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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 7, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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switch now and get the fastest wifi everywhere. comcast business. built for business. powerful winds ripping up homes as severe storms roll through several states in the u.s. a new report says the man who crashed a passenger jet into the french alps practiced his deadly maneuver. in a cnn exclusive, a political insider in north korea gives us a rare look at the reclusive regime. hello, everyone, this is "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church here at cnn center. >> and i'm errol barnett, live in london for you this morning. a big welcome to those of you tuned in, in the u.s. and all around the world. now, for one hour, polls have
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been open all over the uk. the general election voting in the general election gets under way. millions of people are expected to turn out at more than 40,000 polling stations. i'm here on the south bank of the river thames overlooking the houses of parliament. want to cross live to our senior international correspondent, nic robertson, outside one of the many polling stations here in london. nic, we saw a steady stream of voters behind you last hour. how has the the traffic been since then? >> it has been continuous and steady, errol. i wouldn't say there has been a big rush of people coming here. but there is people been going in and out all the time. most of the people we are seeing here this morning. look like they're on the way to work. a couple of -- young girls voting here. seemed to be with their mother. st stopped to take a photograph outside the polling station. appeared their first time of voting. steady here. the weather.
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i think the lon done adon area voters' side if you will. rainy day. tend to put voters off. to date weather seems fairly clear. predicted to be clear most of the day. not wafrment trm. we will see more people in the next hour. people around here, about half-hour commute from here. to the center of london. i think as people get up in the morning. get on their way to work. dropping in here to vote. quite's steady flow here this morning, errol. >> there are specific rules to be followed. the uk takes voting very seriously. broadcasters like cnn and others under strict restrictses not the to discuss any issues as to not impact the outcome. at the polling stations, voters aren't allowed to have any campaign shirts or anything. you mention people there taking
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pictures. selfies not necessarily banned. they do try and keep this a clean and smooth procedure. >> they do. and it's absolutely designed not to influence the -- the voter in any way -- on the election day itself. what we can say about this particular constituent see, in 2010. this was the tightest vote in the mainland of the uk. 42 votes separating in the 2010 election. so you might expect that the turnout here would be -- would be -- higher than perhaps -- the average people realizing their votes will count. but, certainly, in the terms that are laid down -- for the -- for election airing in the uk. there its to be nothing on the day of the voting. that would allow any, influence, one way or another to one particular party or another. not of the vote, errol.
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>> one of the many polling stations will continue to connect with you live throughout the day. we want to show our viewers, new video just in to cnn. ed miliband. abiding by his duty as well. heading to the polls. he lead the labor party. he was seen out, with his wife. just a short time ago. also -- moments ago into cnn. video of nigel forage who leads the independence party as well. handing out to the polls. cnn and broadcasters under strict restrictions what we can/cannot discuss not to outcome the election. polls will be open here until 10:00 p.m., british summertime, 5:00 p.m. eastern. until then we will show you the process of voting. but once polls close, we will begin to get the returns.
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and see which way the election will go. a very exciting day all over the u.k. rosemary back to you. >> most certainly its. thank you, errol. want to return to oklahoma sitty in the u.s. first time ever, the national weather service, declared a flash flood emergency. they warned people not to drive. calling it a deadly and dangerous risk. this comes after a long night of tornados and thunderstorms stretching across several states. emergency officials counted more than 40 reports of tornados so far. around 46 in fact. oklahoma city was the hardest hit area. at least 13 people were injured there. three critically. homes, businesses have been destroyed or heavily damaged. officials across the midwest are still trying to assess just how much damage the outbreak of tornados did. and as the severe weather threat diminishes overnight. a new threat emerges. we mentioned it there.
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flooding is our new concern with the slow moving storms. derek van dam joins us. doesn't cause very much water to cause problems for any one in a vehicle does it. >> one foot of water can float a vehicle. two feet of rushing water can pick up a vehicle as heavy as an suv and carry it downstream. imagine when we get this flash flooding event. on going in the oklahoma city region. people need to be concerned about crossing flooded roadways. doesn't take much to lift the vehicles. that is the leading cause of death in terms of natural disaster. just in front of heat related deaths as well. some of the footage out of nebraska. flooding has been a concern. from oklahoma, through nebraska, and into kansas. because we have seen the storms move over the same locations. meteorological term for that is training. storms moving over one region with heavy rainfall.
