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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  May 10, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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don't have an endless amount of time. >> reporter: bernie sanders with just over $330,000 and a lot of concern about big money in politics. >> we now have a political situation where billionaires are literally able to buy elections and candidates. let's not kid ourselves. >> thanks to tom foreman for that report. the bottom line is most americans' income will not come close to what those eight candidates have in their banks and various assets. the average person would have to be on the job about 322 years saving every penny. we have much more just ahead in the newsroom and it all starts right now. happening now in the newsroom. >> right now, very pronounced funnel cloud and tornado in progress. >> a wild weather weekend.
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>> i haven't seen anything like this in a long time. >> damaging winds, floods even blizzards in the plains. and ana hammering parts of the east coast. plus -- two officers shot and killed in the line of duty. >> go out every day to make sure we're safe and were turned on today. >> a simple traffic stop turns onto a deadly encounter and rips a community apart. >> 30 years ago was the last time it happened in hattiesburg. >> a historic meeting. raul castro and pope francis have a private conversation at the vatican. newsroom starts now. hello again. thank you for spending part of your mother's day with me. i'm ana cabrera in for fredricka
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whitfield. let's get to the mississippi tragedy this weekend and a community there ripped apart two. police officers one a rookie the other an officer of the year are gunned down and killed during a traffic stop in hattiesburg, mississippi. three suspects are now in custody after a massive manhunt there. they will face a judge tomorrow. cnn's rosa flores has been following this story and joins us in new york. >> reporter: the mississippi bureau of investigations in charge of this case and authorities tell us that they are interviewing people collecting evidence trying to figure out why these three suspects allegedly killed these two police officers. a traffic stop ended in a hateful gun fire saturday night, leaving two hattiesburg, mississippi, police officers dead and three suspects in custody. curtis banks and his brother marvin banks fled the crime scene, allegedly stealing a police cruiser and using it as a get away car. both were arrested hours later
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after a brief manhunt. mayor johnny dupuis says the third suspect, joni callaway was driving the car at the time of the traffic stop and was arrested shortly after the shooting. >> this is a horrific time for people around the nation when you have police officers there sworn to serve and protect and this ruthless kind of action happens. >> reporter: callaway and marvin banks are charged with two counts of capital murder you've. curtis banks faces two counts of accessory after the fact of capital murder. >> we take care of you. we want to ensure all the people in hattiesburg and surrounding areas they are still safe. >> reporter: authorities are tight-lipped about the timeline of the night and the suspected motive. only saying officer dean initiated the traffic stop called for backup and then officer tate responded to the
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call. as for families of the two slain officers there is little comfort to be found. ronald tate the father of officer tate expressed his grief on facebook. posting several times throughout the night saying "well, lord i had been praying that it was all just a mistake. my baby. i just need some kind of mercy right now." and later, "my heart has been ripped out of my chest and torn into a million pieces. i'm in a dizzy haze since 10:11 p.m. last night. i just want to be able to move again. right now, i can't." in a press conference dupree pledged to seek justice for both families. i talked to tate's father. he tells me he had a wonderful relationship with his son. that his son was all about doing the right thing and that his dream was to be a police officer. ana? >> thank you, rosa flores for the latest. 35 million people are in the
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path of extreme storms today. it just keeps coming. this includes again the possibility of heavy rain large hail more strong winds. right now, seven states are under a tornado watch. residents in the plains are bracing for more possible tornados that could fire up in the next few hours. the region is already trying to recover from damaging twisters yesterday, including this one. caught on camera in southeast colorado. look how dark that cloud is. dozens of tornados were also reported in kansas nebraska oklahoma and texas. the lone star state could be hit again. already people are cleaning up there from three confirmed twisters yesterday. one of them striking the town of cisco, which is about 100 miles west of ft. worth. one person died. another was critically injured. this storm brought down power lines. demolished houses tore roofs off some of these other houses. forecasters are putting northeast texas dead center in the greatest tornado threat area
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today. jennifer gray joins us from cisco, texas. about 100 miles west of ft. worth. what are residents and officials doing to prepare? >> reporter: they are picking up the pieces today and hoping for the best as we go through the afternoon. as you said more storms in the forecast this afternoon. that's the last thing you want to hear. if you've already sustained tornado damage we are here in front of a field and you can see just one example of what the tornado has done. unfortunately, we can't get farther because the roads are impassable. we have trees down. we have power lines down. just around this bend we hear three homes are a total loss. there's other damage around the area as well. this is a rural area, as you mentioned. cisco is just a couple of miles north of where we are. we have had damage about 3/4 of a mile wide with destruction path about seven miles in length. that's a pretty vast area.
