. a chance to parade latest intercontinental ballistic missiles, a blunt reminder of russia's powerful nuclear force.
11:41 pm
the decision by vladamir putin, russian president, to stage such ail huge display of cutting edge weapons. is sending a powerful message about the kremlin's determination to protect its power. moscow is under western sanctions for alleged support of appropriate wrestling in northern ukraine. most western leaders, invited to the parade have chose tine stay away. instead the western military alliance is bolstering its own defenses. this week launching an anti-submariner exsighs in waters off norway. it has put nato on alert. in the skies too, russia has been probing, nato defenses. it is this russian military that its said to be the showcase of this year's victory day parade.
11:42 pm
>> translator: i feel proud for my country. when i see all of these military vehicles, says lydia. because i'm not afraid someone might attack us. it's necessary for others to be afraid of us, she says. many of russia's neighbors watching events here, closely. already are. matthew chance, cnn, moscow. after a week of public turmoil, the chief executive officer of al-jazeera america is out. but an hour later, sent an e-mally to staff, announcing he will stay on as the chief operating officer. the changes come after the company was sued for $15 million of anti-semitism. three top officials, all women remind last week. one told "the new york times" she didn't like the culture of fear there at the network. >> now while the election is under way, today, here in the uk
11:43 pm
there is a lot of political activity over in the u.s. as well. coming up next on "cnn newsroom," a look at how the field of candidates for president may soon expanned. president may soon expand.
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welcome back, everyone. in u.s. election news, the field of candidates for president may soon widen. republican rick santorum says he will make his presidential plans known very soon. santorum, a former u.s. senator from pennsylvania, ran for president back in 2012. you'll recall. eventually dropped out of the race. he told fox news he set a time to announce his 2016 plans. >> may 27th, in butler, pennsylvania, which is where i grew up is where we are going to make our decision. announcement as to what our
11:47 pm
plans are for 2016. >> want to show you now some surprising results from the latest opinion poll in the u.s. state of iowa on one republican kidding a run or candidates for the white house. former florida governor jeb bush may top the nationwide polls, but he trails badly in the midwestern state. top of the field, is wisconsin governor scott walker with 21%. he hasn't officially entered the race. the rest of the field is substantially behind former arkansas governor mike huckabee when he won iowa when he ran in 2008. 11%. jeb bush ranks right at the bottom which is 5% support. bush is also not announced his candidacy. remember, iowa's caucuses are the first contest in the u.s., presidential election. >> those numbers are very interesting. republican mike huckabee is well
11:48 pm
known in conservative circles. as the the poll indicates he isn't ranking high in iowa. and cnn asked him why. >> will i think until yesterday, a lot of people didn't believe i was going to run. and no matter how many different crumbs i left on the trail, to make it pretty obvious that i was headed in this direction, it was the constant thing we faced. he is really not going to run. tell me if he is going to run i will think about it. i believe we will see the numbers change. >> all right, mike huckabee there. the report out on america pro football, deflate gate. no smoking gun. but a lot of finger pointing. ahead why new england's quarterback may come out of the controversy unscathed. we're back in a moment.
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we want to turn now to the scandal in american football known as deflategate. an investigator hired by the nfl says it was more probable than not that new england patriots' personnel intentionally deflated footballs. the investigators' report says star quarterback tom brady was at least generally aware. it points a finger at two
11:53 pm
patriots' employees for what it called "a probable effort to let air out of game balls for the afc championship game back in january." >> rosemary what's interesting here. whatever this report says and however the league does deal with it, there is a chance tom brady could come out okay. you see he has been the subject of controversies before. and as we are shown, brady always seems to come out unblemished. >> deflategate. >> tom brady and the echo chamber for all the wrong reasons. >> tom, i think you are pretending to know a lot less than you actually do. >> what? >> reporter: is the patriots' quarterback a cheater or all american squeaky clean qb kids love. tom brady being asked that himself? >> is tom brady a cheater? >> i don't believe so. >> the very accusation
11:54 pm
challenges the image of good son from san mateo, california. on his facebook page he posts picture of the goofy boy despite a football career, prepared the resume for nonfootball job in case he wasn't drafted. he was deep in the sixth round. no one knew his name until a sudden injury struck drew bled so. lee steinberg remembers that moment clearly because he was bl bl bledsoe's sports agent. did tom brady's ascension surprise every sports agent? >> it surprised everyone. you don't expect a six round draft pick to come in and become the dominant quarterback. >> reporter: he defied expectations since. >> you only get so many timouts. >> reporter: in the xher sthal world, bucking the trend of fellow players taking on few sponsors, a deliberate snub of millions of dollar. part of an image tightly managed and controlled.
11:55 pm
his one fumble to the image, brady, dated bridgette moynihan. they publicly split when she was pregnant. before moynihan gave birth. brady was dating giselle a mess forgiven by male and female sports fans. >> is that something that fans care about. >> the fact he married the highest paid model in the world. >> spygate. videotaping signals from their opponents. how did tom brady come out of spy? gate? >> untarnished. he has been teflon coated. movie star handsome, rarely makes an offensive statement. >> people are talking about him as a cheater. >> americans don't like cheaters. if one person in the world -- has a real chance to -- to, to have people believe him, it's tom brady.
11:56 pm
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