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oklahoma city broke a 75-year record in terms of rainfall. in a two-hour period over five inches. in total. 25 hours. it was a third rainiest one day period. 7 inches. little over 7 inches. look towards tornado shelters to seek safety from tornados. unfortunately the saturated ground from the flooding raised and unearthed this shelter in someone's backyard. not something you want to see when you are going to look for shelter from, tornadic events. you can see where the heaviest of rainfall occurred. interstate 35, oklahoma city. 7 inches of rainfall in 24 hours. we had our tornado threat. diminishing quickly. lost the heating because of a son. may, the most amount of tornado thousands in the united states in terms of averages.
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wedge tornado caught on camera, one of 46 took place across the -- even a tornado in eastern colorado. that weather threat. for basically the same locations. as the we look into the weekend. saturday. probability of enhanced severe weather threat. more tornados, wind, hail, wind damage. >> heads up. a real concern for everybody. of course. many thanks. all right. back to you. >> rez manother big story we ar following. learning more about the actions of co-pilot andrea lubitz. accused of smashing his jet into the french alps. they believe the crash was intentional and prepremeditated. a month and a half after the crash the report into the
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incident seems to shed light into the planning, co-pilot, he did before steering the jet into the french alps, the initial findings indicate that lubit practiced the crash during the flight. >> reporter: it appears it was a dry run for what he would do later the same morning on board the plane during flight 9525. lubitz waited until the captain left, locked the door, set it to 100 feet. directed the jetliner into the mountains killing all 150 people on board. awe thought was cnn aviation and increase to the maximum value of 49,000 feet and stabilized again at 35 feet.
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neither air traffic control nor the captain noticed irl ed irregularities in the plane's flight. they believe that's because it was in the process of descending when lubitz played with the controls. the captain didn't notice anything because the action by the co-pilot during the outbound flight was made during a normal programmed descent, so it didn't have any impact on the plane's trajecto trajectory. lubitz crashed the jet on the next flight. german police discovered he researched suicide methods and the locking mechanism of the cockpit door on line. the interim hort also air traffic control attempted to contact flight 95251,11 times on three frequencies before it crashed. lubitz never answered calls or reacted to the captain banging on the cockpit door in vein as he steered the plane to its tragic end.
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wow. now french investigators still have more work to do. they examine this deadly crash. we'll hear more from the director of the french agency, leading the investigation, later this hour. >> errol, u.s. officials believe a top isis hacker may have recruited or at least influenced the two shooters from sunday's attack in texas the after the attack, he left an ominous message. cnn's pamela brown has the latest. >> you ain't seen nothing yet. this tweet thought to be from janade hussein. hacker and recruiter. one official tells cnn, hussein is a real problem and could be inspiring other americans to launch attacks. >> he has been somebody that they scan follow, they could get
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information from. and it would appear that he possibly helped instigate this attack. >> reporter: the british hacker believed in syria. hussein exchanged messages on twitter with elton simpson, one of two american attackers in texas. u.s. investigators are trying to determine what degree he had in the attack. the ours before the attack took place, hus hue tweeted the knives have been sharpened. soon we will come to your streets with death and slaughter. simpson was openly communicating on line with terrorists overseas. a law enforcement official, tells cnn that led the fbi to open a new investigation. simpson was a priority investigative subject. allowing all available resources to keep tabs. he was monitored but not under surveillance. >> this is a lone wolf attack. essentially you have two
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individuals that don't appear to be part of a broader conspiracy. identifying the issues. keeping cabs on them. >> officials believe simpson and soofi drove from fine, to garland, texas with two long guns and four handguns in their car. officials say they were bought legally. their apartment searched by the fbi the inside was relatively barren. officials did retrieve one hard drive now being analyzed. simpson family friend tells cnn the family had no idea about his extremis extremist. >> none. no indication. >> that was cnn's pamela brown reporting there. this just into cnn newsroom. iran reportedly released the maersk tigris ship. last week, the ship was sailing
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through the strait of hormuz. the flag ship was in iranian waters. the officials were holding it. unblear court decision. the state run news agency, citing unnamed sources who claim this. paid a $10 million fine to get the ship releases. officials are expected to release an official statement in the coming hours, according to state media. the freddie gray case has grown more complex. coming up a look at why some suggest baltimore's prosecutor may have overcharged police officers in the case. >> then another day of shelling in yemen has left at least 50 people dead. what officials are asking the u.n. to do about it. back in a moment.