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unfortunately, we did have one person die, three others injured. one critical. >> terrible situation. being so rural, i imagine it's tough to get some of those folks help. >> absolutely. especially when you have trees down. you have power lines down. you can see we are on a dirt road. we had to travel on a dirt road for probably five or six miles just to get to this location. it's very hard to get to. of course cisco has sirens. they didn't go off because where the tornado was was south of the city. people in these country areas, they just have to rely on their knowledge. they have to be smart about the weather and rely on their local meteorologists here. unfortunately, you never want to hear of a death due to weather. that is what we got here south of cisco with another person in critical condition. more storms in the forecast for today. as these people continue to pick up the pieces. we are looking at clear skies, but we have storms just to our
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east and the possibility of storms building in this location where we are in the next few hours. >> we can see the breeze picking up there. stay safe. thanks for joining us. let's bring in cnn meteorologist tom sater joining us once again. you are looking at the bigger picture. >> it's going to be of the fifth day. this started on wednesday. we had 48 tornados wednesday, thursday nine friday six, 45 saturday and five this morning. those were in south dakota. it's snowing on the western part of the state. >> it's a hodgepodge. >> let's break this down. when it comes to the number of tornados on average, may gets the trophy 276 followed by june at 243. on average, we can see one to two tornado outbreaks during the month of may. there is no doubt you can call this an outbreak. what has been added to this is this moderate risk from near waco to south of dallas. that's where we typically find the tornados that if they do develop could be long track,
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large tornados. they run to dallas on the rio grande. this is where we believe south in this area where this tornado watch is in effect until 9:00 p.m. that gives us all day. this is where we think we'll probably find the most severe elements we had baseball-size hail softball-size hail. we do have looks like a tornado warning for this little cell here. that just popped up moments ago. it's small in size that. is good news. densely populated region. now we find it in areas of arkansas. a good line of heavy rainfall. flash flooding. most of the rain this week south of oklahoma city dropping as much as 17 inches of rain this week. we have a severe thunderstorm watch. in central missouri columbia jefferson city down to poplar bluff. as many as ten states picked up a little bit of snow. they are plowing the snow on coors field because there is a
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game with the rockies and dodgers. look at some of these totals. over 17 inches. parts of colorado south dakota nebraska 14. blizzard conditions on this mother's day. what we are going to look at the future calls for more heavy amounts of rain. flash flooding a big concern east to south. tornados which could be down to the south but anywhere where we have these tornado watches. just an idea. we lose the enhanced version and our threat is only slight as we start the workweek. maybe this five-day event will come to an end. >> denver is my home town they got hammered with snow and we are tracking what was tropical storm ana all weekend. after my name. and how is everything looking regarding ana? >> ana made landfall. heavy amounts of rain from myrtle beach, wrightsville. go northward. rain will move into outer banks and has been heavy at times.
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looks like the system will slowly slide north. may be close to delmarva and slide back off the coast. at least the threat as far as rip currents are there. there were some rescues that took place. flash flooding will be the event with this. >> looks like it could have been worse. tom sater, thanks so much. still ahead, cuba's president meets with the pope at the vatican. why this visit was so significant and what it could mean for u.s./cuba relations.