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welcome back to cnn's live coverage of the uk election 2015. we have got some new video into cnn showing green party
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candidate natalie bennett casting her ballot here in the general election. we can show her as she head into a polling station in kings cross. polls have now been open all across the u.k. for roughly 1:18. if you are keeping track, we have seen natalie bennett of the green party, ed miliband of labor, and nigel forage of the ukip, heading into the polls to cast their vote. we'll bring you video when we see u.k. prime minister david cam round of teron of the conse. surely hasn't slept in this morning. when we get it we'll bring it to you. >> the first of 400 u.s. military trainers are now in turkey and jr. dan. they're preparing to give limited military training to syrian rebels so they can return to their homes and defend against isis. the u.s. will train the rebels in small arms and battlefield tactics as well as on raidio an
12:20 am
medical gear. the u.s. plans to train 5,000 moderate rebels per year. the president of the coalition of opposition groups says that is simply not enough. listen. >> -- too small. we need to include much more fighters. we have capability to fight against the terrorism and against the, the terror led by the syrian regime. but we need to include much more fighters from the fsa and this program and we, we need to, to have it much more faster. and we need protection from -- from the -- the air attacks of the regime. >> meantime, in iraq, isis controls parts of the massive oil refinery. it hasn't been operational for some time, but it still is important. logistically, of course, it sits along the key route to the city
12:21 am
of mosul. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry says the humanitarian crisis in yemen is growing dire. and that the u.s. is pledging $68 million to help. kerry says he will ask saudi arabia to temporarily halt a bombing campaign so relief can be brought in to yemen. it comes the same day heavy clashes were reported between pro government forces and houthi rebels in aden. >> meanwhile, yemen asked the u.n. for immediate assistance on the ground to help fight the houthi rebels. we are joined on the phone now by hakeem al-masmari, yemeni journalist in sthe region. we know that they've asked for the u.n. to intervene with the ground forces. how likely is it that that will happen? and what kind of land force is
12:22 am
he actually proposing here? the houthis are expanding. yesterday they took control of the strategic aden province and killed the top military leader there. so this, this will not be solved militarily. there need to be dialogue. and there are sides right now working, especially with the u.s., western countries, and the u.n. trying to reach a solution or peaceful solution or at least the start bringing the side back to the dialogue table. and issue that yemen solved politically. and not militarily. >> all right, hakim al-masmari joining us on the line from yemen. many thanks to you. errol. >> rosemary in baltimore,
12:23 am
maryland, a possible set back for prosecutors there with word the police investigation into freddie gray's death does not support some charges filed against six police officers. and that include the most serious charge -- of second degree murder. this comes from officials familiar with the police investigation and a separate one by the state attorney. cnn's evan perez reports on what this could mean for prosecutors. >> reporter: we are told that the investigators at the police department were under the impression that the medical examiner's findings were going to be short of a home sigh. if you recall that's one of the key findings from this state attorney. their lynn moseby. she said a ruling from the medical examiner. let her bring the most see r serious charges. we are told the police investigations do not support the serious charges against the
12:24 am
officers. that is a second degree murder charge. most, what they're looking is manslaughter. the medical examiner's office has told us that they only reached one conclusion in this case. that this was a homicide. >> meanwhile, lawyers for two of the officers are challenging another key finding of the prosecutor's case. a dispute over freddie gray's knife. cnnathena jones brings us this part of the story. >> reporter: was freddie gray's arens illegal. part made by the charge of six baltimore police officers in his death. >> the blade of his knife was folded into the handle. the knife was not a switchblade. and is lawful under their land law. >> reporter: which is why mosely is charging six of the officers with false imprisonment and argues grape should never have been arrested in the first
12:25 am
place. and arresting officers say moseby got it wrong. in motions filed with the district court. they stay the knife was illegal under maryland law. and demand the state produce the knife to prove they're right. neither lawyer would speak on camera about pending litigation. >> according to maryland state law a knife is illegal if the blade deploys with the push of a button. without manual assistance. legal. illegal. comes done to a spring. >> essentially. >> this is the one that kind of gets closer to what you call a switchblade. automatic. you have a spring, it is open. bang. >> it is unassisted but legal. >> if successful the knife argument could derail the case against the prosecutors who says a prosecutor, criminal of the charges and how quickly filed them. if the knife is illegal those two arresting officers will be
12:26 am
completely exonerated. >> her whole case depends against those two. depend upon an illegal arrest. >> the mayor is calling for the justice department to investigate the baltimore police department to tell them whether they have violated residents' civil rights. >> i'm asking the department of justice to investigate. if our department has engaged in practices of stops, searches or arrests that violate the fourth amendment. >> similar doj, found sear just civil rights violations. attorney general, loretta lynch is actively kidding whether to open such an investigation. athena jones, cnn, baltimore, maryland. now it is election day here in the u.k. coming up -- wear's goi're goinl back the curtain so to speak. we'll give you a behind the any look, of this very important
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story. stay with us. back in a minute.