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church and cuban leader. during the meeting, president raul castro thanked the pontiff for helping to father relationship between the u.s. and cuba. joining me is cnn's patrick hoff in havana. >> reporter: it's an extraordinary to see rau castro the head of a communist government meeting with pope francis to leads the catholic church. not only to have an hour-long meeting on a sunday but have the two men emerge and talk about each other in such warm terms. it is an indication of the changing times and sense of reconciliation between cuba and the catholic church. john paul ii and fidel castro made for an odd couple in havana's revolution square in 1998 the first visit of a pope to cuba. john paul had helped bring down
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communism in europe. castro a self-declared atheist was trying to keep his isolated communist government afloat. the two leaders found common ground though as john paul called for the world to engage with cuba. but it would take another 17 years for a sitting u.s. president to hold talks with a cuban head of state and admits decades of cold war confrontation failed. >> after 50 years of a policy that had not changed on the part of the united states it was my belief that it was time to try something new. >> reporter: the breakthrough was due in part to the efforts of a new pope pope francis, who hosted secret negotiations between the u.s. and cuba at the vatican, and urged president obama and raul castro to make piece. that pope francis would follow john paul's example and visit cuba in september was welcomed news to parishioners in havana's cathedral. >> maybe he could also push more
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negotiations. i feel he could make more positive ways for the cubans as going more towards religion more than politics. i feel it is going to be a very good visit, very beneficial for the country. >> reporter: cuba has been seennefits from the opening with u.s. loosening of sanctions means more american visitors. even a proposed ferry service from the u.s. to the island. but change takes time. after nearly five months of negotiations there is still no date for when cuba and u.s. relations will be restored. and when this building will once again become the u.s. embassy in havana. diplomats on both sides say the hardest part of the negotiations has been establishing trust with their former enemy. more bridges for a new hope to help build when he comes to
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cuba. many people were struck by raul castro's comments following the meeting with the pope that he was considering rejoining the catholic church. he has never said anything like that before. fidel castro certainly never said anything like that before. both men are life-long atheists. raul castro becoming a communist in his teens and ever since then like his brother espousing atheism which for many years as the official state of cuba that religion was discouraged, if not banned. for raul castro now at 83 years of age to say he's been so moved by the pope that he is reconsidering joining the catholic church. for many cubans that is nothing short of miraculous. >> that does stand out. thank you. the u.s. has been focused on reaching this nuclear deal with iran. how that's left the door open for north korea to pursue its nuclear ambitions. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born.
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north korea is moving full speed ahead to develop nuclear weapons. this follows nuclear tests by the north and another there it.
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>> a new and aggressive threat from kim jong-un. south korea, a u.s. ally is angrily vowing retaliation. threats like this from pyongyang kept america from being able to negotiate over kim's nuclear weapons program like it's trying to do with iran. cnn has learned during the two years of america's obsessive attempts to prevent iran from building even one nuclear bomb. >> north korea has been expanding its ability to make the nuclear explosive materials that it needs to make nuclear weapons. >> reporter: former u.n. weapons inspector david albright says in those years, the regime doubled the size of the enrichment plant which you can see in these satellite photos. it's where experts say north korea enriches uranium for nuclear bombs. >> north korea has been spending its own money to build up its nuclear weapons program and
12:24 pm
shopping overseas to get the equipment they need in order to build up their nuclear arsenal. >> reporter: why hasn't the obama administration pursued talks with kim jong-un's government? officials tell cnn they are committed to drawing down kim's nuclear weapons, and are open to dialogue with kim's government but north korea has to show a commitment which it hasn't done yet. analysts say there are other reasons. >> i think we have rapidly approached the point of no return over the past five years. this program gained a lot of momentum over the past few years. not much has been done to stop it. >> reporter: the result is ominous. analysts say kim's regime may be able to fit nuclear war heads on missiles that can hit south korea or japan, and they are thought to be adding to their arsenal. >> north korea could have 10 to 15 nuclear weapons now. it can grow that amount by several weapons per year.
12:25 pm
>> reporter: possibly more than 50 by the end of 2020. analysts worry he won't just threaten neighbors with nuclear bombs. >> they will explore providing technology and maybe assistance to other countries and groups overseas if the price is right. >> reporter: who would buy them? analysts say syria could be a customer. there is a possibility north korea could try to sell nuclear technology to iran although u.s. negotiators will likely try to prevent that. brian todd cnn, washington. coming up we are hearing startling comments about the terror threat here in the u.s. how safe are we now? and how is it compared to after 9/11? we'll talk about that and concern about isis in the u.s.
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president obama says elizabeth warren is flat wrong. >> on this one though her arguments don't stand the test of fact and scrutiny. >> he's going toe-to-toe with the democratic senator on the free trade pact. >> "saturday night live" takes on the controversy of drawing the prophet muhammed. >> your category is trend setters. here is what you'll be drawing today. >> all right. >> plus shaquille o'neal called the winner the best mem face plant. "newsroom" continues now. hello, i hope you're enjoying your sunday. i'm ana cabrera. there is concern over how safe the u.s. is from home grown terrorism. earlier on cnn "state of the union" we heard startling
12:30 pm
comments about the threat of terror in this country from the man who was the first homeland security secretary tom ridge. >> their appeal to the lion wolfs and we've seen them acting in belgium, france canada and the united states. the nature of the threats are far more complicated and far more serious today than on september 12 2001. let's talk more about this. joining from our new york newsroom jonathan gilliam. you were a navy seal former fbi special agent. if isis is inspiring home grown terrorists you have to destroy isis to cut off this source of inspiration. do you think that's the solution? is that even possible? >> it is connected. here if we have an issue with bank robbers, that is a domestic problem we focus on here. we see an international source
12:31 pm
for recruitment and infiltration of terrorists inside the united states. what is happening here is the symptom of an overall cancer that we have created by not having an effective war plan and not recognizing exactly what the enemy is. >> what do you tell the average american about how to be safe against this home grown terror threat? >> you are going to be very interested what i have to say about this. first and foremost we have to have good political leaders that know how to fight a war. so when you go and vote for somebody you may have a special interest but you need to start looking at who is in office. when they are in office you need to start putting pressure on them. here is what happens. that threat is now here. now you as an individual just as what we saw in garland, texas, you may be faced with something on your own. you now have to because of the lack of overall effective war plan you may have to protect
12:32 pm
yourself. awareness is the biggest key. right behind me this picture here behind me is a live shot of one of the biggest critical areas in new york city. it's columbus circle. it's not a critical area at 1:00 in the morning, 2:00 in the morning, but right now in the afternoon in new york city that's a critical area. people have to look at critical times and critical areas. they need to be very very aware and realize this is a real threat that is here. >> with us talking about it today with the threat level raised at military bases late last week it seems there is a greater awareness of the terror threat but we can't get ahead in this fight of terrorism. you are critical of the current strategy to combat terrorism. what's wrong with the current strategy and what would you do? >> well isis is one of many different groups within fundamental islamic muhammedism.