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a warm welcome back to viewers in the u.s. and all around the world. this is "cnn newsroom." live from london, i'm errol barnett. >> and i'm rosemary church. we want to check the headlines for you this hour. at least 13 people in oklahoma city are injured. three critically after a tornado hit a mobile home park there. emergency officials are looking into more than 40 reports of tornados across several states. this is some of the damage outside of oklahoma city.
12:31 am
officials there also issued a flash flood warning for the first time in the city's history. >> the first of 400 u.s. military trainers are now in turkey and jordan. preparing to give limited military training to syrian rebels so they can return to their homes and defend against isis. the u.s. will train the rebels in small arms and battlefield tactics as well as on radio and medical gear. iran has announced its release, the maersk tigris ship and crew. last week they diverted the ship in the strait of hormuz. iranian media cite sources, the maersk paid a fine to gain the ship's release. maersk officials could not confirm the story. >> we have this breaking news out of france.
12:32 am
lawyers say an appeals court in paris has ruled that the phone tapping of former president nicolas sarkozy was legal. magistrates investigating him for suspected corruption and influence pedaling conducted the tapping. they listened in on conversations between sarkozy and his attorney. today's appeals court ruling could lead to a trial and hamper sarkozy's attempts at another term as president. for 90 minutes now, polls have been open, voting under way, all across theu.k. 45 million people are eligible to vote. more than 40,000 polling stations. incumbent prime minister. david cameron and conservative party are facing serious challenges from the party of ed miliband, he's casted his ballot. nigel forage, of the uk, ukip,
12:33 am
appears at his spolg station to cast his vote. as well as green, natalie bennett. went to a polling station. all the video coming in to cnn. nick clegg. and nicholas sturgeon of scottish national party. the polls will close at 10:00 p.m. local time. or 5:00 p.m. eastern. the action will ramp up once those polls close. the returns stot being rushed in. we can figure out what the next government of the uk will look like. a look at how cnn will bring you all of the developments. >> atlanta, can you hear me? >> stand by.
12:34 am
>> errol barnett is on assignment in london. errol? >> good morning, rosemary. the time ticking now for candidates to make their case to every last voter. ♪ ♪ >> cnn is all over the key locations in london for the u.k. election coverage. with our anchors, koement correspondents, and political contributors, all providing insight and context. one of our live locations here on the south bank of the river thames. so that we can get this gorgeous shot of the houses of parliament. and we can also see, big ben over here. which is actually the name of the bell inside. not the tower itself. come with me. i will show you where else we are set up. >> take a look at this. the two-story flat form. bigger than most homes. set up for the international
12:35 am
broadcasters. it has this great close-up view of the houses of parliament. our christian amanapour will be broadcasting from this location. but we are not just on the ground. we have also got some wheels. richard qwest on one of london's iconic double-decker buses talking to voters on election night. just follow #bigredbus. the finish line of our coverage is here. number 10 downing street the office of the prime minister. we'll have correspondents live here as well. as we all wait to see who its next occupant will be. ♪ >> so the excitement has only just started. special coverage all through friday. now, thousand line the streets near the sydney opera house thursday for a glimpse of prince harry and bit of a going away party. the prince has spent the last month with the australian army
12:36 am
as part of an exchange program. but his official tour of duty ends saturday. rosemary. >> all right, many thanks, errol. back to you in a moment. with just an hour to spare, before the deadline, benjamin netanyahu announced lates when day he succeeded in forming a coalition government. made up of the minimum he need to govern in the parliament. netanyahu's likud party pulled it off by the slimmest of margins with support from several parties. mr. netanyahu had six weeks to form a government after the march 17th elections in which his likud party won 30 seats. he is now heading for his fourth term as israel's leader. >> chile's president says she has asked her entire cabinet to resign. the announcement was unusual coming during a live telecast instead of from the presidential palace. michelle barcelat's resignation
12:37 am
rocked by a corruption scandal by her son who allegedly received special treatment on a len. her approval rating is now at an all-time low. errol. >> rosemary, here in europe, french investigators released a preliminary report with chilling details about the co-pilot, andreas lubitz's actions he rehearsed the controlled descent of an outpound flight germany to spain. investigators say on the return flight, the same morning, lubitz intentionally slammed the plane into the french alps what we all feared wasn't it? the direct or of the agency investigating the crash says now their investigation will focus on lubitz's mental fitness. he speoke to richard qwest.
12:38 am
>> we have a very good understanding. there may be a few details we want to further investigate. but we probably will not go very far on that. that wis nol change completely the flight. now what we want to dupe is, to, assess the situation, where -- in aviation there is sophisticated system to assess the medical fitness of pilot including psychological fitness. and we see that we have several, not only this one, where the pilot was the passenger and he had the intent to destroy the aircraft and then himself. so we are are wondering how can this happen? how did this happen? in terms of the german wings. who else -- may have information about that. so weimagine, prior to the
12:39 am
flight, the family of the pilot may have some knowledge something was going wrong. and it might also have information. there might also be a doctor -- treating the -- the pilot, possibly. >> does this mean that ultimately the final report and the investigation since the facts are now relatively well known, that the final investigation is going to look at the psychological impact and results for pilots. >> yes, how can it be detected. how is it deficient. what is the limitation of this. both in terms of the medical capability and in terms of restoration of information for reasons, protection of privacy. medical secrecy and things like that. >> richard qwest reporting there. >> we are getting a rare look
12:40 am
inside north korea's reclusive government. will ripley reporting from pyongyang this week. he was able to speak to a political analyst with close ties to kim young un's regime. >> reporter: north korea's propaganda machine turns out plenty of fiery rhettic. high level officials fiercely distrust international media. rarely giving interviews. a member of north korea's inner circle speaking to cnn. the deputy director of a north korean think-tank with close ties to the highest levels of government. no topic was off limits. >> south korea's national in tee intelligence service, that kim jung-un ordered 15 officials. >> the report itself is ma lsh lsh -- malicious slander. >> he calls allegations the
12:41 am
supreme leader is killing off opponents. baseless, groundless, but does not deny executions do take place here. >> it is very normal for any country to go after hostile elements and punish and execute them. >> we also asked about north korea's growing nuclear program. much of the international community considers pyongyang's arsenal a threat to the region stability. you are equipped with nuclear weapons. he will continue to improve our nuclear arsenal. as long as we are under threat from the united states. >> does north korea have a long-range missile, capable of striking the mainland, united states. >> yes, of course. >> would north korea ever consider using that weapon? >> we may use them if we are forced by the u.s. to do so. >> the north clearly undeterred by u.n. economic sanctions. pyongyang also at odds with the international community. on a recent u.n. report, alleging human rights abuses based on testimony of defectors, who claim the north has a
12:42 am
network of brutal prison camps. we don't have political prison camps because my society is a society where we have no political strive, factions or, political division. as a result, we don't have the term political prisoner. >> the in north korea you do not hear dissenting views. in interview with every day people or state run media. most north koreans have no access to the internet. park says the country is making strides in technology, science. and education. students are required to finish 12th grade. college is free to those who pass rigorous entrance exams. the focus now, improving north korea's struggling economy. >> they have now advanced in many different areas. we are a major power. politically. the last remaining objective is to make it a strong economic power. the living standard for north korea, 25 million citizens means the nation must improve ties with the international community.
12:43 am
with mutual distrust. and pyongyang's consistent refusal to disarm the arsenal there appears no clear path to moving forward. will ripley, cnn, pyongyang, north korea. the report is out on american pro football's deflategate, no smoking gun, but there is a lot of fing finger-pointing. ahead how new england's coach is responding. we're back in a moment. yoplait greek 100. the protein-packed need something filling,
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a warm welcome back to everyone. we want to turn now to deflategate. the scandal that rocked american pro football. some accused boston's team of deflating game balls, giving their quarterback an unfair advantage. the nfl's report on the scandal its out now. and as gary tuchman explains, it takes aim at quarterback tom brady.