12:33 pm
i said this yesterday. i'll keep saying it. we are not at war with muslims. we are at war with fundamental islamic ideology. if you want to see exactly what's going on look 100 years ago. in armenia there were 1.5 million armenians that disappeared off the face of this earth. they were murdered. also the califate that is the islamic state could grow. they didn't have airplanes or twitter or the ability to recruit all over the world. the motivation was regional. now we are looking at global motivation. this is something the world needs to focus on together. there needs to be international plans to take on this entire global movement of fundamental islam. each country has to have their own domestic plan. they have to secure their borders. our border is not secure. now it's too late. we can't stop online
12:34 pm
recruitment. we need to start using that online movement of these guys to our benefit to track them. >> you're thinking fight fire with fire to some degree? we need to get in the online battle more? >> absolutely. we could use -- there is technology we could use what they are doing to their disadvantage. >> we will be continuing that discussion of course in the days and weeks as we move forward. jonathan gilliam, thank you for your time today. >> thank you. >> happy mother's day to the women in your life. >> happy mother's day to my mother yes. >> have a great one. being the wife of the president, michelle obama says is a tough job. but being the first african-american first lady presents its own unique set of challenges. hear what she told the class of 2015 next. i'm brian vickers, nascar® driver. i'm kevin nealon comedian. and i'm arnold palmer, professional golfer. know what we have in common? we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®.
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president obama is calling out liberal senator elizabeth warren over her position to his free trade deal. during an interview with yahoo, the. personally challenged some of her assertions a future president could undo wall street reforms put in place after the 2008 economic down turn. >> the truth of the matter is elizabeth is a politician like everybody else. she's got a voice she wants to
12:39 pm
get out there. i understand that. on most issues she and i deeply agree. on this one, though her arguments don't stand the test of fact and scrutiny. >> what's the fallout of this battle among the liberal giants in the party? >> reporter: it most certainly will ratchet up the fight president obama has been having with members of his own party. it underscores the deep divide within the democratic party over this issue. president obama partnering with republicans on capitol hill to try to get this authority and the trade bill through. keep in mind this is a legacy issue for president obama. he almost seems irritated by warren's comments over this trade deal. the concern there, of course, that she has the potential as being this progressive icon in the party, to woo some of the key democratic votes they need
12:40 pm
to get the trade authority through and trade deal through. this will be front and center on capitol hill this week. there is potential first test vote on this issue. it's not clear if they will move forward because they don't know if they have enough votes to move forward to debate. >> let's bring in our political panel. ron brownstein and larry sabatos, director of politics at the university of virginia. what do you make of this obama/warren spat? >> it's one of the lungongest running divides. this is almost the exact replay the battle bill clinton had of dick gephardt over the north america free trade agreement as what was known as fast track. there are two ironies in this fight. in 2008 as a candidate originally barack obama was more on the elizabeth warren side. he said he would renegotiate nafta as president. once he got in office like most
12:41 pm
presidents he found expanding trade is in the economic and geopolitical interest of the country. the other irony is that the democratic base has been growing generally more expertive ivesupportive. while institutions are more with elizabeth warren generally speaking opinion within the party has been slowing more to where president obama ended up. >> larry, ron said the president has flip-flopped over the years. the president we heard during this discussion said he has no more elections so he has nothing to lose and this is not about politics to him. do you think warren's position is more politically influenced >> well there's always politics. you heard what president obama said. he hurled the ultimate epithet and elizabeth warren saying she is a politics like the rest of us. i don't think she necessarily thinks of herself that way. clearly, the president is irritated.
12:42 pm
he has a real fight on his hands. he is expecting more support from his own party in this tough fight than he is likely to get. oddly, he has more backing from republican s republicans in the house and senate so far than from democrats. i think he'll win the fight in the end, but it will be a struggle this. was a warning from president obama to elizabeth warren that there is a price to be paid if she continues to oppose the president's legacy item. >> he's gone on to say that he will campaign vigorously for those candidates who are currently in congress who end up voting for the pact in this trade deal. i want to quick get to the first lady and some comments she made this weekend. a powerful commencement speech yesterday at tuskegee university. she talked about being treated differently because she is the first black first lady. >> as potentially the first african-american first lady i was also the focus of another set of questions and
12:43 pm
speculations conversations sometimes rooted in the fears and misperceptions of others. was i too loud or too angry or too emasculating? or was i too soft too much of a mom, not enough of a career woman? then there was the first time i was on a magazine cover. it was a cartoon drawing of me with a huge afro and a machine gun. now, yeah it was satire. but if i'm really being honest it knocked me back a bit. it made me wonder how are people seeing me? >> i want to quickly get all of your reactions. sumlen is the white house reacting to the attention the first lady's comments have received? >> i can tell i don't think they are surprised by the attention.