12:47 am
>> reporter: prior to quarterback tom brady leading his new england patriots to a super bowl victory over the seattle seahawks, he was asked by the press if he was a cheater. >> i don't believe so. i mean i feel like i have always played within the rules. i would never do anything to break the rules. >> reporter: asked that after allegation he's knew about using deflated footballs in the afc championship game. a deflated ball can be easier to throw. >> i didn't have any, you know, i didn't alter the ball in any way. i dent want any one rubbing them, putting any air in them, taking any air out. i have no knowledge of anything. i have no knowledge of any -- wrongdoing. >> reporter: today an investigation ordered by the nfl said something else. the 243-page report declaring brady was likely at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities. and what were those inappropriate activities? the report stated it is more probable than not that jim mcnally, the official locker room attendant for the patriots
12:48 am
and an equipment attendant participated in an effort to release air from patriot game balls after the balls were examined by the referee. no other players, coaches or officials have been implicated. there is no smoking gun but evidence of videotape of mcnally removing game balls from the officials locker room and text messages in which they talked about brady's unhappiness with the inflation levels of patriot game balls. after a game earlier in the season the report indicates that mcnally texted this. tom sucks. i'm going to make that next ball a blanking balloon. and he responded, talk to him last night. he actually brought you up. and said you must have a lot of stress trying to get them done. couldn't the two men have done all of this with tom brady not knowing. the report states, we believe it is unlikely that an equipment assistant and locker room attendant would deflate game balls without brady's knowledge
12:49 am
and approval. noteworthy in the roar, brady's lack of full cooperation with investigators. brady decleaned to make available any documents or information including text messages and e-mails we requested those limited to the subject matter of our investigation. when deflategate broke, many including patriots' head coach tried to blame weather or environmental factors for the football deflation. but we visit visit itted the wilson sporting good factory in ohio where all nfl footballs are made. employees there said no way. >> this ball will not leak unless you put a needle in it and let the air out. >> reporter: indeed that's what the report concludes is the likely scenario. owner of the patriots released a statement exclaiming to say we are disappointed in its findings which do not include any hard evidence of deliberate deflation of footballs at the afc championship game would be a gross understatement. robert kraft says the team will
12:50 am
accept the findings of the report which are expected to lead to discipline against the team and its star quarterback. >> i think you can go out and fry to be the best person you can be, deal with people with respect, honesty, integrity, have a high moral standard. >> reporter: a quarterback accused of violating what he says he stand for. gary tuchman, cnn, atlanta. >> we'll take a very short break here. but we are back in just a moment. stick around. and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine® total care to the total family. listerine® total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth™.
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welcome back. we have new video in to cnn. nicholas sturgeon of the scottish national party, snp, cast her vote in the uk general election over in glasgow, scotland. we have seen candidates except for david cameron. when we get that in we will show you. rosemary. >> we will certainly do that. i want to turn to this, the skills of an up and coming martial artist earning him comparisons to bruce lee. here is the kicker, he is only 5 years old. >> hold on to your nunchuks, who wouldn't be surprised a
12:55 am
5-year-old who can mimic bruce lee almost to a tee. watch the late great lee on the tv behind the kid. luce amie has the scene from the movie down cold. its this 5-year-old boy the reincarnation of bruce lee the we shall call him mini-lee. the thing about nunchuks is if you don't know what you are doing you can do more damage to yourself than to your opponent. so does this little guy with millions of youtube views know what he is doing? what would you give him as a letter grade? >> he gets an a plus not only for his skill but his acting. >> reporter: and bonus points for the matching yellow jumpsuit. when he made his first tv appearance on a south korean show. he explained to the host that he
12:56 am
want to be bruce lee. he said he had been watching bruce lee movie in the beginning but now his dad was teaching him. >> a great young martial artist. it's not unheard of to be that good and that clean. it's not like he is doing something that is impossible. >> reporter: tell that to the internet that is swooning over the nunchuks wonder boy. his dad says the "ellen" show has come calling. the kid sure has the moves down pat. maybe he wouldn't be able to lick bruce lee in a fight. but he sure can lick like him. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> wow. >> absolutely awesome. >> thank you for watching cnn, everyone. i will be back same tomorrow for election results. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. and "early start" coming up for those in the u.s.
12:57 am
for the rest of you, stay tuned for "cnn newsroom." have a great day. . . . .
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all right. breaking overnight in the midwest. dozens of people hurt. we are tracking the damage and also tracking where the storms are heading next. did tom brady cheat his way into the super bowl? the report is out. growing controversy over charges levelled against police officers in the death of freddie


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