12:44 pm
the first lady wanted to talk about her role and her story, and how these sorts of stereotypes can be overcome giving examples about how people tried to frame who she is in the past. i was struck by how candid and how revealing she was talking about race relations and how she was viewed in the 2008 campaign. i think revealing, especially in terms of the national conversation over race we are having in our country. >> ron, what do you think this says about the state of race in politics in america 2015? >> i think it's striking. it's in parallel with president obama becoming more comfortable talking about issues related to race than when he first came into office. clearly, we are having a conversation about race in america that is focused on interactions between the african-american community and the police. what we are living through is larger than that. this is the first school year ever where a majority of our kids in the public school system nationwide are nonwhite. this is the change we are living
12:45 pm
through. this is something we'll be grappling with in politics many manifestations for many years to come. >> larry, do you agree? >> yes. absolutely. i think they were good words for that audience really for any group of college graduates. part of her comments not necessarily replayed there, were don't take the critics too seriously. don't let the criticism hold you back from what you can do. tune them out. as she said she did in the campaign about the "new yorker" cartoon. we knew at the time the obamas were very upset about that "new yorker" cover. it has stuck all these years. she still remembers it. i'm look forward to her book the post administration book by michelle obama may be more interesting than president obama's. >> it could be very interesting. thanks to all of you. we appreciate the thoughtful discussion. we have breaking news right now weather related as we continue to track the severe
12:46 pm
weather threat. that tornado threat in texas has just been extended. let's bring back meteorologist tom sater with more. >> this is northeast texas. if you were with us a while ago, the real concerns from oklahoma arkansas down through central texas. this is just northeast of dallas. 135,000 were included in this warning here. they trimmed it back a bit now that denton is no longer in the path of this tornado. it's still a good 10,000 looking at this at least another 20 minutes. it's a small cell and only moving at 25 miles per hour. it's been dropping almost golf ball size hail with this. this is going to be the first of several throughout the day. we had over 100 tornados since wednesday. today, hopefully, will be the last day. it could be violent. >> even though it's already 3:45
12:47 pm
on the east coast, we'll see things pick up. >> a lot of heating in the day to be had in the midwest. >> thanks. we'll be right back. this allergy season, will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. some weed killers are overzealous. they even destroy your lawn. ortho weed b gon kills weeds... not lawns. our label says it. your grass proves it. get ortho weed b gon. the label tells the story. ortho home defense gives you year long control of all these household bugs - roaches, ants, and spiders. spectracide gives you year long control... of just roaches. their label says so. got more than roaches moving in? get home defense. the label tells the story.
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"saturday night live" is never shy about stepping into political controversy.
12:51 pm
and last night was no exception, as the show took on the prophet mohammed cartoon contest in garland, texas, this week. >> you're up. get up here daniel! come on daniel. daniel tell me how you're feeling. >> well atook a drawing class in college, so i think i'm going to be just fine. >> yay, daniel! >> love support, confidence i like t your category is trend certificates. and here is what you will be drawing today. >> all right. [ laughter ] >> um wait -- >> you ready to go, daniel? >> no. >> daniel time on the clock. and go! >> wait. um. >> come on honey, you can draw it. >> i can't. i don't think i can. maybe pass? >> you cannot pass. [ laughter ] >> please. >> come on just draw something,
12:52 pm
dude. >> daniel it's $1 million. whoever it is just draw a face. >> i don't -- >> draw his face daniel. [ laughter ] >> i don't want to. i want to go home! >> oh and that sound means it's the halfway beeper. [ laughter ] now remember daniel, if you want, you can trade with a teammate >> i want to trade. >> it's about time. you want to see how it's done just let me read the clue -- [ laughter ] oh i dropped my pen. [ laughter ] >> all right, while, we get reginald a new pen, a reminder if they don't win the $1 million, we will subtract $1 million from the hoffmans bank account. >> come on, take the pen. you can do it >> not doing it. >> urkel would do it. >> all right, give me the pen.
12:53 pm
[ beeper ] >> oh i'm sorry, that's time. tara your final guess what did they draw? >> i don't know. the prophet muhammed? [ ding ding ] >> wow! wow! again, the take away is these two men drew the prophet muhammed. >> no! >> no. >> we didn't draw nothing. >> oh they coming for me. >> you belt they are, reginald. coming for more "picture perfect" right after this. >> all right. let's bring in columnist for the daily beast, dean obidiah he is on the phone. you worked for "saturday night live" at some point and wrote in the daily beast today that the show would never intentionally stoke the flames of hate against any minority group. you called this a very smart, a very funny skit. so your take is they nailed it. >> i think they did a great job. i thought it was funny. what it was doing was poking fun at the fear many people have about drawing the prophet muhammed. it wasn't like they had some character chur of a muslim guy
12:54 pm
standing there with a gun or a knife saying if you draw this i'm going to kill you that kind of stuff. it wasn't. it was playing on what many perceive as a true concern about drawing the prophet muhammed i thought it was very smart, funny and clever and it -- the bottom line, made the audience laugh in that studio and they got it the whole idea about what the sketch was. >> it's interesting how you perceive it had compared to how erick erickson the editor and chief of the conservative website, red state, perceive it had. he weighed in on this i want to read you "last night's skit was a perfectly humorous way to point out the absurdity of radical islam's refuse a.m. to let people draw muhammed." is that what you got from that skit as well? >> i don't think i ever could have agree with erick erickson on anything on anything on any issue whatsoever. i think that the idea was -- it wasn't about radical islam, per se. it was about the fear people
12:55 pm
have and that we see the media, saw it last week in texas, charlie "charlie hebdo." so it's not -- i don't think an attack specifically on radical islam, per say as much as mockinged fear some people have. in america, it's truly unjustified, except what we saw in texas two isolated men as opposed to 5 million muslims who just shrug their shoulders andian when pamela geller, a very highly compensated, well-paid bigot in that campaign this comedy wasn't about that at all at me. >> you are a muslim yourself i know. comedy along these lines i imagine is kind of tricky. >> it can be. you know what they did it -- they really approach it had in the right way. when i worked at "saturday night live", i worked there for eight years and even since i have left some writers i know have asked me about sketches they have written. one, is it accurate about muslims. or arabs and second is it offensive? i'm a comedian as well and a writer. i'm such an advocate of freedom
12:56 pm
of expression it is almost impossible to offend me. the only time i get upset and not offended is when people demonizing a minority group and that's their intention their goal. this is not that at all. this was fun. i think it's important, too, that we laugh sometimes issues that scare people. some of it break it is down a little bit and makes it less scary and that's really the key to this. the same way "snl" a few months ago made fun of isis and their recruitment practices and some pushback against "snl" for that. i thought it was amazingly perfect. the idea of mocking isis mocking radicals what ever they might be i don't care if they are far right-wing muslims, far right-wing christians any group, mock them -- it takes away some of their strength and power. >> the fact in this incident that "saturday night live" did not actually draw the prophet muhammed it seems like they handled the situation in a very respectful way, to say the least, dean obeidallah we appreciate you weighing in. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me on. >> we are back in a moment. mething we do to show resolve. to defend ourselves. to declare victory.
12:57 pm
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happening now in the newsroom -- >> right now, very pronounced funnel cloud and tornado in progress. >> a wild weather weekend. >> i haven't seen anything like this in a long time. >> damaging winds, floods even blizzards in the plains and ana hammering parts of the east coast.


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